Tesla's China sales hit record high in March


You're listening to the news on Africa Business Radio at this hour. Test My Inc. So ten thousand one hundred and six. Tv COOLS IN CHINA IN MARCH. Its highest ever monthly cells. In the world's largest auto market China friesinger Kasey Ation said on Thursday. Cpa secretary-general said Tesla which aims to produce one hundred fifty thousand three students from it's superman shunned factory so around thirty percent of the Battery Electric Vehicles in China. Tesla's around three thousand nine hundred units in February up from two thousand six hundred twenty vehicles in January. Cpa data showed CC uses a different -sconsin method than Tesla's leave res a robot singer classes. March down forty point eight percent from a year earlier and that was the news that his time Afghan business radio. You can't continue citizen life online at. Www Dot Africa business rigid. It's calm over a mobile APP. Gin Do thank you for listening.

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