Episode #9: Direct Connections - Chris Albrecht "The Mopar Hunter"


What's a disease happy new year and welcome to episode number nine? Let's kick off the first show twenty twenty with project carve harv the week a listener story and the first direct connections episode for those new to the show. Direct connections are special editions of this show. That are our free flow conversations with From all walks of life. I WanNa get to the roots of people's moped enthusiasm and direct connections is how we're GONNA get there. I decided to introduce direct connections to you the best way that I know how. And that's by telling you my own Mo par story you've heard the story of my Dart and the story of my truck now want to share the story of what actually sparked my love for mopeds. Because I feel that this show to be successful you need to have a good idea of who I am. And why do the moped related things that I do. So with that being said you are listening to the best Mo- Parnu driven podcast on planet earth. And I'm your host Chris. Albrecht better known as the MOPE hunter and this is talking Mo- parts You're listening to talking mobile with the hunter. Your direct medicine all things Komo pond all right folks. We made it. It is twenty twenty a new decade and a whole new year to crank out episodes of your favor. podcast talking motorcars. I'm really excited about what's in store for this show for this year The things we're going to talk about the people are going to talk to WHO and have conversations with this is GonNa be really fun and I'm happy that you're here joining me. Hey let's not waste any time. Let's cut the fat. Let's get right into it. Let's get this show on the road and let's talk a project car in this week's project car was an e Bay find and it just so happens to be one of my favorite cars not just just because I own one but because they're cool a nineteen sixty eight dodge dart so this car is an abandoned racecar project. At least that's what it looks like to me. Maybe the guy just lost interest in it but whatever the case. It's an unfinished project car. And it's set up for drag racing so or at least it's headed in that direction so this is a nineteen sixty eight dodge DART superstock hemi clone. It's got fiberglass front. From fenders two sets doors looks like Dana rear end with four link. Strange Break Strange Axles Manual Steering Column Column The seller says that most of the trim is included with the car. Except it's missing the windshield trim. It's got the sixty eight dark grill. Sixty Dr Tail Lights. It also comes with two pieces of four by sheet metal. My guess is to finish off the interior and all the tin work and it looks like the seller alert is GonNa throw in anything else that he may have forgotten the list with the car. It goes on to say that this car is a race car. Only now it's set at a buy it now. How price of eighty five hundred dollars and you know? Is it a good bye. I'm not quite sure I'd have to see the car in person but based on looks alone. It's pretty much. Just just a shell with a roll cage with hogged out rear wheel wells to fit bigger tires. And it's you know it's got some stuff going for and it's also got some stuff that it really needs addressed like is the cage even up to Nhra specs. You know how was the car built. These are a lot of questions that you need to ask when you go in. Look at these cars these unfinished unfinished racecars. Or if you're considering one I am a fool for these. I love seeing unfinished race cars. Because because I'm like Oh cool all the hard work done in this case there's still a lot of hard work left but if someone wants to get a little bit of a head start on a dart then I and I think it's a it's a good buy for somebody. That's looking for a race car. If you'RE LOOKING FOR MORE OF A streetcar you might WanNa shy away from something like this because it setup for drag racing so if you're gonNA spend eighty five hundred dollars I'm sure you can find a decent driver quality Dr that maybe it has a slant six in it. You know what it's pretty clean and you can always yanked the slant and throw in big block or a small block. Whatever you want you don't always have to get a race car and I think a lot of the time people you know they see st outlaws on TV? And they're like Oh. I got to do that so they go and they buy a race car. You know that hasn't been finished yet. And then they get in way over their head. That's probably what I would do you. You know if I didn't have my projects that I have now and I had some money burning home. My pocket in a car came up like this dart and already had a roll cage in it and it was already doubt if I didn't know any better. I probably would just buy based on cool factor alone but I do know a little bit better so if I ever go and look at a unfinished race car. Then I'm really going to look at the craftsmanship and the quality of the wells and the quality of the work involved in the car because the seller could have just started the project and got got in over his head realized he had changed a bunch of stuff and thought. You know what I'M GONNA cut my losses here. The car is nowhere near done. A have a bunch of money invested so it may may be easier for him just to say you know what screw it. I'm going to sell this car. And then just go by something and start over again. You have to watch for that kind of stuff when you're going and looking at these he's project cars because you never really know who built it you know. That's kind of scary when you're talking about safety equipment like a roll cage in you don't know who built it then then you've got you know. How do they got good welds or do they have experienced building race cars? Do the wells have good penetration. Trey Shen you know last thing you want is to roll a car that has shoddy roll Cajun at first of all you probably went