S2 Ep 10: Big Board 2.0, Part 1


It's the lock on podcast network team every day. You're listening to chatter ford's nba. Big board on lockdown podcast network. Today's episode is brought to you by bill. barr com. Use promo code locked on you get twenty percents off your new order. It's time to debut big board two point. Oh this is called. Chad ford's mba big board and that means that we're gonna do big boards and we've now had a little over a month since big board one point. Oh i've had the chance to watch a lot more college basketball games watch some highlights of some gay g. league scrimmages have been able to watch a tape of some international games and most importantly for me have been able to talk to a lot of nba scouts. That are out there scouting these guys and getting their impressions from general managers and professional scouts. About what they see heading into this draft right now and i think it's time for an update. I will say that. There's not a lot of huge changes at the beginning of our big board but as we get deeper down we're starting to see a number of new names bubble into late lottery into the mid first round and we're starting to round out our big board a little bit more. I'm gonna go forty deep on our big board. We're going to do the top twenty in this episode and then we'll come back and do twenty one through forty in the next episode and really try to give you an idea of where those guys are in the first round right now as well and look. We still have a lot of time. We've got all february march madness. Hopefully that will happen Those will all be significant. Chances for guys to move up or frankly for guys the slide down And then you know. Depending on what the protocols are going to be as far as mba workouts and other things go. We'll be able to see more there. We also have g leagues game g. league games being able to be televised. And we're going to be able to see the g. league night it starting in a little bit in mid february and we'll be able to watch up to fifteen of those games and we'll be able to see what jonathan coming jalen green look like as well and so it's time to do some updates on the big board and like i said before these big boards are based off a consensus at the end of the day between nba scouts. General managers. that. I'm talking to right now about where they have. These guys ranked them not ranking them. According to team needs this is not a mock draft and for the most part those nba scouts and general managers win the day. If i disagree with them but everybody has a guy higher than me then. He goes higher If there's a tie sometimes then you know. I may come in and put my finger on the scales but what i'm trying to do here is report. What i think is the general consensus from nba teams. And i want to start with the top five because these top five right now. I will do my tears column towards the end of the draft right before the draft happens usually about a week or two before the draft. But if i were to do it today i would say that. There's as many as five guys who are looking like tier one guys if you remember from last draft when i did my tears column. I personally didn't have any guys in tier one talking to nba teams and be scouts. While there was guys that got votes for tier one. Like lamelo ball. Anthony edwards james wiseman ultimately none of them got the fifty percent threshold to move into tier one. If i if i were betting man right now and for that particular survey to a pretty wide swath of nba teams and general managers and scouts. I'm thinking that there might be as many as five tier one prospects in this draft right now. So we'll start at the top. He was number one a big board. One point oh he stays number one here in big bore two point okayed cunningham. The point forward freshman out of oklahoma state. Who who's been really everything that he was advertised to be as the one of the most complete players in the draft who plays one of the most important positions in the draft wing. He's averaging eighteen points a game six rebounds a game nearly four assists the game one and a half steals a game. He shooting thirty nine percent from three. Which i think was definitely one of the swing skills for kate cunningham. That teams had coming in. How well of an outside shooter is he going to be and so far. The numbers look really good on that end. If there's an issue with kate cunningham right now and i think it's an interesting one. It's that he has not been a particularly careful with the ball. He's averaging three and a half turnovers a game which is which is pretty high and he has a lot in this oklahoma state offense. They rely heavily on him which means at times. He's forcing things. But that's the one red flag. If i'm looking at you know just sort of overall the numbers and what's going on where the red flag might be. It's that again. Three point five turnovers jumps to about three point eight in this per thirty six. And that's the one that i would that i would be careful about watching because his reputation coming in was that this is one of the steadiest playmakers that you're going to find his ability to see the game to be afford leader very high and that assist to turnover ratio is really the only major war that i can really see on statistical profile right now and again. I think you have to caveat that some by the fact that you look at the team that he's playing on and how teams can really game plan for him every night that there are reasons why i think that cunningham might not have the highest assist to turnover ratio at least one that we would expect. I still think that in talking to the nba teams. This is his the lose as far as the number one pick. Does i think it's