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Be sure to catch US live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox sports radio NFS one find your local station for the hurt at Fox sports radio, DOT COM or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching heard. You're listening to Fox sports radio. Here. We go. Hour two. Joel Klatt joining US Voice of College football here for Fox sports and a couple of minutes. This is the heard wherever you may be, and however you may be listening Fox sports radio. Right here on F s one tomorrow we are off Friday we're back tomorrow there's a lot of things happening on this network, a lot of sports of baseball NFL. So we are off tomorrow. Then we are back Friday just the way the game works tomorrow we got a lot of things in the building and because of Covid the number of people we can have in the building in the testing. It's just kind of an odd day we don't get. We don't take days off in the football season, but Tamara we're off. So we're here today Joel Klatt will join us by the way I, like my presidents to be presidential. Not a huge fan of the current guy I like a little presidential refined little humble my quarterbacks to be quarterback. He'll Russell Wilson, Tom Brady refine humble credit to others. But I'm kind of over it. In social media, let's down the icons and let's be falsely humble about people. Nobody cares about. Everybody, that's irrelevant is suddenly fascinating in all the icons who are relevant just overpaid overrated I'm over it. So I'm okay with Aaron Rodgers saying this yesterday and he said this on a podcast with the PAT McAfee show. Here it is. You know I I sometimes laugh when people talk about you know down years for me 'cause low times down years for me or careers from score. Was Awesome. Defects from. That's funny. And I'm okay with it. Like I'm okay with it. Aaron Rodgers. Times. MVP Super Bowl. He just got a divorce publicly with Mike McCarthy McCarthy is drowning. He's drowning and Aaron Rodgers is not he's flourishing and if he's feeling himself this. Okay. Yesterday. Howard Stern's one hundred, twenty, million dollar contract all the loser came out of the woodwork. You could have two hundred podcast for that Oh. Gosh. What the world needs two hundred more podcasts nobody listens. There's ten sports podcasts in America that have an audience I have one. I don't need another podcast I won't listen to I need Howard stern or I don't listen to xm serious their stock went up in Howard contract was announced. My wife would not renew it without Howard. It's okay to acknowledge Howard's great. Oprah's Great Russell Wilson's Great Aaron Rodgers Great, Lebron James Great, urban Meyer, great nick, Sabin Great. I'll give them once a year I'll let him smoke a cigar and puff their chest and go. I'm pretty good. It's okay or you can prefer twitter. Were falsely humble and everybody that's irrelevant is. You are so great. Not really we don't need anymore podcast. You can shut it down right now. Howard's great errands. Great. I'm going to give him a little moment deflects and we're all going to be okay because it's authentic and honest and isn't that what we want from our athletes I liked that Aaron Rodgers. Honest. I got enough be Eser's in my life. I got enough politicians enough people sell them. He nonsense I got enough of that in my life. What I don't have is honesty. That's what I want. And with speaking of honesty, a man who is often wrong but never without conviction or authenticity Joel Klatt, the Voice of college football this network, the only guests with the courage the join us in studio it's going on hey hey. I'm going GONNA start podcast. It's been. What do you think you and Gus Jenny Jenny by the way is on my aeroplane Saturday night does not acknowledge my existence. Why? Did she recognize you? She said later she did she had a Fox. What do you call it like a mouthguard on for covid right mask a mask. They're calling. L. scarred. That's Jenny Cathy. was going to go up to her but she ignored me and then later she goes yeah, I thought it was you to be fair I would ignore you as well. All right. Okay. So here's the segments run out of time. Okay, let's get to that. Let's get to the brass tacks on. Let's do it. Texas can't. Lose to TCU year after year after year true. Okay. Recruiting matters. It's Texas that's USC losing the cow. I don't want to give you one. I don't want to see it again and again and again, and again think about this Tcu before joining the big twelve was one in thirty two in their last thirty, three against Texas and then they're seven two cents joining the conference. Yeah. That's that's a problem and. By the way the boosters know if USC started losing the cow, you can lose to Oregon. Occasionally, you can lose to Ohio State Michigan, he started losing a cow. The boosters are like no way I. I know that do that cows a rugby program we're the football program. I'm not going to throw cold water on CAL quite like dad call him a rugby program. But yes, it's absolutely the truth. This is why when it comes to, we're doing red river this week and it's such an interesting game not just because there's no fair going on there's