Anthony Abbott 2020 Inductee in the NC Literary Hall of Fame Shares His Wonderful Poetry and His Literary Journey May He Rest in Peace [Ep 146][S7-05]


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I'm Landis Wade, the producer and host of this podcast I'm recovering trial lawyer. I'm the author of a trilogy of books were Lawyers Save Christmas. Kind of a cross between my cousin, Vinny and miracle on thirty Fourth Street and I, write stories and I love books I. Love Dogs. I love beaches, mountains, and Flos, fishing sports and reading and more. Listeners. This is the part of show were supposed to how excited I am about the steps Oh. But I'm also very sad because our guest today. Tony Abbott passed away this past weekend. Tony was such a wonderful poet professor of English, Emeritus Davidson. College. algebra graduated from in privileged to spend several hours within the summer remotely of course, planning to record and then recording this. With him for Charlotte. PODCAST. We're supposed to release this on November seventeenth in honor of his memory is being released today. And in this episode, we talk about his life as passion for teaching which she describes a spiritual experience. and His love of poetry and not only does he read some of his favourite poems that he's written? He talks about life as if he knew this day was coming much sooner than I did. I knew he was saving treatments, but he had such A. Vital. Quality voice and such an upbeat attitude that I had no idea. That he would leave so soon. I'm really glad I. Get the chance to be with him. And I'm glad I asked him how he felt about being inducted on the northbound literally hall of fame. And how he wanted to be remembered as a writer. How was for him as the poet? To wrestle with the angel in his poetry book the Angel Dialogues. What might be waiting for him on the other side. Since taking on this project called CHARLEENA's podcast of hadn't occurred to me the someone I interviewed. By DAB for their episode. came out. Taking this Kinda hard it. It's a it's a reminder that we're. All here on this earth such short period of time. And went back over the last few days and listen to. This. Interview. My sadness was mixed with. Inspiration. Inspiration that I feel from the example that he set. A life that he lived in the way he continued to write. Even to the end. He told me and you'll hear this in this episode. Riding is not about writing necessarily. Riding is about living. In the more deeply fully you live, you are able to write. And he also said, Landis do it now? Do it now? Do It now before it's too late? Thank you China's sharing your wonderful poetry in your words, West with me in the world. Here's the interview as it was slated to release a for a learned the news. enjoyed. This episode in honor of. Anthony Tony Abbott. In, today's up. So immed- award-winning Davidson North Carolina poet novelist Anthony, Tony Abbott Two Thousand and twenty inducted into the North Carolina Literally Hall of fame an organization which celebrates and promotes the state's rich literary heritage. But commemorating leading authors encouraging continued flourishing of great literature tiny talks with us today about his writing life and reach poetry from three of his award-winning chat books published by. New and selected poems if or it could save us and the angel dialogues. Of the Angel Dialogues Joseph pedantic put large North Carolina two thousand twelve says that added. MITERS each poem into the next with precision master carpenter in language that move seamlessly often floating from impressionism into a quirky vernacular narrative. Kathy Smith Barney Port Lord North Carolina two thousand ten two thousand twelve says this angel is double tasking sarcastic Yates reading quantum leap trickster. Tiny starts to show reading poem that is one of his signature pieces, the girl and the yellow rancor. Girl in the yellow ribbon of. Way On the sidewalk. Outside my window. Flower in her hair. Third sell or is focused suffered some officers, Kinda? Say. He's just not move. She Smile Labor. Or have she plays the cello and she is humming board silently making the bow ripples with her tongue. Or maybe. She waits for a bus to take her to her lover or she has read a letter from Paris or assemble, and she smells coffee and chestnut same roaster. and to hear the streets in cries vendors under the age for bridget. She's just a girl. Standing in the rain by stone bench in the early morning well, the streets Sean. It is nothing you are. Why I we? Were there. In. My. Prom. and. Why do I send here long? Law After she Hey listeners. Before we dive into the interview here, I'd like to thank you for taking. Some, your valuable time. Listen to this episode today really appreciate it. 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I've got a little bit more about the author and then the interview more ratings and the writing life segment. So. Enjoyed, when are the two thousand, Fifteen North Award for literature from the State of North Carolina. Anthony Tony Abbott is the author of seven books of poetry, two novels and four books of literary criticism. The Angel Dialogues is the recipient of honorable mention in the two thousand fifteen. Brockman Campbell competition of northbound poetry society. If words could save us was co winner in the same competition in two thousand twelve. Tony's literary. Awards are numerous detailed in the show notes for this episode. Is. Currently the Charles, a Dana Professor of English Emeritus Davis in college in recent inductee into North Carolina Literary Hall of fame. Tony Welcome to the show. Thank you her name was. Congratulations on being inducted into northland leary. Is quite an honor. And I feel. Very special for me because. It puts me in a group of people that I admired greatly respect frankly and. My fellow