to pass tech inspection. But let's just say you. You wield your way through got on that starting line and you rolled the car and you had a shoddy cage. Guess what not only can a cage save your life they can also kill you so those are things you have to keep in mind when looking at race cars like this or either x race cars or future race cars depending but that still doesn't take away from the fact that this car is cool if you were to go look at it and you're looking at the cage and you're like wow this is actually really well built. Maybe it just wasn't painted then in your saving a couple grand and then you've got the suspension set up and you know anything else all the little extras included with with the car. Like in this case. He's got some fiberglass fenders. Those definitely aren't cheap. When you're looking at project cars you really have to consider it as a whole you know? I'm kind of a fool in the way that I would go look at his car. And just think Oh my God look out coolest racecars everything else is like an afterthought I would hope that if myself or or anybody else is going to hand over. Eighty five hundred dollars on an unfinished project that you at least look it over really well maybe bring a friend. The second set of eyes is never a bad thing. But I really like this dark you know. I would have to see it in person to kind of determine if it's something that I wanted to get into into or if it looks like there's a lot of work that needs to be redone and I might as well start fresh with a much cheaper car a much cheaper Shell and then go oh from. They're not a bad car. I just thought it was cool looking on in the picture. It actually shows an overhead shop crane. It looks like it's You know him. He's hanging by right right in the engine. Bay The DR so a good sales tactic like this could be you but not a bad car. Are I wish the guy luck with the sale. I hope it's set up good in that somebody gets a good start to a race car out of it that that would be really cool because I love Dodge Dart superstock cars and the sixty eight Hemi Dr is also one of my top Mo- parts of all time along with the Barracuda. They're just so cool. Hemi bodies any body with a Hemi as cool in my book so cool Dr Check it out on Ebay. It's not hard to find. Just look up. Nineteen sixty eight dodge DART superstock. And you'll probably run across it so if you're looking for a little fun at the track and a a little fun at the garage I because you're probably going to be building this car for two years before you even get into the track. This might be a good deal. So they'll check it out on Ebay. It's still going to be up for another twenty nine days as it's got fifty two views per hour which is seems Seven people are watching it so it also has the make offer option so on Ebay you can do auctions by now or you can have a buy it now but also a make offer option option which tells me that this guy will take less than eighty five hundred dollars or else he wouldn't even put the make offer button there. So who knows what you could get this thing for. You might be sitting on a potential real cool deal you might go see. This guy will take five and Lo and behold he's like. I really need to get rid of this thing. It's taking up space in my garage. Yes I'll take fifty five hundred and then you eat that extra five hundred and Dan you know you call it a day and you bring your race car home your five thousand dollar Racecar so keep that in mind cool car. That's all I got to say about that. I would love of if my dart was built to look like a superstock but I just feel I would feel like an impostor because mine is a sixty nine and you know looking at the pictures this car. He's including these five relax vendors and they're actually four sixty nine because they have their rectangular marker lights if it's just a race car who cares and that's that that cool dark. This week's listener story comes from a gentleman named Arthur and Arthur's from Sydney Australia. And before we get into Arthur story let me just say that. I feel very bad for the people in Australia affected by the fires. I'm so sorry for all my friends down there. I hope that you guys get that situation handled and that you guys can bounce back from that because it's devastating I've seen pictures online and it looks like the apocalypse down there. It's really scary I know that we had some crazy wildfires here in California l. -Fornia and I'm up in Washington and we get some wildfires but nothing like that. Australia is insane. The stuff in California was insane and I hope you guys can recover from that. This is Arthur story. Hi Chris. I'm a listener to your podcast and enjoy the vast subjects you discuss. Plus my name is Arthur and live in Sydney Australia. I've been a muscle car guy for as long as I can remember and had various OSCE cars in my youth getting married at a young age. There is no extra money for muscle cars. That is until about fifteen years ago when I got the bug again to get myself a muscle car. I looked and looked at many iconic Australian muscle cars but just couldn't find or feel connection with any of them. I looked at over thirty cars over eighteen months but couldn't get that wow factor. I was constantly car sites looking for the one that would wow me anyhow. After for many hours of looking I stumbled onto a what I thought was a Barracuda I thought wow. That's unique in Australia. So I gave the number of call the guy called till me. The boss was out and he would call me back. As there was no photos of the car. I started to Google Khuda and loved what I saw a few hours later. The owner called me back and told me that the actual car he was selling was a roadrunner. Not Ah Khuda. I had no idea what the hell roadrunner was so I called my brother and he said if you don't buy I will. G must be special about this car if he was