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The Around two PM on July thirtieth nineteen seventy-five. Jimmy Hoffa pulled his Green Pontiac sedan up to the matches red. Fox Restaurant in the Detroit suburbs the moment Jimmy entered the establishment. The waitstaff escorted him to his usual table as former president of the teamsters labor union. He was a local celebrity. But multiple run INS with the law a brief stint in prison and connections with organized crime head cost Jimmy that position. Now. He was here to get it back. Jimmy was. To meet with organized crime members, Anthony Tony Pro Provenzano an Anthony Tony Jack Jack alone. If Jimmy could settle some issues with them. He might be able to return as union president but Tony Pro and Tony Jack never arrived by two thirty PM Jimmy was tired of waiting. He left a twenty dollar bill on the table and went across the street to the nearest phone booth. He called his wife Josephine to tell her he'd be home by four, but his Jimmy headed back to his car a burgundy mercury. Marquee. Pulled up beside him. On lookers say they saw Jimmy talked to three unidentified men. He then entered the back seat of the vehicle and was never seen again. Welcome to conspiracy theories a podcast original. Every Monday and Wednesday. We dig into the complicated stories behind the world's most controversial events in search for the truth I'm Carter Roy and Molly Brandenburg, and neither of us are conspiracy theorists but we are open minded skeptical and curious don't get US wrong. Sometimes, the official version is the truth but sometimes it's not you can find episodes of conspiracy theories and all other park has originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream conspiracy theories for free on spotify just open the APP. And type conspiracy theories in the search bar. This is our first episode on. Jimmy Hoffa President of the teamsters Labor Union from the late nineteen fifties to early nineteen seventies to me contributed to the middle class workforce by unionizing contracts and ensuring fair practices in the workplace. But his means were hardly ethical Jimmy accomplished much of his growth by involving the teamsters with America's most dangerous mobsters. This episode we'll see how Jimmy Hoffa went from working class hero to one of the most notorious cold cases in history. Next, time will take a look at the suspects from Jimmy's closest friends to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and a notorious serial killer. We have all that and more coming up stay with us. Born in nineteen thirteen Jimmy are Hoffa was never a stranger to hard work His father John was a coal miner gave his life to the job literally. The poor conditions in the minds lead to an incurable respiratory disease John passed away when he was seven after his father's death, Jimmy's mother Viola was forced to go back to work but she struggled to make ends meet as a result Jimmy dropped out of school. When he was fourteen to help support the family he later Leonard a job as a warehouseman for krogers grocery store life in the warehouse was tough at the time. There were hardly any regulations to ensure a fair labor practices. Jimmy and his co workers weren't allowed to leave the loading platform or take breaks, and if there were no deliveries on a given day management refused to pay them. So in nineteen, thirty to nineteen year old Jimmy took matters into his own hands an organized a strike against Kroger. Grocery store. Jimmy Co workers refused to unload boxes of strawberries until the company met their demands, more breaks and a set payment whenever they showed up to work. Jimmy strike caught the attention of the teamsters labor union primarily composed of warehouse and transportation workers like truckers and cab drivers labor unions such as the teamsters ensured that businesses treated their employees fairly. Essentially, they saw power in numbers. If a few employees were being wronged, the union rallied all members together to make sure changes were made in since most goods couldn't be delivered without truckers and warehouses couldn't be stocked without laborers. The teamsters were one of the most powerful unions in the country because of Jimmy's organizing abilities, the teamsters were eager to recruit him. There was young passionate and he knew how to rally his men. Within his first year of union membership, Jimmy was promoted to business agent for the Detroit local to ninety nine branch as a business agent Jimmie handled the union chapters day to day operations. He was primarily a liaison between workers and union