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Nick Will Lamar's MVP magic continue against the titans this weekend will that General Wolfe is the question that will determine the entire NFL playoffs. We'll Lamar continue to be the player in the postseason. He was in the regular season. If the answer is yes then. I'd like to congratulate the Baltimore Ravens on their Third Super Bowl Championship since they've come back since they went to Baltimore because then no one's going to beat them. If Lamar is the same guy in the postseason then you can't beat. This is team right now since week. Six Atop to defense in football over the course of the year they have a top five defense in football the Marcus Peters trade energize them earl. Thomas took him a few weeks to kind of get a sea legs beneath them being with the new franchise for the first time in his career. And now he's back to being earl bleeping. Thomas and I Mark Ingram dealing dealing with an injury but he returned to practice that if the Ravens continue to do in the postseason through Lamar what they did in the regular season that you you have no viable path to victory. Now what do I think will happen. I think Lamar will be good in the playoffs. I do not think he will be the. MVP of the plan. I think that you will have a number of factors. One is his lack of playoff experience. Another is the the ability for teams to drill down specifically perfect. The titans have known if we if we beat the Patriots. They knew they were playing Baltimore no matter what because the only round game they could play. I guarantee you've had coaches on that staff since week. Seventeen preparing for Baltimore preparing to deal with this very unique offensive scheme. What Greg the Romans doing with Lamar and I would imagine what they are going to do is say we will tip our cap to you? If you're receivers beat us but we are going to. We are going to put all all of our attention on the middle third of the field. We're GONNA put all our attention on your running game and on your tight ends and if Willie snead in Hollywood Brown have huge games which simultaneously have had huge games all year long. Then we're GONNA lose but that the question will be if that is what they give you. Can Lamar make those throws consistently. We know he has the ability to. It's no longer a question. Does he have the ability to throw the ball downfield. How effective will he be in the biggest game of his career career this weekend and then one even bigger if they win it the following weekend against Kansas City? Listen we see this one to say I think the Tennessee. Titans have to try to force Lamar Jackson. The ball down the field and outside of the numbers. I think that's the only way you have a fighting chance mismatch. You talked about Tennessee. Titans knowing what's coming you can know what's coming instill still catch a beatdown. Yeah I mean. Boxers knew what was coming with Mike Tyson in his prime in the late eighties and early nineties. There was nothing they can do about it. They were going to get knocked out inside of three rounds. The Baltimore Baltimore Ravens. have that same bully type of mentality especially when it comes to their offense being able to run the football what. I'm interested to see. How might rebel has gone to match up with his his personnel? Is he going to go out there with base defense or is he going to go out there with nickel because if you go out with base you're going to have trouble keeping up with the speed of the Mark Jackson and those running backs in the run game if you go out there nickel yet that makes you faster overall on defense but are you going to be able to hold up with the physicality at the point of attack. That's win. The tight ends in the ravens offense. Come into play because you have Mark Andrews. Yeah Nick Boileau and you got Hayden hearse and all those guys as much as we talk about them being great receivers they're all in line blockers and you can create some interesting formations four defenses to go up against so it'll be interesting. How my able sees it? And what he thinks just gives him the best chance to slow that rushing attack down Chris. So much of this game is gonNA come down to like nick. Said how Lamar shows up this weekend. Here's a guy who is a young player still still coming off the tough loss last season having insane season this year. What's as a player? What's the week like for him? At how quiet all that noise and prepare for arguably the biggest game of your entire career. Here's the thing I think him having that experience in his rookie year is going to pay. Dividends was a negative experience negative. Because he actually you got to feel it. The intensity the overall speed of the game in the playoffs all ratchets up but not because it's winner go home so having that understanding and knowing what those emotions are going to feel like when you come out there There's nothing that can compare can prepare you for unless you've actually been out there and you've done it and so I think it's a tremendous advantage for the ravens to have him have that experience in his rookie year because now I just feel like the group around him. His is tailor made to fit his skill set and he's in a