Episode 5: Hogs and Holes


Off off off our scene opens onto laborers digging a hole in the ground in the morning sun all around them people scramble about doing their daily business. Farmers tend to the Hogs that give the district its name Merchants buy and sell the meat the feeds the lower half of nail Shard pigs rut installs at the men continue to dig sweating and toiling of yours larger of the two men. Rubs his brown pauses in his thinking I mean, don't get me wrong we needed the sewer line here, but I really didn't think we'd have to take the bloody thing ourselves smaller man continues this labor councils compensating us. I mean just think if we had to wait on the public works, but food's to do it, the thing had never happened off besides we're almost done here. Look small man shovel turns a clump of dirt and uncovers a hole in the earth as the Sun hits the new fissure to gather steam the Sports Package both labor program loading L. That's what stink but dogs. Come on. Let's clear out. The two men get to work cleaning up the whole all the while gagging is a smell worsens as a whole in the sewers clear. One of the men catches sight of something. What the hell is that how long it's something ain't right here reaches into the hole and as quickly grabbed by rotting and screams as he was pulled into the Earth. Hey, welcome back. Everybody. We are The Architects of entropy and we are here on episode five months. Is that right? Five? Wow, five episodes guys, and we're still on the air, but I haven't canceled us yet. We haven't. Yeah, we've been getting all your fan mail bouncers love us. Yes. Yeah largely because we haven't released any yet. Yeah, and hey look, you know at the at so far you don't have to listen to ads about underwear or web services that if you want that I mean, yeah, I mean, yeah, we're more than happy to take their money, but I will make some up. I mean we have yet to listen to a manscaping advertising and at least one of my podcasts has that what the hell Several that I listen to heaven. Let me tell you something just because you can say something all the time doesn't mean you should say so because it's still it's still jarring off. It's showing it's always jarring. We're still here recording remotely and you guys should all be second level now. So seven level and 5th edition really, it doesn't mean that much to most of classes except for the Druid The Druids get to pick their focus at second level. Everybody else for the most part are other classes. You kind of pick your focus at third-level. How does he cuz Druid ship oil change if that's a word probably zika has chosen the focus of the circle of the land with the focus with the specialization of forests to reflect her lifetime growing up to Forest. So, all right, nothing nothing too outlandish. Very very zika zika. Yes. Yes. Okay anything interesting you guys home? Second level for your Ranger cleric that I am better at archery. That's about it. I'll still roll to every time but well, yeah. Yeah, I can Channel Divinity guided strike. So once per long rest, I can make an attack with a plus ten bonus to the wrong. Oh see that's see and that's another thing. There's not a ton of things in D&D 5th edition that gives you like a plus two roles most of the time it's either advantage or disadvantage but it's a thing like sometimes advantage and disadvantage doesn't sometimes just too much and sometimes it's not enough money. I know that that was definitely something that they had kind of changed from previous levels. When there were they wanted to cut down on the amount of Matthew had to do yeah. Yeah, which I do to see Ze. Hey roll two dice take the better one advantage basically means you roll two d20s and you take the better role disadvantages your role 220s and you take the worst role and that's something that been around in one form or another and organizations, but they kind of made it more official in this one. Yeah, we're talking about rural stuff this whole time. That is fun for everyone. All right. Let's refer to page 36 pack 12 8 256 in the phb clearly states that if you're standing with on a west-facing walk all you can't flank around, you know what I say this stuff but we also play Pathfinder, which is the kind of opposite of that and yeah, but we do so, you know wage Sometimes you want fiddly crunchy rules and sometimes you want to kind of fly by the seat of your pants. So yeah, and another thing we're doing is I think you're going to start getting more comfortable with the whole architect action thing. I think we're slowly making it less of a mechanical thing and more adjust of a this is the thing that happens and I'm glad that Rick I'm glad that you did something that could not in a combat situation because you can you can do that. You can also as Architects especially if there's something that if something is close to something that you created yourself like for example in bail males are in this District of the city wage a lot of stuff, you know, Kevin could say is the way it is and I could describe something you could be like, well you suck really aren't like that maybe more like this and I would be like, okay obviously off as a DM. I'm going to take your creations and do stuff with them. But if ever something feels like it's veering really far away from your original vision of that we can talk about it. We might have to sometimes come to get a little bit of em take on that depending on how big a focus it is. But the last thing I want to do is take your creations and make them completely opposite to the way you originally saw them, you know, obviously there's something in the storage lately want them to do we can talk about that as well and all that stuff will happen, you know behind the scenes to right now. We've been doing a lot of day-by-day stuff, but I want to get to a point where we're taking a little bit longer breaks between stuffing and in that time in other parts of the world things will happen because we know based on the world we created there's a whole War that's