E88: The Children of Thunder Pt. 2 - Glenn Taylor Helzer


Due to the graphic nature of this cult's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of material that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for listeners under thirteen. As Marin county police detective Steve Nash walked through the house, on saddle would court, the not in his stomach tightened, the living room carpet had been cleaned recently, but still showed faint rusty red stains. The Metallica Roma of blood hung in the air. The white tile bathroom was spotless, every inch of it had been scrubbed clean with each roomy. Saw he was more convinced that somewhat had died here. Nash, went back outside to check on the suspect. They had apprehended trying to escape through an open window thirty year old, Glenn Taylor hells her. But when Nash stepped out the front door, he found a commotion outside the back window of the squad. Car Taylor had been sitting in was popped out of its frame, Glenn Taylor. Helzer was gone. Hi, I'm Greg Poulsen. And I'm Vanessa Richardson. And this is cults of the park has network, every Tuesday, we look at a cults practices their leader and their followers today. We're continuing our deep dive into Taylor Helzer, and the children of thunder. A group of radicals who believe Taylor was a prophet destined to lead the latter day saints church at any cost at podcast, we're grateful for you. Our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help. We also know have merchandise head depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information you can listen to previous episodes of cults as well as all of park casts other shows wherever you listen to podcasts a new epoch. Code comes out every Tuesday. Last week. We followed Glenn Taylor. Hells IRS upbringing in a strict LDS household, and how he was singled out by church leaders as being special when he started hearing voices at sixteen. His mother explained it was the voice of God, Taylor nicknamed the voice spirit and listened to it devoutly when he was nineteen spirit warned him that the apocalypse was coming in order to save the LDS church and it's following his Taylor would have to lead them as a warrior priest. He enlisted the help of his brother Justin at another woman, he'd met through the church, dawn Godman to fulfill his destiny by any means necessary. He dubbed them, the children of thunder on the eve of Taylor's thirtieth birthday in the summer of two thousand they began their holy war this week will follow Taylor at disciples as they enacted his vision when things. Didn't go according to plan the group resorted to murder. Underlie thirtieth two thousand thirty year old Taylor. Twenty eight-year-old Justin and twenty six year old dawn woke up in a rented house on saddle would court a cul de sac in a quiet neighborhood on the edge of concord, California. They knelt together in a circle and prayed as they had done so many times before. But this time they didn't just pray for peace and love. They also declared war on Satan to finance, Taylor's elaborate war plans. He estimated they needed around twenty million dollars from his time, working as a financial advisor at Dean Witter Taylor new of a few wealthy clients that could help them raise the money with done and Jordan's help Taylor plan to extort his former clients for cash once he had the money he would use it to train Brazilian orphans as assassins the assassins, would eventually kidnap LDS church leaders and bring them back. Brazil once in his captivity, he would force the leaders to write letters that supported Taylor's claim as the head of the church, it was ludicrous plan from the outset but Taylor's followers believed in it with absolute conviction. Justin had grown up deferring to Taylor at their mother's command and dawn saw him as a charismatic role model from the first time she met him at his urging, they had participated in large group awareness, trainings, which had a debilitating effect on their ability to think critically Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode please note, the nessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has a lot of research for the show. Thanks, Greg large group. Awareness training is also referred to as a thought reform program. It's now widely acknowledged as an effective brainwashing tool, according to the nineteen ninety study thought reform programs on the production of psyche. Patrick casualties. The majority reaction seen in people who leave thought reform programs, almost regardless of the time spent with the group is a sense of alienated and confusion, resulting from the loss or weakening of previously, valued norms ideals, or goals once Justin and dawn, went through the program. It was much easier for Taylor to make them believe. Whatever he said. On the first day of their war. Dawn dutifully packed up a briefcase with items. They would need methamphetamine, a glass pipe a pencil torch gloves. Handcuffs a stun gun and pistol to establish an alibi. Taylor called the trio's friend, Deborah mcclanahan and instructed her to buy four movie tickets and dinner for four people. That night, Don would bring her one hundred dollars to cover the costs. He reminded her to save the