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The Andy Dalton State with the Cincinnati. Bengals has been decided. And it's the outcome that we all pretty much figured was going to happen with the veteran quarterback after the selection of Joe Borough. Hey everyone I'm Anthony Costanza with the orange black insider bengals podcast also one of the Cincy jungle staff members there. Thanks for tuning in. I know it's the middle of the day for many of you but some big news is hit. The wires and franchise altering news is at the wire earlier today on Thursday. Cincinnati bengals parted ways with veteran quarterback. Andy Dalton Dalton had been with the team since twenty eleven. He was the second round. Pick toward the top of that round in two thousand eleven after the Bengals came off a terrible twenty ten campaign in reeling from Carson Palmer forcing his way out of Cincinnati. The bengals hand was forced. They didn't jump at quarterback in the first round of that draft even though there were many Christian Ponder Jake Locker Cam. Newton was already out of reach but Blaine Gabbert. Among many others were options at the bengals could have grabbed on copper. Nick was an option the bengals could have grabbed instead what they did they grab. Aj Green and they got quarterback Andy Dalton in the second round. The rest is history. There's a complicated past with Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals in their fan base. It's hard to make of the feelings. I think that a lot of fans are feeling today with the departure. Vandy Dalton. Some of it I think is expected. It's been since the season ended and the meteoric rise of Joe Borough in the college ranks his insane season in the bengals grabbing of the number one overall pick even if the bengals didn't have the number one overall pick Miami had unseated them for that in the bengals still held a top five pick. One had to assume that it was either going to be Joe Borough Justin Herbert or to attack. Oh by LOA that would end up in Cincinnati and be the heir apparent depending on which player that they took in this year's class. Maybe Andy Dalton stuck around for another year and played and started and let one of those guys develop and or he'll up if it was one of the other two names mention or it would play out the way that it's played out on Thursday were Dalton is released and Joe Borough is now the unquestioned starter for the Cincinnati Bengals. What'S NEXT FOR ANDY? Dalton is to be determined. There are some landing spots. We'll talk about that in just a second. Some perceived fits and possible avenues Randy Dalton to start and maybe some sneaky ones that nobody really is talking about but Andy Dalton is no longer with the Cincinnati bengals has seventeen plus million dollar salaries off the books and the bengals. Now have over twenty million dollars cap space. That's not with the rookie class coming in here. Not Counting that quite yet. So maybe the move paves the way for the Bengals to make another free agency. Move a waiver. Wire move to add some more talent on the books we don't know but as of now that seventeen and a half million dollar figure or so is off of the Bengal salary cap hit for twenty twenty. What's ahead for Andy? Dalton remains to be seen as I've said there are a lot of conjectures as to where he may end up. Apparently there's reports that he forced the told the Bengals to release me at As of Thursday. How substantiated that is. I don't know but it would seem that. He wants to find a place to go sooner rather than later land on his feet sooner rather than later and potentially get into a playbook system as soon as possible so he has the best opportunity to potentially grab a starting opportunity elsewhere. There are not many of those out right now and the quarterback free agent class is currently pretty deep cam. Newton's out there Joe flacco out there. Andy Dalton's out there Jameis. Winston just got a deal with the saints a backup quarterback on a very very low salaried incentive laden deal to be the backup in New Orleans. Ironically Carolina grabbed New Orleans is backup in Teddy Bridgewater to be their Guy Kyle. Alan is still there Jacksonville. Lights Gardner minhsiu Jay Gruden is there. Apparently that's reportedly the biggest hotspot for the antidote. Potentially land makes sense where he would go there. And if you would get a starting spot who knows you would think that there would be probably the best chance there. New England did not select a quarterback in this year's draft. They seem to be fine as of this moment as we sit here Thursday afternoon with jared and Brian Hoyer the bengals undoubtedly tried to deal Andy Dalton in the days and weeks leading up to the drafting into draft weekend but their hand was overplayed. They didn't really have much. Leverage in trade negotiations probably would not net much. If anything this year maybe something next year but felt the value was not there and orw potentially need to take on some of that salary cap space or salary of Andy Dalton before unloading him to another team in the in. The bengals did not want to do that so I think Andy Dalton Politely said let me let me go and try and find a place for that that I can get you as soon as possible and one that I get to pick my situation as opposed to maybe being forced in a trade so Dalton is now a free agent here are a couple of possible destinations k. We talked about Jacksonville. They have Garner men's