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Pooch Punting With Pat


The. Hello. Welcome back. To the meantime show, featuring Lenny the only NFL podcast where we don't vet our guests. But one of the host does go to the vet shout out to Dr Songa and he's caught up his shots. Now feeling really healthy feeling really great. So we are joined today, but one of those aforementioned unvetted guests he was a punter in the NFL for seven years if I did my math, right, right? Seven eight seven good ones, though. Eight one one eight. Do. You know, what happens is I always look at the seasons. And then I forget that they like bend around. So when I do my math. I always rob people of year. I get really got work on. It's always so confusing. When you talk about like the two thousand fourteen Super Bowl, but it happened in twenty fifteen that always messes with me personally. I don't think you're the only one there every time. I look on Wikipedia whenever I have a guest. I try to do the math. And I always get it wrong as well. So I always just do the guestimation. I get it wrong. Seven years eight years, it doesn't matter. Everything's okay. And I'm thankful to be. Well, you're of super positive guy. You have been you are analyst commentator, Monday night football, aspirant comedian. You've got your own podcast, which is very popular very heavy on the shenanigans, which we like around here, you're doing cool stuff now with the WW e which I wanna hear about later, and I guess I should introduce you to the guests case, you weren't tipped off by the stuff, and the fact that he actually spoke earlier, it's Pat McAfee, folks. Welcome to the show pet. Thanks for having me. It's going to be a blast. I'm normally pretty positive you catch me early. I I can get a little grumpy if I'm little angry. But yeah, life is good. Life was great. And I'm very excited to be here with you. Did you know that when I did the whole intro that Michael host is dog. Or were you confused by that? No, I heard a little bit of a heads up that there was a chance of dog was coming in. And I knew the dog brings the heat. So I'm excited that the vet took care of them got him all his shot. I can't wait to hear what he has to say. My dog talks to me as well. She's a little bit of a softer personality. I can't wait to hear your how your pet interacts with really. I can't wait. Yeah. Yeah. My dog is is an act of Barker. She and I get along. Well. Oh, actually have a question already from Linney. He wants to know your dog's name, and he'd like to see a picture. That's creepy. Lenny. We'll talk about that afterwards. Actually, you know when I came up with this show. Pat, one of the names people were like really the meantime show, featuring Lenny, it's not very original. And one of the names that people suggested for me was pooch punt because it's thing if you and I did a show together. Actually, if you've been your dog dish show together, you could call it pooch. Punt. Yeah. Yeah. I think coaching as good as a good one too because whenever your pooch punt, and you're just out there. My dog doesn't send nudes. She's my daughter, no, pixel come to Lenny. But her name is Valerie, she's a pit bull sharpei mix. The greatest thing on earth. Yeah. I really like dogs vary. Dogs have human names. Just wanna throw that out there. They sound like they would go well together. No offense. My dog did already holler at Damien Woody stock. So he's pretty shameless. He's a true dog and every sense of the word, but Valerie sounds like she might be too jacked pumped jacked for Lenny who is a big old mix. And we'll get to the dog talk later. This is kind of a weird point in the NFL season. We're coming off of the free agency. Highs drafts not firm minute. It's a little slow feel like I've kind of tied up in March madness. I was just telling Dan our producer that I just got back from South Carolina saw one of the. Most exciting college basketball games of my life. Are you as deep in March madness? I know you have financial interests right in tournament. Where are you right now? How you doing? Worked down made a we are down. I think it's incredible. The way Vegas has this ability to predict exactly what's going to happen and convinced me to put financial gains the opposite way. But I watched zero college basketball games all year. It's not something. I'd I've into normally. But I am all about the madness of March. And I watch every single game my lady, and I bet on the couch all weekend dove right into these student human athletes putting on a show in that UCF Duke game. Although it was a heart heartbreaker for the UCF Goto night that program down there. Both football and basketball is an incredible one talk. Oh, some foot stick. That's a guy you could build around literally. And I on missing the free throw on purpose for RJ Barrett. Who was the number one recruit coming out of high school to make him feel good to get the game winner. I think he's magical situation for. Legacy. A may be working on a piece about the aforementioned single Ma because I like prints now. Right. We just call them Zion. He doesn't even need a last name. He's there. But so I was on on press row. Pet acting Hella unprofessional like win because you're not supposed to like you certainly cheer obviously. But you're not really supposed to react. When the press row. Poor Allison Williams who covers college basketball for us and football. I'm sure you've seen her on science. I was screaming wailing falling on her at the end got a lot of sidelong glances from mafele. Oh, reporters, my fellow journalists. But I don't care. It was the coolest thing. And it was just so exciting to be there. I love every second of attack. Oh tak. Oh, I mean, I was telling Dan he imperfect. I he doesn't really jump. He just kind of bunny hops, because he doesn't have to right. But he's also really proportionately built like I don't think I've ever seen anyone who. Looks like that. Yeah. I don't think there's any humans. I mean, the Cambay Matombo obviously, very tall Fellay in relation. But he he's built like an athlete. He looks like he could be explosive. He has but he looks like a guy on a Fisher Price hoop out there. I mean, he's he's standing on his tippy toes, Dunkin basketball's over d one athletes. I think it's an incredible advantage to be seven foot six and a sport where height happens for sure. But let's get back to the media row people acting as if they're curing cancer or doing rocket science or like sports are supposed to have a motion. They shouldn't be looking at you sideways. The way that game ended in the way that game one. There should be a motion. I think you were doing it right to hell with everybody else on that damn row. Well, thank you. Well, I got snitched on earlier in the year win the first Zion game. I went to at Cameron. It was like you gotta see him in person, Pat like it's just an insane. Experienced in a little bit of. A current retired an athlete just retired. We'll talk about a little bit later, but he jumped out for like one of those crazy volleyball blocks with the two hands. And I went. Like it was like an involuntary utterance in somebody snitched on me down there as well. But listen, we're here to talk football mostly now really a little bit. And it shows a little different. Okay. So usually we have section at the end of the show called Dinxin dunks. Where I ask in a sort of questions. Lenny always gets one question, but this show because the football news is a little bit quiet this week. We're going to do a super