The 4th of July- Arousing Men to Burst the Chains!


hey everyone welcome to let's get cynical this is the podcast where we breakdown politics government structure in dive into the context of current events i'm lizzie stewart comedian feminist in political junkie and i'm earn while the housekeeper former senate intern campaign staffer political strategist episode we were talking about the fourth of july so grab your hotdogs and let's get cynical big fan of the show i let us know rick oh sorry i i when i committed name is that i realized about two seconds and then i don't wanna commit to the stories what i made you down beside her who's her and then i think conciliation you it's interesting start us off at a ten right may refer to as her and yet we women don't have rights this is accurately you don't have the whole reminds me of a woman end women are people it's a crazy way as a great note happy birthday america they're very exciting fourth of july at but so excited i'm so excited i it was in charge of notes for this episode you're fantastic job you're it's so you're gonna see that it it's very me i can't help you're very good at like putting facts on the page in a way that i'm i guess i'm simply like here's the fact like laced with my reaction to the it's like stupid idea was close by doing that to as you'll see in the notes like when i'm like yeah you react i react i know like i'm leaving this country i have an opinion a and we are were not leaving were just upset averages were just disappointed no so excited so nursing foremost happy birthday to america bird is coming out the day before the tomorrow's day how can you birthday america birthdays for you because for me like neighbors are okay well no because my birthday always is other on around labor day and so because of the number of bird so as a kid in because i like the teachers didn't know me enough they didn't have like the pencil birthday gifts it's ready yet i know they didn't have their boards done so i never made the board until it was like later and then my birthday had passed that but it's been hard hard yeah and like now is grown as a grownup you're laughing now it's hard because you can't get people to do anything like as you get older people are like oh my you know were were going away that weekender they have soccer blah blah blah really yes all right well you know what that generally turned thirty one so i will say i have no plans for labor day my kids were doing nothing i get up i yeah yeah okay that makes sense to me i guess it is difficult happy birthday around the holiday i mean like i know people whose birthday is a christmas eve at least it's on that but it's true that would be hurt that's probably the hardest yeah right yeah no mine's not around any holiday 'em but i i'm always in denial about it like like so this and the day before fourth of july and for me like the day before my birthday i'm always like oh my god oh we go through late tomorrow tomorrow a this is a big birthday for me coming up 'cause i lose healthy yup it's my latest health insurance birthday i'm so excited so excited to tell you know like laugh at my when i'm turning twentyfive is kind of like the quarter life moment of like who am i like what am i doing like is this where i'm supposed to be like that was the moment as having before turning twentyfive the moment that i'm having before turning twenty six is like this last year i have all that am i not knocking on heaven's door well somebody who is passed the parents health insurance aged eight yeah a their life on the other side your health and you're in miami download i oh i don't know about that all sorts of eggs i have in my favor is that i do go to the gym yeah i mean i think like my my cardiovascular health is top top notch my i have a lazy heart and i'm not being oh you do have more chronic thing i have i have a i have a regular heartbeat 'em an ex she she beats and when they found found that there were like they were concerned is 'cause normally you see this sort of like heartbeat and people who like run marathons or elderly people and what the doctor was implying was you know either neither of those things and i have a leaky valve as well no i know i know i'm sure a lot but like look at my face like i'm somebody who has a lazy heart like you could just see that my first first glance is like she's lazy no other you talking about yourself that i'm not talking about myself i'm talking about my fucking lazy in bad heart that's true just sitting there according according to you're instantly i do lay in bed and watch tv every every day i'm in this really bad habit and then we will start this officer i swear to god but i'm in this really bad habit of waking up in the morning you know and like i put something on in the morning as i'm getting ready lows music what no oh no put on like a tv ownership and recently it's been friends like i like nine in the morning and i'm like well that's all the crime had a forensic evidence solid this time and i think it is leading a me down a bad path so anyways it's amazing i might go to in the morning is i'm fifty years old 'em the crosby stills nash radio station from pandora why i've never heard of what is it what is it do what is it what kind of sixties seventies like all the songs i mean you know that okay it's like like a little retro though that yeah yeah yeah is it like it's it's not easy listening no it's not just go it's like billy joel needles george harris like yeah that shows a healthier mindset than forensic files and that's not taken para skills are very different but i do think this is great wrote no no organiser little history of the fourth of july last leg where she comes from a lot listen a lot of like refreshing 'cause we talk a lot of this stuff with our declaration of independence episode great which i love because obviously the declaration of independence has a hand to play in the fourth of july in that you didn't even celebrate the fourth of july so refresher time line rate july second non the fourth