management. Jimmy enjoyed making a difference for the working class, but his quick ascension also made him hungry for more power. He do whatever it took to rise through the unions ranks. In that meant forming ties with organized crime. In the mid Nineteen S A teamsters secretary named Sylvia A- Gano introduce Jimmy to a local Detroit mobster frank three fingers Coppola. Sylvia told Jimmy that Coppola could help with his career in turn. Coppola introduced Jimmy to Anthony Tony Jack Jack Aloni. Tony Jack was the Capo or crew leader for the Detroit Sicilian mob as promised the connection boosted Jimmy standing within the teamsters union. Now when Jimmy organized a strike businesses didn't just face the threat of losing their workers. They also faced retaliation from the mob. Jimmy's connection to the Union. Benefited the Mafia's well, it gave them a cover when they intimidated business owners for so called protection. If. Those businesses refused to pay up Jimmy ordered his union to strike more often than not these strikes turned violent. Jimmy said that within his first year of joining the Union, his scalp was laid open sufficiently wide to require stitches no less than six times. Essentially, this is how things went. The teamsters would strike and refused to do their jobs in response companies hired strikebreakers. These were men outside of the Union who crossed the unions picket lines and did the job instead police were deployed to protect the strikebreakers frequently led to violent assaults on the teamsters. So the teamsters retaliated with arson bombings, theft, and looting to top it off the mafia hitmen to the business owners homes. If matters still weren't resolved, it was brutal but effective and thanks to Jimmy. Hart? The mob union partnership flourished. As the years passed. Jimmy used this relationship to solidify his position within the teamsters union. In nineteen, fifty, two at thirty, nine years old Jimmy was elected as its vice president three years. Later he developed the Central States Pension Fund the Pension Fund allowed employers to make regular contributions to the union members retirement before Jimmy created it, union workers were completely reliant on social security to stay afloat Jimmy oversaw the fund and controlled where the money was distributed after a few years of contributions the fund racked up two hundred million dollars in contributions about two billion dollars today it was a game changer Jimmy's direct access to the Fund meant he could dip into it anytime he wanted. And he wasn't shy about rewarding his friends in organized crime. In the first few years, he loaned the Mafia millions from the pension fund. They use the money to build casinos in Havana Cuba and Las Vegas Nevada. Jimmy wasn't exactly concerned with the legality of the arrangement or that the money wasn't going to union members. He was willing to look the other way in exchange for a personal kickback. Jimmy's illicit actions eventually garnered unwanted attention from the Press Victor Resell and investigative reporter for The New York journal American caught onto his game in nineteen fifty six. He erred a radio broadcast targeting corrupt union leadership including teamsters, leader Jimmy. Hart. But on April Fifth Nineteen fifty six, just a few hours after the broadcast reese'll stepped out of New York City, restaurant and was met with a face full of acid resolve was permanently blinded in August nineteen, fifty six. The FBI found the assailant. Their suspect was a man named Abraham Tell v he was an associate of the Sicilian mob in probably connected to Jimmy Hoffa. But by the time, the FBI track till the down, he already been murdered by the gangsters who put him up for the job. The attack on resell inspired us. Senator John L McClellan to take matters into his own hands. He created the McClellan committee in January of Nineteen Fifty, seven today. It's better known as the United States Senate Select Committee on improper activities in labor and Management Senator John F. Kennedy and his brother Senator Bobby Kennedy were also members of the committee. Like victory sel bobby wanted to end the mafia's role in labor unions bobby new Jimmy. Hoffa was the glue that held the teamsters and Mafia together. He was also certain. Jimi played a role in the attack on Russell and the senator was determined to make Jimmy answer for it. On February twenty sixth nineteen, Fifty, seven, one, point two, million Americans tuned in to watch the McClellan. Committee's I hearing. Everyone wanted to see if Bobby Kennedy could take down Jimmy Hoffa the hearings continued