position now because of the experience and because of the confidence that he's gained from his regular season performance that you can go out there and get the best version of the Mar.. Jacks and the other question is going to you about Ross. Lamar's play two games since December thirteenth. Okay so On sorry he's played one teams. Play two games since December thirteenth because they played on a Thursday today and that Lamar's only played one of those games because he rested in week. Seventeen so you have and you also have an element at the end of the year after that San Francisco Buffalo Stretch. It was. Jets Cleveland. Pittsburgh then they you rest everyone in week. Seventeen Pittsburgh then you have a bond and so it's been a long time for Baltimore since they played a playoff level team now throughout the year. A cyberman can't city. They whooped every playoff level team. They played and beat every playoff level team. They played with really only San for Cisco giving them a real close game they annihilated Houston they annihilated New England but I do wonder how much rust will be a factor because Tennessee's only way to win is to jump out on early. If Tennessee falls down ten nothing you you can turn. The Gamov. Wouldn't turn like Tennessee cannot come from behind in this football game. They have to hope that Lamar and that offense is a little rusty that they do take a little bit to get in sync. That's the only chance they got in. This is such a good point because it's Tennessee. Who's actually you become off the momentum in this match we talk about physical fitness Salah? But there's another the other side of the game that's just as important. I'm talking about mental fitness. Calm the number one APP for sleep and meditation has now teamed up with Lebron James to help you train. Lean your mind Lebron and calm know that your mind is like any other muscle in your body and calm can help you train your brain so you sleep better see so you have less stress so you perform at your best for Lebron. James Sleep is an important part of his mental fitness routine. He says getting good sleep and finding meantime to rest is one of the most valuable things I can do for my body and mind and if you head to calm dot com slash sports forty. You'll get forty percent off a AKAM premium membership with com- you have access to the nature. Scenes Lebron loves and so much more like sleep stories and meditations for a limited time our listeners conjoined join Lebron and using com with a forty percent discount to an annual membership at COM DOT com slash. Sports forty unlock content to help you focus east stress and sleep better get started at com dot com slash sports a forty that's com dot com slash sports forty. For the first time in years. Tom Brady will be making. Non Football related plans in early January rare early exit. Means that Brady's got some decisions to make on where he'll play next season former. NFL Scouts bookie Brook said. It's it's time for the Patriots to quote. Close the books on the Brady era when Nick is he right well I mean I think the time for them to close the books on the Brady era. If everyone could go do it over again would be after last year super bowl. They could've done this year early now. Obviously you can't tell your guy that I just WanNa six Super Bowl and the game before the Super Bowl let a fourth quarter comeback on the road. We you know we you your service. No longer needed here so I understand why they didn't do do that. But Yeah of course bookie books Brooks is right. The vagaries with or without Tom Brady are not going to be a championship level. Team next season. We you can't whether you agree with me. That Brady is on the severe downtick or with the people that disagree with that and just say it's all the pieces around him either way. That's that's not fixed in one off season. The Patriots traded their second round pick for receiver. They don't have an aging roster with a lot of pending free agent. You know they don't overpaying free agency. They're not all of a sudden into a huge departure of what they've done in years past which is not going to win now when now we're gonNA sign contracts so whether it's because Brady is done or the roster stinks you can't fix you certainly can't fix the first and it's not patriots. Dow To try to fix the second to microwave it so Either way you're not containing Brazil twenty twenty so we'll put you in the best position to compete for a super bowl in twenty one or twenty two or twenty three to start art the next era of Patriots'll as soon as possible. It's a harsh decision. It's a tough decision but it's the type of decision. canty Bella Check has always made we we always say he wants to be a year earlier than a year late will. He can't be a year early anymore. What are you certainly can be a year or two late? If he relents to the pressure from from above that I think there will be from. Robert Kraft to give a quarterback that after week three after week. Three was a bottom six in all statistical categories quarterback in this league twenty five to thirty million dollars a year starting next season which is reportedly with Tom. Brady is going to be asking for well. We know there's going to be pressure from