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Hoarse Ronnie Mund & Mark the Bagger Have So Much in Common The Howard Stern Show


Here's Ronnie again call him mark it doesn't matter you can make twenty of them to mark the Bagger here they are Ronnie sounded like me stern show and by the way yesterday because he's he's still sounded like mark the Bagger I had Ronnie cut another phony phone call now for your listening aren't the Bagger Ronnie suddenly impressionist exactly and mark the Bagger on the phone opposition nine yeah that's my favorite too I screaming all the time sixty nine cool very cool ooh Oh my God we sounds exactly alike holy shit this is fucking great yeah how old are you and see come and play with me I'm so glad we found each other and we sound alike it's unbelievable love you great grandson we'll talk to you oh my God me too I still got some shit my fingernail it's so we got so much calm and let me hear what you feel like when you come ability wow turn your best creek grandson anybody could hope for thank you. I'm forty four lead to great grandfather up forty four oh what else do you like Liam me to leave my fucking grandson when was the last time you stuck your thing on your ass Soden I where did you come each seizing the corporate all took a shit eight o'clock this morning eight o'clock tonight God what was the last time you jerked off that's one Oh my God mark it's Great Grandpa Ronnie again okay I'm excited that we're both related motor see what we both got in common what's your favorite section account three what's your favorite color one two three and we got so much in common yes we knew what was the last real soon okay bye wow fabulous now as mark the bagger really think he has a great grandfather I think he does Go Sly A. G. L. Does today to clean the shit out of my time which finger to use my my right what's your favorite song yeah the man my Big Joe me to Holy Shit. Let's sing a little bit thing since you're the piano man joins me. I got two great pry legalzoom fly on the road to.

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