Why Racing Has A Purpose with Susie Wolff, Alejandro Agag and more


Hello welcomes the poll cost on heist. Today's episode. We're going to bring you an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes at the recent F. Sport Conference last week's virtually Matz. Born network President James, Allen discussed the subject of much sports for time enormous potential reach with a panel of experts who work in the industry. The panel featured for me to retire founder and Chairman One hundred gag and Jerry former principal who's the founder? The debts different initiative dedicated to being more women into much sport. Hind I'm export boss Andrea Dhamma. A Bell, the former CTO Reynaud and Sadi's F one teams and the founder of Greek victim to org and Afghan Q., Marin, director, strategy and business development at one Hayes the food discussion. Welcome to all of you, Alejandro is. You're sitting next to me all? I'll start with you. Thank you hosting us by the way. For the last exhibit. Feels a bit strange to speak to real people. You're not related to us. Yeah Anyway I'm sure we'll. We'll pick our way through this, but obviously you i. mean the Motorsport World. I think when the history written, you'll be seen as one of the pioneers of racing for a purpose with with the vision that you present John Todd had for for formula a a now. Of course what you're doing with extreme, but how have external perceptions? Do you think evolved over these years and how careful? Does the sport need to be in this. You Post Kobe. Well I mean I. Don't know if I remember darling any kind of I. that's a baby words, but but yeah I. I, mean I think perceptions have changed a lot. I think that he's going to have an influence on everything we do. We have to in the future we want to. Essentially. We want to survive. So if you look at when we started from Lane Two thousand eleven when we came up with the idea. At Dino with President John when he came up with the idea actually. Perceptions on and the whole. Feeling around the world was not what is today. I taw. People really didn't care much. Climate change of course was already going on. Because climate change has been going on the actual. Event of the climate change has been going on for many many years and decades. By wasn't really a widespread concern. People the general you know. The mass didn't really care about it as they care now. Electric cars definitely were not in the agenda, except for Elon Musk, which keeps gives keeps staying ahead of the curve Electric cars were not really in the in the agenda even of the common factors. And so on and so forth and. I think we have a pre Kobe and oppose. Kobe Prequel it already. The environment was becoming really really important, and and we could see you know many many people focusing on that post cove aid. I think he's going to accelerate even more the need of a purpose, and of course climate change is one purpose there other purposes and You know we are now. We've extreme embracing very strongly also gender equality. We are going to have racist with the concept of mixed doubles that they using any, so that puts women and men, exactly Perte when it comes to winning the race so you know there are many different purposes, many different ways to to make things better and I think sport has a unique opportunity to do. Push those things so I think as long as we. You know we have that in mind I. I think we will be. We will be in place. You've got a bit further than that. In some of the things you've said recently done quite a lot of thought leadership work through this time, which has been very very helpful for the community about you recently said that you think purpose is actually part of the new business model for the sport. Maybe you could sort of a little bit into that. What you thinking that what I think? There is no business model. If you don't have the purpose I think that our business model is based on sponsorship as sponsors. You basically means companies associating with your values this sponsorship. He's less and less focus now. A number of hours of number of people watching on TV because people watch now on many different channels. They Watch on social media. They watch online. They watch on demand, so he's not so important. How many People Watch your sport or that? He's less and less. A currency the currencies. What values you allow that sponsor to associated with? and. The big corporations now are getting more and more responsible, and they're doing on an on his way I. Am I always get very upset with people who think they own the environmental fight? Who are who is anybody to decide? What's greenwashing for example who why? They think they have the thirty year company like BP once for the environment. They're welcome. We shouldn't like no. You cannot do it only I can do it. I agree with that so I'm going off track. Track here about but definitely the purpose east part of the business model, and will be out of the economic survival of our projects. We want to go forward what it looks like going back to formulate looks like obviously it's cut through a recent Nielsen Survey for the FAA reveal that seventy five percent of motorsport fans believed that the FAA championship have impacted