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Hey, this is Kathleen Byrnes Kingsbury the host of breaking money silence. Thank you so much for your support over the years. We recently celebrated our hundredth episode and we are just about to start a new series called breaking money silence on diversity and inclusion. I am very excited about this series for a variety of reasons. You may know that earlier this year. I made a personal and professional commitment to break money silence and be more inclusive in terms of my podcast guests and to use my white privilege and my platform to give voices that are often unheard some volume. So I turned up the volume on a variety topics that relate to the struggles and triumphs that people of color that people from the lgbtq community and other marginalized groups such as seniors face when we log. Are talking about their relationship with money earning wealth acquiring resources to fund businesses and and the like and so I really expected to bring this series to you. I have learned a lot from my guess who have been kind enough and patient enough with me to answer my questions. And so I know that you will learn a lot. So if you have not already subscribed to the breaking money silence podcast you're going to want to do so go to podcast. Breaking money silence, and sign up right away. You can also sign up on your favorite podcast app, and please share this series and past episodes with friends and family. So let me tell you a little bit about my guests that will be talking about a variety of topics as it relates to Breaking money silence. We have two women entrepreneurs of color and they dog Talk about their Innovative creative awesome business idea and the roadblocks that they're facing trying to access funding for their businesses based on the color of their skin and not fact that they are women. So you definitely want to tune in there as you can tell it both is an inspiring story and a frustrating story. So it's important for you to hear. We'll also talk about the wealth Gap and why we need Innovative career skills training programs for young women and men of color and highlight one particular program that got a shout out from the Obama White House for the good work that it is doing so, I can't wait to interview the founder and bring that message to you and we'll also talk to a member of my team. She's a bi-racial dancer. She grew up a biracial ballet dancer in a white affluent community. And so we talked a lot about her experience and Ed. Most important her commitment to in being inclusive in the Arts and some tips and tools on how you can support that cause as well, we have many more guests really interesting people with lots to say and wonderful perspectives. And for this series we happen to have to special sponsors. So I want to give a shout out and a special thanks to age up. You can check them out at age and also our sponsors Copperleaf Financial you could visit their website at Copperleaf Financial. To learn more about these great businesses who are supported supporting not only breaking money off but being more inclusive and Equitable in our lives. I'm going to end just by saying that as someone as of white privilege, you know, I am a working wage Progress and I want to thank all the guests that are on this series for their compassion their patients and their willingness to share their stories with me and my audience. I know you will enjoy hearing their life stories, too, and I just think it's so wonderful how together. We are all working towards a quest for an equitable world. We have a lot of money silence to break yet, but please do it in again subscribe at podcast. Breaking money silence, and share these episodes with your friends and family. It's a great way to gauge in a money conversation and Brake money silence together. This is Kathleen Byrnes kingsberry saying thanks a lot for your support and I'll see you next week.

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