writers in North Carolina. Were very special honor for me to. been selected for her. Induction. So. How did you feel tiny when you first heard the news that you've been? Selected for this honor. I. Felt. About, Reynolds. Price. On the. Wool. Les Smith. Those people who are in they seem to me to be a really great writers and I, didn't feel like that was quite in the same class as those people. Elected to the hall of fame. Mesa feel are a special part of the company of those wonderful writers and our as I felt in my heart was. Klay remarkable honor. It is remarkable honor and listeners. Let me just tell you little bit. We got planned today you're in for a real treat a tiny going to read some of his poetry today from the numbers collections. We're GONNA, talk about this poems and like all episodes Schroeder's podcast. WE'RE GONNA be getting into the writing life discussion. With Tony and I'll be asking him questions that maybe he'll share his secrets with us but but. But I but I Tony Given your journey from where you started as a young boy to now inducted into the. Hall of Fame I. Like to talk with you a bit about your life's journey. Okay. So You. As a young boy did you ever envision? They one day. You will be receiving this kind of honour. Well You have to know. The first. The first real. That I rose. Were in the. Nineteen seventies? and. My career as a writer. Really began. With my writing of a short story. which is called the weekend. I've started writing short stories implying. When I was really. In my in my forty. Has a child or I grew up in Norwalk Connecticut. I was born in San Francisco up in New Orleans, Connecticut and my mother has left my father in California and moved to Connecticut remarried. And There were a series of incidents in the family which caused the family break up. And I was nine years old in nineteen, forty, four, the family literally broke up. and My mother who had a drinking problem moved to new. York stepfather moved from New York sister who was in a just graduate. Moved to New York and what do you do with a nine year old boy? And the answer is I had a fairy godmother. And My godmother pay for my education and I was the boarding school. And that became my life. My school became my home and I was very very, very good in school. And I went from one school to another boarding schools in college to Graduate School and I spent my whole Trimbe working on research. And criticism. And I've got a pay in. English. The like it become an English teacher. Think about writing saw really it's about becoming a teacher. And teaching as a college level. Rather than becoming a poem or fiction. That was really. Court of the second half of my life. Yeah you've. You've written at age of nine. Your family dissolved that took to put it in more dramatic turn. Your mother shot your stepfather didn't kill him. You said, but it was the end of the marriage. He was. He was a lawyer moved to New, York? Your mother went to the hospital. They sent you to boarding school and as you wrote in the novel leading Maggie Hope You know you talk about this. Use were sort of. I guess required to. Grow up at a very early age. Yeah. True. Love things that I would do. I would never know where I was going to go corvee Keisha. I really didn't like case like school and school everything was clear. If he is this, you've got this reward. He's not. He's not that punishment and you know exactly where he's still what was going on. Vacation I know anything because there's no what to expect. So I didn't know where I was going to go and so I had. This feeling that I have. Care of myself and what happened is I would often go to my stepfather to New York and then a very early age learn the new. York subway system. And I could travel around the say left me as I was old enough. I can't remember what age that was. Then to let me I would go from my stepfather's to my mother's my sisters, all of whom were in New York and I would go by subway from one place to another. And I. I always. Very early age felt what to be able to take care of myself and that's why I'm very good direction. 'cause you know where I am and how to get to the next place but. True, that was well before fans and satellites that helped you get around the Nah Nah Tony You said speaking of subways and traveling and trains, and that kind of thing he said that one of the single most Dramatic events in your childhood involved a weekend opponent that you're going to read just a minute. which aren't a pass from boarding school. In which you're going to go visit your mother and you were supposed to meet her at Grand Central Station Castle Yeah. What happened? Well she wasn't there. I was at a school in Massachusetts. For Pay School and call lulls school in a novel. Message. Is Nice. Gone Training. Framingham Massachusetts. Trains in new. York because I had earned a weekend birth like doing a good thing. And like I walked the ramp. Outside the game and she wasn't there. And eventually what happened. And I called my sister. Was Living in New York and it just got married recently. And she sent her husband down. The up aggressive session. The weekend with like sister and never did see my mother. And Later she told me she never got my letter. Saying I was coming. You know the thing about writing is says. You'd never know what the truth is the truth can vary. Depending on who tells the story I just found this very interesting thing me. I just found out are just a few years ago from. My good friend of Herrell Hamilton, who was a fellow student. Pay, school. That's when I got back from that weekend. School. On the next. Monday. One of the one of the teachers school took me down town you get a milkshake and when I was downtown getting a milkshake. Yeah. The meaning of the whole school talks about weekend. And he says this must never happen again. because. In