Episode 226: Farewell Tommy Kahnle + CC Documentary Recap


Hey what's up guys. It's big cat before you start listening to this episode. I want to let you know that we're running a special sale on all barstool merch. Go to store dot barstool sports dot com and use code podcast for ten percent off goto store dot barstool sports dot com and use code. Podcast for ten percent off Sarah time and one just for the day. What's what's happening. Welcome addition of the short porch presented by bustles. Sports and miller light middleweight. Twenty twenty. Two year of cancellations of course and holidays arrive will be saying farewell to one more tradition w work holiday parties it turns out most of us never really liked those parties anyways with work parties cancelled we can get to something we actually want for the holidays more time with our friends whereas we call it miller time holiday parties just overall suck. We don't wanna part of it so obviously getting together where a real family or boys You know it's the it's the right thing to do right now. So you know we're doing that with miller miller lite and to give work holiday parties you proper sendoff is teaming up with a visual artist by the name of alex prager for a full exhibit called farewell work holiday parties y well nothing says farewell to an old tradition senior in a museum to celebrate all the extra miller time With a real friends the season whether it's virtual or not get great tasting less filling miller lite delivered going to miller lite dot com and find delivery options near ut miller time celebrate responsibly as always miller brewing company walk. Tonight's calories per twelve ounces could be drinking quite a few miller lite tonight porn some out for our fallen comrade tommy. Canley is gone. It's the way it was the one day because like you know so it's wednesday. You know where this is. Our one of our only two weeks really awesome work july fourth other one so i was like okay wednesday going to sleep in a little bit half still do some work. Obviously but Woke up at like noon. Twelve thirty and got cut the fucking ken. Rosenthal tweet sent to me. That town mckinley signed with the dodgers. And i know we're all on pins and needles here about digital mayhew. But that's just a fucking i mean. Sure he's gonna miss the whole year anyways but it's just a gut punch to see tommy canley signs and it's not the yankees and that guy going to grow. His beard out is mullet. He's going crazy his hair and it's going to be for the l. A. dodgers not the yankees and that just fucking broke my heart this morning. Yeah sucks. I mean you sent the a tax than our short group chat saying i want a di- you jay news. I thought it was gonna be something much worse than that. I mean good socks tommy. John was a fun part of the team but to me like real heartbreak without got tommy. John's out this year anyway. So yes sucks. That in twenty twenty two will be on. A different team won't be a part of this year. But i don't know i i feel like the tough news with him. Sort of has already happened this. This was maybe a little bit more of kicking the nuts. But i kind of wasn't expecting anyone that is true. Two thousand twenty two problems as worry about that yet. Look at you with a real mike. What the fuck is that like. That sounds nice Holy molar your podcast. And now jesus yeah. You're you're on other story to me. It's very nice and doesn't give me any promised me a new laptop of the year. Guess what the end of the year fucking scumbag replace right now. Basically like that's how bad it is. That's always be charged. But the to no surprise. Tommy's not gonna feel like that heartbroken mckinley leaving you know he's going to downplay and all that i don't know maybe i was just a really really big family guy from the start and then finally get him on. The podcast was so dope. And yeah i mean like i don't know it just sticks like britain's tweet zach. Britton was like really sad like that relationship has gone now. Tommy canley. that's hurts. Ma'am hurts a little bit more than it. Should it hurts. I think the overall like culture of the yankees and stuff but understand we gotta save. I wanna die tweets for if the gentlemen that i'm just dishes known positive news everything's bad. There's no positive news. Say i'm getting sick of the new york yankees. I am getting real sick. We're sitting around the entire time. And i see nothing being done. Yeah and like so. We avoided complete disaster. Because if i woke up to tommy canley signs for the red sox. Today i would have. We would do pockets. 'cause that'd be dead. Apparently they were the runner up here and had a competitive offer that would have been. I know i could not just that would have been impossible. Perfect oh four sock to personality definitely definitely gets him and millar would have been like the palace no doubt his his contract. That's like five or fifty five hundred fifty thousand dollars. Bonus seven fifteen. Two thousand twenty one three point five in two thousand twenty two which is expected to come back with more bonuses. Whatever matches nothing to five million dollars like you can't just fuck that man if they don't do if he god help he's if they don't bring back digital may who like this would be the worst season ever be unbelievable. I don't know what their plan is. I truly just don't know what the yankees plan is right now. It's not. I don't think it's going to end up. Well i have no. I have no reason to believe they're going to figure this out the right way. Yeah i have no hope anchor becoming franchise that up losing all their like like you lost Dd last