people's perception of electric vehicles worldwide. What are your thoughts on? The impact of championship is making. I not very good. They know that that that survey. That was our hope when we started so when we started at the bridge we we did some projections, and we said okay. What would be the perception of electric cars with a? Championship. Are Without a championship and we thought that we significantly increase the speed of adoption of electric cars. WE'VE H. Six years later. We've you know. Hundreds of thousands of people having races with some research that we've done. We think that definitely firmly has had an impact on making electric cars closer to adoption. We have had anybody technology. We went from cars to one car with batteries, and we have had an impact on perception of electric cars so. HOW BIG HOW SMALL! That's not the key the keys that we have done something because the kids to do not to talk. Many people like to dog is that's that's? That's very nice, but you have to do stuff. Well let's bring in Susie warfare team principal, of course, one of the teams in the if I formerly retirement same question to you rarely see how much obviously not Nielsen survey is encouraging, but what's your own a section of the way that it's cut through with with audiences in terms of the impact around the electric vehicles? Hi. Nice to see you again and talk about more to scored again. Actors such a long break, and I think something which land such phone which is really what I? It's about doing not talking. It's easier for people to sit on the sidelines into talk to do. An antique action is much harder and. I was always handwriting initially when A. Championship because the need, the concept of racing car was far. I'm but look where we are six years later and cars coming onto the marketplace on the new technologies. What's driving the automotive industry forwards and certainly racially say for tracking in you younger audience in formerly? It's a different. We're going racing. It's a new platform ammon over gold where my when team alongside of Pastor, e, but I see it going. From strength to strengthen like Alejandro also touched on earlier. It's not just about the racing anymore. It's what's none for. Is. Story behind what we're trying to trying to cheat perceptions and really dry forwards. The fact that we want to make this world a better place want people to be driving. Electric cars and motorsport has always been at the forefront of technological change in the research and development of older technology. I see creativity, big impacts extol, but a long way to go still go to keep Shane, and but I certainly see being something very very positive and something great partial. You've done so much for the role of women in Motorsport over the years of a see with founding debts different and all the work you've done to encourage girls, basically to to see it and believe that it can be them to participate in our sport. You last spoke at our conference a conference in Geneva I think it was in two thousand seventeen I wonder. How much do you feel has been won by the movement since then. Well, you know. I thought I was doing a lot for gender, equality and then Alejandro. Championship we're half the drivers female, I think he's taking my chrome wrong cans of gender equality. I think we've made a big step forward at together. The FIFA as we have seen that needed to really get the grass level. We had to make sure that we meet were accessible and that we got interest from the next generation, and that's not just on. That's one element of motorsports, and but there's so many factors around the sports when you come to an motorsport race, or talk to the sports. There's the drive is on the track that there's a whole economic Let's see life around going racing and that's really had to also make sure we are. Female, talent, making sure that the score who is more diverse with the earls on track initiative, which is now. What what's the joint initiative together? Dare to be different is now joined up with the in one group organization and. We are now going out and making sure that we're trying to inspire the next generation making Midi seen as being more, a male dominated little maturity women, and where we were in two thousand seventeen. We were starting to get a loan interest talking, but I think what we've seen now a action happening. No, the girls on track initiative we have loaded great events on erases were having impact, and you now have a situation where the new championship American where half the driver something email, and that's a big statement, but the carry on. Statement means that each team has to make sure their nurturing young talents to make sure that you have the basically car, which escapes all the way down the motorsport ladder, and that's where we start to see real change, so I think we've had great sticks or words, but we still need. To keep working hard and it's it's getting. People on board keep spreading the message and actually taking action, and not just talking about it. That's was. He driving forward teacher. Thank you very much for that. Let's turn our attention into formula while the Afghan coumarin. When, when Liberty Equality Formula One it was pitched