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The one and only half. The team Dj's by play mass that day give familiar humana. Episode of being forgot logged. A lot and today we're going to do something a little different. I wasn't willing inspired to Lou amidst the date. So I decided to A. couple. People and talk without. Roller virus. Global pandemic since growing on the numbers are rising all over the world I want to introduce you to one of my good friends out of Atlanta, Georgia Orissa Journalis- Caribbean journalists, and radio. Personality, we have keys from talk about it he's learned on. A. Relatives. MAKIA independent counsel Iran election. Angolan house in emerging the. Is. The. Fact that. The idea. Is Not a real thing from. That's Why did you guys away on your opinion on what's going on? Donald boats for men my mind. I relations. Stool way. because. Not. I also started business development for. The country even Wells. Stiffly focused on studying economy steady. I guess. GotTa Dis Basically Where we are now, an fan pretty much had the same position that be was in we have a we started for. Jobs agree on a ship. You find. Challenging. China, impolitic. Potential. The talk about the drinking brand drian talk. To students studying abroad, finish studying abroad to. Stop. Trying to start employ. Someone myself who finished. We recognize this even cold that we have not even identified essential services like that. Industries is that are now who is due to? Serve. Not Identify Essential Services Industry and what sex is that we can now if people two sanitation Workers we have talked. Colon and the beach. Would impact. Has Wise. Beach. On Colbert and We talk talk, but it's good to courses in that regard. So it's it's a lot of confusion for me even in industry. Business. Training, initiative. Home tree during tiny tourism. List that'd Tourism is always feel us and our assist you in a king said. At that time. Domestic pardon me. Wrong. Meaning towards. Toksvig. Experienced government. Spent millions of dollars on plants would be no fallen through is never use history. Find. Aliens of dollars. Have Never. Implemented never became pointless in parliament until to see the myself as nine I think. Or could no position myself leadership be changed that our country? NEED TO HAVE A. International. Is. Nine Times Impala. Foreign markets top. Foreign Mafias got good market creating. Music and the digital platforms and different industries the top two. degrees. So. Unfortunate. Smoke said. You're looking at it more from the perspective that the industry is failed us and not necessarily that the decisions are irrational now. Kings. have. Made a statement on on your social platforms talking about your position in regards to the lockdown a little bit about that. Few. For like Five months. Is. Being a few you might call. Expensive nodded this honest box minimum off. What's next this? Next On US Open Cases on widespread. REDUCTION IN CASES Against I'm I'm a week or two after. Influx again. In case it was. Over A LOT OF PEOPLE Menaced by. Our Prime Minister Mrs For Up to the? Police. Out We. But I also feel maybe maybe we make suggestions to ram starts complaining all the time I glass. Food. Minister Feeling. Comments Factually thinking. Of. I was thinking. John. Cases. They're progressing. Ashraf. Is All. Nonsense and I See. This point iep Lockdown. People are hurting. LISTENED TO BLASE MOUSE, small business, and of course. The babysitting. Industry. GABBA sputters. Thanks. World's. Almond Great. Expel. With. Questions watching. Got Most of the. People in. Maybe. People say. Over The those. Storm. We hear you re understand and we will converse about that mercer tell us about your experience with the Democrat in Atlanta as well as the feedback. From people throughout the Caribbean. Find but can I ask you? To. I, I. Guess Corinne Corinne. has thrown our hat Gerona. Okay Anyone. Last, say very interesting question. Someone said that. Spencer quickly. Work within the first? Hour. and. Picks up. With virus like we still have. The Bible one person's. Okay That's So. So So. Kids. enjoyed. The US this rise in. we did push the. Economy. John. And all these issues that has. A. Piece. From. Trinidad. We were. Well. But recently cases have been right. Hand. Fairy. Tale country. Club. Is from not. Happen because they wanted to suit offensive school to prepare. Them. Snow. And then the cases of his deputies Extent. that. Anywhere rare just the opposite. The reason why I? Just out there cryonics. Courage. As because I recognize that people who have not had any. Ten side Hustle. Because who knows somebody? For this. Brands that you can't spend money. Good. Is. The worst. I know why? People have connects sports. Good. that. Is One of experience. I've seen. In. Rounds not being able to breathe. Brand. Is. placed. Because West. Profit. But. You can't do. And if we all. Help and get into. and. All the things that we're talking about. Bills into making money all this kind of things but because we not. Moving forward, and there's all. This virus. Because Caribbean I. Mean and the US. And Caribbean. I think. Start. Because I'm afraid. Of that? Locally cases are as we speak. The case the new cases are six, hundred, six, million, seventy, nine, thousand, seven, hundred, thirty, two new cases new. Cases. and. Recent stats. From. Recording time. Which is August fourth, two, thousand and when. The people that keep saying like this thing. Like