Are You Ready For The Fallout


good evening blue jays fans of welcome to another lovely evening of jaybird. Watching we are live in all of the places we possibly can hook up to youtube twitter. Amr even facebook deceiving along with which so tonight blue jays fans. We're gonna talk more rumors. I know you're getting tired of rumors but we have a little fun. Play on this on how we're gonna attack at the evening i before i get too far reducing our guest. Adam corsair brandon hanna car. Are you doing this evening. it's going on. it's going on. Do a woman snow. I'd say adamant rhode island. Sounds like he's going to get the winners. I backing right off the bat ear right before christmas goes. Listen to me child's play. Okay like forget forget how many millimeters that is thought my whatever. That's a walk in the park about. I don't think that something like this. That's human had you haven't heard of the the blizzard of seventy eight From rhode island. I think we got about five. Feet of snow covered the blizzard of seventy eight. Look it up. Google with that is that is legend in rhode island. If you through you think kobe's bad people in rhode island years from now or not even talk about they're going to still be talking about the blizzard of seventy i. Shit you not watch. Meanwhile the people western new york are sharpening their skates and get ready for the fricking playoff man playoffs. He's fun anyway. I won't right on your prey too badly man but anyway now years. We'll be back next year. I floor we are. I want to introduce our lustrous Guest this evening. Mr bobby kay. How're you doing this evening. My friend guys doing great Just here but the snow combined. We already got up six inches. Both it'd be six to after a tonight but we're ready for like six snows already. Gotten into your wonderful microphone feeds muffled ono right now for a second i did the robot voice thing for a sec. But now you're back for you to be on the show just like you. Yeah so first. Things first gentleman there is actually some blue jays news that we have to touch on. We got a little bit of a free agent. Signing we got to keep forest law and then the blue jays pickup tyler white from the houston astros. I know i forgot. Put that on the agenda. But i just re read it again. So sorry fellas Does this scream anything. But depth to the three of you and Yeah whatever wants to take that one. I i know forest. While had a little resurgence before all the covid fund. But good grand. Move onto the next thing. It's it's so much so in a world where we don't have any outfield deaths. Have forest wall is not the worst thing in very very true. That's why you gotta sign springer so and that while which is where eventually we're going to see britain your points you damn early. Segue points First things first though the blue jays have apparently been linked to the japanese feeding on pitcher that is apparently going to be hosting to. i think it's tummy yokohama. Yuki sugano. I heard one person say the same way twice so far on. Mlb network. Other than that. I got nothing are saying about this young pitcher Pretty much every able to read so far. Is that past trevor. Bauer is automatically the next best pitcher on the market as far as pure stuff. That's a pretty bold statement Brennan would you like to kick that off on what this means possible. Blue jays pickups. Yeah sure. I can't offer much insight onto his staff or anything like that. Never seen him pitch lie. I'm looking at baseball reference. Page now it looks like all really good stuff. Lowey are as every single year Pitching high innings totals Not so much recently last two years by ego back. Twenty fifteen to twenty eight team. He was almost at one eighty every single year above that broke two hundred in two thousand eighteen so it looks like he is a pretty decent arm. I'd love to learn more about him. But i'll trust what the analysts and the scouts say and it seems like i dunno guys. Have you guys think the same as me but this interest. And then i know. We talked a lot last week. About what's his name. The korean from k b o. What i mean. Kim camp kim. Let's say that eight international market could be a root for them to take if they miss out on some of the big three on talking springer. I'm talking real new talent and bauer Sorry will make you As an offensive side of thing. So yeah i do a steep every all pictures for when we were talking about conversations so sorry run i mean to cut you off. I didn't. I didn't even hear where to what you said but i was done my point. Anybody else wanna add anything to that. Adam brought bobby. Sure when i hear that the blue jays are interested or show interest in a player. I pretty much just eliminate them from the pool because it doesn't interest showing interest in a player doesn't mean that they're pursuing a player They're just to me. It just means that they're showing due diligence and doing their research and whatnot. And the bluejays are an organization that doesn't necessarily just brush people aside that are available. They'll do their homework and they'll check to see if there are fit for the club and that to me is what showing interest is about In also i read that he. He is showing interest in the rangers and automatically. I'm thinking to myself this is. This is darvish all over again. So i'm good. I don't want that kind of ptsd. Anymore i'm good and so do i think this would be a good signing for the blue jays depending on the price i think he's thirty one years old which is a little high up there for for an for pitcher. If you're going to sign him outright how long he's going to be in this tier four Depending on how much you're paying him it doesn't necessarily matter. But i'm not sure that i wanna push my chips in on this but in terms of a consolation prize for a trevor bauer. Sure but again. It just depends on the price. Your bobby wanna ask what this could do to your brothers kansas getting into starting rotation. I just build off those guys set in. I looked up his status well and he does have a lot of logged over. I looked at. It was like ten years worth season's getting up especially with his arm of another worry about. Is that come over from japan. Always don't pan out. Because every few years you hear that the next big pitcher from japan like oh god come over and dominate like. It was like tanakh. Always like these lane and it just doesn't always work out all the time as far as our team goes. We need starting pitching. I think it's pretty obvious that we'd have anyone throw six innings last year ever so we can use start patient and we can use a door. That's the case. And as far that that he goes into the rotation. I think we talked about this last time. That pretty much think he's starting trip like there's So i don't. I can't hurt price at the time Yeah i do agree that it's far as it goes. It's more depth like an high end are great. They're just when the blue jays were good in two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen. And i'll even back as far as when we were good in the early nineties. Guys think about this. We didn't have that real studt in our rotation it was stupor average above average throughout the whole five man. Rotation your since something together like this there is no real off date in the rotation. I feel like this guy is right in that conversation where they will get exactly what they paid for in that situation just to get this second third guy into the rotation and let them run through it. It sounds like the way they're building this team up. They're going to have plenty of offense. Kerry what could be another j hab arcos strada in company all over again for blue jays pants in that might include. I still can't believe that coming back. But i'm not shocked by that one that anybody. It's a solid pitcher. Mind five minute. One year deal signed him up a third tenure The second blue jay in history to have three ten years with the team three separate said so. Hey bring back. I loved him among. The question is can bobby named the third. We talked about it on our the other guy. That's spent on the team three times in toronto. I got no idea because you are a yankee fan. Before your brothers star play north of the border and tony fernandez is the end line with the new york yankees for a season. I think he hit the cycle against the blue jays. One or just to make moving right along gentlemen. The next big headline is the fact that not only are the blue jays looking for free agent scott or s recording during his little media session. I believe it was tuesday morning monday. Evening something like that. And he's saying that the blue jays will look for one free agent. They're looking for multiple. Free agents are a group. If you will to help bolster this rotate this roster. Bobby do you think this is actually slow or is this fire. Or