going to be you know twenty, five percent capacity I mean it's GonNa feel so different, but it's also Oklahoma's coming off back to back conference losses for the first time. Since the John Blake era don't mention that to Oklahoma fans they'll plug their ears. And then Texas again, losing to an unranked opponent as a ranked team. Did you know since Herman got there in two thousand seventeen he's eleven and six in such games where he's ranked, they're not was the knock on him going in he was a great underdog coach but he flailed a little bit as a favorite Co. he was good at. HOUSTON. Let's let's let's let's face. It got really good at Houston, and that's one of the he was a giant slayer at Houston. Remember he beat that Lamar Jackson Team at Louisville he beat Oklahoma I mean. He did a lot of really good things at Houston the the the knock though is that those six losses as a ranked team to unranked opponents are the most in college football over that span. Oh so so that's a problem that fan base right and they're they know it and they they want that to change him by the way. Oh. US Not rank this week. They all the pressure in the world is on Texas, and here's the reason know the reason Texas's rosters built to win this year, the two, thousand, eighteen recruiting classes. One of the best in the country they're all third year players in that program, they've gotta get it done. They've got thirty players on their roster that have starting experience. It's the it's I believe it's the. Third or fourth best roster and all of college football. You Look at the twenty four, seven composite rankings, which just looks at where kids were ranked when they were recruited. Texas is one of the most talented rosters in the country. Three of their players were four or five star player. So I can't they tackle that they're a bad defensive team they're out of position they don't tackle particularly well, no I. Disagree with that you didn't watch closely enough. Going better, they're more imposition this year than they have been, they just have been under developed over the last number I don't get a consistent pass rush in that confrontation. They don't know they don't and they're starting they change some positions around. So a guy named Joseph Asai. Not to get into the weeds, but he moved from linebacker down to about like a Jack End. Position and he started playing pressure on on Doug and a little bit last week against Tcu and I think that will continue during the course of the season. So they've got a lot of kids changing positions because Chris ash is running a very different style of defense than what Todd Orlando didn't as a change court coordinator. Orlando's now with USC but this all pales in. is in a full rebuild right now. Yeah. Right I said they lost a two conference games. They have a quarterback, the kid they're breaking in through the first time around. You No. Question. About. Oklahoma they have. In the future, they have a right every fifteen years to rebuild for you. I got no issues with Oklahoma and I got issues. Now you're in the third year of a rebuilt in a conference. Frankly there's one team Texas plays every year with as much talent Oklahoma. That's right. That is it. That's right. You're rebuild is two years top and this year they have more talent. Than assault they have to at least at a minimum play for a big twelve championship and if they lose Saturday, they lose control of their own destiny to get to that game. The pressure is squarely between the eyes of Texas. All right. I liked I liked I always liked Texas. Clemson Miami okay. Miami looks like they have a great Russian by the way they have a one. They have a grabbed probably the best rush defense. A Lot of people selling this real estate to me for years O. Beachfront. That's the best by then the market collapses with. Miami take. They've sold me a lot of high rise condos that are worth half of what they're. I bought him device year. I'm just GONNA. Say Defensively I, watch them they're good. They're good. They got NFL guy and you know what they're fast. They can rush the quarterback they can cover all these fundamental things. made it. Manny Diaz has got a defense that is pretty good. Was that is bowl mark like why is he absolutely used defensive because he he got the defense cook, and absolutely he's a defensive oriented coach and then The big shift for me. I've always thought like, Hey, Miami, is going to be able to play defense undermanning. They'll have the talent they'll have the speed. The big question for me was what kind of quarterback play my going to get what type of offense if I going to get red lash laser new offense coordinator when you pair him now with Derek King there have forty three points a game. This year Derek King is is going to be clemson can make. Here's what Sir can they compete with? Can they just they can and they lose thirty three to twenty four game until eight minutes to go last week Clemson only beat. I can't even remember who is at Virginia by eighteen and it was only the second time in the last couple of years at an ACC team has has been within even thirty points of of Clemson. This is going to be a close game. Okay. I'll I'll call up