question is, who's Holt was wasn't my mother's flow. Was If my full her half. Was this school fall or half or was it? We would we all share in that fall And the until the truth is very complex and the in my novel I don't deal with all those I didn't know that. All I knew was my mother's in So. That was a very. Powerful and scary moment. Grand. Central. Station. Roy Looks Up. As it star in the Upper Concord. Usually is in tramps. By the way, they make the shapes of creatures and if they cure. Others and bears employ or. Has No arts for them. Ways it on the bench by thirty two or half an hour. Is Watch for his mother's route coat. Torn him the white scarf she where rainy day. Is Starting to cry. And he does not like to cry at all in scares him here among strangers. US. Colder Hotel. Woman has. That she was out. Perhaps. She's on her way caught in the swirl late afternoon traffic of crush of trucks and multicolored cab yellow green chequered. Or perhaps. Subway traps I read lice between station. WHITES IS I. Tanker chip. Then, he feels the first time. I see touch of Jeff. She will come at all. She will never come and they mike sit on this. Bench until he grows all still she will not come. She will never know. Counted on this small good times between them. Time that will never be. You Stand Puts his tears. Away. In the pocket reviews handkerchief. The class food. Will requested schedule. He will go back to school. You will collect his as. And spreads. Them. Smooth of of Retard. He will live. Now Tony what I've. Learned about this particular upon what you said about it before particularly this line. he put his tears away in his pocket and Y-, and with his used handkerchief, you're actually making a transition at that point in your life. The. Last stands of the poem. Talks, about it to where you're going to go back, you going to collect your as you're going to. Spread them on the smooth palm, your heart and you're going to live, and so you decided I think to try to put away the emotion. And move forward. Exactly I think that's. and when I when I was. Elected by the state. Were with North Carolina. Award in literature, they made a five minute video and I talked about the video What I did is I'm not going to be emotional I'm not going to be vulnerable can't afford to. Think. Scary. So I have to take care of myself, Roy, distance myself and applied myself I like you collected is as. and. So I decided I would try to be the very best person I could be school. And I did that when I want to then went to school in Connecticut. And this is the same thing. Of. And of And was. Then and I went to Harvard. Graduate School I got my pitch. And then we moved to Davison. Nineteen sixty four. For my second job, my my first job. The. Collagen. May. Sound moved to Davis in the nineteen. Sixty seven. Our daughter dies. Very suddenly from encephalitis and. I have no way. Of, dealing emotionless with her desk because I had put my tears away in my back pocket. With my And I literally I couldn't cry. Though from about nineteen, sixty, seven to. The early to mid seven do. I have to re and then myself and rediscover my feeling. Which I had put in my back pocket. because. You having a PhD as the worst preparations possible for the writing of poetry because they're two. Different kinds language you know what I meant and other words near since scullery language of research and literary criticism. The language of poetry comes from the horror for all from the feelings. And I had to. Find those again. That leads you to writing a poem that you're well known for the girl in the yellow raincoat, but you read at the start of this show. you said, it took many years feed right that poem was to raw at the time that your daughter died. You can ride it. Talk about talk about how you were finally able to write this poem and what prompted you to ride it. Rose One. Would have been acing. Had a freshman writing Class Davis College. And there was a rural class who? lost. Her mother. And Rainy Day she wore a yellow Ranko. Of. And I kept thinking that she is exactly the same age. My daughter would have been a a freshman at full. And she might have gone Davison and. Then in that riding class. So, point was really about my daughter rather than about the girl in the yellow, Ranko. Girls. You'll ranked copay chain but. My daughter and I began to try to imagine. What my daughter might have been like. At the age of eighteen. And the wonderful thing about employment nothing really nothing in the point actually. Happens literally. I wasn't daring out the window, the girl who was standing on the street. Play. The. Cello. imple- all of that were I imagine. At, one I wanted to create. A Character of girl in yellow raincoat. For a model for or my daughter might have been at she'd been at age. And the that was the. Experience. Why do I send your long long after she is on Her because. He's thinking about that was. Though I mean, I, think eventually. Electric. You're going to find the word. We talk about things which would otherwise not talk about. So. Tony when you read this poem aloud as you did earlier in the show here. Is it hard? Does it bring back certain feelings? Are. Time I rather. Wasn't Weymouth Center. I had to get up and read it as weymouth. was very, very, very difficult. And very, very, very emotional reading. Whether as time went by I became more and more. able to read this without. Tearing up. and. So the the answer is, yes. It was a very, very difficult emotionally experience. Reading on the first time. But I think time allows us to develop. Greater sense of of of. Satanic you talked about after this. Defining moment in your life or your mother did show up you're wanting to get the as and received you go to Princeton you get the Ph d from Harvard you teach at Bates for three years you come to Davidson College in nineteen sixty four