Bray is Back....Kind Of


Dude, your nose is bleeding. Yeah. I think it might still be believing. What happened? I thought I had good seats at a game that was stuck in the four hundred that was three days ago. They were super high up. I felt like I was somebody Everest look next time just go to vivid seats, tickets are one hundred percent authentic, and you can even see where your seat is before you buy it can't believe I'm going to say, this your genius. Well, you welcome. I kind of am we're on the earn ten minutes. Maybe we should get that Kleenex out of your nose. Yes. Five. My father vents is like a national treasure. And when Roman reigns. Hit him. It was like defacing around mush more. Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the number one sports recreation podcast in the world. No matter. What happens we continue on cheap e is back live from Philadelphia. The major one well major Jays and stat guy. Ajay's S G the G. What's up buddy, yell was going on Peter? I'm here. I'm here. You know, listen, we will have a better show than Shane McMahon. Had promo the other day. I promise. Yeah. I I will not say route much more unless I need to say route much more. One of the great one of the great. I've never been to route mush more. I haven't been to round Westwood either. It's all my list. I'd like to see route much more. From now on we talk about the greatest wrestlers of all time, we should say who's on your out much more. Almost have to now. Right. Like it almost has to do the proper version. The wrestling version is route mush more. So yeah, another week. Some at least there are some more things to talk about. We'll talk about the return of Bray Wyatt. The quick turn of Kevin Owens and anything else that was worth mentioned from the week as g g do anything happen outside. The ring dean Malingco appears to have quit his job with WWE. He was superstars many people know for for many years WWE end, she w and then he transitioned to a role as a backstage agent and numerous sources are reporting. Now that he he quit. He's gone from me. You're who is left. I don't know. And. You don't want to think that everybody who leaves his aid of you. But you also have to have to acknowledge that this is bad timing to lose anybody. Yeah. I would really think that I mean you saw that. I'm sure as the story you'll get to about Lou Carper, and yeah, but they don't want people to leave. So I would think that would even be true of agents, and you know. You know between. Roadlog is gone. Billy Gunn who had not been there in a working capacity. Awhile is gone. Dean Blanco is gone. A lot of the kind of old school mentality. Guys are on their way out the door. She g it's it's a little strange. Gonna hurt because he's the mastermind. I mean, he he's very great technician. He can I'm so he can put together matching pretty sure he excelled in that role as backstage agent. So he somebody want around, you know, on as gone, albeit. That's right oranges happened to what? Can't what lose all these only people? It just it. Just also interesting that it's happening at a time in which the product is clearly in some state of transition months removed from the start at FOX, and I'm sure you'll also get to the the quarterly report. Yeah. We'll start in order. Let's go to Luke Harper from the steam illegal story, you just mentioned him. And yet, you alluded to it, it seems they're numerous reports out the w is in fact, not going to release him from his contract. Even though he put out that lengthy statement. Basically, saying goodbye. And it seems as if Vince is the extended his contract to make up for the time he missed during injury. Yeah. Exactly, it seems like he got enough AM. Yeah. So here's the question. Does that mean that they decide to find a way to use him or does that mean that they're like, oh, really you wanna leave? You wanna go somewhere else? Nah. You can stay here and say on the bench. Yeah. I don't know. I I hope I hope it means that they find a way to use it. But then he also has to cooperate with that. If that's the case. If he's dislike though, I want to be gone, a semi good. Byes miss me to do here. That it just looks bad. You know, if they're behold, all too. So yes, so we'll see it is a very, okay, it's a strange time. So so take what you learned about the conference call in which they gave their quarter one earnings. So it seems to be that they lost a little bit of money this year this quarter that down compared to last quarter is what I've learned the percentage oddly was around six point eight percent of the stock dropped. Lost six point eight million this year compared to last year the same first quarter. This stock dropped seventeen percent. Now. I'm I'm not so sure if that's necessarily a huge problem because I know last year right around this time, they started ramping up a bunch of different things. And they started spending money elsewhere. So I wonder if that eight into the income, and that's where that loss looks like, I don't know. But you have to wonder because they expanded on overseas dramatically, they they opened up a new brand they opened up a new performance center. They hired a ton of new staff for the