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On here with Christianson financial, are you mortgage ready set up a free consultation with a licensed loan originator and get your pre approval letter today whether you're looking to purchase or refinance? Now's a great time with mortgage rates near a two year low visit home loans radio DOT com that's home loans radio DOT COM Christianson financial a local mortgage lender you can trust where face to face service still exists Christians in financial inc equal housing lender fourteen, O One Town Plaza Court Winter Springs. Florida mls one, eight, two, nine, five, one, four. News Junkie for Thursday August. Six Twenty, twenty lots to get today from bars in vaccines part to do not view delete if we die and Gertie gets a birthday card plus your calls dispatches emails, tax and more. Hey, their Sabrina. Hello. Hello see lang good mornings so much to talk about today we await your dispatches search for the news junkie in the APP store right now you download the APP. Start Your account in joined the show. Hear Your Voice Right alongside ours today and Sabrina is just really join her breakfast over here. Right next to me really taking it all and nothing like good. Delicious. I don't know what it is but it's in my body I gotTA. Tell you look stick it looks like Eh. Your drinking drinking throat have you smelled it? No giving away If. See All, right. The next one's GonNa suck a jar of thick red stuff. Yeah it's Pretty good. Actually I guess what's in it? I smell some Greens in there and there's definitely some strawberries or something. It's a banana I think and dragon fruit. ooh Fun fact not the real dragging fruit though. No not cocaine Rogaine. Different is we had dragon fruit popoff one of our CACTI and and then we bought some from the store and it turns out the drag for the pop of ARC CACTI was not ready to eat all Dallas why my stomach was in chamber you gotta gotTa big juicy lunch. No ready to go. Yeah. Whole nother jarve crap. Why are you eating out of jars right now because I am reading my body of toxins and dope baby right now. You're GONNA last all. I. Can think about. Sleeping in like crazy because I can't drink any coffee I got here five minutes before the show started because right before a have everything on a Mike Goodbye after go to the bathroom never mind. So it's like it's supposed to be helping me why are you putting yourself through this because I've been drinking every day since we started the show a fair point it's a fair. Point. Just the two of you you and your girlfriend on this diet or cleanser whatever it is you're the healthiest people I know. So it makes sort of me and feel like we got to step it up and make ourselves a little more doing I. Don't know. It makes me feel that way until I see what you're having to put yourself through and then completely jump off ship. You know I'm been planning everything. I'm going to eat as soon as it's over but the. Pizza for sure you're like a prisoner comprised she doesn't. Leave. The house like say kiss. Britney goodbye with their SMOOTHIE and show up here and go straight to. Dunk it in the trash can has I'm after prove it to myself as well. How many days is this? Day Four. Days. Oh. Okay. Well, that's not too bad. You're almost at the halfway point of you can. You can easily get there but the biggest trial is going to be around twelve thirty right yet today just to get around lunchtime and having your black drink to quench hunger. The. Translucent Brown drink. Oh, you're not drinking at all during this. I haven't drank three Oh my God I don't even know who you are i. don't even know who I am. I. got. So, much to talk about today and there's a interesting thing happening in response to something we've discussed on the show yesterday with the mayor's comments about bars and a lot of people speaking out about that in the Mayor Sang Look I was taken out of context and trying to clarify so we'll dive into all of that stuff left some funding. I. Got a game coming up at one a Clai. Yeah and anybody could be the winner of this whether it be Sabrina ceiling or Fritz. Studio Fritz I gotTa tell you I was kind analyzing the game's over the brick there from last night after the show and I said I don't know that Fritz has been doing all that well I digest. The Not had the victories that Sabrina Seen Lane had that I can remember now he has he just. Gave it to me. Away won the price that you were going to give. Fritz is something that he can't actually use well today the prize could be used by anybody and anybody can use. Yes. When you were gone, I want a fifteen dollar gift Uber Deep Fritz. My Ass. Was Bit of a looping. It was embarrassing down this what you'd be fun and interesting. It's up halftime of the show at one o'clock today a let's just take a peek to get this. Passed us with the covid nineteen numbers popping up that does come into question. Every single day on the show and certainly weighs on me with the different things that we talk about especially the bars etc cetera. So yesterday, we had five, thousand, four, hundred, eighty, nine cases, which was about flat from the previous day and today's numbers come in at seven, thousand, six, hundred, eighty three, which is up a little bit on double the test essentially the good news the percent positively in. The State of Florida at eight point three. Now comfortably below ten, the lowest it's panic quite some time, and now we've got the test ramping back up again, our problem continues to be the amount of time. It takes to get those results in that needs to be fixed as soon as possible over to Orange County. Yesterday, we were at two hundred, ninety cases today three, hundred and forty six get this. Looking at the numbers, this is encouraging stuff percent positively for new covid nineteen cases in Orange County six point four percent on double the cases of yesterday's results. So six point, four percent we've been lower than that. We've been at five nine within the last week but that was on very, very few tests. So a six point four percent positive rate is very, very encouraging and remember this when you hear. All the things about what's supposed to stay shutdown? What's supposed to open up? What the hell are we supposed to do moving forward, read drink full of stuff that'll do it for everybody right there. I don't even know if they told me that that would prevent covert if I could be able to stomach that diet just not not even just the taste because I'm sure the taste is not that bad. You haven't any crunching what four days, the Dragon, fritzy a little crunchy. Oh no I desire like a crunch of a pretzel or something that snaps back. He just made my my mouth water so bad I, couldn't even talk. The worst part is the celery juice. Straight up seller would you ever want to? Mix It with anything. Does that sound processor and after chuck? Moody so bad right now you're. Live Oh yeah. Thin and beautiful. I used to do like I i. don't think that would do it by itself, but like like apple and carrot juice together. Pretty good. Team made. A, bunch of animals that foraging for food, you need some meat unlike hippy sorry. That to it needs some real sustenance in your life. You need some spaghetti so much. And everything that she's eating though it's all fiber and watch I look I'm not gonNA take myself to a place where I'm eating grass in. SIP and weird green things out of a drink I just can't do this. No. I've feeling empathy for you and your situation and I'm impressed that you're continuing on Nazem I and I mean. Delivery of something else that comes from the ground. Your side will say nothing Oh if you to get a secret delivery of something to break this but I, that secret will be safe with me. If you go that route, she's just talking about we well, whatever whatever whatever. Whatever you'd go through this. All vague is fine by me. Just a quick update on one more thing related to covid nineteen. There's a piece out today on CNN, their answer, some questions that I think a lot of people have so many just get this out there and we'll get to the fun stuff. There are three different major vaccines that are making the round, right? Now are the rounds and pushing through research and everybody's question is when when we get these one or they're going to be safe, when can normal people not Shawn? Watson. Have these and be able to get back out in society and stuff especially sick people. I mean. That's the vaccine is really really important for people who have weakened immune systems. So what are the biggest ones? Is MODERNA and MODERNA is on phase three of their vaccine trial with thirty thousand adults at eighty nine sites around the country right now this is all under this operation warp speed program, which is bananas usually take so long to get vaccines and this is just this effort by everybody in the medical apparatus to to shove things through it not just in the United States I'm. Talking about around the world, these people working together so far they've only released phased one results in they showed that this brought about an immune response, which is what they're going for in the Madeira case more than half of the participants had side effects but small stuff like fatigue and muscle pain at the injection site and that sort of strange feeling I feel good to go. Or muscle pain at the no I have to fill out a little diary every day though like I. Get an alert on my phone here. It says. It says time to fill out your diary Sean. And the diary asked me questions that I have to say yes to sometimes that maybe are not impacted by the vaccine here diary. Guess what? Today was a wild day I went to a feed park today I said today you know no no fever no fatigue no chills, and then they're like diarrhea like that's none of your business go right past that. You. Don't know from time to time but unlikely because my diet unlike yours with the healthy green and red stuff is just all still the toilet or do stuff and. Out same results. With it either way. So that's what they do. Every single daft to answer. One of those things in mind is is the Pfizer test and they said they have more than one vaccine candidate. They're in phase two of out of three of their trials which started this last week. That's the one that I'm involved with and Pfizer and bio n tech are the companies behind this. They hope to get regulatory review as early as October, which is pretty good and if they get emergency authorization from the FDA, they'll be a one hundred million doses by the end of the year, and then they prioritized those two people. I it would be frontline responders and it would be people with weakened immune systems but that would be this I. Bet you Kanye West gets a damn seen before a frontline respond I'm sure he's he's got the cash to make that happen. He's got his own. Fire. Department. Well, that's what I was saying according to the I was like I wonder if the doctor's doing these vaccine studies are like, don't mind if a do. Jab One of my arm here. See of this works The trial results so far are working out for them. They said a favorable unfavorable. Taller. Excuse me on it favor- favorable overall tolerability profile for the vaccine that just means it's not too bad with generally mild to moderate side effects that lasted one or two days fever fatigue chills and no serious adverse effects. So that's coming. After October possibly and then the last one is something called Novak's, which is a bio tech company out of Maryland they're beginning phase three trials next month that is working so far but very small only one, hundred, six people got the vaccine and a few had muscle pain and stuff like that. So there's so many different vaccines going on we're very likely I don't think a lot of people think about this. There won't necessarily be the vaccine for covid nineteen tax. He'll be a whole bunch of them feel Delgada choose. I mean, they'll. They'll be people that are putting out the research and saying you know this is the one you should take, and we prefer this one over that rain on and Yom. It may may even be a decision on people's parts like which one do I wanna do here sounds like a nightmare and then with Seila installed about Kanye west and maybe the rich people get a special vaccine the poor people yeah. third-place vaccines do have any radio listeners can hook us up. We got a contact now go I'll see what I can do I mean. I know people I know people visor kind of. I don't really know anybody Pfizer I only know people who are doing studies for visor Gotcha but maybe I'll see if they can know somebody that'll pull some strings and sell them on the side. So yeah, that's what's going on with all of the different vaccines right now they're in the process and we may see them as soon as a few months, which is excellent news. So that brings us to the stuff about the bars in mayor dyers comments yesterday now he sang he was misquoted. A bunch of the bar owners are coming out people are starting to react to this. So we'll get to that a little bit later on to this show maybe around noon or so to see what everybody's thinking about that there was some new TV that kicked off last night and I wanted to tell everybody something because it's important. There's something about your ear that could let you know if you're going to have a heart attack Oh boy and I don't want to hear it I'm GonNa. Regardless or not whether you want to hear we're GonNa Watch C.. See on facebook dot com slash the news junk going to have a heart attack defending. Argue this is going to tell us before we have the heart attack not wow. We're having a heart attack and everybody else who's everywhere across the world listening and watching Cana check on their own that's coming up in just a second watches it facebook dot com slash the news junkie. It will join with your dispatches from the news junkie APP in just a moment. Stay right there. It's the news junkie on real radio. secretively real radio one way. One of my heart radio, an anti you're smart speaker to play a real radio. One point one on iheartradio again, someone's always gotta mess with. Filling in the gaps between the New York, times and Worldstar, this is the news Jordan back days made one hundred good story hundred good stories. Make me interesting parties. Parties. What are the craziest things about our connected world is how their doctors? Who can watch stuff on TV. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen this happen at stories and see that somebody's sick or somebody has cancer they've. Always the thyroid. Check that bump on your throat. What do we have somebody do that one time you have somebody say something about use abry now and there are watching some bring it up. Yeah, and they were. Like a psyching. was doing standup. It was my first experience as a headliner and. Not The to Mount Horn but to to a great job. Yeah, I get a call from. Co. Workers. This is crazy but I brought my friend with me tonight and she's a psychic and Mike Oh my God. This is it. She's going to tell me drop everything. You got but I see it happening and she proceeds to tell me that the psychic says I need to get my thyroid checked immediately. And I and then I responded did she say anything about my comedy? No no coming now is it weird for that? Friend because that friend has to juggle this idea they're like Man Damn Psychic friend whatever they say something I have to. Tell that person just in case auto don't feel bad exactly but have to kind of. Take their word for it a little bit. It's not like the second got something to tell you call her set up an appointment free consultation I fifteen but knows just like. Actually doing anything about it I. Forgot this is what I had conveniently at a gynecologist appointment that week. Your put. There while they were there I was like hey. Question Weird things psychic measured at thyroid checked and they just looked up like this is not the right doctor. This is why I think sometimes that we have not we have not perfectly formulated our internal circle of friends. Okay. We have a lawyer Moses dewitt anytime something weird happens legally where like an Moses a drink and I'm gonNA chew your ear off about all of these different than we need a better all around doctor friend so that we have a couple of drinks doc psychic said thyroid problems how looking over here and then they tell you bad or good. Right then that's a really really good thing to have in your circle of friends. I think was like three years ago so it should be good, right? Yeah. I think a good now. You're healthy. You got your downers looking looking to throw a lot of people were watching us and we're like, oh, they're probably doing that to me at least they're like, oh You're faces. All right. That's a camera. Probably a little bit of the camera at all red as a thing I don't know probably not a good thing. Everybody's like, wow, you're phases really read. That's a great sign of health you're doing well out there I don't know sometimes it's like what the red face thing like actually the other day she you've got some new poor thing. And she did stick. Yes. Dance with some stick and she didn't and she's like, Oh, I should've steamed my face I now it's all red and I'm going I don't see read this is. You must think I'm really read the stuff is insane. The things that GALS will go do and like my girlfriend found a new. Not Dermatologist but somebody who specializes in all that much money and they did like a micro scraping yeah. Scrape the top layer of your skin can't even imagine because I've never done that what would come off my A whole roll. My internal conflict was. Are Right do I tell her that she looks normal because then she's GonNa. Hear I'm read all the time. Allocated a dance right there. You're my little strawberry. So. Many of these lobster have been been watching television or even watching a show or whatever movie and seeing somebody and they'll go that person is sick and I, know that I've seen somebody before now it's like I think that person is sick based on information I have and I I was GonNa say something I thought that'd be super rude I'm not a medical professional obviously so I don't need to be entering into that area and trust me if they're not sick, it is awful. That's awkward. Somehow I've time and yet a second story were old friend rain intimate and it was years had passed since I had seen them. I had lost Mel B's. And she holds my hand. Looks me the is it goes. Are you sick? Go excuse me no a compliment. Yes. I've been walking more and watching what I eat. Up Two more shots, plead case when my sister when I was younger, my sister was in her late teens of told the story before about how she had a liver transplant and she went through that struggle right in of my eyes and she was really really really really really jaundice and they get people get like this greenish yellowish color. Event, yeah I mean it really looks like a human simpsons character. It's very strange. What's that Fritz Billy? Ruben I think is a byproduct of that and that's what creates jaundice like the yellow skin. The yellow is I've Willie Reuben sounds like something I would order from subway. Original Singer for smashing pumpkins. been sold me a Sham Chamois. Walked buyer I go. She looks like she has jaundice this lady I've seen in my sister. I say super inappropriate for me to stop because either she does already are I'm not a doctor shouldn't be doing this though, but they're all these stories that pop up John is so scary it's a little strange looking. This one is all over the place this week and they said be scary that. Know Me. My sister, even more yellow than that. She was a little more Lisa Simpson than. An. Unusual sign of heart attack symptoms has been spreading around and I looked at this and I was like, oh no I. Don't even know if I'm good on this actually right now they say heart attacks are frightening experiences and in some cases can prove deadly in order to reduce your risk of the condition knowing all the potential warnings is important including the lesser known signs one such signed. You may be ready to have a heart attack or your body may be ready to have a heart attack is found in a person's ear. For a person with normal ear lobes, this entails smoothness. But if your ear lobe has a crease fold straight line or a wrinkle, it could mean you are at risk of a heart attack and you could see some of the examples here near over at facebook dot com slash the news junkie like this crease across the bottom of your ear lobe if you could bring this up and that picture on the right there kind of looks like. But yeah, it's like a line like a little but that's mashes together in your ears I was. Your story. And everybody. Feel it. Everybody's like Oh. Let me see airlines. Heart attack yes. MEANS YOU'RE GONNA have one. It's a big indicator that you could have a heart attack. Here's another person. This is an older person has that crease right along there Were attached to your head. To see how Obama and George W Bush had it all do they're really? Images. Theory? No this is real. wayfair attach. As I was searching on this I you know let's make sure this is real because it's such a strange thing. Don't think they have that. Heart Power A. No. No you're. Good. Sean What The run your left is a little creepy facebook. Why can you say with word because you got to be messing with me and I can't see my ear lobes right now it's really difficult to determine if I'm okay. Can anyone listening to the radio but this is part of the news and we have to find out for have heart attack. The study that they did found having an ear lobe crease was significantly associated with an increased risk of developing clinically significant heart disease. Wow. So this does have a factor in whether or not you could have a heart attack. So start looking at people's ears and then get George Mental. Say you're about to have a heart attack that look at other Right. There on the top of the to. Marty. Don't show that again is when you have a hole in your tooth that's assigned there. We have a home to it's a sign that your body's disaster. So you're probably going to have a heart attack anyhow. So check your friends check yourself check. Not, that the heart problems give the hold onto. The meth. That is going to contribute to the tooth and the heart has never been attributed her heart issues. Thank you very much. I don't know that gets your heart pound a little bit old meth defender there. That's a hot take. All right. You want to take a because what I saw this story. I said fine. Let's do. Yeah. Stupid and I'm not going to let it happen on my watch. Okay. Because as of this week craft has gone too far craft. The Big Corporation has just gone too far kraft Heinz in fact, they own everything and they're behind the iconic blue and yellow box of macaroni and cheese, which is in fact the worst macaroni and cheese. Okay. You can purchase at the stores at your take. No, that's that's just a commonplace take the VELVEETA cheese, which isn't really cheese is superb at Neverland changed baby. I didn't stay one government cheese. Let's go my cheese and big giant blocks and not not like the expensive kind. Just the really really cheap kind. But kraft macaroni and cheese has started this new campaign, which to me is a little bit well, not a little bit a lot of bit insane but they're probably GONNA get some people who are into this especially young kids they seem to be very, very down this. This is the new campaign that running right here all over social media and television. I'm. Craft cheats morning. The Sun Shining. Your Kid William Television. So. Give yourself a break and give them kraft Mac and cheese for breakfast. Mac and cheese for breakfast is the new campaigns and so. Say, no to this back she's belongs after news is this is genius marketing. Every little kids going to be like mom they said we could do it for. A dialogue that needs to be spoken. Yes. It's genius marketing like you know why? You know how we could sell more MAC and cheese by somehow injecting it into children that it is an option for breakfast and it's the same thing. The TACO Bell did which I thought was just brilliant and Pizza Bagels Taco Bell said, how do we? Sell more tacos to people how do we? Tell people convince people they need more tacos from Taco Bell we're GONNA. Invent another. Meal. They had reckless lunch and dinner that. We're putting in four meal Sabrina with the Pizza Bagels, the more news even of their song he's at supper time. When you have a pizza Bagel, you can eat pizza anytime. Same goes for MAC and cheese. Now. So they are saying that the new boxes of MAC and cheese. Breakfast on them like he used to say dinner on them, they're going to say breakfast is say no to this nonsense for breakfast and they're like, saying, put it on your hashbrowns. All of this stuff. We'll see what you think are your dispatches in just a moment. Courtesy got her car. I just know things we'll talk about that in a little bit. About the neither here nor there just yet but we'll get into it a little later on in the show plus your dispatches going to kick things off next news junkie on real radio. Don't want to go so far as to say, this is what we're here for. A. Bro Seven, nine, one, six, one, four, one, real radio. One point one. Yup. You're listening to the news junkie. Junky. Sean Lawson. Today. Jordache sent an email to let all their customers. And they were saying, Hey, we got this bill that Congress is thinking about right now and it's the restaurant support bill and I let me see pull this just I'm not make it up. Numbers are trying to get as close to them as I possibly can because some of the things that they set in this is this urge Congress to pass the restaurants act elected officials. In Washington DC are considering legislation that would save independent restaurants. That's an important thing independent. Restaurants across the country and they're pushing this they said, they want to protect the employment of sixteen million Americans that work at independent restaurants generates up to two hundred, seventy, one billion dollars for the economy, and they suggest that eighty five percent of independent restaurants are at risk of closing permanently due to Covid nineteen at is unbelievable eighty, five percent of these restaurants remembering that I just said, sixteen million people work at these places and there's a big deal. There's another movement. That I've seen some of the local places that are affected by this. Talk about a little bit on social media The save our stages movement. For. Live. It's for. The. Mission of the National Independent Venue Association to preserve nurture the ecosystem of independent live music venues. So it's the same thing like you're talking about restaurants that independent ones this one's for the venues places like. The. Social the BEECHAM. Any concert venue, the plaza live stuff like that. That are that are not like these name brand mainstream ones who are also hurting, but they're. Trying to band together and push well, if you did a little list, right if you said, who are the places that have been most effective by government shutdowns in by government action, you'd go bars restaurants. Undoubtedly not just live music venues but the live music world. Yeah. In the bands and the roadies and everybody that is in that that that arena has been impacted by this more. So than so many other people I mean it's totally plausible that there's somebody out there. That's like I don't even know what the big deal is. I'm driving around my jobs better than ever I have an anti major issues through this but these other industries are hurting quite a bit and dash has yet another problem because. I didn't realize this, but I guess being door Dasher if that's the way they define themselves, they call them dashers. If you're a door Dasher, it is a lot harder according to one person in particular. Then you would think to do this job and overeats then I mean, well, all of them I guess but it just take door dash because this woman is adored ash driver that we're going to hear from here. That's no no. No, there's another one that if there's a donut one, because this one is someone. WHO's she's breakdown she's a door dash driver and she sang about how difficult her job is and she filmed herself and posted this all my she's crying her. Mascara running down her face or Gal and I thought to myself. I didn't realize it was so hard in day and age when we got GPS, we got cell phones to call the people. If there's problems, she's got a filthy mouth. Door. And people, sites, live it apartments. But you mean so hard for me to find where you live. I've been certainly rendered goddamn place for twenty. It's. Twenty. Double Down. Live. Either fry. Apartment twenty, three addresses to nine one nine. I've been looking for. I is a tune on one nine and they're like support it's building twenty three. Is the. Tough meeting or FRY. This tough out there being one of these delivery drivers lot pressure on your these days, and then you've got to do the dance right I. Don't know if I told you guys this. But a couple of weeks ago I woke up and I was incredibly hung over before the show. This part is not a surprise to either one of us. When we were both of us were northern ceiling was drunk all it might have been that day. It could have been that day when seeler was the only one who seemed sober for the beginning of the show we be powered through though we got there. But I I will Novi self sealing of feeling. So hung over and when I do that, my go-to is get door dash or something like that and get McDonald's breakfast burritos that kicks my my system into gear in some weird way, and I can I can take on the day and so I did that and then I got the alert from my camera that somebody was there and they were dropping off the food and I asked for. The contact listing just set it down. I'll see it's there. It's all sealed up and I'll get out of there and go and so I, was only halfway paying attention I open up the front door and the guy's still there and he's got his camera out and I'm so is this guy doing maybe he's calling somebody but holding his camera up in front of his face with happening here. So I grabbed the McDonald's bag and he's like That and I'm like what and we're having this weird standoff in the front yard and I'm going. He has to picture a good. Yeah. No idea. He had to take a picture of the McDonald's on the front step but I took the bag because I was. A picture. In the picture at the same thing happened to make right? Thumbs up holding this bag. That was weird and I understand what you're supposed to do. These are the things they deal with these people who are delivering every day. Let me try to grab the back to early. I had the weirdest thing delivery. I've ever had the other day have to to keep talking about. These. Energies Clinton's this one's not food at all but the Amazon. Delivery driver was like he was delivering to one of my neighbors across the street at the same time as my girlfriend and I were switching cars. And he had packages for me too, and he just came up like open my passenger side doors I package for you. Delivered to the car right into the car. was like her. They have weird jobs and and they probably deal with so many strange people on any given day. She just have a little bit of a break down there. I, did like that part that was just like I mean again, fries. Because you get desperate, it's it's been thirty minutes, freak it out and people who decide to live apartment. So. Anything. Do. She does need some help though she said, F door dash and people who live in apartments. So we're we're covering a lot of people here just F- You right off the bat it so hard for me to find where you live a I've been certainly got in place for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes. have no idea with they live. Video I WANNA see. This is. My favorite. Twenty three's actresses to nine, one nine. I've been looking for tonight. and. I asked him is to on one nine in they're like support it's building twenty three. At. The New York Times website. Yeah. Don't go there go. World Star HIP HOP DOT com. Take it you. Know that's dig at myself forgetting news from World Star Hip. Hop. Dot Com. and. You'll go down to the door. Dash Lady ABC. World, Star Hip Hop Office. That's awesome I. I read a profile way back when when Worldstar was first starting to get popular about the guy who created it and how much money he was making and just absolutely killing off of that website and really's world star was one of the first websites. Now, there's a MTO and the bunch of other ones, and then there's a lot more out there but that framed viral culture and targeted in. There is specifically to a black online community which nobody was hyper serving and they found out that look this huge reaction were getting, and then all the rappers wanted their music videos on the front page of the sites in Manno mandate make some some cash from all of that Let's go over to your dispatches if I dispatcher and if it's your first time, you always go to the front of the line. Whenever I can remember it speaking of that. Here's remember when for a dispatcher with dispatch I should say remember when you were in school and you got in trouble what did they do to hitch but with a panel they didn't call mom and dad nobody coming to rescue helicopter. You're on your own and what happened. It got your attention and you didn't do it again. When you were in high school, they had the smoking area. Oh. Man Good Times. Laughing and joking with