my almost upset of the. It's not quite going to be an upset, but it's going to be an almost. Let me tell you. said. College football. A lot of courage agree thank you. Calling College football is way better nothing against the Ohio states in Michigan's. It's way better when Miami in USC on the coast have swagger are arrogant college football's got a bunch of good old boys I like a little city I like the hurricanes I like the Trojans I like Miami coming back. So it gives me somebody to route four. Aaron Rodgers puffs Don't mean Colin starts feeling. I got one of the top ten podcasts I'm on the coast. Eddie now. Knew me heard it's not the. Entire two people being falsely humble Miami and USC SHOULD BRAG THEIR COOLER THAN VIRGINIA TECH Disagree. Think Virginia. Miami and USC done in the last decade to Brag Hey really honest listen Miami you got a really good team. You should be in the top ten I've got you in the top ten what have you done in the last decade to Brag about timeout USC what have you done in the last decade to brag about what are you talking about? Hey, falsely humble better be humble. You've been down in the dirt decade. What is Ricky Martin done in a decade walks into a room he's still cool. Ricky Martin walks into a room. No person under the age of thirty eight years. Old Things Ricky Martin is cool. Okay. Let's go to this. So I'm over Alabama. It's boring but I will say this Oh. Yeah. You know they've only been the best program in College Roy but give me Miami, and USC but Bama is boring what are we doing today Bama? It looks like they're good again in College quarterbacks they're like the only program that is that boring I like a little be honest. Do you watch the chiefs in the SEAHAWKS and Green Bay Wi because they win the right way? They're fun. I. Like Fun in my life I'm not an old suburb Guy Boring I'm going out partying every night. Out. Of Control Album, move your mind today. First of all Steve, Sarkisian offense at Alabama has been more than any other offense in college football this far they might not be leading the country and scoring offense like Texas but you talk about explosive plays down the. Joan No. They've got Joe Jalen Waddell. They've got a Smith. They've got this new kid I. Think it's Msci or however you pronounce his name I'll figure it out. They'd go for seventy five plus yard touchdown. Apparently folks on your TV is not exciting these down the field throws. We've been able to run the football. You know even being ranked number one in the country at some point in every season in the last twelve years that's boring to good old Colin give him some USC futility they haven't done jack in a decade but boy there ought coast Tuscaloosa. What have you got on USC apparently this long touchdown for running away from the defense. This is this is just Today I came up here. I was looking forward to a cordial conversation and we get this USC is, is all the rage in Alabama's warring rob stone makes you ve he's very nice. I've got an edge to me that makes everyone uncomfortable and you're just GONNA have to deal with this show the new shows jury pointed line between uncomfortable edge and Weirdo. There you go. So let me just say this so your top ten. Ohio State Alabama Florida Georgia Miami Penn State Notre Dame Oregon Oklahoma state everybody opted out for Oregon's offense. They're no good I. Know You'RE GONNA win that everybody on their offensive line there seat didn't receive one vote in the People Oregon Oregon's got some trouble by the way with their offensive line there. Saying they opted out. Florida. Georgia is going to be an unbelievable game. Georgia looks really good but just pump your brakes on the whole like Georgia fans, Georgia fans, they're like, oh. He's he can national it was one game. He had a run game in a great defense like just wait on the whole stemmed ben it's going to be just fine. Okay. Let me ask you this. Let's go back to Tom. Herman boy. was going in I. Want Honesty on this one. That's all I give you. A truth bomb in your face every Wednesday Oklahoma beat Texas by two touchdowns are the regents and Texas getting on the phone and making plan. They always say you're fired a month or two before you're fired. He'd lose his two touchdowns they can't stop. They lose to a freshman quarterback with us. upper-class quarterback are the regions at Texas getting on the phone and saying. Jimmy Sexton give us a list. Jimi Saxons a big age in college football I don't know. The context of covert is making coaching decisions so much different with the budgets where they're at with all these for even even for a place like Texas. So I don't know that's a good listen. That's the that's the best question you've asked all day. And I don't have a good answer for you. I personally think Texas is on the right track. I. Love Their coordinators. They should win the I mean they should have one last week I. Don't know why they didn't want quarterback how. Hey Goulet. Sorry to bother you. Sleep back there. Could you give me the line on Texas Oklahoma Fox Bet I'M GONNA guess I'm GonNa Guess Right. Now Texas would be six and a half I would say Texas four. I think Texas favored by four Houston Texas had to