for the next few months but the committee had no evidence that directly pointed to Jimmy Hoffa's involvement with organized crime. In fact, the televised hearings only made Jimmy more powerful. American. Saw Him as a working class hero a clean and honest man and later in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, seven. Jimmy. Hoffa became president of the teamsters union president of the teamsters union or not. Bobby Kennedy wouldn't let Jimmy off so easily. It was personal. Now, the hearings sparked a rivalry between Jimmy and bobby who was convinced Jimmy was guilty but Jimmy wouldn't be caught. So easily he obsessed over the McClellan committee's inner workings and hired New York Attorney John C, chesty to infiltrate its offices. He wanted to spy in the committee's research. He needed to know what they had on him. So Jimmy offered chase. Twenty Four. Dollars or two, hundred, eighteen thousand dollars today to gather that information except Chase de reported Jimmy's bribery attempt directly to the committee. Wanting to get back at Jimmy Bobby Kennedy offered chased E A job. The two formed a plan to take down Jimmy Hoffa once and for all chase the arranged a meeting with Jimmy and said, he would give him sensitive documents from the McClellan committee's HQ for a price. Meanwhile bobby planned to catch Jimmy at this meeting red handed on March Thirteenth Nineteen fifty seven, the FBI surrounded the park where Chase D. and Jimmy met. They closed in on Jimmy as soon as he handed over an envelope of cash to chase. Jimmy was arrested in charged with bribery. Bobby was certain. Had enough to convict. Jimmy. WAS, so. Confident. He said that if Jimmy got acquitted, he'd jump off the Capitol building. Unfortunately, for Bobby Kennedy. was looking like he might need a parachute. Coming up Jimmy Hoffa evades criminal charges again. This. Episode of conspiracy theories is brought to you by simply safe simply safe was designed to be easy to use well protecting your whole home twenty, four seven. 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From the Nineteen Thirties to the nineteen fifties Jimmy Hoffa steadily climbed the teamsters, labor unions ranks, but that power came with a price. Thanks to Jimmy's connection to the Italian Mafia. He became Senator Bobby Kennedy and the McClellan committee is number one target and in nineteen fifty, seven bobby finally got forty four year old Jimmy. Red. Handed in a bribe attempt in June of that year Jimmy was met in court by a predominantly black jury. The jury's composition was in his favor. Jimmy was a public supporter of Martin Luther King Junior and was also known for refusing to segregate the teamsters by race. And Jimmy also knew how to manipulate people in his favor after learning of the primarily black jury Jimmy had a black female lawyer join his legal team. He also had the black boxer, Joe Louis Flown in to hug him in front of the jury. Thanks to this publicity, black newspapers, ran ads praising Jimmy for being an advocate of civil rights and it all worked in Jimmy's favor. He pled not guilty and was acquitted of the bribery charges. Jimmy's attorney later sent a gift wrapped box to Bobby Kennedy. A toy parachute for his jump from the Capitol building. Meanwhile Jimmy went back to running the teamsters. Union. He selected a man named Frank Fitzsimmons as his vice president mainly because fits was easy to control and would do exactly as Jimmy said Jimmy also promoted Tony Tony. Pro. Provenzano member of the Genovese crime family to Vice President of the New Jersey teamsters faction the AFL CIO or the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations was not happy about Tony Pros new position. In fact, they threatened to kick the teamsters out of the Union Federation unless Jimmy reversed his decision instead Jimmy responded by giving Tony Pro another salary raise. So in December of nineteen, Fifty, seven, the AFL CIO fulfilled their promise in remove the teamsters from their federation. Jimmy and the teamsters didn't need the AFL CIO to back them up. Around the time, they got kicked out of the organization Italian Mafia Don Russell Bufalino introduced his best Hitman to the teamsters. Frank the Irishman Sheeran was a six foot four truck driver with an intimidating presence and after years of odd jobs and running scams Sharon wanted to join a union to secure a nest egg for his family. Sheeran was just the kind of Guy Jimmy was looking for when they spoke over the phone Jimmy said, I heard you paint houses meaning he'd painted A. Few walls red with blood Sharon responded I do my