shoe there. Jay Gruden is the offensive coordinator there so potentially that's a fit. You've got a one. Would maybe think I mean Dallas could be a spot. There's some talking heads. Apparently I have a friend in the in the Texas the state of Texas kind of in the Dallas area and some of the talking heads on radio. We're talking about Andy Dalton. Being a choice for the for the cowboys interesting is. Chicago still an option. Even though they grabbed nick foles and his gigantic salary from Jacksonville this off season bill lasers air laser worked with Dalton. Maybe I mentioned New England. New England still has question marks quarterback which is something you haven't been able to say since before drew bledsoe was there so that's a possibility I guess. What about a team like Pittsburgh? I threw this out on on twitter. What about team Pittsburgh? That'S NOT CLICK. Bait. I'm not trying to create. Click Bait by saying that but Ben Rothlisberger in sixteen. Previous seasons has played a full sixteen game season four times in sixteen years. He's the starting quarterback there is no doubt but he's coming off of a significant injury. He gets injured pretty often in the regular season. Pittsburgh's not they publicly are backing Mason. Rudolph but he was benched when he was relieving Rothlisburger last year. Maybe don doesn't go in there as the starter day wine but he is pressed into some action and winds potential opportunities to win Important Games for the steelers in relief of Rothlisburger or if he if Rothlisberger has a setback in. He can't start the season. Maybe Dalton is an avenue for them. There was talk. I had another friend in the Houston area talk about Houston potentially being interested in Andy Dalton around draft time who knows maybe Carolina just to get more insurance. If Teddy Bridgewater falters and door. They didn't the new regime doesn't like Kyle Alan Buffalo Oakland. These could be possibilities. The issue is is going to one of these places and being dead set starter. Really only one or two of those provide that opportunity some would be as emergency starter or in a major scrum to get playing time and it's an unfortunate reality. Andy Dalton has to face and and a lot of veteran quarterbacks have to face in the NFL that have had a lot of ups and some downs in their career. Joe FLACCO currently facing that. That guy won a super bowl. He can't find a job Cam. Newton went to a super bowl. Mvp number one overall pick can't find a job there. There's I said Oakland I'm sorry force of habit. Maas Vegas my apologies there. There are a number of avenues that that Dalton could see care but I think unfortunately you're going to he. He may not get the pick of the litter choice here that he's he's wanting just because of the deep free agency. Classic quarterback and a lack of opportunities there if you noticed in the draft. There was a long long. Wait beyond the first round quarterbacks for for some of these guys eason from long waits. Some people were talking. Those guys would be second round. Picks maybe third round picks and wait till middle of day middle late of day three to get off the board because many teams have now solidified their quarterback position whether it's the draft for free agency in a number of different ways unfortunately for the bengals unfortunately for Andy Dalton the way that this offseason fell at the quarterback position. The bengals didn't have a lot of leverage in terms of trade. Here we thought he would. We thought they would but maybe not. There's a lot of people saying he'll be icy John Seager in the live facebook chat. He'll be working by Monday. We receive some texts on our orange black insider. Text Line saying he's probably going to be employed by next week and Blah Blah Blah. Yeah probably could be. He could find a good situation and that's great for him. That's great for him and I I wish him the best but it could be. It could be the team's pounds quick because now they can. They have a lesser salary cap number to work with and set and contract work with. He can kind of pick his own destination and teams. Maybe didn't want to give up the draft capital this year to the Bengals so now that they don't have to get that give that up. Maybe more teams will be calling for Andy Dalton services if they weren't calling already for them one silver lining in terms of a capital gain. If you want to call that caught that for the Cincinnati bengals is in the innate potential compensatory pick. The bengals didn't have any of those this year. It's possible that the fanny don't go somewhere is productive. You know maybe they get something out of that Who knows that? Formula Truly works out He was a cut guy. So that may not come to fruition for them but who knows what we do know is a job row is the guy in Cincinnati and what we do know is that Andy Dalton is now a current current free agent in will potentially land with another team. Probably Pretty soon. It just depends on if he's going to be a starter or not. One thing I wanted to share is some thoughts on Andy Dalton's legacy and I'm not going to Belabor the point because a lot of people have maybe some conflicting opinions about him and I don't WanNa be overly emotional or whatever you wanna call it on a day like this but look at a time when the Cincinnati bengals needed something at quarterback. They needed help in the worst way when Carson Palmer told them no more. Get me out of here. Andy Dalton stepped