year. You'll lose keenly role mine role mine. Yeah i feel like i mean. Cc retired obviously. But i just feel like they've lost so many of those character guides gardner again. He's a high he's a high clubhouse guy but so much what made the yankees fund. The past few years. I feel like is is going away so i better start fucking winning. Because we're going to be a nap on team. That doesn't win i think. Those boring stiffs on the planet. If they're gonna win they're gonna win a world series and i don't care but it's like being like the next move honestly like if we're just going down this path of misery where like the endpoint is dj signing with somebody else. The next point is like trading void. Like how much you wanna break my soul. I'm really wanna like. How defeated do you want me to look look void. Being traded would be the next step if we're just going down that path if he's don't resigned dj. I really think fans. We all need to look at ourselves in the mirror and consider making a statement to this franchise we need. I know. i don't know how. What does tommy smokes. Do to make this statement not buy tickets next year. I mean i know there might not be fans but whenever whenever there are fans again. We don't buy tickets. We don't buy any merchandise. we like. they don't signed it. There is no excuse for not signing. Dj if they don't sign dj were were like swapping with the white sox like white softer trying to make big moves. They were the joke franchise. And now it's like the the fucking yankees are doing. Nothing i just. Don't get how nothing's been done. He was on our team. He wants to be there fucking figure it out. Well the good news is they just want to all series and eleven and the report now a deejays. It's five for one twenty five and he's not budge. That's a little different from five for one hundred and the yankees were like four for seventy five. It's no he was five for one twenty five. That's a big difference to me. The big ask but meet in the middle. She'll do it in a heartbeat. But i'm just saying like how far off they are people like. Oh it's just a little bit of money. He's like that's a lot of money. I don't know that's a lot of money. They're often A name that's come up. Which i have been interested in for a while and seems like this team is really just getting ready to everyone louise kathy on the reds is named popped up on the yankees have interest. Whatever and the you know the report would take ton. Now that's a guy you can slide in as the number two and you feel really good you know everything else. You'll cole could steal and everything else. After that falls in the place that would be a guy. Now it costs a ton. Maybe it would cost medina medina by the way down in dominican as twenty five strikeouts in eleven innings easel fucking electric factory. That guy gets up easily. Just re shoring up the ranks. That guy needs to be here quickly But yeah i would. I would love lewis kathy. I don't know what exactly would cost. You know it's not causing jason to stop throwing around. They're not trading jason for anything but we still be my opinion. You're the number louise. Pistachio superfan always had made that. No right like. I think a half way i would be down to him. He's the best changeups in baseball from the starting pitcher. It just falls off the table. And he's young. He's under control. I'm all about him but it would cost a ton. Think the red just don't wanna win They made the playoffs. Now again. we enough of this. Let's just blow it up. So i love to take their straps literally any pitcher right now. You even said it right there like oh we got coal casteel and then like whatever else we have nothing else right now. It's just coal and whatever else. The rotation is really scary. It's really really bad way. It really bad way. We years in our our. We're going to go through this. Thank you just got to add a couple arms. Like i thought after adding you're We got our horse now. It's like the it's like the opposite of how was like for so many years with danke had like the middle on the back end. They just didn't have that east now. They have the ace and they have nothing else. Thank god them. Imagine they just didn't get cold. Yeah like what we. We'll be doing here. We have a little bit more to talk about here. Knocking me longest show in the world but we are the doctor talk about. Those are good and one other thing. Quick before against that though. We'll talk to is about hooters. Hooters just physio they. They were all around with the the barstools could with where the place was in america the philly sports because we were there all throughout the playoffs You know that will be cooking back up. Probably when we get back on the swing of things once break is over but you know who has been there For barstool pretty much. All twenty and hooters calendar is now out for twenty twenty one. You can buy the counter local hooters. 