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The following program is brought to you by your friends at podcast. One. The arrest. Cruise poker poker bravery, in one and only famous Perez. It'd be Perez Hilton. HP guys welcome to the PHP Booker. He has Peres. How're you doing? Man? I'm I'm. I don't even know what the word is, but there is. There was, oh, let me see. Hold on. Okay. Oh, damn it. No. There was big, breaking news threat before we started over recordings. So I'm like stressed about this 'cause I would've loved to have gotten the news out, but you know, it can wait. I've got this to do. I'll get to the breaking news later on in the show, but I thank you to everybody who gave us positive reviews on itunes. There were so many of you at the end of this episode. I'm going to verbally give you all shoutouts as I said, I would do so thank you. There was one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten of our listeners who did that. So really appreciate you. All I'm well had a fun issue. We get end. I felt like I lost a day. They're like, my Saturday was all work. Basically I did this web show, which was cool. I was really happy to support fellow Latinos and especially a fellow Cuban who was commiserating with me about. A shared experience. This creator, she's an actress, but also producer and a writer is Cuban, but fair skinned and blue eyed. So it's proven difficult for her here in Los Angeles to get cast in Latino roles. So she took the bull by the horns that they said and created this web series for her. So I was happy to be a part of that. And then I had to go to this event on Saturday night where I was given a bullshit award, which I didn't even mention when I did a post from the party because it was such bullshit award. Okay. Well, what was the award? It was some LGBT visibility award or whatever that they made up from like fake. I don't even know what the hell the organization was or whatever. You basically got an award for being gay and they're, yeah, basically. Cool, whatever that it's kinda sucked because that was my entire day. And I also I feel parental guilt that thankfully my mom's up to the plate and took him to the park and then to come to my sister's house. So I appreciate my mom for that. And then Sunday I made up for it someday took my kids to the beach and we had a beach day and it was super fun pedigree time. How was your weekend? Good. I was off Friday because I had like oral surgery. Oh, right one of my teeth. I'm all stitched up. I've got stitches in my mouth. So Friday was kind of like a day off, but I didn't. You know what I mean? It wasn't like one of those fun days off. I got to do anything with it except for you know, go to the dentist than the pharmacy. I've been cranky all weekend because of it, but I did go to see the eagles on Saturday night might never seen before and what a, what a phenomenal show that was. I saw that you had to go to the forum. Yeah, that's the worst part hate it. I know I hate going, these shows there. I didn't drive. If you don't drive, it's not as bad. The show was great. It was really wild. Seeing Glenn fries. Kid deacon who sounds exactly like his dad filling in for his dad harmonizing. They're just all phenomenal. Musicians was the average age. There sixty five. You know, it's the eagles. So you kind of they're kind of like the Beatles of of America. No way. I only know one of their songs hotel, California, first of all, you know, a thousand? Okay. Take it easy. Take eighty taking. Oh, Peresce. Don't the greatest hits. Album is the best selling album of all time desperate. Oh, you've never heard of desperado. I heard desperado, right? There's two songs. There's fifty more that you're familiar with icon ick acts, like I know all of Fleetwood MAC's catalog. I was just never drawn to or familiar with the eagles. Maybe if you mentioned more, I honestly cannot think of anyone other than the hotel California song lying is you don't know. Yohn lie. You don't know that's on there were people much younger than shows, and there would be people much younger than me at Fleetwood. MAC says, good music is good music. Well, yeah, Fleetwood MAC is more the American Beatles than the eagles. I think no. Yeah. Women on. What is take it easy. So you really don't know. That's all. I don't know that one. I met the old diamond. Listen, I know my music. I can't tell you why one of the greatest ballads ever I. Hear their catalog right now. All right, let's move on a great concert, but I stand behind what I said. They don't have a lot of awareness for people under forty. I see it with people under forty. I'm only forty. Anyways, the breaking news that I found out about just before we started recording is that Julie Chen will not be returning to the talk. I am surprised that she stayed with him. I said that she would, and I also said we'd never see her on the talk again. And I said, we would see her on the finale of big brother and then she'll be done with that show after that. No, no. According to reports, she is staying with big brother but is leaving the talk. Why would she leave the talk then? Because she's going to be a hypocritic she stays on it because it just complicates things for Riecke of reasons. Since last week I've heard. And actually I was surprised a publicist even went