was actually a Davidson from nineteen seventy, five to nineteen, seventy, nine, but Somehow or other I I didn't end up in your class I'm looking at a picture of you under a tree at Davidson here. It's on your. it's I think it's in that video that you talk. And you've got six students sitting around your own, the quad. We're looking at a young Tony Abbott here leaning over and I'm just making headed I missed that class and. What. Made you go outside? What'd you do outside well. Class. Outside. The weather. Got I. Would always say, can we go outside and the you know the answer to the question was if you said, no, they would think were present whole study. So if you want it to be. have. A sense of identity identification with a student. You have to go outside when it was nice and A. Classes outside were never as good as classes inside because they were very pleasant. They were lovely. You know what they were. They were lessons distraction. When? Especially in the screen was the tradition. In to go outside or certain. And the. Those I usually does. Well, that's great. Too I WANNA, decided to listeners to that that video, which is on your website There's a link to it in the show notes for this episode, he really is worth watching you can. Hear a little bit about Tony's life and some of the things that he's done. So I commend that till you let's let's read a couple more points before the break airless Let's go to a small thing like a breath and You can set that up and. Read it you ready. The name of my second book. Small thing crap. And that's the titles point. James, and robber. Are and they are my twins grandson. And they were born in Nineteen, ninety, two I I wrote this. On them. And then the point is only one one baby didn't need to. Say say we're twins they were born. I remember going up to. Where my favorite born and they were move cross. And going into the neonatal intensive care and seeing them. As tiny babies. Though this is. The context of the plan. Small thing like a proud. Chief for car. How easy to say I love you knowing that even the surface of her word? How easy to say I for you knowing that even the icy edge of death not even his outer garment. Then, you bear a child. Carry on life in the darkness is your room for nine uneasy. Child send bumping the fragile edges of in some form go against walls of your. Phone. Enters the world wailing. Or time. Machines help him breathe you cannot hold him because of the wires the. Monasteries Vital Function And Yousef by his side, give him your finger to whole. And you watch his tiny her hopefully form nails crawl around you. And that's many hours you weren't still not tired not finished morally as a wonder you have created. And you know that you could these woods guy there's some. Glorious heartbreaking selfish. Youthful on. Every night you continue to marvel week after week month after month every night before slave. Filling into his room but listen. Small Breath and watch the weight and he seems to smile and how it's. Her upper. And later. You'll keep pictures. You will mark as first step the ORFORD rounded shapes of his first letters. You will shout with joy I line dry. And cry for the pink cotton. Shape makes. Some rule. On Easter. And when he hurts. You will. Of. Pain for his pain takes you in his arms and rips like icy night. then. When you speak a love there. You must do so library. Without as an Hussy. Or small thing. Gra. Tony US wonderful I'm just thinking about how fast time flies and how fleeting life is from the time that your child is first born until the. Time that they're out into the world beyond. A lot of a lot. Of requests. People. Like Reproduce his Philemon. Women. Who are pregnant with? And the one. And it's kind of funding the sensor since. right about the bearing of a child even though I'm. A male and not female I think is think poetry because tries to allow. You get into the. Characters and the. Healing of people who are different from our so. It's like my coin which we probably will do of a man who loved news. Because I'm I'm not that man, but I feel like I can understand him try to write from his point of view. On our right from. The of view, the woman. But all that stuff about the machine is the sensors I got from curling visit the twin. Twin Neonatal. Carrier Okay. Thank you for to meet Aretha. Yeah. Thank you rating it. So listeners just what we're GONNA. Do we're going to take a short break and when we come back, we are going to hear that poem the to the Tony mentioned the man who loved music it's it's a wonderful piece very moving. We're also going to talk about the Angel dialogues, which is an interesting book about an angel the. The befriends. The poet and SORTA? Gives. A hard time and we great point from that. We're GONNA do the writing life segment. We've got one final piece too. So please stay with us. I listen as I like to share some information with you bet to four organizations are important players in our literate community and They're also supporters of the podcast. Spark Publications Charlotte Let Charlton Writer's Club North, Carolina riders? Network. 