wake up his computer he's looking. The division knocking over that use that of the Yankees bullpen he's on that thing all day I left a company with nine bosses who were on the Yankee website all day. Come on Goulet I'M GONNA guess. What is it what you got? What was your guest? My guess is Texas minus four and minus six and a half. Just so Oklahoma minus two and a half Oklahoma's favored. Wow. I gotTa tell you right now. I'm going to. I'm going to bet vox. Berg did that. I'm going to bet on Fox when I get home I'm going to. Bet. Taxes plus the points and Tampa Bay minus the points against the bears tomorrow. That's my super. Since I'm doing the game I'm not GonNa Bet, did you say Herman was good as an underdog? There you go. He's an underdog. Yeah. But he's ranked in the opponent isn't eleven and six in such Goulet Paulo along here we did this already that's the most losses in such game since two thousand and seventeen started strong today kind of tape I. Tell You something says something weird is happening up here US's Alabama or way what did you say more exciting I guess losing is more exciting than winning folks joy and I don't know no joy was giving you a weird look when you were bringing up this strange. I. Is Better Than Alabama. No, they're more captivating. I like Cabriolet win a tree is more captivating than ballet right now. But when USC is good, they're more captivating than Alabama absolute there La's La Their Miami it's fun they're. They're obnoxious. Well, we know that you love Miami listen the you invented swagger. Okay. Detroit. So I don't disagree with that. I love when Miami's great it just they just they're just in your face I mean, you know I grew up in Denver son of marine, Alta programs been number one in the country at some point every year in the last twelve years you know consistency the things that we used to really marvel at in this world consistency sound like you're running for office right there. Okay. Joel Klatt man maybe a consideration the voice you and Gus Johnson Jenny are doing. By? One. I nothing weird line. You should. You should line. Yeah. You should run for office. You are electable. He's got his sleeves rolled up you do you have a workman and? You're very much middle America man of the people. Yeah. I got no interest in that at all. I know you're an elitist on the coast this has been a stale. Hey I've said before I love the Midwest I fly over it all the time you are you're the worst. All those people I'm here to defend you. All right Joel Klatt, you're awesome. Tristan Thompson Lakers are GonNa win another title coastal team can't wait for that. Around the corner, one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like more than seventy five percent of identity theft victims who had accounts opened in their name did not find out. They'd been victimized from their bank or credit card company don't be one of the seventy five percent who didn't check more places. Identity theft could be hiding get lifelock identity theft protection. They see certain threats you'd miss an alerts you if they find something that could be suspicious if you become a victim. 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These conversations have been a lifeline for me, and now I hope they will be for you to please listen to you and me both on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Thursday night football returns to Fox Grady and the all new bucks look like the real deal as he meets super bowl fifty, two rival Nick foles and the bears on Fox NFL network and streaming on prime video. Jay Howard out for the year they are fortunately deep at tied N. they'll take the buccaneers to win that game in cover. That's that's the first Thursday night game that feels like big boy football. Tom Brady go to the bears just got humbled by the colts that that wasn't even that game was a defense. My God, they nick foles had to throw up the right side line to. Allen Robinson with A. Couple of minutes to go but it was I had Chicago in that game it was not even close boost. Your healthy t levels burn fat check it out. I'm Dr From N. DOT COM EM drive from dot com today joy Taylor with the news. Turn on the news. This the headline news sponsored by Mercedes Benz, the best or nothing. The Texans need a new head coach after firing Bill O'Brien this week Tom Brady worked with O'Brien for several years in new. England didn't agree with the move saying it didn't make sense them especially. So early in the season Dabo Swinney who won a national championship with the Shawn. Watson at Clemson was asked if he would be interested in reuniting with his former quarterback in Houston but he wouldn't even. Entertain the question saying that is not even anything I want to have to think about the odds for the next Texans head coach Eric the enemy and Josh. mcdaniels tied plus three hundred according to Fox Bet Robert Saleh at Plus Four Fifty Arthur Smith offensive coordinator for the titans. WHOEVER GETS IT Arthur Smith has done a really good job tannahill. He's done a really good job to you know. Whoever gets this is going to have to make a tough decision no draft picks no cap space. You've gotTa Move Jj Watt who by the way. Once