very much as an entertainment quote engineered insanity was the catchphrase two years later you rolled out the net zero carbon by twenty thirty pledge. So how has the thinking? If both an answer entertainment on purpose, which is the more important from now on? On. Thanks, James. Thank you having meets date festival apologies. If you hear any background noise on Carney in central on seasoning It's raining cats and dogs out. You might. Background noise from me. In terms of the question I think what's imposes. Remember is when we came in saving twin seventeen. What we need sedate was two sets formula. One Up to be fit for the twenty first century. D- be fit is a meteoroid organization and not meant bringing in the right people having the right structures I never having a most sports team headed by. Legends of the Schools in Ralston Pat Simmons to work with the ION, methanol sports, more predictable, more competitive and setting ourselves up with the commercial side to ensure engaged with fines. In a way that was fit for today, it'll said modernizing arises while. In terms of Waltz to changed since then. Also. Sustainability plan we actually. Working on it for every year before we actually launched in thousand, nine hundred, and so we were looking at this Ashley relatively early on from taking a at Formula One. The reason it took a while for us to get it out is ultimate, because if you're going to make a play in the space, we think is Ryan to bit probably is to be his right to have a robust plans beyond vicious in all thinking and also has many of you. Who on this session will know? We have a large number of stakeholders We're actually a very small pulse, but much rotary system says get all the different stakeholders on board were all very ambitious pledges. Tights time there's a process. Tons of the split between entertainments in a wider purpose new ultimate if we go back to first principles. The whole purpose of f one initially is around entertaining funds to need to ensure. We have not fronton sense of everything. We do not being said what's really pleasing to see. The law several years and particularly actually miss. Concrete Guards period is why the societal purpose really come into the full. We think with everything we're trying to do on sustainability, not top since not attribute of shame, not having this conversation in a couple of weeks time, 'cause you will be seeing some pretty major renouncement from us more broadly. Around divesting Beijing which again fits into this wider? How can we make? Me Want to have a outsiders of entertainment and. Ego on you'll be speaking to Bob To give you an example of. What else Formula One can do outside of fishing sustainably credentials to improve. You'll will Smith's industry fishing. Lesions who reflect the welding which we race. We have this incredible technology an amazing engineers and scientists in one if we can apply some of that technology to major humanitarian crises. Hungry we cannot treat out you know small posited impacts in terms of other society issues that the world's is dating is a fantastic example. seen action. That's interesting. Overseeing I mentioned earlier on. We've seen Lewis Hamilton leading. The way would support for the black lives matter movement, and managing to really stimulate support from motorsport stakeholders oversee including yourselves full Milan mistake. And many others. What do you think that illustrates about the power of this platform from one to make a difference? I think we have I think. Any organizational person has millions of people following been. We have over five hundred million pounds around. The world has a juicy in many ways. To Highlights Any imperfections that renate within. Their area and I think Lewis is done. Really has helped to hasten some of the change that we want to see in formula. One mentioned a couple of weeks. Talking starts air publicly about working again to do. You know. I think the days of sports stars being told to stay to their sports as Arriva you see see Russia's Don. Last couple of days reigns styling again. Keep using UK example pushing for more ethnic minority representation on sports awards. Obviously Lewis as well I think this is going to be a trend that will continue and ultimately. If? You want to be on the right side of history. It's important that you are part of that trend, and that you have central said to what you do is Asian. Thank you very much for that before I move on with the rest of the panel, got some questions from the audience to one hundred, and also to suzy I'm conscious that Susie has to leave us half past the hour. So if you don't mind, I'll just deal with these audience questions first from our ends, and then we'll move on with the rest of the panel, so the first one is from Enrico. And, it says for Susan One hundred. How'd you see formula? One versus formula in future? Susie you want an answer I or should I go. I think that was your name all over under. Well I of course I, get these laws, and I am a Mossy Final Formula One always been and. Did they mention Formula One and formula is different and the history of course Formula One. On the other hand I think electric is going to be the power, train or the the way to. Move