a combination of just a super super high floor and very very high ceiling combined with plane an ideal position in the nba. This is the most coveted position to play this three wing. That can guard. Multiple positions can play multiple positions on. Offense can handle the ball. The wade cunningham can and it's the perfect combination of a guy with high floor. High ceiling plays the perfect position. That's why he gets the edge right now as the number one prospect on my big board at number two a slight change mobely moves up from three to two freshman. Big out of usc that reminds so many scouts. That i've been talking to to a young chris bosh so far he's been really dominant at one of the most dominant freshman in college basketball through sixteen games. He's averaging sixteen and a half points a game nearly nine rebounds a game couple of the game one number that really stands out is that. He's averaging three blocks a game so he's a terrific rim protector. Which is something. That i think was a question mark about him. Coming in. he's also shovel shown the ability to stretch the floor shooting thirty two percent from three. That's numbers not like elite But it's good and fifty nine percent effective field goal position and one of the things that scouts to love about mobely. Is the offense from anywhere on the floor. He can post up He he's got a soft touch around the basket. He can stretch the floor. He can also take his man off the bounce. Which is something really unique for player his size and he has just been phenomenal early on. I think there was some concern for him coming to his senior year of high school. About how dedicated. He was going to be how motivated he was. I think those go away now. And many many teams looking at moberly as a legit number one prospect. And maybe the guy that could unseat cape cunningham if the team that ultimately ends up with the number one pick in the draft is in desperate need of a big guy. I know that biggs have been devalued in recent drafts. But i think when you look at moberly and look at his versatility. He is a prototypical. Modern big thing. He's gonna fit in really well. Nimby needs to strength. That's probably the biggest thing that i would say about him early on. And if i were looking at statistical profile something that would concern me a little bit. And you see this. Probably most clearly in his defensive rebound number which are which are okay but he gets pushed around bed. And i think that's something that sort of stands out when you look at moberly but he's you know he's just nineteen and a half right now he'll be a little bit older twenty years old on draft day but a guy that i just really think is worthy of a number one pick and has played so well the season. It's really hard to deny that. He's they're moving from two three and really. This could be two way to be. I mean this was so close to siding where to put these guys jalen suggs the guard freshman outta gonzaga and the only reason that suggs maybe drops slightly over. Mobely is just the lack of elite size. If he's going to be more of to than a one and i think there definitely are con conversations among mba general managers and scouts. Right now about what position he's going to be at the nba. When you look at his numbers right now gonzaga fantastic through fifteen games. He's averaging thirteen and a half points a game. Five five point three rebounds a game four and a half assists a game. Two point three steals per game. He shot a decent from three at thirty six percents. has a pretty good fifty seven point. Five effective field goal percentage and suggs to me is the best competitor in this draft and that is one thing that i think is really really exciting about. Him is the way that he goes. He's a live wire. I think it's the six four thing that's the only thing. If he's a six four shooting guard on better big concern he does. He does have a tendency to turn the ball over but not as bad as cade cunningham. He he also can be a little bit foul prone though that again. I don't think is necessarily something. That teams are concerned about. I think it's his aggressiveness. But suggs to me or mobely or cunningham all could be number one picks in virtually any draft. I think they all would went number. One in last year's draft ahead of anthony edwards. And i think there's an argument to be made for each of them right now for the number one pick in the draft. If were bigger. I think that he might be the easy number. One pick in the draft. I think it's the six four thing that has him going just a little bit a little bit lower at four. Is jonathan coming. The ford at the plane for g league ignite and all teams really have to go on right now for coming reports out of practices and then to scrimmages that he's done that will change in early february. When we start to get the g. league's regular schedule. They're going into the bubble in orlando either the g. league teams gonna pay play. Fifteen games and those games will be televised at teams Are really excited about being able to see them against a varied competition and real games. Not just in scrimmages but i think the revelation early on with coming is that he might be a better nba prospect of jalen green. And i'll just give it away right now. Jalen green is number five on board. And so we've got to g. league guys right there. They just switched orders. Coming was five and big board one point. Oh green was four in big big one point. Now they've switched. And i think the thing that has ever green his size. I think the defensive end. He is a much much better defender and projects as a very versatile guy that can guard multiple positions on the floor with fast twitch athleticism