Brewing, you know with these dragons in the South with or be fine. Yeah Orcs And Dragonborn and and there's kobolds and there's you know, and and we haven't we haven't run into too many goblins yet, but goblins in this world I belong Rick are kind of everywhere. Oh, yeah. Yeah, they're For those of you that are fans of Babylon five and remember the pact marah, they're kind of like that or if you're fans of Star Wars are kind of like jaw was there every where the authors racist almost considered them Vermin which is completely unfair but you know last we left our heroes they were standing in an alley at night just outside of hogs being a lie a small District of the city that has been shuttered by the guard. It's been surrounded by wooden Palisades and guards have been set Centre outside of it know when she comes in no one goes out and you want to get in there because one of his friends went missing after she went there and you're pretty sure that's where she is you are standing right now in a life outside of their getting ready to kind of make your move and you just noticed a hay cart in that alley inside. The Hague card is a body of a gentleman you are just working with just earlier today. But this body is about a week old. So I'll pick it back up with you all standing around that body Huna is crouching at the edge of the alley and she's looking out towards a palisade and she looks back to using and like we don't have time for this. We have to move. I think we've been had one way or another. I mean who knows it's not anything we can do about it now just be weary. I suppose always the yeah, let's go right back. So you're facing this wooden Palisade. It's a wall about fifteen feet high and at the top of it, you know, it's kind of like, you know, they're kind of like steak at the end there like full like wooden Stakes almost and there's a God about every hundred feet or so where you are. Now, you're covered by Darkness you're in a part that is halfway from one end of the district to the other. So you're Parkway between two guard. And then on one side of this as you're looking east and west down the alley on the west side is the main city wall, which is a giant stone wall which goes up about fifty feet and then the other side of that just goes back to the street, but in the front of that street side, there's more guards their Manning the front and there is a door in the front, but I mean pretty hard for you to get around to without anyone seeing If it's a relatively light inside of the street at night and there's a bunch of guards here. There's about fifty feet on either side of you there as a guard but it's pretty dark on that and they haven't seen to notice yet, So I think I think we could probably climb up this we would just have to be very quiet and very fast. If the United Kingdom and over and we can talk some ropes down for the two of you. All right? All right, looks like a plan. Let's try and do that as a reminder out of character E songs, when they you do not have anything in their hands can become quadrupeds with a prime speed. Yes. Yes, that's right. And what is their client declined speed? It is 30,000. Okay, so they can go a little bit faster. So she has she's her whole short Sword and the long bow on her back and she pulls out a rope and throws it around her shoulder and I'll do the same. So what we're gonna do is you two are going to give me a acrobatics or Athletics whichever one is better for you acrobatics. And then also a black belt. acrobatics 18 still 21 22, right? So yeah, you see dikha just comes kind of jumps from the ground just up to the side of the wall get herself of the top of it and gets over to the South like silent just adds up the wall and then she gets up tops. It's just down right in the middle between two of the thank-you spikes points are a little bit down and then drops down a rope Huna off at the same time much like zika. She flies up the side of the wall, even faster Skinner's up to the top as she grabs onto one of the planks of the thing. You see that it's almost split and as she hits the top part of the wall of the scraps, it doesn't fall apart or anything but it makes a loud crack going down halfway into the wall. And then you see the either side of the issue. What was that and then some guards are looking around and looking up and what's y'all do when they always had for Less ate it was the fact it was the wall. It was crap get a human construction those of you down at the bottom. What are you doing? Are the guards looking up right now? They're looking all around they start lurching very slowly forward. They're given little signals to each other and looking up. She'll give me another style. Throw the both of you on top of eggs. Okay, you can do much better. They come forward you guys got down you're holding on the other side of the wall. I'm going to I'm going to actually drop down to the other side of the home. Okay, you get down to the other side who knows fill up there, but the guards look around they come forward you to in the alleyway, you're kind of in the darkness and everything, but if you guys can get me spell trolls Advantage, okay? Okay 23. Okay. All right, So the guards kind of look around they look up the kind of approach it like did you hear that? Yeah, something like something would splitting you look around. I mean it seemed to see anything. Oh, yeah. Yeah dead. There's some old world I guess. Right. Well keep an eye out. I guess I'm seeing anything. They want their way back to their posts. All right. So actually I would need acrobatics or athletic rolls from you guys and girls as well unless you decide to do something else acrobatics is 16. Okay Athletics is 11:00. Okay. Stealth is twenty-three. He's all right. Stealth is 11:00 11:00. It is Razor. Well lucky for you. The guards bags did not seem to notice here after that weirdly enough considering that they were already alerted to something but they they're drunk. Yeah, as you guys are closing up right here in in here, you're having, you know a little