UK saw wonder if that is what's being reflected in these in these earnings or just just having a bad yet, though. Vince McMahon's seem to suggest that the reason behind the decline was superstar absences. You know? I mean, obviously, I guess you mean Roman reigns. I don't know if you mean, John sina, I I don't know who he'd be specifically referring to I would assume Roman for sure. But I also don't know that honestly that that that sounds like a reasonable reason why they'd be down a lot. Yeah. Climbing six point eight million nothing to sneeze at. Now, listen, this may not be that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, and my guess would be it's not I just feel like it. Appears there's a perfect storm of sort of. Not so great that's been going on between the product between talent moving on. And then the the Q one report. It's just a very very weird time. Yeah. I mean in other areas, though seem to be doing while they still have that FOX deal. They you know, they pulled in the billions of dollars for that the sponsorships look to thriving. So I don't know. It is very weird though. Yeah. The FOX deal going to be very big, you know, to see what happens when they go to to broadcast. It's going to be very very interesting to see what it feels like. And how big of an impact it makes. You know? I'll tell you the truth. I really don't love it being live on Friday nights. I don't either. I just think one of the things that had has always made smackdown. Sort of the b show is that by having it when it was on Friday nights. And I think it's been recovering for years for being on Friday nights. I think by being on Friday nights. It's inherently the kids show because that's who's home on Friday nights. That's who's looking to watch wrestling on Friday nights is kids. And it's interesting 'cause the word you hear that FOX is looking for an edgier product. And it's interesting that you would go with an edgier product on Friday nights. You know, I almost feel like Thursday night would have been a better. Look, maybe they fear about Thursday that football. Even there's football's trash. I just. I have mixed feelings. I really do about Friday night. It's just a it's a it's a strange time for a live TV pro. Maybe it'll feel great. I mean, listen, I'm old and wash. So I'll probably watch plenty of it. But for those people who like to go out on Friday nights, you know, right after work, they go out to dinner, they go to do things. Like, I just don't know it just gonna make for an interesting feeling product, particularly like, I said when you're trying to supposedly do something that is a little edgier and a little bit more of a return to attitude. So it's going to be very the next six months to year is going to be a very interesting time. Well, those people who are able to watch those people if they going to hope to get on digital platform. Let's say maybe like half, a Hulu or something like that. Yes oppose. But I mean, you would think part of the big deal for FOX. And why they'd spend so much money is the expectation that people are going to be tuning in. You know, granted it includes other stuff and FOX is gonna have other programming around it. But this is the only show that's going to air on FOX, FOX. You know, if they do other shows they'll air on f s one. Which is you know, much. I mean such a yeah, it's. Small fry compared to FOX. So it'll be interesting. Gee, what else you got speaking of people leaving w e it seems that a gold dust contract is going to be up soon orders already and he sets a face Cody in the the main event of double or nothing for eight w. So we finally get. The goal. Dust, Cody match everyone had been waiting for for so long. Oh, the big platform mean, we got it at a paper view wasn't wasn't the best. But. Yeah. But it was the story was rushed wasn't right. Yeah. People see people night already rushed to defend that, you know, they said that was starters versus call dust. This is Cody versus Dustin when they get something completely different. And I hope we do. Because I feel like the story is right there. The groundwork is right there. I'm not I'm on the fence about it. But. They have a couple of weeks to to get go at what side of the other. It will be a fun weekend though, in Vegas that is for sure. Between between star cast. And now Cody verse Dustin, it's pretty. Yeah. I mean, I'm looking forward to seeing what they what else they do. 