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Odds are you're making order from hooters trying to get some wings of your your drinking similar lights on the side as well orders me over thirty dollars you might be might as well use this coach. Stool ten dollars off only thirty. It's interesting no greater and go check the calendar as well one dollars nation. Every purchase goes towards give who Check out hooters. There personal fund. I don't think we talked about this in the last show. I don't know if it was created a day. After would you say. It wasn't announced okay but boston fund Dave is spearheading this With the marcus lemonis And they are raising a ton of money a ton of money for small businesses All around Not even just new york city but you know. The restaurants bars are really getting destroyed With this new shutdown and places that have been open for twenty thirty years are debating having to close their doors and borstal barstool fund is going to do. Its best to make sure that doesn't happen and these guys stay open The videos are legitimately like tom. You tweeted yesterday with the every single one of these videos. Were dave call. Somebody and saves the restaurant is the best thing you'll watch all day. Where like even dave like a person who we know leasing abortion not the most emotional person in the world but like you could see it even like he's like touched by it a little bit so parcel fund is fucking awesome to is like i hate talking on the phone but like i love doing these calls. I mean how cannot yet the us i mean there was really no nothing helping small businesses like the government. We what one stimulus package in march. Maybe another at some point but really nothing like you know. They're dying and for a company like barfoed. Use all our resources for this and hopefully be able to save as many of them as possible is. That's what it's all about a love that dave is like so into as well because when dave's into something it's going to go off like he's just calling outwit like a twenty five k boom done. Ripoll white red dana white hundred grand. Yeah and then we got that polka guys given twenty five grand. Now it's it's just a fucking ripple really cool to see. Yeah i would really like for the yankees to get more involved here They had this tweet about So many words. I don't see graphics. Whatever they put out they don't need to. I think it's gonna be ten. Businesses like get five k. each around the bronx whatever. Just nice. I just. You're the yankees. They know. it's so tough to like. Yeah you know. It's tough to do it with charity but if porno giving five hundred fucking thousand dollars. I've always thought it's hard to donation. Shame rate because a lot of times. Jeff bezos will do something and they'll be point zero zero zero one his net worth and shit right but like this is different where the could very clearly given like. Yeah sure they're giving fifty thousand more than a lot of people in other teams but you're gonna go through making a fucking eight tweet. Graphic seemed like and like be like. Oh where you know doing this reopen you gotta do more to you. Have their one one. And a half. Two billion dollar franchise like five five billion. Oh okay five. Billion for period. Like if you're going to like i. George steinbrenner has like a famous quote where he says if you do if you donate or do something nice for someone in more than two people know about it. You did it for the wrong reasons. So the yankees like tweeting about. It is very clear not hauling that. We're going to tweet about it. Just better be more than fifty k. Scarlett be like half a million or like. I'm like did they you out. That was such a move where it was like the yankees franchise who used to do things right all the time. This is like another step idiots. Yeah the ben. Heller had a tweet pitcher for the yankees. While i'm definitely not. It was coinciding. Dave 'cause he was reaching out to kevin kevin hayes. All those guys and heller said well. I'm definitely not rich but my favorite part of new york is all local restaurants and bars. So many do my small part and help. How can new york shows. Lots of love for the yankees. So it's time for us to love them back hash day. Barstool fun hashtag new york. And then he put the link for the barstool fund. Beautiful awesome ship. That heller from a clouds Really like that. He's a big stool. Everything he he's he's tweeted at the before. Yeah like about the strikeout challenge or something. I could see that with. Kevin hayes given twenty five k. And and the yankees are giving. Fifty is not look didn't win. They've won with fifty. What gave you did get fifty right. Wigan whitney whitney the yankees only gave ten times more than gats is like they give it that way and corrobos jerry and fucking jared. It's bad So i really hope they answer the bell. I'll buy part of a break to reach out to some people because we. I wanna get anybody who we've come. We've come cockpits with some nice peop- you know some fairly decent names. I think a lot of people love obviously love new york city and play for the yankees and all that they want to get back to these. Everyone loves the bars and restaurants in new york city. Don't want them going away. They've done so much for us over the years. So i definitely want to do my part and help out as much as i can so hopefully spread the word. You can't listen to this. You know some people you know this is the time to give yourself even like if you got twenty five bucks or whatever to give you know every little dollar calico i. It would be so cool. One day for one of us to come through ten k. Like obviously. I don't think any of us that might edition but if i had a layover break shirts for my whole family goes rallies they got awesome shirt. Do what you can. Obviously everybody's limits are different But you know anything you can afford to give Doing spread the word. Yeah it's sucks to see like gaz give five can use like i'm a poor. Fuck is i mean. He was a millionaire. No it's great. Yeah go on the bar. So the link for the fund is on the short porch instagram link. You just click that you go right so It's all over twitter twitter. Find the link. Google barstool fond dance. yeah And then if you go to the store we have certain shirts review by pretty all the net proceeds go right to the barstool