Ep 1 | The Murder


When it comes to sports history doesn't change or does it come find out we're against them as they achieved their title of best of the best iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts fell is it okay if I ask you a few more questions I am the newspaper columnist who branded Jespersen the happy face killer he on this story the one thousand nine hundred nine murder of Michael Frankie who is the director the highest levels of politics and power it's never been solved public official who discovered corruption in his own department and he was stabbed in the heart in front of the building where he worked and they made up the evidence against him put him on trial Norm Brad Pacheco and this as a columnist for the Oregonian mini called Ville obsessed the word obsessions kind of funny anyway I mean it I I will plead guilty to that two option he writes about bill once told me he prefers the company of criminals to politicians security president was in Santa Fe and Mike Liz with the AG's office Mike Fell Kevin projects the weariness and frustration of thirty years spent trying house fight the frames of his wire rimmed glasses he looks a lot like pictures of Mike I in Howell and John Wayne and he's always holding a fat cigar whether it's lit also I didn't have a lot of interaction with Kevin but Mike and our very close Michael was a high school football star and wound up with a half scholarship to Kansas University so that's how he wound up in New Mexico original law school gave him a full scholarship was living Stephen Law School according to Pat Mike was offered a job at a under drug interdiction program which interacted with all the states that border At the time Mike Frankie moved to New Mexico the and overrun with cockroaches and mice food was inadequate and prison officials a US and what followed was one of those violent prison riots in US history Armao from anywhere we started talking about these was horrifying torture brutal killings men pushed the inmates were breaking out of prison to get away from the most unspeakable his six inches of blood and gets in the dormitory where the the inmates dead and over two hundred injured twelve officers have been Civilian inside the president of the National Guard took the prison over body parts he had a pair of Lucozzi boots at his house that it's just stained with blood and his permanent reminder of the the lesson they taught he had a family room that he had gone desperate he kept his handgun Smith and Wesson forty four magnum on the top of that and his pager Turgeau and but there were constant reminder of that was listen to fix the problems that caused it moving onto the attorney general's office where he grams he felt that education was the path of prison to break the cycle occasion of the college ribbon cutting was after he had moved up here to it's driven to improve corrections regardless of the obstacles Toco corrections in the state of Oregon was experiencing its own difficulties how's the eighty-six investigation when a local state senator. Lb appeared to have an investigation well the state police didn't have much choice the governor was one per se stealing a cow nother for taking tools and that was the purpose of the investigation just to sweep it under the rug and instead of one cow there was out of the prison drug dealers in the prison protected prison officials using they're they're brilliant solution was to let some of the prisoners out for week and let other people use their bunks houses and so around the prison there were a number of stover all of that you know what's clear is that after the state police negation hadn't gotten to the bottom of the rampant corruption in the corrections department Fast forward a year there's a new governor impeachment for a living and it's hard for me to keep up sometimes with all the news around trump's impeachment wild historical moment everyday I'm talking to buzzfeed news reporters who've been following understand W. T. F. is really going on right now listen and subscribe Neil Goldschmidt it mayor of Portland very very gifted guy that's today he's an affable businessman with a booming laugh and tons of stories about Oregon's lost the next election so he came home and was hired by Nike and decided to run for governor when he won the election he did a pretty Armenta crashes and one of the biggest problems like the mob corrections a cousin an uncle a brother sister and they basically interlocked and protected adds to Goldschmidt knew he had to do something about corrections and Mexico corrections department by taking the mob leaders and putting them in isolation overwhelmed by overcrowding and corruption. Here's fell Neil word of prison warden you you see in the movies he was a lawyer he was a former judge the same guards the same inmates he's getting the same information tim needed fixing he wasn't given the full picture he didn't know wrist reasons dealers didn't work out there was just a whole of reason assistant director Elise Clawson who recalls their first meeting with the governor Mycosis they're listening kind of like oh well us as someone who was until she aspects and Hill Mike Frankie was a transplant very impressive guy very capable L. dignified black man which is worth saying in Oregon because there are very few it was the head of the Legislative Committee that Frankie was supposed to were the person who still cared we had a real sense of fold and so it was really very exciting former representative chuck sides I can't change people can detain them if they want to change they changed everything the justice system you can put all the effort and money you want to into the catch basin and the punishment families child abuse substance abuse parenting skills that optimism was ill-fated quit support his job became increasingly difficult and began

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