what are we got or is this mike. Scott boras doing scott. Boris i mean scott boras got agents are going to say anything to help Get better deals. Obviously if people want to compete with the blue jays al bluejays are looking time players. I mean obviously other teams are going to push harder. But i absolutely agree that the blue jays are in the market. I think they proved it last year when they sign rio. I think they're looking to add to that. I don't see that. I don't in stopping building on this team. So i mean as much he might be a little bit his jumping on that. Yeah when it comes to boris i. I don't think that he's completely blowing. Smoke up our asses about this. I think some of what he's saying is legitimate he might be embellishing. How interest the blue jays have in various reagents on. I'm sure again going back to the previous point. They're doing do due diligence. they always check in What that means in terms of their pursuit to this free to these free agents are completely different thing and again when it comes to free agency. It's a fifty fifty thing right. It's not just you pick someone. Okay now you're on my team. It's the captain of the team that has to be mutual interest there and we all know that the blue jays had been torius difficulties signing free agents because of the taxes northern border and whatnot And maybe some misunderstandings when it comes to customs and specifically this year when it comes to the unknown of having a home. I think that's a legitimate thing. That's on the mind to players but then again money talks so full. Oh i don't. I don't disagree. And if they decide to play in dunedin that's beautiful do but for me. It's i think there's a new sort of relationship with boris in the blue jays. You can sort of see blossoming now and before it was just the blue jays to boris embarrassed the blue jays which radioactive the oil and water. You just did not see that mixing well but now it seems that you know now that anthopoulos and and sort of left on and i think that there is a more eagerness to get deals done and for the blue jays as the richest ownership in baseball sort of opened up the wall at a little bit and i think boris is blind the pressure to do so and what better time than now again. We've talked about this so when it comes to whether or not i think he's embellishing. Maybe just a little. But at the same time i think this is also encouraging for blue jays fans to say look scott. Boras is saying we're legit maybe that means we're legit. I wouldn't be too much into it. Because again. he is an agent and his job is to up the price in the bid for the people he represents get that but it is cool to see a positive relationship now with boris in the blue jays. So i'll i'll take. I guess all of the laws of the blue flu or sick of central spending money to exactly where i was gonna go. You see tells change with scott. Boris before when he was basically begging insulting the organizations like please deal with my clients. I know you have so much money in our backs so strong financially with rogers telecommunications company as owner the team so let's do business and the previous regime in topless refused to do business with them and it took until the reciting for the shapiro regime to be out. Of course will work with you. You're an agent. That represents a very very good players in most cases superstars. So let's do it if he's speaking not way. Changing is telling from the blue flu to giving us compliments as an organization yet. That's right alad. Am bobby You're supposed to be doing that for. Your clients is trying to drum up as much interest as possible but at the same time. I believe there is something there. It excites me that they are willing to deal with. Boris 'cause he is the super agent and Yeah i buy it at all. Either while say is how much or where do you apply to be the intern. That comes up with the analogies At these and everything like that. They said jackie bradley yesterday or today. J p j just spreads it everywhere or whatever the hell come on. I want that job. I come up with these analogies for scott nice it would be the free agent podcast with scott. Boris is doing that. Every week is out there. I'm surprised he doesn't do something like that already is it. Sounds like he does everything. I didn't realize until. I read that article yesterday yesterday that he does that every winter meeting at the club. I had no clue all you end up hearing all the cannon fodder falls out after the fact especially for blues to last year adhering carrying one thing that that gentleman actually said so before i go too far. I'll let you guys get back into this if you wanted. I forgot top show because this is still do new stadium. Steam dot tv is higher. I completely blanked. I'm sorry corporate sponsorships go so they thank you very much for joining us and having a good time with us and we'll continue the beers and whatnot and if you're looking for anything else stadiums team dot tv wise literally anything you can think of sports wise so it's not just isis everything you can think of and it's a really cool website. Check it out. Anyway i digress back to the poorest officer anything that you gentlemen would like to add on the scott. Boris thing as far as what this means for the blue jays going forward or any other interesting information or to would like that. I have one thing that i heard just before we hopped on. I was listening to tim. And sid and they object passing on earlier and passed an still very much on the george springer to the blue. Jay it. He's been on it since day. One and i don't know about the three of you guys by rosenthal. Was the guy for me like back in two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen before he left fox for the athletic. I feel over the last few years. Jeff passan is now the guy that i trust and listened to the most. I don't know if surpassed rosenthal a baseball circles entrust with agents in organizations but anything past and says i take gospel and a. They were just talking about springer but they were talking about their interest in everybody. Because everybody's making jokes at the blue jays checking in on everybody and passes like it's not a joke like they actually are making hold serious effort to be better and i think that can tie back to the difficulties with signing free agents in toronto. I think you have to touch base with everybody. You have to have like plant. Abcd efg to assigned guys and make your team better so everything that boris sing. Everything that pass has been saying all winter keeps me excited. And the fact that he's been on springer to the blue jays thing as the most logical fit in where he sees it happening. I trust that it's going to happen. I very optimistic. That george springer is going to be a blue thing other than the fact that you get massive segue points for where we're going with roster fallout from all these possible pending moves. The big thing. I think on this whole thing is the fact. That isn't going. You guys remember when these rumors that come up this like okay. Great you know we heard about a week and then it's like the. Yeah that'll happen and nothing. it's like. Yeah let's bring. Ken griffey junior retirement. Yeah that'll happen. I don't right but as it is. It's good stuff to here. But as far as like i said brennan's segue points here tonight. We are our main topic is going to be talking about. What could happen to the rest of the roster if we make these moves and let's just talk him in through individually first and see what the fallout from each one that will see what maybe the the quote unquote likely group could be as far as go to close up shop. So let's start off with. Let's say the blue jays. A giant of money and george springer slap at he decides to come north of the border. I face value everyday center fielder for the toronto. Blue jays makes the most sense as far as that. Okay we actually quote unquote right now. Have three legit out a oscar hernandez random great check and laura's gorell junior ranks. What happens to our lineup on the roster from after having bought or George springer in this. And we'll start with you bobby guests. What do you think the blue jays deal with inspires roster shuffling or. It is just the beginning a storm if something like this because it would be the top guy. Yes oh guys. H this road is on one side. Feed off your on really robotic talking about snowstorm. It's not the best right now. How does it sound one of sack. I was checking my internet before. The snowstorm is slow. Down my internet but They're gonna peacefully dropped out. Sounds like you're in the bus. So it a reset button on where you were going with that conversation i would appreciate it of course like you were saying that there's three Starting outfielders right now but we do have the spot open and if guerrero junior can get in shape at third base. That would be a huge help for the team. You can open up the first is and then the spot would also open so. I mean you can make roster moves which really have the ability to answer. They were kind of handcuffed with What was going on but additional obviously be a might actually lost you now doubt. I can pick audio. Actually did sound like he book ended his part. Yeah i i think that when it comes to The outfield. We'll start there. They signed springer. I think that is One of two things if there's no Subsequent trade involving gurriel. I'm saying this is to randall. Time to go on. Sure you would love to have the l. field depth. But i don't know that you're paying a backup outfielder that kind of contract I'd be willing to trade him for almost anything i possibly could. And that doesn't say anything about his abilities or inabilities. It doesn't mean that he's now a suit or for a different team. Adjust quite simply. We signed someone better So at that point you should. The first thing that the blue jays ought to do i think is explored the trade mortar market. Four lord.'