fund Then you know and there's a fire merch out. There loved an office. things eliminate. it's all good So go check that out. And let's pressure the yankees to fucking get more involved here. Because i think they they should they really should and oh and lastly The documentary came out I thought it was really good. I'm some. I'm critical of these documentaries. Like remember sosa mcgwire one. That came out with espn. That was horrible. I didn't learn a single thing with this documentary. I learned a lot. Like i was always tense. The last half hour of that when they talk about their i wrote down a ton of notes But my biggest takeaway Was finding out the real story of when he stepped away from the yankees the end of the twentieth. Fifteen season right before the playoffs. Because i remember my gut reaction. And i was like fuck guy this is. How can you just leave this team or this is me. I've been. I'm in college so obviously an idiot but i'm just like you know they're play the astros. Whatever in the wild card. And i'm like how is he not here. What's going on like this is bullshit the real story and it's like the motherfucker was too drunk to throw a bullpen in baltimore. So then he came. He went to cashman. Said like i gotta take care of myself like okay do your thing. And then he took a ride back to the city from baltimore and before he got in the this is to go to rehab. He stopped the liquor store and grabbed two bottles of hennessy and finish them on the car. Ride home to new york. That's like this guy had a gigantic drinking problem. A titanic. tricky problem fucking credit for getting around it but that was. I didn't know idea it was that bad. Yeah though that was the most interesting. Yeah i kind of remember the same thing twenty over the news came out almost like whatever suck this year anyway. Right right every sucked anyway alabama. Could it be like you know like he's appropriate. Or how bad could it be because as they showed in the in the documentary like he pretty much had to drink problems throughout even you know oh nine through twenty one and twenty games a year. It was the same one of my takeaways. Was like good on him for detoxing the day before a game in the date like i wanna go three straight days been drinking than to be like all right all together now like glad. He was able to do that for four years. But yeah i mean you think about it and those three years were really bad from thirteen. Fourteen fifteen injuries but yeah it was probably mixed and getting older but also like he was a raging alcoholic. That was drinking three days a week. I'm sure it probably all caught up to him was really interesting. Look like behind the curtain with a lot of stuff. You didn't know you. And i when i saw that it was like i lewis said myself. Shit 'cause i remember tweeting the going absolutely nuts. Being like my good i mean. He just backed out because he sucked. That's the only reason why he's doing. He's not an alcoholic. There's no way the day before a playoff game is like. Oh i just found out on alcohol. You could have done it. A one-two right right now. That was actually what a convenient time like. No one just finds out the day before but then see like how crazy it actually was was not cool but it was like at least like it's cool to see someone actually open up about that and like talk about their problems. I actual reaction was. Couldn't you just fucking rehab in a month. That was that was my that was my idiotic ticket. That's what that's exactly. I was trying to figure it out was going back into my brain and it was like come on man fucking one month and then go to rehab and that's idiot me but it's good for doing it when you did because who knows what would have turned into and you tell me you mentioned it. So he his scheduled wrote it. Down was basically. He'd pitching a game. And the moment he gets the clubhouse they had a crown of with the sprite. Crowd is crown. Sprite win firm or something like that. He joked that and then he gets blackout that night he get black the next night black on the night after and then his detox we just shutting down all water basically and like gatorade for two days and then he and he just did that for like a full year two crazy fully. I think it was more than that. There's three years right three years. Yeah it was also. Thinking is a an all time. Butterfly effect thing is because he said so twenty fifteen. They clinched the playoffs. And then that night. He didn't drink at all while they were celebrating. And then when they were on the bus to baltimore baltimore someone handed him hennessy to drink official like think about if he never gets handed that bottle of hennessy. Like you're like. Wow that god crawley of handed but no we should up. Because if he doesn't start that been drinking that week. Any probably never comes to that moment of clarity. Where realizes like he has to get his life together. Yeah and that all spiraled out of the the the fight in the fight in toronto because he had to fight to the club in toronto. I honestly don't remember that too much. I remember it a little bit. And then he stopped drinking completely and then yeah the celebrations. You notice in the video of them celebrating. He's getting champagne poured on them. Who comes up them and says yeah feel so good. Did you notice. It was john ryan murphy. All i remember that. Yeah yeah people get going fucking john my in murphy member that which was jaromir feel like weren't there a bunch of yeah blackout. I wrote down like eat. Quick hitting notes. Do you go throw. Yeah sure one. Quick thing for me is There was a moment where they were