your friends. Not. Hurting anybody. You might even bump into your second period teacher and boom a secret off you you. Need to bring back the paddle and bring back the slogan areas. What do you think Sabrina Sean? When were you born? Sir. He would ask your teachers to bum a cigarette. The bring it back to paddling is. Gone by the wayside I don't know if that that arguments still out there for people I know when my mom was in high school, they had a smoking room do they like an actual room for high-schoolers? Into Boarding School I. Don't know if that changes anything but. Eighties could you could you smoke it before you're eighteen then? Yeah. So the team to smoke thing is more new than it used to be I. Know I know used to be eighteen to drink. They changed that. I think that they. I know they had smoking section in my high school when it was built thousand, nine, hundred eighty but that's eighteen from with her nothing before I don't think so so it's like a twelve year old smoking cool cigarette on the corner and when they all started but I remember going to high school, they still had signs up that said like effective January first nineteen whatever that there was no smoking on campus which meant to me. Okay that a reminder that there used to be. Section where kids would smoke here, what is unbelievable to think about people don't understand this or just maybe take notice. So I'm obsessed with how fast things can change currently in our society. I talked about not too long ago how it had only been like eight weeks since the George Floyd murder in the video of that went around and think about all the things things that have been in our society for a long time they've changed by dude discourse changes think about all that. That that happens with everything. So think about that you said one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, eight, cigarette smoking went down I went up to eighteen years old ninety two but then as I kept scrolling may have lied. But. I know that maybe it wasn't as. Strict The day, but we'll go ninety ninety at some point they changed it to you have to be eighteen to smoke, and then at some point, not even that long ago they change it. So you can't smoke inside in some states and water states weren't on board with that, and then finally now all of that seems so foreign and strange we have rapid change that happens in this country we need to go back to Swat and kids on the ass and twelve year old smoking just like remember. The loss first appeared in eighteen eighty aright as far as the limiting of age. Of. Cigarettes then Yeah Nineteen Twenty by nine, hundred, twenty between fourteen and twenty two states had the Malays of twenty one years old. And then twenty fifteen, fifty fifties, forty-six of the fifty states at eighteen years and the drinking thing was not that long ago either. Twenty one tobacco is it all? That's right. Yeah. Not even that long ago they changed the sucks you kid here is funny name with a dispatch guys good morning good afternoon bringing jaundice and people turning yellow. While back my father was sick. His liver failed he started turning yellow and went to him in the hospital and we're like, hey, how you doing pop to me poses gone opening. He goes it looks like I've got homer Simpson's D is whole damn body was yellow dying. Sense of humor still makes me laugh I think about it ticker guys. I don't know if I'd WanNa see that as my dad is is lying sick in bed he pulls out his yellow donkey to show. The Jaundice. You try to go your entire life without seeing your old man's. I could use a badge of being a father on your deathbed if you're actually knew as your deathbed and doing just say. You're like, you know I, looked in. Your whole life without seeing your dad's Wang take a look at this I can't under segment on that. Batches. Dad's Today your dispatches from the news junkie. APP, coming up in just a moment. Stay right there. That's why it's the news junkie on real radio. 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It's that easy propane taxi so you can focus on family friends and fun. Forever, at the crossroads between Viral News. Total. So, yesterday. Probably a weird one for. Mayor Buddy Dyer. He's used to getting a lot of heat because it's pretty popular. I mean Buddy Dyer has been long as I've been here a very popular and not really a target. I don't think knowing that he was a very big figure. One pulse happened and was a big part of of everything I. Don't know that united the community in such an awful awful terrible tragedy. Yesterday. Seem the complete opposite I. I've not seen that many not my buddy. And quite some time. Yeah. It's interesting that this happens and he's saying now that he was misquoted. So we'll get into this a little bit more just a second here but the mayor found himself getting slammed all over the place just for some seeming seemingly some hypocrisy and just for not making sense with the comments he was making about bars reopening and what I posted this yesterday on twitter I saw three main reactions when I posted this on at the news junkie on twitter. And Simple Post what what Buddy Dyer sang is nonsensical. And saying that bars need to stay shut down until there's a vaccine is going to kill all these bars and probably have a negative impact will definitely have a negative impact on the economy of downtown Orlando for probably a decade that that's just factual that that will happen as a result of this stuff and the three actions that I saw was a lot of people probably the majority of the people who responded were in agreement or retweeting are just spreading this a little bit further. Thumbs up kind of thing then there were. People who are kind of blaming it on everybody out there screwing up and not following the rules, and then there were people who were like bars are terrible. anyways right. There's there's like an anti bar crowd which I didn't know we were back the Prohibition Times where some people are might have to be the bars need to be shut down. These bars are terrible. The hell are you lunatics the people in the second category are most interesting to me because I don't think they get it or I think they've been swayed by. People. Who are political in nature and these are the same people who have evolved in their idea of what flattened the curve means the the curve idea just to tell you what you already know. I know you're smart was to stop everything so that the hospitals could prepare to handle when people got sick with this inevitable virus spread and to also maybe see if we could find other ways to treat this and different ways, we could lower the potential death outcomes in some of these covid nineteen situations and we did that and then things began to open back up. Now you may argue a lot of people argue that we opened back up too soon well, whatever the case may be in. That situation we open back up and we saw because of a wide variety of things and I'm sure bars were in the mix but also protests with tens of thousands of people were in the mix and many other activities that are much more dangerous than any of these something that people fail to understand sometimes is that your regular old house party is the place where people get close in your spitting in each other's mouths and you're spreading around covid nineteen. So there are people whose thinking is evolved from flattening curve, get hospitals ready, and then we work to keep things in a manageable position while we wait for the vaccine to the only remedy for them is when there are spikes in cases. To lock everything down again and lock everything down again, the majority of things or even certain sectors of things is not a long term plan for any of this short term plan for any of this stuff. In fact, there is some stuff that shows that it doesn't work all that well, but it's it's not the the antidote to the problem that we're facing. So I don't know I. I hear you if you're in that category, but I also kind of dismiss it a little bit with some of the evidence that that. I, see out there so. Let's stay focused just on the comments that Mayor Dyer made that got him this first heat that I've really seen in a while and Fox thirty, five our friends over there they say this Orlando Air. Buddy Dyer is getting slammed on social media. After he said, he was misquoted about bars reopening dire suggested it could be months before local bars would reopen during an interview with ABC News on Tuesday. I'm very sympathetic to the bars that are in the most difficult situation. Mayor Dyer said acknowledging how difficult it's been for bar owners to keep their doors. Shut indefinitely I think they're in a very, very difficult situation certainly having vaccine would be in everybody's best interest especially, the bars of then Fox thirty five asked the mayor. If he believes bars should remain closed until there's a corona virus vaccine son has reported back to Buddy Dyer. No I'm not saying that at all I would like a statewide application. I would rather that it's not city by city and county by county in terms of what procedures will be. If they can safely open I would love for them to open Mayor Dyer said clarifying what? He said was misquoted in some of these reports about misquoted him. They do that I guess he's saying that ABC News did and I don't have the raw audio or video of the interview with ABC News but I will send them after the show a request for a transcript of the interview to see what he actually said, and then what they turned it into to give Mayor Dyer. The benefit of the doubt if was indeed taken out of context with Ken, which can happen he's passing the buck here though he saying this thing, the president is saying. So. When you look at the president and his reaction to all the covid nineteen stuff, it's been we want the governor's to handle it. Well, the president wants to governors to handle it because it's a poisoned pill nobody wins with Cova nineteen and you could at least blame it on the governor's with. Political hot potato exactly and then you go to the mayor the mayor goes at least according to ABC News. All of these bars should be shut down in two. We get a vaccine that's the only way to handle this and he says he was misquoted but if that's the case he goes no no no, I don't want this to be handled on an Orlando based I want to be a statewide thing. He's throwing that hot potato right thrown to Rhonda. To the organizations Rhonda Santa's didn't even want the hot potato he threw it to the. Through to them and they just tweeted out all the bars were closed time remember nobody wants to hold the hot potato and as all these people are trying to not hold the hot potato. The bars are dying and it's incredibly expensive for these places to stay open. Let me hit you with a little something. Okay. I've had some conversations with many many bar owners in Orlando about this exact issue. If you think about the average place down there, I would guess many of them have. Rents that you would be very surprised by over ten thousand dollars a month long astronomical lot of money and there's the you know you find the place that never seems to last. You know it's like they call it curse and it's like you know one place maybe on Church Street or one corner of Pine, and it's because the rent is insane and people that own those buildings for so long and are not giving a break whatsoever imacs places that struggle in these particular spots with wildly. Overpriced rent. I mean, you could say the market. Determines what this should be self, but with very high rents, the people who operate their struggle even when they can be open all the time sometimes you know. When there is pandemic like, oh, it's been month here you put a pandemic in plays and now they're in really really hot water and whether you go to the bar or not I think that kind of has some bearing on where your opinion might fall on this. A lot of people are employed by these bars and restaurants and I can't tell you how it must feel because I'm not in these shoes. I. Bet it's really annoying to own a bar and see a restaurants right down the street that's open. That's able to do all the same things and. Yet you're not allowed to do anything that must be just unbelievably frustrating and not even allowed to come up with some weird hybrid plan to get your business back up and running it sucks and especially knowing how tight Orlando is you know which places are running in which you're using these loopholes which are not even going by the CDC guidelines and not even being given the chance to try it out for like a second I mean, it has to be at what point the responsibility of the civilians you know if they can hold a capacity if they can. Have socially distance tables and hand sanitizer available and people doing as much as they can as a business. Then some of the response, most of the responsibility should be on the civilian itself and I think that is a very important because of this. We're not saying that I'm not saying that this shouldn't come without some sort of regulation on things. I'm not saying opened the bars and just let them go hog wild. No just like all the other places tell them here's what you do. You can only add this about occupancy. You can do this. You can set up places outside so that people are spaced out. We'll send people around to help you monitor things and make sure they're following the rules because you're not law enforcement and you might need some help keeping people on track with the rules. Just, to give them some sort of opportunity to stay open. But when you see numbers today like Orange County. So with Covid nineteen with six point, four percent positive rate, and then even at six point four, we've warned the masks we've done all these things you've got six point four there in that if that goes under three percent, what if that goes under two percent what it goes as low as it's ever been in Orange County still can't open those bars. Because Question Mark Right because the bars of dangerous thing the bars of the thing that you can't control now, you can open schools. You can open anything that has a big capacity or a large amount of people that are milling about in the very same way. You can open all kinds of things, but you can't open bars and that's why the social I've read some stuff about the social downtown they're changing what they're doing, and they're going to change over to like a restaurant kind of situation so that They can get some revenue coming in and there's a lot of places they're going to do that or that are going to do work around because they have to survive, and if we're getting down below six point, four, three, point four, two, percent positive and people are starting to understand how we can combat this in Orange County. Why wouldn't you let the places open back up? And I don't think Buddy Dyer would have a good question good answer for that, which is why there's some backpedaling going on here. So. Yeah. He's saying no, I'm not saying that at all I would like a statewide application to what's going on here and so many of these bar owners have responded good friend the show Caitlin who owns Orlando public houses had great post. I thought earlier today about the amount of money that these bars pay to the state of Florida to. Three hundred fifty thousand dollars for for for liquor licenses to the state of Florida to the counties they operate in and the cities they operate in the amount of people that they employ. That is just like you know shoulder shrug deal with it somehow, and it's it's easy because they're bars and it's sometimes viewed as like a blight on the community. All the bars are the problem or whenever it's an easier thing for them to put at arm's length and be okay with shutting down. I've made the point, a whole bunch of times I'll make it one more time here if you WanNa shut them down fine on the decision, but then you had to pay for them you have to pay for those places to stay in existence because this is a government based decision not even based on science that you want to shut down these particular outlets and not let them operate. I, think we're going to see in the next couple of weeks. Awad these bars reopen and find all the loopholes and work arounds that Saint Pete Tampa and all these other cities have been seen. We're going to do that or places that. Used to have kitchens and said, we don't WanNA deal with that. Anymore we're. We're we're not doing that or when we bought it, it had a kitchen but was just going to be bar. Now they're gonNA open some of those doors and. Wonder. If we could some of the stuff off, right make sandwiches. French fries or something is legitimate conversations like that happening right now. And you know the mayor is interested in talking about it. Obviously, we'd be willing