What Responsibility Does A Filmmaker Have To Fans of A Franchise? John Wick, Willow, Peter Mayhew, Cobra Kai, Mission Impossinle & Sinemia


Whoever when a welcome to slash home. Daily for Friday may third two thousand nineteen unto these episode weren't talk with the latest film and TV news. The slash home editor in chief Peter Surata, enjoying the two spot CASAs slash on managing editor tak-, Paul. Hello. Hello and writer, Chris Vangelis STA. Hello, folks. It is Friday tomorrow is may the fourth or either of you doing anything Star Wars related not at all. Maybe I'll jump on Twitter and say once again that is my favorite Star Wars movie. And then spend the day getting death threats that might be fun. Why would you want to ruin your weekend? Normally I'd be doing something I'm going to in award show for a for magician. So I have doing nothing Star Wars related. But anyways, we at the start off this episode of the podcast with some sad news something broke yesterday. And that is that the man behind you Baca has died at age seventy four Jacob would. We know. Yes. The family of actor Peter Mayhew his statement saying that he passed away in his North Texas home on April thirtieth and Peterman. He was best known for plane tobacco. He was working in an orderly in England when they needed a very tall actor to fill in the suit in Georgia was cast him. And he spent the last couple of decades returning to the part in movies and playing Baca on TV specials and commercials and more importantly prising apart for a charity events in working with other foundations to cheer upset kids and raise money in generally being. A really respected person who was kind to his fans kinda children in well liked by his co stars. And by the filmmakers involved, Melissa hours movies, and he wrote books for children about what how important to be different than how not the bullied other. He started doing foundation to raise money to get food for families in need, and he gently used his Star Wars fame to put more good into the world than, you know, leave it a better place than he found it and the family did not announce how he died, but he has been battling health issues for a long time. He's had a knee surgeries and back surgeries yet severe pneumonia us, go to choir hospitals, -ation and he's talking. Well. And the thing that made him do Bach has his seven foot three inch height. Also, you know, it's hard on the body especially later years where he was in wheelchair and had the pass on the role Baca to another actor for the final films, and nobody who's met Peter Mayhew at a convention has ever negative things about him. Peter. I. Like even to even to Balki. He's not saying words, there's so much character in its performance like to Baucus so defined by his head tilts in the way carries himself, and that we can't undervalue. What may he bought this part? He as such an iconic role in these films, and you mentioned like the conventions. I would see him at almost every convention in like that you know, that row with all the people from battle star galactica and stuff, and he seemed genuinely one of the few people in that row that like wasn't just there for the money and was enjoying the interaction with all the fans. And I know he wasn't a part of the last two Star Wars films say he was replaced. Well, I mean, I guess he was partially replaced and force awakens for some of the more more mobile sequences. So anytime you see him sitting down in that movie that is Peter Mayhew. But last July he was not in it because he was not well enough to do it and. It said, I do know. I mean Peterman, Hugh, who we had a hard time finding photos for this article that we wrote up on the site because he's such a tall guy that everybody wants to shoot him in vertical. Dude. I mean like you wanna do that? And that doesn't work for our site which needs horizontal images and almost every photo of him onset of the Star Wars films. That has his mask off. He's like holding a cigarette in his hand this guy that smoked like a chimney. And I mean, he lives seventy four. That's that's not bad. Chris. Do you have any thoughts on the passing Peterman, Hugh? I was unaware of all that charity work that Jacob mentioned. So that's that's touching to hear actually had no knowledge of that. So that's pretty amazing that he did all that stuff in his his lifetime. And you know, obviously, it's always until he said when someone. I KAI passes away. But you know, Sony five is a good a good run. You know, obviously, you could always live longer. But at least it seems like he did have a full good life, which is more than some people can say, yeah, for sure, and I I know we also have an article on the site that rounds up all the kind words from his co stars from the Star Wars films, including Harrison Ford. Mark Hamill, George Lucas and more J J Abrams I'll link than the show if you want to read that but we must move on. Let's talk about John wick chapter three the first early buzz hit the web and couldn't your own T Christie did around up. Our I is this movie as good as chapter one chapter two. Apparently. So I could not find a single negative