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About his life about his poetry we've got more poetry in this episode today from this very talented rider Tony you got this piece that you limited before the break it's called. A man who loved music talk about that poem in Western inspired that. Nine eleven. I remember. Going to New York. And going to the Hustle Fourteenth Street for a many many of the people who are injured in nine eleven were taken care of. And on the wall, the hustle were these. Posters with pictures of the missing people where the people, relatives and friends of the missing were asking if anybody. When you think about that line was very moved by seeing those. Pictures. and they appear and they appear in the point and I read that story about your decision from juilliard and I was so moved by story one is hell and story This isn't a book called the man who? And every time in that both begins with the word a man who Neither in the title. For example, and this point in a man who loved news not. The first line is carrying his violin in the arm or. Title. Come. As words the man who every title has were starts advance who and what I'm trying to do that. To. Have all kinds of different men who? Until. There's this. Get away from just writing about myself. Riding about other people who I find interesting and broadening my my phone. From being merely autobiographical. Pressing my my my response to the light a world around the. Man Who loves music. Terry is file of the armory near ground zero. He was from juilliard. Where music is life. When playing better the next musician. More important than who were important. On the walls of the armory. Poster. Thousands of posters. Of missing smiling. And, were all young. Maria Ramirez. Tell from her graduation role. He saw the face of Angela Susan Peres. Hundred first floor tower they. Saw Jovic Yano and Carol, rutten La, and pull or to you junior ohlinger savy. How could music health in a time like this you wonder It'd be war within violin into the huge central room. The and his two friends played for our. When it's friends could play a more he's playing alone. Play for the grief counselors or firemen, and cops. Came into rest. Soldiers the fighting findings nine. He. Played. Ball. Jakubowski plays divorce devolve. The theme from Schindler's List. And memory from. Soldiers who had been in the past. He's played. Amazing grace. And then it bit nice. He plays the national anthem. Three hundred men sixty nine stores. And saluted invisible. Is, Hands Tremble replacing violin. Back in the K.. Total walking the dog street. Where does? It can be air. Of the listen they'll small. You would walk home. listers on his hand. Remember. Telling you, that is a particular moving pace you certainly Certainly. Did Justice to the moment. You can really picture this person. not knowing what to do but. To share his music and That's a key in the poem is where he says it was from Juilliard were music reply. Playing. Better than the next vision more important for more important than God and the end of the coin is different person. You realize. Playing better than the next position is not the most important thing. And he's learned to be. A. Deeply passionate human being because he played. This and I'm sure that his life was changed by that I don't know I don't know I've never met. And the. The. You know. Part of what I wrote is imagine like me and part of like all the names of. Missing a real name. Those pictures that I saw. and. She says he so so. The. Everything in the point. I think really hasn't. That's great. So We're going to shift now to To angels and demons as well but and. And you get. This book is called Angel Dialogues. You got a lot of for it. I, mentioned it at the outset of the show. It's a really interesting. Book because it starts out. It's it's almost as if the poet. Is having a conversation. with him or herself, and yet there has someone else present and it's it's angel who? Is I don't know maybe holding the poet check or making the poet Trying to keep the poet on the right track but doing a very sarcastic. Way. I. Mean you start you start out the book and the poet like you know who are you, and the angel says, well, I'm your angel. Angel. Yes your very own and then Y- The post like wait a minute. You know how can this be and and the angel last will don't ask how I just end. That's all. Post like well, that's a lot I mean come on and so. And so you know right away the angel saying don't ask these kinds of questions just be in my presence unless I have a conversation, you go through this book and you have a lot of different conversations. And and we're GONNA have you're gonna read a poem where the Angel Speaks of death but angel doesn't just talk about death angel talks about lots of issues that are on the mind of the poet and I'm wondering. What was going on in your life at the time that you decided to write about An Angel with sort of A. Pressing view of of life and the afterlife. Yeah, I think that When people say who's the malls of the angels? I usually say me. Though is. Very famous. Love. Logo senator. Who is mad over? Loss. I think with the angel allows to do have a dialogue with myself. Poets side and myself, Angel The Angel is supposed to know things. As opposed doesn't know. and My property interesting about writing the. Most wanted I couldn't. I couldn't have the angels hell the poet thing. And I didn't know. or I could. No. Let's see if the policy angel is there life after death? The age. Can't answer that question. Angel Constant Justin Answer. Of So recipes, the angel wants supposed to be a better person. Angels aim all the way through the book is to make some poet of. More, more of A. Human. Being who loved everybody and you can tell in the poet as his main job is, is love everybody and the. Problem with. That is in love with the angel. We loves the angel, but he's not very good and loving everybody. the wonderful on crawls. or Angel speaks of beauty. says. What are you said if people feel they are beautiful I love you. She says. I know you. Know, silly you tell the beautiful ones you love them. Supposed you suppose there ugliness puts you off yet over it all the more reason to love them or if you can't, you can't if you can't then one of my doing here. Don't you Orlean don't you see why I'm here look good makes we are. Now, just go love everyone likes that and then they'll be beautiful just like I have. And that's A. Really important? Point. because. The Angel as always. We're we're setting angels or loss of human beings and serve the function or