saying that so I rang the owner back and told him I'd come see the car on the weekend. Well I instantly fell in love and what he failed to mention was it was a convertible. I put a deposit on the car right then and came back a week later to pick it up once I brought it home. I did a small restoration tidying up the car and enjoyed it for seven years cruising and drag racing over that time I decided five years ago that the car deserved a ground up restoration. One reason was it was not the factory color so I wanted to bring it back to its original b-5 blue color it's undergone Hutton. Bolt Restoration. I put the original. Three eighty-three motor to the side and built a five hundred. Twenty two QB Monster. Everything is new on the car. And I'm almost finished now. And it's come out spectacular spectacular this nineteen. sixty-nine roadrunner convertible is one of two known to be in Australia. My friends have now. All got the MO par bug cars in our group includes two eight twelve cars one road runner and one soupy a sixty eight. GTS Factory four-speed Hemi a sixty six charger factory. four-speed Hemi car a nineteen seventy Challenger v Code four-speed car and two big blocks chargers to name a few. I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon such a rare bird and I can't wait to get it back on the road. Hopefully in three to four weeks regards Art Arthur Arthur. What a cool story? It sounds like you've got some really cool friends. The amount of cars that I didn't realize existed in other parts of the world is remarkable. I really want to have an episode or episodes on Mo- apart from other parts of the world because I know you've got some really cool ones down there aside from the cars that you guys have imported from the United States and I think shedding getting some light on some of the Mo- parts of the world would be really fun. Your roadrunner sounds pretty cool. And it sounds like you've got a little crew Of some really cool cars down there. So that's awesome. It's good to know that the Mo Park community is worldwide. And I'm so interested did in cars that are in other parts of the world that are Mo- pars my in Brazil. They have a charger. That is like early Seventies. That looks just like a dark but it has styling cues of charger and it's also got like a phantom grill that it's it's just a really cool car and then in Australia you guys have like you've got some really cool values down there and I just I just really WanNa get into the MO- parts of the world because a lot of those cars many people in the United States don't even know List so it would be fun to to talk about them and kind of you know. Increase the knowledge base of moped enthusiasts. Even here in the states and other parts of the world. I think that'll be really fun. But Arthur thank you for submitting your story. It sounds like your roadrunner is an absolute monster. Very cool I would love to see if you guys have any pictures of of all your mopey cars in one place in Australia. I think that'd be a pretty cool picture. So that exist e mail it to me or share one with me on facebook book or something. Because that's really cool and I would love to go to Australia someday. It just looks fun so I didn't realize there were so many Kumo Pars down there but now now that I know maybe there's a cool event could come to some day and just get a feel for the most part culture down there that'd be really really fun and that's actually a goal goal of mine is to take this show on the road. Someday I would love to be able to travel to different parts of the country. Different parts of the world and talk to other MO- part Susie and really get a feel for how are impacting people's lives here and abroad. That would be awesome. And that's that's a goal of mine that I don't know will ever be realized or not but I'm definitely striving for something something like that. I'm probably GONNA start locally and then kind of branch out as I go so I'll start with local shows and then slowly star widening the circle Michael until I start covering more ground and I also work a day job actually drive a garbage truck for a living so it's hard for me to get time off and and when I do a lot of it is dedicated for my family which is understandable but I hope in the future. I can find time to make my my way to other places to experience the Mo- park culture elsewhere. But thank you Arthur for sharing your story and like I said earlier. I hope that you guys can bounce back and that not too much. Life is lost in the fires in Australia. Godspeed my friend. Welcome to the first edition of direct connections. This is going to be interesting because I've never actually really shared the story of exactly how and why I became a Mo- part doozy's my dad can largely be credited for being responsible for my love of cars and Mopus. He's never heard me talk about this and my wife hasn't heard the whole story either and my best friends have never even heard this story. So here is how my obsession in with cars specifically Mo- pars came to be enjoy. The first few years of my life were spent in Mo- parts but not the ones you would typically expect. I didn't actually grow up around mope our muscle cars by the time I was born in one thousand nine hundred five. My Dad's sixty nine dodge dart was long gone on. So instead of a body mo par grew up around to Mow Pars. That would shape how I feel about transportation the rest of my life. My Dad traded in his his dodge dart for a brand new black. Nineteen seventy five tradesman cargo van and he became a banner he went from cruising in his dart in going on the street races and is cruising around having a good time to trading that in getting a van a cargo van to join the van mccrae's so he customized that van from the ground up. Porthole Windows Louvers big spoiler on the back that It had a yeah. It was a