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West of y'all should join our faithful. How's everybody doing? Hope everyone is having a legendary week? We have it. We have a home Victory to Victory Tuesday. Okay. Now it's official twenty four hour rule in effect. We're no longer celebrating that win. But we're going to go ahead and break it down real quick as we all know the Niners for the first time in NFL history beat the Giants 36 to 9. That is the first thirty six to nine score in the 101 years of the NFL. That's crazy to think about that. That's a lot of football games and they've never had a square that was 36 to 9. I wonder like I'm kind of curious about like how do you get that type of job? Like how do you look up something like that? That's kind of like that's crazy. That's a lot of work cuz I know for this date nine of History Month going through since 1946 going through games is a lot of hard work. So yeah. Anyway, also I want to say for the first time since nineteen ninety three month December 19th to be exact the Niners did not put in a game. That was a 55 17 win over the lions in Detroit crazy to say Eric Davis on the believe in 49ers podcast talked about it. He had the wrong game. He's a buffalo Detroit though, but he talked about playing in that game and everything. So that's that's a little cool little segment. If you want to go listen to there podcast is actually really great cuz a lot of great perspective for somebody, who as he puts it put on the colors birth. And you know loved being in the colors. He said he wanted to finish his career as a Niner and you know, I always love a player's perspective because you can't argue against the man who did it and did it at a high level and won a championship, so Another little interesting tidbit from the game is we went on a 15-yard drive 15-yard 15 play drive with no third downs and this is the even craziest part of 102 yards because we had a ten-yard penalty that pushed us back but we went a hundred and two yards on that field goal. It was Jeff Wilson rushing touchdown. It was either the ending in that but that's kind of crazy to to think about that. So we're going to keep this video short and sweet this week. But real quick bath korne Envy offensive MVP of the week. We're going to go ahead and give it to Nick Mullens Nick the Raider killer Mullins. We love you baby song interesting. Tidbit about Nick Mullens. He becomes the first nine of quarterback since Joe Montana to throw for 220 220 yards dead. And nine straight games. So obviously that's not nice trick games. It's nice straight starts with Nick Mullens. But still that is an impressive. There's no quarterback controversy. Jimmy Garoppolo is the starting quarterback of this team at least for the starting the this season, I believe Jimmy's the guy of course anybody who watches the show knows, you know, Jimmy's our King Wok it with us are six ring and all that day. Even as haters will sing. Jimmy is King but you know, it's is may not occur quarterback controversy, but Nick Mullens is exactly what you want and a quarter back and look, I'm comparing this but you know a backup quarterbacks are important rules in our history. We obviously know what happened with cap. And he was are back up and let us know the Super Bowl. I'm not saying that going down the same thing, but you know, and let's not forget that at what one point in time. I don't know there was this this crazy left-handed quarterback number eight, you know, it was Joe Montana a backup for a while, but I think he ended up having a pretty good career. And so you want a Super Bowl in his was the first left-handed quarterback in the Hall of Fame. So, you know having a backup is an important job and a fell and it is important like imagine if we had CJ beathard back there. You know, I mean CJ is only when was against the Giants but still with Nick moans are very happy as their backup quarterback, but it's very clear that yeah Jim is the guy so we're going to go ahead and go to home. New award I'm announcing it this week. We got the Bam Bam Fred Warner defensive MVP of the week. I'm going to go ahead and give it to the Man himself off in honor of the first naming of it and say bam bam Fred Warner. I'm trying to remain calm and not get all hyphy and everything like that. But Fred Warner is the best linebacker in the league ladies and gents and and I think it's very appropriate that he was the one that broke down the team huddle before they went in the locker room to get ready for the game after warm-ups. I think it's very important that you know, he looked at Nick and Jake's I got your back, you know protect the ball and we're going to get it back for you that that was it's a very important our middle linebacker the one who calls the defense. And the the captain of our defenses the general of our defense and he was sitting there saying hey, this defense is my defense. I'm a general of this defense and I'm a lead my troops were Victory. Let's get it. Crackin Nick. I got your back. Let's go. Hey, I was fed water basically set the tone saying you know what we're here to mess around and we going to get this dub and let's go out and dominate like good team Should Crash Course. The Giants are hard garbage as Eric Davis put it. Yeah, but you know what? That's why we went out whoop their ass cuz we're a great football team and that's what great football teams. Do they go out and they whoop their ass of inferior opponent. The Giants don't even deserve to be on the same field as us. You know what we went out there and we proved it on the field. I am so proud of us. I'm going to go ahead and go before I get a little too high fee and start running through a brick wall off and man. Could you imagine watching the game with me? This is only Tuesday. I just see y'all next week till then Faith love and happiness. gunners

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