playing radio. Callers bashing him and john jastremski people pass your this guy's up so i had his wife almost with an all time old takes exposed like in the very beginning which is like cece kept telling me he was having a heart attack and i was like no. You're not like he has like the pulmonary like a legitimate heart. Problems like that could have been bad. pl- footage of playoffs at the stadium. Made me miss inky stadium. I don't know what it was about like the his last game. Whatever camera fucking whatever thing. They were using the stadium. Look so cool Footage of him as a rookie. You just looks exactly like it. Pitching rotation didn't change at all. He has motion was the same. No matter what the way he steps off the mound and like tugs at a shirt like shrugged his shoulders brewers that was just a reminder of how awesome that was our member Remember not the mets on the playoffs. Wheat and i remember like as in the basement with my dad Watching that last game on my mom. Who's a mets fan. Is upstairs unlike hearing her. Cheer for cement stuff austere for like any positive Up and then the brewers won. And i rode my bike to my friend. James's house chanting mets off. They're out of the playoffs or whatever so thankfully so. We just found out that tommy's hates his mom. Yeah that's other a rivalry of how much you hate the mets as us. Hate your mom. Now i love my mom. I don't like the mets fan side of her and she certainly would rub that in a lot. I think in my childhood my mic. That was art of it like got that we were house. Divide so if the yankees had like a devastating loss. She wouldn't comfort. You know she she she. She was very. she'd be more supportive. Okay news each. It was not a two way street. She was supportive of us. Like google and yankee road trip and like shoot. Wear a metro outright root against the yankees. Like if we went on to see the mets. Like we're absolutely okay. Not to a street. I would have liked more about free agency like the all. They really said yeah. He didn't really want to be yankee at first. And then signs that biggest deal. I would have liked to hear more about that courting process. Yeah i wanna know why. He didn't want to be a yankee like why. Don't you want to come to new york. And then they go to cashman and how about that fucking punched in the face like yeah like day one. We were not letting anyone else signed him. Wish the fucking same same rationale. Currently brian overhead had it last year for cold. I'd like it every year. Cameron may been forgot he existed. Yuck him he was a fun guy last year. Completely awesome about a guy like lou fun and they lost cameron raven old-timer day. They showed that. I feel like i feel like the next old timers day. Probably won't be this year just because that's like a superspreader event and there's literally so many old people it's the whole fucking tireless. Old people could probably the worst idea ever to do. Alzheimer's they right now. And i hope it's like all out like cc's back jeter. I don't think he's ever come back for old timers day right. Marrano came back last year but that was his first. I want to. I want everybody back. I want everybody living up along. Clemens there yeah i want. Everybody like won't go back until now i was going to be such a cock something. I don't think he'll go to baseball. Is the owner of the marlins. Was that fucking matter. Doesn't matter at all he's not like managing the marlins where he can't get a day off always. Tj are you could. I mean you were. You were confident. But i mean rutgers is absolutely routing house yeah. This is fun to watch i. I'm the i'm the only one screaming about russia's no one respects them. I got some clips talking shit about rutgers in the past. I'm ready to break out if it's amazing file. I'm very particular about my ruckers phantom. If you don't support rutgers early get the foot line. Dm's with hubs from the borstal ruckers account from like four years ago where he talked about rutgers one time and i tweeted about it. I'm not a rutgers fan. I'm a circuit. I know i know i forget what i tweeted. From the mersal rutgers account i bet them against illinois that was dope they were they were so easing illinois these dams i mean baker. Still on this fucking team. Gio baker still. They're the tj. Like t. j has like the ruckers terrible basketball team just till recent a who is the guy that used to have. Yeah corey sanders. Where's that guy or is he alive. I believe he's in poland or guy was you just. Don't fuck record sanders. That guy was electric. You guys suck besides him. But september twenty eighteen. I said great gangs coverage big short. Porch guy says yeah. After i had tweeted something mean about you saying something about rutgers on twitter. Oh c. k. C. realized not actually mad just mad at rutgers so i guess they must have lost that day because it was september and then i said keep up the great yankees coverage big short porch guy the respond s i also suggested a void shirt and he said sorry. Only one voice shirt at a time at the moment. Yeah that was back when like we literally like. We couldn't make many shirts. I wanted to leave for thing to do. Track someone publicly and it'd be like all just jokes brother and look where we are now to get hired by hubs exact like as an internship right now. But we're here there were you. Oh tommy to add your list loud funny when getting his yoga iota make just driving. They didn't they didn't like address. What happened from the start. I was like what is happening. I was like what he's just driving is yona what's going on. Oh it's star wars. They make sense. But