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People Festival part 1 (Recorded in Berlin)


Yeah. Fine me gag. On the brand. The full die kill me in the packing house and relied. I wear. We're always we're always live to each other, I guess. So actually there was that one time. Oh year. Hey, welcome. As always by your host recall can again Taylor Thomas, ROY. Oh, what a twist? I know one coming. I know he, he actually a funny story. He sent me an Email today. Jonathan. I have not read it yet, but I know it sent. What do you think you might could be? I don't know. He wants to get the band back to joy, I think so. I think he wants to get back to therapy or old group sessions. Amazing then. Yeah. Yeah. So you know, little little little treat for listening. He's trying to get on the podcast, probably not. Yeah, I doubt it. I would. I would even I don't wanna be on those pug. Warren are well aware of that. MAC, we did a thing. Sorry. I'm a little more little allergy tonight warrant. We did a thing last month that was pretty cool and crazy and weird. And I guess the best way to talk about it is how it came about for me, at least it was like one AM on like a Thursday night, and you texted me and you were like, hey, are you around? And I was, I get. And then you called me, which is always scary. So he scary when people your friends, your friends with who? Usually you have text only relationship. See their number calling you because you're like death or fucked up. Big one m, you know yet when a phone call. Exactly. But you called me a one AM and this one was a cool one. You said, hey. There's a music festival in Berlin and a few weeks. They want us to podcast there. Do you wanna go not much more detail than that? Yeah, because they'd just come up on my end as well as I didn't really know much about other than like, you know a will. The people who are running it and a couple of the, you know, I'm friends with a lot of the people that were axed keep saying the key word. Maybe it was a good thing. They name the festival that because it keeps coming up a lot of people though in Berlin festival, believe it or not MAC, and I hopped on a plane. I to pack leave. And then we headed to Berlin to what was they go? Really cool and special in unique sort of thing called the people vegetable Mack. How would you describe the general idea of what we were involved with? I think it would. It was. Was it the bunch of people from different kinds of like influences and different skill sets and all that kind of stuff, and they had them kind of all kind of get together and everyone played with each other musician yet musicians. Yeah, yeah, we were. We were the weird non music limited, and we'll hear in the next couple of weeks because more basically the next two weeks in the show is we're going to air some of the stuff we recorded out in Berlin at the phone house is a funk house and we'll touch on this show little bit, but yes, basically, Tom Nadine, who you'll hear later in this episode. Yeah, they were there. They, they run this hotel called the the Michael burger shell Berge Berge whichever you want to pronounce it, and yet they and they also run the festival. And so it's one of those. Where people kind of float from like. So like they, they spent a whole week, everyone kind of collaborating with each other and coming up with. Yeah. And then if you attended the festival, you cut of float into any room that you wanted and just check out these people like recording their stuff. It was really, really cool. And I said that it was it was almost a band camp. It really, really was. It was unique in the sense that like a lot of the people you here on the show and autumn people who were there are in some really big bands, but they weren't listed as their band name. So it was about a hundred or so individual musicians and filmmakers and editors, and us for some reason engineers to totally and they brought them out to Berlin. And for a full week, we all had access to this place called the funk house, which is like one of the world's largest recording studios. And you'll hear a little bit about it over the next few weeks and basically people the music that was played at the people festival didn't exist a week before. Yeah, it was pretty much like it was almost all exclusively stuff that was made. Up on the spot earliest during the course of the week. So while these incredible musicians were collaborating in like one of the roads most lake, I conduct music spaces and and creating brand new music every once in a while we didn't know them and you're gonna hear you to hear some of those. Go grab them. Some of these folks, you might know somebody folks you might never heard of an Argo was just like, yeah, have cool conversations with people. Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what it is, and that's what will be the next couple of weeks. So we started off with off with a O's. Actually, the prescription we actually did interview was Zet Khandan. So I hope you guys like the band a route because they are really, really fantastic country. Yes, yes. No, it's the city. Okay. In what country? Lebanon, Lebanon. Oh. I know my geography. But yeah, really, really fantastic and look, it's I personally have a crush on him, you know? Yeah. But I know, I know. I know. I know my my special lady friend. She does too. I think the war and will be able to tell you a crush on him. Once they hear. I know I haven't even heard it yet. Yeah, but I crush on him hard. So this is conned in from Beirut, and we'll be back after his acts to tell you a little bit about the next folk. Thank you. Real in Kochi. So at your at your will how there you go buddy hardware? Yeah, exactly. L. o. welcome back. The bunny ears. Once again, where are we? MAC? We are in Berlin. Why did that happen? We're here for the people vest. Okay. Yeah. What exactly is that? It's a festival for people, and we're here with the person. He was the person. So yeah, it's a music festival. So we're here with a Zach Condon right here say Hello. Hello, very good, man. You're already a professional podcast soundcheck us. Well, thanks coming. Coming to the podcast. What brings you to Berlin? You're obviously musician. They route everyone knows that of course. Have you hung here a lot before. Berlin, like I live here now, get out of here. Yeah, yeah. I've been here the last year and a half from where I was in New York and his stumble for the less like off and on for the last five, I was in New York for twelve years. And I came here, like I said, a year and a half ago after a very interesting couple years. Well, yeah, and New York. It was like a, you know, six months there, six months in New York. Did you find yourself out here. I actually, I don't. In? Well, not not that bad. You know what's funny is Berlin was never really on my radar in the sense of like I always loved coming here, but I never really walked in and said, oh, I'm definitely going to move here one day. For example. It really was the kind of place where I started coming more often. Meeting people