to have him on. And I am going to get that transcript ABC news to see what exactly he did say. To SORTA, hold some feet to the fire if that's if that's at all not truthful. Seemed like a a real boneheaded decision and I think that these these bars, the patrons of the bars, the employees and many just average people out there are starting to say this doesn't seem fair. It doesn't seem right. It doesn't seem fair and it seems like your implying a lot of pressure against one particular industry the most regulated industries. Yeah. It while others are allowed to just Kinda do whatever they want. We never had a situation where they're like, Hey, public's this is spreading around amongst all your employees and it's spreading through people who are going into the store and and coming into contact with one another and your hub for this passing through your doors let shut the grocery out no, because they can't shut the grocery stores down pandemonium anarchy. No but the bars well, yeah good target. We can shut them down and the bars I apply that to the live music venues that are trying to find creative ways to stay open and various other places. So personally, I stand with all of these owners who have been trounced by ridiculous and inexplicable rulings that have shut them down and not even given. Them a chance to make an argument for a hybrid ways that they can operate the business that in many cases was their lifelong dream to have and I hope that the man will address this stuff and sort of tell people what his plan is what the what the mayor of Orange County's plan is what the in let's move this. Up The line Rhonda Santa's to is not free from anything on this more. So than anybody, he's clearly the one who pulled the the lever in and made all of the bars in the state of Florida shutdown when things started to get that, all those people should have to answer to when these businesses can open and how though I mean and obscure. Some point they're hiding behind and just kind of playing word games or nuance gains where it says, well, we we didn't force them to close. They just can't serve alcohol. On premise and that's got to be so frustrated any sense and hey, we didn't force you to close. You just can't serve alcohol on the premises, but you can't serve food now unless you serve food in two thousand nineteen and unless that food was fifty one percent of the revenue that you you're bringing in and argument in Iraq heart play a new food license, right? You might. You might be able to new food license, but I don't think that's very cheap when you haven't made any money in the last several months why don't you give them temporary food licenses some of these places places can't afford to take in food inventories. Completely, and they're going to need have different ways that they can address this. When when their social says, we want to open up the parking lot and put a bunch of tense out there and operate sort of an outdoor almost a beer garden thing keep groups far away from each other that when when you see that in practice, it's no different than when we went to the theme park yesterday Universal Studios if they make it so everybody stays away from each other, and then at that point, you put it on the business owner in the patrons and all these people to start following rules you have to give them something. What, what is the rule now? So you can get a new food license perhaps, but otherwise, it has to be two, thousand, nine, hundred. And fifty one percent of your revenues have to have been from food. Correct. I believe. So and and these places are like trying to find out any way they can operate within that specter and their argument many of them I imagine is hey. We we didn't sell fifty one percent of food in two, thousand, nine, hundred, nine. You know what? There wasn't a pandemic and we didn't have to things were okay. Then now it's different. You're going to hear more from these folks who have been very quiet and they have all sorts of different opinions but I think the overwhelming majority of them, these bar owners, these places. That have not been able to open live concert venues. All of these spots I think the overwhelming opinion is, why don't you tell us what's happening here and show us at least a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel so there's that and just see the of people. Prohibition I Know Feeling Keys's style. They're not shutting me down going ABC liquor and buying the whole ABC liquor. If there's more talk of prohibition GonNa to turn this this home studio into my giant liquor cabinet. In case, people start to go to bananas. It'll last me at least five years until things get fixed I. Think I'm I'm worried about two years. Three years three years. There's so many. Last going to be like a year and then you walk in here and all you see is like. Four cases of Blue Carousel. Getting desperate like sixty criminal. Sabrina throws her drink against the law. She's now done with the cleanse can't stand this anymore going to be in the cleanse. I must be perfectly clear. Okay. We'll get divorced dispatches in just a moment. We've got the next episode coming up in a little bit. We've got a game at halftime, which is at one o'clock. Everybody can do for a great prize today and we'll see who the winner is. I think this is going to be a fun one that's coming up at one back with more next the news junkie on. Real. Radio. Joe If. It's important to you. It's on and probably being mocked by the news junkie. Dispatches from news junkie APP in just a moment. Our get that article back hero quick because I want to play the comments from the mayor after the the latest statement that he made to Fox thirty five. So, before you here, this is the actual source interview that started all this with Mayor Buddy Dyer. Of Orlando a Fox thirty five said today we asked the mayor. If he believes bars should remain closed until there's a corona virus vaccine as some have reported. No, I'm not saying that at all, I would like a state wide application I would rather not. City by city or county by county. If they could safely open I would love for them to open. Now here is the actual interview found this, which does one better than the transcript. In case there's any editing here and I didn't see any genie cuts or anything. See when you watch them that I noticed it didn't look like there was any significant edits. But he was targeted Good Morning America and now with that in mind him saying, no I'm not saying that at all if they could safely open, I would love for them to open listen to the original comments. This started this not many people are saying that about bars that I know Florida's top regulator meeting with bar owners across the state to talk about how they could safely reopen their businesses to you. I. See bars reopening in Orlando anytime soon. Bars or one of the most or in one of the most difficult situations because unlike the restaurant where you might go with your family and sit in a booth and be able to isolate or socially distance. When you go to a bar, you're going there to interact with people. You're not going there to sit and cooler and drink your beer by yourself. It's probably speaking challenge for a business, any sort of business that we have. So I just. Know How until probably We. Have a vaccine I'm I'm not sure how will bring the boers back but also all right. So that's that's exactly what he said. There's not a lot. I don't know. He said I'm not sure how we bring the bars back until there's a vaccine which was what he was quoted as saying. He might he might hide in the I'm not sure range. But what he was saying there was the bars don't open as far as I see it in two, we have a vaccine, but then his response to Fox thirty five is no I'm not saying that at all and they asked that question directly to him that doesn't Jiwa did what did they ask? They know I could see what he said. Was I don't know as buddied higher. Do Not know how we could do it unless with a vaccine he said to listen not really say that it's closed completely until vaccine why they said do we do you believe Barsha remained closed until there's a corona virus vaccine to some report? No I'm not saying that at all, you're definitely saying that at least a little bit when you say I don't see a way that the bars can. Reopen into we have a vaccine he's saying due to the nature of the way bars work, which is people having social interactions with one another which it seems like he doesn't go to bars all that often because there's definitely people that go by themselves there's definitely people that go in groups and there's definitely people that still do this at other places just aren't called the bar right now, which is another reason why none of it just makes Never. makes any sense here really but to say not saying that at all, you were definitely saying that you were definitely saying that in this interview and now it's time for you to walk back or figure out another way to address this and you gotTa make sense to people of why. Andretti's can open why theme parks can open why schools can open and we can send kids back into crowded classrooms why restaurant can open and people can drink at the bar at the restaurant Bar can't open just in the not. So distant future, we'll just going to Casey's restaurant Henry's grill and stagger in. Steakhouse. going. To be so fat I don't I don't buy response there and unless there's something that ABC in Good Morning America cut out of that which I did not see it seems like he's not being truthful in his response and we're just I think he really doesn't know. then. Say you don't know. He said I'm not sure how he said I don't see a way that these bars can open until there's to be honest to be quite frank. Whatever words you use a corona virus vaccine and he threw in vaccine as that endpoint. Okay and all he had to say was. We're going to do our best to work on a local and even a state level to find out how we can get these businesses open if there's a way to safely open those businesses before we get a vaccine is he wasn't a hard way to formulate that sentence should be the mayor shadow nobody's GonNa vote for that. But the mayor that we have right now should at least be accountable to this stuff and I. Think he's wiggling out of it backwards now. So say the bars now that this whole conversation is open what's going on have a conversation with these people and tell them when you think they could open your their ideas where they want to open things up outside where they want to limit the amount of people inside come with a structure but he doesn't want to do that. He wants to throw the hot potato to the state. And I will say this. And I'd love to ask him this Mayor Dyer of this get this gets out there. Anyway, I love to ask connections which. I've I've talked to him previously but I love to ask him this specific question I love to ask if you don't believe that we have to wait for a vaccine for bars to open an Orlando. If the state rescinded this block on bars statewide operating, will you get in the way of that for Orlando or will you let those bars back open when the state organization? What was the letter or? With. The DB PR if they released their Hartman of business and professional regulation. So if they say on a state level bars can open back up. If they follow along with all the Covid nineteen procedures will you step out of the way there or will you because you think they're not safe until a vaccine is is created and dispersed throughout the public will. You step in the way and have a block for Orlando or will he throw that over to the mayor of Orange? County Jerry demings I like all of this stuff is lots of questions out there, and until we get those answers I think people are gonNA continue to be confused a real quick. Let's work in this one because it's the first time dispatcher. Here, is outback goonies the dispatch. A News Junkie the smoking ages now twenty one. First Time Dispatcher, qualcomm? Listen. Mall Few Times but the I would not let me. So let's see if this one goes through today at works you tenants are one more. Here's missy junkies you guys. Got To be careful down there with this whole bar foods stuff because up here New York cuomo declared that chicken wings are not food so. Hope you're. Bars down there, figure out the work around so Bars are trying to say we're selling chicken wings, chicken wings food. Yeah Jacuzzis are definitely food. It's not a robust menu of it just has wings but still food and they're trying to make different rules for bars they can't stay open. In. It. Little tougher. Looks like the people of Buffalo are not too keen on that observation seeing as like the whole idea of the. Wing originated there there from buffalo a wing is food, but there's one stipulation to that real quick there enough for Buffalo's. But I think they do make ones that are from buffalo meat. I really was zero bones in them and they're discussing you need to have a bone in chicken wing number one, number two, it needs to be a flat you know. Didn't even get it out of your estimated drums, not a flat if you're selling lax at your bar, that is not a restaurant. Great. Food if they sell flats that be food and chicken on food no, that's scraps, flats, scraps, and the drums are data room. Can't scrap. Ouch. Said chicken wings are not substantial food for bars to be allowed to sell alcohol. He also added the sandwiches were the lowest level of substance. Standard Food. Guy. Like a chip on his shoulder about anything. Eat I guess Appears when we come back, we're going to do the next episode with Sabrina, what's coming up on the next episode? Well, actually it's a whole lot of movies and TV, some big news news for people with things come back and things being taken away and things that we we don't want it all all that and more coming up during the next episode stay right there it's the news junkie on real radio. Filling in the shocking details, just trying to pass out. A News Junkie. The next episode in just a moments and halftime on the way we've got a game coming up at one o'clock always a different one, always a new one, and hopefully fun with some competition headed your way you play along in just a couple of minutes. Let's do the next episode because there's a lot on TV possibly keep up with all of it even though you should because, what else are we gonNA talk about i WanNa do something freaky to you. Whether Nice, it's time for the next episode with Sabrina. Hack you ready for the next. The next episode brought to you by home loans radio and Homelands Radio Doubt Gama. Go check it out. It's wonderful and if you have a mortgage right now that interest rate percentage as a four or five in front of it learned to love your money again because right now you're wasting it and that mortgage guide on here for you here to answer questions here to make your life a little bit easier go to home loans radio DOT com twenty, eight years ago Nineteen Ninety two disabled veteran actor Harold Russell sold this. Hollywood no. Is Oscar. That's right. Is Oscar. He won the nineteen, forty seven year the year of nineteen, forty seven. For this film Nineteen forty seven with a best picture film. Yeah. No. I don't know the name of the movie has the Word Best. Oh. The best years of our lives you googled it, and that is correct. Honest. I was googling the guy came I was an. That like you knew it and you're GonNa try to pass it on. Now he did what happens more often back. Any hurdles was the first Oscar ever sold he had lost both his hands during world war tubes. So no high fives for him and he's training troops in the use of explosives I. think that was the part were. That's how you don't use explore Allah just grabbed it with both as he needed the money to pay for his wife's is surgery. To pay for two hands, the statue cost the academy five hundred dollars to make. See. So why would they add that? He had lost both ZANU, but he needs the money to pay for his wife is he's a caring individual. It's like a modern version of the What's the? Comb yes. I was just thinking that he sold it for. Dollars. Gift to the hand guy. So did she get her is surgery no idea then say that they just took away selling Oscars after that you can only sell it for a dollar. Now at least you're not supposed to sell it at all buy back still happens though about one hundred fifty Oscar have been sold since they first started giving them out nineteen twenty seven about half of those were sold after nineteen fifty breaking the rules with no hands. If you know this guy if you ever meet him, should i. Kick it. Billie Joe Armstrong this greg from Green Bay yes. Pretty cool. Dude is a need. Me For not saying Billie Joe Armstrong. All Billy Dough seems like a pretty cool guy. You could see 'em and just about anything all the