those teams get in that Super Bowl bubble and you get into you know right after the trading deadline and the Ravens and the niners and the Seahawks, and they're like they make it work and I think Jj Watt will give you a draft pick and cap space outside the left tackle and Shawn Watson to me. You got to move some people but that's Going to be a decision for whoever the interrupt coaches because none of these guys are going to be there until next year. So I. If you have the the main thing, right? You have the Shawn Watson. So start there start looking at some of the left tackle a pro build up tackle so you have that and everyone thinks this Shawn Watson is legitimate franchise quarterback in an be comma huge talent and has the testing sleep but there's there's so much else that you have to build like they are now in a rebuilding situation but I would I would argue if you give me a great quarterback in a great left tackle, then it becomes a good job. All the other stuff draft picks cap space Duke Johnson. Let him go get another running back did they've got some players that are? Good Jj Watt Duke Johnson they're good but you're gonNA. have to make tough decisions and JJ Watt, as good as he is past his prime but he's good enough for a playoff team to go. Okay. We'll pay for two years I think and again Jj Watt also deserves the right to not play for a team in chaos and a rebuild. He deserves the right to play for Patriots or Raymond. Abbas taking this job though Dabo Yeah I think he's a college coach and he's a great calls coach. Mick Stephen's College. He could potentially work in the NFL but the way. These, guys that like to kind control everything in this in this climate making the jump from college to the NFL, you want to go to kind of a stable situation like Joel Klatt was just talking about how there's going to be that many not much movement at the coaching position in college right now, if you have a long term deal in college the. These next couple of years might not be the time to jump to the NFL and be in a situation where the NFL is far less forgiving calls when it comes to the job civility Josh Allen. Has Been Great so far this season leading the bills to four no, the since the for their first start since two, thousand, eight and Brett Farve. Sorry these lies. Far already seeing Alan as the next superstar and Josh Allen will be the new Tom Brady. At some point, he will be running the division that kid is a tremendous talent he can swing it. Can move for big I can really move. But more than anything what we're seeing now is. He's taking it to the next level. Look. Great. But the the AFC is going to be very different over the next couple of years. Now obviously, we expected things to be much much better for the jets this year than they are going, but the dolphins have to which we're going to see within the next couple weeks all I know is this I look at the AFC right now. CBS has the AFC you're going to get for the next ten years. Patrick Lamar Josh Joe Borough, and if Justin Gilbert is as good as I think. Like. Justin Herbert. What did I say? Justin Herbert like I I look at the AFC right now man some of these quarterbacks and and they're to Shawn Watson you're you are set. That's like Manning Brady Big Band twenty, eighteen years ago like the AFC has got some because these teams have been bad. The bottom of the AFC's been worse than the bottom of the NFC. So. They get all these quarterbacks in about two out of three or hitting. And we don't know where we're GONNA Suwa. To try and. I think Cam Newton to show the value that he has with the Patriots and he's not old no no. No, he's not. I have some thoughts after this I think Cam dot himself. Is going to get himself an extension here. Josh Allen He's been incredible and what and the bill that's the bills division right now to lose. But I don't know I don't know that we'll ever see the dominance that we had with the Patriots Oh God. Oh God no not division no, not that they were not amazing. No one's taking away what they did but the being in that division, they had two dynasties current dynasty that doesn't work that way speaking of that division. Sam darnold injured his shoulder in last Thursday's loss to the broncos looked looked like he was going to be out for the season the way. But. He did come back in. He will miss this week's game against the cardinals and he is considered week-to-week going forward. and. Joe FLACCO will get the start and his place. Yeah that is. I don't think it should be able to fling a quarterback that I honestly don't. Well, they're pretty much as protected as they can be, but he really doesn't need to take back. He doesn't just go down in that spot. He tried to stay up a lot longer than he did, which is why ended up getting thrown down like that but. It's obviously not his fault he got injured. This is not a good situation for the jets. There are six donald doesn't start. We know how it went last year when he was out LACO hasn't made his last start for the Broncos since October. Twenty seventh when he suffered his neck injury and he didn't play for the remainder season. So Felipe for the jets going forward there you go joy with the