. grill to see if there's anything that we can get in return that sub significant value aka starting pitching try to fill that void or anywhere else. Really anything we can do to make our team stronger okay. Now we'll we'll see if we can dangle a really really upside player with a really really good contract We'll see what we can do if nothing comes of it that tickles. The blue jays. Fancy on trading rental grischuk at that point on which springer. I think it's interesting. Because there are a lot of moving parts involved and there it could subsequently affect one of two people the more likely scenario. I think that would happen. Is we would trade away. Randall great chuck for almost anything we can get but i still think we're going to get some sort of value there. Yeah oh totally. I think that the that is the route that they take if springer on board that you don't have a need for rattle anymore You try to see what you can get for grachev. Whether that's like i want a little higher than a bullpen piece but maybe you do get a bullpen piece back a a good bullpen arm and that helps offset some costs. You get rid of grisham contract I think that. I'm not sure what caught a trade value. Grischuk has you might have to take along the prospect with to get a team to take him on but like adamy said it's it's not a terrible contract for what he's giving you. It's not something like wow. They've massively overpaid for the guy. I think he's living up to his contract. Almost two two point Maybe not quite as close Some tools there for sure if if they don't get a bite there than i think they're just like okay. Well let's see what we can get for lord.'. Fillers on the team right now. T oscar is in. My mind is the one that they don't move at all like he's not even in discussions unless they completely blown away by another team for an offer. I mean nobody should ever be Off table by. ti scars. Probably the closest to being off the table as it can get Yeah i that's where i see going. I still would love to see. Jonathan davis end up as outfielder. And that is possible by getting rid of one of the three that are already on the roster plus adding george springer so if you get springer and you have field of. Let's say let's say randall. and left. because he couldn't trade him or to oscar left. You have springer center and randall or t oskar rights is looking pretty damn good. That's a damn good start. And i think that's a better outfielder are now field then currently constructed so yeah. I think that's where i would vote. But to bobby's point is well Vlad took a lot of at bats at d. h. i think back to third opens up the h. So that maybe they can keep all four outfielders and get them enough at bats in a circle them around us the da spot circling around Got this guy because you just more segue points. Brennan's crushing it. I'm going to share my screen here once. I finally get off the where i want it. Have you guys this video yet of junior. We'll celebration grade with him more or less doing the undertaker bit. Yes go on here so anyway. Video curtains rise. This is fun but if this winter league i i. Is it really that different. You know he could be that already anyway. Going forward from the season. We've already seen the a little since our last recording it'd be does take surveys. Dislike look ridiculous when where does rented. Were you slotting springer into this into this the batting order. If you are putting the three guys or are we going back to some weird josh donaldson thing in your opinion a beats. I'd be thrilled. If he'll number two guy. I think that's a good spot for more. Could be litas guy. I think you can't go wrong with either. Having cavin bowl or george springer Some combination of one to whoever doesn't end up in the top of the batting order goes down to fifth sixth or seventh Thens like crazy. 'cause you could have a an order of let's just say springer's your leadoff guy bos you're number two or cabins your number two Glad you got to oscar for you. Have kevin of fifth. Let's say you get whoever's behind the plate catcher Then you have learned s or randall. Whoever it is. I mean the lineup gets pretty close to ninety where that's people you don't really wanna face Depending on how it all shakes out the and so yeah even just. It's crazy just added. George springer alone lengthens the lineup a lot and that isn't taking into consideration any potential break-up behind the plate. If they don't move on danny johnson look i. We've all been on this train. Multiple times listeners. Probably sick of us saying it but if they hold onto daddy you get a full year out. I fully believe a breakout is coming. I am going to be on that train and and keep on talking into existence. The off season goes along and opening day comes around. So if you have that plus springer you are looking at a lineup. That goes eight or ninety adam that up. How dare you sir. Put kevin zhou numb five. Sir you watch your tongue i would. I would put cabinet the leadoff. I would put bo- second. I would put springer third task or fourth vlad fifth have that nice jose edwin combo revisited. i do agree with you. Brennan all jokes aside. I said that in just but at the same time dairy. But i do think this does lengthen the lineup. A lot and the possible edition of someone like real muto definitely makes this a little bit more interesting but even given what we have right now. I also think that takes the pressure. A little bit off dan jansen and maybe a relief and pressure would actually make them more relaxed and perform a little bit better at the plate up that batting average a little bit in contact just a little bit too so if you stick them in the sixth or seventh spot and maybe that's still a little too low because we still have lawyers who are real on this team. You mentioned Coming as part of the which and we still have as of right now rowdy till is on this team which still the bench you know so if you make it to jansen and say look it's not that we're you better power hitters in front of you something that you did. Maybe that again. Release the pressure a little bit off of him and makes them more relaxing. He'll find a spot in the lineup but again we talked about this before. We need a solid solidified lineup. Most of the time we can't be dancing around and playing with the lineups space on matchups. I know that's the fun thing to do. But i do. Think a little bit of familiarity with the lineup does players. Well these creatures of habit so Eh george springer. Y- a solidifies spotlight. Yes yes yes so. Yeah i would put them at the three spot person mr k. Are you with us. Can you hear me I got lost on the george matter response. And to his point. With danny johnson he picked it up at the end of last year. I mean he started here. We we got a little glimpse of what he can do. And i think that was because kirk came on the team and he's is realizing okay get hit. I gotta show what i could do and put a little pressure on him. goes goes. I mean let it be a bomb. You're gonna have rowdy behind them right so you can clean them up and if any performs like you can like you started doing. I mean that's a complete lineup. I like it a lot. Oh yeah yeah as they know holes in the offense than a more kind of thing if some of these guys up to where we saw him in the minor leagues the janssen couple of other is. But that's a that is the twenty fifteen lineup and was nowhere to hide other angolans. I ain't going. That is fun on that team. Hundred and ten times over at playing second base with a defense that he did so. But you're not looking for that all. We got to hurry up and slot. Chris kulla bello in the left field. Got up like this coming into the lineup. So one