April 10 Hour 2 Elways History of O-Lineman | Movie Review: Tombstone


after the second and final hour of the week the weeks are dragging on. But they're going fast at the same time is that does that. Is I alone in that thought process? You kind of feels like that. Not sure if that's just because our days are different. We're not putting in the regular amount of of time here throughout or or what that is but And obviously it seems long because of all the news that we continue to get the bad news we continue to get and I know that. That's that certainly makes it feel that way but you know. Colfax you gotTA I. I suppose trying to to look at every situation in in in in a way where you can say I gotta try to get the positive out of this thing. You know 'cause some people WanNa do the gloom doom thing all day every day and I just not about that you know and it's difficult for me so I'm looking at this in. Hey it's terrible. I feel for all the families that are affected for sure But Hey Listen. Since we're in this spot you gotta make the best of what you're doing and I for one of enjoyed getting home a little bit earlier and being there. Wake my kid up from his NAP. You know we're not waking mopping be there. When he wakes up. Yeah first time I did it. Who were you know post? Nap Gavin is not used to dad standing there so That side has been nice. You know and again a lot of my neighbor my neighborhood. They're just all out walking and they're not parks and stuff but they're out walking. All these families are together that you know I don't know I don't maybe I'm not driving home at that time. Typically so maybe at that time everybody's out like that anyway but. I'm just not used to it so it's crazy first advantage text line three one nine nine six it is not so the neighborhoods are just. They're lively in a in a way you know we're social distancing or whatever but they're still lively when my wife and I were first We were building our house and we were look drove around the neighborhood now. I remember seeing all these was way before we had our Kiddo right families pushing babies around both of us for like about have nervous breakdowns. Well I'm not ready for suburbia yet. I'm not I told my wife. I said if we were moving in now we'd really be freaking out because there's nonstop. There's just families all over the place. I mean yeah like family just threw up all over the neighborhood but it really is a beautiful beautiful thing. We got our tombstone movie review coming up in about ten minutes. So we're we we get. We have our system that we put in place. Is it a first round if it's a first rounder? Listen if Colfax I are both senator first. Rounder that movie is a must watch. She'd probably drop everything you're doing. Just go watch it. Yeah actor after after. Show right after the show if it's a second rounder. Uk Yeah it's a good movie etc. I'm not going to promise you anything. Third Rounders like yeah not not bad not bad you may or may not like it. I have no idea if I watched it on a bad mood. Maybe I'm not going to like it. I don't know fourth-round okay. There are some nice parts in it not overall not great. Yeah and then you go fifth rounder. It's like I mean. I liked the fact that there was an actor that I liked was in it. Sixth-round no I'M NOT GONNA. I don't like it seven. Oh I hate it undrafted. Why am I watching this garbage? This is absolute nut. So does that paints the picture a little bit. I think so. That's our rating system coming up so I want to get your thoughts on Tombstone. And they made like to these movies pretty close together. They had With Kevin Costner. I think it was Dennis Quaid or Randy Randy quit. I look like that because that was intrigued. When you see as you go watch any clips from that curious to get your thoughts on what you thought of. Quaid's you know. Version of DOT com today versus Val. Kilmer's Okay Kevin. Costner was bad. I mean Kevin Costner. Kurt Russell both perfect wider me. They're just plain Jane do even though they had some colorful backgrounds and stuff like that but when when you catch up with them in these these movies they're kind of at that point where the readiness for tire and be done with that life and stuff so it's kind of crazy when you think of wider. Do you have any idea what? Ag was when he died Colfax guessing judging by his crazy lifestyle. I mean you'd say like sixty eighty years old. Wow for all that he went through and all the shoot outs and all this stuff he was eight. He died at eighty years old fairly comfortable. He wasn't it wasn't like a crazy. You know terrifying shootout that ended his life ending credits of Tombstone is that when he died he actually worked with the actors that played some of the first movies. Yeah Yeah and there's some interesting tidbits about that to occur. I'm excited to get to those two like to hear more about. This is a fun. It was a fun movie. And we'll get to our full on review coming up in the next segment. Our power play sports. Poll question of the day is it time for the broncos to officially get Garrett Bowles is replacement. Listen it's not like they haven't tried. I mean if they saw