long arms. Nba strength and and aggressiveness and a willingness to play on that in. He's rar offensively than green. Green is already going to be one of the best scores in this draft. As far as just a pure score guy can go get his basket and a number of different ways. But i think commingle is more well rounded game and bigger size means that teams are are higher on him including a couple of general managers who have just flat out asked whether it's possible that commingle could enter into the conversation for the number one pick in the draft. I do think that's possible if you take his high in cop which some teams have made which is a kawhi leonard then you could make an argument for him as the number one pick in the draft. Do i think it's likely i think that he would have to dominate at the g. League ignite to get there. And i think they truly dominate at that level to get above cunningham globally and sides. But if he did that. I think it will be interesting because every nba team will tell tell you that that g. league nyc competition that they're going to be playing against every night is a step above the nc double a. Competition these are the best players on their college team. They're older they're more experienced. A number of these guys have played league and then if coming can do it at that level playing an nba sets then his translation to the next level is even higher in easier to make than cunningham. Mobile your socks. And so that's that's the argument for for coming and certainly jalen green. You're talking about a terrific athlete. Who really has a nose for scoring the basketball and a number of different ways and a guy that is really exciting to teams because at the end the end of the day getting a two guard really knows how to score. The basketball is another coveted. They ain't and why anthony edwards went number one in the draft and most teams when they're comparing jalen green to anthony. Edwards will say that they believe. Green is the better prospect than anthony edwards. They think he's a better peer score than edwards. He's not quite the athlete that anthony edwards is. But he's a very very very very good athlete as well but just think that he has a little bit more well rounded game and that is why green may end up in that conversation that he could move up a few spots right now. I have him at five. But that's that's why we're talking about this draft being loaded. Those top five guys are in a tier one type of category right now and if that stays there up until the draft. It's extremely rare to have a draft with five tier one potential guys when we come back from the break. We're going to talk about the other side of that. Which is that the draft sort of drops off pretty significantly in my opinion after those top five and when we come back we'll look at pick six through twelve and see what's going on with that sort of next. I think kind of tear. 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Podcasts get more of the sports news you need and less time with our new locked on today. Podcast peter hausky hosts locked on today a daily podcast breaking down the big stories with analysis from our local experts. Start your day with all the sports news. You need under twenty minutes. Subscribe to locked on today. Wherever you get podcast okay. At six i put this guy here and big board one point. Oh it was a risky bold move. It was more betting on what i think. Nba teams do on draft night. The necessarily where. He's at as a prospect today. I'm talking about greg brown. The ford freshman out of texas. Who may be the best athlete in this draft but also is one of the raw offensive players that you're going to see in the draft and he's been up and down as a freshman at texas. He's on a loaded team and an on that loaded team. He's not asked to do what he was traditionally asked to do in high school where he played more of the four. He's playing with the wing offer. Texas which is a little bit out of his comfort zone but i actually think some. Nba teams really like that because it's forcing him and giving them an idea of what his skill set is going to be in the nba. If you were able to move to the three. He's averaging twelve points a game eight rebounds a game which is terrific. Here's the number. That is just absolutely shocking. Zero point one assists per game a he has a grand total. My friends of one assists in thirteen games that he has played at texas. That's right one assists in thirteen games at texas. That is a statistical outlier. That is just insane that one assist came against davidson on november thirtieth and he has yet to post an assistance. Then you look you can put some of this on the team offense and the role that he's able to play you can put up some of it on the fact that he's kinda shot happy and that when greg brown gets the ball he just wants to either take it to the basket or shoot the three. He shooting thirty percent from three. But i think generally teams think that he's going to be an okay. Three point shooter in the league has a forty nine effective field goal range. He just still figuring out how to play the game especially as a wing player. And i think that that is something that i is obviously going to be concerning to some nba teams. I think though that you've heard or at least i've heard from a number of nba teams. That may be the guy who he is going to be. The next level is jeremy grant who has been a row player in the league for quite a long time before obviously breaking out in a huge huge way for the troy pistons this year but a guy that just constantly improved on the offensive side. Got more comfortable and finally is having a breakout season this year for the detroit pistons and