two days prior right worth that's what the founding fathers were like i wanna have independence we wanna vote on independence right there like we want this were gonna do it it's gonna be great we love this then two two days later after like taking a look at the declaration of independence giving like giving what's in their little writers 'em the delegates the thirteen colonies is that's when they adopted the declaration of independence they're like yes we want this document right we agree to this document we are officially pinta parchment we are now in in in what i love about this time line is they're fun fact already were like bad no i have no doubt this is only one faxes for their life on facts john adams my side piece he believed that july second was the correct day to celebrate independence day to celebrate the nation because they voted on the second there were like this is what we want but they didn't technically adopts the declaration of independence until two days later but he would like it's the second it shouldn't be the second wow and so when the when like washington dc would host like big fourth fourth of july party right he wouldn't go out of frozen talking about a lot on my beliefs i love that you know that i imagine him just like alone celebrating on july second being like this you is holding a burger and sam adams big like this is my i love that about that i like it should be the second on but he wrote to his wife sweet abigail abigail a n reportedly stated quote july second will be celebrated by seceding generations as the great anniversary festival and that the celebration should include a point per need a gain of sports guns bells fires an alert missions from one end of this continent to together you know i'm so sorry is calling from pop parade sports going bell fires who i saw his whole five john adams wanting to get lead like late last party no let's goaded tat auto so amazing pumpkin parade okay right pump to you what is pumped up but we should bring that word back pops pops pomp and circumstance yeah which is like what like i don't really know what that means in in that and that couple of where he tried to describe how is that it's really only found both of us have tried to describe what the word pomp means by making me sound like the pump pump what is pomp i'm gonna look this up what is palm pump pump pump oh my god pompous announ in it is ceremony an split display especially at a public event it's up so you wanna pump in grade we know what it means game sports sports did they have a cricket croquet who again going back to my thanksgiving thanksgiving in louisiana got some great game sports belden bonfires elimination illuminations which i'm taking demean fireworks yeah but i mean they didn't have fireworks back then they just had and when they he canon canon today i would lose my mind you know they shoot them off 'em where i go to this island every summer and they should've cannon and they should've cannons and put in bay tonight for line account on i think it'd be like a like a city person where do i get i'll get a certification i just realized in this moment that i have a dream to light again it will happen magin if any okay if anybody has a cannon call me they would like to shoot it off the lunch to shoot it all you need is you off again it is it is it done it my producer is not that it's about it is gunpowder it's gunpowder into to something and then there's a ball and that goes right to they put the gun powder do they stuff it in the back of the canons there's a few news right and then you light the fuse on the few literally getting this from looney tunes you light the fuse and then i think if you go into the cannon where there may be more gunpowder were not i'm not sure i've ever seen inside a cannon and then from that that gunpowder explodes and she would sell the ball if you don't ask me this is not in a note improv i did not think i would look at how a canon or oh my god we just assume that's how it is but i mean we're talking about like talking about twenty nineteen cannons no no i don't know if they are digital but i'm not talking about when i think about seventeen seventy eight cannons right like how will how you would you off like a musket like you you've done it at powder and then you like the thing and then you're aiming at the guy bullets yeah be like shovel auditable earth yes yes so i don't i sure did you ever do that i don't like a gesture what i love i just wanna quickly sidebar because i only did two pages of notes and i did tell art and we might have to sample little bit what i realized that we would spend maybe fifteen minutes on cannons alone i'm just so please please i would rise to the job so what if you know how can it works you have diagrams if you own a cannon please call us i would love to set off your grand on up you're gannon will travel for cannon will we will travel or gannon yeah oh my god i want a video of you sitting off again i i have video of me setting off a candy and his handing no no no i'd be great i would i would have great can you know get every night how how long it's okay it's okay i i don't i don't like we might whole episode on the history of the united states this'll be the labor day episode the labor day as a lookout for it history of cannon should we go back to the fact that it's okay back the history yeah okay so in eighteen seventy after to the war of eighteen twelve the uss moved to make july fourth eight federal holiday i bless 'cause that's what i mean like you never get amount of time that is a really long time for them to be like wait a second game we've got now two wars with great britain right i mean like we did today we need we need a day off for a game sports gun belt bonfire that elimination to just like really get my head like oh shit illumination my god from maybe cannon fire it's not about the kennedy yes but it's not clear that it's not it's not it's not cannabis and then in nineteen forty one they made it they paid federal holiday ads fan manner that's what