receipts Dipper assume this alibi was related to selling drugs. She didn't ask too many questions happy with the free meal when the trio left their house that afternoon. They took two separate cars, Don in one and the brothers in another. They drove to a peaceful residential neighborhood and parked outside. Bob whites house Bob was a retired air force pilot, who lived alone? He was number one on Taylor's list to try to collect money from dawn kept watch as the two brothers walk. Up the steps to the front door in dark suits, Taylor knocked. But Bob white was not home. Luckily, they had a backup plan when Taylor and Jordan knocked on the front door of eighty five year old Ivan and seventy eight year old net. Steinman the couple smiled and readily welcomed their former financial advisor and his younger brother into their home. Even though they hadn't seen Taylor. In a few years, they had always had a friendly relationship. They made small talk for nearly an hour until Taylor. Justin pulled their guns out. Outside Don kept watch chain smoking, and reading a book. Finally, the brothers emerged from the house with the handcuffed, Steinmetz and loaded them into their own minivan. They all drove back to saddle would court Taylor and just in park, the mini van in the garage and brought the Steinmetz inside Taylor wisdom on their plans for the next two days, he didn't want any friends or family to get concerned and come looking for them if they didn't show up when they were supposed to. So we had the make calls as necessary a net called her hair salon, and cancelled her appointment. They also called their daughter together and told her they were going on a mini vacation for a few days after clearing their schedule Taylor got down to business. He told the Stein men's that he was in some trouble and needed one hundred thousand dollars from them. He assured them, they would be released once he had the money. But of course, Taylor never planned on letting the Steinman go if they idell. Defied him to police and he was a suspect in a crime. He would never be allowed to lead the LDS church. But for now, he let them hold onto that hope. In the meantime, he started coaching dawn to impersonate a net. The Steinmetz had plenty of money in their Dean Witter account, but the majority was tied up in assets Taylor wanted, dawn to call an act like a net and instruct their current financial advisor to liquidate. They stayed up all night, smoking meth and practicing, then around six AM Taylor, Don drove to a payphone and called the Dean Witter office posing as a net. Dawn, instructed the baffled manager to liquidate their accounts. The manager warned her that there would be steep cancellation fees, but she insisted he take care of it immediately and hung up the phone Taylor Don. Drove home and celebrated their victory with more meth. It's not clear. Why Taylor asked on? Depose us an that when she had previously agreed to make calls to her hair salon and daughter to help his plot. It could be that he worried about a net going off script, but more likely Taylor's delusions and instructions from spirit were so entrenched that even when it made sense, he wouldn't deviate from the plan, he'd obsessed over for weeks, according to the two thousand eight study, reasoning anomalies associated with delusions in schizophrenia, delusions are espoused with a degree of conviction. That is unwarranted, by the evidence at hand, and resist revision, even when the delusional content is fantastic later, that morning, Taylor decided he had no more need for Ivan and Annette. He forced them to each take six Rohypnol commonly known as the date rape drug thinking, they would overdose and slowly lose consciousness as the pills kicked in tailor-made Ivan and Annette write two checks totaling one hundred thousand dollars. He instructed them to make the checks out to his twenty two year old girlfriend, Selena Bishop Taylor had started dating her a few weeks ago with the express purpose of making her escape goat, he'd even given her a fake name. Jordan, Selena would cash the checks, give Taylor the money and he would either kill her or leave her alive to take the fall for the Steinmetz to tailor. It was an airtight plan once Ivan at a net were fully subdued by the hypno- Taylor unjust and dragged them into the bathroom, but they didn't die. Impatient Taylor tried to smother them with plastic sheeting, but they fought back clinging to life, frustrated Taylor and just grab the Steinmetz and started bashing their heads against the tile floor a net skull cracked. But she continued to struggle, eventually tailored dragged her over to the bath tub and slit her throat with Justin's hunting knife, dawn stood motionless in the doorway. And watch the net dying Ivan's, heart, eventually stopped from the combination of the drugs and the beating their work finished Taylor. Justin and dawn left the bathroom. But Taylor still, high on meth became paranoid that police might realize too quickly that the Steinmetz were dead trying to fabricate a paper trail, he had dawn write a check from a nets checkbook made out to Ivan for ten thousand dollars. Dad afternoon, Don drove fifty miles to a Bank in Petaluma to deposit, it Taylor also picked