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Live, from NPR news I'm Shay Stevens. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published new evidence that face coverings can prevent the spread of covid nineteen as NPR's Alison Allbright reports. The agency is calling on all Americans to wear masks in public early in the epidemic health authorities discouraged healthy people from wearing facial covering citing lack of evidence, but in early April. CDC Changed its guidance and announced a voluntary policy encouraging people to wear non-medical masks or homemade face coverings. Now CD director Robert Redfield says. New evidence shows face. Coverings are one of the most powerful weapons. We have to stop the spread. Spread of the virus he points to two case studies one from a Boston hospital system that found universal masking reduced transmission of the virus, another from Missouri that showed wearing a mask, prevented the spread of infection from to hairstylist to their customers Allison Aubrey NPR news former US Attorney General Jeff sessions has lost a runoff to try to regain a US. Senate CD held for twenty years. NPR's Debbie Elliott reports that sessions was defeated by a candidate who was endorsed by president trump political newcomer. Tommy Tub reveal a former Auburn University football coach. The GOP nomination to advance to the general election against. Senator Doug Jones considered the Senate's most vulnerable Democrat president trump endorsed tub rebel and continued to Berate Jeff sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation as attorney general, as he acknowledged defeat from a Hampton, INN and mobile session said he followed the law and has no regrets. Leave elective office. With my integrity intact. Feel, good about it at home I head Tub reveal ran a hard hitting campaign, accusing sessions of not being man enough to stand with president trump debbie elliott NPR news Orange Beach Alabama president trump has signed a bill and executive order targeting Chinese Party officials in Hong Kong police units that have crackdown on protesters. The action comes in response to a national security law that mainland China imposed on the people of Hong Kong. Their freedom's been taken away. Their rights have been taken away with it goes Hong. Kong in my opinion, because it will no longer be able to compete with free markets. A lot of people will be leaving. Hong Kong I suspect. And we're going to do a lot more business because of it because we just lost one competitor, trump has long accused China of fear. Unfair trade practices and theft of US trade, Secrets Joe Biden has released a trillion dollar proposal aimed at combating climate change and boosting the economy by overhauling the nation's energy sector. The presumptive Democratic nominee is rejecting Republican claims that democratic plans to invest in clean energy will hurt jobs. This is NPR news. A, new study indicates that potent greenhouse gas known as methane on the rise. Scientists warned that could dramatically increase climate change. NPR's Lawrence Summer has details. The atmosphere is warmed by both carbon dioxide and methane, but you can think of methane as a thicker blanket. It's about twenty eight times, but having heat and humans are adding more of it to the atmosphere, according to the global carbon project that comes from leaks from oil and gas, wells and pipelines. Comes from farmland, and from the digestive systems of cows and livestock, while methane emissions are growing from many countries. Europe has been able to cut its emissions by using less fossil and eating less meat. Lauren summer NPR news, the trump administration has rescinded its threat to revoke visas for international students enrolled at schools, offering online only courses this fall. Hundreds of universities oppose them rule. At least eight schools filed lawsuits, challenging it a complaint by seventeen attorneys general says more than eleven. Hundred colleges and universities enroll more than three hundred, seventy thousand international students who contribute some fourteen billion dollars to the economy's in their states. A judge in New York has rejected a proposed multi million dollar settlement between Harvey Weinstein, and some of his accusers US district? Judge, Alan Heller Stein says the sexual assault and harassment claims against the disgraced movie producer were to very to be grouped together. He also called the deal unfair and its proposed legal defense fund for Weinstein Obnoxious. I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news.

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