The South American Tour, by Annie S. Peck, Part 1


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A COFFEE DOT COM with no subscription required. You'll find links to both of those in the show description. Now. Let's get to the reading. Tonight or relaxing with a book by a remarkable woman and adventurer, explorer, mountaineer and suffragette. The book is the South American tour by any. S, Peck, A. Author of a search for the apex of America. Illustrated chiefly from photographs by the author. Published by the George H Doran Company. Nineteen thirteen. Let's begin. To. Introduction! I congratulate Miss. Any S pack the publisher of this book. And those who consult or read it. Upon the preparation of a work of this character. Interest in Latin America is now so rapidly growing throughout all the world. And especially in the United States that are descriptive guidebook of this kind regarding the region's commonly visited by tourists. Become an actual need. Such a work by Mrs Pack is a practical and timely contribution to the literature of the day. There are few persons better qualified to write a book of this character. The remarkable explorations which ms pack has undertaken in the most difficult sections of Latin America and the traveling. She has done in all parts of it not only have provided her with a fast fund of useful information about the countries of South America, but give Special Authority to what she writes. Her book contains in Compact form an amount of definite information, concerning the country's considered, which should place it in the forefront of works of this character. While of course it is impossible for the Panamerican, Union as an official organization and myself as its official head to endorse in any way, a particular book, or accept responsibility for the statements and views it contains. It gives me real pleasure from a personal standpoint to express the hope that this work of Ms Pack will have a wide circulation. And prove decided help in promoting travel to and through the Latin American countries. The Panamerican Union. Which is readers of this book? Probably know is the office of all the American republics. The United States and it's twenty sister Latin American countries. Organized and maintained by them for the purpose of developing commerce, frienship, better acquaintance and peace among them all. Is doing everything possible and legitimate to persuade the traveling public of the United States and Europe to visit the Latin American countries and become familiar with their progress and development. There is no influence in the world that helps more to advance friendship, comedy and commerce among countries then travel back in the fourth of their representative men and women. Nearly every person who visits Latin America under the advice of the Panamerican Union, upon his or her return, writes a letter, expressing appreciation that this opportunity has been afforded of seeing these wonderful countries up the south. In conclusion I would observe that if those who may become interested in Latin America through reading MISSE PECs book, desire further information about any or all of these republics. The Panamerican Union will always be glad to provide them with such data as it may have for distribution. John Barrett. Director General of the Panamerican Union. Washington D. C. USA. October twenty! First, nineteen, thirteen. For everyone. To all Americans both of the northland and of the south, this book with due modesty is described in the hope that by inciting to travel and acquaintance it may promote commercial intercourse with the resulting ties of mutual benefit and respect. In the hope to that the slender cord now feebly, entwining the various republics may soon draw them all into more intimate relations of friendship. At last into a harmonious sisterhood, in which neither age nor size shall confer superior rights. But, mutual confidence based upon the foundations of Justice shall ensure perpetual peace. The opportunity is here improved to express my grateful acknowledgement of kindly assistance and detentions of diverse character received throughout my travels from many of my own countrymen. From Englishman in. Interested and ready to aid. And, from the ever courteous and helpful Latin Americans. As a complete list of these would be too long. I permit myself the mention of those. Who are entitled to a special recognition. Are Minister to Bolivia nineteen ten to nineteen thirteen. The honorable Horace Jean Knowles. And the governments of Bolivia Chile and Argentina. Without whose prompt and substantial aid this work would have been impossible. That its usefulness may be such as to convey to them affected. Return is my earnest aspiration. The indulgence of critics and tourists is sought for errors few I trust. And deficiencies which may be