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Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of affordable. Eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five. No ridiculous markups. No hassles. Just quality affordable. I wear delivered right to you visits. Any today at Zanny dot com slash NBA. Today show are the Sixers down three two because indeed is sick or are the rafters finally playing to their old potential. We debate the nuggets most unsung player and if the blazers can force game seven versus Denver in crossfire. We address Westbrook, Dan, PV's local surgeries as well. As the draft lottery, rents Wedneday made the sort of. Swimmer than welcome to the starter. Presented by Jack Daniels. All number seven and Tennessee. Honey, I'm Jay skeets alongside me as always taps Melles. We got the OSCE li-listen over yonder. That's the beard one. That's trae Kirby. Uh-huh. Well, I'm here at the internet looking for your best tweets at hashtag starters. And guys earlier today the league released their list of representatives for the draft lottery for all the teams going next Tuesday trying to get that number one pick some heavy hitters are on the list. Former number on pick Patrick Ewing will represent the Knicks last year's number one eight and going for the sons and the legend Nick Gilbert is taken as lucky bow types of the Cavs where he's going to try and win his third draft lottery, which must be a record. But that brings us to today's question who are some replacement draft lottery Representative that you'd like to see for instance, I'm actually offended the Chicago Bulls didn't pick me the lottery ends in Chicago. And as we found out last year on the show almost ACOG. Oh bulls lottery magnet. This will be the winner of the two thousand eighteen. Oh my goodness. What are you got? You can't see it. But it says Chicago. Just gonna have to trust that we're gonna get bigger fund this year, we want to hear from you. So let us know on Twitter who are some replacement draft lottery representatives you'd like to see the hashtag starters from you later. Get your tweets on tonight show. We're gonna talk about the nuggets game five win tasks and trae are going to step into crossfire. We had a very special very solid play for. Yes. Stick around for that. But let's start with some true or false looking back at last night's Sixers raptors. For the third time in four games. Joel Embiid was under the weather hadn't into a playoff game. This time. It was an upper respiratory infection. That slowed the big man as in beat had more turnovers eight than made shops five in the blowout loss. The raptors get my Mans and vitamin c and tell me true or false the Sixers three two two because in beats been sick. I think this is true. Actually that wasn't vying his sickness until yesterday. I gotta be honest. I wasn't totally into the sickness that it seemed like a convenient excuse. But yesterday, you could definitely see it on his face. And I don't wanna play face language doctors. You look at the way those turnovers were happening out there. He did not seem like himself. And if I was to tell you the best player on a playoff team in the second round was to be sick three or five games. You would say well that's going to affect at least one of the outcomes it probably not last night the raptors we're going to smash this game. But in game four the outcome was likely affected because of the sickness, I'm making excuses for the Sixers. He's out there. Sure. But I think it's a viable excuse. But I think it's false because it is sort of impossible to say, I get what you're saying. And he looked miserable. He looked miserable. When he was on the floor when he was on the bench and had the Tel up in his face. But in you, go back to the net series. He didn't even play in one game and the squad showed up and the Sixers got a win. And that was the best we've seen a Ben Simmons in this playoff so far. And then Embiid in game two and beat had the mud pies. Going on there. They still got the win with a very bad. Embiid gave to other guys stepping up for the Sixers. So it's only this team like, what's Ben Simmons? Excuse I guess is what I'm getting at here. Joel embiid. He's sick. Whether you buy it or not in a lot of people do what's going on with the other guy. Specially your other all star in Ben Simmons who is out there. I think because I can't find him half the time. He's having no impact on these games whatsoever. Certainly compared to the first round he's not having any impact and clearly the lack of ability to shoot the ball affecting him. Because if he's not going inside scoring he doesn't have another option to full back on. But I think really the raptors deserve so much credit for this. Because after game three I know two people sitting in this type of who were particularly worried about this series going down the drain very quickly and the raptors actually rather than being Barile. They probably weren't better than humiliated showed some resilience