on the record saying that if Julie Chen remains on the talk, he would steer his clients away from a blah. They're really, yeah. Celebrity publicists went on the record saying. That other also advertisers had cooled temporarily on their according to what I read, and it just would make things difficult for her as we've discussed to talk about sexual harassment and things like that on that show which are topics they do discuss their on nickel show so, but what surprised me if it turns out to be true is how this is all playing out. Like I said, she's expected to remain with big brother, but his departing the talk. I thought they would give her a bond voyage, which I think she deserves. She's been with that show almost an entire decade. Since the very beginning, the plan is for her to announce her departure Tuesday morning, the videotape message and then not return at all. Wouldn't it be hypocritical of the show if they gave her a big party Bon voyage, no. Why would that be critical? She's the woman that said before that if she was married to Harvey Weinstein, she would leave him. Okay. Well, it turns out she in some people's 'cause I don't know what happened. I have no idea what happens, but okay. Well, she called for someone else to leave. Now she's not doing that. It would kind of drag down the show if they're going to celebrate her for sticking with it. I think that's why they're going to go with the videotape message because it's critical. If they were a big party, it might be a critical. But at the same time, I think that she is deserving of you can not be used as you have to be perfect. Yes. So it is a little hypocritical. But having said that, like I said, she's she's been the moderator. She's been an integral part of that show for ten years, and I would have given her a Sunday off personally, but whatevs onto other news, there were reports and then conflicting reports. And now we appear to have breached a consensus as to what happened. Justin Bieber married or not married. It turns out he did get married to Haley Baldwin, even though she tweeted and. Then later deleted the she was not married. Apparently she said that because she doesn't consider herself married 'cause she's not married under the eyes of the Lord. Yet they've only had a civil marriage, not a religious marriage that was that just to get the process of him being an American citizen going, or did you think that even had anything to do with it? I'll get to that. I don't think that had anything to do with it. I don't know why they got they got married so quickly. I think I think just because bieber's beeper and he wants when he wants and he's impatient, that's my theory on it. And I actually see these people lasting four years or more four years. Yeah, because I think he wants to get at least two kids out of her. So even if they're going through a rough patch here, there he won't cheat. I don't think he'll cheat because he's so God squad. And if they're going through a rough patch, you'll stick it out 'til baby number two. And then he'll be done with her. We'll the or not only four at least I didn't say. I'm giving them for years. I said at least four, at least four years. Okay. That's pretty good in Hollywood for young people. Yeah. Sources say though that she's not pregnant, so that's not why they got married and I called this word. I called this one. They do not have a pre-nup. Yes, you did. Oh, man, it's going to be messy. So yeah, you mentioned briefly, the Justin Bieber is going through the process of becoming an American citizen. I'm confused by this. What does he get out of being an American citizen? Like what are the benefits to him? Like, why? What? Why become an American citizen? I think it's just why not have dual citizenship, but what does he get out of having dual citizenship? I don't get it. It may be tax related or not. I don't think it is because he spends most of his time here. So he needs to pay taxes here and pay taxes there. It's not like he's going to be giving up his Canadian citizenship. He's not, you'll cert. Yeah. Maybe it's also like if he's an American citizen and he ever gets in trouble with the law. Again, they can't kick him out because he's an American citizen. Well, there's that there's that. Yeah, speaking of Bieber, his manager scooter. Braun was a guest on a podcast recently and he was talking about how he thought Justin Bieber back in two thousand and fourteen was going to die from an overdose gas. I saw that I was shocked that he said that first of all, is it even his place to say that, like it's not like he's his former manager. He's still working as manager like he could have just said, I was really concerned for him back then. And if pressed, I could've said he was hanging out with bad people like he didn't even have to. Why did you mentioned like that to me was surprising that was not his story to tell in my opinion that also just it was it was a bad management decision. I see what you're getting at. I think he also was just being truthful in on this can be truthful. And honest without being that truthful and honest, but he didn't need to say that word overdose like that just to me was bad management anyways. Well, this is probably not that much of interest to our listeners, but it's of interest to me scooter. Braun is in broiled