discover. The send other faults will have crept in on account of a preparation somewhat hurried that the book might earlier be of service. And from the impossibility of securing on some points, exact and adequate information, in spite of diligent investigation and careful scrutiny of facts and figures. Many items of interest and importance have been omitted. Less the book should be too long. The selection of material, it is hoped while be suitable to the general reader, though doubtless everyone will find topics presented to which he is indifferent and others neglected, which appeared to him of greater consequence. Any just criticism or suggestion presented to the author will be gratefully received and considered. With a view to incorporating it in a subsequent edition. The South American tour. Forward. The? South American tour. Komo no. Why not as many spanish-american say when they wished to give hearty ascent. have. You been around the world. Do you travel for pleasure or business? Whatever your object! Whether your purse is full or you wish to fill it. The southern half of our hemisphere is land which should not be ignored. What is there to see? May The journey taken income for? These things shall be revealed in detail after a few general facts have been presented. Is the enjoyment of scenery, the chief aim of your travel. With ease, you may be hold some of the finest in the world. Much more if you care to take a little trouble. Snow Clad Mountains Galore rising twenty thousand feet tour thing. The Alps into in -NIFICANT S-! Giants to be admired, not only from afar as tourists in India gaze upon the Himalayas, but from nearer points even from their ferry foot. Smoking volcanoes cliffs more lofty than those of the Yosemite. Wonderful Lake scenery, including the highest sheet of water, twelve, thousand five hundred feet where steamboats ply. Strange! He had fascinating desert's. Wondrous waterfalls one of these surpassing Niagara in height, volume and beauty. Magnificent, tropical vegetation and forests. The highest railroads. The most picturesque and beautiful harbour of the world. All of these with the exception of the great cataract are easily accessible and form a combination of scenic attractions unsurpassed in any portion of the globe. Destroy People and cities interest you more. You may wander in towns, old and quaint. Containing buildings of centuries past, and in cities quite up to date growing with the repetitive of our own. In a few places Indians peculiar garb may be seen by the side of Paris gowns and English masculine attire. In. An Indian with sandals. Hood and Pancho was tracked as much attention as on Broadway. Several cities have boulevards, parks and opera houses finer than any of which North America can boast. Do you care for ruins antiquities? These also abound. All, cities of the dead are there. and others were the new civilization rises above or by the side of the old. Temples palaces fortifications. ANCIENT STATUES Mummies and pottery. Maybe cursorily admired or profoundly studied, and search may still be made for undiscovered monuments of a prehistoric past. These countries rapidly advancing with astonishing mineral and agricultural resources awaiting development. With railroads to beat laid with fast growing markets for almost every kind of merchandise. Invite the traitor and the capitalist. To investigate hitherto neglected opportunities before it is too late. Well informed as to what there is to see. The possible tourist is certain to inquire if the journey will be comfortable. Perhaps, indeed, they order of the question should be reversed. For few I greatly fear would be tempted to say. Let us go if the tour involved any hardship. Happily. This is not the case. Though the period her, the Mauritania and the Olympic do not yet in that direction. The names of several steamship lines, which served the traveler to Panama or point, OHS aries. Are a guarantee of comfort and of sufficient luxury. The steamers elsewhere are commodious having for the most part state rooms provided with electric fans and satisfying on reasonable requirements. The railroads in the various countries have the usual equipment. The hotels if one does not depart from the ordinary line of travel. Will in general, be found satisfactory. providing. Food good beds, etc.. And in the cities were some little time should be spent meeting. The wants of all. Except the ultrafast idiocy tourist. If we do not sympathize with the cry, see America first. Bearing in mind that America is the whole and not a fraction of the Western continent. At least when we have seen the old world. Instead of ever retracing are steps in familiar ways. Let us seek the strange new world beyond the equator where brief tour will reveal a multitude of scenes, amazing and delightful, even to the experienced