somebody on that line that just blew him away then they'd start him and I know there's there's your conspiracy theorists out there. Well douay drafted. He's not gonNA give up on his draft. Pick out of these one. Are you out of your mind? No I mean I don't know why you sound like that but that's how you sound. He's replaced picks crazy right. I mean devante booker gone. He was a fourth rounder. You Know Paxton Lynch was the first round or he's nice and Gone Adam. Got sece's gone so do I. I'm not going to you know you want to look at first rounders from John. Elway's tenure well semester Williams back Derek Wolfe. He was the second round everybody uses. I pick they're gone. Bradley Roby Gone. Shane raise gone. Paxton Lynch has gone is still there. Bradley Chubb is still there. No Fan still there but you know this idea that. Oh always gotta be proven easy to prove these right well. The thing of it is is gables on paper should be one of the best tackles in the game but mentally. He has a lot of mistakes to work on. And the idea again. Bring Mike Mon- check in and help him. I for one like the idea of full year under his belt and now let's see if it starts to work because last year in the process you're in the process of the reason. The broncos really wanted much they also interviewed for head coach but it worked out because much has family in Colorado worked out. You wanted him here to help with this offensive line to groom this offensive line and then to really help out your left tackle. Because what is the most important position on offense aside from the quarterback to the quarterback especially a right handed quarterback? It is the left tackle so that is a big position. They have to get figured out. And that's one of the reasons. Bunch is here so when we asked the question is it time for the broncos to replace Garrett Bowles. It seems like an obvious answer. But that means that you're ready to go in the first round. That you're drafting an offensive lineman in the first round so you can't have it both ways. The broncos already have locked up what they're GONNA do in Free Agency and Trades. Yeah there might be some stragglers coming and going here but nobody is out there right now. Unless there's a big trade coming that would lead me to believe that the Broncos are in are in the works to fight a direct replacement for Garrett Bowles at a free agency or via trade. There's nothing out there that would leave me there now. So that would mean you want them to take a an offensive lineman in the draft and that would mean first or second that means you want L. Andrew Thomas at Georgia. You know you're you're looking at a guy like Andrew Thomas. Out of Georgia you're seeing generic has more of a guard Becton out of Louisville worse out of Iowa. Those are the guys Andrew. Thomas is projected to be ten according to CBS SPORTS DOT com. A couple of others. We've looked at. He's projected to be number ten so he could get close but he might go before that happens. You know when you look at a lot of the projections and the mock drafts and yeah they. They like him going fairly early. So then let's just assume Thomas's out. Who's a Stud Like I said Jesuit Willis he out of Alabama. He's pretty good in but he's probably projected to go a little bit higher even but he's only again. Some of these guys can play guard. Some of them can blake tackle now. Most offensive lineman. You could find ways to move them around you know. I think you look at Glasgow. I mean he's a guy that they could move from either the guard position or you can put them at center. I mean a lot of these guys can move around dolled. Reisner could play tackle if they needed him to but he's better at that guard position. You've got the guy out of Iowa who is projected to go thirteen or so so he's going to be there. Listen there's a couple of options there but I'm one of those guys Colfax and again dull reisner proves the point. And I've I've I've had these points proven wrong before but Dalton reisner and he he. He's one of those guys. Where the broncos said we don't need to draft a line in the first round we want to drive for the second and here we go and look what happened. Alden risers already on on a path to be one of the best players for the broncos. I mean he was solid last year. So I'm not there. I like the idea of strengthening your defense or giving drew lock of a weapon a key weapon overall and I think that's that's typically where I'm sitting so that means if you're voting if you're saying that yes it's time for the Broncos to find his replacement before the season begins then you're saying it's time to draft him in the first round bowls suggest hold ten times in the first game and get it all out of his system. Yeah that's pretty good. Ken Bone Brcko. Should hold onto him. Yeah I mean you look at it as a listen. Look at his numbers and they're not they're not great necessarily when he when he as far as off his penalties had thirteen offensive holding calls against him. Two false starts one unnecessary roughness and one illegal block above the waist. You know you look around most most linemen. Don't have even close to that number. I