own carpentry work to he also hid the bodies. Jimmy told Sharon to report to local to ninety nine in Detroit. The very next day SHEERAN was tasked with organizing strikes and intimidating strikebreakers with his size. He also became the teamsters go to hit man he performed well and didn't ask questions which earned Jimmy's respect. But Frank Sheeran couldn't protect Jimmy from Bobby. Kennedy. Even. After escaping the bribery charge Jimmy was buried under an avalanche of lawsuits for various alleged misdeeds a typical day for Jimmy Hoffa was spending the morning in court waging war against Bobby Kennedy. After lunch, he headed over to the local to ninety nine office answered phone calls and Organiz Union members many were impressed with Jimmy's composure as he navigated numerous trials in talked his way out of difficult situations it seemed like nothing could bring him down. That is until John F. Kennedy was elected president of the United States in nineteen sixty. He appointed his brother Bobby as the attorney general giving Jimmy's nemesis shared control over the FBI along with J Edgar Hoover before JFK's presidency, the FBI's main focus was eradicating communism in the US. But Bobby Kennedy still had his sights set on Jimmy Hoffa and organized crime. So, bobby created the get HOFFA squad. It was composed of prosecutors and investigators dedicated to taking down Jimmy. HOFFA. With the HOFFA squads resources at Bobby, Kennedy's fingertips. He was able to dig up dirt from Jimmy's passed in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two, bobby hit forty, nine year old Jimmy with another indictment this time it was over a shady practice. Jimmy started all the way back in nineteen forty, nine, that year, Jimmy and his friend Oh and Bert Brennan created a car hauling company called test fleet. But they didn't want to be associated with their new business, Jimmy and Brennan registered it under their wives maiden name's to avoid detection. They probably did it to go behind the teamsters unions back when the Union strike against a service called commercial carriers. Test Fleet crossed the picket lines into over its operations not only was Jimmy betraying his own union. He made a massive profit doing. So the HOFFA's and Brennan's made close to one hundred and twenty five, thousand dollars off a mere four thousand dollar investment. That's a one point three million dollar profit today. And the teamsters had new idea, their faithful leader was involved test fleet shut down in nineteen, fifty seven possibly because Jimmy didn't want his pass to haunt him once he became union president. But he didn't hide his tracks well, enough five years later. Bobby Kennedy discovered the truth he accused Jimmy a violating the Taft Hartley. which forbade employers from paying off union representatives. Essentially Bobby claimed that commercial carriers pay to me off by hiring test fleet. However Jimmy refuse to go down without a fight even though he was only facing misdemeanor charges, he didn't want Bobby Kennedy to beat him. So Jimmy hired the best legal team possible. He had a successful Supreme Court lawyer Tommy Osbourne along with attorney Bill Bufalino the cousin of the mob boss who introduced Jimmy to frank the Irishman Sheeran. But even with his crack legal team to meet wasn't confident he'd emerge unscathed. So he decided to dabble in jury tampering to guarantee his name was cleared except Jimmy made the mistake of telling Louisiana teamster Edward Grady pardon his plans. Pardon had a criminal history. So Jimmy thought he could trust him with his own crimes. Apparently that wasn't the case pardon reported Jimmy to Walter Sheridan, Bobby Kennedy's closest confidant on the get Hoffa squad. All the while Jimmy was trying to bribe his way to an acquittal. I, he tried to pay off an insurance broker who held a seat on the jury. The juror went to the judge and said his neighbor on him ten thousand dollars to vote for acquittal. Today, this would be worth about eighty, five, thousand dollars. The man was quickly excused Andrew placed next Jimmy attempted to bribe a Tennessee state trooper whose wife was on the panel. The trooper accepted the bribe from Jimmy's camp but was caught by an FBI agent. His wife was also excused from the jury. The last straw was when Juror claimed a union business agent visited his son in Detroit. That business agent obviously working for Jimmy. For. The jurors son ten thousand dollars as well. He even gave him half as a down payment that juror was also excused. Jimmy had no idea pardon had betrayed him instead Jimmy was convinced the