traveler. The South American tour. Chapter One. What the tour is! How wind went to go what it costs. The South American tour rapidly becoming fashionable into popular and about to be described. Includes the most interesting and accessible portions of that continent. It's finest scenery its greatest cities. A wonderful variety in the swiftly moving pictures prevents any dullness on the part of the intelligent traveler who has ever captain Lert for the continually fresh experiences of this remarkable journey. My. Tourist Party will be conducted I to Panama. Where soon the sale ocean to ocean through an immense artificial channel while awakened sensations of wonder and pride. The opportunity, then to continue in the same vessel along the west coast of South America in valuable for commerce, and for those on business bent may prove a disadvantage to the pleasure traveler by tempting him to pass with a mere glance, the city of Panama and other spots worthy of observation. On the Pacific side. Peru Bolivia and Chile will be visited by everyone. A few may make the side trip to Ecuador Choir Keel and Kito. In order to return along the East Coast One may complete the circuit up the continent by sailing down through the Straits of Magellan past point, quinto arenas and up on this side. Or with a greater number may cross the Andes by rail, thus to reach the metropolis of South America Buenos Aires. Thence after or if not including an excursion to Paraguay. And to the greatest of American waterfalls, the equal sue. One may sale two months video in Uruguay. From there to brazelle returning from Rio de Janeiro directly to New York, or by way of Europe as preferred. Similarly the trip may be made from Europe by several lines of steamers direct Panama. Or more quickly by way of New York with the return from Rio. Altogether omitted from this itinerary or the countries on the northern shore of South America. Up these Colombia and Venezuela are better included in a west India trip. The key unas by ordinary tourists are neglected. Obviously the journey may be made in either direction as above or in reverse order. But unless the season of the year invites change, the former sequence should by all means be followed. Thus taken the journeys one of ever increasing interest. Until its culmination in the delightful harbor and city of Rio de Janeiro. Not that Peru is inferior to Bolivia and Chile or Buenos Aires to Rio. Let me hasten to add. Each has its own peculiar charm, but one who begins with the West Coast or find the entire journey far more enjoyable and impressive. When one should go depends more upon when one wishes to leave home than upon the conditions prevailing in. South America. Also upon one's individual taste as to temperature. In brief one may safely make the trip whenever it suits convenience. Bearing in mind what so many seemed to forget? At the seasons are reversed in the northern and southern hemispheres. May leave home to escape either heat or cold. Or to avoid March wins as he may elect. In. None of the countries to be visited is the variation between winter and summer so great as in the latitude of New York. North tropical heat anywhere on the journey so intense as that of many days of every summer here. Leaving the United States on a four months tour at any time between the middle of November and the last of August I strongly advise one to visit the West, coast i. During the remaining three months. One Who dislikes hot weather might better begin with Brazil. In December January and February, the Mercury at Rio is mostly in the eighties. In January I found it comfortable enough for summer weather. But I needed the ten degrees lower temperature of an earlier or later season to make my visit absolutely ideal. With the delightful climate during nine months of the year, the city had any time is perfectly healthy. Since the yellow fever formerly had dreaded, skorge was stamped out at Rio during the same period that this was accomplished in Panama. Why knows aries also may be more advantageously visited during the cooler weather, both because the opera and social festivities are then in full swing, and because one is likely to be more energetic for sightseeing of which there is much to be done. In Peru and Bolivia on the usual route of travel. It is never hot enough to be troublesome. She lay in the central and most visited portion is a trifle less agreeable during the southern summer than in spring or fall, especially on account of the dust. But. This matters little for a brief stay. Four months should be allowed for the trip. A couple who made it in three, oh delighted with their journey, mourned over the unavoidable emissions and were planning to go again. Six months is not too much. A whole year could profitably employed. But in four months or a trifle more? One may visit the most