around in the future and formula has a five year long exclusive license for single seat. There's an electric so that for me is the puts condition to some kind of understanding in the future how that will happen either no, we have different shareholders which are happened. We slightly related by the same top shareholder. So that will probably have to make some some decisions at that level, but at obe reading level and I think once. Electric formula cars are as fast as performance as combustion formulas. I don't really see the reason to raise separately, but. I am guessing that's going to take a while and I may not be around or I. Maybe we around maybe my responsibility. I have now. nothing imminent, but I in the conditions. Are there in the future for some guy? Approach Susie and From my perspective, I think the two are very different platforms, and both have their place. I think for me to one like touched upon. It has a huge history. Fastest racing cars in the world, its own circuits which have huge heritage within racing and one is why I'm suing. Chase it when I first on the rich. It's a different way of when Ricin Alejandro team. Really enrolled in city centres were attracting new audiences. It's known about how fast the cars. It's the fact that it's wrong. BRECON technology, which will take over the automotive industry at some point so I think the mistake. Would have very much. What the handle touch to fall in its will be Jason to foam for me. Has the rights to the cars? Is there place for both a future that will that win see, but right now I ice. Bit Formula One son, but I'm also from. And goods have a place in the world. And there's A. Few, Susie, which is. Your thoughts on the W. series. I think w series is great. Because it's eh creates opportunity, there's twenty racing which otherwise overly wouldn't sound the budget to go racing. Unfortunately, all sports is operatives. aggregated. Which means if you want to make a career racing driver, you need to be talented enough to Milan funeral drivers and. Fronts. A, good career. The item tissues they are what do often W.. H. E. WHO man? I think what sits along. Dome Area Wellness New Initiative from the. Early on track rising stars will be take twenty based cartons, drivers cement, obviously international carpooling. It puts her train. Account could sit sentence Ferrari driver tabby in one it's. Informative store and that that Ramen, the lull term creates you local. Tuesday for the upcoming young girls in carts. Also shoes. Those issues sports that there are opportunities within content until our sport become segregated as a woman. You need to be good enough in whatever job you're doing more sports because it comes down to your talent, so I think w series, ricky opportunity for girls racing, and but it's not enough to change. Scoreboard accent alone firm. Okay. Well, let's move on then now to ball bell. Of course, legendary technical director long career in Formula One and a great deal of success, who's now of course behind the grid for good initiative, which really cuts through with motorsport professionals, giving their time and expertise to accelerate innovation outside of this. What are your specific goals? Bobbin have been able to help so far. GME, everybody is great to be here. To to build a talk about good for good yeah, I I long held view that motor sport could offer more to society than simple entertainment. And I finally decided to do something about it. To start last year. When I stood down as chief technical officer for Reynaud and setup grid for good in a very small way myself on a couple of colleagues former colleagues. On. The intention really was to set up a brokerage. That acted between problems from the not for profit, humanitarian sector on potential pro bono solution providers from the the world of Motorsport. So I thought at the time. It was a great idea, but it was one that was completely unproven. So there's a bit of a voyage of discovery So during the course of last year we undertook a few smallish projects. put our toes in the water. See whether the concept worked we helped couple of UK. Charities REVAMPED THEIR PR and marketing to get more exposure using expertise from F. ONE PR companies and we've also been helping. a young disabled chop customize his electric wheelchair, so we can do a a a land Jonah growth run to raise awareness full difficulties, wheelchair users. He have when using public roads. And then we got into twenty twenty and a the covid nineteen crisis happened on the com- set for good sort of exploded in a way. I never would have imagined. On Grid, for Good became a central park, remains a central part of pit lane, which is really marshaled engineering and technology. Providers within the world of Formula One to address. The creation and development of medical devices to help with this crisis so yeah I'm really pleased to report the tech. For good did appear on its concept that appear to work when when put to the test. Have you gained fresh energy from all? That's going on around you and do you see it growing from here? Going coming out of the covy crisis, I mean obviously all that went on with the you'll pay is amongst the engineering world and the speed of reaction with