in a nasty lawsuit with lady Gaga x manager. Troy Carter, this is so insider scooter has sued Troy for millions of dollars claiming that scooter lent Troy mummy and Troy them pay it back and they're now both making damning allegations against each other, each one calling each other, a liar, and it's just like a wild. Before we go any further, tell everybody who's back sun basket is back with the Perez Hilton podcast. So many of you have told me that you have signed up for sun basket and that it has made a big difference sun basket is the. Best meal delivery program out there. It will simplify being healthy for you ate my entire box in two days because I made one for lunch, one for dinner and the next one for dinner. I had these these sausage skewers that were really great. And they had a chicken salad, which I thought that was just perfect for launch put together. What was my third meal of the coconut shrimp? How could it forget that? It was my favorite, a perfect dinner. If you wanna go begin or Pesca -tarian or gluten free or vegetarian or the Mediterranean plan or the paleo plan sun basket is for you. Some basket is giving you a huge discount. If you use our promo code, just go to sun basket dot com, slash Peres today to learn more and get thirty five dollars off your first order that sun basket dot com. Slash Peres do it. It's so bizarre and there's going to be two instances of when I call myself a hypocrite, I can be hypocritical. I'll own it. I like to believe alleged victims, but sometimes alleged victims do things that cast doubt on them, right. Like Tom Arnold, he claims that Mark Burnett attacked him, Mark Burnett and his wife Roma claim that Tom Arnold attacked them. In fact, Tom Arnold specifically, let me read you his quote, Tom Arnold said Mark Burnett quote, literally tried to murder me. I mean, when he says that, I'm like, okay, you're just bullshit now, like, I can't believe you. I cannot believe you. I wasn't gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. And then you said this man literally tried to murder Meagher. Idiot, right? Like don't dig. I understand you're shaking up and this and that, but don't exaggerate it to that point because it discredits you, the timing of it. All is also incredibly suspect. Tom Arnold has a new TV show that premiers this week. And when he I was tweeting about everything made sure to mention that his TV show premieres this week. It seems to me that this was a media stunt that he had been planning all along to confront in a big way, Mark Burnett. And then Mark Burnett, perhaps got afraid that he was going to attack his wife. I don't even know what the hell and one thing led to another and they just got crazy. But Tom Arnold is taking it seriously and he is going or has already gone to the LAPD to file some kind of police report against Mark Burnett. But let me tell you something. This is where this is a case of. Dr Luke and Kesse. If I'm Mark Burnett. Now, Mark Burnett has more money than Tom Arnold will ever make in his lifetime. Mark Burnett has more money than Roseanne will never make in our lifetime. Mark, Brad also created survivors. So many franchises survivor. He's literally one of the top ten richest people in this town. I bet gap now go with me. Okay. I'm Mark Burnett. And let's say that Tom Arnold totally fabricated this and made false allegations against me and pulled that stunt against me. If Tom Arnold did that made this negations and even file a fucking police report, I would use all of my money to ruin him. I would bankrupt the motherfucker. I would not settle out of court. I would put him in financial ruin like, I'm just shocked that. I mean, I'm not shocked at Tom. Ronald created the scene, but to just get to this level to say that he tried to murder him to then go actually. File a police report and continue with this nonsense? Well, look, he's been on the media tour for a while and he's out there alleging a lot of different things, especially about the president stuff, and he's trying to drum up all of this interest through wacky things, and he's a little out there. Now we gotta remember this guy was married to Roseanne. Yeah, crazy attracts crazy. Exactly. And that's where we probably should leave it. The guy is nuts. He's a wack chop and he's playing whack job game. He may get burn when you when you screw as someone of Mark Burnett caliber. And like you said, wallet, that wallet could that wallet can put you down forever. If you better call him, I told you, I would. I would snap boss. To squash him like I would move on and off that fucking tool. But he took it to the next level by alleging attempted murder by following a police report. That's next level to me, but I love crazy, white dude's gun nuts, and he's not the only one. This story is to Larry as to me speaking of classic musicians, Paul McCartney in a new interview revealed that back in the day he and John Lennon used to masturbate together on more than one occasion. That's weird. Okay. That's not something that straight men do together regularly. That's something to gay men would probably do together. No, no, it's not. It's not never done that before. Never been in a round with a couple of other dude. Now, no way, gay men have the capacity. And this happens far freak more frequently, a lot of gay men