back. Because at the end of the day. Before. So what else? Talk. I know kiss people that have been exposed fifteen people that have. Have had corona virus ten people that have died from it. While they're not in the Bahamas. They've had. My slip one of my siblings being one of them's and I. cried. Wiser gravy. When I found out that she had grown up. So what would it take for you guys to understand the magnitude of what's going on and to understand that this is not necessarily. The same corona virus and they said it numerous amounts of time on the. Via. The CDC in the World Health Organization this is not the coronas that we knew This is something that is different. Whether it's made or mutated or whatever the case may be. This is not the Peronist shrine that we know. So we're not fighting the same corona while there are resources there are resources that would help us manage corona virus in its natural form. This is a different form. So we're dealing with the whole process. Additionally, the lab thousand not to the lockdown. Stopped the the virus it's now the lock thousand only created so that we can get the tracing and the people that are infected will not. Close to other people that can potentially has fired. So the reduces spread not to stop it is the flat curve because once you flat in the curve, you can say you'll have control of the situation right now. Are I see you is? Overpopulated and. Nurses and doctors have decided that they're not gonNA they're not gonNA take anymore because lie. There are no protocols there no protocols in place to deal with the insurgents of people that are coming in. So safety public safety now becomes the has moore issue. The other part of it is if we don't lockdown is get a handle on it we're currently up. Two point something percent of our population approximations only three hundred eighty, thousand people we have seven, hundred, fifteen cases as. Four PM on August floor as two point. That's two point zero one percent of our population now have. The Corona virus. And while we have seven Allison's in the virus may be spread out across still have two percent of our population. So every every person that is exposed I mean ten people every person that has the virus that means ten additional people have been exposed, and as as as Marissa's stated, Know One person came in from villa swallow and Trinidad, and ended up exposing two hundred people to the virus there. whereas. Most women. Okay. So they were exposed to it. So that just goes to show you what? They say one bad one bad apple spoil the whole barrack. We have to be cautious. We have to say we have to take precaution A. When you start hearing the bills have been paid for months we have been able to do. We haven't been able to work keep in mind forty almost forty percent of the US population is out of jobs and travel. Right now is a luxury people in travelling, and even if they are traveling is not enough to sustain economy and or the Konami of the entire Caribbean and people are being selective with where they're going so now. We. Now. By our numbers rising we now play guest in jeopardy because they're traveling on the assumption. That we have everything on the control and you know American people we love. Don't we. We assume. Common Call. But I forgot. To that, really quickly and. I would love to head a guy but. Like one of the things that I see. As an office united area of the world and especially Western world is moving on one of bought right because. They're these different. They're. Not where mass mass like all these different arguments and the end of the deal we just prolong suffering and my opinion because we do move on. All acknowledged. Regardless. It is real and it is killing people. And ways to solve it as as we know right now is still a guessing game, but as we know right now. Is a way to solve this. And wearing a mask. And why not bus just. Telling US right now. So we got. glossop point where we could actually make money. Because at the end, the point like all of us situation. Eddie. Right So. They have to be some level of forgiveness. I mean this. Anti Economic System Anyway. But. Several. Forgiveness, but we keep along in it by fighting each other. To. Keep. Sarah arguments that caused confusion and we don't have a clear Eric. MONTROSS would love to hear from the case. What's your take? My Mind, Cobra is Israel. I'm seeing it all over on the BBC. Personal. Maybe. Lot with with. Issues that we? Could be wrong but that's all I. Feel like it's a Lotta. A Lotta. SIP SIP Lombok ban with things. Were it was it was fun. y'All. Testing shrub join us on. You. Listen. So. There's nothing else. Onto the. When it comes to when it comes to forty five anything that he's I take everything that he says with a grain of salt. Reliable salesman account sue. Disseminating information. By his vocabulary when describing incidents. This. Is a level of. Because this pool of thing has been criticized yes, it has. And then. Sunday convenient. To, sit down and talk to someone who has experienced this. Because that's. Because there's so much. Everywhere. But if Saddam one. I think. Yes thought process. What I want what? I want to ask you guys. Early. On numerous. With going. Ask. How. Do you feel Border Clinton? was around. All. That news source. Craft comprehensive sets up. It seems like a real press conference. and. Okay. So let's Play. That getting. Some. Saying. There's no proof. Still. Talk. About recovering from. By one of