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All Right Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and girls Feast Your eyes in tune your ears. If that time again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast streamed on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how built authority in their field and how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience, and attracting better clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage your host Brian S. Arnold. All right. We are back when episode of the. Guy In Brian is. In your the project, we want to slap authority to your name. So you can stay more of what you're great at and we are here early today this early for for a for me anyway late for video was good for in here on here on the show. and. I'm very humid and hot right now I told her earlier today. We're GONNA get through this together. For the show but let's get started video I. Have Video Ravi on a couple of got that. Right Janine. If it. Yeah. Robert yes so. She is here to. Help US implement relationship marketing in our facebook ads and white. So important. So I'm excited to could we don't have a lot of people who are FISK ED experts on this show. So we're excited to have her on here. We're going to test out here in figure out what this relationship marketing years before we dive in. Lists. I. Give the audience a little little bit about you Robbie show them who you are telling you are personally and then professionally. Okay. So High Van I'm so bad here on the audience Okay. So my name as. On I specialize in facebook gut strategies. Behalf donate to see I live in India and I have make So. To be. Exempt. Relationship Marketing down ads envelope with ankles. Data's that stop main focus on with specific economy industries that will do not fat just. Dropping stuff so That's our main focus in the industry. So we have. Been I actually hear your action, Alachua okay. That's me. It'll. Okay. So we have established without heavy in both That's yet even though I. AM great faded affect methods be established authority Major League through again, I. Don't obey traffic. So I lost like a hundred thousand of my. Coming from Amana Classic so That's. Okay. So tell so your personal, you didn't say anything about yourself personally. Yeah, the damage staff. Within this business any levels? Lake. Okay. So I was engineer I would job I wanted to with my job when I had my child. I was going back because I had underpaid on his debts I'm. So I just one day something happened my whole. I will be actually you. We need the booth on this money in order to keep S. Paid by just give me three months wondered I something online I want to stay with the Good I. Don't want to give the speed it up by noticed some illegal. So and he said like, that's okay. You can go anti one, eighty one is okay When it's Because we've just bought home on behind hormones so. It's I. Didn't win only manage, but he said slow. Kind of baby. But it so. He didn't finish I will do convincing him. He just he just mood nearly month if it doesn't go back door as. I. I would make this look on comic by aid. But, he disliked if you doesn't look in payments Dates but. because. He would never come on cloud if you're not show about something. So if you read. It was within dawn I indicates jumping. After coming online on High Antonio Independent Marketing at that point. Company. So the the. Ones, the good I'm within six months I had employers looking for me. So I pay fast. Wow and so so what led you down to to to The path of online advertising with the story how'd you? How'd you get into online advertising I? started out I was like tech. I was as offense as he said. Rain to be amazing. So. So it was easy formation beyond of the be believe. They have. Legs. On. Excellent. Job that point because I learned talking degrees and just running. So that's solid look like dog at a job longer than like Okay Ida light on that as gossip fight that I've been. The. So I got a lot I got into this Garden Guy Scott invading fun of this. I was really fun to be a so. I had to come up award winning the dust. So then it was one of the easy. Making money I will really good everything was fine but. It just didn't stock this flaming. You'll challenge me because they said it was easy. Lake I can. sleeve It's nothing new about it slow. I'm Dan I don't stop letting basketball civilization actively transition like I. Know Of. Any type is gotten just do like God a lot I want to make. I. Be. Learning empty days was challenging. Ching my limit Steph. Light. So I was happy I was completely happy like he was the second that Mitch which could deadly out? You. Lemay Louis completely, it's a look the after. Leaving the dog with all the second? I fired on my plants. So I just mentioned like Pavia staying agency because this is what I wanted. To going you have lots of this to work the thing together than. Off against but doesn't. Deny distract dope lines little guys on be started from scratch again two months. The order to be placed. Fun Place. So Company so I didn't whine. About money I was making money. So it doesn't multiple like on the twentieth was making outlets. Holiday speeding so. I like I like how you can like. You you you shifted to. You didn't really know you started some in some places, but he didn't really know what you really really love to. You'd kept on going yet it and doing something like shifted over to. This facebook ad thing and I think a lot of our our audience is like that. We're maybe they haven't found their their thing yet but you did. But but you did it after a while doing certain things. Are you know until you get to this point? Right so I'm glad I'm glad we went through went to