bit of trouble with all this slower than normal, but you're getting up a you do notice at one point. A lady comes around a corner and went to the alleys gets attention to one of the guards and then both guards walk over to where she is and they have a little conversation long as you get over the top you realize okay. Looks like somebody in the neighborhood is trying to do some kind of business with these guards doesn't seem related to anything you're doing but it doesn't little monkey most certainly give you a cover to get over that wall. So as you come over the other side of it you will see it's not a huge neighborhood. There are like five or six little heavy sections of buildings to your right. There is a bunch of stalls with Hogs and sheep and a couple of donkeys mostly Hogs and then took some shops. There's an in and there's a bunch of houses and you can see about equidistant to where you where there are two other guards stationed. So between you about the same amount of distance, there are two other guards. So as you make your way over the other side you come down. You see that huhne has hidden herself under 1,000 buildings of she kind of skitters across as a storefront there with an awning that she skitters over just pushes you over and if you guys can just give me another just a stealth roll with Advantage cuz it's very dark over here and okay sixteen Twenty-One. All right, you guys all took her under this awning zika. You think you see something on the corner of your eye and then at that point a guard more towards the city wall sees you what's going on over there off and it starts makes his way in your direction. You're not you're not supposed to be out at night. He is approaching you the rest of your head Island doesn't seem stickiest seen you the other guard on the other side of him is looking your direction but isn't doing anything yet. So as he comes back way, just everyone tell me what their plans are in the situation. You don't want to try and open the date of of these animal pens that we're right next to and let's see how long the guard is now between you and your block of buildings and the animal pens. Oh, I you can still try and go for it. It's just you'd need a bolt across and hey off the end. You said there was an inner something is that between the guards and stuff it is to the right of you and that block of buildings or you're in okay roll initiative see what order we do stuff. In fact, let's go ahead and run an issue. That's a good idea. I got a 14 yesterday. I got that too. Just - 10:00. So the guard approaches you chica. He's got a sponge. He's pointing a told you to stay inside at night. I don't you just sneaking around. I thought you were red or something, but we could get around pretty well. He seemed to be mistaking you for somebody else and just as he gets up to you. You hear a sound? And in the sog you hear this white right now. You got to get back to your house that is say I will say to the guard. Sorry additional large have got me a bit. Loopy heading back home. Now off, right? Yeah. Well I catch you out again, and there's going to be consequences right right back home now. So she researched skittering towards those houses. Yeah, turn off voice. Okay, so the guard goes back to his post. He doesn't seem to have noticed the rest of you. Zika, and you get to this other block of houses you see saying she's hanging out the window she goes. What are you doing here doing? Yeah. Yeah through the window are zika zika like you of all people and she just triggers a little bit because I'm like, what are you doing here? I thought the last person I expected to see him all the horrible. And as I look at her you notice her face is a little bruised and she's favoring one side. Oh my God, what's happened to you? A little spot a Brother come on in get in here. And you alone know I've got friends. Who knows. Let me look at a couple of other friends. Oh dear me Huna to find out what's going on. What's going on? Well, I got tale to tell you go get your friends over here though. They're not safe out there a guard really Twitchy. I'm trying to follow it. Okay? Well Ross, you know what? I think I can figure something out. And do you see the door of the houses in after a second? It opens up a little light kind of comes through and then you see Seguin. She's on a crutch her right rear leg is bandaged up. Let me see that leg. Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding. No worry. I'm covering for your friends. Yeah, I'll climb through the window. I'll immediately start looking at the leg seeing if it's something I can share with your wounds. It's definitely beyond that. It looks like it's broken. Okay, it's going to take a little time for her to get over money under things going on. Just get in if you go into the house. Yeah window you see two small children are staring at you. They look at Birth. Boys about eight girl about 10 and they say is that you step over to you and you're not saying who are you? I'm a friend just say he's names of hard water. Oh, have you come here to rescue us? I sure hope so. Either that I've got myself in a way better trouble. Well, I don't know what's going on here. But my Mom and Dad's tell us we have to stay in they don't let us leave the ISA children know they're human. Oh, okay. Yeah. Sorry. I should have said they're human. You know, I wasn't sure. What are your name? I'm Griselda and this is Rudy. Lovely name lovely kind of children. Well, thank you mustn't wake up parents up there. They're not going to be happy that we have more mouths to feed. Oh, no, I'm not here alone. And I can do anything about neither. Is anyone else here, but maybe the guards they can flame boiler AIDS. Yeah. Well, everybody's being really really quiet about everything they want to talk about it, but they say we have to stay here until the God sets. Okay for us to talk about they said why Oh, no. No, they say that some people are sick. That's all they say, but I haven't seen any sick people don't seen any people. They're all they