important places and gain a fair idea of the various countries. The personally conducted parties for three months only are well worthwhile. The expense of the trip will naturally vary according to the time and extent of the journey. And the economy or extravagance of the tourist? A round trip ticket from New York to New, York. Good either by the Straits or across the Andes may be purchased for four hundred seventy five dollars. Or including a return by way of Europe for five hundred five dollars. Additional expenses may be from five hundred or less to one thousand or more, according to the person, the time and the number of side trips taken. By several tourist agencies, personally conducted parties are semi annually dispatched to South America. At a cost varying from one, thousand, three, hundred seventy five dollars for a tour of ninety eight or ninety nine days to two thousand, two hundred fifty dollars for one hundred forty six days. Also the Hamburg American line has sent a ship around Valparaiso by way of the Straits. Tickets, four hundred seventy five dollars to three thousand dollars. Optional extra short trips, three hundred dollars or more. On the completion of the canal they will probably have ship making the entire circuit. Persons who prefer to be relieved of care or who do not speak, Spanish. The language current at all points of the journey save Brazil. And they're understood by educated people. We'll do well to join a party even if their time is limited. Those, who can devote a longer period to the trip? And who liked to do their own planning? May seem more by themselves either greater or less expens-? One Who speaks only English. By keeping to the mainland travel and a patronizing, the leading hotels should have no serious difficulty. Though it is of course an advantage, but only gained by one who is familiar with Latin or French to have some acquaintance with Spanish an easy and beautiful language. Up Bear smattering picked up from a phrasebook on. The foliage is better than nothing while a conversation, knowledge greatly enhances the pleasure and Prophet of the journey. In regard to baggage, the less taken the better. Both on account of the expense, and because of the care entails. Yet it is well to have a fair supply of close since evening. Dress is everywhere more strictly on rag. Then in most parts of the United States to the steamships are not all rigid as to the precise amount of baggage, though the allowance on different lines varies from one, hundred, fifty, two four hundred pounds. The railroads are strict and the baggage is expensive. Only one hundred pounds are allowed. Going up to Bolivia by the southern railway of Peru. A heavy box or to make cost as much as the ticket. Many tourists take only hand baggage to COSCO and Lapaz, leaving on board the steamer. They're heavy pieces to be reclaimed later at Valparaiso. On all roads, the hand baggage go spray. Hence Suitcases, etc are much in evidence. One niece supply of both light and heavyweight clothing, the proportion of age depending upon the season of the year. Always by way of the isthmus, there are eight or ten days of summer weather on route and several weeks during the. East Coast Journey. Along the seaboard, Peru and Chile. Woolen or heavy underwear may be desirable for many as on the Highlands of Peru and. Also in Chile and Argentina during the winter season, when a temperature in the forties and fifties will be experienced. Some hotels have no fires, and the nights and mornings are chill. On the mountain railways as during a portion of the sea, voyage wraps, and rugs are needed in addition to moderately heavy clothing. Furs though unnecessary may be found agreeable during the months of winter June to September. Money may be carried in letters of credit on W. R. Grace. Or other bankers. or by American Express or traveler's checks. Together with a moderate supply of gold, preferably in English sovereigns the English pound, being precisely the same as the Peruvian is interchangeable with them. In other countries, it is more acceptable and convenient than American gold. Though in the large cities are, there will be readily exchanged. A point to be noted and remembered. Is that most resident Americans and English a few natives and travelers in South America, generally speaking of certain coins, so soule's or pesos has dollars a poor custom which should not be imitated. Prevalent one, must be on guard to avoid mistakes. In. Panama, a clerk or Coachman sang to be cents or one. Dollar means silver. I eat ten fifty cents United States currency. A man in Lima who speaks of twenty dollars, probably mean soule's practically ten dollars. In Bolivia Oblivion is about forty cents. A peso in Chile is twenty two cents more or less. In Argentina forty four. In Uruguay one dollars four cents. In Brazil a mill