their journey which because I think a lot of people don't understand that maybe. With maybe they don't know what it is yet, but it doesn't mean that you can't start something in you'll find it an in in time so. I'll I'm glad you came with love your stories of firearm. Amazing. Amazing. So let's talk about. In, your challenges of facebook ads in probably are we seeing other people had out there? What did you find? That was missing from other people who are doing advertising out there facebook. The orange or They don't. Like seals is the main one legal been set. So I won't see they want. Okay that's fine. But why you who? Why do they not being something? That's still audience respected. Lake. You're coming in and saying that you have these. ING. On how people saying on that's IT I don't think well, if you want connect with you listening. So, why would I pay you money or go activity in Jessica Success Oh that connection is not established. So, that's what I felt like missing after. Finding the Onsite Donald. Why wait I from this client lake if she's showing me some I want to buy. So what would I buy? Why did you have to say artful making me lifeless if you bannon's me than I'm not going to convince me fleet. So the blind has to convince me I like. Okay. So this is why dr saying this way I of amazing. So? I'm the dog good. I still don't connect with you disappoint in your life that against GonNa put you right because what is it point? GimMe Dot so I can actually make That relationship that connection as well as necessarily that's missing. So. So I have a challenge to for that committee says just want sales. So what do you say to people who like? For doing what the people people, who still buy because I, I have to be honest. I feel like one of those guys who has see something nice and I I just purchased. I. Don't have a completion can lead by of what? Looks Good. So I'll buy a cheap price of the deal for if you're getting a deal. So We. made us. Yeah. DOT IF YOU DON'T MIND Money five thousand dollars. Okay. Our. Next on Dr let's say hogging the thousand. Okay would you just I just on instincts? It's live. Let me me with my daughter. Donovan. By you don't Brag usually best established again, game. On. So it's like no. When you the same point some point to bake and I don't want to leave I don't I wanted to just. That's what that's what I'm saying. So. So tell us now. So tell us what are the components of this relationship marketing that you speak of. Actually people namely the. Right. People is. That they won't be audience in. Longmont. I don't like actions you say. So that warm up I don't know what people do on they sports some videos together Roy out Amazon to watch it I'm not even. Watching it. Annoys Justice quoted. Too. So I feel like a warm-up should be widened would say. Lake, it's not just media from you if this has to be low of our data from the audience. So based on what they watch you will need to act. Sigma audience and show all of them. If that's the on a game that's not something that I see often late if I can. Line gives me ten different videos. I just use see who is watching them just gave getting them Anita gaming again, but I would. Be. Spending. At least thousands of dollars just on those videos ghost Why I learned half of the people ought. Not good way because of the watch those videos on knock even mice. My Squadron. So it doesn't make sense. Dot something that a company she on me move into the agency No, we are not wanting people up. I'm Liz, day guilty of I. let them come in Communist elite mathematics or actually maybe. Maybe, it a gas maybe something. But they need to show that date cheaply honored experience that any lady and on over the gas. Or cast. At least will keep age. So if they are interested, then I already know the interested because they will do all those nuns in order to these things. So what they do this, I won't make it easy. But now I know these other people for me. It. So mind the first. Dog would be to bring people to this in that saw lead magnets. So I want all of these. Things to be open for the expedience you. So, once it got man once Shula, you'll sit interest really that means that really are your audience is no way that somebody asking of pools and stands for against does not unbeatable again, Kenny audience. They need to be. Staying, lock goes on more than dense against. It means that they are really invested in Atlanta. Say. So. So you're saying so so just for the sake. You're saying more so more. So starting organic reach where you're getting some type of some types of click some type of reactions and type of comment and seeing. If they agree or if they're interested in in what you're what you're. Interested in the content. It's still. Okay. Send amply wasn't scientists videos asking US something. I have seen people spend like literally sound thousand dollars eight thousand dollars on videos UNMIK probably something that said. On the I'm up that much I don't know why light way with somebody up that much if they are not ready to actually make. Your audience. So once these people are really audience and if you're not converting, that's something that you have to ask you change your offer. Now at least you know the audience is not up. So, tell us more about when you say warm up what does that mean? Let me say warm-up. Nurturing that saying get good to nick. He's who I am. Get get to know me in email or so what does that mean by warmup? mind. Woman. Back you starts after. The Eh as I said. Broadcast. Actually go. Back and read through. Of Incidence. Abby. We actually guidemap everything. So. I want to see like how much time they spent not just visit united. So what's a much time expanded on? Starts. On its side. Gas