nba teams like these high ceiling prospects. Guys that maybe don't quite get it done in the regular season and the cut in their freshman college basketball season but they just project so big down the road. And i think that's why patrick williams a state ends up going as high as he goes on draft night and i think the same thing could be about great band. So if you're freaking out right now and saying. Why is greg brown at six and pulling your hair out. There's lots of college basketball players. Who have been better than him early on. I would say you've got to think about the nba draft. Not just about what players have done but also potential and if he was doing what jalen suggs are inevitable. Bogere cunningham was doing that. We have him in a different here completely because he has that level of athletic talent. He's not there and that's why he drops into more of a tier two tier three ish. I'm not really sure where these guys are gonna land as we get closer to the draft as far as years ago maybe tier to most of them right now. Frankly look a little bit more like tier three guys to me. But we'll see how that plays out over the season at seven staying with scotty barnes the freshman forward out of florida state. Who's like a point. Power forward is real like a point. Four is probably the best way to describe him. his numbers also been all over the place. This season at ten points. A game for rebounds a game four assists the game. One point three steals a game shooting thirty percent from three a little bit better fifty two point five percent effective goal range in twelve games for him. He's just an interesting prospect in my mind because of his ability to handle the ball i because of his high feel for the game high basketball iq. But let's just be honest that there's a lot of things to be concerning about with him as well his rebounds for player his size or not good at all especially his defensive rebounds his jump shot like i said has been struggling and i think that that becomes especially even more concerning when you look at his free throw numbers which are only fifty one percent right now. That is a really usually great indicator of whether you're going to be a good three point shooter in the nba is how you shoot your free throws and fifty one percent is actually terrible. He also just doesn't get to the free throw line. I very often. He turnovers have been sort of high. And you know another thing that i think is interesting and probably again shows a lack of elite athleticism is. He's only blocking zero point. Three shots a game. Which for a player. His size is at six nine is concerning why is he at seven. Part of it is that again. You're seen a significant drop off prospects at this point and part of it is that that high basketball iq that versatility to play multiple positions is really intriguing. Nba teams right now and they're not ready to write him off yet. Though in fairness at florida state he much like greg brown has been all over the place as far as his impact on the game at eight. We're staying with jaylon. Johnson they freshman forward out of duke. Who does a lot of similar things to scotty barnes in that. He handles the ball as sort of a point. Four a guy that has had big big games for duke and then turns around and is a no show at all but what teams like about him obviously is his ability to handle the ball what he does in open court. He's averaging twelve points a game seven rebounds a game two and a half assists the game one and a half blocks game one point two steals a game shooting thirty one percent from three fifty seven point nine effective field goal. A little bit better. This is through nine games so the sample size a little bit smaller for jaylon johnson because of some injuries. But he's back in the things that he does. Well all really revolve around his ability to handle the ball. He's been a good rebounder. He's been a solid shot. Blocker like i said and i think defensively. There's a lot of things to really like about him. The problem with him as offensively when you get into half court sets his ability to create his own shot or to shoot. The three are both really really questionable. Right now he's only averaging a one and a half three point attempts a game and when he shoots those. It's not pretty. He shooting thirty one percent from three. But there's a lot of things that look quite ugly. His free throw percentage also again like scotty barnes not great at sixty two point five percent. What's really interesting about jobs at some teams really really like him and they think that he has star qualities about him there are teams that have him in their top five but when you watch his weaknesses in hard to not get obsessed with those and everybody wants to john like huge games that he had like twenty four point. Fifteen rebound performance seven assists performance against pitt. When he looked the part of a top five pick in the draft but the next game against louisville he has nine points has six turnovers four rebounds. Zero insists and that has been jaylon johnson. The season and i think there are concerns about how we be thinking about him. Long-term at number nine again. We're talking about a player who has been extremely streaky. And that sire williams the freshman wing out of stanford. His numbers have been okay and thirteen games. He's averaging twelve and a half points a game. Five points seven rebounds. Two point eight assists a game. One point one steals per game. He's shooting thirty. Two percent from three has a pretty low forty two point nine percent effective field goal. And you know he's a guy that just as overall field goal percentage at thirty six point seven percent is a bit disturbing