race is thirty three cents. All of the country's divide their unit decimal A. And if it were not for the foolish custom of english-speaking folk, there would be no confusion. In this book, the words dollars and cents and the sign the dollar. While everywhere signify United States currency. Otherwise the names employed by the respective countries will be used as soule's pesos and Centavo sales. In connection with Brazilian money, the sign of the dollar is put after the number. Thus fifteen meal raise is written fifteen dollars nine, zero, zero zero. Chapter to? The voyage to Panama. In nineteen eighty three before the United States occupation, there was no choice as to means of transport to the Isthmus A. Steamship Company that of the Panama, Canal Road. Dispatch vessel from New York once a week. Now there are four different lines with as many weekly sailings besides one from New Orleans. A more convenient point of departure for many south of Mason and Dixon's line. The four companies all with headquarters in New York won't gladly furnish the latest information in regard to their own sailing and accommodations as on other points in reference to the tour. The lowest fare from New York to Cologne seventy five dollars. Took Panama Seventy eight dollars. Is the same on all lines. Better accommodations being provided for supplementary fee a from fifteen dollars up. It is wisdom to purchase if not a ticket for the round trip. One is far at least as Malindo one hundred ninety one dollars. As, a slight reduction is made on through tickets. Stopovers are allowed at any of the ports of call. And on the East or West. Coasts of South America. The journey may if more convenient be resumed on certain other lines of steamers without extra charge. Save for embarking or disembarking in the small boats. The respective merits of the four steamship lines to Panama are a matter of opinion. On three days. I have enjoyed the voyage. Especially, my last in luxurious suite on the Prince August. Villa helm the Atlas Hamburg. American line. The Old Panama Company claims that its boats are provided with all of the comforts afforded by the others including. With private baths. It has slightly irregular sailings seven among. With several steamers, making the journey in six days, instead of the seven, eight or nine occupied by ships of the other lines. Those who prefer American cooking or the shorter voyage will choose one of the ships. The Royal Mail and the Hamburg American lines are quite similar to each other in service and accommodations. The boats of the former CEO for Cologne on Alternate Saturdays calling on the way at an Tia Cuba Addict Kingston Jamaica. Those of the latter sale every Saturday. Touching at Santiago de Cuba and Kingston. The Royal. Mail steamers are scheduled to arrive at Cologne on Sunday eight days from New York. Connecting with the P. S. N. boats departing on Monday for the south. But through tickets are good by any of the three lines on the other side. And One may delay on the Smith's for a few days or weeks of sightseeing. The hambrouck American steamers arrive at Cologne Monday one week connecting with the PSN steamer, the next with one of the Peruvian and another of the Chilean line sailing the same afternoon. No one, however, who was making a pleasure trip. Should cross the smiths without staying over a few days. The United Fruit company boasts of a great white fleet with four sailings to Colona. Week. To on Wednesday and Saturday from New York. And two on the same day as from New Orleans. These ships they say are the only ones going to Cologne, which were designed and built especially for Tropical Service. Thus having all the latest devices for comfort as well as for safety. Among these are bilge kills and all the watertight compartments. A wireless equipment as a matter of course, the boats of all lines carry. These have also a submarine signal apparatus to give warning of the proximity of another vessel. And as an a special feature lifeboats, which with a patent lever, may be swung off and lowered by a single man. By the system of ventilation, the temperature of the rooms at night may be kept down to fifty five degrees if desired. A Boon to many on the muggy Caribbean. And the electric lights have the rare quality of burning low. All of the boats on the various lines have pianos and music. Most of them cards, checkers, chess and libraries the United Fruit company, supplying the latest magazines. The Saturday steamers of this line from New York call Thursday at Kingston Jamaica. Where they remained until two PM Friday. They are due Cologne at noon on Sunday. The Wednesday, steamers take a day less for the trip. At Kingston, arrive on Monday. They remained from seven am till four PM. The Isthmus is reached at one pm on Wednesday. The opportunity to go by way of new, Orleans