Trump the ads than Donald Duck you want back that's not. Like ninety one St Kilda than anything the action than without ninety five innings seat losses sequences will be actually showing those things plus unprofessional. So it's a combination for someone who looks At the they won't just be like you know they'll think my feet but other than that. If it's Extremely shallow with my. Comedy I don't even I had my husband's. That Mike It. That's how. Yeah. Okay. All right so. What do you say to people like who? Never typed out an ad in their life. Or have tried with terrible results of doing facebook ads in just quit because they just they just can't get it. It just didn't seem to work, and maybe maybe they haven't done what you said hit maybe one woman. Maybe. They've done the standard thing where. They kind of. Like trial and error because they just. They get a sale or click what is it to the people who've tried it or have not done the scared of of doing because they they could just won't work for them. If guy they don't want to do they should. Ask listening. Not. giveaway to give up I don't have anything to say because. That's not something that media was dependent. You don't give up on any it made a big. I don't. Go. Black. just needs. is you'll audience at in that statement, it needs to a if it doesn't need to why if you can't figure it out by the person who is it? Okay so so tell. Them how to? Next minutes of what you seen work. With maybe. Oppose that you've done or going to a certain lane page which what they should be seeing. Can you just give us the go through the scenario you should be doing from step one to step four or five. In a nutshell in the next five minutes maybe. A Lot. Start odds are yeah yeah okay start. or or from. A trying to get trying to get some kind of engagement to. To interest to warming up into. With the should be seeing throughout the whole process if you were talking to a client or. See. From China Fun has an influence us. PROPERLY GUESSING NESTLE The Alpha like. Some. Dollars. That If you're setting hy-vee stuff, for example. You upsetting hypic. HYPOC. It's usually Soloviev. As say later on Nike. More than dominance. So that, you will usually go after earnings today to the gold audience to the. Oh. Okay Okay so that's the first step. I don't need anything. If it's a new article than you need one, you're up before you send it. I wish they can do it. But let's say it's not. Supposed, testing the gold audience on like we. Getting between naturally gets won't be blend the legislation so that I don't like running out of them wedding. We got lead everything's fine but once elitism be immediately set up ninety eight acting on them. So be evident as they see that at least five knees never actually gets come. They found like Italy's more. Said, they would actually be seeing the feet. It's not it's not hot CD everytime. Make I don't push the face. Belief you which shows the states which goes through the off some are hard but some of the fish, no somewhat study as some doesn't even have a CD. Okay. So I guess on samples, I just want it. Gone with me how some engagement? So. Those are the few next steps like you need to actually these blew up. To, go that's the one vamping we have. So we have closed up to eighty percent on costs. I scored audience just at this one eighty employees face I have had a client who hardly eighty percents close face with the old audience next. On its underqualified. Okay, we should have forty, five, thousand dollar offer. Thousand. Really well. Okay. Well. Right. So. So I brought the you're the you're. The, your colorful site was wonderful. Amazing. Everybody, you guys need to look at her site. Just incredible stuff very unique in very, very very you know you want to. To really look through the whole thing because it's because you want to see what? The. Next, the next caption was going to be next. So it's very engaging. Kudos for that. Tell us tell us a little bit more little before we got here about about the story. Wise important to. Get people engaged what your your personal storage personal or business story whatever whatever it is. Asking about why released important, right right. Because it established connection that's the main thing. See if I haven't thought I probably think like especially about my husband's saying giving demon Saad needing six months on my successfully. associates not that accident just. Behind. US. But we exact you know that's me. That's my family. That's why you want to vote me right late that's totally connects me annexed people we as a person not as a business not as a brand I suppose they officiate apiece Yes. She has been day. She has made this position that unhappy. So it's the same thing I had a child i. also as I have a day job I'm struggling was actually something that I don't know I want to stay with it's just that point of action. So what did I do? This is what I want you not that story's recklessness building doesn't now. That is something I can actually throw in finestone. What's But the sky make people stole these Halloween weakening stories on how connected as a child story sound probably connect as gossips even as nodded. It never goes away. Healed a furious. To students, story. Like, better. It's about the president advantage of all of oven. You'll need a gossip story you need some story which makes you like your own reality. You won't counter that your friend or family or like next next door neighbor or somebody. WHO THAT END OF THE WORD But if there is a story. You'll have seen. Those videos that either side. So it's a study you'll say to the minute that might still fail the dropped the would. Actually created much money back. If you have a story, you got a action. That's