abroad because if bill the attack had his way and then Jimmy Garoppolo wouldn't be playing for the forty nine. He'd be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady Chapter of Patriots. Football would already be closed. But I mean Tom Brady at this stage he wants to be respected. Which is why I think? He has their claws. And his current contract that doesn't allow the Patriots Franchise them the way you show a player that you respect respect ability is how you pay him and Tom Brady for the better. Part of this decade has been on an under market deal at his position so at this stage. It's about trying to get. Would he deserves but I don't think bill is in a hurry to pay. Tom Brady market value especially the way that offense looks this past year now you mentioned all the potential losses that that they have or the decline in personnel at the skill positions. You also gotTA consider potentially losing Josh mcdaniels. WHO's been Tom? Brady's coordinator for all but two of his years. Here's in New England so I think that could be potentially a big loss if he decides to take over the job with the Cleveland browns so fall those different reasons. It seems like it will point to Tom. Brady being out the door but I don't know who. The Patriots Alternative is at the quarterback position. Who's going to be the successor? Four Tom Brady. Is it going to be Jarret. STIDHAM SCHORR it didn't look Brady when he played in spot duty and regular season. So that's my only question about Tom Brady. And whether or not the Patriots are going to run it back with him. Who's going to be as replacement placement? I mean you do have some young quarterbacks that will be on the free agent market Jameis Winston. Marcus Mariota Ryan Tannehill Teddy Bridgewater. We'll see a bill. Belichick is infatuated with any of them. But ultimately I think Tom Brady is the guy that probably gives you best the best chance to compete to win the division next year but I think the Patriots do have to address address the quarterback position in a real way this off season. I just don't think it'll mean at Tom. Brady is out the door quickly. One of the things we we haven't really been talking about is how tied in Tom. Brady's is to Josh mcdaniels. And how one if Josh stays. Does that help Tom. Brady maybe come back. It's hard to after twenty years to go to a new team a new offense new personnel. It's now new new everything. Well you wonder how close the two of that so I think it's a really good point and I actually talked to Joel this recently. Joe Said Lee you think Brady wants to spend his off season learning a new system right learning new personnel learning. These new things like no he wants to go on vacation wants to spend time with his family. But Josh mcdaniels leaves you're learning a new each system either way you're learning. I'm sure they will implement a lot of the same things. And Brady's not GONNA follow him to Cleveland. Obviously now if the charges were to force out Anthony Lynn in in order to Brady mcdaniels package deal and by the way. I bet they would do that. Even though I think Anthony Lindsay good coach. I do the Josh mcdaniels. Leaving weighs more on the side of Brady also saying I want to leave myself but the point you make candy is a good one and it's one that I hear all the time which is who is his replacement. This is not a Montana too young of farve to Rogers a manning to look situation and I agree with that a thousand percent and I don't know who is replacement is what I do I know is when the Patriots declined to give him a contract extension. They knew who was on their roster. They knew was jeered them. Nobody else. They also knew who the pending free agents were. They when they could have made this a non-issue a year ago bill belichick looking at his roster and looking at the pending free agent crop. Said I don't want to give you a contract contract extension. So why would that change. Why would is feeling on that of chains when Brady just play the worst year of his career and the team success wise had the worst year? It's adding a decade. It's not like all of a sudden when they wouldn't give him a contract extension. They had Jimmy G.. They'd traded him a couple years ago. It's not like they had. They thought we have this great young quarterback but he blew out his his knee and week. Nine now you might not be ready to start the season. They knew what time it was when they when they refuse to Brady Contracting Cinch in in August so I don't don't know how much that affects their decisions just coming back here. First things first now joined by super the champ. Greg Jennings going to get you this morning Greg. Aaron Rodgers use your teammate. For seven seasons you helped him. Pat had his resume to the tune of two regular season. MVP's and a super bowl forty-five MVP but the packers have missed the playoffs. In back to back seasons and errands the numbers have been down during that stretch. No one wants to raise another Lombardi trophy this year. More than the Green Bay quarterback himself take a listen so my mind every day. I mean that's why we play the game and that's why you put in the time in the off season is why you do little things. It's to put yourself in this position