here's just make done in his house and driving his. Yoda fucking freaked out. If i was just like driving next on the road. I just see yoda giant iota. His son i don't his sons. Just gotta be good baseball right. I was wondering the same thing. I was wondering how good he is he. Look it looks like the angelo russell peck. He's got a little de ngelo russell to him. I don't know why. I just assume that he's good very athletic. What else do we have here. The whole thing is dad was crazy. you know hiv and then the cancer and then you know he is. Basically wife had the tell mike. Yeah like he In riga yeah like. He's he's rehab. he's not yeah so that was crazy. he finds out he made the all his first all star team the same time as he finds as data's weeks to live with just crushing. So yeah he he. Basically the whole documentary was like anything. Good that happens in his life usually followed by something horrible that kind of like narrative continued throughout like pretty much the whole documentary but oh and then the whole thing where he was supposed to take that an abused pill whatever twenty thirteen. It would make him sick when he drank a just fucking spitting it out just like prove more like the alcoholism shit it's deep and it's heavy it's not gonna make you laugh the but you learn a fucking lot and i think those are rare with documentaries these days and you appreciate c. Forty was and how good of a pitcher he was boat with anybody who's good and has fame and all that you know it's not all sunshine rainbows behind the fucking curtains. You know there's always some bad shit going on so i'm happy in. He's he's he's also show ripped out. It's crazy though. Like the video of walking at the ends as they're like closing up doc. He's like a ufc fighter. Now like a straight up fighter. I'm forgot how fat he was there. The highlight of him on the tampa bay. Rays shutout was like that summer day. Yeah look for hit shutout like he looked so fat even the best when he was fat i know he was. I wish they did my only wishes. They did have nothing to do with the alcoholism but they did five minutes on this. How much he hates the raise just randomly just in the middle of the documentary. Just start ripping on all because he hated him through his whole career. Especially obviously you know this twenty nine thousand nine thousand eighteen version or whatever but i wish they did something the race would have nothing to do with it but overall i really enjoyed it. Hbo max joe check it out And yeah i've got nothing else here. Obviously just hope they hope police. I'd dj love god. We've got some time off here which is nice and if dj does sign at any moment you will hear from us in the same fashion. You heard us like with coal. You know that we're not gonna wait. Whatever we'll do. Emergency pod came to. I think it's ten or What year is it. Twelve year anniversary of the yankee signing mark to share pretty dang december twenty third when it got announced. I was in the basement with my friends after school last day before break and just go nuts being holding like the guy that same ben friend over and i was like holding like a mistletoe over like my ass or deck and be like. Oh that was good. Wow what would you hold it over your s. What we wanted to kiss your like actually like kiss you dick. I probably what the fuck just happened. Like just my ass kiss my ass okay. Friends yeah i as- whatever you want teacher just my ass. I got no problem with you. Do your thing man. you a f- guy. Oh yeah well so even door. That's that was probably. Because obviously i wasn't really a college basketball fan with mellow like i don't think i was into it. Then but david door. Those teams were like they hooked me big time. And he's the eric even dorf can raise almost fifty k. fucking syracuse. Small businesses shot to handle awesome even doing. And he's been you know I think parcel accused teamed up with him and stuff they have shirts out whatever good stumps there on a podcast sunday. No he really fuck. Yeah i actually was going to suggest. That maybe i did suggest to you. I don't know but That's that's dope. He's one of the best college basketball games ever. Oh yeah was it was eight over. Six overtimes overtimes six over time. And then there's the there's the image of him Standing he jumps up on the On the table whatever. Yeah he's he's iconic in q. Sister us that's dope. That's out monday monday dope. So if you're a college basketball fan obviously syracuse fan wherever you listen this. Go checkout bench mob on monday because that's gonna be s. Be awesome looking forward to that that by the catch train home. You guys go home for christmas. All i am home. I'm going home to your home. Yeah last time in this house. We haven't sold yet. No it's like it's sold as waiting for the day. Gotcha gotcha yeah some. Yeah i'll be home for a few days. nothing crazy. it'll be back next week. And yeah that's it Next week We'll have an episode And obviously anything emergency. You'll hear from us with dj obviously And that's it so Guys listening So far this year twain crazy But i think we've entertained you. We tried our best entertain. You guys mini yourself. those now will continue And let's fucking start sounding people. Because i'm losing my mind Tired of saying goodbye to people. I want to say hi people instead of That's the show. See back here next week later. Oh this john sterling. You've been listening to short porch. Byproduct barstool sports season does stove hussein jim off season and god pulled down the down dot com. That's some out sticks twelve.

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