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I'M GONNA say co owner co-founder just alleging awesome brothers to seek off sympa coffee welcome to the else happy to be here brother thank you as you yourself with these epic new flavor we'll go too much into these poured myself as fully banking they'll come back so yeah we're not hitting people over the head with biohacking and chemistry and all that it's like this all day long we thought basketball was his thing until he got hooked on coffee and he called me and told me I had just graduated I was working on Wall Street he called me and said Hey man I'm I'm dropping out of school we're all college athletes and three years ago my youngest brother was fallen asleep in class. He didn't WanNA drink the sugary starbucks rap Pacino or Dunkin donuts bottle coffee so he brewed coffee without sugar with a little protein a little healthy fat from coconuts and he dropped out of school to sell this stuff so here we are three years later we can definitely talk more about that I understanding positive energy it's what you guys are about that's it we make coffee but our goal is to mass produce positive energy right so we are I'm the oldest of three brothers it was crazy man now none of us ever dreamed working together certainly not running a coffee company now like I said we played sports Jordan wanted to go to the youngest brother so I mean he would just go shoot free throws Shit so you've obviously massive asteroids four thirty thirty that's huge but how do we get that talked about how the product was made if you company and I knew he was working on it I've tasted product for and I knew that there was no convincing him otherwise right so it's like you can't beat them join them and I wasn't Wall Street Jordan the youngest brother is he's the chef behind all this religion what did I speak mate I I think we have so many connections it wasn't my passion so I I quit my job and our mom she was done right here you almost son had a full scholarship I had a great job jake was just about to graduate and you want to be a pot of not not to purchase a product but to leave in a way that is so epic and that is I've been to your office I mean the Child Street every day for us to say them they are the people that you want to surround yourself with but it's an extension of what you and your brothers have done so hats off to you I connection was forced thirty thirty that that's right both same alumni I'm an alumni that's that's an American thing yeah but I love how you've logged the fact that you know universal product you actually accompanying bill is positive energy you take steps into building an ethos that let's evolution ratio learning every day you seem deal with you what is cool man yeah. I think that there's so many similarities to the men you obviously there ethically because you've got you and your brothers to be built soupy coffee building it's a word I was just three of us and once we prove that we had a product that could sell we able to raise a little bit of money and hire people hire people hopefully that are smarter than us they can tell us what to do and mom super competitive five feet tall hundred pounds she's like this little ball of energy so after it took a few weeks for her to get comfortable that this was the decision we had made and I love to love that but you've done I mean up until this point if we look back on right now though you look back and go wow right yeah I mean it's it started in a dorm room now we got to where we got to yeah absolutely and now we're now we're hanging we're hanging out like we'll talk about hanging just for those who don't know super coffee is let's give us a quick little brand today I mean three years later we've raised twenty million bucks we got fifty full time employees yet which evaluation hopefully north too but we you have a welcome mat that has posited the place of positive vibes you and your brothers invoke a team that just so happy and energetic that and I'm going to drop out of school and he's going to quit his job and we're GONNA join forces she would lose her say models because she doesn't sweat so she's GonNa lose models since then she's been our biggest fan has also sweeping the floors of the factory and we were making our first runs She still to this day she got a full time job she pours samples and you guys and mid twenties which is awesome huge credited let's take a few steps back now what you've done there is did you quit we called mom we're like. Hey George dropping out of school I'm quitting my job and we're going to sell coffee yeah yeah he said the weekend goes to our local grocery store and poor sample the super coffee that's any yeah so I mean for the first year my brothers and I we made our own product made our own deliveries we stock the shelves we sent the invoices watches. We always don't tight credit as layers of company you do have to because the tame is an extension of you guys I think it's just as a big credit like may know your team kinds of sports now we're on the same team with the same goals in mind and each your bus brings a unique skill set to the table show I think there would be a lot of abrasiveness intention if we all wanted starbucks and Dunkin donuts two of the most iconic brands of all time you don't show up to the game thinking you're GonNa lose up even all odds are against you everybody in the stadium thanks you're GONNA lose we didn't really have a social life and we loved what we were doing about how we get along together super competitive but now we're on the same team right whereas growing up we used to fight in the backyard Bob and use your savings like did you have seen money like how did that will stop because I'm thinking you're doing everything yourself off the bat were you making money if the bats leave off the three brothers had no so I we started down in DC my brother went to Georgetown middle brother and on the weekends I would sell beer I was the bud in my brothers and I love them to death my best friend but if I was thinking my two brothers and ought to do something to get we reach head off that come together yeah how do you go from still crazy in your dorm till like actually how do you go from being in a dog to union brothers going let's do this together because I'm thinking about yeah on the ready to drink side right we're not doing cafes or beans or anything like that but bottled coffees two and a half billion dollars starbucks Patino does two billion dollars in sales every year you show up with everything you got to win I mean otherwise they own do you go out you do you see them as competitors like you could starbucks and Dunkin donuts the biggest can she just basically said thank you for bringing so much joy back into my life I've never been able to enjoy a sweet coffee before and and this gives me the energy it tastes good like thank you so yeah and it's crazy because like now I mean we've all been on good teams bad teams growing up and and for us now it's like you can control your own destiny and we're going up against headed brothers together but on the same team I mean if I think from sporting perspective fight came up against a very competitive team with all unified it's very very hard to stop them I can just think about that I went to my mom mom I got an idea to it's not fully installed or anything it's got forty grams of sugar three hundred calories I it is our obligation to dethrone them for for the health of our country for the health of the world you know so yeah guy at the Baltimore Ravens you can you do your best like Super Coffee Ah a constant reminder of why we do this and why the world needs this I think people it's gotta be available right because people by available despite what's in it and a lot of people don't oh all that stuff that they're putting in their bodies do educate people not what you just more case go this is what we have yeah like you say this what you shouldn't be having has medium chain triglycerides and monk fruit and protein like it goes over people's heads pretty quick you know in a grocery store you have three seconds to grab somebody's attention so we've sort of dumb be the same person working on the same thing so we got lucky in that regard and do you find that you know being competitive putting I'm greg good to the Society of America yeah because even though it's empty issues it's real you know like just yesterday morning we got an email from customer she's a senior in high school type one diabetic you know what he's an option for you don't about stuff which can tell you what you should be having yeah I mean you and I like we appreciate nutrition right and we pretty pretty technical about it but what we find like even though the off the goal but that's what we're after motivate you honestly that sought of the health aspect going if we are competing and putting these guys and taken away from them Wade doing what did your mom say she does swear our house who sweat Oh yeah so our parents were both college athletes on you bring me a super coffee here softening pouring that in over is swimming up maple Pumpkin Maple Pumpkin just in time for this fall and which one was it the bowl which is it down to eighty calories zero sugar and once people taste it it's like Oh this tastes pretty good you know and so that's the key is like how do we get how do we get the liquid in their mouth because then we're convinced I just want to put that in perspective on the million I'm just GONNA put a little bit above that and that's where I want to say you've you build a coffee company you've actually build a brand out of phenomenal scour every couple of super coffees nobody bothers me nobody bothered because it wasn't good back then Oh wow But yeah no that's bills right like we like Dunkin donuts get I'm pretty sure is the biggest importer of Baynes in America which is massive surprised what is going to be a starbucks but you look at them and actually they are our competitors.

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