out a disguise for her to make her less conspicuous. She wore a lime green pantsuit a straw cowboy hat and used a wheelchair despite her appearance and the fact that she'd misspelled Steinman Don successfully deposited the check. She wheeled out of the Bank with a smile. In the meantime, Taylor and Justin got to work dismembering the. Ladies for disposal. They used a reciprocating saw leaving pools of blood on the floor and red streaks on the walls. Then they collected the parts in black trash bags Taylor called dawn and told her to pick up some firewood underway way home so they could burn other pieces of evidence when she walked in the door, they were black trash bags lining, the hallway, then Selena Bishop called Taylor's phone. He had told her previously, they would go camping that week, but he had completely forgotten Taylor quickly pushed her off the phone and told her he'd call back after hanging up Taylor decided that he didn't actually need Selena to deposit. The checks for him dawn didn't have any issue depositing, the first time in check. She could impersonate Selena, just as easily, as she'd impersonated an head the fact that the first check had been written from one Steinman to the other for a tenth of the amount didn't seem to factor in the next morning, July. Thirty first dawn war the. Same line green outfit when she wheeled into a branch of Salinas Bank, and asked to speak to the manager. She told the Bank manager Vicki Sexton, that her friend, Selena needed open heart surgery. But didn't have insurance. Luckily Selena's grandparents sent money to pay for the operation, but because Selena was in the hospital. She couldn't come to the Bank to make the deposit and sent dawn. Instead, dawn, implored Vicki to deposit. The two Steinman checks into Salinas account right away. So she could access the money and pay for this lifesaving procedure Vicky wanted to help. But I, she called Dean Witter to make sure there was enough money in the account for the two checks to clear, the Dean Witter rep told her, she'd need to provide the Steinman social security numbers to access account information, Don wasn't expecting that she didn't have the numbers panicking. Dawn told Vickie, one of the Steinmetz would call her with the information and then wheeled out of the Pank. Back home Taylor was furious at this hiccup he had expected, the money would already be in celinas account. Now they had to figure out damage control. Luckily, I've been Steinmann had left his and his wife's social security cards in his wallet later that afternoon Don called Vicky pretending to be a net and left. The social security numbers on her voice mail, the next morning after Vickie heard the message she followed up with Dean Witter the one hundred thousand dollars was there, but she didn't remove the account hold something felt off to her. She wanted to speak with the Stein's when dawn called the follow up Vicky told her that she wouldn't release the money until she heard from the Steinman directly. This was the final straw for Taylor. He called off the entire scheme. They'd have to figure out another way to get the money they needed. And in the meantime, they would tie up loose ends starting with Selena Bishop. Coming up the children of thunder, tried to cover their tracks. 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On Monday, July thirty first two thousand thirty year old Taylor. Helzer twenty-eight-year-old, Justin Helzer, and Twenty-six-year-old, Don Godman hit a roadblock in their war plans after extorting, and killing Ivan and a net Steinman. They were unable to cash. The two checks they'd force the elderly couple to right. Totaling one hundred thousand dollars thinking that it would disguise, his involvement Taylor had instructed the Steinmetz to make the checks out to his twenty two year old girlfriend, Selena Bishop. But now that's Selena's Bank manager was suspicious of the checks Taylor wouldn't risk. Being caught the only solution. He reasoned was to kill Selena Taylor and his followers didn't have any problems with killing to get what they wanted one of the core principles from group awareness training that Taylor constantly parroted was that there was no right? Or wrong in the service of the greater good to Taylor. Justin. Dawn, killing few people was a small price to pay so that Taylor could save the LDS church and bring peace on earth on Wednesday August. Second Taylor met Selena at the bison brewing company just after seven pm, eventually Taylor invited her back to the house soon after they arrived, Don led Selena to the bathroom to show her how it had been remodeled. Justin hovered a few steps away holding a hammer, but Selena never turned her back to him. He couldn't muster the courage to kill her looking her in the face Taylor quickly made a new plan. He suggested they all four hang out together playing risk drinking wine and smoking pot during a break in the game. Taylor, Don crushed up several hypno- pills and slip them into Selena's wine, but she noticed the floating particles Taylor quickly took it back. Apologizing for the dirty glass and pouring, refresh one he needed yet. Another plan Taylor offered to give Selena back massage. He spread a blanket out