working with people, and it just got to this point to where I said, I feel better here. I feel better. I like what's going on here more scene. Yeah, is great music. Great. Yeah, and I don't wanna get down on New York too much, but it did feel like a lot of this cultural vacuum was starting to happen as well. Vacation of all of the cool parts. I I'm in Berlin, and I describe it as like take the east village and make it an entire city. But he's village circle like ninety eight when it was cooler. Sure. Boba. Bobo places, but with a richer history. Yeah, but it's, it's trippy manage. It feels like a new city in the sense that people are just everywhere house. It's like some crazy art studio or performance base or like a beach thing like the beaches, right. That's new. The new age. Never took the boat over here. Yeah, just a little beaches. I haven't gotten to do that yet. Yeah, it's funny because I feel like everywhere I go. I'm usually about five to ten years too late anyway, and then I always feel guilty like I'm part of the gentrification process, but I hope I contribute enough dude. Yeah, you'll be the first pioneer and a phone. We're talking about who's Becca, San the other day. Yeah. Nice and comfy. You're on home base right now as as opposed to the rest of us. So what does this kind of festival? Because it's a weird festival and again, it's not weird in the sense that horrible strange things are happening is weird in the sense that like it's not necessarily full bands. It's a lot of like individual musicians, collaborating making up new music in the course of a week. Right. Have you ever done anything like this before? I am not a big collaborator never have. So I was super nervous coming in. Actually, this happened a couple years ago is you know? Yeah, the person sixteen right and I was invited, but I hesitated in the last minute I didn't. I didn't do it, but obviously I have absolutely no excuse this here being being here in Berlin. But this it's so funny because everything about it is is everything that is so unnatural for me as musician. I've always been the type to kind of sequester myself in a dark room, and you know, really, really focus on something until I have it perfect before presenting it to anyone. So it's just been like like liberating or just still scary like. I find myself thinking. Good. Just go with it. Yeah. Sounds like shock therapy, like when people are afraid of swimming, just throw him in a pool overhead. Right? You're free to Claverie Mets? Really good at not thinking. Ability. To be to mmediately forced to kind of like here's hundreds of new people that want to talk to me and possibly play with me and stuff like that. Right. I don't know if you guys were here the first day, but I hear it's like a bunch of lost children wandering the halls phone Coutts. Yeah. Dot me. Yeah. Yeah. And essentially the first day I came, I was a day late, but. I felt like an unemployed musician, looking for work like knocking on doors here, this the sign up board. You know. Yeah, it's pretty funny, but seems like you've put together something or you have something in mind something clicked. And now I'm just on autopilot and that's why I say I'm not. I'm not thinking which is good for me when I when I tend to think things tend to go wrong. So. Do you do you think it's non thinking thing? Is your process kind of like a channeling thing, like when when you're at your best musically, do you feel like you're turned off in terms of thinking about the stuff and it's just flowing, or do you find yourself over thinking? No, actually the channeling thing is perfectly right when I'm over thinking. Nothing happened when I'm purely, I you, if you if you go into a bit of a translate state. You know you're doing it right. So to speak. And you get you get this big picture almost immediately and you know to follow that. And you lose time, you lose. The day's gone. It's like it's like it's a hangover, but the only way to trace it back is the song you came up with something. You don't have to go to Thailand to get it or whatever. We always like to ask guest on this show very important question. Would you fight a wizard. Yeah, like you know, in fisticuffs. And like this wizards, not a nice guy. Yeah, no one's gonna have to fight him. He's asking, are you asking me if I would be the guy in the village to try my hand at the wizard find you can ask any questions you want though. I mean, like, you know. Or you don't know what his powers that he might be like old and feeble by just no, the answer which I wouldn't be anywhere near this fight. It's going to answer. Walk the other way. You found it out. He lives in Berlin. He doesn't like collaborating and you will not fight a women. Sorry to burst your bubble fans. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of what you do for real. So when I saw you on the Bill, I was very, very excited. I wanted to wanted to sit down with you even for a couple minutes. Yes, sounds good. We'll let you go Bill your soundscape over there. And yeah, I thought I heard an accordion is that is that is that you guys? I didn't bring any court. Here's people exam Jack, and you wanted to find you an accordion. Why not? Accordion. I know I know we put a call into weird Al. I mean that would lighten up festival. Cheers. And that was Mr. Zach, Honda? Yeah. Yeah. We still have a crush on him from rid. Oh, talking to him, didn't ruin your crush. No, no, not at all. You could mean like he's yeah, he's, he's fantastic. Give my left nut for his voice. It was cool when we were like, hey, man, if you've been to Berlin before and he's like, live here. I live here Marin island like that. If we see him like for some reason, let's say we're travelling in in Jakarta, and we've run into conned in. We're like, what are you doing here? Man, he's like, live here lived in Jakarta for six months. What do you mean? What do you mean? Zac. Next up is cool gal who got to know over the course of the festival. Yeah, she was like what one was everyone's favorite person look during the whole fact. She described as a multi instrumentalist, and I didn't know what that meant at the beginning of the festival. What I came to learn it to mean was that they were just really good at everything, basically. Yes, yes, yes. That's what multi instrumentalists. Yeah, she is one of those and we're gonna talk to her. Trimming fuck and everything like that. So her name is angel DEA, dorien Barrett door, Jared oriented door. Don't worry. We go over this during the course of the interview. Correct ourselves in about twenty seconds. Yeah, exactly. An angel was super cool and actually MAC, we, we also recorded his show in front of an audience and one day we might release it as a special Minnie's owed type deal into sound sounds a little off. People were having fun angel was actually on that too. Yeah. Yeah. She popped up times over the weekend. She's charming book, angels, typical. So without much further ado, angel, DeLorean jewelry, Doria, Nana, Nana. We is recording. I, I was just going mad at Jack