these. People. History, which is a Michael. Savage. I guess. What you said about? Stories Media. Portrayals Being that most. People to. Tell the truth charm actually. Almost is witness missed one other. clammed us she will show. The Hijra. Being cured from. Again. I don't see the cured from Cova because the problem is the problem isn't necessarily that we needed cure per se but we need to be able to manage the process and because he's going to be sick, we have we we do not have a high mortality rate in the Bahamas. Thank goodness. We haven't had a high salary rate I think. I think when the metality race increase when people are going to take it serious for the most part Wednesday named people get sick or. Get Sick we go into the Bush and we debt medison the reason why are African American, friends are having such a bad time. Is that when they get sick they go to the pharmacy or they go they are most of them live in food deserts where they can't get fresh foods like we have. Can they don't know that they don't know the things like you know, the Ginger Lemon, and all these things that help you build your immunity and quite often these diseases. Cured is I think that's I think I think that's worthy. Trigger word is because is not necessarily a tour. Is a management. So you're not sure I mean once you once you practice your cure because you're you're. Right. Right. And I know that from a few. Interactive refused. Had says. He's. Still have some sleep. Still have issues but green. Have multiple issues that they didn't even recognize was. Until. I see. You know. We talked about this. Stop the manual. Or whatever and my question. I think he was saying. What what is a cure look like? He's Just having fever like. Normally. Because of. Their life, they won't be able to. Think, and this is this is this is what I knew. This was real and faces the man the same to handle the body scarface is one of the. Thriller Gangster Rappers that I've known in my entire life scarface was sitting on the bed and he I mean, he looked like he looked. Kind of patient he looked like this big Brawley. Game was on his knees aid said that. Spills as a result of. It wasn't cold itself. Now it was everything else. That was everything that affected his. ACTA. So we're not we're not only dealing. We're coldrey because once Kovin happens is deal with all of the other things that all other airlines that you might have like like. You don't even know these things are happening inside your body. Until this happened. So it's a little bit more. A little bit more than cold this, and we have to be mindful of that which is the reason why I'm very very, very careful with this whole thing because you know. I spent the better part of thirty. Brain. Tumor. Inside I wasn't able to go outside I wasn't able to go outside in a daytime like. Heidi. For the majority of my thirties and. Kobe, I'm afraid because God. I get. Any I. Don't know how it was. GonNa React to my body you have to be. We have to not be selfish we have to be, responsible. Yes, we understand that we need to you need to make money right so What does the Prophet today game the world and to lose the soul or lose his lights? Like. I'm having come down. I would just say. Windows. Habits. And thanks because there's so much misinformation. Around the facts comes from talking to post. People South Africa. Fears. And that just focused. On. Economies to. I would challenge. Leaders like yourself. The story. Aren't understood. In Israel think. Celebi. took. His. Twenty twenty five user realized that we have we have sat inside for seasons right. In summer. Someone said to me at least we got Junkin I said Junkin new. Baby. Last. One. We the. We rock. Because even if we even if we get healthy by even if we took the Windsor Dab. A waiting period to make sure. Right. I don't want people to rush out there and the soon as the doors opened. Time the party we have I mean, even the music industry. The music industry and the film industry nobody is working favorite artists broke right now. All right. y'All. Favorite artist. Right now because they live check to check based on. Bookings. Trips and stuff like that act. Industry Pushing. Back because they wanted to get movies in theaters because if they punish rates crane. Money but we really need to look at. Me An understand that these things that complaining about a luxury people are talking about of pets and all these things and I understand that I understand you WANNA be out you want to feel the energy of. Water wireless somebody's somebody's daughter with. No. Asked inside and stay fame. We actually think about the very good, not only for ourselves but for our fellow men. Less. Some ways. Knowing. That I will not be acknowledging my birthday this year. From Year We will revisit this age I will celebrate. Ben For the next two years. I will remain my current age that we will not acknowledge any transition. Because twenty twenty one is my father year. Okay. I gotTa do this yellow because I missed it all. Is called that we get into some music real quick. I want to thank everybody for. Guys coming on and talking about the pandemic. Wanted, to talk about this because I feel like people need to get a graph understanding what's really going on and we need to also. GonNa go into this new Apple Corps. That's. into. Music Channel All play. Trusted. Know How got. To. Believe. Wong. Adapts. A. NEW ALBUM VIT-. Point. Collect. Them that you said you the best number. then. Could