that have friendships previously either dated or hooked up. But now they're just friends like I'm not going to just start jerking off in a room of my friends. I can't imagine a scenario where I'm just pulling my Wang out in front of anyone in front of a girl. How about that? I don't think that there's a situation where I would say, I'm going to get this out and I'm going to masturbate. Intimate with a girl, I wouldn't do that. So the whole thing's mind blowing to me. All right. I just wanted to know if that was common or not. I look, I've heard of the term circle jerk before. And I, I think all straight guys even have their little towel snapping incidents of of things when you around other young boys and you're trying to figure it out this painting thing you have and you're talking about girls, I get that. I mean, I get it, I guess, but I just can't imagine doing it. That's all I was in a student film. Once about that subject, the. The name of the movie was okay, cookie. I was funny as it was me and these two other guys in the student film and one of the other guys ended up being gay to anyways. Well, you say the guy that wrote it gave for sure because he wrote it just because he wanted to see the scene and he wanted to see if anybody would pull out there Wang and actually be. I totally it. Why wouldn't look if I was going to write a movie right now? You think I would write nudity in it. Got there, right? I would, and I'd be like, I wanna Scarlett. Joe type want wanna get her naked. Well, thankfully. Oh, God. Fuck man. What I'm having people Email tweet me and everything about Julie Chen, but this is good. Oh, I fucking Spencer practices to our podcast. I'll good. Hey, Spencer he just tweeted me in response to a TMZ story about Julie Chen, which I fucking should have put out there because I heard about the four teams e. tweeted about it in Spencer was like, you called this on your new podcast episode. I wonder if I should mention matter. It's so late. No one cares anyway, he's in bad the east coast in bed. I care. All right. Speaking of old white men, Woody Allen and his wife. Soon ghee were interviewed and the new issue of New York magazine now, and this is another case of the, it all comes back to the eagles. I do think that Woody Allen has more awareness than the eagles. Do with younger audiences. Like I only knew of Don Henley I would not have mentioned or known of Glen fray if. Yeah, because I remember when when he died, you didn't know his name. You thought was fray remember that. Oh, we talked about that on the podcast we did when he died, you mentioned his name. I said, it was fry. Well, anyways, this story, I think. Duggar people care about or know about or familiar with it was trending all over social media. Did you read that article? Probably I did was I get. I read it this afternoon and I did. I read it at work today. I was so bored. First and foremost. This article was written by a person who is not objective in the slightest. This woman I think was female. Writer is friends with Woody Allen and has not just any casual acquaintance or friend. They've been friends for four decades. She said, I'm like, what kind of fucker is that like this is major bullshit. I'll say this and I can say this because she's not a victim soon is not a victim even though some people might say that, you know this guy who was a father figure having a sexual relationship with her was totally inappropriate. Even though he was not her adoptive father. And even though he was not married to me, pharaoh because he's not a victim, I will totally say, I think she's a fucking liar that soon be. Let me. Oh yeah, I just think there's two sides to every story. And as I read that story, I'll go back to what I said. The very first time we talked about this. It's a family issue. I don't think it needs to be hashed out in the press like this person did this. This person did that the end of the day, Mia affairs an actress. And I think all actors and actresses are crazy. I think they're all nuts. And when I'm reading this article, remember reading SUNY, talk about her and her recollections. I'm like, she doesn't sound like the mom of the year to me. Well, that's one of the wildest things to me. She in vivid details soon. Ye was talking about her life and career at five years old. I'm like really bits. You remember that much fucking five first memories I have are when I turned six. I remember my sixth birthday party prior to six. I don't remember a damn thing. Not even looking at photos. I'm like, I don't remember anything before. I don't know what right there with. And not only that. She also found it very telling and disturbing that she would tell the energy the interview, or I don't even want to call her journalists. He would tell the interviewer or one thing, and then later Email her something else in and changing the story up that happened repeatedly throughout the article did. I'm like, that's what kind of this is all bullshit. And forty islands fucking full of shit too. In my opinion, I just can't sit there and judge. I don't know what really happened. Does it seem wacky to me know for sure, but I don't know what how that's putting it mildly. Well, you're running of wacky news, Richard Gere and I'm talking about so many old white men. Exactly. This is the white man