fool, just now looking back, we were discussing bees and not drinking them because there are a lot of busier in Berlin. Yes. Just in Berlin. Yeah, you know, it's funny if you actually took Berlin just for like what it is on this trip, all there's a lot of musicians and a lot of bees that that would be your whole impression of Berlin. So anyway, is that not true? I know let's go, let's go Florida sandals, resort version of experience because we only get shipped to and from this one place here. So having very, very condensed experience who who is this mystery voice? We hear on the bunny ears program McCall angel, Denna dorien Dahrendorf era. Okay. Yeah. Telemarketers have obviously been dealing with this your whole life, right? Yeah. What is what is the worst anyone's ever mangled your name? Because he gets that Klin things like that Clark. Mcnicol I God the worst. I mean, how could how many people have made up different versions to make fun of me my entire life? And then the worst ones probably was I don't know, just like totally not letters in it. Edina. John Travolta. Yeah, I do. I keep thinking DeLorean. Yes, people think DeLorean somebody recently said something called Darah dune, which is close to my kind of like that. I hope that they wrote on Twitter, like I hope that originates from Dehradun and I was like, it's just straight up my name, but also my Instagram name is Darren doom. So I was surprised because you're asking for it. Yeah, I was asked. Word of the ring, ish quality to it high in the dune. That's the one thing I like about fantasy shows like game of thrones or whatever is that they always have like an I a. n. character like star, Gary is. Book with a character named like severe severe, Ian, and I'm always like, yes, I found my place. That's where I belong. I do. And I, I do belong. Speaking of your plays, where do you usually call home? Right, right now, New York? Yes. And we are here in Berlin, Germany, which which is a bit of a ways from Newark, how's your trip in so far? This whole crazy thing. It's been wonderful, although I kinda got sick immediately. Goodness. I don't think I'm sick. I don't know, was the career I was at the schnitzel. It was the schnitzel. It's too much knits. It was like probably eight cigarettes immediately. And then like eight glasses of wine to accompany that. Yeah, let's have fun and I can't even have fun for one night. Fun, fun. Time, just like sitting places. Yeah. Sir way boys, stakes, steroids. So what do you, what are you doing here? What is what? What kind of stuff are you doing. I am. Well, I'm a multi instrumentalist but brought no gear. So I, I was like, if they have anything play it, but mostly just probably sing this time and I'm leading. I'm attempting to lead something called the chaos orchestra, which will be some weird polcy drone music with blasts of chaotic, like horns and then back into. So that's one thing I'm doing. I do a lot of drone music I do. And then on the flip side, I just do like a lot of saying stuff that I can sing in many ways. So getting up on some tracks gonna get up on one. Yeah, jumped in with harmar the other day. We sing a song about Mr.. Gatorade. Gator really getting around right now. And you know it spun because he was actually walking with you any saw me doing yoga, but didn't realize it. And then he made up this character based on this thing of drinks. Michael, Gatorade irony. You're one of the electrolytes. The electric. Yeah. Okay. You're just fully manifested. Irony of this all as that I've been spending the last ten days in Europe desperately looking for Gatorade and it does not exist. He was tweeting outlet, hey, where can I find Gatorade in Paris? Not not. Not a thing. I've traveled around the world outlawed it. I've only found Gatorade in America in Thailand. When I found that Gatorade in Thailand was the greatest moment of my entire life. What's your backup. Nothing. Water just don't get electrolytes. Otherwise, I've been like a -centia or like coconut water, everyone drinking coconut. Well, here's the thing, everyone so healthy and like cool. And like artsy this fast and like Warren, you know me like a fucking neurotic. You're like Woody Allen less charm. Cooking, calming me down and I'm being like, you know what? Maybe I can drink coconut when in Berlin with artists. Yeah, that's part of the song with harmar is that we start talking as like Gatorade outdated. I drink coconut water. Like that new age shit. I needed up in my life. But the newest thing is, I know this is mad. Interesting. Please watermelon water and they are selling it at high prices. I've tried it at like a whole foods. Has it right or. Yes, it's not great. I love watermelon too, but like I can't for some reason. I wanna watermelon water watermelon juice with water in it, and I'm always disappointed. It's my fault though. A lot of Ryan flavor in it. I got, yeah. I've never liked watermelon flavor. I love what. Almost artifice about it, even if it's not official, kind of feels his a foreign kind of sweet. You can really judge a fruit flavor by jolly rancher. Yeah. Their weight. If that logic. If very accurate peach flavor at the ranch. Have you ever been an apple, but here's the one, the ones that have you ever have you ever been in general and if you or if you were radioactive, it turned into apple man? No. The green, the green apple, jolly ranchers. My favorite singer, there is no flavor in nature that that tastes like that. It's like poison sour. You know what, though I have had an apple that taste just like that. Eople jelly flipped out. My brother made this apple pie, and I took a bite and I was like, tastes just like jolly ranchers. And so guess what is jolly rancher PA, yeah, brothers details. Well, he's a master pie maker vegan, Stony Armenia. Legacy of Stony people, anything blue raspberry push pop. I'm fucking into rang or something. Well, push poss- member ring pops. Okay. Yeah. Our candy was way cool day of the beef thing, which is like, have you tried that ever like? Are their version of the ring, pop baby bottle with the sugar in it that you dip in like a pacifier? Not. Okay. I know I don't go to raves. Rave thing to do. But also I feel like that's like for kids who have like, you know, have the complex about like they're being thumbs. Sucky didn't grow out of that, and it's really a neighboring them to stay in them absolute or people. The problem with ring pops was that while they were delicious, they always got your fucking finger disgusting with like ring, pop Jews, real agreed on that. I've never had a dry finger ring pop experience, but you just have to be really delicate. Maybe I was just going to quit Drouin on it. Yeah, it was more into the dip funded fund dip sticks. Actually. The best thing was big league chew. Yeah, that was like grab a handful of shredded gum and Chevy or face speaking training that was training for tobacco for June tobacco. Now that I think about it. Shoe shooting tobacco for little kids. I used to love Gatorade gum. They don't do that anymore. Actually Gatorade gum