sized inks and dunks a mix of football in non-football questions. I have written the mall for you, Pat or you ready. Oh, yeah. I'm excited for the Dinka dunk to get you a nice rhythm to get this often flowing into really to move to this podcast, an exquisite fashion thinking dunk all over the internet and that signed for Dink's dunks. I'm getting paid for this, right? All right. I really football. I figured that way. I could not alienate my core audience. So you are using your career with colts. Correct. That is great. Like, simple information. You could looked up on the internet before him, you know. And I know you follow the team closely of her you in on them. So I go to we talked last week with Kirk Morrison about winters losing the free agency. We didn't spend a ton of time on the colts because despite having more money than God, they didn't do a lot. So I want to ask you as a colts enthusiasts colts. Observer close close watcher of the team a local oblique you still live in the area. Or are you happy with their free agency? So that's an interesting question. I saw a lot of people on the internet on the TV's going after Chris Ballard for having all this money in not just being loosey goosey with not just throwing it around and taking shots at big time names and big time players, but Chris Ballard has been very consistent since the beginning whenever he came to town with his other girls from dick and his good good looking hair and a handsome young faith. He had the same themes thing plan. He was going to build the team. From within. He was going to build through the draft and through undrafted free agency. And he always said that he was gonna he wants to be an organization that takes care of their own. So if he wants to take care of his own young players Darius Leonard Quinton Nelson t y Hilton Chester Rogers, the bungee there's a lot of young guys that are in that organization right now, if you want to take care of them, you have to start preparing for that early with your casts, so he was very open about not being a crazy spender in the free agency. And then whenever he wasn't a crazy spender in the free agency the world kind of flipped upside down for a quick minute. And then he signed Justin Houston, which is going to help the team, mentally and everybody's back on his side. So the city of Indianapolis might have been getting a bit antsy. But as soon as you did that one signing especially with how they ended last year. I think the city of Indianapolis is expected coats fans again. And I think I think Chris Ballard is a genus though. I whatever team make the I I'm I'm a big fan of Chris bound. I like. The way he I. Mood, tat me. He's smooth cat. Listen. You're you're preaching to the choir. Literally the words I use last week where I worship at the altar of Chris valor. Dude, had probably one of the best or leap drafts. We've seen the last decade. I that's hyperbolic care. He looks like a dad in Pleasantville who seems really scr- like strict at first. But then by the end, he's like dancing and wearing color like I like, I like everything he's about a like what he's done. I was nervous. Because as I mentioned last week as soon as I praised him like ten sec. I was like I like Chris Ballard being careful in any went out and signed funches for thirteen million dollars, which I did not love it didn't love that. Iran them to go. After like a slot guy like a Cobb tape. Crowder to pair with t- wise at downfield threat. I thought that's I don't know. Just that seemed exciting for me. And I'm sure it's something the look at in the draft. Like, I would love guy like Paris Campbell or a little speedster in that offense. But. I agree with you the Houston signing. I think is probably if not the best one of the best pass rush signings of the entire free agency, given the value, and the fact that two years right because you mentioned very smartly correctly. He's going to have to pay all these young studs in a few years. So to have your premier pass rusher. Even if he's getting up in the years thirty thirty like, that's that's just smart team building. So I'm I'm still with him. I'm with you. I'm with Indianapolis. Well, I'm going to send him a text. Attack that we're all still with you know, I'm the lead. He and I are in texting relationship I'm gonna let him know file superstar for me SPN gets a little bit rattled on media row. And there's something happened is still with you. But I think he honestly I the guy hasn't made many mistakes. He's got in the GM position. He was highly sought after whenever he came to the coats and everything he does use kinda got to trust and believe it until they until they go to shit, and then then you just kinda bail out if I'm not to say that here, but I have a lot of faith in the guy. And I think the city of India does and I'm happy you do as well. What's his texting style? He sent his like, it's it's very conversational. He used proper gramatica to you know, uses one period double space after that capital. Weather's he uses commas indicate a little pause where I use to periods. Instead, he's he's all put together pretty well. Both in textually, and intellectually, and I think that is something that is is really the two recipes through two things the recipe you need for a good GM just want to add a little bit. So you know, there are a few other signings. Peer Zere who I the cornerback? I thought would was one of the more underrated Cornerbacks of last year was a former Seahawk really had a career season. They got him pretty cheap. You know, just like role players guys like Lewinsky Margus, Hong Clinton, get it all adds up. I think to a pretty decent season. Even if it wasn't as flashy as somewhat of wanted question to Pat. If all of the NFL coaches got in the funder stone sti- thunderdome style battle who would be the last two in who would win. Like, no, do whatever you want. You're going to show them that Bella check is going to survive. Somehow, you know, Valla check is gonna outsmart outwit everybody somehow, someway. Wiz. Somehow that's always gonna talk time and gonna survive it'd be one of the last two in the other guy. I'm gonna take I think it has to be. Oh, I don't know. I'm torn between time Sean McVay down. While he's got a lot of energy. He's a young guy in from what I've heard he runs routed practice. He's in the drills. I mean, he is very active coach that you would think if it was a battle royale type thing where you have to survive, you would think maybe a younger guy could do it. Frank Reich, though, he's got the most grid of any head coach. I mean, you've got to remember the biggest biggest. Yup. Two of the biggest comebacks in football history both in college and in the NFL or held by Frank Reich. So the amount of Dritan that he has is next level and that might be a little hometown cooking. But in a battle, our thirty one coaches, we're already putting Bella check at one of 'em gritted, something you're going to need liked him a lot Adam gay seems to have a lot of energy as press conferences, especially as they want. These got it seems to be an unenvious amount of energy with his eyes being wide open and ready to go maybe Adam gazes in their strictly from the energy factor. But I'm gonna. Have to go with Frank Reich and Bill Bella check will be the last to Frank because the grit Bill because it's Bella check. And that's just the way things. Go. So I stopped at your Frank Reich pick because I think it him with those little classes, and he just looks like a very chill college professor but glasses can be deceiving. Glasses can hide Fuhrer and strength. So I don't want to throw him out completely. But I mean, Dan, Quinn stone cold, Dan Quinn. Frank Reich doesn't want to hands. Dan, Quinn is a guy that you would have to fear at that bald head. I mean, it is something to think about that. Andy Andy Reid doing down about a flight of Andy Reid is to be able to handle his business. He buck through that the wall like Kuwait ban on a gif. I it every single day on the internet ready kitchens. Plenty I think he's out early. And I honestly I think they make him early. Yeah. He's too funny happy. He's a good guy. So I think he's gonna do. Well, the Browns but in a fight to the death. I think they they might go after him early. Bruce Arians has a way about him of kind of making things happen. He might survive the whole damn thing. He was retired comes back to Tampa. He might he might have a little bit more to live for. I'm I really don't know. I think it's good question. Mama stick with Frank Reich strictly because the grits. Wow. I'm really glad you spell check. 