don't let him out, you know, they bring in food and water occasionally, but the same gods they they never seem to ever even change will get to the tail of this is Mark a word come over here. We can hide you in our bathroom. Hopefully I should have some more friends coming along. So in the meanwhile outside and you guys are huddling around in the dark and then you see another esog on a crush come out interview em, and she I can go out and grab them if that's easier cuz I have wild shape now. Well, we allowed to turn into a mouse or a r n or something like that. All right. Are you going to do that? I'm going to do that. Okay. So what are you turning it to? Although a rat? Okay, the kids turn around to take you into the room and then you duck out and then become a rat and then scatter off. They'll be like a bunch of birth. So in the meantime before you make the scene, you see this little frog in a prep come over and just kind of starts waving to the guts I am. Hey Lawrence Philip. I need your help over here. I told you to stop coming out of the house not supposed to be out at night. You're going to get us in so much trouble with the captain and then, we're over there. Why do you want and she gets in an animated discussion with them but we haven't had any decent vegetables in days the least you can do if you're going to keep them trapped in the air was told the captain that that we need more people we have children here and we did you get them healthy and then she obviously has a rid of a rapport with these darts and they don't seem like they're upset with her. She knows them by name say he is like that. She's a talker. She always been able to make friends. If you probably will how she got herself in this house with these people. She's probably a nice frog be the charismatic wage. Oh, yeah, are they larger? They can be either medium or small there's a Midland group. Yeah, she's small. She's got confused for you. So she's small. Yeah. Yeah, so during this discussion. It looks like you get an opportunity to get around these guards and then all of a sudden there's no rat appears at your feet and it turns into a nice, huh so bad. It looked like he was about like, oh, you know clean on, let me turn back into a rat to get back because it's a better chance for me to make pack, right? I don't understood are awesome. So you're able to get over there. I don't need to make spell Thrills at this point. I want your your previous roles are enough to get you through the scene. You're one of us house. And at this point the house is lit up. You see there's two young children arguing with two adults and women are they usagi children know they're all humans as a human family in this house the mother and father having a really animated dog. Will return of like I told you we cannot have any more guests in this house is Houses full you children, you take after your mother wage. Hello. We will not be taxing your hospitality wealthy if there's anything we can do to end this hold on. Hold on who is mature you take hard water and the rest of you order blastmaster calculate of the great Forge. I am Karen lock pleasure to meet you. Excellent intentions and knocks an empty belly Among Us will not bother you. I'm Ernst France. And this is Siggy and Rudy and Griselda my children off your friends say well, we took her in when the guards closed down dogs be an ally we took her in and she has been our guest since then she tried to escape got in a scuffle with the guards and broke her back like and at this point say comes back in the house and what you're going to say. I know what you're going to say, but with these people we have a shot at getting out of here. Everything is fixing the situation. Now, what is the situation? Well, I have a seat. I'll make some tea so over the course of the next few minutes you're able to find out what little they know is that in all happened one afternoon. And as the work was being done on the sewer line Ernst works on one of the Farms, but he was home that day. There was a Ruckus around where the sewer line off. Being put in guards were called they surrounded the whole area. And then by the end of the day, the whole area had been cordoned off. They said that there had been a plague outbreak in that area often make a lot of sense because plague outbreak seem to correspond with something happening with that sewer line. Somebody said that the guy is digging the sewer line fell down a hole. Some said they fell down a hole in the ground wage because they were digging a hole in the ground. You think they'd be able to not fall on their own hole in the ground. But some people said that they were attacked by something. Some people said that a horrible smell came out of the ground smelled like Ryan death and everyone's got sick. But all they know for sure is that area has also been cordoned off and no one's been able to get out of their sagy breaks in at that point. It says, well, I know she can get down to the City sewers through there and if we could get down there we can get out of here or four we get in there we can see what's going on and and at the very least find out the truth, what we need to do is go over to where the sewer lines. And see what happened and at the very least we might be able to to get people out through the sewers but seems attend fun made. No, no, not that crazy plan. First of all who's going to go down to earth if they and if there's a plague then I don't think that's a good idea. My purse investigate. We'll see what's going on over there. Make sure it's safe then we'll get you on your way ones out. Well, that's all right, but if anything happens if you think you're sick don't come back here understood as I said, we're not here to betray your hospitality. We're here to end this madness. All right. All right, if you're going to do it, you should probably do it before it gets light. The sewer line is inside of a that area is cordoned off area inside of the the Block in the middle of town. This won't be hard to move. So you draws you like a little