song. You talk about that rig gum, forgive out gum. Wow, gnarly. Is this experience what you thought it'd be because it's kind of like a crazy not really been done before kind of endeavor. I mean, they had one of these before people festival, but outside of this, the whole, like. Collaborate, make new music play a week later. Like has it been everything you thought it would be or it's actually exceeded my expectations. Definitely. I've done some residencies I work for the red bull academy as well. So it's a similar kind of setup, but very different way more people and way more players musician player. So everybody has been incredible like mind blowing, and everyone can just jump in super easily and play. And I was like blown away by that crazy cross section of just yell, strings, and horns dancers. Actually, there's a lack of drummers drummers earn high demand over here. No joke MAC, I think there's always table or podcasting, and I got real territorial wasn't though we were the podcast tremors are always in high demand, doesn't forever and ever thing about dreamers. They love drumming. I know. So it's great. They're so. Whereas basis just cry. Pretty much the wrong one. Yeah, I think after being in bands for so long, they re the instruments really do fit a personality type. I, yeah, usually like drummers the most and then I'll find out later their drummer and I was like, what is it about them? I think it's just they're like stature. They're usually just going to write more outgoing boisterous. Yeah, that's true. Bass players are kind of like hiding in the corner. Very internal, very mysterious. Yeah, exactly. Strings. Only. Yeah, they do play with it. They're back to the audience if they could write another remote in another location. Exactly. Awesome. Thank for chatting with. Yeah, thank you. Jumping on, think of. Think of pneumonic device. Remember your last name? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let me think. Dr Doria. I mean, I think delorean's pretty good. Yeah, but they're. In the. Yeah, you might remember it because never mind. No. I don't want that to be recorded. Okay. I stopped recording. What did you say. Did you say. No, I don't wanna say you tell us off the air. Sorry. Warned. You have to come to Berlin to find that out. Yes, zoo stupid. All right. Well, thanks for being so. Wasn't that special. He was a real angel she's getting because that's her name. Her parents were were future is yes. And they deserve to be burned for that power missed DeLorean really fun. Yeah. Yeah, no, she's she's charming. We got a conversation with with the gentleman who who had you met him before? I had not, but I called a bingo game bango the the night before. Another kind of guy who is like a lot of people's favorite. Like you just hang out during the bane camp, like you know stuff, you guys fast friends. Well, that was the thing. A lot of these people, we'd either MAC and meta few before we'd met a couple over the course of the weekend. Some of the people who we talked to on these episodes literally just walked up to us and we hadn't even seen before and razzmatazz was dude who you played bingo with. And then you were like we're doing. Yeah, I'm going to grab MRs coming over. And the cool thing about asthma says he's from Denmark, which is which is a magical, fairy tale land that we only dream of. In here in the state? Oh, yes, yes. And somebody that place on the map. Far Asia's and we have. We have a fun conversation them about cool stuff. He does over there and a lot just about like the geography of Denmark. Yeah. Yeah. He's a red human being hand, generous, miss, Stolberg, job, learn. He might say on the thing. Yeah, he'll he'll definitely say MRs if you ever look it up, it's true. He's he's my soul Rasmi. Probably the only Smith's there is there. Yeah. Yeah. And he's the only Rasmi for us. Take it away Rasmi and us. I guess MAC took it away. And we're back relied. We're back. All right. All right. How long has it been of the mind? Only a few minutes. It's been. It's been moments certainly hasn't been twenty hours all wearing different clothing. No, of course not. No. And you'll never know Warren. So we were back at the people festival who who we with introduce yourself, semi name is restless Stalberg. Uh-huh. All right. Well, first off you win the name contest. Yeah, definitely which his name is MacAulay which is a fake name and your name? Fucking razzmatazz. Rasmus. Got great here, love it. Is there a meaning for as Mus? Not really. This I looked at once. I mean, somebody who is easy to love. Oh. It was a fake list that was looking at. But I mean, it's a nice one. They're all in one of those like book names were all the more flattering words. Imagine your name is Garrick and you look up the meaning of someone's, okay, someone just. Getting back to the point. Imagine if your name is Derek and you looked up with the name Derek meant and it meant it said like likely to die of cancer. The age of fifty. What nationality Denmark, right? I, yeah, I'm from Copenhagen, really? Yeah. I know. I know one thing about it and that's Christiania because I'm a typical donor. Well, it's a great place. It's a great idea. I mean, they have their challenges. It's it's been going for more than forty years now. So you know, it's, it's not really free anymore. What is this? It's a free town Freetown in the middle of Copenhagen, say a, how would you probably. Former navy, military, navy area. Yeah, that was abandoned and it was squatted forty one forty years ago and had all these ideas about how to build a different kind of society, commune burning city, but it's quite huge and the thing that well, one thing to started doing was legalizing weet soft drugs not allowed guns not allowed. It's hippies and and for years and years, the police and the authorities sort of just let it happen. And for many years you could just go in and you could buy wheat the main street in in Christiania it's called push street. Well, he go and retire right now in the last ten years. It's been going back and forth because it's not really run by the hippies anymore. It's run by Hill's angels and it's getting violent, and and then we have some right wing governments who it's, they really don't like that if this place it, they also don't want to do because for like two decades. It's been in the top threes number tourist attraction towards traction a little the middle of of Copenhagen. Super. Cool. Yeah, I've never been. I've met a lot of Danish people. They're always pushing Copenhagen on me and it looks gorgeous. It's a gorgeous city. It's. That still call home. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You said you you run radio station out there. Right? I do. It's called delake. Radio lake is it doesn't mean the lake lake. You can swim in. Yeah. C. c. you speak Danish. A little. Play. It's like. Well, some some people collect contemporary art, but it's not really. It's, it's just which trying to mix we're trying to give up. Daddy of essentially rockstar, and and John Lewis is one big, giant mess of good music from all ages of the recorded music history and its music of all cultures also. And it's a full Sean. But I mean, it does have vibe is kind of chilled out and weird. Yeah, got you. It's all about taste really not playing Cardi b. when Bank Cardi b. but I mean. If you put her through, like I dunno into big echo chamber and did something put of weird John. All right. Here, man, I'm here with my two bands. I'm in a band called f declaring, and I'm in a band Lima. That's like the city and Peru to is okay. Glue and finish. But anyways. Yeah. Yeah, you've finished bandmate I'm we have finished bandmate. Yeah. Yeah. Needs a great. It's one after clients is we kind of do like, okay, stroll, progressive, 'electronic, experimental rock music. We've been going for many years, so it's every record is different, but it's it's very often. Kestrel. Gotta be great. When you describe your art form and you yourself get confused when telling. Telling. Rapper? No, I wish sometime Lima's bit easier. On I four dudes jamming out is almost like arosh work, but we don't have guitar. We have since we have beats and we have played obeys net too, and we have vocally. So that's awesome. We had a, we had a fun time last night Bongo. Yep. Rasa introduced bungalow to the group. Yes. So him and I, we hosted a a large bungalow group Zongo is yeah, it's bingo except Bongo. He's only three lines of the whole thing and get like when fill up one line and get some prizes. And second line when she Philip your whole card, you're the big winner. Who's was it his name? I can't remember his last name, but he's first name is christoph- Christoph you and something. I think he won a hand massage by oil kings of convenience. Nice yet. It was a lot of fun. That was a. That was his idea. Yeah, I just jumped on the trolley. That was a lot of fun. I really. I mean, you've been hit a whole week to it's everything is about music or eating something or drinking some pretty much. Yeah. And I just felt we needed to do something together. That was not about that this it was. It was a team building exercise. I really was not a lot of people come up. You didn't impromptu stand upset the other. Yes, yes, I did that too, that. Oh, yeah. Yeah, actually, I wish we were filming. Turn on the music and the front cause harm harmar and angel gonna play something, and then they just didn't. So the the Mike's still hot and the music was down. So I just started doing it was like NPR talking like this time and just telling terrible dad jokes, you know? Yeah, we in a very funny German cabdriver on the way here. And I say he was very funny because he's the funniest German we've met. Yeah, yeah. He was definitely the funniest Germany and pretty humorless I would say. Do you record your conversations drivers? That's the thing to do in my radio. Oh, no. We haven't even thought of that. We need. Some of the best pieces we have radio is just, uh, talking with taxi drivers rate idea and is always in Berlin. You get the most crazy ones. Do you come to Berlin a lot? I do. You love it. Oh, I waited too long with. I got kicked. I had friends who lived here from. So when you ask them is always like what I don't want to live here and that I wouldn't. But if I don't think about it like that, yes, I do truly love this place. It's it's strange. I, I'm finding my footing a little bit as we go. We've been here for almost a week, but like you say, copen hogging the gap there on the next plane. It seems magical and this lease it seems that you have to work at it a little bit and kind of get an insider guide to. It's not so twenty personality and no Copenhagen, because it's such a small city and because we speak is really weird. Language can be really difficult to get in and out of. Yeah. And usually Danish people, we only hang out with people. We went to school with who we work with, who's married to sister. Pacific can be tough and Berlin is so big it has. It has an international. You get everything. And when you have an international seen, it means a lot of people are here transplants just reasonably and they're open looking for people. They looking for friends looking for projects. Yeah, and that way it's much easier to be here. And I guess more inclusive take that for granted as Americans, the kind of like melting pot that we are in every day of every time we walk in the street. We see people from every trae on the planet, and I guess in Copenhagen, a lot of Danish people, right? Yeah, feel the same. Sometimes people Denmark, all the scars guards are there. Let's name them still in Swedish. Do it anyway. Yeah, I have one of the famous guys mess Mickelson. Okay. I love Madge Mickelson here. Yeah, JAMES BOND, Hannibal his and then isn't LARs von cheered as Danish. Maybe that's why I thought stone Skarsgard. He's in does movies a lot is he's also crazy person though. Yeah, he's pretty nuts and they're down, said some things at con a few years ago, I don't necessarily don't really want to repeat. I wouldn't mind doing actually because I mean he didn't. He was. He was totally. I mean joking. He was joking obviously, but but Danish way of joking and not do it. And you see the American reaction in Kirsten Dunst on that. Stay that way. Kirsten Dunst his face. Look the way the rest of the world. Goodness. That's what what is your greatest Danish export if you had to say, well, if you ask the government is bacon, but, but is it real? Is it have you been to America. I have. Yeah. Have you had the bacon in America today and shit. Probably dangerous. I find there's different bacon. Like, you know what I'm talking about MAC looking, and if you had bacon dating speaking for sure. So bacon, your biggest also we to China, they can all Danish makes crazy. They're more they're more picks and Denmark than people. I million picks and we have five million people. Wow. And a place called pusher street cartoon. The pigs are going to rise up. It's not easy being pagan Denmark that's for sure. Which you have you gotten to collaborate with anyone this week that you wanted to or having more? Yeah. I mean, I'm my mind is pretty much blown. I mean, it's I came in. I was super insulated, but I'm not really. I played a base, but I'm not really fast on my instrument. I usually I need to learn stuff and I need to do it on my own. And this is something you just can't do when you throw it in a room and you have two hours to create would people, but I was, yeah, I was thrown in room with. Sinn Cain. Oh, wow. You know what? I. He's great. And there was Nick from the guitar and IGA. You're gonna. Drum sharia is like. This is like. Group who I'm there. And yeah, I made it. We played some day and it was great, and I fell them. Are you excited for the festival this weekend actually coming together? Yeah, the last one or is this your? We were in America in Lima the lesson he'll be missed it. Yeah. New York where like west coast a little bit. We kind of bounce back and forth. What do you where have you been in America? Yeah. Well, I've done all over five tours all the way round