that are Johnny Staff Annette's Snit Story. Incredible stuff video Just amazing. Stuff today love the content. I. Have One last question for you that I asked my guests. And it goes up like this. In no particular order. But. It's people who have seen senior neither listening to you the love your content. They love your journey drive and. They have the thinking to himself that they have a similar path they want to do the same things that you're doing. And they want to get into into marketing and they're. Good good at it just like you and they got some things going on but. They want to know now really, how can they? Be Like you in become an authority in this space. Now you front and center team so that to them. Talking, okay just a question that I'll be talking about of. Up on Avi talking about the mindset. However, you want to answer it how can how can they develop a path for themselves to for them to be? The authority in in running their own a maybe ad agency. Let me say that way. Okay. So the first thing I say snow realized she hip dominant. I actually. Like. Have the anxiety stuff it's like. I'm the lucky few that onsite. On I would actually say just jump. Into what I'm not Talking to you. And I might the. shockers advice all you want to name it but I. Sleep I have. Like. Thing. Immediately as long as they don't know the wasn't before I have found that issues he's going after the people. Walking speeds I really on if I really you guys can do it. Rommedahl is how much I really jump. On they don't need to know the exact day big lines like a five zero spontaneous land. Forget about the guys. Just if you know the next step, you can see it. Fall flat just go okay you just need to go the next step that you would figure on Yogurt Because Michael based what she the same nation than a nesn just no one via new plan everything. Point my life I never. As you probably saw I computer disks on so actually. Even before this agency so If. I have plan maybe told I've gone better but I still I'm doing daily the I'm. I'm living the county. Lantau off by you guys are donating estimate thing night. So I'm via still really really doing across the rope in that Jesse. Some thing as you asked, Ryan won't be to actually chump I'm just go the next step medicals. Audience said, what does apple head the next step? That's that's a major one. If you need a coach high on if you need answered behind one, if you need a team, just do it I. Know I have been every point I was. I was struggling to bring in. Like I want the deem I make no I want Blacks v D-. DO ANYTHING WITH LIKE I. Just want to. A theme MBA's, and that's because I started trusting on a half inaugural, the business i. Think people now I got. Your dog meeting. That's how it's actually. So I just to jump on the S I probably would face sometimes. But at least I know, I, have strength back to the. Go to next up. So just. Awesome? Awesome. I. That is incredible. I am really really. Amazed by your story in by your journey in your expertise on this. Video incredible stuff on. So glad you. To be worked out the the time. A little difficult. We got you on here where we worked it out. But in. I just wanted to let everybody know that you know go check a hurt hurt her for her website. You can tell tell people tell people where to go at the WHO, where should people go to do to connect with you further. Go to study. On story but Acts Dot, com? No faces snow. Just. Not. Manually we. Need if you're interested in as managing your ads on doing an audit. Under. So. Excited Amazing district up. What? What is what is the? Last question what is the name story bird come from three bridges? We're the come from. To Throw it. So I need a lot I. So, now I don't have much time I. Like. Back gaining votes eight lead not I am A. Blogger I with publishers will send me advance you So still is kind of Mike thank NYC I live. On the again that's that game I want something in the act to cheese something dentistry to change. Combat through the relationship of. That action through stories to create the connection with the Oh. So on. My Story. That's really. So. I'm glad I last question does amazing. I love two thousand books. Wow I gotTA I. GotTa Lot to live up to. Great stuff. Incredible stuff people. Hope you get a lot out of this today. I. Know I. Did go and check her out. Dot Com in really I. Mean. I. I, think you being good I in fact, I know you'll be in good hands working with them on what hurting their team so That is all we have for today, I want to remind you that you can go to your dot com. or You can text us that we are live four to two. And joined the list the end to help you build your own platform. While you're doing that will help you do that, and then you can go to video in an Habur Haberdasher facebook ads about that so. So. So win win all around. And do that in really really started building. You know my model bill that Sharon and they will come. is a very simple formula. Not many people do it. So get on it get to it. In. The rest of twenty twenty. The best it can be for your for yourself and your loved ones. All right. That is all for now take here with you on the. Next episode. Less. And that's rapper this episode of the Authority. Project thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like what you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review share until tell your friends. So they can hear to and for even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter DOT COM, get free weekly content, and ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an. Moment. From today's broadcast, just remember your authority, build it carrot and they will come until next time.

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