where we are two games away from being able to compete for. That told me and I'm thirty. Six this is all about this. Is Gordon Opportunity for us. I feel like a lot of really good years left but you never know. A lot of things happen year to year. You know. We've had some great teams that have been injury away or You know play away from being special so wanNA make the most opportune new. Aaron Rodgers went into say. I know I'm much closer to the end than I am to the beginning of my career. I do get how important this is old. Yeah What what a second lombardi trophy do for Aaron Rodgers legacy? Oh well that's the only thing missing from and you might say we move the goalposts like he gets one now. What's missing is too well to get in the discussion that his talent rightfully should place him in which is the greatest cornerback ever not named Thomas? Almost Edward Patrick Brady. He's one championship away from being in that discussion. I'm not saying you'll be at the top of the discussion but he's in the room. Brady right now is in a room by himself I imagine. Listen I scotch. Maybe he's in the room by himself and he's going to be in their room by himself forever. Yes No. Nobody's ever going to be able to join him. But there's another room Joe Montana's in it Peyton Manning's in it. I have John Elway in it. That in a just guys in the last fifty years and those are the only is there. Brett Farve is in a room down the hall with Aaron and with drew brees and with Dan Marino. These are nice rooms. But you'd like to get to that next next one and to me those to me. The t the eight mess quarterbacks since the merger with respect to Brad sherline stock Troy Aikman Steve. Young that's your pyramid. Rogers jumps a level Rogers and the conversation. Some people were trying DAB a month ago is drew brees actually better than Peyton manning which is conversation. No one actually ever had while they were playing. No if Rogers wins another super bowl all have that conversation manning's got two of them but meaning got a second one when and it was not the prime of his career led by the defense. I know the five regular-season MVP the second most with three. and Rogers unlike manning his play is this level in the regular season and at this level in the postseason Payton's play was at this level in the regular season. Tick above Rogers. What about here in the postseason? So yeah he is a game or a game three games away a championship away. From at least having a credible argument the last fifty years on the second best ever do this in the modern era. I'm the second best. Whoever do this bike and make the case for that? That's what a second championship would do earn riders honors. And it would prove he can win without Greg Jennings which I need to see I love it I love it it would do wonders for his legacy when you when you look when when you look at what we talk about what would hurt his legacy. It's the lack of rings. Mr Lack of Super Bowl appearances. Forget winning is just not leaving getting there with his skill set in with the roster that they've had now we understand what they haven't had but we've always looked at him to be the x factor in more than enough to get back there at least and so going into the mindset of an Aaron Rodgers. A guy who always has had a chip on his shoulder. He's always playing with this. This would if or what did you say. Or what can I pluck out of the media or the press clippings that will drive me even more so when it does happen happening when I do make you look bad. I'm GonNa Kinda Jab at you a little bit. This would do that with all the opportunities that the Green Bay packers have. I've had that he feels and I was there for some of them that we let slip away in that window does not open too often. You know it it does not win it does open. It doesn't open all the way and so he sees an opportunity. where he he gets it he says it? I think about it all the time. Because he's experienced is not getting there and being so close in having the disappointment in letdown of men. Almost did it. And how great would it feel for him and I get it. He can say his relationship with Mike. McCarthy is great and it is probably good. I'm sure but he would love nothing more it then to get to a super bowl appearance and win one without Mike McCarthy. I share McCarthy's going bill first year. He's gone that would be that. That would be something that you couldn't write up. And he would. He would salivate at that opportunity. Well here's the thing when you look at Aaron Rodgers. We're talking about one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks x the game has ever seen I mean everybody's just trying to figure out why Rogers only had one play one game in the Super Bowl. Why hasn't he made it two conference championships and super bowls? More often. Being a talented a lot of it has to do with the organization not surrounding him with the requisite talent that it takes to compete at that level. I think that's why Green Bay moved off a Ted Thompson has their GM a couple of years ago because they recognize that they got to try to take advantage of Aaron Rodgers in the twilight of his career and for the better part of his prime. They haven't been aggressive in terms