he as had his moments that opening game against alabama. He looked really good. And i would say that the last week or two. He seems to have found his groove a little bit more starting to play better. A game against utah was a pretty solid game where he hit four three pointers in that game. Which i think is really important for him but only those were the only shots he hit all night and one of the things about him is. The skill level is extremely high. And that's going to be something that's going to be really interesting to nba teams but he needs to get stronger and because of his lack of strength struggles finish around the basket thing. That's one of the big concerns about him right now. He's pretty pretty turnover. Prone three point five turnovers a game right now when you watch him play he looks like and this is the first guy that i would. I would say this about at this level. He desperately needs another year at stanford to really work on his body to get stronger to improve on his weaknesses but the talent level is so high. I if he comes out now. I think he's still a lottery. Pick and you can say that about several players in in this draft and maybe even several players that we've talked about already desire williams to me is the first guy that really stands out. In that vein. So does the guy that is number ten. He's moved up a few spots on our big board. Kion johnson the freshman shooting guard out of tennessee. And the interesting thing about ken. johnson is he. He's been on and off as a starter. He hasn't had a big really year by any stretch of the imagination. He's averaging eight point nine points a game three rebounds a game two assists a game. One still a game. He's only shooting twenty three percent from three. Which is pretty disappointing. His effective field goal percentage is at forty seven point one percent which is also isn't great but what he brings his energy he brings athleticism. He's a terrific defender. Which is something that if you look at the plus minus numbers. You're going to see something that i think. I'm is really intriguing as well. And he's really young. He's one of the youngest players in this draft. He's still eighteen years old. And i think that because of that and because of the role that he's being asked to play at tennessee right now. There is a sort of feeling that you can't judge him exactly the same way that you can judge some of these other. Freshmen prospects are really being asked to lead their teams. He's a role player on tennessee. His minutes are only twenty. One point seven minutes a game right now at tennessee and when he's when he's given more of a chance his his numbers improve and so i think again it's going to be a little bit like when we're talking about zaire williams here is he ready for the nba. No but at least he's got the nba body. At least he's got the defensive intensity upside still. There is really terrific and i think kion johnson ultimately ends up as a lottery. Pick if he goes in this draft at eleven james book night shooting guard sophomore out of yukon really started the season red hot a lot of people. I think thought this is a guy who is worthy of like that. Top ten performance averaging twenty point three points per game five point three rebounds a game one point seven assists per game one point. Five steals per game wasn't shooting at great thirty two point four percent from three his effective field goal percentage is at fifty one point one percent which is just okay a but i think and then he injured his elbow and when he entered injured his elbow. We haven't seen him since that. January fifth game atm arquette is the last time we've seen him play. We expect him back just in what we've read in the media sometime in february whether it's the beginning of february or the middle of february i think is something that's still up in the air and so we haven't been able to see enough of him to know whether that that six game breakout warrants him moving up the list or down the list so he sort of just holding i there to eleven but certainly one of the few guys in this draft after those top five guys that are putting up significant numbers and look like a guy who could light it up concerning the little bit lack of size. He doesn't really have point guard skills and his his three point shooting at thirty two percent. Certainly want to see better from him going forward at twelve. We're going to go with a guy who is a bit of a polarizing prospect but it seems that the polarization is beginning to fade away. And that's david johnson. The sophomore point guard at a louisville. He's a big point guard for people that have followed me for a long time. They know that. I do love big point guards. He's at six five to ten. He's also pretty pretty young. He's nineteen still for a player. That's a sophomore. And through the first fourteen games for louisville twelve and a half points a game six rebounds a game three and a half assists. A game is still a game one thing. That's been a huge factor for him and moving up. The board has been three point shooting. He's shooting forty percent from three this season. Which is something that. Nba teams are really happy about averages. Almost two threes one and a half threes made per game and that that is a big deal and the other thing. That's been a big deal and john hollinger and i joked about this in in a podcast that we had before is he was a turnover monster. Absolute turnover monster as a as a freshman and he came back as a sophomore and was doing it again and one of the wildest players you'd ever seen very creative passer can see the floor can do a lot of great things but just turn the ball over too much and one thing that i would say