full circle. So you've been more places in America than most American cities and most Americans, but I'm only there for a day at a time. Hotel doesn't really count Boise, Idaho demo- Ian, I've been in Boise, Idaho play, but I've been there. I once I had a very long occasion in Portland, Oregon. Yeah, it was three months vocation. There. Yeah, I got married. We went to Hawaii, two weeks to get married as well while it was a nice time. Hipster paradise over there. Okay, good. Because I thought you were about to tell me the marriage only lasted three months. I went to Portland, I got married, didn't. It didn't work out. Green card marriage. Thanks for coming in chatting with us. We ever make it to Denmark, we'll we'll look you up. Let me know. My we could have like really nice Benko, say bingo, bango box. I mean there was one time yesterday wouldn't Chris? The drummer came up and did a really nice role. She she had this. I don't know what the word is like. It was some kind of explosive thing. And it was. I mean, we could make a show out of, I think so. I think I think, yeah, explosives in bingo. I'm in for that. Yeah, we'll, we'll sit up a residency in Copenhagen. Starts off your from the wrong country, and there's too many of you. I'll tell you what thanks. Yeah. Yes, and we're and we're via, and we learned so much about Copenhagen. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. That wouldn't district or Christiania. Yes, they regard forgot the name of it just now. Let's all going to trip to Copenhagen together on MAC, we, yeah, I know a guy. We're gonna get really big boat. It's going to take off from beach on Tuesday be there. We're going go school. It's gonna take us like four weeks to make the passage most of us will die. I will be in steerage as my people were once. Jeez. Somewhere top of the MARTINI. Yes, you know me, but I think the most obscured survive the Titanic crashes or maybe that's the opposite new died. More rich people are more poor. People think it was women and children went first votes. So they they had better chance of surviving hand Warren, if you ever taking a boat journey, rang away also don't be in the band. The the man died in the captain. Don't be the captain either be not that committed to being in the band. No one was like had a gun to them. It was like, you play til we. They were just gentlemen. I'm going out with my viola. So what happened next was really cool. I think someone was someone brought him over knows Tommy dean who they'll meet here. Yeah, right after a Alexi. But a, yeah, brought over Alexi. Who's a cool do think it sell whose in a band called kill the volt cher's. Yeah, and he, he came over and just like I got a poem. I wanna read a poem. We were like, all right, cool. Let's do it any other day. Someone comes over to me and says, I can't. I can't. I can't Roadrunners in my legs fast away, but the people festival put me in like a real cool mindset that like, yeah, it's poem and guess what? It's really cool. It's like a rap. It's a good. Yeah, def, poetry type. Yeah, some slam poetry, so. So here's a poem from Alexi Kosovo from a band called kill the vulture. Yeah, we'll be right back after that. Yeah, right for the poem we is on a Hello. We have a special interlude here. Yeah, we've got a really cool off. Yeah. My name is Alexi moon Casella. My artist name is crescent moon, rabbi group called kill the ball cher's, but I'm just here also as an individual and happy to be part of the people. I, I saw some. Where are you from from Minneapolis, Minnesota. There's a lot of the apple got here. Yeah, yeah. Yes. So we are a poem for his man. Yeah. You know, like before I even got here, I just that Tom Nadine done so much to facilitate this incredible experiences as wanted to offer something to them. So this is more dedicated to them, and I just started it like late hours ago, so we'll see what happens here goes. It at time when the human connection is a distant light from a distant shore in age of unified solitude, seven billion of us isolated shoulder to shoulder separated by walls by rhetoric by our own personal devices of doubt and discomfort. Here we gather like rain water in a storm in orchestra, lightning and laughter of stillness in motion as conductors of electricity of sound defiantly. Surrendering to the urgency of now our hands releasing each z. passing moment. So that are open poems are ready to catch the next a funeral for what we previously knew a celebration of the mystery of new burning sunrise all at once. Please bay me in the tumbling tide of creation in decay. Let me stare into the bottomless mouth of your imagination. As you look in the mind, swallow me whole like fire and paint the ceiling with my ashes, throw me in the river. Please float or sink promise. You will mimic your twisted reflection in the mirror of the endless running water promise. You will dance to the drum of thousand heartbeats and collapse when the drums stop promise. You will promise nothing beyond your own fertile intuition in rugged instinct. If you hear the gathering call, then gather come from wherever you are as you are gather with empty hands or heavy arms, gather like rain water in a storm conductors of lightning servants of sound makers of movement gather as people. As. Thanks to let alone super, super summed up just the whole energy of the whole thing all over the world. Most of these people have many other before and they just dropped all preconceived notions and what they wanna do. They were going to do and just kinda make this stated for the past and they gather. That's all I wanted to say, man, he's having. Yeah, basically just Google kill the vultures. You'll find a shit. Yeah, that was a poem. Yeah, that was some, hey, would you look to to hear poem? Actually, it was girl can really say, he's dude. He was guy in. They actually were in the room after us during the festival here. Check them out. Check out all the axe that we were talking to another acts as well. And if you go to a bunny ears dot com and check out the annotated guide for this episode, we'll have links to all the band. Yeah, websites and stuff like that. Stuff like that. Super cool. Taking us out this week, we are going to have a little chat with the peon created the whole thing. Yeah. These are actually some old friends of mine. I bet them about eight years ago. Again, the ones who you know, run the festival and the the, the Michael burger on the hotel. It's on the hotel. It's Tom's last name on a lot of coconut water is not is not not Michelle Berget, you know, like the French singer. Yeah, there for all your francophiles French singer named Michelle Berge, and this hotel is called the Michael burger and they told us when you know what they say when French people come, they always think it's a spoiler act man. Yeah, that's something we're going to talk is dead the whole time. Oh my gosh. Spoiler again, that's my fantastic. That's not six. It's just that's just what you wish he won't come on the show now kidding. So here are the people that put together an old