on the floor and Selena laid down on her stomach as Taylor. Lovingly massaged her Justin took up his hammer, Selena cried out feebly, raising her hand to protect yourself has Justin brought the hammer down again. And again until the cries stopped the brothers quickly wrapped Selena up in the blanket and carried her into the kitchen leaving a trail of blood on the carpet Taylor ordered done to clean up the mess while he and Justin disposed of the body. Well, Justin set up a saw horse in the bathroom, dawn, realized Selena was still alive. She could hear her moaning in the kitchen. Taylor struck her a few more times with the hammer Selena went quiet, but her leg kept twitching. Taylor and Justin carried her to the bathtub and filled it with water Taylor beckon, dawn into the bathroom. She was terrified Taylor looked at her and said, spirit says you get to know this isn't a dream, then he slit Selena's throat and pushed her underwater. They dismembered her the same as the Steinmetz when they were done just dropped off. Salina's car into random parking lot and then returned home to clean the bathroom again. That night Taylor. Don burned some of the evidence in the house Selena's close the blanket, they wrapped her in and as Taylor watched the flames. He suddenly remembered that Salina's mom, Jenny Villeurbanne could identify him. They had only met once before, and she thought his name was Jordan, but it was too big of a risk. She had to be killed two. He knew that Jenny was staying at her daughter's apartment, while Selena was supposed to be camping with Taylor. Taylor dressed all in black for the late night, raid while he drove dawn wipe down bullets so they wouldn't have any fingerprints and loaded to guns. It was just after four AM when Taylor pulled up to the small basement studio apartment, Taylor entered through the garage and opened the apartment door. He was surprised when instead of Jenny a man leapt out of bed, fifty four year old, Jim gamble. Taylor fired wildly and struck gyms chest. Arm leg and neck as Jim collapsed, Jenny sat up in bed Taylor shot her twice in the face and ran from the apartment a few hours later, Taylor, Justin and dawn ate breakfast together. It was now Thursday with the help of methamphetamines, they'd all been awake. Basically, since Sunday, they had one more job to complete dispose of the bodies to further cover their tracks Taylor wanted to remove the teeth from the heads of the three victims in the house to make them harder to identify in the bathroom dawn held the heads steady as Justin used a chisel and hammer to knock out the teeth. They put the heads in a duffel bag with other limbs, and loaded everything into the back of Justin's truck with the other trash bags. Then the hitched up a rented jet ski and trailer and drove to the Sacramento delta, a remote area where rivers intersect forming several hidden inlets. Taylor in Jordan launched the jet ski from one of the marinas, while Don drove the truck downriver she parked and waited for the brothers to find her when they arrived. They loaded the body filled bags onto the jetski two at a time and dumped them in the middle of the river in the deep water from a distance. No one could see anything suspicious. Just two men on a jet ski and joined the water by the time they were done with all nine bags. The sun was setting, they headed home stopping for dinner along the way and toasting their accomplishment with tequila shots. Taylor thought he deserved a reward after a job, well done some of his friends were taking a trip to a music festival called reggae on the river that weekend. And he decided to join them before leaving he told Justin and dawn to finish scrubbing, the house of evidence, get rid of the Steinman van and find a better place to hide Selena's car. Justin and dawn were happy to take over the cleanup process from their profit Taylor left the two of them around midnight on Thursday, after he left dawn, and Justin wiped on the Steinman van and drove it to a neighborhood in Oakland. The next morning Friday just in loaded up his truck with more evidence to dispose of bags of ashes clothing, from the Steinmetz the reciprocating saw a skill saw, and bloody pieces of the sawhorse together. He and Don dumped the evidence in trash cans all over the city then they picked up Selena's car from the parking lot, where they had left it after wiping. It down for fingerprints. They ditched it in downtown Petaluma, before leaving Selena's Honda behind dawn planted, Ivan Steinmetz wedding ring in the car. Taylor told her to do so believing it would trick. The cops into thinking Ivan had left his wife and run away with Selena. Then Don met up with Deborah. Mcclanahan. An applebees for dinner when she returned home. She finally slept after her week long meth bender on Saturday, just an Don tried to clean the blood stained carpets with carpet cleaner, but it did little to help the stains wouldn't come out and the process made the whole house smelled like moldy death. Don reached a breaking point. And told Justin she had to get out of the saddle Woodhouse. She drove to Deborah's for the night. She also brought a few more pieces of evidence with her to stash including the wheelchair. She had