news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by. Heard lie. By the way ESPN yesterday projected based on schedules momentum current record. WHO THE DRAFTS GONNA look like. Coming up based on division toughness and all this stuff Giants will draft I. Jets Will Draft Second Jacksonville draft third and Washington football team will draft fourth two of the four are taking a quarterback. Three of the four is probably likely four or four as possible, and that tells me Cam Newton's getting an extension. Because year cams going to be thirty one and does have a history of injuries I don't think the market is going to be massive. Secondly, there's just not many teams that need a quarterback we're filling all of them. So I don't think it's going to be a robust dynamic market for him. Number two is did you see stood him in Harare on? Monday night. Bella. Checks not rollover that nonsense and number three is good and it works and they're really only a deep threat away from being I to me a nightmare for Kansas City in Baltimore. So I when I look at that, if you start looking at the draft order and you got Jacksonville Dwayne Haskins move, they're taking one Jacksonville is going to take star over Gardner Menchu I. Think the giants would move off Jones the jets. One of those two will move off their quarterback. There's your top quarterbacks. So I don't think new New England could trade with the chargers or in Atlanta or troy get to like six or seven and cross your fingers that the giants and the jets keep their quarterback but nobody thought the giants and jets would be this bad. We knew the giants would be a rebuild but being this bad and the pressure in New York. And the TV ratings in New York being all time lows in New York for the NFL it feels like to me cam is not renter. He's not a rental I. Think he's going to get a contract extension because I don't think New England can get up there and frankly it's working i. mean I said this if cam was playing Monday against the chiefs that game would look different they had they didn't even get officiating. Breaks. So I, think cam and Bella check it's different but I think they're a a deep threat of vertical threat from being a nightmare. If you asked Andy Reid today, who do you don't WanNa play he'll play. Baltimore. They've seen that three times don't WanNa play camera New England they no interest playing Cam in New England again especially when you beat New England earlier ballot check rarely loses twice in one season to the same team. Right, Tristan Thompson looks like we're GonNa have ourselves an NBA champion again in Los Angeles and again it's Lebron James Tristan Thompson and NBA for almost a decade and good friends with Lebron going to be joining us next. 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So I was watching last night and boy Lebron and Anthony Davis and Rondo all those veteran dudes down the stretch six minutes to go or playing like grown man defense and their body language changed it is. It's so that's why the NBA. When the when the veteran guys Rondo is not the same player was six years ago but he's playing real defense and I want to ask you about Lebron though what is the difference between Lebron I watched last night and the Lebron you played with is there a difference to you? I think Lebron now is is more skilled player I think. I would say more Miami I. Think his athleticism is God gifted ability and talent kind of separated from everyone to lead by. Lebron, just more skilled. He didn't start shooting until two thousand eighteen. We played against the raptors where you hit like six of those but I think Lebron now was just way more scared. I think he shoots the ball from three much better. He handles the ball much better than I. Think even remember like there's Times where you know he'd give up some threes back in the day or turn the ball over we'll just handling. So his ball handling his way better non he's really appointed out there. Yeah. No, he really is. So he sent a text message to the team yesterday before the game I know it's not the first text message he's ever sent. To his teammates during a playoff series did he send one to you at one point? Yeah we actually got a text message after when we were down three one. In Two thousand sixteen to go to stay, we won game three in Cleveland and then game four. Steph, Curry Klay Thompson Kevin to pick and roll, and literally we we weren't able to make adjustments. So we were down for you want and I think it was around like midnight twelve thirty Lebron's into text message he says. Listen I know we're down three one but if you don't believe, we can win this series. Don't come on the plane the next morning he'll get fly. To San Fran and sure enough myself and Jr. we use some words that are definitely not kid friendly but we said bleed has we're going to be there. We believe we can win and. What happened. Are you surprised at all I have been on my criticism. All Year has been I know Lebron Eighty are great. But I. This is a lot of old guys you know past their prime young guys coups my don't always trust but yet in this finals and in the conference finals, the role players Rondos defense last night I thought was