may appeal especially in winter to some who have not visited that city, and those who desire to avoid the possibility of two or three cold stormy days on the see before entering the regions of perpetual summer. The steamer sale in five days to Cologne the Saturday boats arriving Thursday am and the Wednesday boats Monday morning. The foliage to Panama indeed all of the six or seven weeks on the C. which are a necessary part of this tour will be likely to prove an agreeable experience, even to those who, as a rule do not enjoy the ocean. While the waters of the Atlantic may at any season be turbulent and tempestuous. The portions of both oceans which are to be reversed. Are for the most part so smooth that unless persons are determined to be seasick whether they have occasion or not, it is probable that they will suffer little or none from this unpleasant malady. Ordinarily this sale to Panama under sunny skies, over unruffled, sees in weather after a day or two warm enough for summer, clothing is a pleasure unalloyed. On the Caribbean might be trifle muggy and sticky. But if favoured with sunshine, the wonderful blue of the waters deeper than that of the Bay of Naples, afford solace. On some of the ships, little dance on deck, if happily under a tropical moon. May Be Inexperience affording delightful memories. After leaving New York, harbor and the enjoying coast. The first land to come within range of vision is that of what links island noted for a lighthouse of great power value. Otherwise unimportant it acquires interest from the fact that on this shore. Columbus is believed to have made his first landing in the Western world. The. Is thus entitled to the more pretentious name San, Salvador. Bestowed by the great explorer upon the land where I teach rod in devout Thanksgiving after many weeks of painful suspense upon the limitless ocean. Fortunate is the traveler who toward sunset enters windward channel, passing before dark, desolate wooded bluffs of the eastern extremity of Cuba Cape Maisy and later having a look at the southeast shores, where rise somber forest covered peaks to an imposing height, the loftiest above eight thousand feet. From Panama or United Fruit company steamer no more. Will you see of Cuba? But on a boat of the Royal Mail you will already have called the den Tia in the eastern section of the island's northern shore, a new and growing seaport, a neat Pay Bay and the North Terminus of the Cuban railway. Extensive docking facilities have been provided large warehouses immense tanks for molasses. A good hotel. And plans are made for building here a great commercial city. By the Hamburg American line. The first call made on the south side of the island. At the more famous inconsiderable city Santiago de Cuba. which founded in fifteen, fourteen is said to be the oldest settlement of size in the western. Hemisphere It has also historic interest. That Hernandez Cortez from this port. November Eighteenth fifteen eighteen set out for the bold conquest of the as tech empire is a fact less widely known than the more recent circumstance. That in this sheltered harbour, the fleet of Admiral Cervera Lay concealed. Until July third eighteen, ninety eight, it sailed forth to its doom. In the narrow porthole, less than six hundred feet, wide rest, the old merrimack. Sunk by Lieutenant Sin and seven others June third eighteen ninety A. On the right of the entrance, Crowning Bluff, two hundred feet high is the old, moreover castle, an ancient fortress of picturesque appearance begun soon after the founding of the city and possessing towers and turrets in genuine medieval style. Six miles farther at the head of the bay on a sloping terrace with steep hills behind is the bright gaze city. Though at the noon tied our. It may seem a trifle sleepy and dog. If time permits a drive on the fine roads will be enjoyed. To the San Juan battlefield, three miles distant. And to L. convey a little further. The fare is one dollar fifty cents for a single person two dollars for several. The longer Dr Tomorrow Castle Fair Three Dollars Fifty cents affords charming views. In the city one proceeds I to the plaza. Where on one side is the Great Cathedral called the largest in Cuba. Containing rare marbles and Mahogany choir stalls. On the other sides are the CASA, Grande Hotel and the Phoenix restaurant. Nearby is the filler Mugniyah Theater where the famous diva other leany potty is said to have made her debut. A few may care to visit the spot where the captain and sailors of the Virginia s were executed as filibusters in eighteen, seventy, three, a slaughter pen name the Harbor Front to the East to Cuba railway station. An inscribed tablet, there commemorates the sad defend. Kingston Jamaica is presented by all of the steamers. Those of the Panama Line. The Wednesday boat of the United