got that game full. And then you could see the confidence last night in game five not just with Kawai. Who's being at standing in this series, PASCAL came back you so call Larry playing well again Denny green hit some threes. And I think talking about infections. I think the raptors had something that was contagious last. Not just play. Lying well together, and actually realizing those those games I lost two and three bad losses. They have to get those out of the system, and then sort of flex their muscles a little bit in game five which I did last night because the season again was on the line last night. You got an three to having a win two games. Particularly on the ride. You know, it's very tough. So I think the the Embiid sickness had an impact Faucheaux, but overall, I think the raptors just played better. And this was sort of begun really after that game three humiliation. The momentum turned after game four. Rappers are definitely in the driver's here. You mentioned Ben Simmons. He hasn't adapted to playing in the dunker spot. He's playing down in the in the Birdman spot on the baseline. He's not the ball handler anymore. He's just hanging out while Jimmy Butler is handling the ball and transition where Ben Simmons should be thriving. He's turning the ball over its. He's just not right, and yes, he should be the one stepping up. Totally. I totally. I totally agree with any six was really had a great game last night, you know, Butler God his points. A lot of them forced to get to the line and made it happen. But no one really stepped up outside of your be your guy, your big guy that was sick. It is weird though. He's now had like basically three different Ellis's in the series. This is just bad timing. Then he's got the knee on top of that which is miss time before. But even when he was playing again, I go back to two and four he's sick. We're told didn't sleep notice, you know, he's still had a positive impact. And this was the first game. He he Dan his that good impact. Even when he's not well on the defensive end, and the fact that he's just a magnet on the offense. And. Everybody's paying attention to him Marcus oil stepped up big time yesterday. He started playing without reaching. And that that was his best defensive game. I think on Joel trae actual for the first time this series, quite Leonard scored fewer than thirty points wasn't the rafters leading score going for a simple twenty one points, thirteen rebounds. Five more refs double figures. Scall- the twenty-five led the way for Toronto guys true or false the raptors finally played their potential. Yeah. I think this is true. And you were talking you were going through all the guys that contributed in game five William Lou Yahoo sports Canada. Put a best in games one and four that the raptors one they won those games because they had the best player in the series in those particular games in quieter game. They won because they're the better team. And they look more like the team that we saw throughout the regular season. Raptors one a lot of games when Leonard was out for load management, and because you had Siaka stepping up throughout the air into the playoffs and Kyle Lowry looking aggressive right from the job. He had nineteen points solo Baca, they're going bigger. It's. Working with Nick nurse. Dana green hitting threes. And then it got contagious. They had sixteen threes. So that's true. This is the raptors that we've been watching the last couple years, especially this last year that you're like, yeah. This is a really good team. I know a lot of people down here in states watching them a whole lot. But there are threat there are threat to go very far best performance by three and even to some degree. It is you wanted who was going to school for the rap every boss get Hatsaw to co I felt like it was such a struggle. And it was almost lucky that some of the shots went in. I mean said she had a couple of gets. But last night when Denny Green's hitting shots. You just feel that when the raptors are in transition a lot of guys are an option to school and co I still had a great game but bought his stands in this series. Pretty quiet, relatively speaking. So I just think for the raptors they realize if everyone else contributes it makes the whole game so much as it because they blew the Sixers out. This wasn't a game where it was like getting into that last quarter. They need to execute. Probably put the foot on the gas, and it just opened up everything for the raptors. That defense was a lot more focus and Philadelphia, they they sort of tried to the start of that. Quote, but then the represented pretty quickly and put the game out of reach. It was a special night for the raptors a big part of it is they got their second best player back PASCAL Ceac them felt better after that capping where he was not himself in game four then you gotta prototypical Kyle Lowry game out there. Kyle Lowry was awesome. He was doing everything. Even even if he didn't score a tiny was doing