mean you have Taylor out of Jacksonville who had nine holding calls against him. It's Yeah it's a big problem. It really is ton of you right. New Get those ten done early and you don't have to worry about three power to play. Sports poll question of the day should the broncos officially and finally say. We're moving on from the former first round pick. And if you're saying that then you're you're you're almost guarantee you're you're wanting the broncos a guarantee that they're going to draft an offensive lineman in the first round at the very late at the very latest in the second because a third and beyond is just competition. Somebody had tweeted earlier to me and said you. I'd like to see this team draft guile a mid to late round. That's open for competition. And I think that's the smartest tweet text we've had on this today because that's all you can do. You shouldn't waste a pick on an offensive tackle right now. That may or may not work out seventeen minutes after the hour. I WANNA thank A great sponsor Rosen. It's on the rocks liquor. The weekends coming up stop by on the rocks and they got their drive through Rowland and tell him we sent you here from the whole show powered by PD energy. I love the fact that you can call ahead to. You're driving down there and call on the rocks. Say Hey I want this. They'll get ready for you that way. When you do get in line you pull up you. GotTa do is pay and go. And they're doing it. They're doing a fantastic job. That's on the rocks liquor seventeen minutes after the hour. Our REVIEW OF TOMBSTONE COMING UP NEXT. We're here with you keep it on. Kfi Am for the latest on cove in nineteen the effect on the sports scene in more thirteen ten KFI K. And Thirteen ten K of K DOT com the fast UNC bears targeting game coverage lives on thirteen ten kfi saying hey nuggets coach at the Denver Nuggets. And you're listening to the whole show a thirteen ten K S K Jane Johnson. Welcome welcome yes. This is our official movie review of Tombstone Justice. His coming Kurt. Russell Val Kilmer I. I got goosebumps going right now that that. That's a good song right there. That's a good good score. It was a good score as they might say tombstone. Nineteen Ninety three American Western film directed by George P Coz Motto Smitten by Kevin Jarre. Who also was the original director but was replaced early in production. Interesting Kurt Russell Val kilmer. Sam Elliott Bill Paxton Powers boothe by the way played Curly Bill. I loved. Curly bill in this one but just overall. Colfax some great scenes in this is there. Is there anything that that sticks out to you? One of your favorite scenes before we really break into this. Yeah I have it right here early on. It was when doc Holliday is like one of his first poker games that we've kind of met the character and he just he keeps us throughout the movie's just so cool calm and confident when faced with the I guess aggression from other people. So that's Give it a lesson. Here must be teach of hand. We are opposed to range. But I guess I'll just have to call. Isn't that a daisy down shut? Why the we cross you eat nothing but a skinny longer. What an ugly thing to say. This mean we're not friends anymore. If I thought you were my friend I just don't think I could bear the now. We can be friends again. Whip that guns flings around and sets them on the poker table until now it can be. I love that Val Kilmer kilmer's been in some some interesting movies. I'm not I mean. He was Batman. Once if you if you can believe that. The third one they made in the nineties. This was his best role for me. Doc Holliday I mean since ational. How cool was DOC Holliday? Too In that movie in. Obviously I don't know if that was really how he was but gotta be somewhat close right right. Okay so basically this is. This is an excellent setting or in tombstone. There's an outlaw gang. They were red sashes. They're called the cowboys. They're led by curly bill. Mccartney it build Bruce's I'm watching my call founder of the Feast. Next time with com- better step aside. I I love that I think powers boothe bell. Kilmer's the favourite obviously as doc holliday. But I honestly think powers was sensational as curly. Bill be such a bad guy you know. So they're in this town and they basically like just say. Hey we run this town and if you don't like it you know tough because we run it. We're killing people. Were doing whatever we want. We own this place and basically you start to get you get the Herbs Wider Virgil Morgan. They all start arriving. They vented adventure to tombstone to to settle down pretty much well. Tombstone was like a boomtown back and they wanted to go there. Because I think there's lots of gold mining going on and so wide open. His buddies all kind of went out there to try and strike it rich and -sarily gold mining but just in any way all sort of busy and we're thinking about starting a business too so they're kind of they're for that you run into two doc Holliday. There too and we know that wide open DOT COM. Today have a history so they know each other. They're good friends. But then Virgil it's virtual same. Elliott's character really