reaction. In fairness, the film has not screened for everyone yet. Like, for instance. I haven't seen it a lot of critics. I know actually, I haven't seen it. There were some very early. Screenings for junket coverage. So that might explain why they're so few negative coverage at the moment. But literally every review I review every tweet. I could find last night was not just positive, but overwhelmingly positive everyone says, you know, the action is even better the mythology is is even better there were few people who said that it's not as good as part two. But it's more entertaining. If you wanna make sense of that. But yet there's there's not a single negative review. I could find yell again that might change. What's more critic, see it? But as of now, it looks like John wick chapter three is definitely going to deliver. If you're a fan of this ranch is which I feel like everyone is I don't think I've ever met someone who doesn't like this franchise at least a little the only time that they are not a fan of this franchise is if they haven't seen the movie, yes. Yeah. Exactly or their dog lover. And don't. To see the movie, Chris, I know you have a problem with in a mole deaths on screen was hesitation of not seeing John wick. I did I did have reservations. But I sucked up and saw it. I will admit that anytime, I rewired the first movie I fast forward the dog Desi just because I can't I can't do it. You know once was enough for me. You know, I don't know problem with John wick, murdering people but the minute of dog dies. I can't take it. So whatever I really watch part one. I fast forward that's eight. And thankfully, there have they haven't killed any dog since and I guess sort of a spoiler, but H T R O H E who saw the film confirm to us that there are no dog deaths in part three. So we're safe on that front. I'm safe going into that. It's that we're going to get a dog actually killing humans in this. Yeah. And that's fine. You know, I'm a okay with that. Just kill the dogs dig up any more excited for the film. Now, I am thrilled. Go on the record about my feelings on John wick many times. And I do agree that it's hard to watch that puppy die in part one. But I also think that John wick is one of the very few movies. Even does outlandish way to actually have a sincere emotional reaction to a dog death and actually treat it with weight as opposed to being an example of how scary something is. So knowing that Heli Barry's character in the new movie has a couple of dogs. We probably are trained stunt dogs who bite lots of bad guys at death, the dollar get the revenge this time, and I'm very happy to hear that. Okay. Let's talk about willow. We you know, when I talked to Ron Howard for solo Star Wars star. He told me that something was in development. It seemed like he was not involved. Now, we have learned more. It seems like it's a sequel TV series, and he might actually be involved. Jacob we now. Yeah. Howard was on interview on the happy sad confused podcasts. And he talked about the willow series. That's being pitched to Disney. Plus, and even though Howard in the past that she said has not been clicked into it seemed to know a lot about what's going on. So I'll read a list of as quote here. He says there are some really serious discussions going on with Jon Kasdan who was one of the writers of solo who kept hounding me about willow, the whole time we were shooting and also hounding Kathleen Kennedy. We are in discussions about developing a little television show for for Disney. Plus, and although there are no actual plot. Details it's suggested to be continuation of the movie taking place decades later and following Warwick, Davis's willow on a new adventure thirty years after he rescued a baby, and they baby will be grown up and hugged him saying baby here and not much detail suggested I had not seen willow in quite some time. And that that's true. How teams the kid so Peter strong, Clemson willow is this universe? You want to revisit because at the time. It wasn't a big hit people didn't react to it. Like. Much at all in the eighties by flake. It's gonna following since. Then I remember loving it as a kid, but I was also in love with everything that Churchill did. Or wasn't Lucasfilm was involved in back. Then I haven't watched it in many years. I'm guessing it probably doesn't hold up. I would like to see them doing this. I mean, it seems like this is the take that work. Davis is going to be part of it. But probably is going to be more of a legacy qual where he takes a back seat. That's maybe you know, that growing up baby now or or his cater something like that. I haven't seen it in years. But I do remember like when I was a kid. It's one of those things that I always just when I was very young. I thought it had something to do with the hobbit because it's pretty much a rip off the hobbit. And I think it was not until I got older that I realized they were like separate things. But I do remember when I was a kid. I did enjoy it. And I remember there being this huge cardboard stand d for the movie in my local. VHS store, and it was there for years, even well after