time especially when it comes to our lovely company I, hunt pleading got those nude photos of. Shown. No No. No I never got my hands on I just knew that exist. But if you're not an actual fan, listen up and listen up real quick, do not ask him for a photo. You hear me. All right. Yeah. He says, and I quote there are a lot of people out here. Do aren't fans that just want to be guilty by association or something they want to hold you in their pocket as a souvenir and I think that sometimes that's the part that gets annoying. So far. For I can always tone someone's a genuine fan. But then there are people who are just sitting around there in your sweats and they just want a piece for their own ego all poor guy. He knows your genuine or not. And if you're going to be an American idiot, do somewhere else. Point, September and. Anymore. and. Then there'll be a basket kids and why don't you just drive out of here on the boulevard of broken draw forgot about that one or you can just watch some more netflix's and here's today I learned for you early on. Good. Still, at rate right from under GONNA do all seven. Everyone's familiar with this. Law, and order books. As a porn how? Real. And whatever? No it's the too dumb from Netflix on the end comes on the screen. For NETFLIX's. NETFLIX's end. She's is. Why would I even do that? The NETFLIX's logo I understand exactly what you're talking anyway did you know that it was supposed to be a totally different sound imagine opening up your net flicks seeing. Or hearing that. But instead opening up your net and getting. netflix exact. Says I like the sound of a goat. said I like the sound of a goat? So I thought it'd be fun I thought it was Quirky it was version of Leo the lion from MGM. So for a while we were stuck on the goat sound it'd be a good time of course the goat sound was one of the finalists wasn't just something goofy that they thought of early on sadly no audio of the bleat and question no that that's what it is the type of noise. Yeah. So short like a short little thing. Like a horse neigh alliance roar. Overall, isn't it weird that there's people who specialize in making those like one to two seconds. Probably a lot like somebody for TNZ. You know and. Aki Guys GonNa say. Not a lot of people know that they actually make all of the sound of live. Do that Yup. I imagine it just like like an awful meat factory or like a milk factory in which it's just goats and align with different microphones in front of. Being. Police. Your gold stocks. So they ended up doing with. Can hear it on a podcast that I don't know the name of. Or just hear it on this podcast. Later, this is very, very exciting for me and for anybody WHO's my age who didn't have cable growing up and had the glorious channel that was P. B. S.. Because they're going. To do a movie. Based on this. Which? Where's? Where's? That's How He wished Oh cutest Jack Russell terrier ever. Exactly. I never heard of this this will. Never, come over here we sloppy across. Always. Your slap on that wishbone is the best actor of our generations exactly or is it a real Dongbei? wishbone the Jack Russell terrier with the pension for literary classic is getting a Feature Film Treatment via Oscar winner Peter Farrelly. Has. got a fairly good shot up making this a winner. Yeah, he does. It only last two seasons. Seasons. Yeah she does because she didn't live under a rock apparently. Between, nine hundred, ninety, six, and. One Chew seasons season one was forty episodes in season two, only ten before they said, this is crap. Lasted refers fifty episodes nine, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two, thousand, and one I'm just I'm just telling you what? Was the hardest working actor in Hollywood didn't even take a break and Yep definitely dead which sure that. Dog. But now we'll find out what the story is learn marker. We'll be working on the script. Not to be confused with Roy Parker's saying ghostbuster. Paper must be confused. Saying No. Information on just how excited I am and Mattel's also part of it they're going to do the projects like the Barbie movie and a Bernie feature you. Know I got cancelled. They said the people behind this. said that PBS halted production because the show quote did not have merchandising potential. What's the story with that wishbone couldn't like sell toys and gadgets and gizmos play had a wishbone doll. Legal. Dot got from the flea market. Started maybe I should talk to them about probably this is exciting for you. Cool. Broza didn't watch PBS listening yeah. This is where you guys are. Definitely GonNa like this news that is nerd carbon. Guy Hager. Finally some good news New South Park movies could be in the works. So maybe good news because it could mean they say. South Park. After. It came about in the ninety s I'm sorry South Park bigger longer and uncut was ninety nine. It's been a long a good movie won a lot of awards. Added Ninety seven. Grant Gish hasn't even started yet as head of adult animation for Viacom CBS, but he's already got a task build out the South Park Franchise with Matt Stone and Trey Parker hasn't met stone or Furka just yet but his bosses want him to work with the show make a new South Park movie or maybe several specials as well. Peg To special events to build on new strategy for the company tuning in intellectual property into new IDs. If they were on right now, they could be having a blast with all of this cove in nineteen pandemic on sure there will masks no mask something that would be so much material in addition to announcing reboots of Beavis and butthead and of South Park these new movies coming out times are we going to try and reboot? Just. Shut it down for my Bung. It's to know they're also going to revive. Bruin free knows Oprah. Nick Canada? No No. No. No cannons. No I'm. A little bit of this a little bit of that it's cartoon and it's Renan. SIPPY is. Like zero points that are. Down that the Netflix's zone was long order A. Comedy Central Reviving. The original lasted five seasons on nickelodeon MTV nine, hundred, Ninety, one to ninety, six rugrats and Doug. Also around the same time but Ren and stimpy considered more of an adult show is this your? Right. There are many details on that it will be reimagined. and New creative teams going to be behind it because the guy who created. A real piece of work, right but. I can be a clue, I don't I don't. I don't know what the exact accusations so I don't want to say but like he was, he did some bad stuff and I guess it's not part of anymore guess we'll see what the the prude craters will do. Now you're gonNA find out before you better. Back away from that back retraction on the boob tube to tell the truth on. ABC's here's Premiere of Star Trek lower deck's on CBS L. Access series premiere of hit-men on. New York Times rented stimpy Creator accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers in the nineties. Bunch of prudes over there at my here, why did you say that Shawn Watson that is highly inappropriate. Matthew mcconaughey and Jaden Smith will be Jimmy Fallon and I will be burying was open a whole. Of A great great Thursday my friends wash your hands wh. Why do you guys always? Being refereeing. I. Had, nothing to do with. Just sounded very. Sad. To laugh and sat instead of asking what's wrong with me. Oh that's a good question running out. Of Time we gotta go to. Lear on pepper. Shakers Su. Let, me see it. I haven't seen it yet. Where a mask and wash your hands and I guess, remember too smoke weed everyday. All right. Good luck with that whole. When we come back we will. To that sounded dirt? Look at the time of the show. There's a prize up for grabs. You could tell I did not see if I could get right balance I did not make this because it's A. It's got some designs on it that don't look very me but the prize is here regardless and either Sabrina see later, for instance, going to win this let's see how they do when we come back nobody cheat nobody look up nothing during the break I'm I'm. Look up nothing during the no because I was gonNA tell you what the game was grammatically correct. I'll tell you next I'd be telling you next stay there the news junkie on real radio are. Just minutes away from a grand in your hands brought to you by meals air on radio went on four point one. 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So get started, get the answers, get the help that you deserve from an expert that you can trust and a friend that you can trust at home loans, radio, Dot Com Christian Sin Financial Inc, equal housing lender fourteen, one Town Plaza Court Winter Springs Florida mls one, eight, two, nine, five, one, four. Pay Taxi. Blogging that tank. Liver propane straight to you extend your days when you're through, that's pro pain taxi. Tax. Dot. com. Let's cooking this weekend ruins your plan then make it easy on yourself. Go to propane taxi dot com enter Promo Code bbq Ten for ten dollars I barbecue tank exchange delivered to your door. It's that easy propane taxi so you can focus on family friends and fun. Bring you. Are they learning robot rising? This is the News Junkie Game coming up at halftime here in just a second. More your dispatches on the way that's how you get involved with the show search for the news junkie in the APP store and a prize up for grabs today. Either Sabrina see lane or Fritz can be the winner of this. It's very, very cheesy the drawing the prize. White balance this. At the. White bound whatever I'll fix it but we do have a great prize up for grabs today, brindle all the dings and the and the things that make it sound like a game show. Sure do Sean Okay let me start first and then we'll get into things here this game today I think it's a fun one and you guys all have a decent shot at it but more. So I think, Sabrina and see line perhaps Fritz do knows anything could happen. Let's get into the game. Here we go. This game is called celebrity booze or that's fake news. Liberty Booze celebrity. Booze. In this game I'm going to tell you about a celebrity and their venture into the highly competitive world of liquor sales. You tell me if it's real celebrity booze or just fake news now we all know the George Clooney and use folks rocks. Do you come up with the game name and then the game or shut your mouth? Don't judge my stylings yes. I do celebrity news that's fake news. These are celebrities who have started. And alcohol brand and they have either been successful or failed miserably but you may not know that they've done it all. So I'm going to tell you the celebrity, the liquor I'm GonNa give you a little description of it and you gotTa tell me is that celebrity booze or is that just fake news? We start off with one point apiece in the first round we have Sabrina versus versus Fritz Sabrina is up i. hear is the first question Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson. Yes. The beautiful people. You got his rib taken out. So he can. Mop also maybe the guy from wonder years. You know there's a lot of fake news about that guy back in the day but Marilyn Manson also likes him some booze and Marilyn Manson has his own alcohol Bran Cold Man Sin. Manson by Marilyn Manson is natural absence distilled from Vermouth, aniseed, fennel, and other finer herbs. The product is made without pre sweetening or the use of artificial flavorings Blah Blah. Blah. Marilyn Manson is behind this brand. It costs sixty eight dollars and ninety nine cents for a bottle of Marilyn Manson's absence and it's very popular on total wine with a rating of ninety out of one hundred points manse if by Marilyn Manson Sabrina celebrity booze or fake news. I'm going to go. Off The topic is it's a lot of detail there. great name balloon words. They're all going to have a little little blurb like that. Say. Fake news she says, fake news says Marilyn Manson never had an absinthe bran. But guess what he did. Real I would've said just fake news as well. That's that's real celebrity cereals That is a real actual thing and it's supposed to be very good. If you go on total wine website, it has really really high reviews for some reason I. Don't know if that's just Marilyn Manson fans or what but either way he's doing well in the absence world's question number. Do we go over to see lane for this one? I'll tell you the celebrity and I'll tell you the type of alcohol. Give you a little description. You tell me is that celebrity booze or is that fake news the second one Mr? paulie shore as a line of alcohol. Sure Breezes. It says Paulie Shaw presents sure breezes. The weasel shows his classy side with this grinding wine cooler with flavors like Dome Punch. Beasts how Beach House blast and more. You're sure to find a taste. You will love celebrity dues are just fake news. I'M GONNA go. Just. Fake News. He says fake news. And you're right cla. Good morning with a point Paulie short does not have shore breezes I. I liked the creativity there, but there was part of it. That made me think I don't know that that would be a thing. He's allowed the licensing of the bio dome. Did are you making up these descriptions for the fake everything's everything's made up or copy pasted directly from some source out there that highlights this we keep moving. We're over to Fritz for question number three here Fritzy know how the game works someone to tell you the celebrity on a tell you their brand alcohol and you tell me if that's celebrity news or just fake new listener first-time caller. Let's do this good luck. Sir Danny de Vito known for posting his feet on his twitter account. Defeat him. He also really likes drinking and he's been drunk on the today show before which was hilarious Danny devito's Freeman Lemon cellos bottled at sixty proof Danny devito's Lem- lemon cellos has a bright sweet lemon knows that smells like a freshly cut lemon. The color is Pale cloudy yellow and looks like lemon juice. The taste is thick and syrupy and a good way, and it's about fifty nine dollars a bottle celebrity booze or just fake news I'm GonNa. I'm GonNa say that celebrity booze he says Celebrity Booze and for instance, on the board. That's correct. He's the only person I know that likes Lemon cellos. Reynolds. They're very particular drinks but I guess some people like them ever exists back around to Sabrina. The score so far ceiling one point Fritz Point Sabrina your to get on the board but maybe it changes here maybe billy Bush we mostly know billy Bush from celebrity interviews and entertainment television and also grabber by the p the famous famous conversation with President trump that went viral and led to him. Losing his job, but he also have his own line of whiskey. Billy. Bushes Beach Whiskey this whisky is low in proof and comes in island coconut and bonfires cinnamon flavors the former's in a bright blue bottle the latter and his shocking red bottle beach whiskey was founded in two thousand fifteen. It's twenty four dollars a bottle natural flavors not great tasting according to the reviews celebrity booze just fake news. I'm. GonNa go. Fake news she says fake news and that's a good guess if you want to get things wrong. It's real. That's a real drink. They Brag in their description about the whisky being low proof what in the name of God? Will it be the point of that? Maybe I don't see how a beach whiskey those two things don't seem like they go together a good beach. I I would drink shots a fireball on the beach, but you don't think of being on the beach as a place to just SIP whiskey or. Weird lavender lemonade. It's over on Christopher Dolores Lane right now This guy, you know his name Stephen King He's behind it is behind all kinds of great franchises and movies, and he's also behind something called Great Moat Brandy, from the creator of it, the Shawshank redemption and the shining come something new great Moat Randy Grape brandy is rich with deep flavors perfect for mixing or enjoying on its own Stephen King. A lifelong lover of Brandy brings this award winning liquor from the shelves of his creative mind to the bars and kitchens. Fans around the world celebrity booze or just fake news. What was the name of this again? Great Moat Brandy Great Moat I'M GONNA say. Just fake news says that's great fake news. And you are correct. Fake It is not a real brain. Stadium googling Stephen King is a recovering alcoholic. That's true. Fritz that should give away. He doesn't remember writing certain books that he did like a coup or. He wrote some books and he was so drunk he doesn't even remember which says to me is a pretty good writer. Yes. Here we go over to you Fritz Cheech of Cheech and Chong Fame Merrin has a round of liquor or a brand of liquor. You could say trays, Pablo Chapa Mass Carla Lebron's May stroh Mescalero is cheech Marin. He supervises distillation which uses wilder guy