Rangel's for. During this we heard a lot during this cocoa nineteen. And then about people who have served as angel or other. Health, care workers are sort of serving as angels forest. Is someone who is is great that else plus the. More complete human name. And doesn't mean they have to be serious all the time because the angel you know she she had a good time with her life. You said a minute ago that You don't say anything in these poems that the poet doesn't know, and yet you have a poem called the Angel Speaks of heaven and it's an. Instinct porn because the poet is asking the questions about Heaven Sarcastically, an angel answer, sarcastically we sing hymns and flap our wings and the poet is like what wings wings you earn like in that movie everyone watches at Christmas and you I take care of people like you I, wrestle on announcements. And the post like in heaven you just saying and the poet and the angels yes Pretty Boeing and she says. That's what Mark Twain said I. Liked Him. He was a real is. So. So you're just having a little bit of fun and yet you're trying to. Weave your way into answers right as you're talking to yourself about some of these issues. What they do in heaven say listen. And try to come and help. So I have the angel. The Angel Tree and you look and say of. In the cover. Goal Angels in the trees. On their lips thing, and then there the different angels are sent to different people try to help her. And so that's kind of EMESA. Those Angel Arrives in the angel, the angel has to leave. Because the angel has lots of other people report heroes besides just. Not An attorney Did you have I mean it's all metaphorical or did you yourself? have. Visitation with an angel as you writing this. Well. Though I never visitation with her wasn't angel in the. Literal Sense. I every time. Something would happen and I just think of another angel one. And so she was just kind of around all the time. And so no, I was thinking when I was Playing Bridge Listening Whoopi Mike Athena. Angel Bridge. Now. The No I don't think I. Don't think I have. Liberal visitation. But I think I felt. I felt like the angel was my. My better half. Now. I think one of the Nice things about poetry is then you can ride inside along with yourself. Like feel like she's very she's very real to me even though I can't say that I actually. Well and and some might argue that maybe be better in a different kind of way maybe she. Yeah she appeared into your subconscious she appeared tr. Yeah. Okay. Well, let's let's set up the raid. You're GONNA do from the book year. Angel speaks of death or angel incessant. Phone Where the angel is actually present. It's really yes. She said. winsome word it's really death you're of. UNSAID. Over as she says. We're walking in the white bark was she stops and turns to face me. Look at the where is. Best Nothing. Point Answer What do you mean? The nothing I'm afraid of. Come on. The absolute emptiness of loss of everything all the word, all the beautiful words, moments, the flow of the ocean or White Majesty shifting stars all saved in the mind of swept into predators unity or flower on the vest. I table after the accident all lost without a more no mind no words no site. No touch knows that. Nice. Job She. Smiled showrunner. Do some more. Wait a minute I said this is a tricky Rene Angel. You know about this you must know about, why should I talk help me my angel tell me about death. Am I wrong Gun. How I'd like to be wrong just can't get that that nothing out of my head. We were sitting on the branch of Peace Angling. Don't know how we got here when we. Are Looking so water and ways. I can't tell you. Know Alot. Not Allow what kind of answer is that? True she served. Career. Don't be angry orange. that. Doesn't help. Part of career. I remember. Read in the spring she whis is just is. because. Think about it. As incidents where did you get that? And made it up she. Just speed. Go Maury. Worry for you. And she kisses me once on the cheek. And then the would. Stream. Or wrong. And I am alone. Regard Street. Yeah Tony you start out early in this book having a conversation with angel and the angel comes to the poet. And says that. She's read your poems. And deposed says you read my poem she writes them Oh and she says, you have to trust me and host says what? And she says, don't worry about what I know. I don't know just trust me and the poet says. I'm scared and she talks about the fact that the poet is riding a lot about death. And I'm just curious because you were. Through these dialogues I think perhaps searching for some answers. Are. What so this last poem, the Angel Speaks of death what is your? What's your thought I spend my whole life a practicing Christian. I thought Sundays started teaching Sunday school. When I was at Princeton. And I would go to a little mission church down on route. One antiques some cruel when I went to Harvard I talk some school at Christ church in Rattled Street Cambridge. And then I sent some school Davidson? Ever since I've been here and the. I was. I. Been. Believer. Well I feel like Feeling that there might be nothing is little ways than Dow's. No matter how much reliever you are. until I voiced doubt in this. And I want an answer to that out. And then much face as you have. Doubted always still there. Though. Three answers. One is there's nothing there's. Everything is good. And referred to answer is. Things are good and some things are best. There's the whole business of health having an help And I think when I you know unlike. When it says, uh, no worry God Maury for you. In other words just be. The A. Loving person. The Angel tells of. A loving parts of everybody. Especially, those who are not beautiful. And you don't have to worry about that 'cause there's nothing you can do about it. It is what it is. Just says. No. When it's frame