really cool looking spoiler. Fender flares sunroof crushed velvet interior with shag carpet tinted windows big side pipes and appliance steel. Spoke wheels come to think of it. I said on the episode where I talked about my Dr. They might dad's car his Dr had reverse crackers on it but now that I think about it I believe they were actually appliance steel spokes. That's that I just wanted to clear that up. In case somebody went looked at the pictures you know did some fake news reporting on me so he actually had appliance steel spokes on his. I do have have crackers for mine. That van was sold to my uncle. Ray Rest in peace on a few years after I was born and I spent a lot of time cruising around to Van Fares with my dad got in that van. I will never forget those. I still dig the book events to this day and maybe if my wife can get past the whole creeper van stigma. I'll get one someday. So let's talk about some of the other mope cars of my youth in Nineteen eighty-five when I was born. My Dad's set out to get a sports car. He had already built his van and I think he just wanted to have some fun again behind the wheel because vans aren't that Nimble and I think he just wanted ended a fun little sports car because at the time he was taking me so we live in western Washington At the time we were living in Seattle and my mom lived in eastern Washington so every weekend my dad was driving across the mountains and he needed something that was reliable and good on gas or better on gas than any van. That was going over there or anything like that so he ended up getting a black nineteen eighty five dodge dodge Daytona Turbo Z. It had louvers just like the van and funny enough louvers or making a comeback. I've seen a lot of these cars running running around with louvers on him including Mo- pars so I think that's pretty funny and I guess it just goes to show that history does in fact repeat itself. The Turbo Z was black with the red pinstripe. Sun Roof it had the louvers like already said a manual transmission and my favorite part of the car Chrysler's electronic voice alert system. If you don't know what. The electronic voice alert was in Chrysler cars in the nineteen eighties. Look it up on Youtube. The car had a robotic doc. Eighties voice I mean. Think nightrider okay. I and I'm not kidding. So it has this eighties robotic voice. That would alert you to things like low oil pressure low fuel Low Windshield washer fluid and it would tell you to fasten your seatbelts and it would even thank you for doing so. You have to understand that so it would say like warning. Your oil pressure is low warning it you know so. It was hilarious like thinking back so eighties like so eighties. But at the time you have to understand that that as a kid this was nothing short of magic. This was a talking car. My Dad owned nightrider. Only this was cooler because it was dodge Daytona Turbo Z. I remember bragging to the kids at school that my dad had a talking car and they all laughed and said I was full of crap. How Dare I? I knew what I knew and I knew it was true. The fact that they didn't believe me made the car even more special to me. My Dad must have had the coolest car on earth that nobody else had. My Dad clocked over a hundred thousand miles in that car. Basically in three years from all the weekend trips to visit my mom a couple of hundred miles away how he logged. That many miles is a long story but I spent a large portion of my youth on the weekends driving in that car in the back seat. Speeding we're getting pulled over in. That car wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I I was standing up in the backseat and we got pulled over and you know. Hey Hey dad make sure. I'm sitting down with my seatbelt on at least you know but You know it was a different time. Then road tripping is definitely in my blood I love it and I think a lot of that stems from all the time spent in the backseat of that Daytona. So it definitely holds a soft spot in my heart because I I spent so much time in it. Yeah here's a funny memory a few years after the Daytona was traded in on something something more practical for our weekend road trip so a conversion van that my dad bought I was in second grade and there was a show and tell for the class. Now Mind you. We hadn't had the car for a while at this point and I insisted on bringing a picture of the Dodge Watch Daytona Turbo Z to school in the second grade for show until I just wanted to show off how cool the car was and I had my whole will spiel down. I was GONNA explain why my dad's old car the turbo that we no longer had was cooler than any of the cars. Those dorks could possibly even imagine in. This car was out of the future. It talked for. God's Sakes I had a great case to make and I did just that to about twenty blank stares. No one gave a rip about my story or my dad's car or anything like that. In fact I remember everyone including my teacher. Miss Davis looking at me confused. Everyone else had brought in toys pets little trinkets and knickknacks. And I rot in picture of Mike. Tad's old car. It was that point that I realize it. They were all dumb and I was a car guy. I didn't even know that term existed. Then all I know is that my enthusiasm Suzianne for anything that could be driven started as a young boy and followed me into manhood. I was absolutely obsessed with semi trucks and cars. It's no wonder nearly three decades later. I would not only still be a car guy but that is also be driving a truck for a living. I'm a commercial vehicle driver. I guess it was destiny. There are two other MO- pars that were in my life that had an impact on my youth and the first was in nineteen eighty. Five Chrysler. Lebaron that my grandma who I knew as Nanna drove all the way up to the point that she could no longer drive. We even traveled halfway across