everything out there again looking like himself Kosovo guarding without reaching on. Joel Embiid everybody hitting threes. They have a bench again. So this feels like a team that can go up against the Milwaukee Bucks. Yeah. I'm already looking to that. Oh, don't you inside that bench? I mean that has to show up not just in these Goodwin's have to show up when things ongoing wealth for the raptors. And it's a bit of a toddler game because we haven't seen it. So when the pressure's off a little bit. Then guys feel a bit more comfortable, but that bench that doesn't show up in game six this one could easily be even offensively. It wouldn't say the bench there after bench like living here in game five, but they were locked into fence van Vliet better on that end. Norm. Sending double sort of unorthodox doubles at Embiid, and forcing some of those turnovers. There's just more engaged for trae our final one three two series lead may seem like a death sentence. But not only have teams come back to force game seven sometimes even win the whole series. Consider game six is in Philadelphia. Maybe just maybe talk yourself, and this thing extending guys tour falls Bratcher. Sixers. I don't know God's going. What do you think? Go ahead. With this guy. Big question. It's Joel Embiid. Right. What are we going to find out tomorrow? What's going to be the problem? Or is there not going to be one? And he's going to go for thirty three. And pulling out every showboat move. You can think of and celebration. We don't know we don't even know this does affect affects. But that's gonna help their chances. No. Yeah. They could definitely pull in at home. But I think they know this baby is I think they know that they gave away the series really at the end of game four there. And that's why you saw a pretty bad effort in game five. So it's possible that they could put one out and game six, but they know if they come back to Toronto on Sunday that they're losing probably over goodness. Goodness, thinking went to do with the Sixers. They need like early in the series. We were talking a lot a lot about like. Wow. Greg Monroe is giving them a lot James Ennis is giving them a lot. Then Mike Scott came back, and he's giving support in some threes and stuff that they need these rule players to really really step up. Here bowler is going to be fine and beads the massive question, Mark. And it'd be helpful if Tobias and Redican free, but I think this is more likely to go to game seven. I do. I think in a very very close game six maybe pull it would the rafters of one three in a row. They win very tough in the playoffs in top series. Like, so I would come home for game seven baby baby. Let's hear from you. Guys jump on Twitter. Stay starters. We go into game seven between these Sixers raptors that one on Thursday night. When we come back. We'll talk about is Denver's unsung hero. We know. Yokich is the man who's that second on some here. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Our friends at Xeni optical, operate huge variety of high quality stylish frames state of the art optics starting at just six ninety five. You can get multiple frames with this great pricing for less than one pair. 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As these for conference game out in Denver, Nuggets destroyed the blazers based monster games from the goal yoga and Paul Millsap. So we have this thing ends with the nuggets winning six or seven or the blazers coming back to win a game. Seven guys forty-one percent taken the nuggets in seven another thirty two percent taking the blazer in seven. But you guys say. That's fairly accurate. I think now that the nuggets are the boxy. There the blazes when they won up to remember that huge game that fraud. I not quadruple overtime that was this point. I thought the series is gonna towards Portland's five hit because Fidel back up again and maybe face another go down three one. I thought that would be. But instead they're four back and showed incredible resilience and just taking really you see last night's game. And you think at some point this is going to catch up with the nuggets going this firearm without the experience, and they blew the blaze is off the court, which was incredible. I think Portland still got one more in them dying. I'm not gonna die off every little magic. I think going back to Denver. I think the nuggets shine so far the right balance debt, I think they're probably going to this series and seven they definitely are in command. But I doubt the blazers are going to give up two in a row at home. They let that game four slip. So I think they go and get game six I wonder with coach Terry Stotts move that he pulled off in game five where NS Kanter, you know. Was it was not on doing a great job on Nicolay? Okay. So they switched it up. And they said, let's put you on Paul Millsap and heels have just drove him Razi. And you combine that with the fact that they lost game for the game four way. Do they think in that locker