hundred billion times over dirt springer is a solid insanely good fit for. This team is almost checking too. Many boxes The only thing. Obviously i really think they will come down to his vacant convince him to come northern border at all which would be it. Is i really. Don't i think the blue jays are going to be an on offer with the money that anybody else is going to be at this point because he is basically public enemy number one the blue jays offseason. They are going to get him one way or the other two so moving right along. I guess We'll talk realmuto. Adam brought that up a minute ago. Segue points lake segue points. It comes up We didn't get springer you needed to get somebody. Jt realmuto is probably the best catcher in major league baseball right now when you look at it from a purely analytic aspect some things that are some flags but in all reality he. He's a great defensive catcher. he's good offense catcher. I wouldn't say great. But i'd say he's definitely way above average. He's not your mic jasa. That doesn't give you offense in no defense but right it's ice balance. I think of the equation at catholic spot which which we were just talking about or hoping. Right now for a resurgence. Dan jansen match up to his minor league numbers or somebody like in ali ali. Hundred kirk just to come up and match winning a little bit of a preview for last year. I can do. Blue jays. fans are excited at mentioned. I've been watching him for a little while. I love the but adam brecca money all of a sudden j. t. realmuto pocket and he's starting catcher. What is gonna happen with roster. Where's the batting. Origo san conversation. We decide what george springer just romeu. I would assume recess. Gone if i was just. Yeah i would assume reece's gone. And i also assume that this is the only major addition we make so. This is assuming real muto without springer right. Yeah okay so. I would joe lusters. Yeah i would set up. I would probably stick real muto at the five spot. I would still stick with cavin bo. I probably put tae oskar at the three vlad at the four and then realmuto and then build it from there. Probably laura's after that in taos ask her rowdy and down line but it. It's not incredibly different. It's just it's i know that the signing would be great and it to me. It just screams consolation from springer even though it still a solid signing. I guess it's because maybe brennan you feel the same way. I have my sights set on springer so much that anything less. I'm just not personally satisfied. So goes the spoiled fan in me. Line ron yeah oh yeah it's I think because you can get by with an average catcher and having a not so complete outfield to me is a little bit more detrimental you personally. So the the construction of the lineup wouldn't necessarily change too much dramatically. I just think you have more upside. Signing guy like springer especially on the offensive side. Then you do real muto even though still would be a solid signing it even though the defense the catching ability would be off huge upgrade for this team so yeah not not incredibly different compared to the springer's theoretical signing but still pretty good. Yeah logging little extra right. Yeah yeah citing. Real mutoko is very similar to me. Assigning russell martin. I know it's probably gonna take money to get real mutual than it did martin And look it. it's tough. They did have to go fifth year for russell martin to convince them to come to toronto. He's canadian from montreal So that you need. People need to think of as well as the playing in toronto in canada. Walthall great and people come here and they end up loving. It was like yeah. I can see why it's such a good place to play especially when we're team 'cause you're getting fifty thousand people per night at the dome Still took russell. Martin met fifth year. Be like nose. don't go to chicago. Come back to your own country imply right so it is gonna take some convincing. They're going to have to offer extra on who they get. The i agree with your your lineup. Slot i think fifth or sixth is probably where. Jt real new togo's maybe fourth or third. But i would say like pretty much more russell. Martin was russell. martin. I is fine. Maybe sometimes as low as seven depending on how the The order going. I think real mute does bat right now. Given the he's around the same age martin when they signed him is better than martin. He has a better than russell. Martin the defence is probably about equal. Maybe a little bit even more on. Jt real mutual side than it was russell martin by yet. Nah that's how i view it. I take anywhere from fifth to seventh. I could see real mutual hitting in the order in terms of roster fallout. You have probably gone. But then that just makes me think that one of johnson kirk marino are gonna be that big trade trip to get him out fielder because if you miss out on springer look at next year's free agent class guys it is not good like you go through and look at it. There's nothing there either. There's nothing coming through the thing you know. There's nothing so you go. There's nothing through the minor league organization. Either that's right on the doorstep wade into come up and take a spot. So you're gonna have to make a trade for one if you miss out on springer signed. Jt us one or two of your catchers to get an outfielder in a starter. So there's a lot. I think there's a lot more follow with pieces in the organization if i'm utah route than there is a spring out sprayer out. Just shouts okay. Will we have outfielder. We haven't extra outfielder. Let's try to trade this one and then everything else can stay the same free buteau. It's like okay. let's move catcher few people within the organization at lower levels to get that piece. It just yeah. Springer fits so well real mutahi fits well too but just not seamlessly bobby. Jump in on the jt. Realmuto sweepstakes ago brennan. It involves a lot more And basically he's going to want a lot of years. Yes so what's going to happen to kirk. Are you saying kirks at the future culture for the organization. Because that's pretty much what that means. Just doesn't really make much sense like allegation. Mustang stein removed. I it seems like an afterthought like we get springing up. We gotta do something. Let's do it. Yes and you lose a lot with him so it doesn't really make sense to me and i don't really like move but i could see it happening but i don't like it and not only that you're also clogging up potential age spots but this is assuming that rowdy to lead stays on the team. And obviously lads gonna stay on the team and eventually real muto's going to have to move off the catcher spa especially if the knees give way so now you have three potential d. h. is that probably can't play the positions defensively that they're signing to play to it on an everyday basis. So that clogs up right right there. So you know forward thinking bobby. I think you're bang on when you talk about a kirk. Ray does sort of scream to me. Hey man i'm supposed to be the guy or the future in this totally derails. So i that point is trade right. Yeah i've agreed while percents If you do side j. t. frontloaded as much as you can get the back years. It's easier to cut bait with him unless it's just like well it's got live at the twenty million a year like we did with too low and you're not gonna play for us and we're just gotta wait pay off your contracts so it just screams more potential for pain in the long run with. Jt real mutola does with george springer. Oh do you think it would work that. You're you're talking about how we have to tack on an extra year for someone to join the team right and i think that's fair. You probably do. So let's just assume. Six five is the barometer right now. Let's just assume six and we're also asking to frontload it when players probably preferred the backload contract or totally. I don't know that someone like that. That's a free agent is going to want to sign even given the term. I think that players would be more inclined to sign with the team. That's going to either evenly distribute the contract or backload it for five then. Six years in frontloaded told him that for sure where right now. The catching market is for muto with matt saudi asian. Maybe for a job. But you just don't go on the biggest money players are able. It's a little different now. Maybe the one team has come back into the equation for was nationals especially now with a dump. They got dombrowski officially so no sorry. Those affiliates unranked are already been in it. I think the phillies maybe cried. Pour a little bit with how much they were complaining about. Money lost at the start of the pandemic. I don't doubt that they lost money. That's not what i'm saying but there is money there so dombrowski is in. He's gonna be like guys. We