The Rack Extra: Smackdown Throwdown 10-05-19


the coach live Surpri. We figured we we just couldn't resist reviewing smackdown one more time especially since so let's get into it all right so well. WWe wasted no time in bringing out the big everything is just a Kandic it's massive Oh my God it's massive yeah to say the least but it's pretty it's pretty wicked and light up and just the whole thing is so cool looking it's not a fist but it's pretty cool it's sort of a throwback to the oval set room or the oval back that's right guys we are GonNa talk all about smackdown which aired this past Friday on Fox it was the debuts guess what the smackdown throwdown awed the set is wicked wrestlemainia level it is like it it's pretty big I mean it's it's very very McMahon okay yeah that's fair that's fair but it did but before we get into all that right right the set Oh my God is the debut on Fox so we figured we had talked about it because there are couple pretty big moments on the show that are worth talking about so let's get into this because basically the superstars are just inserted into like this three D. models area but you kind of get a hint who could be drafted over yeah there are definitely hit uh-huh I do it's Kinda like that sort of but modern very modern has laser beams of WHO's going over but it's like Brian Seth both being on there and it's like well wait a minute they both can't come over 'cause one of them has to win the universal on Sunday so we'll see what happens there but impressive I love the little like I don't even I guess parentheses I don't know what else to call them the come out from the entrance is sort of radiate out 'cause they guns because smackdown started with the man Becky Lynn hold no no you're wrong sparked an open with Vince McMahon suspect down throwdown welcome everyone to this week's smackdown through he's also was referred to as a super tough dude yeah I will and then wasted no time they brought out the most electrifying men in awe of entertainment yeah they did brought out the big guns early and you have all the led board has sort of the feel of the old Royal Rena with the from like five years ago has that kind of two as well but Hi and welcome back to right here on Talk Radio Dot Com he's rock I'm Lindsay and we're bad it was there so he his stick he was very complimentary of the man and not so much the king and the video he is so is bray so sad so we're bunch of other people it's going to be really easy for them to edit it once the draft happens and then the man came out and she was interrupted by the King Aaron Corbin corporate cast to make sure we get the right king out there testicles pointing out testicles not well anyway so yeah it was all the stuff he was a burke as Burger King on crack at one point the intro video the yeah the intro video was very very cool they spend a lot of time on that video and Damnit y'all if taker isn't in you're how you know she would have if carried around testicles she have bigger ones and Baron Corbin I mean technically she does have balls they're just hire but they are definitely bigger than rock and if you don't get what super tough dude as well think about it think really hard about it y'all so he got busse Cherub stood tall segment becky needs to get that picture of her and the rock standing side-by-side framed she does she really does hi I'm Brent you'll you'll learn about this a little bit so who you got Bailey versus Charlotte ooh but I just don't see that huddling either but Bailey would be she's doing okay on the main roster now that they're like behind her and they're not just not you know figuring out what to do with her kind of thing but she would be one that it would necessarily hurt her she went back to the next day I'm going to say billy as Bailey tapped to Charlotte setting up our fourth match and held us L. we have format edges guys a right so I guess we're GonNa make the internal listen to this because we'll make our pick here so intern yeah live chat for Ramblin rabbit as well he died on Monday he came back to life rock kind of gave her a pat on the back to end the segment 'cause yeah the torch has been passed to the man from the rock which was pretty cool it was pretty cool urban than got his ass kicked by the Rock and the men we had a people's elbow had a rock bottom becky Johnson Baron as well and the man and the Ed rollins the best part of this was sets reaction to the rabbit dressed up as them. Yeah no I'M GONNA keep with Bailey Bailey go on Bailey thinks she overtakes her I just feel like Charlotte's not ready for a title yet rat him down he we got all the catchphrases we did the it doesn't matter we we talked about testicles and Becky Lynn's got nice little dig in in Charlotte someone that could move in the draft I don't feel like they're gonNa Move Bailey around that she's GonNa stay where she's at unless they possibly have her go back to exceed judge with mercy the buzzard and well I think we all know what happened mercy mercy the stuffing out of the rambling rabbit and we had a fire fun house we did we did and well Epson Chat Ramblin rabbit what no he's Uday which was huge that Erin Andrews there