'cause actually before the Super Bowl. I was arguing with someone that Bella check would beat McVay in the octagon. And people looked at me like, I was crazy. And I said, well, like, you know, you have there's always weird rules, and you don't understand you're like, I don't understand. How this tapped out? Nobody would be able to exploit those rules quicker than deli. Check like all like all hands. Anything goes battle situation. My money is on Bill bell check every time. Even though he's in his nineties or whatever. Going. Hey, don't move out that old guy up in the box two and helps them out don't rule out that guy gonna help him. And then in the fight. I mean, that's something that needs to be taking seriously because whenever there situational advantages to be had and you got a guy up in the crow's nest. There's got a big old brain with you. I mean, that's gonna help Allah checkout. Yeah. I feel like you would take like he would like I dunno grind tooth into a shave or something just figure out some sort of shocking advantage. Using kitchens would go out. I. Yeah. To nice nice. I couldn't even guess. Freddie kitchens. I think is going out early strictly because he's a good guy. Nice guy, funny guy, and he's younger. So I think they just kinda tag team into him into oblivion, but I like FREDDY I like what he's about to do in Cleveland, but in its battle out thing, I think he's out early in my eyes. I think he's out or matinee. Okay. Here's a guy started club. Dub got a lot of energy team loves them up there. He he's he's got a little wrinkle in the playbook every single week. He likes to do. Maybe he's a guy that can maybe scheme and strategize his way to the final two. I like the way he operates as well. Now, I think about it. He might be. Yeah. He might feel like him in read could team up, you know, with their allegiance actually loves it assault of allegiance in tag teams. Because I feel like what would happen is in this battle royale is what would actually happens in the NFL, which is Bill Belichick would form an alliance with his coaching tree. And then at the last second killed them. All. Well, I think that is what happens if you look at his coaching. I mean, there's there's much excess outside of their and it's because the New England way is the New England for reason it's tough installed other places map Patricia with that Ticonderoga number two pencil to that the weapon that's going to be in there. Ship already. Pencil to the do. Don't you see Bella check leg you remember kring from the ninja turtles the crying. That's kind of a weird reference. But I feel like Hedy have Patricia as bodyman actually doing the physical labor in this fight? And then at the end he would use the pencil and then like stab Patricia in the eye. Okay. Well, I think we're in agreement at least about him getting there. Although I'm not really with you on right? Hey, I want to ask you my third question is topical. So the owners meetings are going on and very hot topic. I think it's gonna get punt it feel about by the way punted being like a negative verb in general parlance. Like when you kick something down the road. You're putting on it. How do you feel about that? Does it make you feel bad strategic turnover on the wording, a pun is a strategic turnover strategic delay? That's all it is big grain stuff. I it's all about how you word. It look at it. Obviously, you you anything. A negative or a positive punting just as smart decision and deciding and figuring out something later. Yeah. I don't I don't take any offense to that. I like the stat strategic thought we'll so you know, they're a punt on this. But a home the hat topic down there right now ease replay review -able calls. The Peyton stuff will. So there's a couple of proposals were going on Tuesday, by the way. So this could be there could be some movement on this. I think it's going to continue to be sort of a matter of debate. One proposal was to add passing Fearance to list of reviewable plays. The second would also head roughing the passer and defenceless hits. Sean Payton has also who obviously has a bit of a dog in this fight being cheated out of that championship has said he wants the rest to be full time. I said that has to change is too hard. There's too much stay for someone who's a teacher at a school. He's florist an attorney didn't know any of the rest were florist. But now, I wanna know anyways. I wanted to ask you how do you feel about those expansions for replay do and how do you feel about? Are you like a pro replay guy or an anti replay guy, bro, replay guy bigtime blade guy. If everybody at home something I don't know why the rest who are put in a terrible position with the modern technology. Nobody's point for the ref. Nobody they have no fans. Everybody's waiting for them to mess up. And then get shown that they messed up by the technology that we have I am very much appro replay person. I think every single call should be replaceable to be on it, even if it's a whole if the bad older good old, it should be replaceable. They get it wrong. They lose it. If they get it. Right. They keep. A replay or that challenge in my head. That's how it goes. Because think about the Green Bay Packers. Those clay Matthews roughing the passer calls that were kind of ES those change their entire season as well. Yeah. Not only the New Orleans on holding penalty completely on the offense completely stalls. Offensive drive. I think there, Sean Payton's, right? There is a lot at risk. There's a lot of money on the line. There's a lot of careers in families. And now that sports gambling becoming a legal thing. There's a lot of billions and billions of dollars on the line everywhere. The restaurant a terrible spot. Nobody likes the floors to make the mistake. They love his peonies. They don't love it. Making a mistake. We might as well allowed the opportunity to get it. Right. Keep it moving, and it's more money for the NFL. Anyways. A replay challenge is another way to sell advertisements. I don't understand it. I know there's the old the old traditional folks like doesn't need it. We do fall without replay. Yeah. But we can make game a little bit better. We can make the. Game a little bit better for every and more fair for everybody involved in. I think that's the right thing to do. I don't know if it'll ever get there. I hope so at some point. I like that. You're traditionalist is souther. You know, it's an old boys. The bunch of