map of where it is I go with you if I can but its leg is very very bad and I want to keep the friends are safe. So let me know what you find out. Who knows with us? Yeah, she's been cutting in every now and then to just really like but what about the serpent folk? I heard it was a serpent folk and they're like, they're no serpentfolk here at all. Shut up with a decent full-sized seems to be the only one that really believes a serpent Falcon anything to do with it. So you're you're pretty sure that that was nonsense. I'm sure she not the only eats Odyssey suck. You also find out that there's really no other dog hear the rumors of Esau disappearing and Hogs Benelli pretty much also came from Pune. But I mean, it's not like she didn't believe it. It's just what she worked herself up into believing so who know? Why don't you stay here and tend the wounds of your friend while we investigate? No. No, I'm coming with you. I have to help anyone else have any thoughts to contribute to this plan. How should we go about getting there? Can you turn us all into animals? Not yet home. I can get the aid of animals though. If there are some nearby I can speak with them proudly can provide a distraction for some of the guards. There are a lot of pigs. You could Rose them maybe set them to squeal and I'll see what I can do is there's Pig stalls on the other side of that block. Perhaps if you were to rile the pigs up and they got loose from their stalls. So the guards of the only ones who would be able to Corral them cuz they won't let anyone anyone else out box for me, Sounds like a plan. Yes, so you here unless you're able to do it from a distance. I actually need to be close to them. So come with you. Would you be able to write in your own? I should be all right on my own. I'm fairly sneaky. Canada has proved himself to be quite sneaky. You're still towards of all been pretty ridiculous. So until this time and so mja does what I'm day does and how did you roll a five when you got A plus 12. I'm in fact when the pigs started squealing wait for the guards to start running that direction and then try to sneak across. The alleys that we got their men hop into the whole. All right, and I guess that means that Kiernan will already be right by the whole. Yes. Hopefully that's your name will be on the other side of the whole so okay already. So Kiernan you sneak out of the house. You can't see the stall from where you are. But you know where she told you it was to make your way over there. Just going to need a stealth roll for you to get pass the guards standing outside of the whole area. Okay, of course, I will clearly I had a 13, that's okay you get about halfway there. And kicking Iraq and one of the guards looks up. And just licks to the other one gives them an odd that other guard stays there and and the guard Corps heard it walks in your direction. Is this Lawrence and Philip the the guards that say he was talking to these are not these took some other guards that are actually in the center that are coming out of that Center section of buildings. Okay, you're basically standing on one side of the hole and presumably there's some guards and they may not on the other side of that whole this is not Lauren Phillips, Laura and Phyllis. Yeah. It's guards guards. His name's you do not know any excuse me right now. You're not sure he's definitely heard you and he's going your direction does appear that he have seen you yet. So I am going to change into Philip. So using some kind of ability that Sharon has a disguise. All right, so you step out hopefully this is going on. I had something going on here in Chicago something so reception with advantage. 219 okay. Well, yeah. Yeah, I heard something too. But he just kick a rock or something. Yeah, that was me, but I heard something else. Maybe it was over there though. I'm not supposed to leave the supposed. So if you think of something you can end all I'll stay here. Yeah. Yeah, I could probably handle it. All right, give a shout. If you need us around it goes back. Well, isn't that something? So Philip wanders off? Yep over toward the pig no one seems to stop you as you go over there. Okay, I will change back to myself and I will communicate with tags. All right. What are you trying to communicate to the Pigs? We're not going to go through a role-playing session, which is the power of like a you're appealing to what ever since that they have. Probably just getting out of here. Yes. I'm imagining they don't really love being here in a small pen. Right? Yeah, they're well fed and well treated but like to spread their little legs if they could okay. Yeah, that's all right with a West Virginia accent. Try the new workers people from West Virginia. I listen to this. No. No, I want to see if they know any have they heard anything about the supposed plague. I don't know if they would be intelligent enough to know but I will ask them about okay. Give me just a straight Charisma. Okay. 1/12 okay, the pigs what they say is gray man comes out of whole gray man pulls other man in to hold all the men are from metalman Kane put up would everywhere Metal Men walk around the gardens, right? Yeah, and everyone is afraid thank you. All right. Did you let them out and about seven pigs from bailing out into the street? Yeah within about 30 seconds time a bunch of guards wage coming from all over to the book, One Step a pig. Would you like some grease live on some Grace and Faith man? Yeah real missed opportunity there. Okay, just screaming out of the fan large come from all directions and our like God damn song. The pins out again and the guards are really really not good at back in the middle of his name and no distraction off and you guys can get over there without any problem. So you get over to that area that entire section is Walled off and they're often appears to be no doorway into it. And you also notice that it's all boxed in. There's even a roof over it. Wow, the whole thing's been cordoned off there like a day away. There's a little skull on it