doesn't think about it business. Just. I think that's probably the answer the angels trying to give him. That's great and it's Still a little bit of writing life tiny. And I want to pick up here because. The Angel talks about the fact that She watches you write that she is sort of your Muse and You take issue with that in the poem that not necessarily And I'm just wondering Do you think of your Muse as sort of. Spiritual Nature Angelic in nature or what do you think about the fact that he's idea? I think. There are. That's one. Of The news, I think individual people can be. Or Surf periods of time. So that. For example you i. mean you read about a approach? Discovers the work of another. And that is so moving. That's. The News for the or somebody that you love be. Friend can become immune. Between when you don't, you don't have users. Don't. Necessarily right. You don't feel. Right. News on all the way through my coach. And Nineteen Ninety Eight, we like dump Sabbatical and Western. Turkey Israel. Egypt Greece Italy. And I was teaching. Davison their. Renewed a four. Key country. Of the calls the cradle of the world. And when I travel, we traveled in these countries that travel became my news and I wrote a lot of really. Good points about these places in about art and about. Things that we saw thinking that we. And then commanding. You know the. Worst thing you can do. Is Not to have a life. Of. Writing is not about writing necessarily writing is about living. In the more deeply as fully you live. The more you're able to write. and. I thought the I I saw. Angel was going to be my last love. Recover to twenty fourteen while I was done. Is like. When they began to move along. Or? As we got into this. Coast and That's what we know. A lot of time now, I can't go anywhere can't do anything. So I went back through all all my filed once. Computer and I run up every point that I still haven't my computer. Has published. And I came up with about ninety point. That I live over the years. And then I look for centers on how refunds who read. Request through them and we try to which. Should go in. The book that I'm working on now. And the fame. There's a theme that runs through the whole of which is. Living The left part of your life. From the time you retire. until the time that you die. And how stay Alive Even though you feel your life is in many ways diminished. One of the things that happen when. You will. Retire. Don't do it in your life since to become smaller. And you don't want to let that happen though. Of. The point about trying to find joy in the power. Even. Diminish. Stake As doing the left part of our life. And I realized I've been writing about this for the last. Twenty year. Basically. I'm retired from Davidson. In two, thousand one. Early retired. The last twenty years. Of. And so really that's what this for. is about feeling with? 'CAUSE I got my identity through the Collins. Teaching. And I missed the. Turn you mentioned teaching by the way your advice. Is Well, taken. I. Think there there can be three chapters or four chapters are six chapters and or more people's lives and every chapter I think is worth. Paying attention to like you mentioned You know it's it's retirement, but it's something else perhaps Keeping you engaged, but as a teacher What what drew you I mean. I. Think you mentioned that you always admired your teachers when you're in school and you became a teacher yourself what was it about teaching Tony that That you got out of as a person because you know you give us a teacher but what were you getting in return? Well What? You're getting as. Tremendous Joy. The joy of teaching itself. In good teachers just love. Being in the classroom and To me talking about. Is really important because. It's really mice courage will life. They. Fascinated by religion. And I've done a number of courses Davidson the. Case Religion Literature, mix them together, and then of course. Larry O'Connor Frederick Nerve Walker. Percy of Christian writers who write. Comic novels. Find I get much more out of. Being, in the classroom, we're playing students and talking about novels made much more exciting than being in church. As a form of spiritual. Exercise. Explore. Questions that they're exploring or two maybe great novels. Of course in of then walk on miscall. Letter. Great now always feel with the profound issues and the nothing question in Hawthorne. who were what does have supreme representative who worked appeared and represent and they? Exploring those issues to. Make Great. Joy. You. Say and you have dialogue wasn't in the dialogue his. The Class so Important In a lot of. Pleasure. You were a bluff teacher, David? Son. Students really love being part of your classes I know you've taught courses Semester long courses and workshops and everything writing poetry. But can you just give us a glimpse into since I've got an inductive here until the Litter Hall of fame? Can you give us a glimpse into what Tony Abbott does when he sits down to write a poem? I'll. Try not to write his down. Too soon. Of. When I? Sit down. The right of coin is because in my head when my heart I know that say this is employment are right. Away I know and I carry is for some time. Maybe months at a time and work on is in my head. They don't want to write it down to so. When I read it down. I don't. I don't really five as much as a lot of. 