starts to see the craps hitting the fan in this town and he's like I can't stand by anymore. I gotTA do some so he starts to To become the law and then you see wider. Jump into it as well and right. Yeah because like the mayor of the town or whatever is like didn't their share leave or something. Yeah yeah or some man he died. I don't I think that guy out him so they were looking for some law and order. Fill the spot and the mayor was hoping that would come in. And he's like no no no I don't want I left that life behind him here to make money and strike rich and then like you said same. Elliott's character Kinda had a soft spot in his heart and saw the damage that was being done to the town and the people of town and he thought it was time to step in and do something which then ended up bringing Wyatt into that. Jareth role again. Yeah and why in the movie you kind of get an idea that he's had an up and down past law law man but he was also begin his times. He was also kind of an outlawed too. And that's kind of holds up with history double checked everything on this Colefax with with history. But would you believe it that this was a big Hollywood thing. They really built it up so it was. They did have the shootout an OK corral and it was basically a four on four at that point and it happened similar. You know the the deaths and we're not gonNA give that away but the deaths have one of the deaths happen very similar to how it was depicted in the movie. Sam Elliott's character Virgil was hurt. So bad that he was crippled in that one leg that did happen but this was crazy. They they when they started to make this famous. A lot of people didn't take to it. When Wyatt earp was a little bit younger like in his sixties or whatever But when he was getting older they started to make the the. There's a biography published by Stuart N Lake in Nineteen thirty one became a bestseller establishing herb as a folk hero among millions of Americans searching for inspiration and excitement during the hard times of the Great Depression. Interesting we're watching tombstone during some hard times right now. This was brought up in the Great Depression and a lot of people. Were like how we need a hero and Wyatt. Urp was one of those heroes so they met lake later admitted that may many quotations attributed to the frontiers when were invented in the BIOGRA- today is accepted as largely fictional however the the shootout at OK corral did happen and it did happen that way you know wider and his brothers did come to that town to settle down and anyway so that's just a little side note on the history aspect of it. Well I have a question since he read up on the history and this kind of bugged me a little bit in. The movie is when the town decided that. They're just going to outlaw guns within the town. Yeah and then same. Elliot's characters what you can't we're not saying you can't have a gun not saying you can't carry gun owner gun just can't do it here. Yeah and I just don't know if that's the word that I have not read. I I haven't looked you know again. That was very strange. I looked up and he was basically the one that led it Virgil was. He was the guy that started. This and Wyatt earp was fighting very hard to just be. I WanNa be a simple guy. I WANNA have two girlfriends and see what happens. Maybe I like one one. I don't but I don't want to get involved so it. I'm not quite sure on that one Colfax but I do know Virgil was the main one that came in and said this town is so freaking dirty that I got to correct it and so maybe he did do that that okay but I mean I always. I always thought that was weird. Where did they check their guns in? Like right when right into town a little been here you go and how do I trust that my guns going back to me? I thought that was weird So you didn't. You had some problems with the movie. I did It did knocked out of the park. I mean we had some. I guess early reviews from some hooligans yesterday saying its first draft. Pick no matter what and you know. I'll tell you which I think on that later but for me had this. Kinda the love story with Wyatt. Urp and like you like you were kind of looting to earlier it just. I don't have a problem with a love story but I just feel like. They left out so many parts like some backstory on certainly with his I guess I. What were they girlfriend? Wife that he kinda shows up to town with. I feel like there's some backstory there that was just completely left out. Yeah and needed to be there so Dana Wheeler Nicholson plays Mattie blaylock. Who is wider. First girl the girl that he's with when we meet everybody right well historic hit the historical figure that she was she was a prostitute who became a romantic companion and common law wife of wider. So basically they just hung around each other so long and that they just became husband wife that way they didn't give a lot of. There's not a lot of knowledge about her. You know why because Josephine who ends up being wider pts. That's the girl. He ends up with forever. concealed it didn't want didn't want information out there. That's according to that's historical facts right. There she kept