want to make sure that we live up to the bryce harper contract and get into the playoffs in in in our content for was cheering year year. And like we gotta bring back. Jt so i got competition from the angels as well the nationals and the phillies again. They're back in the equation there especially with dombrowski. Do he's do that. Wants to make impact moves right of vote. No doubt about that. As i think that move actually screams the fact that actually do that much shitty was i. Don't care did just get fired. Red sox i guys on the bus games and baseball over the last few decades. It's not not going to be a cheap thing for him. So a overpaid get him. They're gonna overpaid against somebody else. Bobby want anything to add to realmuto piece before we move on now. I mean everything you guys made sense. And i think that's a big thing that is talked about as does the fire and want to go there and play for nineteen and a tag of contract not just the money legislated backloaded or does he want to. I mean people do is because but i think was senator walker the microphone. Unfortunately because you're snowstorm fund. Was the blue jays break. Future is what satellite. yes so it's It's if you want to win now. It might be better for him to go to different depots in two to three years. I think that's bluejays are going to really compete for a championship. Yeah agreed talking about right. Yeah exactly exactly sprinter. Jt moved on takeover. Calm down slowly roll. So i wanna talk at least about one more at all to mortgage really. We have to talk about francisco. Lindores trade free agent thing but it just seems to me guys that this this rumors not going away if anything. It's only seems like everybody's starting to really see the pieces of the puzzle together even from outside the blue jays organization. Let's say the blue jays do trade laura's career l. junior a couple of top end prospects and we bag francisco indoor for toronto with a three year extension with giant bump global money on that too. Obviously let's say he's gonna be blue jay for the next four years disres- sake of argument. Here where is this lineup going. Now that we're going to obviously have to move around a few players things like that just to make things work and now we also have an outfield whole brennan. Leadoff sure yet definitely field goal moving off of loris It is nice. It's comforting if we're practicing with a with an extension knowing that he's going to be here for four years But i'll stick to what i've said if you episodes ago. I don't want to make that trade without springer already in the building Because i think springer in the building makes it makes it easier for Be like yeah. Let's let's let's sign up here for the next two or three years. Because as bobby rightly said they are going to be a contender in the next two or three years. The future is bright eyed notice. And i think that's why conversations with free agency and to be lasting a little bit longer. I know that they're still in the market. But it's not that the blue jays have trailed off in those discussions. Yeah i need. I need springer in the building. Before i make that deal. Just because that's like okay. We have springer not gonna take randall in a deal for for lindor. You take laura's yeah. I think they would and they definitely have their eyes set on some other pieces and the organization. I think it was out of either. You or craig shared in our group text before we came on the show that the mets are wanting to activate or sorry. The rockies are actively wanting the mets to make a deal with them for renault. Aaron i e for yeah. We've heard similar language of the indians or not the indians anymore. wanted to make a deal with the blue jays so they have their eyes when people are organizations. So if you get springer you give them. i'll they obviously know who they want from organization. I think that deal would get done pretty quickly so that that that's how i preface it. I think the exact package that the cleveland baseball team is looking for is One major league ready player with a couple prospects. The basically where the lowest junior park goes because in all reality guys is there. Anybody else says quote on quote major league ready for sure on this team outside maybe tasker hernandez that would be in that cheap. All i think they would want in a trade like this can make the argument rally. But it's still a up and coming idea you know is going to have to be lord. It's the way. I see far more digitally. Yeah he's he's far more versatile and i think teams are looking for that compared to rowdy So yeah i think if. We're getting a lynn door. And you know cleveland's asking for our player and return. It would more than likely be lord.' So yeah i. I i hear you brennan wanna come to springer you wanna have that move. Ideally done before making a move for lender. But i think the difference when it comes to springer in lindores springer sort of controlling his own destiny and usually. There's a pretty decent waiting period for that ray in. I think he's the type of guy that's gonna wanna you know sort of turn this into a bidding war so time is a little bit more on your on your side when you're trying to sign a free agent whereas with lynn door that could strike anytime the because it just takes one team to say fuck it. Let's just go. Let's just trade for or even if it's not born extension let's go and and then he's gone right so i think when you make a move for lindow i would do it the opposite if you make the move from door all of a sudden you get the attention. It's kind of like that meam where the girlfriend told him to do. Tanis around looking at the other girl walks by. It's sort of like that. See if springer sees at the blue jays are serious and they trade for linda accented or not springer. Might be like yeah. We can make some noise for a year maybe signed springer for. It's probably going to be. I don't know we're looking probably at a ten year. Deal for springer. Would you agree with that thought. That's really what is. His name was thinking very similar like the new age. Whilst i'm i'm thinking it's going to be a ten year. Deal dude salat. That takes them to forty one. Dude i this is someone that he's going to want to up the ante for those years. I'm not seeing him. Settling for five year deal. Maybe he'll settle for an eight but he's not settling for probably less than that. That's just my opinion. Do you think he'll do five or six i do. I think that's i think that's probably the maximum would get offered from somebody unless really unless somebody goes crazy i think they're looking at the age And everything like that. And plus towards the end Outfield career that might have to go into the d. h. Jt yeah. I don't think he's getting more than five or six. I think six year pushes it over the they'll be like okay. You give me a six year at twenty five per cent. I think gonna five. Let's say seven. Let's just say six an option to get could see seven. Okay so if you say if he signs if trade for francisco door and lindores not extended yet and springer's like yeah. We can make some noise for a year. Say that gives linda a little bit more of a of an incentive to sign an extension probably a four or five year extension. So then you had that core for quite a bit on top of what you already have with both having vladi pretty dangerous and so i think at that point. I wanna make the trade. I in before signing springer. Because you want to have springer to have a reason to sign whereas if you sign springer lindores can't control that destiny. We can't say yolks meter toronto. And cleveland's gonna be like we're not getting what we want for you so now. We're not going to do it. I'd rather yeah at that point. Yeah anything you wanna add to this linder to toronto thing as far as hoster fallout in apparently a lot of other fun things going on because it's a big moving on the move at lindores dry. You'd as long as my internet. Hold i i hear what aca and saying if the other people want to join. It's kinda like with the mets and they got a new owner people want to go to nuts. it makes it. Yes but you're still risking god dot going to happen and then you have come on. Yeah of course printed springer should be the focus above all else if you're able to work things around like that and get to work of course. We're all onboard but happening if if you trade indoor giveaway pieces and then all of a sudden it's it's a it's definitely risky right very good point mr. I don't wanna be a gm. That's both a tough call. Either way. Because i can see bali whichever way you go either to directions you ludar and then you try to lock springer to be like. Hey look at this. We got this new bright shiny toy. Of course we don't want to sign the dotted line right or you could go the other way science spring and then