Bitcoin Steadies From Recent Gains


Today's episode is proudly brought to you by try to cops the double bay dot com. Join up for the free biweekly video newsletter with myself my table, keep you up to date on the moves that are in this crypto market now if you want to learn how to make money with the market goes up or down go to try to call dot com. Now. Vitrey to call crypto show talking business influx. Jane? Everyone and welcome to the to crypto podcast it a great guy. Great start to die in. What am I bay the going into guys there and have a look as we do each day on this one of a Friday morning, first of all well that we have seen a little bit of activity not a great deal but a little bit. But before we get let's have a little chat about the news. Bitcoin needs price gain for bull reversal in March. Well, gonna say a bull Mont confirmed in mats- giving we haven't got too much taunt ahead of us. Top cabin delta Kappa. Mu metrics spotty bitcoin process trimmed reversals what flows in bitcoin. Make a lossing revival unlikely. Let's very interesting Swiss raid Tyler did you take galaxies, launches cryptocurrency pilots? That's great to hear. It will use case for Arlington. Crypto fund buys bought saw secures thirty million dollar commitment. Cryptocurrency exchange weks tied to ransom west game. What is currently nothing? Really this. Swiss watchdog has cryptocurrency Monning fims nineteen million osteo was illegal suggesting Cullinan, new, Android. Melwood targets thirty two cryptocurrency apps and one hundred international banks while it's quite full on to paraphrase time, you cook the exchanges again in the news fake volume on cryptovest exchanges isn't the half of and always had a good chat with Travis in Jolo the bag crypto podcast about this. Exactly. It's Missouri died around or whatever the. Cool. I don't know the name of the top of my head reporting that ninety five percent of crypto volumes in Dade fake excluded. From that list is bonnet cracking and coined base. So it definitely seems to be that there is some issue around that now why would they do this? Is it a Joop us the end user won't possibly we might feel like there's more safety in the bigger shine. So therefore if they make themselves look bigger than perhaps. Yeah. It's worth Wala's going over there. All could it be the listing phase the charging projects to get onto these exchanges? Will I don't know. But there seems to be fairly high cost for listing on many of those projects or Kubi the latte. Anyway, that's not really my world on going to have a look at the markets right now as we say bitcoin is down point three three of percent right now. Look, it's not really done a great deal since we saw that pulp ES to dole the day before really on the four hour time Furniture's holding. Up just holding its ground somewhat console at I ching. I'd love to say hold their push to a new high a high, and and really see full thousand disappeared quite well behind us as it stands right now. Bitcoin against the dollar on coin dice is hovering right around the full thousand dollar mock, look we have fawning some support around four thousand pumping backup above it. Currently sitting out full thousand ten dollars holding that range right now be interesting to see what happens the next twenty four hours a theory against dole sitting at one hundred forty dollars flat down one point two one percent for the session. Ails is up point two seven of a percent around that hundreds are in that photos and thirty three cent mock just holding its ground having a little bit of a poll or little tiny to move right now. Still is once again sitting down one point four percent right around at ten cents seven and look realistically. I'm just having a look at this on the two-day. Hey, there's a nice little bullish candle. There was actually little there is an awesome polish channel they're bright to the upside of that mice Bill more upside there for still based on the jots. Ripples to the thirty one and down one point seven percent still very much within that range little bearish candle there. Luckily to print now on if it was the close small and bearish on the daily not yet done. The law coin is sitting down one point four seven percents sixty one dollars and forty five cents following next. Bitcoin cash holding around that one seventy handle one seventy seventies. The prospect coin cash right now, it's down one point. I five percent on today's trading session. The only only one other market right now within that top ten that is actually up and it is Bon ends on. It's holding up the bullish candle in the cradles. But not the best looking chart just simply because of the divergence there on the daily, but heck I'd love to sit move high it sitting at sixteen dollars and sixty three cents up point one non of the percent Chinese next on my list down to three so two cents point three two point three cents. Down one point one seven percent and CAD Donna County Down two point two two percent of having a very strong diocese squad. Nostrand they on cod. Donna and the good thing about it is it is based reading us cradle trades throughout as well, which begin keeping an eye on. And does some of them have been doing very very well indeed. 'cause you have a fantastic way, Ken, Dan. Well, if his writing where you are oil you're looking for something to get across the try to call dot com. Fray toes. I try to call dot com forward slash free, tools, and you can have access to a bunch of free material. They're gonna have a fantastic dial speak to all gyn next week boffin now. The trader called crypto podcast is hosted by Craig called ultra-cold courses products and tools can be found at trader kkob dot com because experience met is.

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