Fruit Company having previously touched at Port Antonio on the northeast side of the same island. The port, a busy place, allowing its present prosperity chiefly to our fondness for bananas. Captain Baker of Boston in eighteen sixty eight. Began the trade which the United. Fruit company has developed to immense proportions. The Splendid Hotel to field, which the company has erected affords every facility for a delightful summer outing during our winter season. The older and larger city of Kingston is on the south side of the island. By the excellent and far famed harbor of Port Royal. The town of that name, ancient Rome Devo of Morgan and the Puck, and nears once stood on the. Sandy spit which separates the bay from the ocean. But on a day in sixteen, Ninety two occur to one of those memorable tragedies at which the whole world stands appalled. The Earth was shaken. The city sank beneath the sea. where it is said that some of the buildings may yet be seen when the waves are still. Deep down below the smiling tranquil surface. Kingston then founded on the main shore. Recently suffered on January fourteenth nineteen o seven, as we well remember a similar, thou less complete disaster, being merely shaken down instead of swallowed up. Mike San Francisco. It was promptly rebuilt with better architecture. Quite up to date with electric cars send other modern conveniences. It is an attractive place of scenic and tropical beauty. Excellent to for shopping. Interesting or the markets, the old parish church badly shaken, but still standing. The main streets king and Queen at right angles to each other. The, Jamaica Institute with museum and a library where among other historical Curios may be seen the famous shark papers in Seventeen, ninety, nine, thrown overboard swallowed by a shark, but soon after rescued from his maw. To The discomfiture of the Yankee captain of the Nancy an American privateer. In the suburbs of the city within easy reach is Kings House the fine residence of the governor? General? Worth visiting the electric cars is hope gardens and estate two hundred twenty acres. With a fine collection of indigenous plants and many exotics. The splendid roads over the island. The possibilities for delightful excursions. The most enchantingly ascent of a mountain, seven, thousand, four, hundred twenty three feet. Would, attempt to a longer stay. But we hasten onward to more distant and greater glories. Tourists Living West of the rocky mountains may prefer to sail from San Francisco or Los. To Balboa the port of Panama. At a considerable saving F expense though not have time. Express steamers twice a month. Make the voyage from San, Francisco, in fourteen days with the single call at San. Pedro Los Angeles. Fair eighty five dollars. While three times a month. There are other boats which do not stop at San Pedro but make eleven calls in Mexico and Central America, thus affording opportunity to see some of those ports consuming twenty six days on the trip. Home on these steamers. That Fair is one hundred twenty dollars. All these boats are up the Pacific mail steamship company. By Way of New York the journey from San Francisco to Panama. May with close connection be made in ten or twelve days. European Torres may sale from Southampton by Royal Mail steamer in eighteen days to Cologne. Fair one hundred twenty five dollars. or from share bark seventeen days fair one hundred dollars. Other companies which have steamer sailing from Europe to Cologne are the Hamburg American. Four Times monthly from harbor and Hamburg. THEM LEYLAND SEE Harrison. Three times a month from Liverpool. The CIA Generale Transatlantic. Once a month from Saint Nazaire, and once from Bordeaux. The. Transatlantic. And the CIA lava luce. Each month lie from Barcelona and Genoa. And with that I think we'll end this evening's reading from the south. American tour by any s pack. When next re return to this bug and we will definitely be returning to this book. We're going to get a picture of the Panama Canal contemporary with its actual construction, so that will be interesting. If, you'd like to read ahead and take a look at this work for yourself. As always you'll find out link to a free e Book Version From Project Gutenberg in the show description. The description also includes both ways you can help support this podcast and keep it ad free by becoming a subscriber on Patriae on or offering a one time tip via by coffee DOT COM. I. Hope you'll take the time to check them out. If you'd like to connect or suggest a book, you'd like to hear read. The best place to catch me on our website. WWW dot boring books pot, dot, com, or catch me on twitter at boring books pod. I'm so glad you could join me for this evening's rating. Until our next boring book. Goodnight.

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