from Guerrero Mexico. The result is smooth with a touch of smoke. And utterly enjoyable dram that you can substitute for Tequila or whiskey in cocktails cheech designed the bottle creating this from his brain. What do you think is that celebrity booze or just fake News Fred? and that sounds really good. I'm GonNa go real just because that's a that's a hell of a write up. Let's see Fritz. says. Real. Good news for Fritz. If Ritz wants to get points 'cause that is right. Sir. Let's go back over the score before the points increase which they're doing. Just a moment Sabrina is not yet on the board see lane has to Fritz has to we're now up to three points apiece. So is the cool prizes in which I well in the game who knows what this is going to be the prize right over here. Here we go. This is Mr Bob Dylan I think you're aware of him. and Bob Dylan has something called. Heaven's door whiskey. In, two thousand eighteen, nearly fifty years after he released Nashville Skyline Bob Dylan debuted at Tennessee burden is part of his heaven's door spirits brand. This was one of his favorite drinks of the three. They say get these straight rive version, which is bright fresh and inflow seventy, seven dollars a bottle. Bob. Dylan Heavens Doors Whiskey is it celebrity booze or just fake new? It's going to be. Saying how Bob Dylan with? A. Celebrity boot celebrity as for three points. That is correct. I knew that one too. Soon you said Bob Dylan I knew it was real. First Place now on the board was in your questions you. Keep going, here's the score. Now, the score is Sabrina three. Friends to see late and here you go. Dennis Rodman does he have an alcohol called the Worm Tequila known for his flashy NBA Skills Dennis Rodman was nicknamed the worm on the court. Now, this unique soul has unique vodka to share with the world. This con- is Sano Tequila features US lashing bottle with a ring box craft into the bottom holding Tequila Worm Rodman has delivered these bottles to his favorite celebrity friends including Carmen Electra and even north. Korean. dictator. Kim Jong UN forty per bottle. Dennis Rodman the warm Tequila celebrity booze or just fake news. Seeing as in the description you switch between vodka and Tequila I'm going to say just fake news A. Interesting point. Interesting, point. You. Haven't. Even, tried to bobble over Congress oh Tequila. Really ramp that up. All right we continue on the case. So Tequila with cheese were Congo, Sano, Tequila, whatever that means. All right. Here we go. Fred Syrup Drew Berry more does she have something called very more Winds Child Star Adult Star producer director winemaker, Hawk, Senate side of her mouth? Yes. Indeed. This is drew's blend Pinot Noir twenty three dollars and is that celebrity news or just fake news for it Man She's another recovering alcoholic. So I'm GONNA say Fake News I. Hope he says Fake News. Fritz you must really WanNa win. Today. But, luck is not in your favor that is fake news. Point is being said Oh. I'm sorry. Okay. Good. It's real celebrity Budeina for all over the place here. All over the place that Israel? Drew Barrymore does have something called Berry more winds? Okay. So or Yes. So he did get it wrong but even myself with my rope dope zone. All right. Here we go back to Sabrina. And the points go to five. Now in the final round, Eminem has a brand of liquor eight Mile Vodka. Established in two, thousand, two, eight, Mile Vodka is common at bars in Detroit. This triple distilled vodka delivers a smooth clean and crisp style with great care. Meticulous attention to detail. M's team has been able to craft a truly exceptional vodka winning back to back gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits competition, celebrity news, or just fake news. What's it called? Again S EMINEM's eight Mile Vodka. Fake news she says fake news. And that's right correct yes. Five. That is not true. Eminem never had a vodka called eight miles. Or eight mile for that matter you have eight points Sabrina ceiling you have five Fritz you have to and see lane. Here's your opportunity to lock this in. Two people on this celebrity boost brand Sammy Hagar and Adam Levine of Maroon five fame. Santo. Keila. QUILA is a blend of cow and Tequila. The idea behind the combination is the balances smokey flavor of Moscow with the blue of gavee flavor of. After three or four shots of Santo, you feel like you smoked a Cigar Hagar told USA Today Fifty Bucks. Sammy Hagar Animal Vena Maroon five did they have Santo Amezquita or is this fake news ceiling? They. I'M GONNA go. Celebrity. Booze he says celebrity. Booth. And you're right. That is correct. I knew Sammy Hagar had a brand I didn't know about Adam Levine and I wasn't sure if blending Tequila and mess cal was actually thing well, that does bring you up into the lead but I have interesting news for you. The last question to Fritz is the bonus question of the round and it's worth eight points. Fritz this gives you a shot at victory. Okay. So So, if he gets right, he wants to win the whole fancies well, how many points do I ha-? I make the rules up as I go along how many times do I have? I'll check those momentarily in right at the. Time. So that would Fritz enough shut your mouth? Some chocolate, I will count them in a moment ceelo green. You know him he's a great musician. Does some terrible things on the side, but does he like sake? T coup sake. Japan they say is where it's made smooth flavor profile with peach right on that knows in a subtle his spice underneath soft and creamy with a deep viscosity. Eighteen dollars ninety nine cents perfect with Asian cuisine celebrity booze or just fake news loans as CEELO's ASAKA. What do you think I? Know? He likes sake I'm going to say yes, that Israel says yes. Guess what Fritz. In the most controversial ending of a halftime game in recent memory. You're correct. That's right. Your winner. Celebrity booze or that's fake news. Majestic. Change at all the time here. Let me just checking. That would leave Fritz at ten. See has eight nine ten that would actually be a tie between the two of you to further. Game. Sabrina has eight points and is out of this guy. So I'm going to write a number one through ten. Thousand Ceiling. What is Your Gas My guess is seven. All right. What do you think? Ten One. It is seven ceiling. Got It. You could see. -gratulations, Sir your the prize winner today dead. It was a rocky road, but we got there the wrote. Win this tiny little flag on the field because you're giving all these points out whenever somebody else's turns you wouldn't have tied anyways in that round. I've been given the let me guess ABC gift. Card No. It's not. That would have been appropriate for something. It's actually a door dash short door Dash Gift Card Nice to the door people. We know that they're going through some troubled time that says anywhere from fifteen to two hundred dollars. Fifteen dollars is yours. Right there on that gas station to ask gift, Card, as being better. Best Congratulations. I don't know if he ever means it but he doesn't Dude said we're back in just a moment Sarah, there's news junkie on real radio. A safe haven of sorts for all the ninety five per centers. This case, their news junkies. To your dispatches from the news junkie and just a moment. And we'll have more games next week as her usual continue that as we get closer and closer to the stressful time of election season, which we find ourselves in right now but November will be here before anybody knows it. Has Changed over the course of twenty twenty and a Lotta stuff in real estate has changed as well. One of the things that has caught on a little bit out there was we're not going to call it a master bedroom anymore to call it the main bedroom or whatever name we've come up with to identify this as our our major important bedroom in the. House because of perceived racist connotations to master bedroom. But now there's another thing that is come about because of all the changes in twenty twenty, a different room that people are advertising in their houses when they put them up for sale and this one is just absolutely stupid. This is just really really twenty twenty and I don't think moving forward. You're ever going to hear. This kind of room in a house again so What do you think people are putting in their real estate listings right now, a particular type of they're like, well, we got the living room. We got the the bathroom got the. Kitchen we got all these different ones and then something new that they've just started highlighting Sabrina that is very twenty twenty and probably GonNa die this year. The. influencers Dan nuts, not incredibly far off its moto area. You'll. You're in the Ballpark it's something very twenty twenty and their advertising for blank rooms that are in these houses. So Beautiful House two, thousand, two, hundred, square feet, three bathrooms, a blank room, and then they go onto the rest of the house and it's something that is directly tied to Hauer all living things out in twenty twenty gases sealants. Zoom Room Zoom. Room is a hundred percent correct. A room where you work from. But they brag that when you're doing your zoom, there's going to be a real cool view that everybody sees so come when you're zoom is up like you know I, don't have a room like that around here. But if you have a really impressive view, pretty sure the view in here's pretty but you'd have Greens during it to put some cool behind you. They want like natural. Hollywood sign behind you. What would be completely a whole bunch of Blinky? Lights. that. It's not bad fred back at the studio. I don't know if it's going to make the cut here. This is a big real estate. And they say the zoom room boom. A very twenty twenty. Realistic. And a real estate trend that could only happen twenty twenty agents and sellers are adding zoom rooms in listings alongside more traditional home features as buyers looking to the future of working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic home offices with pretty backdrops. Demand seemingly a three bedroom house currently on the market in Oakland Hills boasts a decorative wall in the home. Office. Provides a nice backdrop for zoom calls. It was noticed by a reporter on twitter a Buji four point nine, million dollar listing tucked behind San Francisco's Buena. Vista. Park. Has a lot to offer but the impressive zoom room gets a higher billing than the wine cellar and hot tub. No. In the realtors blur about the listing that is not right. Another reason listening in Oakland suggest third unfinished bedroom would be perfect for a private Home Office. Zoom room or all pair sweet while it should be assumed that a multi million dollar home would have room with space for a chair and a wall. The trend is apparently real. So dedicated zoom room with some kind of cool background or a wall that you can use as a green screen or whatever is something that people are bragging about in these listing that's going to be a huge selling point may great addition, but it's not something like it's the room you can easily create on your own i. You know what I think it might be. Yeah it's twenty twenty phrasing for Home Office and Home Office seems Kinda dated Oh office if you say a zoom room. It to them. It seems all these are in California. So you're talking about people who may be living around are working in. Silicon Valley. All gotTa. Make sure my house has zoom room. So I look real slick for all of my meetings and if you really wanted to ramp that up, you'd have some kind of like you know you'd put. In the Korn it really like deck it out. So these people can have the best looking zoom calls ever so. I. Feel like the are you getting this off SF gate now? Yeah. The San Francisco paper I feel like they are trying to be the ones that name this Zumra because what they're quoting is a listing on Zillow that says a decorative wall in the Home Office provides a nice backdrop presume call. Yeah. The first one does is there other one? Yeah. The one in San Francisco's Vista Park calls with capital with capital letters, Zoom Room, and then the Oakland listing says zoom room with lower case letter. Okay. But to be clear, they saw a tweet and they said, well, let's take this twitter. Thing let's turn this. Green and they were able to find a whole two more listings mentioned zoom room but it does make sense in the world of all things. Twenty twenty pretty crazy to to consider plays the has the master Batori of them. The master Pretoria is something you're going to have to really put some effort behind right Is there anything. That's like. Identifying about a master Pretoria or is it just any room? Be One depends on who it's like? We used to be zoom room, but we promise we've. Deactivated, all the cameras. At least some sort of water line. and fluffy couch are nice things to sit on comfortable spaces. Trash Cam I. Wonder if you searched all of zillow and all of those sites if somebody would be boasting of a masturbation room in their house somewhere wasn't it lot of houses for so I love you man the movie with Jason Segel, where in his man cave he had like a spank station. Masturbate a real quick I saw this and we gotta ask our attorney Moses, do it about this so Yes. Attorney friend Moses dewitt Dr Drain Nicole Young for divorce citing irreconcilable differences Dr Dre worth more than a billion dollars and they had a pre numb but his wife is arguing that it's not going to be valid because at one point in his relationship he ripped up physically ripped up the prenuptial agreements and she sang that that means it was no longer valid after he did that and I said that's interesting if you add agreement with somebody and you're talking to them and they tear up the agreement in front of you. If you could prove that they did that doesn't that kind of invalidate the agreement that you've had copies. Yeah. But if you had video Dr Dre ripping up that ripping up that contract with her I feel like that would suggest that he was done with the deal what I don't think so. You have to go through the court system like filed something new I. Think sign another document saying that it's No yes she's saying that she didn't that she was comfortable enough in the fact that he ripped up the old one and there was nothing around and they weren't going to have to deal with that anymore. Here's the thing. The prenuptial agreement is there's two parties that entered it and so to think that. One of them could void the agreement by ripping. It doesn't matter who who does it. It's void it's done with you rip it like that as over. And it's gone and now that is no longer a legal binding. Okay. That's not all three of us are under contract with iheartmedia lineup immediately. So does that mean your work just pain? You know it doesn't make a lot of sense. It's like if that's like saying if one of our bosses decided to come in here to go look see late and this is your contract I'm tearing in half. I signed it. What what good is it contract? If you could exit the contract by just ripping it up against the interesting angles she would have is she goes look I don't know about this kind of stuff I was under the impression that he had the only copy of this and he told me Dr Dre knows so much more about law than I. Do she says, told me what his doctorate is that that he ain't your hand. At of my friend that he ripped this up and that that would be sufficient to Ns and she goes how was I supposed to know I'm not a lawyer I thought that it was done and over with lawyer was present for it. There's multiple signatures for the rip apart now do okay for the rip apart approve that Fritz is a notary so he is frequently called upon to validate legal documents in the building for friends he marries people. Fritz if if I were to rip up my wedding license or marriage license, whatever you call it going to have to have one soon. So might as well learn what it's called fire ripped in. That doesn't mean I'm not married. Sure does not. Ashley you. See, lane because within ten days of getting married, it is my responsibility and obligation to go down to the courthouse to hand deliver that certificate. So they would have a copy of. You is just for your records, Fritz what if you ripped it? You would not be married. Now Francis on a loophole in this. If Fritz ribs ethic I just found a loophole. Like Fritz. Take that thing. Slice it up. There's definitely copies. A. Joint. Even, give Dr Dre wife are. Strange wine the. I would give her see forever. because. That's not even like a great excuse not creative at all like I don't know anything about largest remember him ripping it's obviously doesn't mean anything it's not how it works is not going to work that way. But I think maybe that's the best she has for now we'll get into your thoughts dispatches