of being able to surround him with top tier talent. They didn't go out and free agency and spend a whole lot of money. This was one of the first all all seasons that they were active and Bryan Kuhn Stare. GM He went out and he signed the Smith brothers because he realized that. I can't ask Ann Rogers to win. Eight thirty five one. Shoot out every we single week but especially in the playoffs so the fact that this team can play a couple of different games and still be able to have success. I think it bodes well for him but back to the conversation. Where does this place Aaron Rodgers? If he's able to win another super bowl I think it puts him on Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks. When you consider that ain't a lot of quarterbacks that have multiple Super Bowl rings rings and multiple Super Bowl? MVP's having Aaron Rodgers gets right there at the top of that list. I mean you've got five quarterbacks that have multiple super bowl MVP's and Brady and in Montana beings. I think that that's that's the kind of rare air that you would put Aaron Rodgers in. I mean he would be with is Brady with Montana with Peyton manning I think he would be the fourth name on that list with all respect to John elway because this is how gifted Aaron Rodgers has been out his career and it would end forever. The Rogers farve debate which I know for a lot of us. We think Rogers's ascended past him the NFL one one hundred list just came out. Brett farve name was on it. Aaron Rodgers name was not so for some people maybe an older generation. I knew played with both of them. And it's nothing against Brett Farve you've to me it. Would I already think Aaron's better and has had a better career but far did get to the he one one loss one and it would. It would put a pin in that debate for all time but the the other element of this is for Rogers you the level of play off heartbreak. He he is suffered. I think is underrated. I think some of this I know is very touchy. Our fourteen. Th so there's he he's lost seven. Playoff Games played late. Eleven years in this league one year. They didn't lose a playoff game because they wanted all three years. They missed the playoffs his first season as a starter and then the last two years so those other seven years. How did they end three times? You get blown blown out the fifteen. And one year he got blown out the Colin Kaepernick. Running all over lambeau field year you get blown out and the Conference Championship game in two thousand sixteen when they went down to Atlanta and just could could not get off the field to get blown out but those other four losses three are overtime playoff overtime losses. First playoff game in his career. All all you guys on the offense didn't score forty five points. That's just good enough to get you. Beat fifty one forty five in overtime. They lose to cap again this time on a field field goal as time expires. Then you lose the onside kick game in overtime to Seattle. Then you're playing Arizona in a game. Where Rogers says too? Ill Mary's to force over time. And then laird for seventy five yards down to the goal line. Then they pitched three overtime playoff losses four losses on the final play of the game and three of those came in succession for thirteen fourteen. Fifteen you had three straight years your season indeed in walk off fashion that a level of heartbreak. I can't I can't speak to it. You guys both. Unfortunately well both being champions can speak to what it actually feels like for Rogers. I'm sure he feels like man. I should have been had my second championship already if this if that. I should've gone head to head with Brady back when Brady by the way only had three had lost two in a row that Seattle superbowl should have been our appearance and the whole narrative of everyone's different but it didn't happen and this best opportunity in a very long. It is best opportunity a tune in being real and I think Aaron is starting to get to the point where he's being realistic. He's no longer in. The twilight of his prime understands the importance of shoot. How much longer do I have let alone? How much longer is my abilities going to put us in a situation where we have this opportunity afforded to us and so with that all being said it is paramount that they take advantage of this opportunity? That's right in front of them. Yeah the Green Bay packers. The last twenty five years have experienced a level of privilege at the quarterback position that not too many franchises have it almost feels criminal that Rogers is only played in one super. Bs Time now. For a brand new segment we invented it in the last segment. It's it's called over under. We are the first television showed ever do a segment like this. We are no this is my all of them on solving the new to me. Lamar Jackson broke the single season rushing record this season. Lamar will look to continue. Can you that success on the ground against the titans they call themselves canny. Will Lamar rush for over or under one hundred yards Saturday. Go always over just because Martin Ingram is a little banged up yet. DECAF injury at the end of the regular season. I don't know how much volume he's going to get into rushing attack. But I do know that. Lamar