used at the banks at the same time the families of the victims were being notified of their debts. David villa in Jenny's older brother and Selena zongol heard from what a Jenny's friends that she had been killed David called the Marin county sheriff's office for confirmation, and that informed the rest of the family to of David's daughters. Melissa and lush knowing how upset their cousin would be by the news. Trying to. Get in touch with Selena as soon as possible, but they also knew she was on a camping trip with her boyfriend, Jordan. So when she didn't answer her phone, they weren't surprised they kept calling anyway Marin county. Detectives Steve Nash noticed how many times Jordan's name had already come up in speaking with the family of the victim, but no one seemed to have met him or knew what he looked like the only thing of few friends knew was that Selena was supposed to be camping with them at Yosemite and would be back Sunday night. On Sunday morning, Justin decided the carpets needed to be professionally cleaned. He called around until he found a guy willing to come out on a weekend after looking at the extensive stains, the cleaner quota Justin seven hundred fifty dollars for the job he agreed but had to summon dawn home. So she could pay with their credit card when Don arrived. They told the carpet cleaner matter of factly that the red stains were from spilled Kool-Aid when Taylor got back from the music festival that night he found big fans blowing in the living room to dry the wet carpet. It looked much better than before, but red spots were still visible, and while Taylor was now home Selena was not friends and family became concerned, national earned that Jordan supposedly had a brother named Justin and that they lived somewhere in concord. He cross check that information with Selena's pager and discovered the man's real name was. Was Glenn Taylor? Helzer on Monday. August seventh detective Nash drove from Marin county where James and Jenny had been killed to the concord police department not only was he trying to avoid ruffling any jurisdictional feathers. He hoped he would be able to enlist conquered swat team to try to apres, hen Taylor during a house, call outside the police station, Nash passed by a few reporters, they asked questions about the disappearance of an elderly couple Ivan and a net Steinman, but Nash didn't see the connection between the cases yet he wouldn't realize it until he found the dismembered bodies. Coming up. Detectives recover the bodies of the Steinmetz and Selena Bishop. Now, the conclusion of our story. On August seventh two thousand detective Steve Nash prepared for a raid on the children of thunder. He believed that thirty year old Glenn Taylor. Houser was related to the disappearance of twenty two year old Selena Bishop and her mother, Jenny Villaran at six AM Nash and a swat team arrived at a house on saddle would court. Police gave a cursory knock on the front door. A battering ram followed? Just an dawn were peacefully taken into custody, but Taylor wearing only boxers try to scaping out a window, but when he hopped, the fence in the backyard, he practically landed onto officers. They threw Taylor to the ground and cuffed him as Nash March Taylor to a squad car, he confirmed that he was also Jordan, and that he knew Selena, he said they had planned to go to Yosemite the past weekend. But the day before the trip, he and Selina had a fight went Selena didn't show up or answer her phone. He went to reggae on the river instead but when the detective brought up Selena's mother, Jenny Villaran, Taylor's demeanor changed he stopped answering questions and win the squad. Car started to pull away from the curb Taylor used the force of his body to pop out a window rolled out of the car and took off running trying to escape. He ran through backyards in the neighborhood looking for a way. Way into one of the houses. He burst through the back door of a house and miming gun pointed his fingers at the man inside and demanded the keys to his car. But the men had two large dogs. They lunged at Taylor and he fled when Taylor approached Mary Musacchio back door. She thought he was one of her adult sons friends and opened the sliding glass door for him. Taylor grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and threatened to kill her. If she called the police, he demanded she hand over the keys to her car, but she stammered that her car was in the shop Taylor didn't believe her. But she insisted she even showed him, the phone book still open to a page of rental car companies hoping to keep them calm. Mary gave Taylor a change of clothes anti finally fled from her house. She locked the door behind him and turned to find her son who she thought was asleep in the hallway already on the phone with the police Taylor continued cutting through backyards. Jumping fences as he headed towards concord boulevard. Thanks to the tip from, Mary son, Taylor was quickly, surrounded and taken into custody. Once Taylor was detained detective Nash started combing, the Saudi Woodhouse for evidence. Several items made them suspicious handcuffs duct tape ecstasy, and some of the Steinmetz clothing, Taylor, Justin, and dawn had managed to