A Message from Chuck Rosenberg


Hi everyone this is Chuck Rosenberg most important. I I hope this message finds you and your family and friends well. This pandemic as you know is hit communities big and small throughout the United States and around the world the number of people who have died or who are suffering from this awful disease is absolutely heartbreaking but together. I think we're making a difference. Thank you so much for heating the advice. Public Health officials listen to the doctors. Listen to the scientists listened to the epidemiologists following their guidance helps to slow the spread of this dangerous virus and keep everybody safe. We have a collective responsibility to each other. You know that and the duty to try to ease the burden on healthcare workers and on first responders. Many of you have written to ask whether the oath is returning. Will there be a third season. Yes absolutely we are coming back in fact. We were working on a terrific third season. When the physical distancing protocols kicked in so we have slowed production for instance no face to face interviews for now but we have not stopped our work. We finished the few third season interviews. And I think they're wonderful. We have more to complete of course when we begin to publish these interviews again. Hopefully in early June. I think you're going to truly enjoy our guests. We have a great lineup. For our third season those guests include Leon. Panetta the former Secretary of defense and director of the CIA and Kathy Sullivan. A former astronaut. And the first. Us woman to walk in space the Vet Murphy. The former surgeon general of the United States and many many more we have additional great guests lined up and some wonderful surprises. So I hope you'll be patient with us. We are coming back. I also want to say thanks to all of you. During the last two seasons I have received thousands of emails from you and I have read reviews and comments on the various platforms. That you use to listen to the oath. You told me that this podcast has reinforced a rekindled in you a sense of faith and trust our government and in the men and women who worked so diligently to protect and serve this wonderful nation. That is incredibly heartening. You've also sent me. Great feedback suggestions ideas questions. I am so grateful for your messages. I will work hard to continue to deliver to you a great product. So thank you as always for listening and for engaging our nation strong because it's people are strong. You've heard that strength through our guests and you have seen that strength in your own communities. We will meet this moment in history and we will be okay on the other side of it in the meantime. Thank you for listening. And by the way all of our episodes from seasons wanted to remain available you can find them on. Whatever platform used to listen to podcasts? And as always you can reach us at the Oth podcast G. DOT COM. That's all one word. The Oath podcasts. Kajima DOT COM. We Love Hearing. So in the meantime please stay healthy and safe. We will be back soon.

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