the movie came out, and I would always just stare at it every time I went to the store, and that's how old I am. Do you think there's any chance of having Val Kilmer reprises role as bad matter Mardian, he was like a swordsman in this and kinda crazy role? The do you think there's any chance that Disney could convince him to be in the TV series killer would be gained by always also been ill in recent years, which is a shame. So I would I would hope that he'd get him back. I think that late period Val Kilmer has been untapped, you know, fountain a potential that a lot of films have not made full use of. But I'm just hoping that he gets to act at all continuing recent health scares so fingers crossed that we get to see him at all in this. Okay. From Disney streaming service to another streaming service YouTube premium you to piss announced that they've ordered a season three of covert KYW, which makes me excited. Chris. What do we know? Yes. Cobra KAI the only show. Oh, Peter watches has just been renewed for a third season on YouTube. And it's clearly their biggest hit, you know, YouTube was trying to get it on on the streaming game with I it was called YouTube Red's. And they changed it to you premium. And they had all these these shows, and then they pretty much canceled on all of them. And not only are they giving Cobra KAI third season. They're also making the decision to make you to premium free with ads now. So instead of having subscribed to it, you'll be able to watch it just with commercials, and it really just seems like other than Cobra KAI, this YouTube premium experiment has been a bit of a failure. But at least at least fans got this out of it. Because like Peter people seem to really like the show what I think exciting here is this series. I mean, I said on this podcast before it was one of my two favorite pieces of content that I watched last year it all. Of movies and TV and I am a season two is not as good as season one. But it's still very good. And I'm excited that now you YouTube premiums like original content is going to become free for everybody in the joy. And maybe some of the other slash whole staff will finally get a chance to check out Cobra KAI and verify that I'm not nuts in the the show is actually pretty good. Maybe. Straight stranger things have happened. I still haven't seen the movie I had. So I I have to watch the karate kid. I Chris ice. I watch Crotty kid maybe six months ago for the first time thinking, it'd be like a hokey thing. Maybe I'd enjoy like as a guilty pleasure. But I was surprised it's actually genuinely good movie. So it holds up stream on Amazon prime lease. It was when I watched it isn't as good as the movie sidekicks with Jonathan Brandis and Chuck Norris because I've seen that. I'd say it's about half as good as that, Kris. Okay. There's Pat Morita was actually nominated for a kademi award for crazy cat a lot of people. Like forget that like actually we're said Jacob good performance. It really is. Yeah. So anyways, hopefully, people will be jumping on the Cobra KAI bandwagon. As moves into its third season. Let's talk about something that's kind of unprecedented. I don't think I can think of another occurrence of this ever happening, but sonic, the hedgehog. Doug, the trailer came out fans were upset over the work of sonic in the stroller in I guess, the director because of that has decided the director in studio has decided to appease the fans of redesign sonic Jacob. What do we know deeply audit story broke late yesterday? You're all trying to leave work. Jeff fowler. The director of sonic, the hedgehog tweeted, thank you for the support and the criticism. The message is loud and clear, you aren't happy with design. You want changes? It's going to happen paramount and say are fully committed to making the character the best he can be. And if you were on Twitter since that's trailer arrive, you saw all the memes. You saw all of the people like freaking out. But how weird sonic looks like his sneakers or like regularly sneakers? They like the size of the game. Which is you know, like a little too big and acute way. He's no longer has those like a comic white gloves. He now has white fern his hands. His like large cartoon is it becomes BB humanizing as weird human teeth. And he he looks genuinely a pleasant like looking at him into nightmare. It's a bad design, and I don't know where design came from the pretend to know what concessions were made who pushed what's to make character design. Go through. But it doesn't look like sonic. It looks like a genuinely unpleasant like, you know, how when they see like here's a artists drawing. What Homer Simpson looked like in real life, actually, gross looking? What the sonic looked like it? Apparently, they're going to paying love over time to visual effects artists because they're going to be doing it completely for the movie, and I'm not a big sonic fan. But in in the book console wars, which I've talked about on this podcast before there's entire shopper dedicated to how say Marica helped redesigned time at character. Or that game was coming off a second Genesis in the early