the country in that car. I spent a lot of time in that Chrysler as a kid. Next to the Kenilworth I would drive later in life. That Lebaron Barron took me to more places in this country than any other vehicle in my life I was never too fond of it though but I associated. My grandma with that car are so in a way it was very special to me and my dad's still has it. As I grew up in gained more knowledge I realized what at a p O s that Lebron was because it had a two point six Mitsubishi engine in it what a disappointment that was what garbage garbage it was. Here's a funny story. That whole nervous telling it just because I feel like my grandma's listening to this right now and she would turn in over three times in her grave she heard it The only other person that knows this story I think is my friend. That was in the car with me me when this happened but I don't remember which friend it was so I was a borough kid with a minimum wage job at a local independent tire store and my car had broke down so I needed to borrow a car so I told me that I would fill up her car with gas if she let me borrow it and while out and about with this friend of mine I pull up to a stop light in front of my old high school and if I remember the story correctly a- punk in a station wagon pulled up next to us and I looked over and joking with my friend I was like you know whatever ever I said I think it was like. Oh I'm going to run this guy you know just joking around. And when light turned green me and the guy in the other car both left the line in working only described as the complete opposite of what would be considered a hard launch and drag racing. I gave that P. O. S. two point six. Excuse my right foot could give it and that P. O. S. gave nothing back after the slowest drag race in history. I pulled into the gas station and put a few bucks of the cheapest eighty seven octane regular unleaded that I could and then I returned turned it unscathed back to China. They like now that I think about it. Here's a memory. The Lebaron is the first car that I ever actually pumped gas in. When I was a young kid Nanna had actually been the one to teach me how to pump gas and she did it when I was like? Gosh I don't remember how old I was but I was young so good the Job Dad. You let grandma teach your son how to pump gas. Did I say that I returned her car unscathed. That's not entirely entirely accurate. Oddly enough after I borrowed the car it never ran right again and Nanna attributed to me not putting king middle grade fuel in it so she had this theory that she could only put eighty nine octane in this hold Lebaron because that's the only only gas it could run good on and let's be honest. The car never ran good at all but she blamed me for ruining her car. Because I put the bottom of the barrel eighty seven regular unleaded gas in it. I ruined it and sadly Nanna passed away a few years ago and she never got to hear this true story so if she's listening Nanna I'm sorry I'm pretty sure I jacked up your car car racing that Station Wagon my dad's GonNa hear the story and he still has her car and the engine is still messed up. oops sorry so that's one of the other MO- pars if you can even call it that with garbage Mitsubishi under the hood That car although I despised it in some ways I cherished it and others because my grandma and I were so close. When I was a kid I was always in that car? You you know and I just when I think about that car I think about her. And that's what would make it hard for me to get rid of. But at the same time I hated good that car so much and my memory of Graham is so much more than that Chrysler Lebaron but when I look at it I I just remember her and all the funny little the things that would happen to us in that car I could go on for awhile but if you knew my grandma you you would understand how funny she could be unintentionally. She was one of those grandmothers who was unintentionally. Funny you know what I mean but moving on the other mo par that I would loathe throughout my early to late teens was my dads nineteen eighty eight Plymouth Sundance. The car always had a weird smell and it wasn't a bad smell. It was just a weird one for some reason would give me headaches when I was in that car. I have no idea why it was just a thing. It also had that typical Chrysler Peeling Paint Syndrome. It looked like This car was spotted P. O. S.. The paint was peeling off in such a way that it looked as though a flock of birds all flew over the car the same time and took a dump right on the car. I rented my dad dropping me off at school in that peo s I dreaded it he eventually got got it repainted and surprise. I still hate it. I will say this though actually thought it was GONNA be my first car long before like it was a couple couple years before I started driving. I was already as a kid. I wanted nothing more than to drive. That's what I wanted to do. I going back to my grandma's Lebaron. There was a little toy store. kind of like a weird shop Down the street from our house. Some of you in Seattle will know this name. It's Archie mcphee's. He's back in the nineties. Archie mcphee's was within walking distance from my house. Because I live right by gasworks park and I walked down down to Archie mcphee's one day and they had this box full of steering wheel's like random steering wheels and I wanted to drive so bad that I ran home and told my grandma I have to have the steering wheel. I have to have the steering wheel and she ended up taking me back down to the store bought me the steering will and every day for the rest of the time that my grandma took me to school in the morning I would sit in the passenger seat with the steering wheel in my lap and I would mimic everything. She was doing as she was driving thinking back. That's a really good memory. I I haven't thought about that in in