the ventilator work, for example and the amount of positive cut through the news media, particularly the Mercedes initiative, but red bull doing the same thing. Ferrari had big success in in Italy. Would that that contribution as well? What? What did you make of all that and where it goes from here? Well when you talk about energy I can genuinely say I cannot remember a time. When I personally felt more energy when we were doing the initial the ventilator work. Through project pit lane we we spend a months to develop a new type ventilator from concept through to pre production prototype We did that in a month with about six teams. Led by Renna when Red Bull and we were working twenty four seven. Sixteen seventeen eighteen days. And I have never felt the energy and drive and motivation from that group people to achieve what achieved in his face of time that was unheard of Normally, these devices take two to three years to develop, and we did it a month and it was such a satisfying feeling, if I could distill out failing bocklet share with people, I think we could solve an awful lot of the world's problems. But I loved about that story as well as how you had chassis engineers and technicians from inside other teams, factories, all working together, putting aside the whole kind of issues of secrecy, and all the rest of just an integrated Costa fantastic fantastic work. Thank you for the moment bob moving onto Andrea. Then obviously high and let's start with with world rally championship. How is w are rising to the challenge? Is Hybridization of the sport. Essential to highs continued involvement. These is question. The has been raised many time already and every time I in the same way that that. Before Golden Thin. A Soon I may say that I don't know I'll do what we the Volvo would be multisport after that echoes, what these out the in the future has been already clear everyone we know, but the driver were ready Goss a much closer to. We saw that cost that we have seen mostly on the market visit obeys of for every month, thought dottie motorsport. Thank in WNYC of. To to remain and with Michael Leaks Vata straight to the point that we need the new generation of ready cars. Of course, the have the hybrid component reasonable calls. And also increase overall staffing. Deal of the gossip sucked so Waza straight to your point I would say yes. On is launching as launched its first ever electric race car the veloce net. What's what's the thinking behind that? And why is? The right platform for Monday in electric with think that the for our lab during. I don't know I. I. Give you a call later. I ever meeting after I think you have on their mobile number. You people that you need to call or read. So. Basically I we've think that does a noble for us up to as the before to try to understand what might be modest board the in an electric work. It's an occasional that we add the. We made abroad Iberia. Asking and I think in a motor sport the. Environmental if I'm on fought, the wants to be involved to know everything in there has been already say that echo so may be really the future for a Motorsport Division. E racing costs should be something that you have some expertise, so we decided to dedicate this of their budget that do create a team of people basically from scratch. I have to say to be the prototype. Follow the development that we're working on it to say IT'S A. Really in the middle of the crisis, all with all the issues that we can't he made, but it's a great challenge to say and that. Also makes me feel a bit younger. Moguls any always deliver short of. Engineering background even if I were not widely defined but. I see that every problem is a different one for what David is seen in Boston, so it's A. It's a great challenge for everyone. And there's most seasoned motorsport professionals you say with an engineering background all that we've been talking about here today. The idea of sport coming out of this Kobe crisis that the idea of as a platform for good causes. Do you feel that the the needle has moved you? Do you feel about is essential to to the pitch? If you like for Motorsport going forward in the broader sense. But listen I have to say thing what I'd seen. That, is that goofy? Is that that that has been clear link between people that before were you ready to fight each other? To work together and do boot aside which of the older issues that you may have had a discussion for English on things like these things shown that normally have between teams among us when you fight for the world championship. Working together and understand which is the only objective that. Of course, in my opinion for a spoil may also be Re the again. Working together to Passover is a moment that keep blaming aside if there were any and. Create the team do bustle. That has a has been saved before Formula WanNa the teams were working. For these technology. I think that what I see. That could be a great message if the bus by. Thank you van I like that that thought I mean. That's something you and I were talking about before we went on air. Isn't it the idea that? We've seen that Formula One teams that have been fighting each other for years getting. Nowhere have brought in rule changes