'cause they got more time to pull out some more surprises style that Doug yet. And finally see a punk. Apparently made his return to caressing last night. Not not mouse night last week at a floral, independent show in Wisconsin. Masked character ran in. A GTS ran out. People speculating that it's the m punk based on some tweets from the promoter and up. Effect that punk was wearing the exact same. Outfit says mask as the person who read it. Well, that would be a pretty big giveaway. Yeah. What what a punk? What does the punk thing to do? That is by the way. It's interesting. You say that because of some. I guess. I don't know what the word looking for is. But some social media detectives on earth audio of Siham poke on the Mike okay show. From two thousand sixteen fifteen sixteen and he says in the audio if I ever returned the wrestling, it's gonna be me wrestling, one of my buddies. I'm gonna probably thought him ask have some fun. Just do it like that. And he says this to you. So. Audio of me that I didn't even know that happen. Yeah. He kept his word. He said I could try to fight to the Senate to you. But as he says, that's what he does. Did this audio make the rounds this week do people like pushed are pushing this out there? Yes. Making the rounds? So it's out there. It's back. It's been it's been unearth rediscovered at such a great journalist that the journalism never even my old journalism. Tell stories you know, what I'm saying. Held up. So if anybody doubts that this will see a punky Rosa Burke's, do it three years ago, y'all just were paying attention. Apparently. I wasn't even beta. He said that that was in preparation for his US, see fights. Yeah. Think he's a Mickey are they the first of the debut the grand opening grand closing. Yeah. So it would make sense then that a mid west show someone shows up with a mask that it would be fun. And also if it was if he was going to do it, wouldn't it be you just run in and hit a go to sleep just to make people speculate. Yeah. Which is exactly. I mean it worked it worked as planned. It would almost be like it would almost be, you know, less conspicuous if the person like resolute full match. But the fact that it was what it was it almost makes it more clear. Right. Yeah. Especially like the goal to sleep. That's stuff the telltale sign that. He he left his calling card right there for everybody. Yeah. Made it pretty easy for you any feels outside the ring as you do that is a pretty crazy one. I know that dip Pristina sick. Now that was the exclamation point. So now, we can move onto will happen inside the ring. And I guess this week's the story overarching throughout rod smackdown w Lee is a superstar shakeup part two. Which I know they kept saying on broad smackdown that the shakeup is not over. I guess it's never 'cause some people ended up raw that were announced with a shakeup. So he ended a back on smackdown that were said to raw it's pretty wild. Just when you thought the shakeup couldn't make any less sense. I mean, it's it's just Greg. This shakeup has just been shakeups. The right word. I mean, it's it's it should be called like a breakdown. It shouldn't be held a superstar shakeup roll the superstar breakdown. Like, the whole thing is so odd everything about how it was done has been strange and very hard to make sense of. And now you finally that you've made some sense of whatever it is that's going on and then people end up returning back to their brands. It's so obvious. Yet. And you know, they also quietly made some moves that I would consider to be sort of head scratches like the bar says RO's on raw no mention of wish MRs what does that mean for one of the best tactic? They have on the roster writer. Yeah. No idea very very weird. And one of the reasons that was being reported out. There was that Andrei went back to smackdown because FOX wanted to big lots. He no star the no-one no-one had a conversation with them beforehand. Yeah. All seem like things that could have been understood previously. You would understand more. If it was based on injury and stuff, right? But when you hear stuff like that where it's more strategic. It's like where where was the strategic? Yeah. Where where was the thoughtfulness? But at some of these maybe that was, but I mean, they have they have a lot of masters that they have to institute out of it's not just ABC universal. They have FOX looming ready to come in and have the input made. So you have to really really coordinate imbalanced that. Now, as she is there is there much to talk about from inside the ring this week or inside the shows, I should say besides the debut of Bray Wyatt. And the turn of Kevin Owens. Well. Hey styles did earned the right to face south Rollins for the W championship. He he wanted triple threat, and then he defeated barrack orbit who also triple threat and now he's gonna go onto face set. Rollins in a match that I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a crop Lee. The. L D. They should have an amazing match, but doesn't that seem like such a hold over pay per view match. Is there going to be a story between AJ and Seth? I mean, I get it. They're both to amazing wrestlers. But like. It just doesn't seem like there's a lot of I'm innocent. We have time it's still a little Philip few weeks away. But like. I don't know. I just don't see these two guys at the crowd loves having a super meaningful story, unless something serious changes. Yeah. And I guess they're gonna rest on that. Being the story that these two super driven dies want the richest prize on raw. Mike would get that stadium seat. Finding game tickets is hard trae. But being there is so much better than not being there are replaced my regular seat with the stadium seat to try and recreate that stadium atmosphere. I appreciate the effort, but I got a better idea use vivid seats to find tickets to the game. They make finding the seats that you want quick and easy. Sounds like