AP One Minute Headlines Mar 07 2019 18:00 (EST)


The excitement builds a new era begins as the Republic of Ireland take on Georgia in a crucial UEFA European qualifier. Tuesday, March twenty six at the beaver stadium comes show your support for Mick McCarthy's first home game back in charge. As the boys in green looked to qualify for euro twenty twenty the Republic of Ireland versus Georgia March twenty six a beaver stadium kickoff seven forty five pm get your tickets now from just thirty five euro at TicketMaster dot ie. Bookie applies Democrats and bigotry resolution, I'm Tim Maguire with an AP newsmen at divided in debate. But mostly United in their final vote house has passed a resolution condemning anti-semitism and other bigotry today. New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler during the floor debate often our nation has fallen short ideals when a sitcom to the demagoguery of bigots democratic leaders changed the resolution, I include anti Muslim bigotry, and then to include all minorities party is trying to push pass a dispute that has overwhelmed their agenda exposed. Faultlines at the White House. President Trump was asked about reports of recent activity at missile and rocket sites in North Korea. We'll see we'll let you know about a year. A man who shot and killed in Illinois sheriff's deputy trying to serve in arrest. Warrant remains in his wrecked. Car on an interstate state troopers and others are trying to get him to surrender a woman with the suspect was wounded by the man, she is expected to survive. I'm Tim Maguire.

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