'cause I've already got a lot of revising before I've actually written about. And Lamont. Yours, talks about shitty first drafts. I don't necessarily right. Should of stress because her stress? I'm really I might be. Going through all sorts of. Of. I kinda like that like carrying the point around. And when I'm walking, I can work on the points in my head. Sometimes, they'll have certain lines are all Of Peace in my head for a long time. And then the. Developmental write it down. I'm a writer of Shitty I asked. But I come back and try to fix some lighter and I think it's great that you can. You can do that. You can keep that in your head and put something on paper like that I. DO think though you've probably learned some. Some techniques and some lessons over the years whether it be about craft or about the psychology riding and I'm wondering With. All your years of experience Tony. What would you tell your younger writing self something. That you have learned about yourself as a rider that if you could have imparted that knowledge to the younger Tony, it might have helped him along the way. Were I mean. Writing, is clearly. Form Of. Don't writing. I book I started to write was the workers came And I have never ridden about my child over. Of. So when I realized was. Time. I wrote lady my you know. Like Of. My mother died when I was fifteen. And I really didn't know anything about it. I didn't know. Didn't know much about my father I didn't know much learning but my mother, I, knew very little. I was at forty school. It was a lot going on in New York. I didn't know much about my sister. Offenses say that now. I'm of which I knew all his stuff. Then I know almost nothing I can't find out anything about my mother's life. Now. It's too late because there's nobody knows anything. Less person. Realizing. Really. Sister. And I never got that information from her. To me. Writing as a way. Discovering covering. Reliant. People were very important in your life which you would not otherwise have done. And I what I would say to the young writer is doing do now do it now before it's too late because the information may not be available for you. You wait too long. So, there's two extra writing one is detected. Swept Technique I'm very consciously trying to get sound and the music. The poetry is not just about content. It's also about Being able to use words in a way that. Powerful. And the music of words in the right were put together and things like alliteration. And Rhyme. And Horrible poetry. You know it's not like people think that you could write poetry without reading any. Wouldn't be an artist he didn't study art. Musicians studied music. And I think one of the things. Is Important not only. Narrow. Content of. Skill using the language. Of. Two things were when emphasize Roller process. Lens Express that s you. Know what you'RE GONNA SAY Before you write them then the joy of Ryan than. Taking away because writing in the. Exploration. Of Your. Discovery of something rather than employees. REPETITION. Something already know. So Tony One last question before we have a foul reading here from you. You've had a long career as a writer you're still riding as you said. How would you like to be remembered as writer? You know I never go. Let's say you ask the question and that's kind of fun as someone who owns. Health. People. Believe laws. Her plus were in some way changed or affected goodbye by reading Michael. Very. She's telling you that screen That's that's a great inside. We have one last poem here that you're gonna read It's called Genesis And it's it's it's Nice because you know we've been talking about the angel dialogues and now we're gonNA. Talk about The world itself and God is a whole and that kind of thing. So. Tell US briefly Rebecca here, and then you can read that to bring this to a close. Early Great. Genesis within my my. My third vote. The search for a wondering cradle world seasoning Katie at my son and daughter-in-law I wrote on for their wedding. And I read I read that's a wedding. And Put it in the frame hanging their house. and. The. figure the only way I could figure out and make it fun workers out to God. Wants been one that's of. Genesis. Swing, more than master maker of cool court shifted in eventually heaven and said. I need me some music. For Sky was full of. Declares that it was good. And then the equally androgynous Lord sets of herself. I need some light hill of fragrant fingers of. The Water Schoenberg light and she declares that it was good. And when the light and music play together stars west of the beauty of. The, swinging singing Lord says. Need. Me Some people to praise his thing that I have made. Lord Ball and laws about what sort of people might be purist Fraser what sort of people might truly see the light and made man for his cunning brain major newspapers in the L. can swift running low for man the Wonderbra. and. She made woman with imagining mind and the wrong limber dancing legs and there is and so the Colorado life. And when the man and woman has been crashes. Laura declared that it was good. And the man heard the life in the woman is. And the woman saw the music. Man Mine. Workers Silky Mane Violins, and the light was like the last require. The clitoral Qatar. And the man and the woman move original music. And swayed to the golden amber really is alive. And they knew. Sound with neither his or her. Like anything that ever was before. And the Lord of they have made. The whole. It was very good. Nice that's wonderful, and in fact, this episode has. been very good as well. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your your life story to to read some of your poetry. Thank you so much for being a part of the. PODCASTS. Enjoy the with you. Harder classes. Reema cartoons. Prejudice reworked. So. Well, that's it. For today, another found author giving voice to the written words next Tuesday we'll have another in-depth episode with readings and conversations about the written word and the writing life of a local or regional author before then be on the lookout for another under the covers episode where we do much the same thing we do here but quicker and sometimes away from the studio because there are. Just too many good authors and not enough time. 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