getting tickets at vivid seats would have been the easier option. It always is. Has AJ been universal champion. No, no. So let's champions is quite short. No, they'd be fifty one w champions. But I think is five or six. Brock fin Goldberg Rollins. Keio dean or no, no KO Rovan KO Roman. Yeah. So maybe they'll make a story out of it. Listen, I'm sure we'll get a great wrestling match out of it. I think it's compelling that Becky is defending both of her titles at the pay per view. Yeah. How how much longer does she have as Becky to belts? Because one of those challenges is Charlotte, and we know Charlotte. Does of. Yeah. When it comes to our fellow full horsewoman. She has no problem making their reign with the championship short. Let's they got it. Let's get it on with you. You know, I actually thought for a moment there the other day that Bailey was gonna win. I did too. I thought it was an opportunity to get Bailey over again. Yeah. I mean that was their twelve match Bailey's Charlotte one on one and a Charlotte had won six Bailey had one five so not only were they poise to to tie up their record. But. They could've Becky like, you said not Becky Bailey an opportunity that she doesn't often get, but it said they she took L. So the Queen. It's not like anybody. She wants to the Queen. Let's be honest. Very good point. It makes it a little easier to swallow. But yeah, I really did. I really did think that. For just a moment. They're all say, oh, well, listen. Charlotte was just involved, Charlotte. Becky can always come back bay move Bailey over to smackdown. They could make Bailey relevant and put Becky in a more realistic situation to win both of her matches. You know, like you could see her beating Lacey Evans and Bailey, it's hard to picture her beating Lacey Evans and Charlotte. Yeah. And maybe that's why it was done because they want. They want us to feel some pressure. They want us to be a little anxious about that. But. We can get to that. When money in the Bank. Come Tom comes. They definitely stacked odds against Becky to belts. And then. What did you think of the Kevin Owens turn? I I saw people describing surprise. And it's like the only surprise to me that happened. So quick I assumed it would maybe last for a little while. I think it happened almost right on time because money the Bank is coming up soon. Anyway. So you turn them in and you have a couple of weeks to play with. But I I mean, it's the turn everybody saw coming though, right? We all do it was going to happen. I mean, you didn't even quite understand. Why KO was acting like a baby face in the first place? Yeah. I mean, I got it a little bit what he was facing Daniel, Bryan. But after that, I mean, this is kind of an older talking about right? And and I get it all started in Montreal. So it makes sense. But like, you just can't imagine that's going to last very long and it comes. So does that mean we'll end up getting KO and Kofi at money in the Bank. Yes. Still seemed like it's the only way right and. With biggie injured and exhibitor taken that devastating Pablo would apron that sends people, you know, since people away a little bit. It looks like it's going to be KO and just Kofi. No new day. So you have that you'll have a lioness and Roman reigns. You'll have two matches for Becky Lynch. You'll have south Rollins AJ styles to pretty good card match while it's not I mean, they're going to have more check more matches. So you know, it's not over yet. Yeah. So that's actually that's actually a pretty decent card. Cintas thing that that's one of the weird things that I've found about the product recently is that like the cards are good. I h the stories aren't good. You know, it's sort of like Sarah live with so often think about Saturday Night Live incredible cast short on good skits. You know, it's a very like there have been times over the last few years, and I didn't watch I have watched this season that much but over the last few years there have been times when I've thought the SNL overall cast has been like at really high levels. But I just haven't found the show to be good. Ironically, weakened updates always good. But like the show itself isn't good. And yet the roster seems stacked and I just feel like we've been seeing that recently WWE the stat. The the roster is just I mean, all the way from annex t u k through annex t to Ron smackdown. It has just been utterly stacked as a talent pool. But. The storytelling has just been not there for me recently. Now that being said that should bring us into Bray. What did you think about the funhouse return of Bray thought, it was creepy and not creepy in the way that brain white usually is creepy, but dislike weird creepy. Especially because it seems to be aimed at kids which makes it almost more creepy. That's a good point. So I'm interested to see where where goes though, I'm open minded about this. I'm not completely turned off yet on funhouse Bray. Yet. Listen, I liked the I read this in the New York Post, and I was good point. And this. I forget the author's name. I apologize. But he was making the point that it's good because a it something different. They need a weird character. And it