years but yeah I would. I would basically drive to school without driving to school. I would sit there and I would mimic everything she did when people pull drove cars. I watched with intent because I wanted to do the same thing so bad. But that's just a interesting memory from the Lebron going back to the Sundance. I thought this was going to be my first car. And you know sometimes you just have to come to grips. Because as like at the time I was like you know I can't have anything cool. I don't have any kind of money like that and if I can get this car you know I figure figure out something to do to make it cool tonight so in a desperate attempt to make it even remotely drivable to my standards. I searched and searched online to find out what I could do to make it tolerable. And that's actually the first time I learned about Carroll Shelby's involvement with Chrysler in the nineteen eighteen eighties. I was like thirteen or fourteen at the time and the Internet was still pretty young and I discovered the shelby. CSX I I really WANNA do a high-performance heritage episode of this show on the one thousand nine hundred eighties from wheel drive Mo- pars in the future. which which I know some of you Mo- par muscle guys may not be fond of? But I hope you'll find a way to power through with me because I love those cars and I know a lot of you listening. Do and and you know me. I'm a MO- par guy and I don't discriminate so we're GONNA talk about those cars to and I actually. My Dad and I have a tiny little collection Russian of eighties front wheel drive turbo. Mo- pars we have an eighty four DODGE DAYTONA TURBO Z on eighty seven shelby Eh. CSX A eighty seven dodge Daytona Shelby Z. and eighty eight dodge Daytona Shelby Z.. And then my dad has picked up in eighty six dodge Daytona Turbo Z Cs so that's cool So we kind of have a little fetish for turbo mopeds. They're fun cars to drive. And those are all projects on the back burner with the exception of my dad's eighty six Daytona He drives that every once in a while. Got Tee tops. It's a pretty cool little car for the eighties but going back to the Sundance in how I almost got stuck driving it. I was doing all this research. And then I came across the shelby. CSX and I immediately noticed the difference between in that car and the Sundance. That I was thinking I was going to end up with the big difference being that the CSX was a tutor and the sundance was a four door but But there were similarities in certain parts of the car so immediately I was like I need to get that hood with that. You know that bulge in it that that Turbo Hood and I need to get that grill because the shelby. CSX Grill transforms the front of the car. And I was I was looking for those parts and to make a long story short. I never actually ended up. Getting the Sundance is the first car. In fact it would be fourteen years before I actually had a classic Mo- part to call my own. During those dark days I owned many different makes models because it always seemed that Mo- parts were out of my reach both due to price and space. I simply had no place to take on a moped project thinking back. I'm glad things played out the way they did. Because the path that I was on has led me here talking to you so as much as I wish I could have had you. You know a Kumo par back then. I'm not sure I'd be here talking to you right now if I did so. I guess it all worked out in the end. I didn't have a moped car when I was young for lack of trying. I'll tell you that much when my dad would tell me stories about cruising in his Dr and going Golden Guards to attend the street races in the early seventies I longed for having experiences like those I felt like I had grown up in the wrong era and I say that all the time I still feel that way to this day when I see pictures from the golden era of drag racing and the old timey street races that stuff to me me I just thank God. It must have been so cool to be able to go to that stuff and be alive during the heyday of classic muscle. Cars that it must have been a crazy experience. I love talking to people that have had those experiences in share their stories. When I was a kid my dad and I would you know our father son bonding time was going to look at cars so it was? I had so much fun doing it that I was always on the hunt to find cars for my dad and I to go look so I was looking at classified sections auto traders and anytime I found something cool that was local to us. I would show my dad and we would find a way to look at it. That was always such a good time for me and the only thing that was a bummer about it is. It could get disappointing because I was a kid and I had ulterior motives. I wanted every car that I took my dad to go see. The thing was is that my dad wasn't GonNa buy those cars he just wanted to spend some time with me and go look at him and he thought that it was like our own little. Well you know our own little thing where we just go and look and he thought that we were under the understanding that we weren't taking any of them home and he was so wrong because every every car we went and looked at it I was like why are we buying and I mean it. There was a couple of times we got into it. Pretty good because I was like. Why do we go and look at these cars? If you're not going to buy any of them and you know that's when he kind of told me that you know. I thought it was fun that we go and do this and then I realized Oh okay I see so once. I realized where he was coming from. It was a little bit easier on my young psyche but there were a few Mo- parts that I looked out with my dad before I was even old enough to drive that. Had My dad bought any of them. They would've undoubtedly changed my path in life but that never happened. My plan plan to get a moped while I was young. And have it ready. By the time I was sixteen