in as you know the fifth sixth quarterback taken in the twenty seventh draft not very high expectations for him by league pundits by really the fans by maybe even those within the Cincinnati Bangles Organization at the time but the bengals had a good plan with them. They surrounded him with some talent. And they created a system that was conducive to Andy Dalton being successful the the first five seasons spokesman quarterback record nine seven ten and six eleven and five ten five and one ten in three successful not bad for a guy that was considered a stopgap option quarterback a lot of people thought. Hey this would be like a Jimmy Clausen situation you know or this would be one of those guys that you get in the mid rounds and just never really turns into a viable option. Oh he was a viable option. And then some you see the three Pro Bowl Berths in twenty eleven. Two Thousand Fourteen in two thousand sixteen people laugh at that as is the case with Andy Dalton in his career with the Cincinnati bengals. It just seems as if the national perception of him is one that's just yeah but yeah but good stats Goodwin's but it's not all him good stats not winning. The Big Games wins the game. You're supposed to doesn't win the big games. Okay Fair but I think for the investment. Andy Dalton far outweighed the expectations by fans and expectations probably by the organization. This is as a client host of the show. Podcast in two thousand fifteen is what he was most afraid of a pandemic respiratory flu. He told me we're living in his nightmare now so I had him back on the show ask them what has he learned. What do all of us need to learn? How far are we from a vaccine? And what does he hope for society on the other side of this crisis? What do we need to do to build something better in its aftermath? Listen to our whole conversation by subscribing together Klein show. Wherever you get your podcasts. Hey everyone it's Jimmy model on. The hostess Vedran Ainu Show on Qube produced by the team at Polygon. Speed run gives you your daily dose of the biggest gaming and entertainment news. Every weekday will give analysis of the latest Video Games and highlights. Some of the best of the gaming community will cover everything from the twenty year. Evolution of action role playing games to the breakout success of riots. New valent for stories like this and much more download the quickey apt to watch new episodes of Sweden every weekday nine years with the team. Thirty one thousand five hundred ninety four passing yards two hundred four touchdowns passing touchdowns hundred eighteen interceptions another handful of rushing touchdowns as well a nimble guy and. I think we can all agree in terms of a legacy. Andy Dalton is not the most has not been the most gifted quarterback to ever grace in NFL field but he played with passion gave everything to the Cincinnati bengals and sometimes unfortunate injuries took place. I'm looking at you. Twenty fifteen season in the Pittsburgh steelers and also Cincinnati. Bengals are at fault for some of the things that you look at the back end of Andy Dalton career the six nine one seven and nine five and six to eleven to finish his career they let a roster get old they let a roster get stale they let the roster get fleeced of offensive line talent and wide receiver talent particularly in the two thousand sixteen and twenty seventeen off seasons and when you directly there is a direct correlation from the bengals wildcard loss to the steelers and that team implosion by the way and he didn't play in that game as AJ McCarron that implosion. To The free agency attrition especially along the offensive side of the ball offensive line and wide receiver. There's a direct correlation to a lack of team success and a lack of quarterback success by the Cincinnati Bengals. There's no doubt they had to go into another direction. And get Joe Borough. The number one overall pick you got excite the fan base and you gotta take what seems to be generational talent but we can't sit here today not reflect back on some of the things in any Dalton. was able to achieve with Cincinnati bengals. And for a second round. Pick and let me tell you something. Second round picks are usually valuable commodities. If you look at the bengals track record in the second round namely at running back and wide receiver. They've made a lot of successful successful. Pick some of their most successful picks in franchise. History have come in the second round. But when it comes to quarterbacks usually the success rate of a quarterback beyond the first round is not overly high even if it's a high second round pick a fringe first trump. It's still not overly high and I think that we have to look at some of these numbers here. Eight three thousand yard passing seasons. Seven of them are in a row of nine always finished with more more touchdowns than interceptions. I mean I guess you could kind of say. While we're we're pulling out. Arbitrary pats on the back year fine but the Cincinnati bengals before Carson Palmer and before Andy Dalton had and after boomer assize in for a period of ten years at a miserable situation a quarterback and say what you want about Carson Palmer in his exit from Cincinnati. And say what you want about Andy Dalton and his issues in big games in untimely turnovers. And what have you? Those two guys helped create the most one of the most stable quarterback situations in the NFL over the course