destroy some of the evidence but in their drug induced state, they had left a lot of it behind for now. The police had plenty to hold them while they figured out what happened when Vicky Sexton the Bank manager saw news report about the Steinmetz disappearance. She immediately called the police and related, the story about the woman who had tried to cash to large checks from their account. She mentioned that the checks had been made out to Selena Bishop, but because she had called the Petaluma police station and Selena's case was being handled by the concord station, the. Officer didn't make the connection it wasn't until the bags filled with body parts resurfaced in the river, that police started to realize how all these murders and disappearances were related a man named Steve Seibert was jet skiing and the delta on Monday afternoon when he came across a duffel bag floating in the water when he got the bag to shore. He unzipped it and found six rocks. A concrete steppingstone black plastic trash bags and a human torso. Cyber called the police by Wednesday. They had recovered enough bags from the river, to say definitively that the body parts belong to Ivan Steinman a net Steinman and Selena Bishop once police identified the Steinman 's they called their daughter to notify her of Ivan and Annette's death. David villa in wasn't so lucky because he was only Selena's uncle not her direct next of kin, he learned about her murder. And dismemberment from a news report. They still weren't sure how their deaths related to Jenny Villaran and her friend. But they already felt strongly that the children of thunder were somehow responsible for all five homicides. Detective Nash looked for answers at the settlement house. Some of the evidence, collected included the hammer that killed Selena and a scrap of paper that red head and teeth two hours, this evidence, further, the detectives theory that Ivan a net and Selena had been killed and dismembered there. As the evidence mounted against her son's karma. Hells IRS searched for a private lawyer to represent them, but the costs were tremendous. So the brothers cases as well as dawn's went to the county public defender's office. It didn't take long for the public defender, David Headley to determine just how out of touch with reality. His client was dawn still fully believed that Taylor was a prophet, who would protect her which meant she didn't have any need for attorneys. She believed that everything Taylor had done was for Jesus Christ. Headley brought in one of his neighbors to examine on clinical psychologist, Dr Margaret singer, she was an expert on, how leaders of cults brainwash their followers and had testified during Patricia Hearst's trial singer was also an expert on large group awareness, trainings, and thought reform programs, according to singer, the tactics of thought reform process destabilize individual. Nls sense of self by radically altering their worldview. This causes them to accept a new version of reality and develop dependency on the organization. Taylor insisted that both dawn and Justin attend this program. Hedley hope that hearing singers explanation of thought reform would help dawn understand what Taylor had done to her and lead her to reject his influence, but dawn didn't waver in her conviction that Taylor was a prophet while Margaret worked with dawn investigators continued to search for evidence one name kept popping up. Deborah, mcclanahan Deborah originally told detectives that she went to dinner and a movie with Taylor, Justin and dawn on July thirtieth, but that didn't line up at all with the evidence in the saddle Woodhouse, Deborah tried to backup or story with the receipts sheets saved. But once police told Deborah that this was an alibi for murder, not a drug veal as she assumed she broke down and. Them the truth. She wasn't with the trio at all on July thirtieth. Then she revealed to detectives that Don had given her some stuff to hide back at her apartment, Deborah show. Detectives the wheelchair Don had used at the Bank as well as a safe that dawn had placed in her guest room months before the safe contained a gun and two boxes of nine millimeter amunition, the same caliber, Jim and Jennie had been shot with. They also found Selena's driver's license and social security card to safe also held evidence from the Steinman 's detectives recovered a net Steinman wallet prescription insulin for Ivan both the Steinman checkbooks retirement account statements and Bank deposit whole document with Vicky Sexton's business card. They also found don's handwritten script with her explanation of Selena's, open, heart surgery, and why she needed the money, ASAP, be evidence. Definitively linked the deaths of. Jenny villa in and Jim gamble to the three homicides. Concord on September seventh two thousand Taylor Justin and dawn pled not guilty to all five homicides. As the defense attorneys prepared for trial, Margaret singer continued her efforts to program dawn. She suggested they bring in David Sullivan, a private investigator and cult de programmer to help David Headley needed to prove that Taylor had broken, his client's moral, compass, and made her help commit crimes Sullivan, not only help d program