Shino old white male, male young Cordell. She'd soon I started out on. I started off Bieber, but you went on such a tirade on the fucking eagles. Jesus Richard Gere sixty nine years old is going to be a father again. Is that too old? To the hack, not when you're rich. Yeah, but it's not even about money. It's about the fact that he might be dead and fifteen years. So what the kids going to lose their dad and highschool that sucks. Most people are going to lose their dad. Anyhow, it happens some point in your life. It's terrible, I'm sure, but statistically most aren't going to die when you're in high school. Richard Gere could live to a hundred. Well, I hope so. I, you know, he's got more money than God if he keeps himself in good shape and hopefully doesn't get the cancer or something like that, but you never know. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Weird. I think you got that kind of money and you got somebody that you love and wants to raise the kid and all right. I don't know person see what you're saying though. It doesn't really seem fair to the kid. Yeah, I'm sorry. I would rather have fifteen years as Richard Gere is my dad, some. That's the bum that I had the bums floral that I had raising me. So there you go personally for me, MC my rule that I think my thing is passed sixty. You really shouldn't. But that's up to you clearly, you know, he gets you still producing sperm, so good for him. Congratulations. Speaking of white dude. Henry Cavill not so old may. Out of superman, no longer playing him, and it might have to do with money or that may be one of the many issues to me. That's just stupid. If your peeps are asking for too much money to be superman, any of those people are making a ton of money like just take what they give you. I think also speaking of money and celebrities. All these people making such a to do over Madonna flying coach on a flight who cares. Maybe it was the only seat available. She didn't want to make a big fuss and I'll sit there no big deal. And then so brute, somebody took a photo of themselves in front of Madonna when she was sleeping. Oh, now that's an asshole move. Yes, that's an invasion of privacy orally, not cool onto some celebrity feuds. Apparently this was so petty, Marc Jacobs, the fashion designer for the last decade wouldn't always close out fashioned week. His fashion show was always the last one, but in this fashion week that just happened reorganised schedule the fashion show to end fashion week, and Mark ticket was not happy with that. So he and his fashion show. We're supposed to start at six pm. The riana fashion show was supposed to start at seven thirty pm. The riana fashion show was in Brooklyn and Marc Jacobs, fashion show was in Manhattan proper, and he did not start his fashion show. Show until seven thirty pm. So any fashion editors or VIP's who's thought they could make it to both at some point had to choose because he started an hour and a half late. Let me ask you a normal person questions. So when Riyan does one in it's in Brooklyn, is that considered like off Broadway where it's not really part of fashion week or his fashion week, kind of just everywhere. Now, fashion week is everywhere. I mean, okay. There are the tents and the tents are where most of the fashion shows are, but the houses have fashion shows anywhere and everywhere. Okay. Yeah. Okay. They just have these tents because it's if you're a smaller brand or you're showing for the first time it's cheaper for you to do it there and easier and to get people there that are already going to be there all that jazz. I just thought that was funny. It's not a bad look for riana to do that now. No. Okay. I'm just asking. I don't know. I don't know if it's like such a big deal that Marc Jacobs has to do the last one every year like she's kind of new in the game, and it's kind of it's kind of like in bad taste or bad form to upstage. Someone that's obviously been in the game for so long and is revered in the industry, I guess. True. True. But she ended up getting more publicity than any other show out there. Look, I didn't see a lick of his fashion show. I saw most of hers, neither speaking of celebrities fielding. This is just so silly and I love it last week, Kim Kardashian posted a few photos of her from this new fashion campaign for some product. She's trying to sell. I forget fucking fragrance or makeup or some crap the k- and it was her wearing flowers making. And then three days after that Paris Hilton posted an image of her wearing flowers. And made sure in the caption to say something along the line. Let me read you the caption verbatim. She said, love these photos. I shot last year. I have to say I did it. I bet. But you know all of those photos. I mean, you could say that that movie American Beauty. They did something very similar before that to everybody's always ripping off everybody, but I love her. I mean, wasn't beyond say's covered, didn't she have a floral thing on her head or something to that effect? I mean, couldn't you say it started with beyond, say a few months ago that she brought the flowers back in vogue? I mean, you can always point back to something else in history if somebody else that's done it before. Right? I mean, but it is, but you're right. It is Patty Paris and I love