says plague day away. It's maybe about twenty square feet. You could pull it the slats, you know and get in their life, but that's really the only way you'd be able to do it. It's not any hard but there's no door to the place. So all right start pulling it Flats. Look shoddy work. Give me a strength wrong. Everyone who's pulling its last can give me strength roles. This is just to see how many you can pull off enough a lot of tight Corners. Not much help evidently. I'm not much help either. Neither. Am I I will do is I guess I'm just going to try and pull it would of course. And what does that get you with a natural 29,000 so you guys have a little bit of trouble and you could just goes over and just pulls one right off. Like I don't know what your problem. I'm right real easy. I found the crash of wood and what's that flat is the way it's a little easier for you to pull further slash away and everyone could give me perception. Well well off to I'm obsessed with this crappy workmanship directionally bad pain, and absolutely, what did you give birth? a 500K everyone except razor razor is just feverishly pulling slats off trying to pull them up with all his might you hear sounds coming from within you hear shuffling off and then you hear Bout that. Yeah, and then about maybe half a second later. You see as razors pulling at the slats as I got both of his hands around this one. It's right ready to give and then from the inside track and comes out and grabs the flat and pushes it out. First thing you notice is oh, wow this gave very really easy and you're like, oh shit. I had help from someone off. Oh, no, I had help from someone inside that man looks really gnarly and a figure burst out of this little cage and it looks like a person is it gray? Yes, it's complexion is very gray. It's very stinky and he does not look to be entirely alive. So I'm gonna need everybody roll initiative. Yeah, fourteen eighteen thirteen. You are first you see a emaciated possibly not a live person bursting out of this King. I will use a bonus action to enact my sheleighly and I will also cast Faerie fire on this thing. Tell us about Faerie fire buried fire will outline it in I'll say violets and it will be outlined in light if it fails a 14 sex shave. Oh boy. What are the odds of things going to fail a deck say it looks really really fast. It's let's see it's codex of like sex. Weirdly enough that failed to Dex if we'd so it is shedding light and any attack rolls against it have advantage and it cannot benefit from invisibility. All right. Well, it won't change anytime soon. Just horrible living corpse thing comes out and then dikha waves her hands at him and said something and it was purple and really break Wicked Abomination against nature. This will be your last night on earth. Oh and you also have to lately so of course you say so of course I say walk off Black Oak Pho Crusher has been drawn and we go Kieran him horrible scene hear something really really Dreadful is happening. What do you do? In fact, I'm going to take a step back and pull out an arrow and shoot at it. All right take a shot. You have Advantage cuz he is glow right? Thanks Ali. That isn't twenty-three years. Oh, yeah. All right for sure. My arrow does maximum damage 12. Oh, right. So yeah, you crunch into this thing. She makes no sound but you push it back. Yeah, it's got arrow sticking out of it. Not much you can say cuz I don't really feel pain but it looks like a pretty solid shot a real a living person would be very unhappy razor. Yeah, I will try to smack this thing with my mates. Okay. So you stepped forward and brushed your Mesa. Yep. Yeah. I got a 22 hit that's certainly a hit. I'll swing it out and hard right on the shoulder. Okay for Five Points it in right a crunch and shoulder and it's well which side left or right left. So it's yeah, it's left arm is now like hanging down definitely looks now longer than it's right arm. And then we go to Hooda Hooda picks up a stone from the ground and then off. The stone Lowe's a pale green and then she throws in she's really a Magic Stone strikes with the magic Stone. She hits it right in the forehead. It goes barreling back. And and Falls outside of the whole and you see other shapes in there and pigs warned about this gray and then they said next another one of these things takes its place and lurches out and is going to attack raising its reach a designated hands out and trying to swipe me that is 8:23 to hit that will be it will take six points of slashing damage. All right. I'm going to need you to make a con save it's a seven. Okay, it can't move past razor but behind it. You see the one that fell down is up again, and he is going to honestly razor either only one who's close. Yep. It's going to try and fight. You said 19. What? All right, let's two points right at that point. You actually hear. Well, actually, you know what everyone can just give me a perception roll off. 1819 9:15 so you all here in the commotion of the whole pig situation here a couple of other guards say did you hear that song Somebody's over there? Somebody's over a hole and then they start running your way and zika. I will go and and swing it one of them. I guess I'll swing it the guy who's still in bed fire. Yeah, that would be oh that is a natural twenty. So all right. Yeh, that will be 17. Okay, and so you bring your sheleighly down and flat panel. And this time to fall down and stays in here then start fire anywhere. Yeah, there are torches all around this area like crazy fighting this area up since they really don't want people coming here cuz you know zombies if I can grab something that's on fire or I will light some of my arrows on Tire to bring some prior over there. You can spend the stern lighting arrow on fire. Okay, you can play there and then it's around fire truck going to raise their so creatures be gone gets away from here and pull up my holy symbol that and it will start to like almost flame around it like almost click Kohl's and then we'll be like the clanging of I was just going to say that I was going to say that you hear a distant like clang clang or just like that is so yeah. Here's like the pounding of a hammer on the yeah and they got lucky something fun. Trying to turn Undead Okay, it's Gotta make what we've been saying. Yeah. We're safest or run away for a minute. What's the difference? 