of seventeen years. And you have to credit both of those quarterbacks and you have to credit your organization for finding guys and developing a system to help make those guys so successful. There's another another thing I have to share with you and for those of you tuning in live in and or watching after the fact with the video feed. There's another thing I want to share with you in that is Andy Dalton in bengals history. You saw the numbers of his own statistics. But if you look at this here number. Two overall total passing yards. Thirty one thousand plus touchdown passes number one in franchise history rating. Can't really say I mean you got a lot of different guys that have stone passes at her minimal but up there in terms of significant passes thrown. Please should percentage same type of deal. Doesn't sort it well but quarterback record just below Kenny Anderson to ties which is always weird to me to ties hundred. Thirty three games played Look Eighty seven and a half quarterback rating and he dons not. GonNa make the hall of fame. Andy Dalton may never win a super bowl as an NFL quarterback. At least maybe not because of him. Maybe he is a backup a supporting cast member of eighteen that Wednesday a super bowl. But I think we have to. I think we have to marvel at what Dalton was able to do given the expectations given the draft positioning and what he was able to do with the Cincinnati bengals on what he was able to achieve. It's time to move on. There's no doubt that doesn't make this necessarily a less sad day. The other aspect that we WANNA touch on and by the way I. I don't really wear this lot but I'm I'm giving a little love today for those of you watching. I've got a little dolphin shirt on the other aspect that we would be remiss if we did not bring up is Andy and Jordan Dalton's legacy in the Cincinnati area. I don't live in Cincinnati. Many many of you may know that from either reading or watching my staff over the past handful years. Maybe you know that about me. I don't live in the Cincinnati area. That doesn't mean I don't recognize the impact that the dolphins have had on the city of Cincinnati in that area. They just donated many many. I was one hundred fifty thousand dollars or so to UC hospital. Because of the Cova crisis they had been giving out surface tablets and whatnot to children's hospitals. They have raised countless amounts of money for and donated through their foundation and all the while. Andy Dalton is performing on the field at a pretty high level gets often repaid with replace him with. Aj McCarron replace him with Ryan Finley Replacing Joe Burrow he puts his head down. He stays strong headstrong because of his family in his faith. If you don't share his faith fine but that's a big part of who he is. That's a big part of his family's identity. I think that's what's made him in a lot of ways a successful player and a successful human being he. He has a passion for people. He has a passion for helping people. He's a family man and he makes no bones about what he's about and I think that we can all respect that with with Andy Dalton and his make no bones about who I am type of approach in hard knocks. You know you got you got quite the look at some colorful characters in need two thousand twelve edition. Any Dalton was is lighthearted Worships on seeing self amidst all this other stuff that was going on so that that's always something that stuck out being not being in Cincinnati. Personally speaking I. I don't have a lot of Andy Dalton personal stories I have a couple I've gone to games and Seen Him in hotels prior to Games. I remember my nephew. When he was a little younger. In two thousand fifteen we went to the Arizona game and he went out and Approached Andy Dalton and. Aj McCarron are waiting for rides. Apparently out out by the lobby and Andy Dalton was very kind to my nephew a young kid at the time. I won't forget that I remember riding in elevator in San Diego. I believe in the same year in a hotel in San Diego and yeah I will say the San Diego chargers because I'm meaning the San Diego chargers. Not the Oakland Raiders. That was mistake earlier. I apologize but I remember riding in an elevator with them and we didn't want to bug him and he was just sitting back there kind of quiet and standing with it. I believe as parents and Lucky Guy. Lucky guy very seemed to be very kind and I think a lot of fans would resonate with that based on some of their experiences personal experiences with him in that respect not only just the onfield play him rescuing the team from a really really potentially terrible situation with Carson Palmer bailing on rescuing the team and making them competitive again and giving them playoff berths but also the impact in the community in in his attitude in the community. I think a lot of people will remember that and the guy being who he is one of his last acts aside from donating a massive amount of money to a UC hospital. One of his last asked was to reach out to Joe Borough in welcome him to Cincinnati out after he was drafted by Cincinnati Bengals. That's anti dominant nutshell. The antidote narrow is over in Cincinnati. It really has been over since the end of the two thousand nineteen season. But it's officially over today and even though it may not be a surprise. It's it's an emotional day. I think for Cincinnati Bengals fans. And I think that while we can celebrate in appreciate Joe Borough coming to Cincinnati