government was wiretapping him. By May Ninth Nineteen Sixty three the court had enough evidence of jury tampering to turn that Little Misdemeanor into a felony. But on June fourth of that year things escalated further. Jimmy was also indicted for the fraudulent misuse of the central states. Pension Fund Jimmy had invested the truckers pension money into a land development called Sun Valley. He said, it was a place for the teamsters to retire, but he had allegedly taken more than four hundred thousand dollars from the fund to build the community. It's three million dollars today. Sun Valley was a swampy piece of land that was hard to manage. The development quickly went bankrupt, which led Jimmy to take another five hundred thousand dollars from the pension just to earn the investment back and Bobby Kennedy caught him with his hand in the cookie jar. Now, Jimmy was facing charges of fraud conspiracy and jury tampering Jimmy's lawyers had the jury tampering trial postponed until January nineteen, sixty four. So they could prepare their wiretapping arguments. Meanwhile, Jimmy's attorney Osborne was disbarred for tampering with the test fleet. With him off the legal team things were looking dire for Jimmy. But on November twenty second nineteen, sixty, three the day after Osborne's disbarring president. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas upon hearing the news Jimmy distasteful responded by standing on a chair in a restaurant declaring quote I hope the worms eat his eyes out. And the day of John Kennedy's memorial Jimmy Hoffa went on national television to attack the government for disbarring Osborne. There were no condolences for the Kennedy family. In fact, Jimmy was so callous Bobby Kennedy suspected he and the Mafia could be behind his brother's assassination. Many conspiracy theorists shared the same suspicion. After JFK tried to overthrow Cuban leader Fidel. Castro in nineteen sixty one. Many of the Mafia's casinos in Havana were shut down which meant they had a motive to me and his team of mobsters could have easily paid off the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to make the hit. But there wasn't any concrete evidence to connect Jimmy to JFK's assassination. However bobby had plenty of Ammo for Jimmy's upcoming trial. When Jimmy's jury tampering trial arrived in January nineteen, sixty four, the prosecution delivered a surprise witness Louisiana teamster Edward Grady, pardon? For the first time Jimmy realized there was a mole in his midst. In the defense room at the courthouse the ever. So calm Jimmy Hoffa lost his composure. Jimmy screamed at his attorneys. He threw chairs across the courtroom he cursed out members of the committee. But his little Tantrum didn't help his case on March fourth nineteen, sixty, four Jimmy. HOFFA was found guilty of jury tampering in the test case. That was quickly followed by another guilty verdict for conspiracy and fraud in the sun. Valley case Jimmy Hoffa was sentenced to thirteen years at the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. Which meant the union king had to rescind his teamster thrown? But not without a fight. Coming up Jimmy Hoffa's long list of enemies comes back to haunt him now back to the story. In nineteen sixty, four, fifty, one year old. Jimmy. HOFFA was sentenced to thirteen years in prison for jury tampering fraud and conspiracy while acting as teamster union president. At first Jimmy, maintained his role as president while behind bars. But. It wasn't easy. Phone calls weren't allowed and the only letters he could ride were to his family. So Jimmy task the union's Vice President Frank Fitzsimmons with taking over the day to day operations fortunately. Jimmy Son. Twenty six year old James P. Hoffa worked as an attorney for the teamsters. Jimmy relayed information fits in the union directly through James Junior fits was easy to control but that's because he was completely check out. While fits was in charge, the mafia withdrew more money from the pension fund than ever before if the Union didn't regain some control soon, it could be in serious danger. Jimmy felt like he was the only one who could save it and if he played his cards, right he could reclaim the presidency and get released from prison in nineteen sixty seven Jimmy's attorney Morris Schenker devised a get out of jail. Free. Plan. Schenker was going to secure a presidential pardon from Richard Nixon on Jim's behalf. But that would only work if Nixon was elected. So Jimmy's team gave regular contributions to Nixon's campaign to help things along in fact, Jimmy was so focused on his