gets them out of the ring and backstage interviews, and I think that's a really great point. Like, we needed a break from just the same old look. You know, we really did. It has been so repetitive. In terms of match interview backstage, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, promo in the ring promo backstage. So the fact that we're going to get what however this is gonna play out. It certainly appears that it opens the door to doing stuff away from the arena. And I think that is a positive and something that's needed. And Braila conned a slim in that sweater to. I mean, let's talk about that Lee might be ready to go. He did look slim. So I wonder how long it'll be before. He appears in a ring how you have to imagine a few weeks of this, right? Yeah. Which I will k with purview with it has take some time. And I like the creepy puppet characters they freaked me out a little bit. Did you notice their names? Yes. But tell me again, one was mercy, which you have to think is made up the way of mercy who people have said, I think brace himself was as relation for the bright white character and other was abbey which has to be Abigail. Right. Yes. Of course, that was that was what jumped out to me the most. So yeah, I thought that was actually pretty pretty interesting that could it could be different now. Real quick. I wanna give shout out to another podcast here on the ESPN network Katie Nolan. She had a big hit this week. Everyone was talking about ESPN plus show where she had some random Twitter troll come out and run the forty yard. Dash Katie talks about the weird and crazy of sports every week. I'm sure she'll have a lot about the NFL draft. Which was so over the top her podcast sports. You can find it on the ESPN network or anywhere. You get pod cash out. It's getting all into sports podcast check that out attitude to your weekly your weekly list of podcast now as you g real quick prediction of deaths for this week's game of thrones. You don't wanna see I wanna see Kelly's e up outta here. I mean, you've had not. Yeah. I have. I'm sick. I should against. Especially this season. She's so obsessed with thrown that she is just a level of ruthlessness is gonna come out of her that we haven't seen before even though we have seen. It'd be pretty ruthless. We have you back. She really has had our moments of really crazed ruthlessness. And and obsession with the throne like like when you think about it. She's not the only thing that makes her different than Searcy. Is that like she's good to the people? Right. Like, she's a woman people in theory. But besides that her obsession with the tar Garin right to the throne is a little crazy. Yeah. Which which is separate than her right to the throne the tug Aryan right to the throat is completely different. And even when John let her know that he is the rightful heir in then become about her family anymore. It became about her. That's the question. So hold on. So if if the narrows is to die, and I don't think it would be this week because she won't die in the battle. I truly believe that if there is going to be out of here. It's going to be unrelated to the battle like it's going to have to come from. You know, someone stark related. Yeah. Aria has about million faces. They could be aria somebody somebody has to get out of here. You're right. And what we this week, but somebody has get out of here. And you know, we got so many relationships they came together last week on the show, you know, his relationship. I'd like to see come together a little bit more and like get a little bit of time together who's at aria and brand. Yeah. He would have to wait all that. Feels like Brad is not trying to reconnect with anybody. He's he's done. Yeah. I guess his ability to connect as normal human being is kind of out the window now that he's just a weird lurker. Yeah. So so who do you think dies in the battle though, Jamie? He's got one hand. By the way, I just wanna say this right now. And this was a me idea. I know there are lots of ideas being propagated. I I'm sure many stolen. I'd one original thought this week. Okay. I stole the first half of the actually someone someone on a podcast me the point. And I'm sure many people felt this way. Why would feel be protecting brand the on is the weakest warrior available. Like, there's no one with a worse track record them. Why would you put the most important person who needs protection with the? I think if they wanted to have like that full circle moment, it should have been Jamie that volunteer to protect brand. And one handed in one hand, Jamie still way better than the end. Yeah. I agree. It should have been Jamie to protect Brent, especially after they had their moment. Like, they had where where you actually believe at this point that Jamie, Lancaster character has come full circle. Like, it's a full face term. And if you actually believe that which I do if you believe in the face turn, then I think him volunteer into protect brand. And like the whole room would have had a moment where they looked at each other kind of like, whoa. But it would have been I think it would have been awesome. I think it would have been such a you want