and. I think we can really believe that. This team is ready to take a step. Beyond when Andy Dalton was able to achieve with the bengals. We would be mistaken if we did not mention the JOE. Borough has immense shoes to fill at the quarterback position for the Cincinnati bengals both as a community guy and a guy on the field. I hope he's up to the task. I feel that he is based on everything we've seen and heard from Joe Borough but Amdahl legacy is is quite a positive one on the field in the locker room very well liked guy in the locker room and obviously in the Cincinnati community because of what his foundation was able to achieve. We'll see where he ends up. Hopefully he doesn't play against the bengals and make some pay but I think we all can say thank you andy for what you gave to the. Cincinnati bengals making them competitive. There were frustrating moments. There were sad moments when he got hurt and twenty fifteen on what could have been an MVP SEASON. They were ups and downs in franchise record breaking moments. But I think we can say thank you. I think we can be excited for Joe Borough to come in here and take the lead for the Cincinnati bengals knife think that we can also wishing Andy Dalton well wherever he lands and whatever capacity. He'll be playing with that team. Going forward seeing a lot of comments can't ask for class. Guy Rob Duncan says men a couple times STANDUP GUY. Russ Behrman says in the Facebook Chat Kentucky Ron much respect to Andy. It'd be a trip if he goes to buffalo there and I do WanNa do. I do want to promote this and thank you to one of our listeners. Putting this in there I'm going to put in the live chat. Here get a place. The Antidote Foundation website in there. They are seeking the Indian. Jj Dalton Jordan Dalton Foundation it pretty easy website antidote dot org. Look we've had a number of of pretty high profile guests over the past couple of weeks and months which were very very proud of in the you know the reason we do that. Not Not just a hey come on and talk about Bengals but we want to. I've I've a specific passion for nonprofits and charitable organizations. And I want when we have those people on. We want people to donate if they're able. I know this isn't an easy time for a lot of people to donate but there are a lot more people that need donations as well on the flip side of the coin. So if you're able even though he's not a part of Cincinnati technically anymore. This foundation is an antidote. Low is be abandoned. One of one of the best bangles really in franchise history whether you want to admit it or not as I mentioned towards showed earlier towards the top of the record books as a as a quarterback so I think if you can give to the foundation. I'm going long winded in. I apologize but they're kind of a lot of thoughts on my mind about this and I think a lot of fans wanna hear about any. WanNa think about Andy Dalton. In a positive vein. I think that's what today should be about so you're able go to Andy Dalton. Jj Dalton's foundation donate if he can helps out the the Cincinnati community. Maybe another committee in where he lands going forward but for now that I know a lot of nonprofits need assistance. And that's when they probably could use your help if you're able to give it to help out other families. Thanks everyone for tuning in again. I'm Anthony Costanza with CINCY JUNGLE DOT COM and. This is the Orange. Black Insider Bengals podcast. The show is on Itunes Stitcher spotify. Google play megaphone iheartradio our youtube channel. All of our stuff's on CINCY JUNGLE DOT COM and it's facebook page so impromptu session. Today we had our weekly show last night. John did and obviously had this been across the news wire before then we would have talked about it but it was not so we are talking about today. Little impromptu maybe a little bit different tone than usual for show but I think it's important to acknowledge. Nali address. A shift in terms of franchise news in Franchise Direction but also acknowledge what Andy Dalton did for the Cincinnati Bengals. Even though a lot of us were critical of him at times in some of US tried to push him out of the door before this point but he remained steadfast he remained productive. And I think we can all wish him well wherever he goes next as long as it's not against the Cincinnati bengals. Thanks everyone for tuning in. We've got a lot more stuff coming up on our podcast channel. On our Youtube Channel Coach Matt Mic has brought up some plays at the bengals are implementing from the Lsu offense to assist you. Borough go check that out. That will probably be a two part series the boys as Who have a lot of different items? They are putting up including a an interview with Khalid Kareem the new bengals edge player. Out of Notre Dame. They'll be doing an interview with him tomorrow. So tomorrow Friday so check that out on their youtube channel as well as our audio channel. And we'll bring you more including listener questions our weekly episodes in hopefully some more high profile guests that we've been getting over the past couple of months. We appreciate you tuning in. I appreciate you letting me stand on my soapbox a little bit in terms of talking about Andy Dalton. Enjoy the rest of your week and potentially your weekend coming up here. Think about giving to the Indian. Jj Dalton Foundation if you're able and we'll see so.

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