billionaires out there to bunch of billionaire if I could do a southern accent? My traditional parody voice would also be southern instead it's more like order like repairs. That's also my Andrew luck voice. So but anyways, L'Opinion, I'm with you. I'm with you so much like I just feel like the pen box boxes already open when the fans at home can see it. You can't go back in time on the field. Right. Because we if we're able to see these things you can't undo that. Like, you can't be like, well, let's just not show stuff to fans anymore. Like, you can't turn back the clock. Now, the concern people has that this is going to drag games on and my feeling on. That is just find a way to make them really quick. Because if it's an obvious mistake, we see it really quickly not one of those things where you know, you look at rings of three hundred different angles, and it could still be interpreted thousand different ways because those whatever those will go different ways, but get the obvious calls. Right. You know, like the saints won. For example, anyone saw what happened actually? Realtime. But Meena Meena. You are scratching me where I it's with that. I got the call college football game. And I got the NFL game this past year. I'll I I'm not sure ever gets called a game again. But the first call that want to replay the college football game. This ref was staring at about a five by five and five inch by five inch little screen to see the report, we're at Gerry world. The Jumbotron at Gerry world is literally sixty yards long avenue your grown by twenty yard in its four K the entire thing there. So in the replay rate above the rest on a hundred yard four K screen and this dummies looking at a little tiny computer with a little earpiece in Collin to New York or wherever it is in my eyes. They should be able to look at the Jumbotron correct corrector on the go having earpiece in with maybe somebody watching the replays in a booth somewhere just the directly call into them like Florence. Yeah. You messed it. Up look at the replay. Let's fix it. Let's keep it moving almost like the af has been doing the AFL has been doing. I think there's a way to expedite the entire process. You couldn't be more right with that whole thing when you mentioned scratching you were just thinking like behind the ears is that okay? Like, that's Lenny favorite place to be behind the years. My dutch. Likes to be my dog. But rub the hip hip, the bu-. Yes. My dog likes that too. Yeah. Like when he's facing this actually, I could describe it sound kind of weird question for. Rab Glenn dog. Doggystyle petting over here. Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. Gotcha. Petting betting. But but but is where by Douglas scratch, so. Yeah. Are right now. No, she's at home in my office. I I actually kinda miss her right now to be honest. I'll get pictures from my lady throughout the day of her just like asking me when I'm gonna come home with like a cute little caption on it. It's really it really comes at the heartstrings, really Dr. Do you win? I'm going to get back to the last question. I swear. But when you're flying home from a trip, do you ever scroll through albums that are just pictures of your dog? So is that is that weird? No, don't don't my way would in my lady does. But it's not my I don't scroll through albums of just my dog. But I do get pictures of my dog sense to be on a regular basis. So I I think the difference between you, and is you go to the on demand section mine is lives. But you know, what? I mean, you go back. Yeah. The same photos Viner actively being updated. So yes, I think it's kind of thing. Yeah. I'm reliving my dogs greatest hits basically. And I have some videos to like I'm revealing a little bit too much. So gronk 'cause he coming back. Are you buying this is it that was that's what I was the actual question. Well, I mean Rosenhaus coming out Rosenhaus is done incredible job, by the way with all of his clients. Getting them a lot of money and a lot of media in all being guy who has a sportscenter commercial and a guy that stores booth headset in looking cool. I don't know how you do that classic agent being an agent. I'm not sure this is it for drunk hausky. I think he he might get the itchy just wants to hang out for a while, which I completely respect and understand greatest tight end of all time whenever you was playing. I don't know. I think the the world is a better place when gronkowski's playing football. But who knows what he's going to get into next. Maybe he'll find a Brinks truck in movie somewheres, and that will take up his time. I I don't know. I think there's a chance he comes back and plays. But I also think there's a chance that he's about the kid a scratch off massively and some other business and profession, and I think he might just ride off into the sunset come back as a hero in New England. Every once in awhile wave to the crowd didn't fit in. Craft. We'd up there at China or get and then just just have a good time for the whole thing. A lot of people sort of speculated WB. I mean, he didn't he remember one of his friends Mo-jo right is in WB in. I think it was like two years ago that he did wrestlemania or something or w raw, but you know, after the civil Pat, I ran gronk. I remember waiting for him in the locker room, and he could barely walk like one of his legs was swollen the size of it was bigger than my torso. I'm looking at my trying to it's like if me, and Lenny hugged, maybe that would be one of his legs. He is in so much pain all the time and people act like WBZ just acting like a very physical. You know? So I kind of doubt that. That said it's really like, especially a guy like loves the game so much lows the team aspect like just loves everything about it. It can be really hard. When you're a few months out. You really miss it from what I've heard. So I guess I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back, and I don't know it's weird by the way over the last day or so as this news has come out watching the debate over whether he's hoping for spout hall of fame. Like, robin. Cousy is degrees person to ever play the position. I don't like that doesn't seem particularly debatable to me. Yeah. I'm on your side year. I don't think so either I think anybody saying that it isn't as just trying to be a troll and get some quick which has been people love doing. I just I think whenever Cousy was on the field. He was magical, and the reason why he was so banged up because he was such a big target. I mean, he took a lot of hits his body is also not supposed to do the things did he had the ability to block your best defensive end. And he also had the ability to outrun your safety or linebacker while having the greatest hands on the field. I mean, he was put together in a way to being a dawn on the field. But with that can come a lot of negativity on the backside for his body. And I honestly believe that he was about done a year ago. And Phil Tom Brady came off the camel and got him back into it for another run. They get a Super Bowl. I think he's done. But but just like Rosenhaus said if there's a big moment, and they need a tight end in gronkowski can compete clean. I think not from steroids. But I'm talking about street drugs. I. There is a chance that he definitely gets back into the game at some point. But I think you'll take at least a year off and WWE that is a grueling schedule for professional record. So I don't think you'll be a full-time sports entertainment guy. But I think there's definitely