to complete the turn him saving brand would be would I guess that could still happen? Right. But. I know a lot of people Jamie's going to be up outta here. Gray, gray worms arap. You think so? Yeah. Three planned, his whole life and future. That's a ramp. True do that gray worms out of here. I worry about Sam. Sam's Goodman said when it when it's time to buckle down the handle his business. Same as good man said, do you need to be relied against Sam was the first one to kill the white Walker? He keeps he heads out on that. But that's a good. That's a good one to have in the back pocket today. Like have you even killed one? Yet. I killed three worst everybody. I worry about Brion. Yeah. I think because big characters have to go, and I truly don't think it's Johnson this week. I truly don't think it's Jon snow aria. I just I know everyone's like lots of people are going to die, and I hear you. I just have trouble believing that this week with four episodes left afterwards that aria and John snow are gone. Always gonna make the if she doesn't make it to the end. Yeah. This would be a great bracket to make right now where where did you fall where did you fall in last week's episode? Did you think it was great or do you think it was boring? Great. They all sentenced up in like people who thought it was boring. They're not really true. Game of thrones heads, they just come for the action. So that they can talk about. You know, what happened with the friends, whatever? Like, I agree. I think the real heads enjoyed last week. Now, my buddy who produces the case show Andrew gun link thinks it's a hall of fame episode. I don't know if I think it's like the highest level of episode. But I did think it was really good. The only part where I got mad was when I did think they were going to like at least start the battle. And then Tyrians like does anybody know a song? I was like, oh my. Bro is not time for singing. Stopper fighting. And that's how you know people really think they're going to die because they're not even preparing for this fight there. Just getting drunk. Just. Let's just get drunk and and see what happens. All right. We've we've taken a bit of a turn here as she g do you have a black powering. He's for this week. This week. We're gonna take a hiatus just because there wasn't much. We got in the way of representation for the black superstars I don't think any showed up on raw Sasha banks still out. We should FOX took an L how about listening how about if if gray worms revives you put him on black power rankings next week. Let's he's going to survive and if he survives. He's going in. That would be a challenge if he gets Ted kills he's going to number one. He's a ten killed day. I have to set the bar high. Can't just just you know for existing. He's already gotta get it. So if he wants to go higher that he needs to do some work. Let's mailbag. Male Timothy rights. Hey, sweet sweet Pete and the black experience. Just the question. I. We didn't even mention that. They change the name again. But here we go. Okay. This is what the emails about. Just a question. I noticed while watching annex t why does the WWE attic annex t isn't part of WWE so far so the war machine. I mean, the war raiders on my mean, the Viking experience on my mean, the Viking raiders are Iraq and eve are on Mondays but Hansen a row and the war raiders on Wednesdays. What are we doing in the name of consistency? Love to hear your thoughts. Keep on kissing babies and hugging fat girls and take it easy. Maine. Listen many years ago when I said. When I made when I said, you know, they're gonna have to change their name is simply thought war-machine wasn't going to cut it. I thought they had it with war raiders. I did not know we were going down this road of repugnant. Well, you to hear something either worse jor? So w e set down the survey. To network subscribers asking their thoughts about several superstars. And for some reason they wanted to know how people felt about the Viking warriors. So this new survey that went out after all on the same all webs day. So that they might be changes Dave again, by the way. But by the way, you wanna talk about lost. I mean, you're sending out surveys. You're just asking the people like, hey, tell us tell us what you like. I mean, we are yeoman someone needs to grab this thing by the horns and just be like, what are we as a show? This is just such the classic problem of like a company getting so big and being worth so much money that you can't even have the show as it was intended to be. It's like, it's it's talk about serving masters. There's so many things that it has to serve. And anyway, Sarah writes us. Hey, just want to get your guys take on the serious lack of actual stories and WW days, I found that this week's episode of raw was quite polarizing some loved it for all the action of the ring and some were quite bored. I was the ladder seven AJ or two of my favorite performers, and by the way, she's spelled favorite. I know she's British to my favorite performers in the ring. I really don't care for this dream match. Unless there's a compelling story behind it. It seems most stories are about someone challenging