it. That's what she should do. She should just troch him Kardashian for the rest of her life, and I would follow that. I would think that's funny. I'm on team Paris, I think because she's, oh, gee. To me, I'm on team. Neither of them. You just one team and your team and different. Serena Williams continues to deny that she received any at the US open top one. And she gave a new interview where she said he said he made a motion. I don't understand what he was talking about. We've never had hand signals. I just don't understand, said Serena in an interview. So that's just a little update on what we talked about last week. Also. I don't know if we've talked about Melby last week if it was the week before, but her former Manny. Her male mammy says that she had a constant rotation of men in the house strangers with her kids there for sex sessions. She claims really five hours sessions, and I ran into her in the grocery store wants to, I probably could like struck up a conversation and got myself on that list. He literally says, quote, there was like three guys. In a day, and I'm crying on five hours sessions with each one because the guy goes, you know, I talked to the guys and they're like, I can't go anymore. And then another one would come in and another guy. That's just awful. Like, listen, I get it, you have needs or wants or desires, but you're rich enough, get a hotel room or go to their house like, don't do that in that place with kids. There God knows what they're going to see and they did see according to this Manny, they would see shirtless guys and the kitchen or sometimes naked men. And if that is true, that's really shitty parenting an update on that new, bachelor Colton. Underwood. He according to reports is open to losing his virginity on the shows car. Hope it happens Jesus. I don't believe season. I don't believe it. I think they're just saying that so people tune in and they don't think it's going to be done of a season. I'm looking forward to it. I like the guy and I look, I think he's gonna get down with one of these chicks are so hot. They parade like thirty hot chicks out to him and he gets and they all want him already. There's no way as little bone is going to be able to put up with that for a whole season. There's no way no way. Courtney card dash. Ian was spotted out with a twenty year olds model on a date coal. She likes them young here is another thing where somebody called me out for being a hypocrite and I was like, well, I kind of own at your right. I kind of am you know, I said that she's a cougar, go cougar? When I talked about it, she's thirty nine, the guy's twenty. And then people were like, well, why don't you feel the same way about Dane cook and his girlfriend? Dane cook is forty six and he's dating nineteen year old. That just feels like twenty-five years versus nineteen years. It feels like a difference to me. I think it's just something to society does Geise creeps and you when you see a guy with that's really old with a really young girl, you think he's kind of creep. But when a girl does it to a young guy, there's not the same connotation. You just think the guy's lucky, you know, you're like, oh, he's the bag. The older Kardashian sister, great coal know. I don't know. You don't really think anything bad of it. I don't think badly either one of them, but I see what you're saying. I mean, I don't know if it's hypocritical or rather like your explanation of it. We're, we're just protecting young women. Yeah, you're protecting young women. That's what we're doing. 'cause guys, listen guys are freaking creepy. I mean, Jesus, have we not establish that this decade guys creepy. We always have been by the way. Now everybody just wants to talk about in more TV news Brody Jenner has officially signed on to star in the hills reboot. So I'm even more excited for that. Now. Also, Roseanne has revealed that her character dies of an opioid overdose on the Connors, the spin off to rose on. That's how the show ended last season two because she was sneaking Dan's pills. How did she even find out like coup told there who why. I would I would. I totally would reveal that secret of ours her because she's butthurt. But why would anybody tell her. That happened in more TV related news, former sitcoms star kearse. The alley says in a new interview that John Travolta cannot be gay because they were in love with each other. Are they both Scientologists? They are. And also, I mean a low there were there's been many gay men that have married women fathered children with women, and we're still gay a this though. You know, whenever I read stories about other countries and what's going on over there makes me so happy. I live in America. Do a leap was performing in Shanghai. China and a couple of concert goers from her show were kicked out for waving rainbow flags. That's so lame, so lame. I mean, still in so many places in the world, it's criminal to be gay. Jesus. Also, speaking of China fan Bing Bing, she's one of the biggest female actresses in China, and she started x. men previously has gone missing and many things. She's. -ducted by the Chinese government or something over tax evasion? I think she's hanging out with Jesse camp. That's crazy. She's in his living room wherever that is also speaking of crazy news. Did you know