is that he started tone that down a little bit if you go for a stretch. January had a one turnover game against boston. College one turnover game against wake forest to turnovers against miami two turnovers against florida state. only two turnovers against duke. He's really had only one bad turnover game last month. And that was against clemson on january twenty seventh when he put up five turnovers in what just had to be one of his worst games of the year at at clemson but i think that if that trend continues and he shows that he can take care of the ball more than he is much more intriguing prospects because he's got. Nba bodies got athleticism. He can play the one and the two if he can stretch the floor like that and keep for turning the ball over. I think he's absolutely worthy as as a top twelve. Four fifteen guy in this year's draft that those turnover start creeping back up or if that three point percentage that we've seen him really improve. I dramatically the season. start to creep down. Then he could slide into the late teens. Early twenty s night all right. That's the first twelve guys on big board two point. Oh when we return. We're going to talk about picks thirteen through seventeen and we're going to have a few guys on this list that were not in our big board one point Some freshmen that have really lit up lately. That have crept up our big board. And we'll do all that when we return. You're listening to chad. Ford's nba big board on lockdown podcast network. Built bar is the best tasting protein bar. Ever the improve built bar taste even better than the old ones there eighteen amazing flavors six new flavors caramel brownie cookies and cream. Cherry bar cea lemon almond cheesecake carrot cake apple almond almond chris. That's on top of all the original flavors that you typically love the coconut almond the raspberry the banana bread. One of my favorites the brownie also love that orange bar and the coconut one as well of course being in hawaii and the great thing about these bars is that they taste like a candy bar but they're actually healthy and i for someone like me. 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Just for starting a quote online or owning multiple vehicles get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen discounts vary and are not available in all states and situations and and we are back talking two thousand and twenty one. Nba big board two point. Oh i'm your host chad ford and we broke down. The top twelve picks in the draft but before we get into picks thirteen through twenty. I wanna turn you on to one of my favorite podcast on the lockdown podcast network. It's rejecting the screen host. Adam stanko and noah kozlov are honoring kobe. Bryant's life and career with a two part special podcast event hears stories. You haven't heard anywhere else about kobe. From teammates opponents coaches and journalists get both parts by subscribing to rejecting the screen. Podcast feed after this podcast. I've been on this podcast. That's one. I listened to regularly. I really love it. You should check it out and especially if you're kobe. Bryant fan think. You're going to get information on kobe that you've never heard before these guys just do an amazing job. There's no kobe. Bryant's in this draft. Unfortunately and when we get to pick thirteen you're starting to get into another round of iffy. Nece either were really projecting on some of these freshmen or vice versa. We're taking some older prospects who are actually playing really well but maybe there's a reason that they've been not in the nba already at thirteen new guy to our big board sharieff cooper. The point guard freshman out of auburn. Who had to sit out auburn's first month month and a half of the of the season for some ncw eligibility issues and has just been wildfire since he's returned to auburn and in my opinion one of the funnest players to watch in this draft. He's just electric with the ball. He can get anywhere on the floor. He is super creative. Passer with a great great feel for the game and his numbers have been just dominant for a freshman twenty one point three points per game in the first seven games five point three rebounds a game which is pretty amazing sense doubt he is going to be six feet tall with the nba. Measures and eight point one assists per game one steal per game. And then there's some ugly numbers. He's shooting nine thousand nine percent from three in those first seven games Forty two percent effective field goal. That's ugly and for all the speed quickness ability to get anywhere on the floor his his feel for the game and ability to set up teammates. He's just small. He's listed at six one eighty. I doubt both of those numbers. He doesn't look that big. And you see that. It affects him at times and finishing at the basket or even getting a shot off on the perimeter. He's got a sort of low and slower lease on a shot which is not great for player his size and just look. Nba teams generally. Don't get super excited about prospects. That are six feet. Maybe gonna be five eleven in socks when he gets measured at the combine. but there's so many intangibles that cooper brings to the table. I've just really enjoyed watching him. I've gotta seems play several times. I saw him play against kentucky assigned play against missouri against baylor the other night which was a little bit of a tougher game. And i think that when you look at the overall trajectory of where this young man is going he gets to the line he makes things happen on both ends of the court. And i think that somebody is going to take him as an energy guard. That comes off the bench and can just make plays happen. He he would be. I sure in my