completely failed and I tried so hard to get him to buy one one of those cars for me. But here's some of the cars that we ran across that. I really wish I could have had the one car that really sticks out in my mind was a brown. Nineteen seventy-three forty duster hidden in the back of a car. Lot called Detroit auto works on Aurora Avenue in Seattle for three thousand one dollars Some of you local Seattle will know that dealership. They had a lot of hoop days but they had some nice cars every once in a while. But it wasn't like a the high end you know classic car dealership It was all outdoors. They didn't have an indoor showrooms and they were basically like driver quality cars. So if I knew then what I know now I would have been able to verify that it was in fact a legit three forty car. I remember seeing this car. The way their lot was set up they had like this little bullpen like paddock and it was behind a fence. To get the back part of the law it was sandwiched in between two other cars. And I remember walking through a lot with my dad glancing over in seeing the front end of this thing and it had had the blackout hood the black treatment on the hood with the three forty wedge decal on it and I thought Oh my God. That's cool so I ran over there to look at it and it was the only Brown car that I've ever seen and at very first side I was like all all that is perfect for that car. That color is perfect and I went over there and it had one of those Hang Tags in the In the windshield hanging off the rear view mirror and it said three thousand dollars and I looked at the car and you know thinking back if I remember right it was pretty clean for what it was and for three grand back then I remember my dad kind of thinking that that was a little bit too high of a price and maybe it was but the car Dr. If I remember this right has split bench a column shift automatic and like I said the blackout hood with the three forty wedge. DECAL on it even in its dark brown color. I thought this car was bad ass. I thought about how different my early years of driving would have been had. My Dad bought me that car sometimes terms and you know how fun it would have been spent a couple years working on that car with him before I was old enough to drive. But that's not how the cards played laid out and I never got that car and I actually just recently a dealership in Texas had the exact car maybe not the exact car but the car that they had was splitting image of the one that I saw in Seattle that day and if I could have afforded that car I would have bought it just just because I missed out on that opportunity as a kid and I hate missed opportunities to other cars that would have changed my history. You were a complete project. Nineteen sixty eight Barracuda and a running driving Formula S.. Three Forty Barracuda. That if I remember right was also a sixty eight neither of those panned out for me either so I would have to wait over a decade to realize my childhood dreams but I like to think that everything happens for a reason even if it sucks. I ended up waiting quite a long time to get my classic Mo- parts but I have them now. Oh and I am happy. Let's go back to my younger years for a minute like most car enthusiasts. I learned all of my favorite words watching and quote unquote quote helping. My Dad worked on his vehicles. When I was young I learned every four letter word in the Book and watching my dad work on cars and quote unquote Helping him was a very fond childhood. Memory right up there with going to look at cars with my dad. My Dad and I have the strongest bond in the fact that we both love cars every time we get together the subject always turns to cars and I don't think that has ever changed changed. My Dad was never obsessed with Moe Pars like I ended up becoming. He was just a car guy who just so happened to own a few Mo- parts along the away. He loves MOPEDS. Don't get me wrong but with me. The exception is that I tend to fixate in obsess over things and the first MO- apar- muscle car that I saw that really changed. My world was at that. Same dealership the seventy duster was at now. I don't remember how long long before I saw that. I saw this car but this dealership was one that my dad and I would frequent all the time just to see what they had on the lot. We would go there and just walk around and look at the cars but one time we were there. I remember it was a little bit dark outside. And all the streetlights were shining down on the front line and the car was a nineteen seventy plymouth. KHUDA painted F J Five Limelight Green. And I I don't know if it was a real a are or clone but I'll never forget it. The lights were shining down on it and the green just stuck out like a sore thumb mm-hmm and I was immediately. You know like like a duck to water. I was over there looking at the car and it was the first time mm that I ever stuck my head inside an old Mo par muscle car and took a whiff and that changed my sense of smell forever. Because I'm a freak in the fact that I absolutely love the smell of old mo par muscle car. It seems like they all have the same smell. Maybe it's just me okay but I absolutely love it and I wish that you could buy little tree airfresheners that the Senate was old mo par. I'd buy them by the box ox. That's what a freak I am but I'll never forget that car I remember. The price was like ten nine five or something like that and I remember. We're just looking at my dad going. This is it. That was another one of the cars where I was like. This is it dad. Let's get this one and again leaving. I'm disappointed so for some reason. My Dad I wish we would a test drove it. I don't know what my dad was thinking I would have said. Hey let's get the keys this thing and tell you I spent you know but never got to that point and that car is the one that made me