opportunities to make appearances and make some money with the WWE because he is a sports entertainer. He's a hilarious human if he does come back for the playoffs or whatever. I just hope he does it in a really cool way. Like, they lower him from the ceiling or something or you know, like peers in a cloud of smoke like very theatrical because we know that the patriots love fun and the ad Trix. Okay. Last question before the mail bag. Who's going to be the worst team in the NFL next year? Your positive guys. So I feel like this is a hard one for you. It is. I just ran through every division my head real quick. And for some where easing for some reason. I'm thinking there is a cardinals. Even though one of my best friends is their starting center strictly because new head coach the quarterback, though, Leded all this posts off the internet. Currently the bid situation Cuyler Murray Murray's gonna come at maybe Keiler is another Baker Mayfield. And it's just a complete stud. But for me, I think there is a car does have a lot of question marks to figure out maybe the Miami Dolphins as well. Because they're in the patriots division or by knows that. But also just because the Miami Dolphins have had a history of being rough here for a while. No fence to your dog rough. But I think I think the card I'm the dolphin dolph. I'm gonna go with the dolphins. Well, so listen, I get a lot of love to the dolphins off season on this podcast because I am team fish tank. I want. Embrace the suck is where basically on that with these things. Like, if you're a bad team be bad team own that you're bad team. Get the dress get those draft picks get the cap space. Get ready to go after two or you know. Lawrence. If it comes to that. But we've got the cardinals that does make me a little the first of all then they went out and got his Patrick I think's gonna mess around and win a few games in an annoying. Hold on hold on. Sorry. I just remembered that they signed fits Bajic. I have to take that back from -pletely not picking against it's magic. Let's go with the cardinals. It's going to be a rebuild year for them with old kings varies. I I'm sticking with the cardinals. Even though I have a lot of friends over there. I think in a couple of years are going to be gracious next year. I'm sorry. I had to get that out because I don't want to go against magic never speaker trees, I'm with I think Carlier in its early seems like Karl Keiler right now, I'm a huge fan doesn't allow us to throw to down there. So could be some growing pains. But you know, maybe if they trade Rosen, they get a pick. They get a wide receiver thinking beyond the ups. But I think there's Ona's like a decent a decent pick. All right before we get to the remaining questions as always we are going to take a few questions from listeners, if you leave them in the I tunes reviews and the review is positive and my mom likes it. We will answer them. So let's hear question question. Lenny for your thoughts. I want to I want you to answer this one to mix cheese sticks. I think that's his name asks have you done? Doggy DNA for Lenny. Of course. I have I've done it twice. And I got two different results. Lenny's a mutt. The first test came back and said, I think the wisdom canine or something I forget the name of the sponsor me wherever you are. I think the first one came back, and it was outrageous. It said Lenny was a French bulldog pomeranian mix then the second one felt a little bit more accurate. It said Jack Russell terrier to wa wa also pomeranian. So I don't really know what to believe. And I'm kind of surprised this company didn't cross reference results. Pat, have you ever done this fear dog? I am not. But your dog sounds like an interesting. I adopt don't shop. I love that. You have a mutt. I do as well. I've just I've just always done with what my lady told me that. She's a sharpei pit bull mix. I didn't even know these tests exist, a big hustle to me. But I mean, who am I talking about it? But I just assumed with my lady says is true. You know, it does sound like a hustle, but you don't send a picture of the dog. So because then I'll start a business where you descend picture in. And they're like, yeah. I definitely tested the DNA. Have you ever done the human one the human DNA twenty three hundred? Oh, yeah. I did that in I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Obviously an Irish person factored maxi's my name. I grew up around all at talion. Okay. So all of my friends are talion. I basically grew up in. I mean it felt like I was in Italy. So I always mocked the Italians for everything, you know, I have great food beautiful culture organized crime a lot of things under their belt, and I really my best friend's talian. And then I did that twenty three a meeting. I spent a Cup of soon as I woke up, and I got back that I'm point nine percent of talian, and that was point a while day a lot of people in policy, and I felt like. So I'm half Korean by the way, and that came came back fully, Afghan almost exactly. I've been told my whole life. I was half German. But then so we had like Mormon relatives somewhere did like a whole gene just kind of their jam. They do these really intense genealogies, and then I did this test and my brother did too and we both got British Irish so family lives apparently. So we're what is the Irish like not like, what do you if we're countrymen? What is that? You just kind of say like Wanchai believe is like two years in Ireland. For me. I am half Irish half German. I thought but then the point oh nine percent valium plopped in there to change my tire life Heizo Ranko pies on that's it. Frank O M B asks would you quit your day job to become GM of your favorite teams? Biggest rival Panama of the Seattle Seahawks show at would've been the Niners. Now, it's kinda the Rams I'm gonna know because would be terrible GM. But if you could be of any team we choose right now. I would want to come into a team like the dolphins where the expectations are low as the amount of on the you just had their terrible GM is Derek thick about. Yeah. You definitely think that I mean growing up in Pittsburgh. It was supposed I was supposed to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. And everybody's is my parents were diehard Steelers fans they didn't draft coats it. So my dad said that they could have the feelers could have bought my love and bought his son. And instead the coach did so ship fan hood Indianapolis for a year, and I for eight years, and I think that thing with the GM I think definitely take that kid no matter who's offering a general manager job. There's only thirty two of 'em. They pay very well when you get to play real life fantasy football. I mean, you out there in the pool that trigger me. I you do your thing. And you might be better than a lot of the currency. Thank you. Okay. All right. Maybe I would. Right. I think it would do good. Yeah. I think I would like New York like after this cattleman stuff all all come guys except in advance R J K eight nine seven six somebody number ones. I'm like, I really hope it's not a password or phone number. Where does Matt Stafford phone your power rankings who that's actually kinda complicated? I'm just gonna throw it a random number and say fourteen. Put a middle of the pack. I think he's stopped in quarterback. You think I get off man when you start like actually putting them together. Because then you ask questions like math staffer Baker Mayfield. I prefer Baker Mayfield. Like some of these young guys, obviously Mahomes near the topic. There's it's tough. I would say he's in the ten to solidly in the ten to fifteen range for me. But you know, he it's been tough tough up there in Detroit. I got drafted in class. He got sixty million guaranteed. I got twenty five thousand guaranteed. I am a big. Oh, the old pre money Kevin d seven one three asks is adn and from serial guilty. You listen to Syria. 