potential release he barely noticed when Bobby Kennedy was fatally shot on June fifth nineteen sixty eight. Unlike his celebration one JFK died Jimmy made no public mention of Bobby's death. On top of the pardon scheme, Jimmy was also busy with prison politics. His longtime teamster ally Tony Pro. From the Genovese crime family was also at Lewisburg State Penitentiary for extortion one day in the cafeteria tony pro asked Jimmy for help as a member of the teamsters union Tony Pro wanted to make sure he could still receive his pension once he was released. Jimmy said he wanted to help but crimes like extortion made Tony Pro in eligible to collect his pension. Even as union president there was nothing Jimmy could do tony pro took this personally he knew Jimmy. Had Access to the funds in the past. So the excuse wasn't good enough. Tony pro responded by threatening to rip Jimmy's guts out if he didn't help but Jimmy wasn't afraid Tony. Pro was influential in the mafia, but he had less way than Jimmy with powerful dawn's like Russell Bufalino on Jimmy's side Tony. Pro. Wouldn't do anything rash even. So Jimmy and Tony Pros relationship was permanently fractured. However just because Jimi didn't help tony pro that didn't mean he wasn't still involved with the teamsters union. In early nineteen seventy-one Jimmy was denied parole because he was still wheeling and dealing for the teamsters. If you wanted parole, he had to give up his title as president. Jimmy considered it. Until Frank. FITZSIMMONS announced his intention to run for teamsters president in the next election. Jimmy was infuriated he felt betrayed by his own puppet Wahad in April nineteen seventy-one, a family tragedy gave Jimmy, the opening who needed. When his wife Josephine had a heart attack Jimmy was given permission to visit her in the hospital. Jimmy used the temporary release to meet with his fellow union leaders as well. It's unclear what they discussed, but many believed it had to do with Richard Nixon in Jimmy's presidential pardon. Now, that Nixon was president, it was time for him to thank Jimmy for his generous campaign contributions. But apparently, the wheel still needed greasing in May nineteen seventy-one Union Hitman Frank. The Irishman Sheeran got a call from Mafia Don Russell. Bufalino. He needed Sheeran to make a delivery. Sharon was sent to the Hilton Hotel in Washington DC with a suitcase containing half a million dollars. A few minutes after arriving in the lobby President Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell sat down beside him Mitchell then took the suitcase and said. Nothing comes cheap. He then got up and left Sheeran alone in the lobby. As Sharon. Told it in his book I heard you paint houses. He was certain. The money was a bribe for Jimmy's pardon however sheeran and Jimmy weren't the only ones bribing the Nixon administration. Frank Fitzsimmons also sent half a million dollars. He claimed the money was for Jimmy's release, but it came with a stipulation fits wanted a guarantee. The Jimmy couldn't run against him for teamsters president allegedly, that money was provided to fits from Tony Pro. It was revenge for Jimmy, not helping him with his pension Jimi knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth. He agreed to step down as union president hoping it would secure his release he deal with fits looney was free. But. In the summer of Nineteen seventy-one, the parole board once again denied Jimmy's released they still suspect at the Jimmy was involved with organized crime he had resigned for nothing. After Jimmy's parole was denied fits publicly urged Nixon to pardon Jimmy Hoffa? Now Jimmy was barred from running for teamsters president until nineteen eighty, he no longer posed a threat on December sixteenth nineteen, seventy-one Jimmy's attorney filed a petition for a presidential pardon. The pardons skipped the usual authorization process from the justice. Department, and the FBI. Instead it was expedited in approved by Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell who had accepted the suitcase full of cash. From Frank. Sherron Jimmy was released from prison on December twenty third nineteen seventy-one. But he wasn't ready to relax and enjoy his freedom. He wanted his old job back. In nineteen, seventy, three Jimmy announced his plans to challenge the ruling. Nixon's pardon prevented him from running for union president. His timing was perfect that same year, the Watergate scandal broke. Nixon was too busy trying to save his own skin to deal with Jimmy Hoffa. In all the chaos, the terms of Jimmy's pardon were all but