1414? Okay, Luna is next. I'll let you know what happens on his turn when it's going to throw another magic Stone who she gets a closet for 10 a.m. The damage so so you hold them off their holy symbol hurt back and then a magic Rock swings it on the side of the head head. It's till 11:00 and then it turns around. So it's just appears in the darkness. Well, I can see. Oh, yeah, you can see a dark vision. So it's just a big wooden box and there's a hole in the ground and it goes into the hole in the ground. It's really overweight. And how long is that? One minute okay or until it takes any down? Okay, so you can hear there's definitely more than one of them down there. It's kind of shuffling around back to the other side like going down. It isn't take long before they stop. So it doesn't sound like there's a ton of room down there. Yeah, they have to try to stay thirty feet away from me. Yeah, you get that moved to a certain point and you can kind of hear them like hit dirt almost like they're trying to their way out under the box and everyone want to go down the hall some more down here target-rich environment. I'll kill myself before entering the bowl and a different Global come out of line and we'll be right back up to full let's go so at this point four guards are hitting the scene of this place and they're yelling and they're like, they're get out of there as you're going in zika who's your gun off? I'm going to run in after them. But before I do I will shout to the guards. They're trying to break boobs gets her useful settled over here and help we've got one down there. Not that tough job. Okay. So how do they climbing up and down? Is there like a ladder or stairs? Or you know, there's it's a hole in the ground the whole goes down about ten feet your claim. Of the side of this person whole you don't see any like evidence of any kind of sewer line. There's definitely just a big hole in the ground also my club so that I can use my line. You have to get home. So you climbed down there and you see there are two of these Undead people just trying to dig through the whole you get in there. It's just there's nothing really behind you. It looks like a Doug Tunnell that's just been caved in and they're trying to uncover it in but not having a lot of success. So you're able to get down there and then hearing and you have a flaming arrow. Yes. I will move down towards the zombie things until I can see one and then I will shoot at 1, okay. I didn't hit so okay. So nevermind. Well, okay. What did you get? I got a 9:00, you hit I did. Yeah, they're acs8. They're zombies. Wow. They're very easy to hear. It's just when they just that when they die, they don't always stay there. I did five points of regular damage. I don't know what the fire does but I believe it's D for but I don't think ya do another key for Key Port. Okay, that's 499 total and then razor. And put my mace back on the book and then I'll climb down there and pick it back up ready to fight an extra. Okay know we'll get to the edge of the full and pigs other magic stuff. This be a lot of stones around here. But you still home put it in your pocket. See before zombie fight. Oh, yeah, so she strikes the other zombie take some damage and then they turn around and not received to attack razor and one's coming at you razor ones coming at they'll have to try and stay away from Raising know cuz they took damage to the event off. Okay, so one tries to fight you in town. And I'm assuming a 10 doesn't hurt you. It does not when it comes down and it's horrible of rotted. Teeth. Just come right I pick up my wooden shield and flux it in the tooth either one of us needs goes flying off and it does not hate you other zombie misses you as well razor and we go back up to the top. The guards are all posting outside of the cage and they start taking the wooden slats and nailing them back up to the cage and they go we can't lay out of that. I'm sorry. You thought it now home and they'd start trying to put you back in for holding up the slats. Now on one of them is really getting a hammer and then they're reacting like, you know regular people would in the face of a zombie invasion and zika. We're back up to you. I will re-enact my sheleighly give another rousing war cry and welcome. That is going to be a well so that oh, yeah, that is okay. I will swing go for the knees till closing early May. Okay, and he falls down but he's still what I'm going to live and he's just now, you know out of your feet razor. Yeah, I'll start with the one that's not fighting. Bigla Ang. Oh, yeah hit it for 7. Yes. I smashed its elbow and then I'll as a bonus action. I'll check again and hit for another four years old phone book. Okay, cuz this is regular bludgeoned damage it is. Okay. So you smash it and then Smash It Again stops moving and then we go to Huebner who name is going to hurl a magic stone at the one on her friend. Zika flings a Magic Stone and hits it. No, it strikes it as it lays on the ground hits it off. The eyes and these two zombies. Moving and the guards are now emailing you in they're basically saying, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. There's nothing we can do your already dead off their debt to we killed them. All you can't come in contact with them their disease. That's why we leave him in there. You can't touch them. If you touch them they suck. You become them will go back to topple will be fine. They're not stopping. We're seeing it when I shut my eyes try to go back up that way or do we try to find a way out of this way. They're all yours to be. No way out this way. It's caved. It was it was caved in but I mean we like spending time. Is there a chance that we could maybe