go to the indians trade him. And then that's when you say. Hey look at this new shiny toy francisco indoor of course you're gonna wanna stay for another two or three years so it's tough Makes me not want to be. Gm as to have mentioned the other piece to this that we haven't even touched on yet. Francisco. indoor comes at toronto gonna play shortstop we already have one of the best up and coming shortstops in all of baseball in both you're automatically having to move him somewhere on the diamond and then moving shut might move other players around adam minimum. I'm seeing that it's either at to play it short at third base second base at a minimum. You're talking about moving one of those two guys. Let's save land. Junior ends up with job for third base. Which is then now your everyday second baseman. Because he's gonna play the infield one way or the other and now the mentioned guys that's free dynamic infield with that or a resurgent lad junior that minute regardless of all his defensive flaws guy has an absolute rifle from third base. That makes up for a lot of the lack of range that we saw through his miley performance. And then you're gonna have roddick's allies. Who is a sneaky. Good third basement. That was learning from one of the better first baseman and baseball. Over many years in justin. Smoak i that's a very -fensive infield and unfortunately we're still not even talking about Adams man crush. Monday is kevin visual i. I don't know how with vlad coming back up and doing what plans do. And if he does do that how you keeping busy. Oh in the end. How do you guys see these chips fall in place in bobby. I'm hoping your internet owl's out good for another good point here to kick this off. That's the thing. I don't see it happening. It doesn't make sense. You want to keep those guys together because they came up in the minor leagues together. They played the other day like each other. They like playing with each other. Imagine getting your best friend traded away or whatever gets the proven of course better right now. But i don't think but i mean it would be a jumbled over there in the field and i would works all out. That's the name of the episode episode titled the phone or visit guy. Actually i think i called it roster student be roster followers than i can't remember but anyways i make and i it has a very very good point that tens again overlooking is the core that we've been sold as blue jays. Answer will pretty much three four years now. And i correct with that statement fellas you as far as they were literally their autographs On my mantle on a lansing lug nuts at all three of them so as the foundation. I've been preying on since they were all wearing those uniforms. So something if you're moving around and tailoring with that formula too much but then there's some say that we've already been tinkering with vlad moving around the field and all that kind of suppposed constant equation that batting leadoff spot for the most part are the second spot and playing shortstop everything else has been a kind of moving piece as much as i would love to see canon visual plan. Second day saturday. If this happens. I think he's gonna be the odd guy out. I really do definitely. Yeah yeah then it becomes like ben zobrist light like you can plug him in a third. When you need half back second you can put them in last. Put him in right and we started to see that towards the end of last year. Eight like he started playing field as the season went along. When travis shaw was kinda hitting a little bit At times throughout the season. That's where the just a little bit and after they got vr. That's where it was like. Okay well to make the pieces fit. Shaw you gotta get your bat lineup. Vr we just got so we're going to try to try you out at second base. I know it didn't end up working but at the time when it was like okay. Kevin go place in right field. Go play some left the out go play wherever it is so i could see that being beneficial like office. Was this close to getting ben zobrist on that team jays team that could have pushed him over the top for a world series. And i think you can easily find enough at data for kevin bijou. If that's the thing in my mind he would be in. Between what zobrist was what marwin gonzalez was that. His top in his marwin played everywhere he could play. First second third i think consolidation play some short and now he's kinda found a home in the outfield so if bounces around from place to place to place. He's better than marwin gonzalez. I think he can get close to what ben zobrist was. If you have that both of those guys have been on world series appearance teams if not world series champions. So that's a nice piece to have to just plug and play wherever it is depending on. Who's pitching that day. And some of the matchups yet when it comes to roster construction. I'm not really worried about it. Yeah i i do. Think they'll ill just figure it out itself out on its own. And we've already had confirmation from bo saying you know we're going to have an upgraded peace allah of francisco colon door. I'll be happy to move off the position And that's very professional of him. That's you know sort of beyond his years having that sort of mentality. That's a very team first mentality which is great so what we said this before when it comes to. He didn't prove it past season that he was able to play third base on a consistent basis. He's got earn that spot back at do. I have doubt said he can earn that spot. No i think he absolutely can but you gotta prove it to me and if we signed a for instance school endorse a consequence of that and saying dude is not any offense to you. Were happy with the work that you're putting in clearly. You are but at the same time. This makes our team better and we want to. Maybe yeah put you at first base. If we put you at first base baby then we can make move. Make him rowdies get in that aspect. There's a whole lot of moving parts not necessarily concerned with But at the same. Time to bobby's point. I do think that this screams. It doesn't necessarily make sense. Also blue jays fans were so attracted to these. Big name moves right. The springer's real move does the the lindores. We'd love that. But i've sort of hinted at this before. I don't necessarily think what is the last time. A big name player that the blue jays have been linked to unquote pan out besides troy to lewinsky in david price leg when that trade deadline happened it was no secret. Allergen topless was going for david price. It was it was everywhere. Wasn't even a whisper. Yeah it was just spring training. The blue jays get pregnant wednesday until you fifteen. Yes on record but any other time that you see blue jays urgency in this person blue jays. This person tends to happen right so i think when you have these other deals that will stir the club like i dunno I don't necessarily think. Trevor bauer is necessarily on the table legitimately. I think the blue jays will end up being outbid or just. Maybe he prefers to play somewhere else. I don't know. But i do think that if the blue jay i think the best player that they have of the rumored people the best shot that they have is probably real motel probably because i think the stakes for spring are just gonna constantly increase and that typically historically with this front office makes them uncomfortable to really go all in with term and i don't think money is an issue but i think term is what they're most concerned with so i think they're going to get outbid when it comes to that and again when you look at what they have in the outfield. The worst and jonathan davis can click. Then maybe not that big of a deal right and maybe they'll make like a quote unquote lower end signing like a suspicious. Maybe or something like that. We don't know it's it's possible but when it comes to the link names bobby's rate a lot of these moves. Just don't make sense the more segue points. I guess unless you're wants to put two cents down the head and adam most likely the most valuable. Yeah it's it's because remember does not. I mean he's a great catcher hits to sixty. He'll put up. Twenty home runs. Not like george springer gonna hit forty home runs and play a go outfield. So i think the most doable is rambuteau. But i guess we'll have to say i agree with that athletes. So that's where the next pieces conversation goes dry this last one because we're running short on time i really easy. If the blue jays through the last brick and money on the big three agent that they could in trevor bauer. i don't see any fallout was really doing is pushing the all the guys down the line a little bit as really the that is if we're gonna make a movie move right now purely on money. That is where the blue jays need. The big fit right now is in pitching somebody two really bookend with review