#696 Set Our Hearts on You (Ezra 7:10)


pre the word with david platt is a resource from radical dot as rich after seven verse ten as russia had set his heart study the law of the lord into do it the teaches statutes and rules in israel oh every this an i'm challenge exhorted encouraged in a way that i wanna challenge in courage judge exhort you let's set our hearts to study the law of the lord like what if we actually did this in each of our lines of followers of jesus are hearts were set on studying receding knowing the law of god the word of god this this is not i just i mean obviously this is a picture here in as her of the leader among god's people doing this and there's no question this is the primary responsibility of a leader in the church think about my life is a pasture other pastors elders in the church the one competency qualification so all kinds of character qualifications and first of many three titus chapter one but the one competency qualification is that a pastor elder is able to teach studies the word of god end is able to teach the word of god the people this is how god leads his people through his word through the mouths of faithful pastors in elders who are proclaiming teaching his words there's no question there's example here and as refer every posture in leader in the church so especially if you're a pastor or leader study the law of god and teach it faithfully but this is not just for pastors leaders in the church i think about parents i think about dirani chapter four and dirani chapter six like no this word and teach it to you're children pass it on to talk about the word of god everywhere as you lie down as you rise up as you walk along the way all the time so for every one of us as a follower of christ we are called by got to know his word end to pass is what on others did talk about his word with others to teach others his word this is disciple making teaching others to obey everything crisis commanded us so god we pray today in a fresh way you would set are hearts to study your word and i pray for this in my life i braver this and every person who's listening to this right now cetera hearts to know meditate on memorize and study and reid listened to and in the process of love your word center hearts on it set or hearts on your word tuna arts do your word in as we do as we learn it as we know it is we love it uses the pass it on others to teach it others we pray in our homes workplaces neighborhoods are churches or wherever however we are where we go whenever we lie down sit rise walk god please use us to proclaim your word to share your word to encourage others would you're word mayor word be constant stint in our hearts in honor of this may be so we pray maybe so among pastors leaders in your church saturate or leadership are live in church would you word may be so among

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