for title, just because or not even a title, cough, cough renting agent and the challenger having a bad attitude about it at a time when the WWE has the greatest talent the world people love talking about dream Ajez. But I find that so many of these quote dream matches have turned out to be lacklustre because there aren't any stakes. What do you guys think stay major and take it easy? Sarah, Sarah, you basically just set a better version of what I said earlier on the show. It just said it more eloquently couldn't agree with you more. Oh, it's a dream match. That's. Not a storyline. It's a dream match is not a storyline. You still need a story and then the dream match. Okay. Like, it's just not. That's just not enough. It's not and I'm sorry. Yes. I hold it to a height standard yet. Another person sending us the round mush more drop. Multiple people sent me that it's so amazing. How many people instantly? We're just like, okay. This guy was written before. And I think I got his neighbor on site safety. I dunno. I f- stab at it. I feel bad. I hate I hate ruining names. But sweet Pete s she g as I'm reading this Email. I'm watching Sammy's anes Provo, bro. He's off fire. The skies amazing. Wow. He is hot takes the punk. But better in the ring the Mike work the enthusiasm the real nece. Just. Wow. It hits you in the field spot. I believe him and that hasn't happened in a while. I couldn't agree with you. More about him on the Mike. Sammy's ain't on the Mike is really really good. He saying the truth to like, I feel it. I find it hard to find fault in anything. He says yet he I just have always felt his character and needs a a polishing in some way. Or maybe a not polishing. And maybe that's where it's going is getting even rougher and rougher around the edges, but there's something about what does Sammy's AIn mean? I mean, you guys been listening to the podcast for years. You've been hearing me complain about him coming out to sky, and you know. You know, how I've never quite understood. What that character was supposed to? What we're supposed to get from that except for like, he likes sky again. That's that's not enough. Jimmy writes us. Will WWE's women competitors? Always be stuck in the attitude era. It's no secret the WWE keeping tabs on what's being said about their product online and adjusting acknowledging as necessary everything from Kofi mania, the Viking raiders has pivot written all over it. And obviously they've noticed the many comparisons between Lacey Evans, and Charlotte flare Becky mentioned on raw but in effort to own it's knowledge that Becky was left to throw both Evans and flair onto the bus as women who sleep around to get ahead. I didn't even did she say that. I catch that either. I didn't catch that isn't like married. She might listen. She might have. I really gets reckless over like I really thought part of the women's revolution was about recognizing that these kinds of storylines weren't good or appropriate twenty years ago. Let alone in twenty nineteen but does becky's promo on raw coupled with the Mandy rose Naomi storyline from a few months ago eliminate any hope that they'll ever stop going this. Well, instead of letting great, athletes and compelling characters tell the stories take it, easy, man. It's a very good point from Jimmy about funny because I've been so desperate for. I've been so desperate for stories that I didn't even mind Naomi and Mandy rose because at least it was a story. You know? But yeah. But that's a good point. It's a totally fair point. As she listen. I'll tell you the truth. I have a lot to do today. And I didn't even know that we could get forty three minutes out of this week show. But as we get closer to money in the Bank, I have faith, and as we get close to double or nothing is that the same weekend, by the way. I don't think it's the same. We get it might be the weekend after so as we get closer to those events. We will have a lot to talk about the emails come in Rosenberg beats at g mail dot com. We'll try to get to your mailbag questions. Hope everyone enjoys game Gema throats, by the way, tell it. Tell me if you loved or hated the game of thrones talk because with where wrestling is right now and with how major game of thrones right now as she g over the over the next five weeks. We could definitely do a solid twenty thirty minutes every week on runs say as we head down the stretch. We'll probably go to give sprinkling some game of thrones. You're gonna get some. But like I'm curious to how people feel because I definitely have a lot of theories I'm currently halfway through season. Three in rewatching it at the same time, by the way. Also I've been full nerd zone. But yeah that is one of the most excited about this weekend. When it comes to entertainment is game of thrones on Sunday. I know a lot of people excited for vendors. I'm not a marvel guy. Tonight. Some be real hurt on Monday. It's a lot. It's a lot to take in this week supposedly, it's a real tearjerker. The avengers flick. But as she g do me a favor this weekend and in the movie and throughout enjoy yourself. Take it easy auto. I will.

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