opinion at top ten guy if if he was bigger and maybe like a top seven top six guy if he was if he was taller but the fact that he's six feet is really the thing. That's that's hurting the stock. And now look i'm being a little bit aggressive with the thirteenth talking to some mba teams. They'll tell me that they really don't want players his size on the roster. So it's a it's a hard no for them and for other teams. They think that they're going to get value here. Because of the high high level of talent that he has despite the fact that he so small where he ends up on draft night. Still getting a feel for that. But if you're if we're just ranking on talent right now. He's probably underrated at thirteen at fourteen core. Kiss burt. the senior small four data gonzaga. Who brings one skill to the table but man is at a skill. I in seventeen games. He's averaging twenty points a game five rebounds a game couple of the game shooting a red hot forty nine percent from three and is effective field. Goal percentage is ridiculous at seventy point two percent and this guy is the best shooter in the most efficient shooter in this draft. You can get a shot off from anywhere. And i don't think he's necessarily a liability on the defensive. And i think that's one of the things that's unique about him. When you think about players that are typically known to be great shooters is that. They're going to also get lit up on the defensive end and his defensive box plus minus scores are are are great. I'd say they're like a small strike against him. But i think the everything else that you're talking about the sky from an office standpoint is just so terrific. He shooting ninety percent from the free. Throw line he is gonna come in the nba. You know what he's gonna do you. Don't you're not gonna ask him to do much more than that. But he's going to fit into that joe harris type role in the nba. And i think you'll have a long career at fifteen. it's joss. Christopher the shooting guard freshman out of arizona state another guy. that's been. I think he's been polarizing. Some teams really like him one of the very highly ranked coming out of high school other teams a little frustrated. You know he's his numbers. Fifteen point three points a game. Four point rebounds a game one point five assists a game boy steals steals a game which is pretty good. He's a score. That thirty two percent from three is a problem. He's gonna have to shoot the ball better if he's going to get attention but for a guy that you're looking to be able to put the ball in the basket. I think you can do that. It's frustrating team at arizona state right now. I'm not sure that you always see the best of him every night. I think that also affects marcus. Bagley as well is he going to be a star the nba level. I'm not really sure about that. But i think he's a good enough score that i'm surprised that not getting more attention in this this round and he's right on that lottery bubble at sixteen brand in boston. Junior the wing freshman out of kentucky. Who had his eye on. Being a potential number one pick in the draft before the season began has had an absolutely brutal career at kentucky has lately played better for the most part but most of the numbers are are really tough these averaging twelve points a game five and a half rebounds a game one point three assists a game one point three steals a game shooting eighteen from three which is just mind boggling. Because this was not really a major issue for him coming out of high school only thirty six percent from the field has a terrible time finishing at the rim because he lacked strength drives giancarlo pari nuts. Just as decision making his feel for team basketball. Right now is off. He is the next guy that i would talk about that in. My opinion desperately desperately needs another year of college basketball to get stronger to get tougher. A do do a better job at every level of what he needs to do better at. But i'm not sure that that's what he's going to do. I think he's had his heart set on the nba and if he declares for the draft. I think someone takes him in the late lottery to mid first round and i think one thing that they'll point to is that he's had lately some better games against georgia against lsu. He started to show up a little bit more and when he shows up he starts to look a little bit like a lottery prospect again and fortunately there's lots of other games like two games that he's played against alabama where he's really really struggled and when he struggles like that you scratch your head a little more and saying you know maybe not. I still believe that. Boston is got to be like jade mcdaniels that someone is going to take a chance on him now. J.d mcdaniels let all the way to the end the very end of the first round. But i think that this draft doesn't have the depth of the twenty twenty drafted because it doesn't have that depth. I don't necessarily think that we're going to see him. Slide that far at seventeen. It's moses moody. The shooting guard freshman out of arkansas. Who i it's this one's really tough one for me because he does two things that i think. Nba teams have to really be interested about one is that he's a really terrific shooter. He's shooting thirty six percent from three at arkansas. But i. I don't think that that's going to be a big issue when you think about it. Overall i'm too is that he's got a really great length For his position right now. And he's had a really solid freshman season averaging sixteen point six points a game five and a half rebounds a game one point seven assists. A game is still a game. He's not the world's greatest athlete. I'm not sure that ultimately he's going to be a great