that in South Korea, k pop stars are basically forbidden from dating, and if they do that, the dates secretly really, you could get fired from your job in a boy band or girl group if you're publicly dating. Yeah. But why would you wanna be in a boy band or girl band if you couldn't date somebody. I mean, that's the whole idea of getting in a band. I was reading that these two stars might get fired recently because they were outed as being in a relationship totally sucks. I'm trying to think of me as fourteen years old and some manager comes up to me. I'm good looking and stuff and they say, hey, we want to put you into this boy band and I'll be like, I don't know. I don't wanna play the shitty music, but if you sit there and go, well, I can have some sex with fans. Okay. I would probably reconsider. But if you're taking that out of the element and you just have to play that shitty music all the time, what's the point of being one of those groups. Some health news. Matthew Perry reveals that he spent three months in a hospital bed after having a gastro, intestinal perforation Gs a hole in his stomach. Basically, that's just what three months in a hospital, but that's wild. But, hey, he's alive and I don't even want to speculate on what may have caused that. But all it matters runs. I don't want to speculate, jeez, he's had so many problems with drugs that he has talked about on the record. Numerous times when you take these hard core drugs, these pills, especially eat right through your stomach lining. So I don't think I'm talking out of school if I'm guessing that's what it might be looking, maybe eight attack I have, no. But if I had to guess, I would say probably it has something to do with it, but I don't know, obviously. Yeah, crazy, crazy, crazy. And finally could. And this and things on a positive or wax thing. Okay. Christy Teagan much like Arianna grandee. We, we, we, this pronouncing thing Kristie tcans last name, the correct pronunciation of Chrissy teigen's last name is Tiga n- Chrissy Tuygan. All right. Yeah, it's just one of those things where Teagan sounds cooler riana sounds cooler than reanimate. I know, but reanalyze how you the proper pronunciation Rina's real name is Robyn. So that's a made up name so we can pronounce it anyway. I think a her middle name fan teaser, middle offense. Her last name. Oh, I see. I thought Riano was completely made. Oh, that's her middle name. Oh, I thought Fendi was her middle name. So Fendt he's our last night guess. Okay. So is that this respectful of us if we don't call her by the way she calls herself or how she wants to be called no disrespectful because I think it's more of a dialect thing, like some people Theresa. Some people say in America, we say, Teresa, some people say, Teresa, they pronounce it. Differently in different places. I think it's just more of a dialect. Let me tell you though. The one thing that would always great. My I would correct people like, you know, my birth name is m. a. r. i. o. Mario and span audio Montiel in Spanish. But if somebody ever called me Mary. Oh, no, it is not Mary. Oh, really? Oh yeah. That's a very northeast thing. Mareo northeasterners very New York. Yes. Mary. Mareo what's up? Mario, I can tolerate Mario, we get under his skin. People. It just sounds so bad to my ear mareo. Oh, God, I hate trauma from my child. No, no, no. All right. Let's take some calls here. We go. Hi, hi Boca. This is TR from Boston. My question is more of a theory and I wanted your opinion on it. I know that it was breaking news about Justin Bieber marrying Haley, but and then she went and sent down to tweet thing that it wasn't true even though it looked like what it did, but then the following day was actually released. That just been beaver, became a US citizen. So my theory is, is that he did marry Haley in order from to get his citizenship faster because that's what a lot of people do here in Boston, and then maybe they are indeed buried and they did that in order to get them ship. Well, that's my thought. I just wanted to know what your opinion is on it. All right, thanks. Love the podcast. She got it. We gave the by the way you don't become an American city. Zain. As soon as you marry an American citizen, he's still has to go through the process. It's going to be probably what two to three years. I think it takes before you can become an official citizen and you still have to do things. It's the first step. It's a lot easier obviously, but he didn't wake up an American citizen two days ago or whenever he got married, he's not one yet another call, hey, what's up Booker prize from office in jersey. I wanted to talk to you guys about Cardi b. n. Nikki with. And if you still thought indicate the one that came out winner in a situation, if you follow hip hop at all in the last couple of years, you'll know that NICKY has been kinda talking shit about and rapper since the jump. I'm gonna I birth month there with ten down little Tim show in after a bunch of people. 