things concealed so that people would not really know much about her whether she was a great. That would be no. But I'm with you It drove me crazy. She's Kinda. She's kind of sick right two and she's never wanting him to leave the house and out and about and that part was weird. I did not buy into the chemistry at all. If we want to get into the review side of it I did not buy into the chemistry of Kurt. Russell and whoever played Josephina Dana Delany? I didn't buy it. I mean you have Kurt. Russell's wider almost straightforward square. I'M NOT GONNA laugh at anything I got. This must ask the covers my mouth and then you have Josephine who is this actress? Free living free spirits do whatever? Obviously it worked out. They in real life they they died together. I mean he died at the age of eighty and they became now they settle down had a nice life. But I didn't buy into that relationship as much so when you and I were talking about. That was actually. The weak point of the movie is probably that relationship. So those are your big issues with it was really just the love story side of it and like you said so. He had kind of Josephine. They talk and she's like why plan on traveling. The country in nonstop travel travel travel. And he kind of likes. That idea of which you just mentioned is kind of against his character as a whole and then he goes back home to his. Common-law wife is what do you think about US travel in the country? It's like we just got here. What do you mean we just came here to settle down and now you're just kind of sick right. Yeah so it was kind of just weird. Yeah I always remember. That always bugged me that part of it but I will say the rest the the battles between the herbs and the cowboys were were great and again we talked about curly bill But you know one of the best scenes in the movie was really a lot of the lines. Everybody knows from Doc Holliday. Could look at it. Mike Talk GonNa end up cowboys finished. You understand me I see a Red Saticoy. Kill a man wearing it so run. Her jolly other turns the large urban Jonah House China in West Virginia Charleston Wider. But I love that part too. Yeah that's a great line doesn't tense. I didn't like how he keeps letting go though. It drove me crazy. I couldn't stand I if I take the white set. The Red Sash off. I'm I'm free. Whatever but VAL Kilmer I think one of the most quoted things even. If you've never seen tombstone you know this line Johnny Ringo like somebody just walked over your grade with you holiday. I'll beg to differ so we started the game we never got to finish playful blood. Remember I was just fooling about. I wasn't favorite scene in that movie. So that like I said it's like that beginning seeing Cannibal. We first meet dock at that poker game. He has that same air about him. And then I kinda start to maybe drift away from moved in the middle and then this scene happens towards the end. Sounds like okay? This is really really good. I love that he is like. He's basically on his deathbed the entire movie but he's almost there. Her at the very end gets up. He tricks wider up into thinking. He's dying right there so he gets up sneaks out fines Ringo Ringo's a stud to ringo was a it was a gun. He was a guy that could shoot man and he So he was no match. Why would have been no match for him? Wider put food good fighter but not necessarily straight up one on one gunfighter. Holiday was so he knew that I loved. That was a very redeeming part of holiday story and it was it was. That was my favorite part. I look forward to that. I told you yesterday that I'm big into the character. Val kilmer I thought it was sensational actor in this. But you've got to watch movies differently than I do. Apparently we kind of learned this this morning when we were prepping. It seems like bad actor sticks out to you more than a great actor right i. It's kind of weird to admit but I don't understand necessarily what a good actor is and I know that sounds weird like I don't look for that in a movie. I hope I don't know if you like this comparison. Yeah go for basically think you look like on the offensive line okay? I don't know what makes a great offensive lineman but what makes a bad offensive lineman. Yes so if you're going to hold all the time and you're going to give up socks. I'm GonNa Notice that if you block and you make you drew drew locks jerseys clean. And he's completing his pass. I I respect it. I appreciate it but I'm not really gonNA notice it. You think is the offensive line or acting. At least yeah because for me a movie. I look for the story. First and foremost second is kind of how it's shot the of the movie And then the acting just has to play into that and then I don't notice the acting and that's that's you giving it to complement without singling one actor out. I would say so did it. Keep the story for you then. Did you notice any actors where you're just like? Oh this takes me out of this team other than the love story right other than love story. You know I'll go with you there. Bill Back Paxton was really good. Is Morgan up and then obviously Sam Elliott. I mean he's the same guy and everything that he's ever done but I'm okay with that. It's Sam Eliot. I'm fine with that Kurt Russell about he's he's always another one of those actors. That's the same dude pretty much. Except for Captain Ron which might be in the lists soon love? I do notice that a lot. 