and make that re really really really well and that was what came back by just a little bit of teasing real was the only guy that was supposed to be the stud and discussion. Didn't show up in the playoff game. There he was supposed to fetch but he got us there. So i'm not high of zero zero issue with that but if you had another guy to come out and game to that was quote unquote par with him or a premium closed or better things. Look a little different. Although match drew maker in twenty twenty playoff game look like that guy. Just got a little bit trevor. Bauer makes sense but yesterday is a big thing in money and in that line those extended years on his contract could play into the blue jays stater but it could be the same problem only have them for a year or two. And then you don't know what you have maybe better off. Spending your aspect will period but if it is only around for two years you do have the prospect pool to keep dipping into so okay. Great used to call in two years. I have money again right. Rockley anybody wanna point on that or did i. Sum that up appropriately is not much fallout when in terms of roster construction. There's not much while out. When it comes to power i'd say. Probably their biggest hole outside of announced fielder not even ranked this whole above. They need the number two behind ryu and bridge the gap to the back end of the rotation. So i think you're your biggest biggest hole because you can get by with the current outfield perfectly. Fine especially if t oscars breakout last year was real lord.'. Keeps doing what he was doing. Randall improves a little bit of what he did this past year. You're still looking at a good outfield. I wouldn't say it's a great outfield but a good outfield bat number. Two starter is is probably the biggest hole in the most logical one to fill on paper springer because he would trigger a trade for a number two. Makes it more intriguing for me to your point greg. You sign bauer for two years. You give them the money that needs at. When some of our young core starts coming up four their contract extensions bowers off the books. And that's just even more time to get guys like Educate or simian would richardson or adam cloth. Stein developed further. So that's what you could maybe take an swr and be like okay. Bauer you can go. You served your purpose for a year or two here we have. Would richardson ready to go. Let's do it. So yeah i like that route. Be able to spend the money on bauer where costs or low With the current roster is gone by the time other guys out for contracts and by the time other starters in the organization are ready to take place or worse case scenario two years from now. Have all those guys an throw another. Bring money trevor. Bauer and stay stable. Say though the last piece of the individual attribution to what this roster fallout. We have had many people asking on the twitter feed facebook feed and a couple to be that of all centralizing around the same things. And it's kind of going back to the scott. Boris what is most likely to happen. And if we are going to get the group of fires what is the likely scenario that bobby. I'll let you lead off here on this part while i could see the other two. I got the gears turning. I can't see what you got going on anymore. But you on the spot. I really the most likely right. So what was your other point the group what do you mean by the group owed scott. Boras reported there in his press. Conference is not only the blue jays looking for off free agent. They're looking to add a group of talent layers. The four guys that we've really mentioned the likelihood of the blue jays be able to get to these big free agents a trade dead. I mean i guess it really comes down to if they want to spend because i mean if if he wants to years you have find dhabi great. Obviously but you know why would. Why would you want to years instead of eight. I know that's what he said. But it is what it is imagining springer. Bauer eight years max contract. It's like it doesn't work. That kind of money doesn't get thrown around for any team. But i mean obviously if it happens you're going to be one of the best teams in baseball if they get three of these guys That's the dream but realistically it's not it's probably not going to happen in real muto is the most likely and i would say that like Brandon was saying the biggest need is dollar. I would say by far. I mean if you come with a one two punch and make it to the playoffs. That's to be tough to beat up from there. yeah. I the most likely out of that. That the group of four right. So we're talking real muto springer bauer lindor talking those forts. You'd like to add to the conversation here. You're mowing welcome. Yeah i think. I think someone that we're overlooking. I think someone that's being slept on and will probably be heated up in conversation was trevor. Bauer probably science with the team dodgers But once the team i think order is not a bad signing and i and i think you mentioned this before i could totally see the blue jays sneaking up like we have to fill in this rotation. He's not a bad arm to have and you can have them. Probably in a nice three year deal not super cheap. But i probably you're gonna over overspend a little bit you might be spending upwards of fifteen to twenty million a year but if it's a three year deal whatever at that point and that's a pretty good piece in your in your starting rotation that you can have and then you throw like a million dollars. J. happened to be like thirty eight. Thirty tyra blue jay or you. You go back to shoemaker and be like dude. Let's let's run this back. We'll make it right. We'll make it will will listen to you when it comes to if you had any issues assuming that he did with being yanked after three innings a in a postseason game. Maybe we got that wrong. There are so many things that you can do to make this team competitive but on paper. They don't look tremendously sexy right and again. That doesn't necessarily they're a bad squad. They can definitely contend with a team like that so of the four that we talked about before. I honestly don't see. Linda were coming here. I really don't. I can see team sweeping in the last minute. Or he just rise it out with cleveland right and just weights. And maybe cleveland deals and at the deadline for something that you know a little lesser of a package but something they they'd rather get something nothing right and there's a bidding worth deadline which i love those. I don't see springer coming here again. I think the blue jays are going to get outbid turns term. And i think at the end of the day that's going to suck in the immediate term but it comes to the long term application of this team. It's probably for the best real muto's the guy. The more i think of it makes more sense to go that route and having canned signing with the mets that pretty much gives the blue jays a little bit extra to be like. Look dude. we're going to go in any way unless you're route and barely make any money. Yeah right so there are pieces that you can put on this team and also i think you know just for fun if we're talking about it when you when you have players out there that could fill the void and we're talking about players that could service the blue jays in a way. You get like ken. Giles might be a reclamation project. You can say look. We're going to sign you to the vet minimum of giving you another shot to play on the team. We'll see what happens. that's fun it gives the blue jays. Good luck you. I would love for them to go after the hendriks. Just go come back to blue jays bro and just go otherwise. I don't know wha i don. I don't see a huge need that we need at that point outside of that you just fill in where they go and you you fill out the relation as best that you can and you do. Yeah if i had to rank the free the four. We've talked about it. So the question in terms of who i feel is the most attainable to get and the one that feels the likeliest to happen. I would probably go. Jt really does number one. I go george springer number two. I would go. Trevor bauer number. Three and francisco lead door number four. The only reason i put indoor floor is because it is by trade and it really depends on if the blue jays wanna go eat the asking price which i think it will be too high at the in terms of Somebody that we haven't talked about one name that we have brought up in this podcast for quite a while is taiwan walker and he's still still favourite So many toronto related tweets. I think he loved his time here. And i still remember him commenting back on. Somebody's photo on twitter of the tower of the sunset. He's like imagine waking up or going looking at that view. It's like i think he liked his time enough to commit to team knows what they're about. They got him in the building