understand. Because it was the coolest looking Mo- apart I had ever seen in person it just I don't know if it was the color or the car but there's something about a Green Barracuda that still to to this day. Every time I see F J five Barracuda. I remember that car and I remember the Dow was the car that sparked my i. I absolutely love. Promo- PARM also cards. Because up until that point I was only exposed to you know my dad's van and the Daytona and the Lebaron and the Sundance. I had never been that close to a high impact colored mope our muscle car and it was so cool but like I said I opened the door stuck my head in there and for some reason I just took. Oh big whiff and my senses came alive and I'll never forget that car and I will never forget that smell. Mike Dart has that smell. It's crazy Every once in awhile I will go over to my daughter and I will take a big whiff of it. I'm just kidding. I don't do that but it does have the same smell and I think that's funny but like like I said I tend to fixate on things and that Khuda definitely cemented my love for mopeds muscle cars. It changed the way that I look at cars. And as time went on the MO- pars climbed in price they got less obtainable. And you now. I knew that it would be a long time Right there for a while went. Once I saw the prices of muscle cars and anymo- par that was classic for that matter. I saw the prices just climbing and they were just getting further and further out of reach for me and then you know life happened. I went out and I met my wife life or my future wife and we are living in an apartment and I just had no place to work on a moped muscle car so my dreams were halted for just a little bit and fast forward to four years ago in Twenty fifteen. I had always wanted to mow par but I was just never in a position to get one and I finally got one in. That was The story of my Dart if you haven't heard that story yet go back to episode number four. And that's the story of how how I obtained my first classic Mo Par Two Thousand Fifteen was. When I decided to let my freak flag fly and profess my love of Mo- parts is to the world by starting a facebook page called the mot part hunter it was largely sparked by a somewhat famous nineteen sixty-nine Charger Daytona? That sat parked worked in a driveway. By the Alderwood Mall I was familiar with the car for many years as a kid at least my entire high school career and probably a little bit longer and I would go. I would check up on that car every once in a while and you know a few times a year and I decided to start taking pictures and sharing airing all the cool stuff that I would run across just because I you know I saw facebook pages and I gotta be honest. Not Very many of my friends you guys. I have a lot of mope our friends now because of the moped hunter page but before the Mo par hunter a a lot of my friends. Are Ford guys. A couple of Chevy guys Summer import guys and nobody was as enthusiastic easy. Ask about Mo- pars as myself. I have shown them how obsessed I am and now anytime they come across a Mo- par on the street or somebody's yard or something like they always. I'm the first person that they get to. And they are excited to tell me about him so I think that's really cool that I built this brand that I'm the Mo par guy I out of all my friends out of all the friends from my childhood that I'm the Mo par guy so I think that's funny and you know it's not a bad thing I don't mind it even people at work or starting to go cut he's nuts in he's the Mo par guy you know so that's cool. I don't mind that at all. I am the MO par guy. I am the MO par. We're hunting okay. Let's not forget that I started the Mo par hundred page with the motor stuff. I came across online or in real life and I would use is it is a way to document my I mo project and things got out of hand in a couple of thousand post later here we are talking on a podcast. How crazy is that? I finally have a couple of classic Mo- Pars and my love and enthusiasm for them is stronger than ever. This is why I love listener stories and why I chose to create this podcast because everyone has a different story to tell and they are all cool in their own right. If any of you who have sent in stories are like me. You probably really struggled a little bit with not writing an entire book about it. I could go on and on about why love Mo par so much and keep telling stories but my story is just one of many that shapes the culture as moped enthusiasts we all share the common bond. Kind of our love of Mo- pars and I can't wait to hear your story so as long as you keep sending them in. I'll keep sharing them. That's my story folks and I'm sticking to it. I plan to close every direct connections episode with a speed speed round of random moped questions for my guests. I'M GONNA be calling that the six pack because it sounds cool and it gives me a reason to only we ask six questions. The questions will be chosen by me and I hope this little closing segment or part of the interview will be as fun as I think it will be. I won't be doing the six pack this time around because it would be pretty lame if I asked myself the questions that already know the answer to so I will save that and the official first edition of direct connections. This was the unofficial first edition. So there you have it folks. The first episode of Twenty Twenty is in the books in you gotta taste of direct connections. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. Send in your stories. Keep them coming until your mopey addicted friends about this show and please don't forget talking. MOPEDS DOT COM. I'm your host Chris Albrecht and that was talking Mo- parse thank you for listening to talking parts your direct connection until all things until next time. Remember no more par left behind

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