'cause and I I'm very picky. I can get taken out of a movie like that. And if so overacted it drives me crazy. You know you see this with sports sports superhero movies. If a guy tries to really get deep into a character it can really take me out so that that I struggle with Ho Geico effects so I think we all agree. I think I tend to us. I'm agreeing with you on. The love story did kind of it. Wasn't well done. I'm not saying I don't need in that movie but it wasn't well done the background. You're right wasn't there when you look at the history there's a little more to it But I didn't buy into that chemistry as much the whole actor Billy Zane being in it and being an actor I wasn't I wasn't really nuts about that and a weird traveling. Act like the Billy Zane. Whatever that was I it was fine. I don't know that that part kind of got me. So let's give US A. Is this a first round? Pick for you. Are you taking this Or are you looking? More second round middle round isn't even on your radar stuff on my radar. It's something I'll watch again but it's not a first rounder. Obvious it's Middle. Second Round me a great movie. I really like watching it again. The way it was shot in the athletics was like this is really cool to watch you know. Yeah but like the way directors and put together. I really enjoyed that. And that's enough for me to go back and watch it The story line hit or miss but then you go back for the characters in the lines. And that's that's I'd watch it again. But not the second rounder. Means you liked it you are kind recommending it. But it's not one of those that you're just like oh I swear by this movie. I don't think the add ons whereby and I'm GonNa go even though I get you on the low side. I think again Val Kilmer I the cowboys ring Goto but curly bill. Those guys both kind of they raise the bar for me enough where I enjoy watching the interplay between those actors that much that even the weird clunky love story that was. It's still one of those that I I would never tell anyone that it's not a bad move. I would say it's a great movie and you watch it so I highly recommend it. I'll go first rounder on this. Yeah that's their review so we go first round second round. The average of the two were saying late. First Rounder early second we we can agree on early so I think collectively. It's early second. I go first round so I highly recommend it. Colfax is like hey not a bad movie but I don't know that it's I don't know it's it's whatever its second board. I'm certainly go watch it. Yeah Def don't don't go over yourself trying to copy of it to fight it. Yeah I can respect. I can respect that Better than third. Third Rounder means. It's okay you know it's all right you know maybe maybe it will grow on you but second or mean pretty good at that point haul against what do you think. We got our official review. I got first round. Pick on this one. Colfax is going second forty minutes after the hour. We'll take a quick break. We'll wrap up this discussion about Garrett Bowles as well go vote on our power to play sports poll question it's available at the whole show dot com curious to get your thoughts right now to the latest on a local sports flash thirteen ten. Kfi PREPS RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the best highschool coverage. Start Your morning off right with your recommended daily intake of news weather and traffic to get yourself up and running. Join US mornings okay. All sixty nine thirteen ten. Kfi forty four minutes. After the hour high we oppose. I posted it up on my twitter. Feed my our facebook page. I go first. Rounder Colefax coming in slightly under that with a second rounder. Last week we did white man. Ken Jump in that. That got both a second or see like I l look at those two movies and I look at White. Men CAN'T JUMP ON MCGILL. Liked that movie. It's pretty good but it's not one of those that I'm just like I'm GonNa you know what we got tonight. We're hanging out. I'm going to recommend a movie. That's going to be one of them. That's not it tombstone. Absolutely that'd be in that mix so you kinda did the same thing in your second rounders. Yeah it'd be careful. He moving forward. I don't WanNa get too many second. Rounders built up. You gotta you gotTa get F- start trading around. Yeah Yeah but you and I are in under uncharted territory next week because both movies that we've done I have had the I suppose the luxury of seeing them at a different stage so I saw them in the early nineties. I don't know if that impacts how I viewed them absolutely does. Yeah I actually. I think it does because it impacted me at an early age. That doesn't go away. You might look at it and go. Oh those were kind of clunky scenes but if you love to grow up not gonNA hate it you know thirty twenty years for example space jam is still I pick for such a good movie is a first round. Pick like seriously. You're