'cause I. I heard I heard the case I saw the case against them on the net. Flicks. I didn't. I heard it's pretty good. Okay. I'm gonna say, yes. Just based on the limited information. I've heard about it anaesthesia to six as last question win. Will my giants be better again? So poor honest as you asked this question in January. Yes, I'm a little bit behind the question. Sorry. She's obviously been through a lot since then I'll give it for years. How about you? What has happened there? I think there might have been a lot of tension in that locker room. Obviously the little Wayne interview with LBJ right before a game where he called everything out is in great. Maybe the giants in the cardinals are my team competing for who's gonna have the worst season. But I think in the next couple years one Barclays gonna put that team all the way on his back though, bingo for the giants. I hope they do. Well, I drink wine and he lied Manning's condo over their New Jersey. I'm a big fan of the manning family. I hope he finished his career on a high note. But I think it's gonna take a couple of years, and I think on Barclays the truth though. Yeah, I agree. If it turns out that saquon Barkley play quarterback. But then I agree with you. Okay. By the way, guys check out the right time with Bomani Jones and apple podcast wherever you get your podcast yesterday. Voicemail segment on HBO documentary. The inventor about Elizabeth homes have seen that yet. But I want to today both talking to Julie Commissioner informer former NBA all star Sharieff Abderrahim about the changing path from preps to pros great podcasts. Definitely check that out. Also, check out the podcast of our guest today. Pat McAfee, it's the pet McFee show. He doesn't really need you 'cause he's already really Heddle popular. But you should check it out anyways and power back to our questions for you. Now. All right. And this is the wrestling one that I promised you ready. There's this show two point. Oh, we had to revamp. Sorry. No. It's okay. I want go. And but I would not wanna listen. If I were you too much of me is too much of me. You know, it's it's really great for long car. Right. It's a very long podcast, and has that kind of lebatardshow feel because I know a lot of guys like that show, and it's just a bunch of friends, yuck. In it up. And you get to hang out with them for a while. And it's really fun. So I'm like the mortgage wrestling question, Pat, tell me what you're doing for me. It's XT, right. Yeah. I'm gonna next e pre show. So I'm just on like a panel that happens before the pay per views for tea, which is the same as any NFL pre shows that happen on a panel to chat about the upcoming matches and things like that. They very dumb things into a microphone while wearing a suit. It's an interesting George suit. Normally I've Jordan on with it. And then I create content on the internet. Him. So it's right now, it's just an agreement to make contents together. And who knows what will happen in the future. Always second wear shorts suit. So little known fact about me, I don't think I've ever gone into this. I actually did watch wrestling growing up because I had the misfortune of having an older brother who controlled all forms of content in the household. A lot of time spent sitting behind him on a computer watching him play halo and he loved wrestling. So here's the revelation. I Pat we've never met I have long dark hair, and I've always had long dark hair, which means that when my brother wanted to play wrestling growing up being nineties kids, I always had to play the part of the undertaker. So I know many of his moves movement general demeanor. I've got it all on lockdown in some part of my brain. I love that. I love everything about that. You're the debt, man. I like little kunas though. Maybe walk a little flow, the lightning hit lights are out lights are on. That's a legendary human to be of. I'm very impressed with that decision of you to be the undertaker. That's the that's the guy of of all the guys when it comes through the wrestling business. Only definitely was not my decision. Into it. Yeah. Well, older brother stuff older, brother stuff. I used to watch. I used to watch. I never I used to watch rather play. I used to watch my brother play video games as well. I suck at them. My older brother those really good. I haven't played video games. My brother beat me and mad when I was like twelve the bad night. It was a bad night. Maccabi house. I woke up my parents of anger. I was supposed to win. I lost haven't played again. But I spent many night watching my brother play video games as well. I can feel you're paying me. I could feel you're paying I got about ten minutes for every two hours of him on the computer, which was a a really unfair ratio in retrospect explains why about of the games my question for you is so pushing gronk aside which current NFL player. Do you think would be the best pro wrestler? I like I like Baker Mayfield swag a lot. I like his everything that Baker may feel represent Sao. He's he's confident borderline cocky plays. Hard works. Hard has a lot of fun. I think he would be good on the microphone you travel. Tell C also another. I mean, don't wanna stay. That's another gronk, but Travis Kelsey is a guy that would be great. I think in sports entertainment. He also loves fashion. So I'd be impressed by his gimmick. What he would wear to the ring. I think those tight ends and BN's or a good Dan good build of human to get in there. But personality is very important. I think that's kind of gets forgotten the whole conversation. And I think Baker Mayfield is a guy that could cut from pretty well he had to and output. A combination of Baker Mayfield Travis county. That's good answer. I had another Brown in mind. And it's DeAnne. I was thinking miles. It would be really good. 'cause obviously he's like crazy crazy crazy. But he also has a lot of really weird interests or not weird, but cool interests like he's really into dinosaurs in science, and I feel like he could turn those into a cool character like the archaeologist or something like that. I think little kids above them. I think that's for sure I think maybe children would be a big fan of that operation. I think I think somebody should be thought about maybe as Earl Thomas to guy whip off a coach, that's very sports entertainment move. I think that is something to think about that was a real like pro wrestling style. Earl Thomas, by the way, as fan is one of marginally my favorite Seahawk of all time and can easily safety from the eighties is number to Earl Thomas is solidly number three. Most talented football player. I think I've ever seen on that team. It's just amazing. They're coming back Baltimore's playing Seattle. So that we don't do guys if you're listening don't boom unless he flips you off again, then you can do him next question. So you're. Hey own on. He did not. He did not flip off the Seahawks faithful he flipped off one particular Pearl. Yeah. And Pete Carroll. He said Pete Carroll was the target of that middle finger that bird just like the ESPN building was the target of