The Keys That Unlock the Door Part 2


Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer on Today's program Joyce will be teaching from her series the invisible kingdom you believe God is working in your life even when you don't see results it's easy to get caught up in our own problems and limitations however when we trust God we begin league never gained weight no cellulite most the profits and he said to them but who do you say that I am see you can't get because John Had a vision of these heavenly things and he's trying to explain them in terms that people can understand and I just think that there's going to be and Jesus answered him blessed are you Simon Bar Jonah for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my father who is in heaven the Kingdom and in I corinthians thirteen it says that when that day comes that right now we live like we're looking in a dark difference now here's Joyce today series the invisible kingdom that's why sometimes when you re revelation it's like for yourself who do you say that I am and Peter it was always willing to talk that's exciting we're going to see him face to face and we are going to now we know in part but then we will know completely now the rock that Jesus speaking of is not Peter the exercise I don't know it's just it's going to be absolutely wonderful so we live in this those who do people say that the son of man is and they said well some say John the Baptist Others Elijah Others Jeremiah are one of the now how that must have sounded you are who do you say that and you are the Christ the son of the Living God had you are the Christ the son of the Living God and I don't think that I could say that that in a way that would get across mirror and we see things but in a foggy clouded way you kinda like sorta see some things but you're not seeing them clearly beginning in verse thirteen it says now when Jesus came and the district of Surreal Filipa he asked his disciple the drive ourselves nutty with questions in Matthew Chapter Sixteen has ignited to a specific area like water feeding medical project girl or wherever needed most please visit Joyce Meyer dot org to see more outreaches and how you can make it things so amazing and so wonderful point finally get out of these bodies imagine the freedom under all the things that you have questions about they will someday get answered by the time they get answered you won't care we're not actually experiencing it on a day to day basis the Bible says we can have the piece that passes understanding and that we can live but somehow we don't seem to know how to get to them and so we hear sermons about them we read books about him but if we're honest in reality I think that should be one of our greatest goals is consistency positive all the time prayerful all the time obedient all the time not of this world but the joy of the Lord but how many truly consistently happy Christians do you know last night that today we want to talk about keys because keys unlock doors and so there's a lot of things the Bible says that our our it Peter and the Church Authority we're not just week wimpy know nothings and I tell you you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it in the rest of God but most of us don't it says we can have joy unspeakable and full of Gory Peter's Faint it's the rock of our faith he's that will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven I told you he is your negative you're not going to be happy you're selfish doc get rid of the words. I can't get it out of your language now there are times when we need to admit that we can't do but when that day comes when Christ comes together this says we're going to see him face to face uses we walk by faith and not my side and then so I will the people appear on the front room sometimes we WANNA go on a thirty over the heaven because you inherit your mother's faced you gotTa have your own walk with God you had your own faith you have to know him maybe I should get a little more personal and say you know what I mean so I just won't even bother doing we have authority and we have power greater is he that is in us then he is in the world how everything positive you can't be negative and enjoy kingdom living you're not going to be happy peaceful all the time joyful all the time let the world do what it's GonNa do you keep your eyes on you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven now he's giving don't be a negative murmuring griping half glass empty personal your life okay without complaining let's try that one day this can you get through one day without murmuring are complaining about anything something and you can't just do anything you want to do but whatever God tells you to do that you can do with me I got a few happy it wasn't me but I'm gonNA pretend it was and he said I said how the cardinals he said they that in itself takes a miracle what one of the keys into the kingdom living is an added and I just don't watch any of it but I've told them I said you need to the he committed fan and so they lost our ballgame last night but finally I got through to him Dave is a big sports person and always tell him he's a fickle fan because it's the simple things it's the little things that can make such dramatic the thought I'm GonNa go to that means and I'm going to get mom blessing he'd of gratitude not an attitude of murmuring and complaining and here's a good one the Kingdom of God is all Rica bad games like dumb guys don't you I said I'm a consistent come on let let's stick with us not complaining thing for a minute and van positive my gosh we find so many things to complain about which ages in our lives do you know that some of you today you could just do like this and go from negative to positive bathwater and the lowest shower thing just went in by itself when the shower starts coming down you wouldn't believe the stuff that happens yeah I know that resource tables too crowded thanks them too long to check me out Evelyn we don't even have authority over his thankful dirty dishes yet I mean you know we got to start with the practical stuff can you make it through one on these trips and I realized something this morning all this stupid stuff that happens I mean it's it's everything from home hotel room yesterday and I like to take baths they relaxed men so started trying to run lt is not working two and three times in a row too I just no hot water we had tim meetings this year were on the keys it's cool when you've got the key to the door he's give you authority the lights were too bright that music too loud I but they're going to win the next one I said there you go why don't you just chill a little bit and relax and just enjoy endorsed what God wants to do more miracles for us he wants to do more great in our life but he can't if we're going to be complaining all the time and negative and grumpy so let me say it again just start power but you have something he doesn't have you have power and authority thanks for listening begin to see things differently by ordering today's offer I would've liked it it's just going to go to meetings and I'm going to bless Joyce looked it's promises today package which includes three CDs and promises for your everyday life gray leather devotional this package is available now for a donation of thirty dollars or more get the water back on by seven am as six fifty nine the guy knocked on the door and said the waters fixed have given you power and authority over all the power the enemy possesses now plays notice the enemy are four to conferences in a row on our floor all the hot water no hot water and the second one zero zero eight nine again the number is one eight hundred seven eight nine zero zero eight nine while emotional hailing doesn't just happen overnight it's a day by day process and time in God's Word is key I want to help you and your journey with my new healing the soul of woman devotional washing creatures I'm going to give good offerings I'm GonNa not do anything to disturb the meeting I'm GonNa stay all the way through the altar calls have good manners and no water wasn't is hot water it was no wonder and so now I'm glad I know how to pray because I had to start getting ready and you have authority in live ten nineteen in the amplified Bible love this it says behold which means I now available wherever books are sold order your copy today at Joyce Meyer Dot Org thanks again for listening to enjoy everyday life do things with is a faith and experience a whole new way of living just a quick reminder you can change a life by giving to an outreach that's near your heart one hundred percent of your giving can be our mission here at Joyce Meyer Ministries is simple sharing Christ and loving people remember together we can do more o'clock and so I was GONNA have to go get another room to go get cleaned up then and I I was specific I said Lord I pray that you would in US funds and we do accept all major credit cards you can order today's offer from our website at Joyce Meyer dot org or you can call us toll free at one eight hundred seventy nine it is possible to break free from your pain and you don't have to go through it alone by nine days devotional equipped you were scriptures that will help you walk this path to freedom. He's like when our baseball team is doing good I mean they're like great awesome guys and they're GonNa win the pin awful and then when they have trying to get through one whole day without complaining. I wonder what you'd complained about just ventured any.

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