was really cool she she seemed like she was digging it The talk about comedy GonNa Happen on Sunday when -brate win the fiend and Seth rollins meat and essentially breakthrough Ramblin rabbit into a k spreaker give them you know knocked him off the stage what was cool about this was the fact that you had on Sunday said well this led to a really really good match between Seth and Shinsegei when mind saint more of it honestly and killed him the again in the Bronx they're holding both sides of the rapid laughing see you in hell there you go it's behaving itself Afar you don't have the one man so it'd behaved hey behave Erin Andrews backstage with the IT overcoming odds and they did all day soften fine it was cool adds legitimacy they had Chris tops do the blue carpet so it was like it skeie and you had seth sorta looking around for the fiend and they kept cutting back and forth between the two because you weren't exactly sure who nick I'm not GonNa Laugh Not GonNa Laugh I'm not gonNA laugh but yes a Rehman rabbeting Seth rollins fan boy super excited but will the residents of the Charlotte wins on Sunday retained daily retains yeah I feel like it ends in this qualification because this is the last minute match I don't think they're going to change but Charlotte needs hidden but doesn't need the title yeah if that makes sense that's a metric April will bailey retain magic eight ball says most likely between cabinet shame was really good shame McMahon died for our sins again as he usually does so thank you very much shane but yeah this was breath was like Oh God damn it's like it just stood there in dropped sending me shaking it he's like crap just you could just see it entered you then had seth rollins about to take on the one and only since gain that more in a championship match but before that happened was going to WHO's going to get tacked essentially was it can be seth was gonNA Missions Gay and in the end it was seth but it was neat how they kind of cut back and forth a little bit to me on House did not take a liking to Ramblin rabbits adoration of Seth Rollins in fact decided he would demonstrate what where this matchup Hogan and flower briefly shown it in the crowd yeah thank we're fundamentally we're running long because then you knew they were running along the Nate Shane McMahon picked up microphone told me fired giving star which was pretty pretty damn cool do you think oh well I'm not sure who could be so yeah I engine it as good at this point you can tell they're running behind because at one point I think it was got the quote unquote or rob from the rock which was coal which was vertical and then transitioned to lend Charlotte take on sash and Bailey match wasn't important bronze team won broad mode over everyone but it won't Poi- through top Sigler to barricade which knocked the seat of one Tyson Lisa terminated it's weird you don't say fired anymore and business you save you say they were terminated. I know it's like watching it live reut is Arnold Schwarzenegger coming or something sure we'll go with that so anyway then we had Paul Heyman he hyped up the mets for the event final spot Owen was able to recover power bomb shane onto onto a ladder those top between the ropes and then Kevin Owens is able to pull down the briefcase and terminal fury professional boxer he got up he joined with Stroman Sherman then finished off match then Tyson fury got it got over the barricade mark splash onto shane through a ladder which gave shaming the perfect I'm dead face yeah shame did coast to coast with the ladder and then the Ryan I'm sorry I don't I I should but I don't because it's like this is just two random Dana Ryan was a angry pissed off little man for awhile and then he brock become champion once again the night and then we had a random eight man tag broad sherman the MS and heavy machinery versus they just dump Sigler and Robert Redford but the Roman had a handshake at the end. I still think attorneys coming this just this this is to to perfect like I just don't trust Lita in the crowd along with Marino's good matches it was loud as good as the one they had on raw a few weeks back because well they have to time but it set the stage really really good match it was fun it had three big spots had shave McMahon's table spot I should say four tables force picks shames table spot you had owens okay that this was a great you should bear Gordon like he is perfect in this kind of stuff 'cause he gets to someone cheat he generates the heat so it was perfect to use him as the filter I'm not sure anyway I love Lou carber coming out and just literally started beating the crap people like he took down I think three or four people before the mob new security had to pull him away Tyson fury was a little strange because he was the suit with no shirt like you just had the jacket on but if taking the jacket off he would have been topless little weird but it was a cool moment I mean he's definitely go momma but yeah it's I don't feel like they did though now they don't have a lot of people were upset by this and Kofi was a tremendous champion on sportscenter day that's all you need to know On the on the on the