budget cap a form of handicapping that's going to improve the show, and all these other things that are going. Do you feel there's kind of a sense with all the different series of a coming together and that we should come out of this crisis you know with with this sort of strategy in mind I think so I. Think so you know I think what was important in the beginning of the crisis was. Sean Todd. Send a message very clear. To! Everybody is saying we need to think on the future. Motorsport is now going to be the same, so we all need to. Really, reflect on what is possible for the future and make changes the new deal. Then you deal, then you did what he's talking about the new deal and that was a very very important message in the beginning of the grizzlies, where everybody was kind of like looking left and right kind of lost and wasn't. And the biggest expression of that is probably what has happened in formula. One so I think Formula One has done a fantastic job in this. In this period because you know to achieve Budget Cup which I think is. Is really important, and it's something that you know he's been. People have been trying to achieve for years and years, and I have to congratulate everyone because it's it's. It's a great success. To achieve the handicapper for the development of the to do all these things. It's really understanding the times we live in, and if they you know if you don't understand it, we mean then then you are. You're in risk, so you know you have to use opportunity. Also these these has to become an opportunity, but for forty to be an opportunity depends really on on ourselves. You would want to do the things we do not know so I think this has really I think following the leadership of John, dot has really kind of spread over motorsport, and I think I think we I think we are reacting on on the right direction and examples like the one. We were mentioning of working together with them. For beat for the ventilator, and on our one more example of that, and it's bringing in on the Semenov AC-. We're talking about filming the one that sort of. Idea of consensus to achieve goes Jason. Ross your team of obviously been central to that? What's what's your comment I think actually win the sit down. That's often when you see the real character. People I think with Latin we've seen that already can. Throw. Throw out, but deprioritize. Senior objectives for the greater good in the sense. I think in many ways. That's just the start and the various further to go. If went to realize the I'm vicious, abject saves. We've got not John's buildings on, but commercially in terms of how time, but it does show. This is. Possible within its pools has directly were on his always liked to add did the couches in volts? Ross was on yesterday with us, and he said he's. Great he's been around a long time and seen an awful of dysfunctional relationship. He's very pleased to see this consensus now on the rule cyber. Do you see that you see that enduring you? You'll director strategy so your pricing, the continuation of consensus into your future strategy. and. You can't ECON Consta- simple consensus on everything she'll, but I think we'll have more opportunity to Bush. Threes at Seoul's ambitious changes. We wanted to see in Vienna come. Yes, thank God it's happened. I'm with this periods has highlights and actually some stuff to be announced in becoming mums. Will further strengthen opposition to the F.. U. F. One on a very strong long-term. As I meant thank you as I mentioned earlier. And of course it's not just about this during this time. And when there's been a lot of good causes being led into motorsport from a messaging point, it'd be one of the three thousand five hundred lives campaign from the FAA that's very very clear within within Formula One and Heineken's anti-drink drive messaging in informal. And formal his well while, but I wonder if you could maybe give us your view on this, how well suited you feel? Multiple is an incredible as a platform for good causes. I think it's quite unique. Because first and foremost, it has accused global footprint and if you count term, push your message to large global audience You'd probably not GonNa go very far, so it has that, and secondly, of course, it has all of the skills necessary to make a real difference, so it is all the engineering science skills, but also logistics marketing commercial skills If we all cooperate to do exactly up until about. Social Change so I think it's really uniquely placed. Motor is all about overcoming challenges. It's all about dealing with problems. I and it's all about doing it quickly and efficiently. And yet in my experience in general, it's a waste done with a smile on your face. because I'll tell you got through the hard times so I think all of those factors uniquely position the world of Motorsport to take a lead in this. Andrea, for come back to you. Motorsport thrived as an entertainment, but also as an incubator of technology for the automotive industry. Is that going to be enough in the future? And what should the strategy be? Let me say for sure have to force and more and more that both sides of entertainment and the something link as we said before goes I if we rely on one