'cause Cardi b. Burma. Well, let's suppose on, but I wanted to see if you guys don't felt like she came out the winner after come out all the things that she was doing five. It sounds like she's skating. I mean, I'll podcast still thinks it came out the one. In that situation? I still, I think that as well, that's not how you behave now. Has she been a winner all of the time in the past? No, she's really done some terrible things and behaved badly. But what if. Tom permitting lake, Pennsylvania, relatively new listener. Oh, wow. The grand comment podcast and listening to for about a year and a half. Now my only comment would be we we got let comment than on Kardashian Jenner news. He gets old. This would be so much better because you very little about them and maybe a little bit more about them country music artists, like hearing underwent my favorite. I thanks love the podcast. Talk to you later. Bye. Bye. Talked about. Carrie Underwood in my daily video today, but you know, I don't. I don't talk about everything that I talk on my daily videos and the podcasts because something's just sets quick newsy things. And also it was a bummer. I was talking about how Carrie Underwood revealed that she suffered three miscarriages of the last two years. So it's just really made me. You know, it just reminded me of truly just how much miracle every single baby is. Some people are really lucky and get pregnant really easily, but then for many others, it's very hard. And so many women don't talk about it for variety of reasons. But yeah, I love Carrie Underwood. I love her new album. It's so good. I haven't heard it. It's so good. She co wrote a lot of it. She worked at the new with new people on it. It's I think our best album ever. It's very, it's very pop, mainstream crossover, which I love. What about this song. Dolly Parton song. What about the best of my love. That is all. Fame. Well, there you go. Everybody take it easy. All right. Let me just take a moment to thank Jill Crosby this Perez Hilton. Jill Crosby. If amazing, I also want to thank Roxie girl. Roxie girl is a superstar. I'm Perez Hilton. I know a lot about superstars a huge. Thank you also to Blanca or blankita. Mt l. Balanga they get a Mutuel beast, sue bullshit. I didn't even know from Montreal galanga from Montreal. I think I'm teahouse dancer, Montreal Blanca. I love you or Blanca, Jennifer, Jennifer US PS loves dogs. I love dogs too, but I love Jennifer more than I love dogs. Shea nut Levitan has impeccable taste. I love Shane. Levitan I emperor as Hilton Caroline send though. Is a phenomenal human being. I love Caroline sendo. What do you think she's going to do with that? I don't know. I just said I would liked to follow through bitch, but why don't you just be like, hey, Caroline, I got your message. I don't know if daily cool of you. Thank you so much wanna play to their friends. No. So they that's how you want to be known to their friends, screaming, like a crazy person. I'm excited. Okay. Well, all right. She's like society, excitement, not feigned. I'm excited. Okay. Not everybody could be a Debbie Downer like you not a Downer. I am not a Downer at all. You don't get as I am Latino. I'm easily excitable. Holly k is okay. In my vote. These are so bad. Sorry, Holly we're happy. You're listening and sorry, you had to sit through that co Rena Hagans Carina Higgins twenty twenty Carina Hagans not be a great president. I'm Perez Hilton. I endorse this message MRs bison or be sown with two s.'s. How do you pronounce it s s bison would be one us. I believe MRs Beason Bisson Bisson jasmine one six zero three. A whole new. Let me ask you on a fantastic voyage of podcast, love and appreciation. Thank you. Jasmine and finally is made lovely as Mer, so lovely. I would eat her. Please? No one ever leave another comment. Okay. Let's say that I got to give her a clean one as maral. Thank you for listening as morale. Thanks. Listening as that keeps it tight. As is always right. Everybody needs to listen to her. Thank you. If any more of you wanna give us positive reviews on itunes, I'll wait one more show. Okay. And then I'll and then I'll wrap it up if you to give a positive review on. I tunes tweet me and Booker that you have. We whatever name you want me to shout out when at the end of next week's podcast, I will shut you guys out and then move on from this, but I'm trying to get as many positive reviews and I'm so thankful that ten of you did. So thank you. And until next week, my friends take care. Trump and cavenaugh. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute at the White House. President Trump was asked about his supreme court nominee bread Calva. Now facing an accusation of sexual assault. I feel so badly for him that he's going through this to be honest with you. I feel so badly for this is not a man that deserves this. This should have been brought to the fore. It should have been brought up long ago. A hearing is set for next week with Cavanaugh and the woman who accuses him of sexual assault. When they were in highschool, China says it will increase tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of US goods in retaliation. After President Trump announced, you knew US tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese imports. Our country has been abused and taken advantage of by virtually every country that does business with and which just not letting that happen anymore. Wall Street is taking the latest volley of tariffs in stride stocks are sharply higher leading up to the close. I'm Ed Donahue. Oh.

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