defender in the nba. I think you're going to have to hide him a little bit on that end. But i think when you look at moody and what. He's done the season. His production level is better than josh. Christopher brennan boston for example teams. Just don't seem quite ready to pull the trigger on him yet and put him above those guys that were maybe a little bit higher ranked come coming out at eighteen. It's day ron sharp of the center freshman out of north carolina. Whose numbers won't wow you. But if you've watched him game film You know that this guy has one of the highest motors in college basketball and sixteen games averaging nine points a game. Seven point seven rebounds a game one five assists a game steal a game forty nine point six percent effective field goal. He's an old school. Big guy hasn't made a three This entire season. He does his damage in the pain where he's just so active and his he's got a pretty good feel for the game. I've actually really enjoyed watching him play. I think he is definitely the best prospect on north carolina as a freshman. I think he xiang and those steals number is really interesting for a big guy and again i think it talks about his hustle and his energy wherever he goes and he's going to have the size and strength. I think to play in the nba to be an energy type guy and given the lack of like elite depth this draft. I think that that's pretty much all you can really ask for at this point in the draft at nineteen. This is his first introduction to our big board not wasn't wasn't on big board one point. Oh he is on big two point. Oh cam thomas the freshman shooting guard at lsu who has been putting up maybe next to shreve poupard the best numbers as a freshman in college basketball through sixteen games at lsu at twenty two point three points a game. Two point six rebounds a game one point four assist the game when steel game. He's shooting twenty eight percent from three and this is a very high volume score. Who has the green light to do whatever he wants to do. Lsu right now he a little bit undersized i position he's not an elite athlete and you might be wondering how as a freshman who is averaging twenty two points a game nod in your top ten and it's for all those reasons. The lack of a jump shot a lack of a lead athleticism the lack of great size for his position the inability to do much else but score. The basketball are all sort of reasons. That i think teams are wary of camp thomas right now and i know some people are and i've seen some boards where he's been much much higher. I just i question whether that's where he's going to end up on draft night. Think he's much more comfortable in these late teens. Early twenty s as far as the draft prospect goes and twenty. Jared butler their guard. Junior out of baylor. Who's having a terrific season like college basketball player of the year type season for butler undefeated team this year. Averaging nearly seventeen points a game three and a half rebounds a game five and half assists a game. Two point three steals a game shooting forty five percent from three have has a really terrific fifty nine point six effective field goal number and the thing about butler is he just a guard he can defend ones and twos he can play offensively one and two. You can really shoot the basketball. He's tough he's not a super explosive athlete. He's not a guy necessarily. That's gonna wow you. I don't think is ceiling is particularly high. But i also think he has a super high floor with a high basketball. Iq the toughness that nba teams one and the ability to describe it out and if he could project as a point guard because he doesn't have elite size for his position. Then i think you're talking about a guy that is really worthy of of a pick in the late teens early twenties i mean he you just statistically he pops in just about everything other than that. He doesn't get to the line a lot. And that's you know. Maybe the biggest concern for him is that he's so perimeter oriented but he's had some huge games of late. Thirty point outing against. Kansas came back the next night with a big game against oklahoma state and then those games he was thirteen for sixteen from three which are just ridiculous numbers. So he's taking taking a lot of threes. I i love him. I that he brings so much to the table again not the sexiest prospect. But a guy that i think more and more teams are getting comfortable with this. Is the guy that you can take. You can plug him in teams. That are drafting in the late teens. Early twenties playoff teams. That could use a guy like this. That could come in play either position off the bench. And i think that's why butler moves up a couple of spots to twenty on big board to point out next podcast. We're going to pick twenty one and we're going to go all the way to forty and talk about those ten guys. They're on the bubble. I'm building on my big board right now. All the way to sixty. But i think we're ready to do to go all the way into forty time. Sorta next podcast. We'll do twenty or forty. We'll talk about those bubble guys. We'll talk about some guys we haven't yet talked about on this podcast a couple of international guys and just a couple of guys. We just haven't really had the chance to to spend time talking about like charles bassey for example the center out of western kentucky so when we come back that will be big board. Two point zero part two picks twenty one through forty year. Listen to chad ford's nba. Big board on the lockdown podcast network aloha for your hot takes and you're hip sports news and all the fun around the game checkout clutch points dot com clutch points dot com.

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