sensational late. You know he's just a dog in these big moments. Have you been surprised at all by the play of the role players in the conference and now NBA? Finals tristen. Honestly call not surprised at all because this makes me feel back when we'RE IN CLEVELAND WHEN It was came love missing games or Kyri not playing in the when we played against the Bulls Atlanta in twenty. Actually Twenty fifty. So this is I. Remember Be Casey. I, remember being Rondo Markeith Morris Coups Mar member being those guys that during the regular season or even begin to players they would say. That to you know Lebron has kyw repeat. Kahlo. But who from those other guys and step up is going to be treasonous be Shumpert jar delivered ova. So I remember being these guys but I think you've gotta get a lot of credit to Frank Vogel, staff I know when I was in Cleveland, we had filled handy assistant coach there that would do our skill bill where I feel like all year these guys have been working on their skill keep getting better. You gotTA give a lot of credit a player's going to individual work because in the playoffs teams are going to gain plan for Lebron Eighty. It's about who are the other guys that can step Up and make big plays and you saw last night Casey was huge. If you remember back when beginning season people were given Casey pl that's my guide like Casey patient and be there get rid of them. Why do we sign and Blah Blah Blah but guess what those? Soviet sainthood are saying that now are like you know what? Thank God for ep Yes we sign them may big place for us and and that's what happens. Guys just work on. They're craft throughout the course of the season because it'll be appointed time with a numbers called and have to make big place. Yeah I was one of those critical Casey. said, he wasn't dependable but I tell you what he's one of these kids. He does not shy away from taking shots. If Lebron gets him the Rock, he will take that shot and let me say a lot of guys shrink I've seen good players like a player Shrink Casey p your does not shrink. He takes the big shot he did last night. And Danny Green's a little hot or cold, but I did think rondos defense late was great. So what do you think was huge? Yeah. Do you think this will do for if they win they still have a game they after one another what will it do for Anthony Davis is reputation if he has a title now. I think you were talking about it early in the place where you know if you look at question eighties fourth quarter production and I think for Ad Indus finals I feel like it's the braids because once he got going fourth quarter, he's he's blocking shots. He's attacking the rim. He's showing everyone he's proven the naysayers wrong and me watching last night honestly made me so happy it felt like. I was I was like his cousin or someone in the family that you. Go out there and on who you really are, what you can do because everyone question if he had in the fourth quarter Kenny make place but look what he did took the challenge of garden Jimmy Bullard getting blocked shots, make plays on defensive and making big shots a jab step three with under a minute left. Those are big time. Oh you're. Not. Afraid of the moment so those are huge fray. Changed the whole narrative how people view eighty and the kids work I'm so happy for yeah. No I think a lot of people are because I think he's a really well liked guy in the league, but he's had some injury issues it it's interesting. Let's say they win Avery Bradley. Opted out, I don't think Lebron was overwhelmingly happy with that I don't know what's going to happen going forward, but it's not a big free agent year. It's not going to be a very good draft. Do you think it? You know the way Lebron thinks he's always tinkering. He's always tweaking if they win the title, do you think we'll see the exact same laker team? Next year will Lebron tanker a little bit. What do you think we'll see what do you think he would need next year to be satisfied going into a season. Well, I think. Anyone I think if I was abroad are I think you look at you look at your roster and you look at what go against next year. You know the guys in San Francisco they got number two pick. Yeah. They can trade it to get another dominant player more than likely. They're going to try to get a big that can make plays, but also play hard on both ends of the floor. So you know they're coming in with Draymond, Green Steph Curry Klay so you gotTa. Look at your Lakers roster and say, okay, how can we match up with with this Golden State team? Yes. What we give credit clippers are great but listen. Splash brothers, but is you gotTa Kinda former team were able to match up well against them? So I think for Lebron. They have the right guards and how would you have done their part I think do any tweaks be very minor ones I don't think it's going to be drastic where you're going to go in and Grab A. Third Star especially with this with the cap and free, he's going to be tough. You know because you're never know sign and traits logistics. So I think for Lebron, is how can we tweak a couple things? Maybe get another playmaker with Rondo or maybe some shooting but I think that's that's kind of