sitting around with your girlfriend. You're sitting around the body you haven't seen in a while. He got one movie to watch before that person heads off to wherever they're going and is going to be one of them in the mix it gets easily especially if maybe as an old friend that we watched it growing up. That's true. Yeah I mean it was still actually holds some staying power still actually pretty entertaining. It's it's silly but it's still pretty entertaining right but next week. Just the Hogan's no we are doing. What does it call lots once upon a time in Hollywood once upon a time in Hollywood fairly new movie it is couldn't turn and Brad Pitt and mandate nope not Matt Damon? Leonardo DiCaprio Creek cast by the way. I don't always agree with everything that we have says in real in the real world but I think he is one of the greatest actors in the history of the world. I think that's really yeah. I'm trying to think well my favorite movie of all time has gangs of New York. Okay and he's he's obviously the main character so I love that nineties. Leo Not not so much except for what's eating Gilbert grape since moving very depressing that was Johnny Depp. Back in cash. Early Nineties But he's in some great ones. You know two thousand and beyond seems like that was awesome shutter island inception. Those are those are pretty good. Feel like I've seen all of his movies. Which will titanic. Titanic the island. No it's like where everybody goes to high and then there's actually dangerous stuff going on. Is that different than shutter island now? It is different. I don't know if it's called the island but it's something like that as based on a book here we go so. I'm excited to see that one. I want to get your thoughts. What do you think of our reviews? Some of you had somebody earlier. This is more of a third rounder. I liked it is Kinda cliche cliche for all too. I mean most Western's pretty pretty cliche. I guess not all of them. Some of them are. I did like how they kind of kept like a classic kind of Western feel it. Yeah they did but then they updated cameron obviously like the video. Quality was there. Yeah Clint Eastwood. It's all grainy. Yeah it was nice. It was nice to watch. It was. Yeah and again. It's I didn't change me enough but we when you and I were talking. I was a kid. I've always been annoyed by the love story. I don't know if it's because the chemistry or it was a necessary. I'm not saying I don't like a good love story mixed in with a good action movie but it did seem and I didn't like our so conflicted about wider to creep cheating on his wife but she's at home the whole time but you know that kind of bothered me but that also kinda add more. I guess more depth to the character on ESA. Yeah I got a first round. Colfax given a second round or our power to play sports. Poll question of the day should broncos be set and ready to replace gables? You're saying yes. Fifty four percent saying yes draft replacement. That means you're doing it in round one. I hope you're ready number. Fifteen with the fifteenth pick overall in the NFL draft. The broncos are looking more at a guy like I like the guy at Georgia. Or you know you're going you're going with Jay Drik Willis out of Alabama. Who's more of a guard? But I guess he could play tackle. I'm not there. I'm I'm not looking at that site. Andrew Thomas. At a Georgia Generic Willis junior or Becton Louisville or Tristan. Wharfs those four guys. Probably the only way you're gonNA have a shot at it fifteen and they might. Two of them might be gone before you get there all right forty nine minutes after the hour. We'll take a quick break. Wrap up the show the other side. It's the whole show powered by energy missing sports on K. K. Enjoy SOME INSTANT CLASSICS WITH. Kfi Am classics every Thursday and Friday. Night on thirteen ten K. F. K. And Thirteen Ten. Kfi DOT COM get. Your Day started right with up to date news weather and sports mornings with Gail six. Am to nine. Am Weekdays on Thirteen Ten KFI K? Hi this is Jesse Kirk executive producer and lead anchor the mountain West Network. And you're listening to the whole show thirteen ten. Kfi welcome back to the show. We're time flies when you have fun man all right so I'm saying watch tombstone this weekend. Colfax is saying it could probably wait but maybe someday you watch it if you run out of things to watch watch it I want to get your thoughts on that one. The poll question looks like you guys are ready to replace Garrett Bowles I get it I understand. It's just not as easy as it looks and I think the Broncos have bigger needs right now especially because they addressed that offensive line through free agency and the trade side of things and obviously risers going to be another year end. So he's going to be good so I gather needs that's going to do it for us though. Checkout we've got our whole minute. Video is up. Pump the brakes on Eddie Mack. Check it out at the whole dot com and our latest blogs and podcasts and so much more again at the whole show dot com. We'll talk to you on a Monday. Good night northern Colorado.

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