your way out or we going to try and get back out the normal way. I'm fine too. Shy to Dr. Way out if it's possible. We'll give it a shot and take a look off. Rather quickly the good news is there are two shovels down here. All right, I didn't just make that up. It's Cannon possibly revealed an intro and you will hear some wage. You start shoveling razor. You're a you're a dwarf. Yep. Give me a I don't know if there is a known coming kind of thing in here. Double proficiency bonus stops the history stonework make me an intelligence roll. Can I also role intelligence cuz you saw burrowing? Yeah. Yeah. I got a 10,000 got a 5. Okay. You're not sure as you got but razor you're pretty sure that this looks like a deliberate cave in from the other side. Okay, it's hard to tell eventually you can usually get through but with two shovels in a few people this can take you like days. All right, and even then who knows what's on the other side of it, but it doesn't look like they dug into any real sewer line here. Yep. There was you know, they missed it or it got caved in as well. But you don't know what the plans were. If you go to the public works office, you wouldn't be able to to find something but you have to get out of this whole first. All right, so climb out the whole. Yep. Okay, and we'll take the shovels and I'll just start telling like Hey, we're going to take out now and we will receive treatment at the forge his Holiness wage were forged cloak will take care of any possibility of disease and I recommend you don't stand in our way and it'll start hacking up these the shovels and okay. So you start hacking and hacking at birth to you. Come down quickly into them with whatever you have as you get to the other side. There's about six guards and they're just all leveling Spears that you are and we can't let you out. We're under orders went off on base. You can I tell not now but it'll happen. Sometimes it takes a day. It's a couple hours passed. Well when that happens will come and we'll get most of your children birth. So now we're going to get ourselves looked at and then we'll be fine. I'm sorry. Give me a perception roll. 217 you notice there are several large scrapes on razor and they look not good. Right? Well, I'm not saying something about that in front of the guards, but I will do walk ins on it already turned my wound. So and it's like you cared the damage there are scars and around the scars the veins are kind of going black. Okay. It's nothing I can do about it. But just we get out of here cuz I'm sure we're going to have a no problem at all convincing these people just walk out the front door, then we'll get it. I'll let him know and we'll get it looked at but I'm I'm definitely not going to say anything in front of the guards about it, but I will say that my friend speaks the truth. We're going to go and check them out his Temple and they'll be nothing more your hair of us. Other than that when we come back and say you can open up this district and Everybody's Free To Go as they please again. There's a kind of a general hubbub around these guards and then eventually the captain of the Guard comes in where all right. All right, what's going down? Now, how'd you get in here? The name is Audra flask mass of the order of the forge. I'm here on forged business. We defeated The Walking Dead was down here. We are going to return to the forge and receive treatment for any possible contamination that you believe that might be here. And then you are going to open these walls as we have already purified it. Give me a an intimidation Charisma real that's a 7. All right. Well, here's what's actually going to happen. You're going to stay there. I'm going to contact the master of the forge and we're going to find out what's really going on. Now you listen to reason if supposedly as you say Thursday, and we're going to have to deal with turning into these creatures or some such the only thing that we should be doing is we should be going back to his Temple where there's people are training against this sort of thing. Now, I want to stand in the way then you can stand in the way and be responsible for more people turn into zombies. But if you want to do what's sensible, you'll let us go back to his Temple. The sensible thing is to warm you up in them until your cleric comes here. And then let you out. I believe Boomer would be quite displeased. If you do not honor and respect the members of the forge properly. He would be quite disappointed and he will fuck you back down to a common guard all ready to make that role to see how he is disposed towards you referred cloak that is not good. He goes I I don't live with which he is not on the council yet. Never had anything to say about it it never will she wants to bring his holy arse down here and let's check out he can do that until then you're going to stay in that fucking whole. Oh, I don't think so. All right. Are you going to Duke it out with the guards? Cuz they're not letting you out how many of them are there. Now, there's about 12 we can sneak out later. I whisper. Well, I would highly recommend you sent it to the forge Master with great expediency. All right very well. I'm a man of my word. I'm going to call him and we'll sort this all out. In the meantime. He's back you up into the hole and then it gets dark as you are nailed down in this prison. I'll catch light. Okay, and that is it for this week. We hope you enjoy the show and I guess we'll find out what happens to them next time. See you off off off. Are you itching for a good story laughter among friends? Maybe a mystery fire-breathing kittens is a stand-alone Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Each episode is a separate three hour long story like a movie for your ears. You can listen to these adventures in any order join us on an actual play D&D Quest as we solve Mysteries attempt comedic banter and enjoy friendship fire-breathing kittens podcast fantasy action mystery and friendship.

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