friends of mine. I've known them for about eight years now, their German and they're looking and fit. Yeah, they really are short shorts. Always. They're always wearing white. They look, they look impeccable. They're really charming couple of a couple of people, so you know? Yes. So out further ado. Yeah. Here we go. Here's Tom in on the whole thing, and we're back or here we're here. We never left so brilliant people vessel. And actually we have some very, very special guests over here. We have Tom Nadine, introduce yourselves actually, like you guys do it. Oh, well, that's me. We're sitting in those funny staircase and lied people and sound people running past land. We're getting very close. I know. I know this is your guys festival really? Right. I mean, this is like, yeah, yeah, it's your babies, your baby. What made you guys start doing this? Like the second one? One in sixteen? Yeah. Felt all the option and in inspired by this magical space and the friendships. We are lucky enough to have built over the years listening to those people. And then just seeing that there is just asking yourself, ok, if we would have that space, but we do with it and then it was very clear. Would you just give it to the artist, let them do what they wanna do. There's no in meeting people and everyone loves you guys. I mean something like it's everyone's like, oh, we love everybody. I can tell. And speaking of this amazing space, you could probably speak to her better than anyone else. Where are we. So confusing. We had the full house and Belen like twenty minute bike ride from our town. The Michaud burger hotel, right? Yes. And it's a foam is German radio stations. This was a radio station full on and the that and the studious where we are and they were specifically built for recording Aucas for the radio for live radio. Yes. Was probably a mix of spying and broadcasting at the same time. Exactly. I've never. I don't know that I've seen many buildings in my life. This big gender thing. It's really unique. Let alone the different spaces, and you walk into a room and all of a sudden you're like, fedral recordings duty. It's amazing. It's the biggest of its kind by far fitting thousand people and jumbo jet could fly over. You wouldn't here. That's like really hanging the whole spaces. The hanging crazy. I've taken a bunch of walks in like trying to get lost and it's really easy. Actually, there staircases lead to nowhere kind of tradition, and I went, oh, we pick the wrong path. We gotta go back, go go up the stairs. This just like. Imagine that five thousand people were working every day. They had like village here like a sauna, Hadras like literally everybody one radio station. No, it's the whole broadcast rated. There would challenge everything. The east Germany, everything east Germany did that had to do with media and or like recordings studios and broadcasting was like centered here, and it was like a really sealed off like high high security kind of complex. And did you meet the Tango, the academics, the ninety one? Yeah, gentlemen, they were filming today. He was the architect of the the academic of this bidding and for him at dream became too again to see people in a different alive and happy, and just everyone. Spaces as they were actually designed to. That's so great. You brought up, you also own a hotel, and did I pronounce it right? Because there's, there's my. Jay Berger. What do you prefer? Michigan vagus it's our names. What is the history of that space too? Because that building also incredible and just kind of unique. How old is that building built in nineteen o five. And it's just kind of. I trust her. It's funny like no-man's-land for awhile in between courts and fully sign it, just this four stretch of five houses and to the back that was like nothing for very long time. And we just felt like that was the driving around with the bike. That was a sign up for rent ten years ago. We called and then took us a year to get the money and like, but that was became our new home base and the called yet. That's like just. The last night apartments, bingo. So. Well, yeah, that's where we met in the courtyard. Yes, I was drawing carrot. Really intricate carrot to actually where we met was like six years ago. It was eight years ago and it was like raining and someone said there is someone sitting in the caught yet under the umbrella, like with the bottle of Zach, Thomas, who's this. And then we went to the sped slip place. You know. Oh, you, you know. Took me out to dinner with your family McEnroe. So inviting you just randomly picked the hotel when you were in Berlin. I'd heard about it. I hear about it because I was friends with a refugee hamburger, who's? Oh sure. From Ryan shell Berge. Yeah. So there's a, there's a hotel named after my father. We have a giant Michelle Birgit collection at the hotel from gifts of. All. Sure. A lot of finished. It will stay here because they think it's Michelle Brigit themed. Owns, it's actually what are the amenities we should mention of. The hotel is the big lebowski is on the twenty four hour loop. Why the big little? Is it your favorite movie ever made? What's the movie much watched the most possibly obviously now. No sound though it's just on a loop, but you can watch it in your room at least. Yeah, and actually never get. So it never gets old individually every my lady. She's never seen the movie walked by it. It's crazy. What is this movie cutoff chanson I think it's one of these things that will really unite this like generation. Weirdly, it's just it's so joyful and you meet people and you don't even talk about it, but it just thinking about this film just brings up the. It's glue brings us all together makes us stick together. I look, I ever told you I was at a like a weird fundraiser thing or something like that. And John Goodman was there and was there and two zero is there, and I told them about the hotel. They didn't believe that there was a hotel in Berlin played their movie over and over and over again. They thought it was the coolest thing ever gonna see you royalty waiting for that hill hopefully ever. It's an amenity. Yeah, exactly. It was amazing and hasn't been incredibly accommodating. All all anyone can talk about is, is the hotel and the space and the food that you provide the energies, great energy here, but the thing that no one seems exactly sure of which is so exciting. What's going to go on this weekend? There's no. A little more. I don't know if you checked out doing this last couple of days and open some doors and, oh, we have, it's been incredible. This things are now fitted and like the highlights will be brought into this different spaces capacities from Saudi people like ten people. So it's kind of floating rotating schedule. Will people be able to kind of just wander from performance to performance? Actually, we guide them into groups through the spaces to get really the richness of the experience. And yeah, now it's just really. It's like that's the biggest logistical job creative now from the team, bringing