from the news junkie. APP, in just a moment, stay right there the news junkie on Real Radio? Dominance over artificial intelligence. Coffee Machine always laser Kenneth. Four point one on iheartradio. A safe haven of sorts for all of the ninety five per centers. This is the news joking. Don't. You. Feel. Shame shame. Shame shame on shaming well, got to be shave. You randomly shut down the facebook stream. We're all trying to glorious listeners more I was trying to respond to one of those gloriously respond by shutting down the whole stream. Ago Folks you here right here on real radio one or four point one when Selena can't take the pressure he just shuts down the geniuses at facebook decided to design the livestream function in such a way that when you want to comment on something the button right underneath it that should say submit comment is actually the button ends the livestream. So you ended the livestream everybody lost. Do you have anything to say to folks who are diligently watching and supporting? Come back to Thursday part to it's already zero remorse. So sloppy. Now, this part up there had one day where there's three parts of the show on facebook. I don't mind. I hope other program directors aren't looking at the facebook page today. Sim, Baresi and we're on in West Palm for Friday Monday Tuesday. Thank you. Can you make sure you don't have seventeen parts of the livestream when we're on down there I can I don't make any promises? Oh. My God. A lot of people were commenting texting that Dr, Dre wife is an attorney herself and let. Dead. That's true. I didn't stutter. They said that in a couple of articles they mentioned her background and they said before she met Dr Dre she may have been working as an attorney working at an attorney's office is not a lot of information about her but the divorce is based on the pre-nup and she's saying that he either ripped up the pre NAMPA or swore that he didn't believe in it anymore and just trying some different tactics to get out of that prenup socially she could get some some money. Can you make sure this is real before I read this because I guess see Dr Dre fell in love with this Nicole Young Lady. And she was married at the time she was married to an NBA player as best I can tell and he just saw her and fell absolutely in love with her I'm trying to see if she was married to Sedale threats over your Sadullah threat and stayed with him for three years. This is an NBA player and Dr Drey wrote her a letter. After I guess he met her somewhere maybe at burning man or something, and do you want to hear this letter real quick Burning I guess so much stores Oh. This is a letter purportedly from Dr Dre Chew Nicole Young who ended up being his wife while she was still married to the NBA player Nicole. This is February twenty, six and nineteen ninety-five. Hopefully. You're doing well, and you realize you need to quit F ing with the NBA Player and come home to your doctor. I will take care of you baby girl. I'm in Nevada with hype looking at spots for this new video were shooting for that sin single i. told you. That's going to be on my next record called California. Love. We. He said that single I told you park. On out called California. Love we met a bunch of crazy naked. In the desert. Today. They were putting up some type of. Giant. Giant would man. Stumbled upon burning man guarantee real some there's no way. This is real. Why wouldn't it be very oh, he's stumbled upon a much in indicative deal the desert putting up a woodman and he doesn't know what burning man is at the time burning man back then was just like. was. Worn out I guess they have February of Nineteen Ninety five. Yeah. But look this up make sure this real because I saw a couple of things and said, this was real I. Guess they have a big party out there for a bunch of days I ask them how much they pay and they said nothing I was like no money somebody should get behind this s and make some loot off these fools because they said there were at least be five thousand people I. Think I will have my office look into just to see if there's easy money to be had here. I'm about to pass out girl wish. About to out girl wish I was up in that A. C. Your back. La Drag. I'll say. That's real I think. That's the no the made her leave. The was with guess. So we've got rid of the NBA player Dr Drown Bob to pass out girl wish was up in that as well. When you read that poetry, I mean anybody would beautiful thaw. Damn right. See you back in La and so when did they get married? If that's the case can somebody figure that out real quick twenty, four years they were married. So he wasn't really rich or anything when they first started got married probably nine or so yeah, I might have had some money but Dr Dre made a lot of his money from the beats by Dre deal and from some other. billion. Yeah. So I, mean she was with him through all of these different steps and then it was all based on pre nup that she signed in the nineties. So he got his big money after the chronic is solo debut nineteen, ninety, two billions billions, and billions was the the beats but it was definitely lives there and made him one of the best selling American music artists of nineteen ninety-three or the grammy, and then several accolades after that with the stuffy. Snoop, and Warren G snoop. Bring Your Green Hat During the two thousand T-. Focused on producing other artists and then ninety eight, he signed EMINEM. Rolling in the dough. So he was rich, but he wasn't like as no anywhere as near as rich as he is right now and I met her. I don't know I. Really Just I. have some thoughts on that I think if somebody. Like. When you look at the the Amazon Thing Jeff, bezos made a whole lot of money and his wife got out like half of his money which they're still all fun. You know everybody's doing well there. But if somebody is with you throughout the time that you make all of this money and then it's as if they're not entitled to any of it because of a pre nup that seems a little bit weird to me prenups to me are more for protecting the money you had before you met somebody. At least in my mind if I one hundred million dollars and I'm meet you Mary, you want a divorce me two months later you don't deserve that money now that's ridiculous if you made me and I have X. amount of dollars, and then I'm a billionaire at the end of it, you were helping out to an extent through that process. I. Think that's the one hundred, million dollars that you fake already had would not be a marital asset. Yeah. Probably that would be taken out of it but she's getting. Because of the pre-nup that was signed. Now the pre-nup would entitle and title hurt and money to whatever the deal is in the pre nup. If if the deal in the pre nup is for you get one hundred thousand dollars. That's what she gets. The deal in the pre nup is for twenty percent. You know whatever that deal is would be the limit to what that person could get our. We're GONNA put this out at talk to Moses to wear the duet law firm about it, and that's why this jury duty was brought to you by Moses. dewitt of the DEWITT law firm. Have to pay the injured on the go you're. injured. Now I'm Sanger I don't have to play the intro or anything to this thing. She's probably playing the ALTRO. Yup We want to. DEWITT law firm, and if you are in a car accident or a motorcycle accident or anything of that sort, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call one, eight, hundred dewitt law and I would strongly highly encourage you to follow Moses Dewitt and the law firm on social media because it's fun to do, and you're going to see all sorts of great content and get to know Moses your attorney just that much better. So now's the time for you to make a move all you need to do is. Call one eight hundred dewitt law. That's DWI NOT L A W DOT COM Gertie got some letters for her birthday Ogre D- She got her a birthday cards but how many did she gets and what is her reaction so far and did she get our birthday card? We're GONNA learn that coming up in a moment and do not view delete if we die, it was a file on somebody's cell phone. What was in that file wait until you hear this it's coming up in a moment news news junkie on real radio. You're just minutes away from a grand in your hand brought to you by meals on Israel Radio went on four point one broadcasting live from the personal injury law firm of. Kaufman. And Lynch Studio car accidents other injuries call pound five, four, six, yoursel or visit when you need US Dot com, you're listening. Beware that Chat Room Trust. US You've been warned this is the news jokey. I gotta say that was very sweet of you. To for furiously apologize to the facebook stream people during the break seem when I was stunned upping Fritz. No. Your thumbs up the facebook people and that was very nice of you and you felt bad about what you had done just unser omonia stopping the video somebody commented on the new video probably three people. Thursday. Now, there's a handful people on and. Said for C. Lane and it was a Youtube Video Charlie. Brown failure. The whole time during the breaks why would they put the comment next to the end? There's no con- There's no common button just supposed to hit enter there's no button and I hit the button to comment and chain button yeah. Like a normal chat. Tough time tough time to be alive. He's got things going on with. The feedback from facebook. They sent me this this. This I'm a failure thing Charlie, Brown Turn. It doesn't like you. Dancing around me just look so. It's fair. Fair Fair criticism. Well. We wished to happy birthday to Miss Gertie. ABC is this week it was our one hundred and eighth a bird. Sabrina winning one of the Halftime Games on the show was the person who got to write the one hundred eighth birthday card. The message and it was a bit much it had an adorable heart with half me on half the heart and half Gertie on the other half the heart and it looked like we actually went summer together you put it in there. Yeah Yeah. Yeah totally. Yeah. The only thing I did the only thing I'd change was. Right before Courtney put the stamp on it because you wanNA sign it and I go. Okay. So I just signed the card. Swear swear. Every, Monday. Didn't touch anything at all. This is what went to one hundred and eight year old Gertie said dearest Gertie my name is Shawn. Watson. And I have a bit of a confession to make I. Think I love you. When I saw your picture on the worldwide Web I just knew they would take my heart and run. Some people want diamond rings. Some just want everything, but everything means nothing. If I ain't got you songs, I, want to stand with the mountain. I want to be with you in the savage garden's I wanna lay like this forever. Until the sky falls down on me. I'll stop the world and melt with you. And I will always love you. This I promise you. Happy Birthday. I can't wait to be under you. That's the weirdest part of the whole. I. Can't wait to be under there's no casual explanation yours forever like if I walk up to a random person on the street and like Hey, I can't wait to be under you I'm getting slapped fewer. There's no. Probably. You can't explain yourself out of that. When you say I can't wait to be under you. Hit. And it ends up. reasonable. Hit I. THINK IF I was smacked after saying okay. All right, fair enough that in consider what I was sang and you and you're right about this while she got her birthday cards. Quick guests ahead of time here before I tell you the results of all of this Gertie ABC is for one hundred eighth birthday wanted one, hundred, eight cards. How many birthday cards do you think all Gertie Got Sabrina? I don't always have to go I because you're right here and closer we go around the same way every time. So everybody gets familiar with it. Saint Gertie got. One hundred eight, thousand, one, hundred, and eight, thousand cards. It's a high number that's I guess are you going that high ceiling? I am actually going to withdraw myself from contention. You know about this already look how many cards do you think Gertie God's for being on Hank? She got thirty eight thirty. be so sad. She wanted for a one hundred, birthday one, hundred and eight cards, and she only got thirty. One of them says I want to be. One of Fritz guess what you're still the winner one of them when you open the car plays that Charlie, Brown song to Gertie. So she just has to deal with it. You'll never do anything right and then she considers her end days. In this case. You're all wrong but as Fritz definitely, the closest because Sabrina guests was so high Gertie got more than four hundred card. That's been for one hundred eighth birthday including the one for me the Denver woman celebrated her one hundred eighth rotation around the sun on Tuesday and she made a rather unique requests to get one hundred birthday cards delivered to her mailbox and hundreds of people hurt her request loud and clear. As of this week, she received over four hundred cards delivered by the Postman and they continue to arrive breaking news dirty paper cutting. Oh, God. Is Dog with nine news about her life philosophy and it's simple. She says Oh Gertie says I believe you shouldn't get into hate treat everyone the same in love everyone I love all people so easy Gertie. Say what she was born Howard Taft was the president of the United States and suffragettes were picketing for the women's right to vote movement. That's what she was born. She was born four months after the titanic sank and survive to pandemics including the Spanish flu and the current Covid nineteen panic counting the chickens before. She grew up in Iowa working at her father's. Let's get all the news crew in definitely. Matic, everybody in the rope. Spitting dirty mouth for. Her husband Leonard at the end of the depression, they pack their bags and headed to Denver Nineteen, forty, two family and friends says she puts the great in the greatest generation of world. She's now a resident of Denver's Claremont Park Life planned community and you'll fears the plan you've fighter cheering out her favorite team, the Denver, Broncos so I'm still waiting for response back from Gertie Better? Return. Yeah put the address on there. Just in case she wants to respond, and if we get that back I'll certainly will read it to everybody on on the show. The other thing that I did that was real dark. Real now what you've added something to know I. didn't I WanNa make the card any worse than it was already was it was a beautiful letter yes but it's GonNa Weird Out Gertie especially the photo of her and I together I. Think maybe she has a family member that's opening all these in reading them to her she's like Gertie grandma better sit down for this you're gonNA like this one. I set up Google alert for Gertie Man. That's going to happen. It's wrong with us just set up. Gertie he's dead. Got Google alert just. Be In there is it not I think passed away they probably dies pass away. I just put Gertie ABC keys, but we'll we'll get the alert. For Yourself? No. No. I'm not going to get it anyways. You'll make the news. Just in general or for me if I die. I get. Yeah. Actually scratch everything said who else do you have Google alerts? It's GonNa die have Google alerts for myself. And mostly, I just get weekly emails about this stupid pastor named Shawn Watson who is like always writing something about masks or trump or you did or I think he might coach a football team or something I? That's Yeah. Yeah. Yeah And I get stuff about me once a year or so see only have a google alert on yourself. Yeah. No, I didn't. Death say for see no. No I'm not monitoring those in that way at least. You guys. Don't have google alerts set up to make sure you know and things happen. I do actually it's four Corpus Incorporated in apparently corvus. Inc are going into the vaccines of of covid nineteen. Is An actual business where? The company called Corpus. Corporative for rated right Geno. Google that before we named the band. Never. Different Yeah. It's a different thing like Nirvana Nirvana. There are two neurons. Yeah. Exactly. Know the Nirvana. This says when I Google Corp Inc says corvus INC is a musical project designed and directed by Jeff Ilgenfritz and Sabrina Ambra each releases a short firm snapshot themed and centered and downs and non musicians collaborate to ensure music styles vary. That's what it says for Gorse Inc, that's that's what I got here in front me. And Pharmaceuticals. Urus Pharma Dot. com. This, it right here that's doing is the pharmaceutical band or the rock band we. Do Pharmaceuticals. This about the. Harm. Banjo. Pruis we've. Getting. Some Beatles in there again bagels vibe. But I'm also getting a fountains of Wayne vise. And that fun. Chorus though what? F you to say so you. It's terrible go. Very