nineties in how they looked to Mickey Mouse is an inspiration for how to design an appealing character. And is all the changes that they episodes in that book for like how important it is assigned to look like grab people's hearts are things that were jettison for the speed is on. So I think back to the basics approach is necessary to make sure it doesn't creep people out. But what do you guys think? I mean, they took all the style out of him. Like, he like, they took like that kind of animates fired like the legs and everything, and he just looks like they were like, we need sonic, look, like he exist. Sts in this reality. And you know, what I don't think people care about that. I it said that all these visual effects people are going to all these animators are going to, you know, not see their families, it'd be working overtime to fix this. And there's no way this movie is going to be good. Like, it looks horrible Christie of thoughts. It's just the fact that this is happening at all crazy that you know, I can't even imagine how much money paramount is dropping just to get this quote, unquote. Right. And. It should have never gotten this far to begin with. I mean, you know, whatever you think of I haven't seen it yet. Whatever you think of the movie detective Pika chew based on the trailers and the footage we've seen that. That's how you should be doing that sort of design if you have to bring a a video game character life just look at that Phil because it looks right now he doesn't look real. But it looks right. That's like the best way you can describe it, and this sonic film. Does not look like that. It just looks really first of all it looks really cheap to begin with like looks like they spent no money on this, which I know is not true. I don't know what's up with that. But at the same time, it's like, no sure they can make sonic look better. But I really don't think that's gonna fix the movie based on the trailer, which just looks really bad. So maybe they should spend more money on the script. I don't know how much fan outrage is gonna take for them to have to fix Jim Carrey's performances, Dr robot, Nick. I don't know they went with all due respect the sonic fan sock. Fan dam is deeply bizarre and deeply committed to a character. Who has not had a good game about twenty years. So I don't know. I I was the outrage over to sonic design. Did not did not surprise me. But I'll say lack of outrage over Jim Carey dominating that trailer. I can like it's nineteen ninety eight again did surprise me. So who knows what happens? Like what happens if they unveiled the design and everyone hates the redesign. Or are they gonna do it again? Like, oh, how far is this gonna go? I almost want like this is just keep going on like all right? We're going to redo it again, they just keep redoing it in the movie never comes out. This is also a very dangerous door to open because once this happens with one film property like fans now think that this is something that's possible with anything did. I mean, they already believe that they can sign a petition and get them to remake the last Jedi. I with. So I mean now now, I guess those people are justified in some way. Oh god. That's. At least last tonight was divisive. I feel like every single person in the world sonic fan or not looked at news designing fringed. So. It just makes me wonder what conversations were happening behind the scenes because it's easy to laugh off latch, because it's so stupid. But the reaction was at universal on sonic. And like I said, even my wife who has a place on a game since the nineties. I showed it a picture, and she's like gagged when she saw it was very upset by it. It's just weird. Because I I'm wondering like, you know, film is an art. I understand it's also a business. They're not making a sonic movie. Asana Clive action movie for the art of it. They're there to make money. But at what point does it become where when the art the artist is changing his vision of the movie to appease fans like when when like it just feels like that's just going to muffle. It's just going to become less of a distinct vision here like like imagine if remember I remember when the first photos of the expert. Men, bryan. Singer of X men got leaked online on Nicole news fans threw a hissy fit over that. Imagine. If Bryan singer was like, okay, we're gonna go back and reshoot this with more traditional design like it just feels like that would generally lead to a worst movie. Yeah. Like, I don't I don't see this becoming the norm. Like, a great reason example, I remember when they show they released the first images of the the new pennywise from it almost everyone was like, oh that looks terrible. And then it turned out to be great in context movie. Everyone ended up loving it. So there has to be some give or take here that said the sonic design was actually scarier than the pennywise Zayn. So I really don't know. I don't know where that line is. Let's move onto mission impossible to writer director Christopher mcquarry recently. Made some comments about the upcoming mission impossible seven and eight he says that those films