Apple's New iPad Pro Eliminates The Home Button


I'm Palmer Dane with dish in digital sponsored by h New York's ultimate camera authority. The new ipad pro is here unveiled at Apple's recent event in downtown Brooklyn. Jeremy Kaplan is digital trends editor in chief and new ipad throw are pretty radical chain style. They got rid of big button on the front the home button, which is important by doing. So they were able to strip down the size of the devils around the edges of the screen. So it looks a little bit smaller and a little tighter also a little sleeker. And that also means they could put a larger screen into a small product. So you can get eleven screaming at twelve point nine inch screen bigger than they used to be before that said it's still just as it used to be five point nine millimeters. Thick and the ipad pro replaces touch ID with face ide-. The eleven inch model starts at eight hundred dollars the thirteen inch of thousand dish digital. I Palmer Dane and for more go to WCBS, eight eighty dot com and click on the audio section.

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