that bird this morning p terra was the target. Faithful. That should be remembered your hundred percent, right. And he's just the lead to you. Don't have the Steiner St. without Thomas. You don't have the defense without Thomas. You know that scheme Thomas, whatever is responsible for a lot of my personal happiness. Maybe a little bit too much over the last few years. Okay. Next question's about you being from Pittsburgh because I did not know that. And so I'm assuming you grew up as a Steelers fan, right? Players more. So than teams I my dad used to throw the remote and live or die with the black and gold on Sundays. So I stuck away from the fan hood of team. And and what the players, but whenever the Steelers one life in Pittsburgh was much much much better. So I enjoyed watching them when. Well, I wanna ask you about Steelers. Obviously, we're not to relitigate any of the drama. But by the way, did you see Jews post about how much he loved then that? Is like that. He's ready to get paid. Such a pander. And then James Connor also tag that thing the new bell and Brown. I'll be excited to see Big Ben can do the same things did with ABM lead with those do. Well, yes. And that kind of brings me my ex question, which is do you think the Browns the Steelers or the ravens sorry Stati should be the favorite to win that division next year? I think after the Brown strictly because of the amount of firepower that they brought in and how well they did at the end of last year. I mean when Baker finally got on the field shadowed you Jack making terrible decisions. He was electric out there. And I think that brought a revamp energy to the city of Cleveland into the dog pound, Freddie, kitchen seems to get along with Baker very, well, which is huge in the modern NFL world and the firepower. They've brought him is incredible the defensive stack. I like the Browns a lot. But Mike Tomlin Steelers will always find a way to be good. The Baltimore Ravens say they're going to. The game of football and ticket old school. They're gonna be a running team. I'll be excited to see. If the Mark Jackson can hold up. It's a rough. It's a rough week the NFL I think that offense could be fun to watch. But it has to be the Browns the vision to lose which nobody in a million years. Whatever gets anybody would be saying just what three hundred seventy days ago. It's amazing. How quickly quarterback can just change everything for team. You know, it's like I can actually make a case for all three of these. I think it's around first of all I agree with you. We agreeing a lot by the way on this podcast, which I like the ravens good brains. Yes, good brains. The ravens dig lose some different defensive talent. But I like the Ingraham who just feels marking feels like you should have been on the ravens all along one of those guys. Obviously just said how I feel about real Thomas the Steelers I think like there's probably a lot of concerns about the offense. I actually think offense is they're not going to be as good as with triple. They'll be fine. I'm still worried about that defense spine the defense to softness in the middle. Just don't believe they've fixed the problems they signed Mark Barron's like, okay? So I on paper the Browns are very clearly to me the best team in this division. But there's a big difference between paper and on the field as as we know in the old NFL. Next question's a very serious one. Would you pay thousand dollars to have an hour long conversation with your dog? Yes. One thousand percent, I say ten thousand dollars again, our really escalating the dollar figure to see where you were going gonna stop fifteen thousand. Yeah. I mean, I I've been very poor purchases in my life. I bought a wrestling ring it like three AM whenever I was younger. And I still have it in my barn. It never gets used. I mean, if I could talk to Valerie, I mean, I'm Dr Dube it'll all of a sudden. Yeah. Fifteen grand be Dr Dolittle for sure. Okay. So many thoughts about this. First of all, I'm aware that this is the whitest conversation. That's ever happened on this podcast. And y'all y'all I know it is. But I would my my dollar figure would go very very high, obviously. But I'm also concerned because part of the reason I love my dog so much is like the unconditional love he gives me what if your dog was like, I don't know her voices doing my dog voice pant. No, that's terrible. I'm trying to do like a girl dog, boys. But forget it. I'm not going to do it. But what if she was like, hey, I actually don't like it when you scratch my. But I actually don't like like the food you give me and all these years you've thought that I love everything I actually don't. And I'm glad now that I have a chance to air out. Some of these takes. Conversation with. I mean, we're gonna have a civilized conversation. She says she doesn't like it. I'm gonna tell you should have been Wagoner damn Taylor. Every time did it. You're sending weird weird sign. Valerie. Then how about that? I'm not scared to have a real conversation if she wants to go that way. But I do believe she likes to good. But rub. What questions we're it's been more time on this question. What questions would you ask your dog? Like, would you west or for her preferences? Her just so that you could have you know, she could have the best life going forward. What's her favorite things? Where would you want her thoughts on life in the world and dogs view? I think I'm gonna stay away from the world views of I don't wanna get into dramatic. You know, I just wanna talk to her about, you know, like Spence 'cause my lady brought her with into the relationship. Use it. I would be looking for ammo, you know, with valley Tomlin better has your life becomes since. I have joined it. I would like to hear your answer. So I can hold this over your mother's head later. I would also obvious and hours a long time. But I would have notebook out. I wanna know what her favorite food is what she likes what she doesn't like. So we can make your life fantastic. Maybe she has a little bit of an ale. Like what's going on? How do we fix it? Let's make sure she's under percent. But other than that. I just I kinda wanna get to notable bit more. You know, like little DeAnne just scratch, you know, like stretching service here. What's Bigalow deeper? Find out what we got. I also this worry that like Lenny has problematic. Opinions. I don't know. What? What if he's like? Hey, mom. I actually I've been wearing the Seahawks collar for eight years, and I freaking hated and actually this whole time. I love the Cowboys that would break my heart break it. L? But you gotta respect Lenny's. Opinions. You know, he's gotta know that sometimes you and your friends aren't going to agree on everything you just gotta learn to get along. And that's the way it is. Maybe that conversation afterwards at the end of that thing whenever the time's about up. You let that dog know that like, hey, whatever you go back to talk. And guess what? It's my job let you outside the poop so much. You wanna poop over yourself? What's go? Let's come to an agreement. You gotta remember that in this situation. You are the alpha. That's what you have to remember. Yeah. That is something you learn with the dog. You gotta be the alpha the head of the pack, and I think that that they use stock trainers use all the head of the pack. I am the head of no pack. I am firmly in the back of every pack that I'm including this show. I'm bringing up the rear literally. All right. Let's. Yup. You're right now, you're in the back of the pack Lenny's in the front. I'm in the middle of this this pack. Predict are we pack. Okay. Cool. I like that. The first four picks of the NFL draft. And then if you're right, you can have this sound, and then you can play it. And if you're wrong, nobody will remember. Let's go with Tyler Murray. Number one. Number two defense event from somewhere number three. Another defensive player number for a wide receiver, really. That's what employer. Okay. I couldn't even tell you. I don't I don't pay attention enough to say you why? 