need to quote. Swallow, the last three movies whole Chris you wrote this up for the site. What what does that even mean? Yeah. Chris I'm require. He did an interview with empire. And that quote, basically boils down to him. He started to he says. Find the area the actual code is. I'm freaked out now. So what he what he's saying? Here is he you know, it's dawning on him that he's he's has this very daunting task now because he's been involved with the last three mission impossible movies each film. You know, progressively gets crazier and more exciting and more thrilling at now, not only is he making the next film. He's making the next two films back to back, and it's sort of dawning on him that he has to really top himself. Yes. The top what he's done three times in a row year now and make something even bigger and crazier and do it twice. And so it it just sounds like he's having like existential crisis, basically where it's dawning on him that this is going to be very daunting task. But I have faith in him. Because I think he's a great writer. He's a really good filmmaker. And if anyone can can do this. I'm pretty sure it's him. How? Do you do this though? Like, I feel like Tom Cruise or more likely the the character. Ethan hunt has to die. No. How would no don't even say, Peter. I'm upset you would even suggest that. Only if he comes back from the dead. That's like he should die at the end of mission possible seven so they're gonna go in insanity were. Yeah. Exactly. And then he comes back somehow eight that's the only thing I'll accept Chris. What if the last shot mission? Buffalo seven is. Ethan hunt falling to his death. We see his by the pavement if the opening shot of of eight the paddles hitting his chest and waking up and getting into a fight. Exactly. That'd be great nearly even if you explain it that much just like, oh, he's back. And I'd be like this is great. I love these. Yeah. I don't know what they can do in these last two movies. I feel like the done almost everything. And I don't know what kind of stunt, Tom. Cruise can put himself in is going to top everything. He's done in this franchise us FARC Jacob. Do you have any thoughts? I buy my racial joke. Was course, go to space, you know, give Leedle on musk couple million bucks petanque who's on a rocket. But I think he actually is it Chris mccart actually shoots down space even jokingly in this article. So I don't know. I I feel like you've got to find another tall building. Handcuff Tom Cruise is steeped to his legs throw him off. And we'll be thrives. Okay. Let's talk about own life story. Let's talk about cinema. This is something. I I was at in vendors and game screening on Thursday nights. Weaving that screening with someone who had paid for a year subscription of centimeter, and I had to inform them that the service had officially faltered officially shutdown cinema is dead while somehow movie paths lives on Chris. What do we know? We all thought at this point that movie pass would be gone, but somehow movie pass still clings to life support. Whereas cinema has flatlined there. There's been rumblings of this was going to happen for a few weeks. Now. You know, they're they've been in to has been in legal trouble because there's a class action lawsuit against them about bumping up their prices on warned end. They seem to have had the same problem that MUI pass had they couldn't find a way to make this movie subscription service profitable. And at the point now where they they've just fully pulled the plug. They're not even trying anymore, and the the days of cinema or gone that said, you know, there is still room for the movies inscription service business, the AM sees A-List is doing really well. The draft house is gonna come out with their own. So there's some sort of secret formula that some people have figured out to make this work, but people like cinema and movie pass can't quite nail it down even though again, but you pay us is still around in a shadow of its former self yet. I think that secret formulas having the cooperation of the movies that are exhibitors. Yeah, that's probably a point. Yeah. That that that would definitely help Jakup. Any any thoughts on cinema cinema cinema? Still sounds like a skin condition. Okay. We're going to end it there. Jakup we're gonna find more your work on line slash film dot com every single day. And if you like game of thrones, we have a big we could gave him thrones coverage for you next week. So buckle down. We very exciting. Chris where can find you slash home dot com every day, and I'm on Twitter at sea of Angeles to four thirteen you can find me at slash on. Also media you can find all the stories we've talked about today on slash home dot com and linked in the show notes slash on daily's publisher, weekday and itunes, Google, overcast. Spotify all the popular podcast apps. Please feel free to send us your feedback. Questions. Comments concerns to us at Peter as dot com, and please go and rate and review this podcast, and I tunes. Tell your friends spread the word that we will see you on Monday.

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