room? I don't know we're trying to pull it straws here. Maybe we don't have this series. I think the nuggets are income in either win a game six games. You starts goes away from that because. Yeah. So they put me new on your kitchen, and that didn't go well just to was on Millsap as well Millsap. I know, and that's why they made this change Millsap Millsap. That was an unbelievable first half Jamal Murray. Caught fire there in the second. And then you'll could sorta closed it out. I mean, this was a great win. I think it's in seven does still make the most sense. I still believe in the blazers not gonna roll over and die well coach team and start and they just missed a lot of shots to a lot of shots in last night's game. Some of those I think are going to drop in Portland, and hopefully we do get a game seven where then the nuggets sort of have to be favored. They're the best team in the NBA all season long and have been. Solid there. So far in the plus try next one Nicole you'll get great last night going for twenty five nineteen th six in the win. But wasn't just him. Gary Harris, played his usual, sterling defense on Damian Lillard, Paul Millsap used as strong powerful booty score twenty four points into Murray put up eighteen and nine and the victory. So we have the people who the nuggets unsung hero wasn't guys. Fifty five percent with post up Paul Millsap. He got my about about y'all make a case for all these guys, but Millsap make sense to definitely he used to be called the anchorman when he played here in Atlanta because he is exactly that he's just that steady force, and you said earlier speech, mammary Marie had a scoreless first quarter. They needed him out there. But who do they turn to in the first quarter Jamal where he's not playing? Well. Well, the anchorman Paul Millsap had a great first quarter twelve points just to calm. Everybody down you talking about the experience lead. This guy is the experience. So. Yeah, offense. He does it. He's averaging nineteen points per game in this series and defensively as well. All three of these guys you can. Definitely the thing. I'm actually surprised. He's fifty five percent of the vote because so many people tend to just ignore contribution. And we've seen this actually at other times in the playoffs. Win the nuggets need a couple of baskets in that first quarter often the one who gets them, but they never highlight reel plays like mid range jump shots ups but baskets still camp. Just don't stand out like what was seen from Jomar, but Gareth defense has been incredible series and Mike malign typically on Damian. He's mixing it up a little bit. They totally Craig, but Gary Harris, they just getting into dime spice, they young athletic long, and it just causing him a lot of problems. And that's a big reason as well why the blazes down three two is because little hasn't made out of really unload on them and give them a big scoring not because he's got much defensive pressure on. He was good in the first half. And then Gary Ayers, just wore him down. And he ended up being over from three point land in the second half and two for nine. I will go with Jamal though, here he's averaging twenty five points for game in this series. And we talked about it time and time again with the nuggets he sort of their bellwether that X factor if he's got to go in you got a good chance of winning the game. If you're the nuggets, and he blew the game open Millsap, right TASS awesome in the first quarter. But it was Murray when he was showboating just all the sauce in the world going looking off his fingers in that second quarter that sixteen to six run. And then it was sort of over. I mean because he was either scoring all those baskets during that run or setting up guys and he finished with nine assists from he's from Kitchener one nine at the least Canadian Canadian of all time. Cool, and he's got sway. Yeah. No. Is there all three boats are great for all these guys? So let's your new if you haven't voted all when we come back pass and trae step into the crossfire Canada versus America. We Joe TC surgery. Let's PG's more concerning. The franchise. Rickie wake up. It's crossed by. Here's the champion is going to take on the challenge Trey Kerby in three rounds of head buttons. At the end of it all all the clear winner crossfire belt on the line guys. I won the two thousand nine hundred F lottery is on Tuesday in Chicago. It's a thirty minutes. Hello cast. It can sometimes be a bit of a bore to be honest. Let's spice it up. I wanna hear your best addition to the draft lottery night. Here we go you want to get people interested in this event. Get the free agents from this summer, the sit out in the motivations of the teams rumored to be going. Lakers table Nyeri get at that nixed. But you gotta Scrooge over gotta make room for a little Kevin. We'll say oh, they're in the playoffs. Just do this crap lottery. Little later after the playoffs doesn't mean they're going. They're just. Yeah. What with these