that I don't think we would have the possibility to survive in the future, so you may be have to make. As has been done somehow for daybreak. Asia not car these new technology that can be caring for most of the people of the nation. I don't know much much that. My Age beeper goes now is the to be fifty. Maybe be looking a beat the Moro. In a strange way at e vehicles extensively put together. We can pasta. Good man suggests that these new technology would be also very nice to see begin- meant, and so you can mess fiefs. These the MS has not said before. We'll show. You can also bring more also. Mona the match. That do messages together. This is something that you cannot Publish your thoughts on. This is someone who's been around for a long time and worked for of major manufacturers informed on. Yeah, Arlene, I think the. The automotive sector is going to suffer its own challenges moving forward from here and I think the Cova crisis brought sharply into relief. and I think that. There is a real place fully automotive sector to have a sporting willingness, bolting side and and the to can work in harmony to help develop technology, but also to promote the activities of of the old. Parent I think more and more F. One tames, and probably most teams in general are being influenced by saying our policies from their parent. On this is important and we have to recognize that we have to react to. It so I think that Motorsport can help the automotive sector not only technically, but also in terms of sending a message. On representing the on on the global stage in a good way, the benefit society. Now of course, a lot of our audience today, our national sporting federations from around the world and hundreds of the infact. In a unique situation with these e conference and a lot of interest of course, always a grassroots motorsports, so we've been talking in this session, really about high level, very visible series but Alejandro in how important is it that there is a bottom up approach as well across? It's not just a top down. Well, you know these these always story and the probably motorsports expensive have been not really grassroots I used to have a GP three team and the GP through team so I was kind of in the middle of the ladder in the higher part of. But. It's very very difficult to to find talent because he's the meets always of how that kid boy, or or also now pushing for girls also do go through Karting and make it perform lab to a single seater a formula for example, because then from from guarding the formula four. She needs to find maybe eighty thousand euros of budget, and then he wants to go through GP three days to find half a million of budget and wanted to go through GPO do, which is now formula to? Find one point five million euros of budget so. It's very difficult, so we need to find a solution and here's what I see. A big role for the federation's do use the the the money that you know. We promote their him in fees I mean. I don't know I. Bro me for my bucket, but from as. A few million to federations over the world, not to buy also sense because we pay a lot of money to the sense. Every time you raising a country, they should invest that money on grassroot talent to. Really subsidize the career of these kids so. Has the opportunity, not only the one that has a wealthy father or mother that can pay for the career, but everyone should be allowed in the federation sued subsidize. And we will also morning degration more a racial integration female in the racing on his offers I. think that's a role for the federation's really do to step. What about you oversee or at the very top of the tree that with formula into what extent can conform to one help with some of the grass roots, and and the Federation of all the countries that you visit around the world to make sure that this message sense of purpose if you like racing from from top to bottom from the bottom up. Yeah. We definitely won't. Get more involved than we have done historic guys. We are invited to for three and actually if you look at the the people that we have much greater than than still when it should could be We all very keen to get more actively involved in the grocery size. As I, said sort of insinuates Cole will walking on what we do more generally around purpose, and you'll be hearing as soon as the next couple weeks, but this is GonNa be much more to come. Adam assassinate would love to. Him more from. Around doing what more could be done nothing at one hundred coins. Around investing in local talent, I think time for Monterey upset. Traditionally underrepresented backgrounds very interesting one. We should see where there's a Lotta money in in Mexico. We should say web as It's that. Call is available for town to drivers who otherwise couldn't afford financially it to get through the rents and also on a systemic level. How do we make in and then single seater racing more affordable? Stop we that we shouldn't have to. Simply Couldn't melt money to support the car systematic come. We look at the system realistically unsafe. We can make it more affordable January commentator here from Spa Bosa rally department, the FAA is making a very good project will rally star to bring young boys, and goes