forgotten. So Jimmy was ready to challenge fits in the nineteen seventy-six Union election. But first, he needed the support of his enemy Tony Pro since Tony Pro headed. So many local branches whichever candidate he supported would probably win except Tony Pro and the other members of the mafia involved with the teamsters didn't want Jimmy as president. Fits lead them withdraw whatever they wanted from the pension fund. If Jimmy one they were worried, he tighten the purse strings again. Things came to a head on October Eighteenth Nineteen, seventy four at Frank Sharon's birthday celebration at Philadelphia's Latin Casino. Jimmy and many prominent mobsters were in attendance Tony pro had already convinced his fellow mob members to not support Jimmy's candidacy. So that evening. Mafia. Don Russell Bufalino sat down with Jimmy and calmly told him not to run for reelection Jimmy Bristled at Bufalino advice. This was everything he had worked towards. He was willing to do whatever it took to win even if it meant exposing the teamsters criminal associations under Fitz's, regime. Bufalino didn't take kindly to Jimmy's threats. Yet share and tried to defend his friend saying that it was only Jimmy puffing he wouldn't rat them out. WOULD HE TURNS OUT SHEERAN was wrong. Jimmy showed him a list of records the tied the mafia to the teamsters. He was serious about exposing them. Frank had no choice but to tell Bufalino. Several months passed and neither side budged. Eventually, Jimmy may have realized that his gambit failed on July twenty, eighth nineteen, seventy five. He told Frank Sheeran that he was ready to squash the feud with the mafia to that end Jimmy said a meeting with Tony Pro and Tony Jack Jack Loney of the Detroit mob. It was to take place on July thirtieth at the matches red, Fox restaurant in the Detroit suburbs Sharon advise Jimmy to bring his little brother meaning has gone. Jimmy S Sheeran join him instead. Sharing agreed but when he tried to run it by his boss Russell Bufalino, he was told to stay back at two. PM. On July thirtieth Jimmy pulled into the matches red foxes parking lot. The restaurant was in a busy shopping centre Jimmy believed Tony Pro wouldn't pull a dangerous stunt with so many people around however the mobsters never showed frustrated Jimmy Cross to a nearby hardware store to use the payphone. I. He called a teamster Buddy named Luis Lynn Toe and told him he was stood up. Then, he called his wife Josephine to say he'd be home by four. PM. Jimmy. Crossed back to the parking lot when a burgundy mercury marquee pulled up beside him. Three unidentified men chatted with Jimmy before he willingly got in the car. And that was the last time anyone saw Jimmy Hoffa. Next week, we'll take a look at several theories as to what happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Theory Number One, the FBI kill. Jimmy. So he didn't expose Nixon's ties to Frank Fitzsimmons and the mob theory number two Jimmy was killed by a serial killer named Richard The iceman Kuklinski who was responsible for over one hundred deaths in the area theory number three Jimmy's closest confidante frank the Irishman Sheeran was sent by the mafia to kill Jimmy the FBI has dug up fifteen different sites in search of Jimmy, Hoffa's body, but it has yet to be found some. He was dismembered in the Florida everglades or pushed out of a plane over lake. Michigan maybe even crushed in a car compactor and sold with scrap metal. But the question is, who is the one to blame? Thanks for tuning into conspiracy theories, we'll be back Wednesday with two of Jimmy Hoffa. Among many sources we found, I heard you paint houses by Charles, Brandt to be helpful to our research. You can find all episodes of conspiracy theories and all other park asked originals for free on spotify not only does spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like conspiracy theories for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream conspiracy theories on spotify just open the APP and type conspiracy theories in the search bar until then remember the truth isn't always the best story and the official story isn't always the truth. Conspiracy theories was created by Max, Cutler in his AAC Park has studios original executive producers, include Max and Ron Cutler sound design by Schroeder with production assistance by Ron Shapiro, Carly Madden and Joshua Kern. This episode of conspiracy theories was written by Taylor bright with writing assistance by Maggie Admire and Stars Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy.

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