and he liked what he saw now. It's been very quiet. On taiwan walkers market because the whole conversation is bauer in after bauer signs. That's when guys like corey kluber. I want walker. There's another veteran out there on the market. I'm blanking on it's around the same on caliber hoop act passing. That's it those four guys are probably the next after bauer goes that's when their markets starts heating up. So i think taiwan walker could be one of those guys that okay. We didn't get our. It's not what we were expecting. Let's turn our attention back to walker. I think walker can be somebody that you add in january or february at some point if the market still stays cool as it is so i do think there is some caution about bringing walker back. There was some things to suggest that he did get quite lucky. With some of these numbers v was higher like kit significantly higher than was that can sometimes be indicator that maybe there are some regression coming but at the same time. He made an impression on me that i would welcome him back. If he slotted in a three or four and that's banking a lot on nate pearson rising to the in bridging the gap as a too. I think it may be if walker opens up as your to behind review and in front of pearson. You could be okay but then you really need napier. Step it up because they think by the end of the year will be like walker. You had to find year. You weren't the number to you. Were maybe more like or four and you could be a candidate. Start a playoff game. So yeah it's been very quiet on his front. I would welcome him back. I don't think it's going to take a lot of money to bring taiwan walker back a maybe a two or three year deal. I think that's fine with me and you might even be looking at twelve to thirteen million a year. which for him. I signed me up The only other name Outta be brought it up hendrix. The only other bullpen name. That i'll bring up with brad hand because that's been another one that is consistently to this team And he was cut loose fantastic last few years and he would be a great addition to the back over the bullpen alongside deletes. Enjoying romano f. You went into the season with hand or hendrix deletes. Enjoying romano do are laughing. Your back out of the bullpen is is loaded and that will give. That would be the most comfortable. I feel with blue. Jays bullpen going into a season. Since i know when like i can't name it because all these guys just came up as the season went along twenty tall When brett see soul in steep delebarre became all stars that was as the season went along. I have not gone into vision. Remember stage i think for dr duane ward. Thank you in the ninety two bullpens. Daddy's told me is like hanky award worthy shit back in the day. They were the two guys as soon as he got to. The eighth inning. You knew it was locked down because you went to ward and then you went you so if you could get to the seventh inning and you go you go romano hand dough lease or whatever order you no order with those three so siamese signed me up your bring back whole time came. In and everyone those gains the race is like and this going to be blown. There was no more. I just decided. So i agree with you guys. I am actually gonna go out on a limb here and say that springer's actually the most likely to happen and you guys know my hands on that saying i don't like the booth. I still don't like the move but there is just too much to it. Especially with the past and thing the whole rosenthal still stands about your too many mlb insiders. That are going. Yes they're pushing pushing pushing and then you heidi pair of the rumblings of the fact that springer is actually interesting. It's not going away. Otherwise if they fly out amount going or he's all you know inklings of the fact that he was not interested in all right. I wouldn't even john the boat the peace coming at all but there's just too much fire their for their for not be smoke and as much as i like. I said it's not my. I will never complain about getting him. I don't like the fact that go. We're warding guy that had anything affiliated with that whole astros team and that's where my ripe is not saying. He's a good ballplayer. Any blue jays wanna do that and we went world series. He's is not going to be at jersey. I ever hang on this wall tomorrow. If he sides tonight doesn't mean it's going to make the wall. It's not going to be next to all of the holidays and every not bautista that lip stuff and everything. That's that's sacred ground and then put it. They're exactly or next to the ninety. Three beer cans. I never drank so the world series ticket Back couldn't drink giving gifted anyway vela's I think that satisfies the fan of the show. bobby this is your moment to shine. Plug your video gaming or whatever you would like to do in your Your moment moment of fame here just one of these days. We'll figure out the technical aspect i guys. Now it's me we'll get you check me out on twitter by became twelve. Come hang out Everything is free for you to follow for. Hang out if you wanna sub keep your money. Don't sub just watch a free hang out follow. These guys are the best. Appreciate you having me. It's always a good time and gotta ask a really quick. What are you in you. Anthony playing these days on your playstation or whatever game on are upc guys naming valent which is a first person shooter. Nuts counterstrike he's obviously the show and madden to call east with the popular games. I gotta mix it up a little. You know. I get bored a game all the time every day but He's he's getting a pc now to. It should be arriving within the next two weeks and we'll see what he does not like three d. printer. That's on now at nine week. Lead time and style before weekly chuckling. Now i know right so gentlemen anything you would like to add before we sign off this evening blue jays land. yes This this is one of the most exciting seasons in quite a while because the blue jays names has been in the news so often. So that's fun So blue jays fans again. It's fun to think about. Springer's muto indoor. If it doesn't happen don't freak out. Team is still on the up and up as they are right now. These are just additions to really push them over. And there's nothing to say that nothing can happen in a trade that. We're not even speculating on. I do trust this front office's ability to turn the team into a legitimate contender. So yeah if it doesn't happen and these names that we're talking about don't up with the blue jays don't freak out we're still in good hands And the last thing. I'll say is Josh allen that's it interest not do show tradition. You got always flash the josh allen lakes. The right you're dusk anyway. Yeah bring it on gloat. He's gonna be devoted. Mark that down so brennan on that note we got your next week right you are. You will go ahead and plug absolutely it. People can submit them as well. So bobby if you have a christmas wish list for the blue jays that you want to submit it can be player. Signings player trades. It can be requests. That could be a starting in the rotation next anything. Like we've been seeing on the talk whenever you would like. They needed regular christmas. Wish list to the equation. We did this last year. We've done this past tuesday craig. In out of this will be your first one that you're on for our wishlist show Last year i think it came true. I think we were asking for a review type signing it. It happened. how awesome would it be just like last year i think last year you sign on the twenty second twenty third of december. How would it be if that happened again and be like this is such a beautiful christmas gift. Blue jays fans here. Here's george springer under your christmas tree lysenko. Oh wait it's just as cleats. Fidel castro's jersey. Throw it out don't you. Yeah i missed the jerseys. With uh with the bagwell's the killer bees. Those not good. Yes miss anyway. Brandon will be a very very exciting show in the meantime out there in youtube twitter. Podcasts verse wherever you're getting you're listening to them this evening or during the show. Please keep us to follow your messages to us. We are happy to listen and talk to him. And maybe we need to figure out something for fun for somebody does emit the coolest version of a wishlist item for this year's Pas a little bit. We'll talk about that offline but until then find us at bird-watching g see on twitter and and all our social media and ling and listen to us in all your wonderful podcasting places wherever you get the pleasures of your podcast from. Give us listened. Check us out on stadium. Steam dot tv plenty of other sports stuff going in there in addition to our antics and until next week guys. We're gonna finish up with our usual to claps ric flair judges our wow.

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