me? Off. Things that Up Know this is a little risque, right Album. Preview. The visuals. Ridiculous. Wa- folk your God. via De Money. La. Make sure you visit adapts dot com. Check out all four episodes of vent. Visual documentation. Of Meals. This particular apple kid it an excellent job to. This all right is. A few lights I say fuck right. I mean he's saying. FUNK A. Subic fear. She knows. She. She won't. She says, she thinks she brings me. You. mind. A. Q. Q.. Does he feel like he? On our Taylor. She rushes. Get keep down. But my muscle. Dot. com. Beach. Install Talking. To him. Off The road. If I'm. Old. Can Fuck. The. Budget. Album. Need replacement. because. snobby. leaving. SWING WHO Decide. wannacry. Japan. Assure. Seve. Young. Voice. She don't want me. To stay. Pants fees and a face maybe. That accused at a safe. Overseas on always she. Breeze by way. you. See. League. US more drag. Mature. Norte? Via. Just. You know. For. Violin too slow. For. Me Nor need not find. Treats, you're the. Kitchen on out there cannot. Be. From twitter. Feed. Joe. Food. Do it you. Go. Full despite. Spread you'll. Enough. Is. Enough. Someone. In. Iraqi Tomo. Chaffee. Take. Forgot these. Enough of, fluid. Fluid. ME. Speaking of. Chips. Why Kill Kim nor do. It. Began some threes. And the. Confrontation. Curry's Shen. Just. mccomb destination. Entity in the North American. I told you his album preview. dixie depth. Is called vent. Released July twenty. Twenty. Make. Sure. You check out decks the depths gap com that's the X. T A D A. He S DOT Com. To watch the entire. Visualization of our them they did an excellent job. I was very impressed with the cinematography the story line, it reminds me of Oh God streets is watching new by Jay Z. when he did that back in I I WANNA say what? What was that? Like? Ninety Ninety, six, ninety, seven. It gave me that Bob so you guys check it out. And of course, you know this law right can. Breaking News Fix Depp's then is apple. Co Cap that. Can live from the to Boardman information on Staff. Do not. Talk. King. owner. Just. Stuff to them. To, will. were. UTAH. Expect. Dot. Uneven. Bill call me. Afghan. Mideast. seriously. Hey. GimMe People see please. Up wanting in Phoenicia. PS. Mirror defeat. The. Get to keep. Your knees. Up. All. Young. Want to. Nip Up. Case was. See. Let me make me. Wow. Tennis. In. Your Car Dot. COM check. This. Rhythm driven. Clutch riddle. Protect whom Dr. Anything. Monday make. August Newark Private. Some not she. Your. ME. down. Stop. Designer. But by four nine. Uncommon Done. The past. To bind. Makoto Got Not going up. took. Sex Assault. Big Clean, but they did not commit. Partition next. And Midtown. Blood flag. Off? GLUCK GLUCK? Out. This by-pass. Scream. Posting we output the scheme. Stream wouldn't even need. To. Fear. Not. Good. audio. Dog. Gives. Me Sleep New. Exxon. Loan next month he's. Off You should be changing. What's reading? EVECT shot. Joe. You've freedom for you know. Look on important trump would. Be What number one inside. lefay risk. Your. Rights. Phone. UPS. Be. On I Don Tugging. HOUSTON. Nobody Sea. Island. Line. From. Million Dollars. God teach. ME. One, theme on. Dot Fi get. CLEAN TO MISSTEP NO WE'RE NOT. Sounds. Good. Again We. Will. Might. Allie of. Debbie. Again again Monday. Midnight, did not bad. Get meet you. Know you get. To your you one last. Real. Quick. Coming directly. Keep you. Something North my son. In The middle. Taste. Audio Rats. On. Them and method. Be Giving. Keep. Guys. Soup. Got Some new, music for you. Is Why here's a little bit of. To. Go. We call it southern so and His homegirl team out of. My. Taxes granted as label. Omen. Agency. We've been. League. ME. I'd mount backing. TV Smell. Sexy. Yes. Without Steps up it added more. Snuffed out. All Come stepped. On. By. The. Really, made me. Go. To your. Res. Froze grants. Grants. Grants. Ice My. Great Niece made it two. Feet. In the cloud. Don't WANNA buster. He didn't win the. Neither would rule. Middle. Aged. Instruments, I call it. Perfect. I really made it. No. Thank You. God. Grants he's. From. Froze. Go on remember when he'll come Amel. Pakistan. Off. Originally. She'd be bringing. Ladies. New. It. Baby. Government. Funding. Also. finished. Consume what's been conceded. Just. because. When you get here, you believe. Up Up Up. Mixed The The best must. Out. On. My. Might. GimMe some getting off this. Baby. Friendship. I. All right. He is coffee. For show. Another person. Day because we. But You. Believe in. A. Message. God. I mean. That is thirteen. Miranda. Thin. No. Pulled out the Murray gators we do. What's in Newport? Still. Getting. A mass. Paranoia creeping when you brand sex. Minimum. Data. A, walk. Mall. The mall. Going life. Guilty. You gotta get. V I. Love to. On. The Awesome. Saturday night. Judy. Must. Six. Down down you're not getting. Dot. com. Gunman shoots. took. US says. Term. There's already here. Jay Sheppard. A native. Is called MISSIO. ooh. My homegirl law remain mainly. Excitement I see. was. big infamous. Even. Attract using from the cards. By side. And get you. Know. Ninety by. And I just arenas going. If. She'd be misdemeanor. Wrong. I mean. May. You. See Signs Declares Eight Off Fat. I know some. Nine. You got some friends. If he said He. Caught doing. Limit. We. Bet. With. Randy. uh-huh. As. A. Cheese. Either Luzi legs. With. Follow me everywhere on Internet Africa. Hit that underscore.

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