called members, he also had infiltrated cults and taken part in large group awareness programs similar to harmony and impact in March two thousand one he enrolled in the same harmony chorus Don took part in to figure out why she was still so committed to Taylor's 'cause this seminar was terrible, even for Sullivan by the end of the second day. He was mentally and physically exhausted. He could see how the participants were broken down with behavioral psychology until they had reverted to a mob mentality. It made them much easier to manipulate and control Sullivan almost quit. But he stuck with it at Headley's urging when he got out. He was able to relate to dawn in a new way by sharing anecdotes of his own experiences with her, this helped him explain to her how the techniques she was subjugated to had help Taylor convince her that he was a prophet finally dawned understood that she had been manipulated. It was a huge moment. It had felt previously like Don was pushing down on the rock. They were trying to roll up hill now that she understood Taylor's sinister effect on her. They could try to mount a credible defense and help her avoid the death penalty. December twentieth. Two thousand one judge Douglas Cunningham ruled that the case would go to trial, and that all three members of the children of thunder would be eligible for the death penalty dawn's attorneys were glad she no longer thought Taylor was a prophet, but they needed more, if they were going to save her life they brought in park Dietz of famous, for instance psychiatrist interviewed on. He rarely testified for the defense. So having him on their side would be a big win park interviewed, Don over the course of several months and finally came to the conclusion that Don was not a sociopath or a psychopath, he determined from their conversations that she was not predisposed to commit these types of crimes and had been subjected to psychological manipulation finally he noted that Don was insane at the time the crimes occurred. David Headley took these findings to lead prosecutor Hal Jewett. It took some doing, but eventually he convinced you. That Don could be used as a witness to secure the death penalty for the brothers to this point. No one knew exactly, who had killed, who, which is a huge sticking point when jurors are deciding whether or not a person deserves the death penalty dawn could provide that clarity. Jillian agreed as long as Don passed a polygraph that cleared her of any of the murders. She did an agreed to plead guilty to thirteen felonies. She was still sentenced to twenty five years to life, but it beat death row on Tuesday. March second two thousand four Taylor's attorney, Suzanne, Chapo argued that Taylor and Justin should be tried separately. Judge Marian O'Malley denied the request. Then three days later, Taylor changed his plea. He now plead guilty to every charge against him. It was stunning news. But Taylor was direct and steadfast in his decision. He simply had no defense to the charges against him. He did what he did because he thought it was the right thing to do. No court could judge him more than God. Just in on the other hand maintained, his plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. His trial began on April thirtieth two thousand four almost four years after the murders for the first time in his life. The younger Helzer brother took the stage over his brother, the trial lasted less than six weeks, and on June sixteenth. It took the jury less than seven hours to find him. Guilty of all charges. Both Justin and Taylor were sentenced to death for the five murders. After sentencing Taylor had the chance. Speak to family and friends of victims. He said, quote, I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry. I clearly see now that my actions were unspeakably horrific. I was actually under the impression I was doing a good thing if I were evil, I would enjoy your misery, if I'm not evil your hatred is misplaced and harmful to you. There wasn't anyone left to preach to who believed him. Taylor was led out of the courtroom alone with no one to follow him Taylor. Currently sits on death row at San Quentin prison tragically Justin took his own life in two thousand thirteen before the sentencing could be carried out. The children of thunder are a disturbing warning of the dangers of untreated mental illness and religious radicalization Taylor was able to operate in the public light for so long undetected, and untreated, because those closest to him mischaracterized, his schizophrenia, as divine intervention group awareness training was also a key factor in shaping Taylor and his misguided cult these programs are still used today, though, there are widely regarded as brainwashing tools that have more similarities to cults than legitimate self help programs when placed in the wrong hands. Thanks again for tuning into cults, we'll be back with another episode next Tuesday. You can find more episodes of cults, as well as all par casts, other shows on Spotify or your favorite podcast. Directory, several of you have asked how to help us, if you enjoy the show, the best way to help to leave a five star review. 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