very good. Why do you care what I think about? What if I did think it was Take your opinion. Go ahead finish that sense personally. I value your opinion. Of course there we've worked together for a long time. You've taught me a lot about radio and I think our music taste. Couple things here and there but we we do align with some bands I agree with there are so so yes, I value your opinion I don't value your nasty ass attitude. That's fair. I think it's good. It's good. I looked up. To go so high, are you? Sucked helium. Think of getting up to that level of notes. It gets out remember when my voice went out. Is that what you did deport. This. Here. This is going to be an Or like a cover showing. Hey. If you listened to the songs that aren't on the radio from. Fountains of Wayne. It's very, very similar to that. They won't be making a name. He's known blue unfortunately not don't even bring up the Medical Corp Inc thing for it. See that they're like. Why don't you get some Ibuprofen. Let's see if I go to my email, I can tell you when the last update. Trying to save the world. There's a lot of facebook pages for corvus incorporated as well like not ours oh. No. I didn't. I. Didn't see this. I didn't like the page. That's super. Root. Palms forced to like Oh your pages. Were never. Buy. Anything not a Damn Admin for one of the all right I liked it I like it's corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc. so that's where. It gets. Better but that's why I keep getting these google alerts Google like Corporate Inc. Oh, maybe somebody commented note they're just trying to save the world. Boy Did you ever get up on on Iheartradio our company shunning you? I'm going to do research on that right now Sean. got. I only have to Google alerts set up what did they say I haven't really used it much richer for lane so you just get famous Chris Lane? No, no, no no the country a one of them is more recent that was a google alert for David Jim Conan. Yes. Okay and the other one that's quite a bit older but the other ones I had sex with Sabrina. Really, weird one. Google alert POPs up again. That's a really bizarre one for you to have a an alert. You could probably delete that alert these days. It's hard for you to create an alert. Your name is much more generic than all the rest. Now, I almost said F. You I'm just being real name. There's a lot more Chris Lanes out there certainly than there are bring ambrose is certainly there are Jeff ilgenfritz is on planet Earth Helin to Akilah. No corvus INC on iheartradio yet. To Send Bob, pittman an email or something any really like who? We yell out enough we get enough people to it's like re tweet something. It's all over with. Quick break we're coming back. That's actually play of these right now, the twists and turns today on the show that's working some of your dispatches, and there's some first timers here. Here's love job. Job Cain is junkies. This is my first dispatch. Thank you. I just wanted to say thank you for making my afternoon. So. Nice. I just changed jobs. From a Grocery Deli clerk to now a secretary to wear I can listen to y'all. In the entire day. So thank you for that. Thank you for being on I. Love You guys, and thank you Sabrina for bringing up wishbone. That was literally thank you the best show on PBS. which a great day guys beloved Dub Dub she quit working at the Deli. Just, tired of dealing with C. Lane at the Deli or is thick cut baloney going in there with with his high demands for the Deli counter person thick cut Baloney We'll see lane always goes to the Deli at Publix yes. Yes. Thing is a pleasure and I haven't been to the Deli quite some time custom mortar that he does. Do you tip the Deli people when you go there is that a thing that's not a thing people don't do that. No. Public employees at all do you're not supposed to yeah what's they're not supposed to accept them they don't they have a hard time turning down I experience the other day once again when they're checking you out at Publix and they go do you want me to take the car out and you're like, no I'm finding like are you sure and you know I'm good I don't mind taking the car. I know I know I got an I. I started to wonder I. Go is this part of their job and if we all turned down, then bring the car to the car card somebody get fired you're not. You're not going to like my answer to what's that. Is that I hardly ever get offered to take the groceries out, and if I do say I'm all good. I never. They never say are you sure they never tried to push it on me? Because they look at me and go. He looks like a strong enough guy got his stuff together. Says you have your stuff together he's asking him to push the corner. Multiple wearing a shirt that says like, Sundays. For Vodka or something and you. Very. Nice. Talking about right. This very moment I'm talking about in our encounter with the public's person that supposedly thinks your somehow more together or more fiscally or well. Then basically fit than going at different hours to you go that one hour when. Person Our. I go with Courtney whenever she goes and I like is that your daughter? that. Tell You I will tell you that there's never have people probably think it some time. So I mean I'm I'm looking a little last. I don't think I look super old yet. I don't think I look like a like a P R anything. But you definitely don't look like you don't need any help with your shopping cart and I do need help with my bodily I need help with my shopping, Carlos. If you look like you need help with your shopping carts i. Feel better no, no I mean it hasn't made it worse. I think both of you and they're trying to push the issue on you that. They hardly even asked me anymore like this guy is a guy that carries on groceries. Shawn Watson. This pussy here. Are you sure? Kim Wa. Now asked me to do it and then I jumped in the car. Back. Over there. God I will be back in just a second. Dispatches to get to and normally. Maybe aren't you glad you made this longer and did some dispatchers do not view delete if we die was a folder on somebody's cell phone on Dejavu on this tease what was in that folder I'll tell you when we come back and see lane will no longer be in the studio next stay there. So News Junkie on real radio. Download the APP and earn a badge that matches your corrupt saw the News Junkie Dispatches in just a moment is the show rose onto that And I still want to tell you about this story where there was a subject line of or a folder called do not view delete if we die on somebody's phone and what they found in there, which is brace yourself for them because it gets a little bit or maybe you could sail a lot of bit weird and just a moment here in the meantime there's a new trend that's going on and I love this. Let me see if I can find this over here. Adults. The adults are doing on the talks. It's on the TIK Toks for sure and on all the social needs for sure and social media whatever nobody should say either one of them. So this is the latest trend that parents are using against their kids and I thought this was pretty funny. Actually Watch this over at facebook facebook, dot com slash news junkie, and in this parents are taking like an insane photo and they're going meet your teacher. We've got your teacher on. The phone and then they get the kids to come over the kids see this photo and they think that's their teacher and the kids are like trying not to be mean because their teachers the most hideous crazy looking person. It's fantastic was the name of I think he was on stern moves tiny black guy crazy look and faizul juice y'all yeah and so it started with the kids doing it to their parents. Hey, Hey, future Ted's dad needs help finding movie. And then it's like, Hey, can I what's wrong with him watch this late if you haven't seen this yet, this is a mother right here that you can see she's got this crazy crazy photo up in the corner and she's going to show her kid who the new teacher is and so here goes. Kemira when she meet your teacher that's going to be teaching you for. kindergarten. Okay here really putting their logo. The Kid His faith. facetime me. Like what the Hell? My teach look when you. See The teacher photo. Looks like a potato or something, and this woman shows her kid. Oh. Gosh. Shocked by how ugly the teacher is if this is their teacher, this situation, a some of them are trying to be really sweet for a little while too. High here he is cross. I. Know. About it here, this one's quite a world to go on the. Lady with her eyelashes on a lot of these look like Mug shot they are. They Mar and then the mom will just get on the phone and be like, Hey, here's your teacher. kindergarten. She's not corrupted yet but. She didn't do anything. Wrong. The whiskey teacher. She's like Oh this little strange which wave and she's still being sweet. Now this what is somebody missing some teeth? Definitely a Mug shot we're looking at here and this here's one that doesn't make sense because look how old the kid is who's meeting teacher sheriff. Of. Teachers. To say, hi. To me I don't like it looked like the the woman in the well in the ring movie. These pictures are all incredibly scary and just bizarre and kick Mommy. About. Because the parents in that case. Right here stor. Yes that actually. I do. Mom why are you doing super excited. We're glad to have you this year. Could meet your new picture this Ms Johnson she somebody your homework. They're all terrible looking. Only put his hands up. Here the aftermath sitting down there i. Go to school anymore that's a good time. There's a whole bunch of those. You'll find love pranks. Like when? WH- Kimmel that. As the parents sit their kids down the day after Halloween Ah, wait all your candy and then the chaos ensues or giving your kids some weird gift like the Classic Kit, opens, up an avocado for Christmas and he's like Avocado fangs funny because you can see the moment at which kids become assholes jaded asshole. You're like, oh, like when they're little they're like, Oh hey, and they don't. They're not even pointing out this teacher has no teeth meth outlook and a wonky I like the Jimmy Kimmel one when it was either the presence there was a presence for Christmas prank or was the Halloween Candy, one and the kids like crying crying and then the mom says, no, I'm just kidding it was a prank Jimmy. Kimmel. told me to do it the. Jimmy KIMMEL IS A. Very accurate I WANNA do this story because if I don't see little yell at me do not view delete if we die. That's. I'm definitely clicking on that if I find that on somebody else's. Record I'm looking into that for its and then I would have been really bothered by what I heard. Here's what are the people who has been in court. On this case you could see them here on my laptop see, Lan. Shade says do not view delete if we die and she's hiding herself, she's hiding her face behind her jacket that will all make sense in a moment a former South Australian couple has pleaded guilty to the morally repugnant act of theology involving their pet dog. Police. Found sixteen videos. A folder labeled do not view delete if we die ever label how do you do that? If you're dead nobody can delete it and if it says, do not view leader die I'm going to be curious and I'm GonNa look and then I'm GonNa go all my God dog sex. Thank God there was music underneath that doesn't matter but God. Do not view, delete if we die on the. Computer of former couple Kevin and Rebecca threadgold. District Court heard on Thursday the videos filmed on three separate dates in March. Two thousand seventeen contained quote highly unnatural behavior. Can I show you something here real quick as an something from the folder because I don't know I'm not GonNa show you that I don't dare do that look at if you look at the news wire for this one outlet, News Dot Com dot AU u and Australia has her blocking her face with her shirt which I don't blame her everybody else's found random pictures of dogs to to put. This could be the dog or this could be the. Random little pictures of dogs to. Let, me see if a lawyer, James Marcus from his threadgold said, the thirty six year old was thoroughly disgusted with herself and did not have sexual interest in this type of behavior. Not to Say what kind of dog his client is a mother of six children And they say that there will be spending some time behind bars but also this is a significant level of embarrassment. So when you turn the, I guess they turned the phone in for a different reason together and the cops were like do not view delete if we die. Don't mind if I do and then they found the dog. Awful. Just number one don't make. That go up for adoption Know what do they do with their dog afterwards? 'cause they have like the descriptions for adoption agencies and They had. This previous the previous owners of this pet John took it A. Reason for why it's up for adoption. Yeah. don't don't do that folks. Definitely your dog never have a title that says do not click delete if we die just too much curiosity they're back in just a moment. Stay. Right. There is the news junkie on your radio. If it's important to you, it's on and probably being mocked by news junkie. No final dispatches the stories that didn't make the cut brought to you by nations trucks, and they should trucks dot com fat ass selection, bad ass trucks, and the biggest selection of lifted trucks in the state of Florida, some big news bubbling up right now New York Attorney General Letitia James Filed a lawsuit today against the NRA The national rifle association with an intent to Disol- are to dissolve the organization entirely. So they accusing this lawsuit fraudulent directing of funds by the four main officers of the NRA and this'll be really interesting to watch to see dramatic all of that stuff gets with the NRA targeted to it. Quickly Biden was in a conversation and interview and the reporter said Hey will you take the cognitive tests if you took the cognitive test, listen about have you taken a cognitive? No, I haven't taken the test why the hell would I take a test? Come on man. Saying you before he got in this program, you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not. What do you think? Like that guys like what you take a cognitive Joe. Biden just jumping out there with our let's get into it. Let's do today aller. May? Make. You feel smarter but will not actually increase your Iq. Don't get cocky. down. You wouldn't take a cocaine test before the interview which. Is kind of suggesting the guys highs hell on cocaine at that moment tailored for Thursday August six, twenty, twenty today sponsored by J David Tax. Peace of mind is only a click or a phone call away tomorrow in the original version of this cartoon. In Day ducktail gut tells is ride. The original duck tales theme was kept in translated for almost every international version of the show. This is one of them. Let me see which which languages I don't even remember when I pulled it. Oh, that's that's India Indian version of duck tales right there. Another in Japan establishments like banks in convenient stores have baseball sized orange balls behind the counter people often ask what? If somebody robs the bank the bank teller is supposed to take the ball and hit the person with the ball and it leaves an orange ink on than that won't go off you can't clean off of your cells. That's how they try to bust them to learn this guy. He was having his toilet replace one of the builders John Hancock decide to store it in his shed forty years later they sold that toilet for well over ten thousand dollars. A smart move. For more than that book and finally today learns this guy. uh. Chuck Berry's rides. Elvis's for his cousin Marvin in his songs. Chuck Berry articulated every word with precise diction and no noticeable accent leading some listeners and concert promoters to think that he might be white teenagers it turned out didn't care about his race at all that he was a huge huge hit. Thank you so much. Do appreciate it. We're back tomorrow for the monsters in the morning save the Jim Colbert show's coming up next fall by a corporate time with Tom and Dan it's all the way and it's all right here on real radio. Don here with Christianson financial are you mortgage ready set up a free consultation with a licensed loan originator get your pre approval letter today whether you're looking to purchase or refinance. Now's a great time with mortgage rates near two year low visit home loans, radio, dot com that's home loans radio, DOT COM Christian financial a local mortgage lender you can trust face to face service still exists christianson financial inc equal housing lender fourteen o one, Town Plaza Court winter. Springs Florida MLS one, eight, two, nine, five, one, four.

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