Jackson accent is the head of the snake when it comes to the Ravens and their ground impound style. So I'M GONNA go with the Mark Jackson maybe he pulls the ball and keeps it a little more often than we've seen him do do the regular season. Because it's the playoffs when I go home I'm going to go under simply because I think Mike Roeber net defense in those guys understand the importance accordance of eliminating the big plays from Lamar Jackson allowing everyone else to do what they do if they beat you so so be it. But you can't let it be. Because Lamar Jackson Yeah. I'm also going to go under lamarcus. Lamar has been unbelievable. This year passing and rushing the football. He averaged seventy five yards per game on the ground. which is crazy crazy? I think he was six hundred. Twelve hundred yard rushing season. I expect right around that total around seventy five yards. One Hundred Yard rushing game in a playoff game by quarterback back. We've seen captain we saw victory would not a lot of instances of it so I say under for Lamar I works now now. I understand over on the other onto Texans Jackson and chase. It is a complex. You know it's a little tricky. Yeah we have very small producers. They came up with this. The game is projected to be high scoring and fast pace so Patrick Mahomes Arm should be showcased heavily. Chris canty will mahomes pass for over or under three and a half touchdowns on Sunday going over Jenna. I Home School light that Texans Secondary Who Texas defense is suspect. Now I know they got the emotional boosting getting. Jj Watt back last week in him and Whitney Mercilus made huge plays in the second half the game. But I don't think they're going to see mahomes out there this week. especially with the revenge factor in them losing to the Texans in week six. This is going to be a different chiefs offense because Sammy Watkins will be back on the field. I think Pat Mahomes takes full advantage of having a full complement of his weapons. I say under for every reason you just said because as an offense that is electric in that can put up a lot of points. Sometimes you watch that film and you see that opposing defense and you like ooh that's going to be day to day and then you get out there and it just just doesn't quite work out the way you thought. I think they'll put up a lot of points three and a half now going under Patrick Mahomes from throwing. At least four touchdown passes in this game. V doesn't have to play the fourth quarter of all the teams that made the playoffs. Both conferences the team the chiefs. If they could have picked one to play they would have picked the Houston Texans more so than the buffalo bills certainly more so than Tennessee more so than any of the teams in the NFC. The Texans Jackson secondary is a disaster. That is the one unit on your team. You can not be a disaster against a healthy. Finally Patrick mahomes chiefs offense. Offense got their offense lineman back. They didn't have when they played them in week six. Patty has an enormous game on Sunday. Morning I think what it was sorry about that all right seahawks wide receiver decay. Metcalf was Seattle's Kiro last weekend. The White House finished with a rookie playoff record. One hundred sixty receiving yards. It's on seven catches to go along with a touchdown so canny will make caffeinated with over or under one hundred receiving yards against the pack. I'm going over Jenna. No I've gone over all of these but I'm going over. Just because the seahawks they were a run center offense in the regular season but because they're running back through all banged them. They've been forced to drop back in total ball. I know you say that Ed plays into their strengths. Russell Wilson Forty drawbacks last week in decay. Metcalf had a huge game. I'll look to see the same formula employed by the seahawks in terms of their game plan and trying to move the ball that packers defense decay. mccafe's going to be a huge part of their. I'm with you. I'll go over as well for every reason you just said. I think this is how they have to to win with their running backs getting injured. I get it you gotta be smoke. But he's not gonNA give you that type of production that Carson Penny was giving you. They have to win in the the air on Russell Wilson's arm and decay metcalfe's going to be a huge part of that. I'm going over as well for maybe slightly different reasons because I don't think Seattle is going to win but I do think Russell Wilson's GonNa play better better than he has. Historically played at Lambeau. I also think that. They saw their best chance to move the football down. The field is de que. Metcalf half go running nine rows and the good luck packers defense and slowing them down slime. Also if the weather's bad all of you taking the over the snow can help the passing attack your quarterback strong enough bar benders can't change directions. The wider the rain. Be Bad for pets. Thank you for listening to the first things first. PODCAST remember. Leave us a review and tell us what you think. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts and catch us on F s one Monday through Friday. Six Thirty A._M. Easter.

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