into the sports I just wanted to drop that into the discussion about four or five minutes left on this panel before we moved to our final case study, so I guess I just wanted to address the elephant in the room if you like. We've talked a lot about the sense of purpose. We've talked a lot about the the amazing speed of reaction and a good work through the Khyber crisis. Does the climate change movement pro pose an existential threat to motorsport in the eyes of some people? You know you could see that that would be how they might read. There's no better to stop with you. What? What's Your own personal thought? I think so I. Don't think so I think the climate change movement is a great opportunity for motorsport because. Forget the extremists of climate change so if you look at people like accenture rebellion, and those kinds of people I think the rollerblades important to raise awareness, but you don't really have to listen to their arguments because their arguments lacked scientific. Rigor. But if you look at reality. Motorsport can play a huge role and. Electric cars are only one of them, but reducing the impact of combustion. It's huge. There's still a huge amount of gain to be made on combustion engines, because we're not gonNA be able to have electric cars everywhere. We will be able to have electric cars in Europe. Maybe China the United. States, but what about everywhere else you need combustion cars that basically have less emissions. Stealing a lot of improvement, you can do there so. Rolling that for motorsport, dearly, because for the sport being role in raising awareness for the sport so multiple work, I'm the huge actor positive actor to fight climate change, so we just have to get it. You know what I mean, and and not listen really to the people who criticize we just should should basically ignore. Just the noise and do stuff and then we will have our own would have our own role in an. I think we have a great opportunity. Same questions above I think that to the Motorsport has real role to play in climate change and it's not just about. Moving towards an all electric huge, I think. Alejandro Point about the need continued need for internal combustion engines, very rail, and as a some people will know, but certainly not many. Formula One engines currently the most thermally efficient internal combustion engines on the planet, and the amount of development and effort that is going to deliver that has been staggering on. That has real implications full rum motoring in general, so I think from a technical point of view motorcycle has a huge contribution to make to sustainability of of the environment and I think motorsport will adjust adopt to continue to be able to do that as as we move forward. Andrea point of view on this. Thing we have to adopt the diamond. The drive is possible. Some direction outlet different kinds of faints as we said before sometimes, I used to say when I was a cheerleader. I remember talk showing Debu in TV where people west Mulkey. From again set, and now if you watch some talk, show in some. Reviewing like it was age. Oral costs wrote Gaza doing some noises. I think that that sport as do as I said before that people that the different way of automotive can be also nice to see deigning, and you can live with this ob with. We have a of the. Head as we are doing and give the direction and let the people appreciate what they may have next possibly on the road car. On final word on this. You know I say every challenges. An opportunity and megasports can be catalysts for hastening change in the wider was most interested in nearby where they at bulbs already mentioned the hybrid engine, but where we can really make a difference is also developing sustainable fuels that we're working very closely with the FAA's technical table. We can make that a time read. Relevance will have a huge impact intensity station. You'll next industry F one having this global platform hundreds of millions of fans. It will be able to push that out to the well and to Mesa companies will see the benefits jump. Yeah, it's always been an incubator technology, and so the cycle continues just before we close out this a quick note just to clarify of course when we're talking about grassroots, we're not. It's not just like karting and F four. It's all kinds of just putting. In fact in the majority of motorsport around the world, and a lot of countries is is things including things like driving? People's own road caused bringing them to events, so crossroads is a very very broad thing, so the big big project to make sure that sense of purpose runs through absolutely everything that well. Thank you very much all panel. It's really stimulating and very very interesting discussions. Great pleasure to have you as. Difference a thank you to everybody joining by zoom. Thank you stable connections and your. Interesting thoughts. Thank you for that. Well I enjoyed the panel discussion tennis. What you think show various social media channels. To? Bull, who'd act soon with another edition of the? Cost? Him. into. took. Music is six am by tree-lighting written by Marcus. Simmons see some clouds dot com slash trillo music.

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