this all into schedule, and we are just so blessed that we could. You know here all of these things that you have heard now throughout the week and all of this. It's just unimaginable to bring that now or few of these elements to stage. Now just, you know, you receive emails. I want to do this. I want to do this. Let's do this and just can't wait to when every this will all run simultaneously. All of these like ten stages will be filled with music, and it'd be a noise band and some folk music. And you know, maybe some hip hop or whatever, and everyone's working with each other to which like everyone's really enjoying the collaborative aspect. It's kind of mind plant some people joining from the afterlife. We're gonna hope. Yeah. Yeah, we, what does that mean? There's ghost. Hologram. Edham Cohen was also to add taking pots and these working on the album from his father Lennox. Oh, wow. Well, you didn't take that yet. No, Matt Cohen. So I could probably get in. S. coolant has a studio there and so in, he invites different people to just listen to the music, and he collected beautiful material, which is not yet published. Cohen and things. And so he worked with different people from here Richie from academia or Leslie came and many people and just to see their reaction and out of that, I, I only saw like most beautiful overwhelming. We have to. This is something very play tonight and tried stuff with the stugotz Austria. Broadcast from that rehearse exactly bring material for over. And just everyone. Here's so impressive and talented, and we go lake. We're podcasters, but we hope we're making everyone. No, letting the word out 'em as an addition. Everybody plays their part in this. This, of course, the music makers, but also to to have someone collect all this words and all this emotion moment, feelings, impressions, filmmakers exactly. Magic. It's in you. Mungo color. We were given the space and we'd take. Yeah. It was very high. I almost word again today. Thank you so much in one day, we'll have to do a big lebowski commentary track. Yeah. German, it'll confuse everyone started with German, but I'm better in English. Thank you so much. Well, wasn't that exciting? Oh, my God wouldn't amazing first half of that week. I'm as wet as the spree river. Wow. Wow journal in reference. Well. Oddly delighted, so I'll take it. Yes, Tom Nadine or super. Super cool. Yeah. And they ran a really like amazing festival. I know you said before that this was a list the first half of two, two parter. We're gonna have another set of these similar kind of interviews next week. But yes, no, they put together a really, really special festival of that was just it had just creativity using out of all of its Poors and it was it was very special to be a part of. So yeah, it was. Yeah. So also we got to go to Berlin which the show on the road. Yeah, which which was really. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I know what made you nervous. I know you're Jewish. Oh, I mean it was hard. It was. But I felt I felt good actually not on the podcast. We didn't talk about it during the interviews, but one morning at breakfast with because that was what was cool to and you heard it on this show everyone from frigging everywhere in the world. And I was table with like two Norwegians in the Spanish lady in a few Brits. And they went, I was the only American and they went, hey, is it super weird if I if we ask you a question, like all of them like almost as if they'd prepared to ask me before Zandt down and I was like, oh God, what? What am I would say to them? And they were like, hey, so the Americans here seemed to be fixated on World War Two Nazis. And I went, yeah. And they win. You guys are aware that that happened like sixty years ago I went. Yeah. So what's the fascination I went? I mean, it happened sixty years. It's, you know, we're not. We're still fascinated with to civil fucking war. Exactly. We give us a half a half a thousand years. Well, that's what is that a millennium? Yeah. Yeah. Give us half. Oh, yeah. I think that was a million. It's right there in the title million money give us a half millennium. We're still not yet. We're still not even over the revolutionary war. There also are bad guys in movies. Yeah. Would you guys don't really have as much because you were more culturally sensitive in close to it? I guess, oh, I mean me no European. Your movies, it's true. You know, my movies when I was a kid were sorely lacking Nazis. Yeah. Not a lot of Nazis up. It's crazy heard, so we'd agreed in Berlin. We'd really fast and and we're gonna be back next week with more. But until then you could check it out. It's p. hyphen e. expel people out, but put a hyphen between all the letters and you'll get to their website and they have like a cool egg embedded player. You get to hear some of the music from the festival. Yeah, and they're gonna release more of it, I think is the plan ga- as kind of goes along and so forth platform, I believe it's called. Yeah. Yeah. No, it's it's very, very special. So again, a hope you guys enjoyed this episode. We got another one coming up next week. Next week, MAC working people find you on the interim. I'm at coca mania on the Instagram's and credible coke on the Twitter's. You. You said credible call, incredible coke as good for it. Yet in credit, I'm at things on camel towed. We're on Twitter at a bunny ears pod. We're on Instagram bunny. Ears podcast. Check us out bunnies dot com. And we've got a voicemail. It's eight, four or five easy hoax. Give us a call. Leave us voicemails. Yeah, we we made a call you back. We're never gonna do. Yeah, don't give us your numbers. Do Mike. Lonely. And until then I've been Matt Cohen and I've been, I've been Jonathan Taylor Thomas mcquilken. Here's what are we at the end of every show trying to suck too much dick and if you do send us some picks and then picks, but send care of Berlin. I really those. Find me gag do the Ponti rent. This is Brian Indiana just got done listening to your episode with your account, and it was fucking awesome. Can't wait for the second part, but just in fact for you, I was born and raised in Alaska and actually drove from Alaska to Texas through Canada, three days, and it was Canada. So it is possible. It's fun and possible anyway, suck from the. Whereas you've been, you're supposed to be here. Kid has been waiting for you. Power come on. Man use says you're gonna be at the party and waiting for you. Come on. I'm just checking in. Firstly, I just wanna say everyone involved. Awesome. Never thought I'd resumes so much. We one person I'm very, you know, semi familiar with the other person only learned about and you're both. Awesome. And was pretty. I guess they really hard hitting question though for members, discovery zone, and why don't we have another one of these things for kids? Where's discovery zone to. I wanna get punched in the face by somebody with alcohol or. Time. That's where I wanna be hit. A bunny, ears, LLC production.

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