the room that they have. So who knows, but I think you got to form a team that can compete against the Golden State Warriors. It's good stuff. Tristan Thompson nine years four titles with Lebron. We're getting close to another one. It. Just it's. It's remarkable to Lebron's going to potentially win. V. Head coach gets to the finals fifth head coach. You know what? You I only have a minute left I. Thought Vogel was great in the last six minutes last night Vogel. Basically said Lebron here the offense pick and roll it for six minutes and and people may not love that I thought Vogel had a good night last night your thoughts. Know Vogel was great last night I think mobile made adjustments from game three. I think game three spoils just through some wrinkles in there that he wasn't prepared for and I think that's part of being a great coach League where you can make adjustments game by game. Coaching some coaches and stuff I played with some stubborn coach and. Just, play harder just players. No. Judgment and bogo realized. Mobile realized you know what I'm a goal, my my og veterans Rondo I know you haven't scored but I know you're creating plays by rebounding and run the offense Lebron two point guard and you're, GonNa make plays and that's what it comes down to identity. When it's the last four minutes, it's OK. Put The ball my best players hands, the guys that I trust on the floor. Yes Danny Green starter this whole seasonable guess what I need Rondo on a game because what he can do on both ends of the floor and create, and he made a big plate and that comes to coaching and believing in what works. So I give a lot of Credit Bogo Bogo I've always allow respect for him and I think people question the hiring but listen they're you know words right now? Yeah. Great stuff trust and I love having you on the show buddy. Thanks again. Have a love being on. Thanks. Tristan. Thompson is interesting when you watch the game last night like Vogel is assistant coach, Jason Kids over there, and he's and with the players and he's talking with a guy and Vogel's nowhere to be seen. He's letting his assistant coach, but it is important. Tristan said there are coaches that are just play harder and I thought with about seven minutes to go i. was going crazy on twitter I'm like okay. Lebron. Ad Lebron needs now along with the touch the ball every time for the next seven minutes I don't nothing against Rondo. He shot some nice threes against Denver. Denver big time moments meant for big time players. This is not Denver. This is the final yes. You win this game. You'RE GONNA win a title like this is not Denver. This is not no no no I don't care what Rondo against Denver I don't want Rondo shooting threes by the way Ronald good rebound or good defender. He got a lap at the end. He's not shooting threes like. This is these moments these these classic like biggest drive in the NFL seventeenth eighteenth hole and a major use the club you can trust you call to play for the quarterback where he's best and Lebron Vogel said next six and a half minutes we're doing pick and rolls you run the offense and Lebron eighty-three all either scored or assisted on every buck rest of the way. That's good coaching check it out dry for men DOT COM boost and burn healthy to start your own get lean walgreens has it to 'em dry from N., dot com our next. Hey. Everyone is cody cohere you've me from fine youtube or is the CO host of the tiny gang podcast but my brand new podcast pleasure is ours presented by Trojan brand condoms is outright now join me celebrity guests on each episode as we try to right the wrongs of bad advice on topics ranging from work sex to social media. Here's a little preview from my chat with Tim Dillon. What do you seek out in a partner I want someone impressed by what I do which is so unhealthy I want someone impressed that I'm on this show. With Cody Co, that's big. He's got a trillion gazillion followers on whatever APP these on Ding Dong on tectonics whatever thing. Or whatever the kids are on. My advice to you right now go listen to my new podcast. The pleasure is ours on the iheartradio, APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Hi, I'm Kristen Holmes. I've covered campaigns Capitol Hill, the White House and everything Washington for CNN, but nothing tops the importance of this upcoming election and my job is to help you make sense of it. All welcome to election one. Oh, one for the next ten weeks we'll figure out the electoral process together of talk to experts, historians, and some of you will address the safety of mail in voting inform you of deadlines and make sure you know all your options. You'll why voter registration is different from state to state and even from person to person. I'll help you figure out how to watch the debates a little more closely and how get a better read on what the candidates really stand for. Yes. This election year is different, and this is a different kind of podcast election was created to help you learn how to make the most of your vote. This November listened to election one every Wednesday on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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