boring lottery balls that we don't even get to see let's take a one exciting thing of the night and actually make it exciting a page out of our come up with a new way to pick lottery winner every single year who would wanna see Adam silver bobbing, apple their money Martina inside of a wind machine on you'll be honest with you it's tough to come up with a new idea. Play ones you can sail. All right. It could start guys thunder. All stars. Russell Westbrook and Paul George underwent surgery on Tuesday. They got more surgery to come Westbrook did work on his finger. He's going to have a procedure on his knee, Paul George doing work on both of his shoulders. So I wanna know what's the more concerning. Okay. See injury. Here we go. Russell westbrook. Having surgery on his finger. Not too worried about it. I got a weird finger, and let's all right. I am however super worried about him having another niece, they're calling it proactive maintenance, which just means cutting into your knee now because we're going to have to do it a little bit later anyways. That scared me his knee surgery on his right knee, which is not great wrestler going to be thirty one early next season. He lost a little after his niece agree last year. And he's still got two years left on giant contact. Well, it's scary. I think it's Paul George because his MVP calorie affectively wasted because they didn't beat the blazers with that shoulder. And that was with I think the best Russell Westbrook that will see going into the future. I think we've seen the best of. Russell westbrook. They're capped out the next two seasons. Not good. Bob right around is final round. We had some very funny moments in the NBA last night, Drake drop the airplane on Joel bead Juancho doing a little shimmy in the corner after hitting three Paul Pierce may afford, Michelle Beedle. We're not sure TMZ said, so, but I wanna know what was the funniest moment from that night. Here we go mine is more than but Joel Embiid, you know, he pulled out the airplane after dropping the windmill and game number three. And then so the raptors when he was being checked out of this game. Did it right back to the entire fan base? Did it very very funny more vengeful than Larry is so bad look for anything want to hurt on Gomez. So, you know, I love seeing him and Mason firmly run a two man game somehow and with three in the corner for Juancho right in front of the Denver bench where he shimmy is like crazy with yo catch Harris and all of his buddies. He's so happy I will. Happy scape. Let's. Winner right here because he's semi in his face off. Trey Kerby, even more. Expired, the shimmy into a win like goodness shimmy. Yeah. What would go into the de-block here lately with the very salt play not gonna wanna miss this. When kids I don't mind losing to that. Guard. No come brogden is back for game five against the Celtics tonight, completing his recovery from a foot injury inside sidelined since March fifteenth coach bud says he's gonna come off the bench. He will be on minutes restriction, but near will start still. So that's the first game Celtics bucks on TNT lucky trying to close this one out. And then we got the pivotal him mino- game five between the rockets and warriors in the second game in that double header can't wait. All right. We asked you draft lottery, replacements guy, ain't good ideas because up on Twitter. They started straight where we got great suggestions teach says Drake for the raptors. Which is crazy the raptors don't have a chance in the lottery. They did they send this guy. We got the number one. Also, great meal saying I want Bongo lady to represent realize very cool to see her sitting at the podium doing exactly that. Also, great suggestion acres guy, the best possible suggestion, no doubt, you've been Chee. Chiefs should represent Celtics draft. Thirty balls under that hat. Lucky leprechaun themselves very solve play yet. Now since I've been doing the various millions and millions of people said events one of well here is one for you at PASCAL Ceac defense that on Jimmy Fallon is just defense move those feet, not bonding on the pump fake potty that Jimmy's inviting him to look at that forces into a top didn't respond to the Email that is brilliant. That's what I call a very solid defensive play while. Wow. Very right. A habit of very very rare. All right guys got some news here Tanya Guli saying that the Lakers have decided to move on from Tyler as their next head coach. It looked like it was going to be a done deal looked like going to the Lakers. Monty Williams picked the sun. But no, no. So now, we'll be the head coach. Mike guest is lead Ellis. Yeah. Excellent. Like that. Joining us today. We'll see the Knicks Representative trough lover good. You're not a lucky I'm available. If you thanks for joining us can remember when you're setting a little shimmy shimmy, shimmy AM that'd be happy again straight at that beard. Raise the night people.

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