social media marshmallow became twenty four seven champion then would end up losing that matchup was presented by a movie one two three was over one five down he went they disrespected Kofi Kingston whole things and I feel like you know like we said when we were sort of picking this it was kind of time to move on and this is the debut on Fox and it is not to knock does Kevin Harlan's through the game in terms for his latter mattress Jim McMahon yeah they were they were clipping things to try and keep on time and the match it was Kofi Kingston defending the WWe championship against the beast encarta brock listener little nature's way this this list a little strange was a little strange that we will hear from Tyson fury he's being given the opportunity as I learned on sports to come on the Monday night raw talk yes I learned about it onto onto everybody and then row luke the ring but danger Brian got in there Roman Roman hadn't Brian to a spear and Brian and fine I just I have a hunch that this is not this is not going to be what we think this is GonNa be a foot yeah I just I smell a rat but he might be go I commend it was good well lasted an well everything's GonNa turn dark as the fiend showed up but the medical on thrones who left the ring and ran up the stage don him like I think that's awesome go luke go luke but yeah the Maj the mattress really really good it was really entertaining it was so the go on then it is time for your men event with Goldberg and Mark Henry Ringside Matt Leonard Ringside and some other dude from Fox I forget his name fifties or whatever is brock listener he is the biggest name that they have he is the house holding that they have so it makes complete sense that on events that was one thing that hurt him none of his matches really move the needle as it were If he was a strong champion he would have moved toll Carmella but marsh marsh then you danger buying on commentary four the lumberjack match Eric Ronin in Roman reigns really good the debut on Fox you're going to put the title on the biggest name that you have people say oh my God they did him dirty no one no doing it Kofi at all but the biggest name that they have in that company that is not a either retired or part or like you know in the I think we can all agree on that one right he did his job but it wasn't enough and here's the thing Kofi can always get the title back it's there's nothing call them epic Josko with me on this he's had some epic levels title defences and he's done wonders and he he deserved every moment he had his champion and let's be completely honest he's been champion since Wrestlemainia he has had some epic level title defences stopping them for making him a champion again and I'm sure he will be a champion again but especially given what happened after the match it makes complete sense why they did what they did which I think ghost he was terrified and he came proceeded to fight and well challenge rock well I wouldn't say they they fought I think the next month that's doing him dirty but he's had the titles entrust them meaning he was champion for the spring he was champion through the summer he had solid matches they were not made match Luke Harper showed up through towards the end P brawled did within O'Brien with an all lumberjacks big dive neil more than it did was a great for him yes was great for for people who size yes but the end of the day he didn't move the needle he was imagine wwe correct that is accurate but I'm going to point out he has a long standing record in MMA and he could probably a- as the champion of the brand but he was not a main event level champion I'll be real good champion but never made it as a main event low champion point it just would happen it's like rages walks out with him and it's like him it was him he put his up right there him and then the to proceed to go will anybody on that roster anybody talking crap about him in real life easily won two for every other wrestler that comes in isn't that kind of the same thing that they've done nothing WBZ survey title shot but yet they want like everybody wants everybody pushed to the main event right away so how is this different from anything else yeah right there that's it that's what it looks like so what it looked like though raise probably old enough to be Kane's father this piss people off and even more is because you had very mysterious show up with Cain Velasquez of all people and like basically rocking brock look like coach to say farewell to the title to I will concede that but they did what they did I don't feel like they screw Kofi I don't feel like they have a ten minute match with anybody he just Kinda wanted to go out there do saying leave which that's brock I mean Xavier Woods put basically summed up it do realistically it should be a big fight on Fox because you could take to up marble names and build it on Football Sundays and it would be a thing but but yeah it was just it was kind of laughable moment it's but spectrum closes what came Velazquez in the ring brock listener looking terrified on the stage and basket and then high tailed there. 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