'cause when you're player draft day means that one of your friends is on teams probably losing his job. So. I never really got into the drafting now that I'm in the media world. I'd probably should I enjoy the combine I enjoy watching the dudes run around in tights and doing credible athletic feats. I enjoyed that. Especially because it's in Indianapolis, it brings a lot of great attention to our city. But when it comes to draft things, I've no clue what's going to happen. And I just kinda sit watching enjoy the ride and hope that the colts get a good pick. And kinda see how we get going. We the last colts drastic. Did you have any idea? How good it would be. No, they drafted quit Nelson. And then Chris valid came out and didn't interviews like this guy's a mall, or this guy's everything you need. I was like all right. If Chris coming out like this for first round 'cause a guard in the first round is a a very aggressive pick, especially for team that was rebuilding. And he turned out to be hundred percent, right. So I I don't think anybody could have known that. There is going to be with Leonard was I don't think anybody couldn't own Quinton Nelson was going to be a I pro-, but you kinda go sit hope because you never know how anybody's gonna play once they get money. Once they get into a new system, the NFL is such a different world and college football. It's all crap shoot. I mean, there's obvious situations where somebody's gonna succeed. But you know, I've seen a lot of people fail that have come into the NFL. And I just hope everybody does. Well, everybody gets rich and updraft as something that everybody can remember in a positive manner sort of negative. That's so nice. I will be cursing a lot and in blasting teams on draft day unlike positive Pat over here, but I'll give my first four picks. I'm gonna go Cuyler. And by the way, listeners we're going to do a mock later, we got a whole draft show Nashville a lot of draft con content coming down the pike right now. I'm going to go Kyla Murray. One Nick Bosa to Quin Williams three Josh Allen desk himself using Josh Allen for the raiders last question is always Pat comes from Lenny. You ready for this? I mean, I was ready to pay fifteen thousand dollars to my dog. Your dog. Let's go. All right as always honor his request by reading it in his voice. Of natty might who hurt you. Greg. That dog boys is badge. I it sounds like these acne what he's. Why he's French pomeranian or whatever I heard for his hurt his DNA? I mean, I thought it'd be maybe a little French accent French bulldog, or whatever it is. Actually, he's from. He was adapted from Alabama came to New York like they do a supply demand thing. Right. And sometimes I wonder if he thinks in southern accent what Bama. Probably sounds like the old traditional guys that I reference earlier by. But let me thanks for that question. I am a big fan of natural light, especially new drink natter days, which is a delight delightfully. Refreshing strawberry, lemonade beer that is not supposed to replace the irreplaceable, natural light. But it is a tag team partner to it in the summer days. I went to West Virginia, university, natural light, beer campus. West Virginia university is used to be able to get a nice twenty four pack for like six bucks or nine bucks or something like that. And that's really where the love fest began is in college. And to be honest whenever one of those natural lights hits my dollars. Just makes me feel better. And the natter as drinks is going to be the drink of the summer. So it's a good thing. It's a good drink to be part of. It's good drink to be a fan of and Lenny if your mom ever stinks that into your dog bowl. I think you'll be licking your little bit less than you'll be feeling a lot better. I think it'd be good. I have a friend who. I caught feeding Lenny beer, and I got really upset about it. Once I look that's Lenny's take, by the way, the anti. It's not mine. I am of the people. I'm a woman or a populist when it comes to beer, in fact, two of my takes that are most controversial end here. One is. Bud Light is pretty good. Pretty good taste gray with food. Okay. Nothing better when I'm eating wings than a cool. Refreshing, Bud Light get Bud Light. If you if you wanna sponsor. That you will buy dog on the internet. Really judge me came after me and my second. I key my second which. Hey, you want to be friends with those IP people anyways, there is a actual link that serial killers enjoy so you should not worry about that. At all. That's how you guys gotta figure out if adn and did it look into whether or not he drank IPA's path. Yeah. My other take that. Did not go over well on the internet. There are too many beers. Like when I go to a restaurant, and I look at menu. I can't even read it. It's like looking at like a math equation can goodwill hunting when he's like the chalkboard. That's what a beer menu. Looks too many beers. Cut down on the number of years. It became to read it to make they start making those things for the end home breweries, and then everybody got their brewery expert in the IP as and the small Bruce became like the thing with the hipsters so everybody Vom making chocolate in urine and vanilla. And all. Yeah. I just I can't do it. I'm too basic of a human. I'm too. I'm too basic of a pallet. I just drink bub life and natural light and people call me, basic and simple. And I think that's a pretty accurate assessment. I can't do your tastes like drink a forest whenever I'm just trying to have a nice little buzz for five hundred dollars. Would you drink a home? Brewed beer made with urine called I t a. Did you just make that or is that actual did use create that when you said you're in? I thought of it. I did a little word play very me. No. That was very that was good. Thank you. Thanks. I appreciate it. I smiled when you, you know, they said it, you know. Yeah. Like, you knew it was good. If I went how what am I? Current eight. And it's euro someone, you know, now, I'm rich now if you would have gotten. But now, I can't do that. Now, it's just an old different animal. You get me in college though, I'll probably shocked on that. I p for sure you're in luck. That's what I would have said, you're. What? It's the number one beer a right? They use them much for coming on Lenny appreciates it. He has some pictures. He like you to pass. Valerie, no pressure after the show. We can talk about it. Hope you guys come back. Bring her send photos. He says. Tell you straight up is not interested in the dog doesn't like natural light. So keep the picture to or self. I hope they meet one day values street dogs. Lemme seems like a little bit of hoity toity yuppie dog neither here nor there. I think they could get along natural light is where vow draws the line mean. I can't thank you enough for having me on here. You are hilarious knowledgeable, and I'm so thankful. Cheers. And have an incredible day.

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