i'm talking about you know be another great paid federal holiday voting day okay anyway i paid federal holiday way it's not no it's not so for this tangent but just know in the bag threat i got one in the canon ball in a canon about this issue how about look so great at recalling you ever hills hotel in jefferson and adams both died on the fiftieth anniversary of july fourth we've talked about this and independent do we did have also pita it's worth repeating because again to the president's died only five zero anniversary around the declaration of independence and i just feel like it's so sad because now we know the john adams did not want the fourth of july to die do you think he was trying trying like he's like come on it's just a word yeah i'm gonna do is i'm not gonna do this yeah yeah a i feel i feel bad and also another james madison also died on fourth of july but a couple of years later oh right so the president's who died on the fourth of july that's insane patriots toy about like going right talk about like holding onto like the right moment yeah that's using her moment choosing her life i pickier exit mullen oh yeah yeah that is and i respect it okay see american axes i would i lie my god so funny however okay so john jefferson and adams both died on the fiftieth anniversary of the end of are independent driveway however in the last in his last recorded letter which is he was declining an invitation to celebrate the fiftieth milestone in dc jefferson wrote this about the declaration of independence and he wrote it on june twentyfourth eighteen twenties and this is what may be to the world what i believe it will be the signal of arousing meant burst the shade unto is the safety and security of self government that form which we have substituted restores the free right to be unbounded fuck me the free right to be unbounded exercise of reason in freedom of opinion all eyes are open or opening to the rights of man for ourselves with annual return of this day forever refresh are recollections of these rights ending undiminished devotion to them arousing jane oh my god i eat out our stepped in i i didn't wanna tell you why i included this in her notes 'em because i just wanna find it a moment so yeah this is this is literally like on his deathbed coughing up blood he's like going blind in one i like the dude is dying i mean this is on june twentyfourth so he died maybe what did the math june's weeks later two weeks later cena's yeah i'm sure he feels death upon him and he just letting it all out i mean this is i think proving are point that like some of the founding fathers were definitely like sexually act like they explode sexuality yes oh rousing men's uber's the chain says all right you're you're amazing i love that we love that about you but i think thomas jefferson he did write a dirty pride month unbeknownst to him he did he does that is june twentyfourth baby around johnny said they originally right right yeah yeah yeah and i know i just i love i just love the idea of him being in his bed like writing this you know being like well how could i how how do i phrase this the signal of a rousing men to the worst the chain well and assume the blessings i know healing transitions out of it on hold on hold on hold on hold on and then he's back to being dj and i'm like wait a second we can't just gloss over what you just said out are substance a rousing members the chains ullivan will have meant so much forgotten and he died two weeks later may he rest in peace and now going to that's history so that's like that's just some history fun facts i literally was just like i want fourth of july fun ass yes over the next however long it takes the banter through these we're gonna talk about only fun facts fact when two people actually signed on july second the declaration of independence john hancock and james charles be john hancock was the president of the congress and in over at charles was i think the secretary so but some departments were this somebody now yeah yeah so they they were the first people to like put pen to literal parchment and then everyone else as we discussed in our declaration of independence episode it's great partner to this this episode it really is everybody else signed on august second so literally april last month later i dunno knows who knows it's just like i mean it's like it's like when somebody emailed me and i'm like oh my god i've read emailing back you know it's like all raleigh march men they're like oh my god i'm so sorry oh your parchment parchment in this world of parchment it feels like sometimes i owe you an email i am so sorry about it or getting back there yeah oregon about another fun fact we talked about the three president's who died on the fourth of july but fun fact there was born on the fourth of july what's more patriotic being born few likable what do you think i think being born is you have no control over that okay what do you think yeah born into dying andrew houston says dying a that's crazy moore's i think dying dying all right well somebody calling break are tie yeah there were two versus to her to pull on and it's on her instagram when this episode comes out what's more patriotic being born on the fourth of july or dying on the fourth of july right now where split where you yeah and were in a c i just feel like death is so final death is a final but i feel like you have no i mean you have no control over winterbourne and so it feels like i mean unless you again you know but you're not you know right natural you're natural causes right a little bit more control over like you know a you know book actually die with their partner in their bed i know what are you gonna will years also died this is more about what i do i off the cliff but like you really have no control over when and you're born and so i feel like it's it's more it's like a premonition i dunno asthmatic i just push on like there's a whistle you can't wait till i get you know doing you know oh i haven't actually said who was born on the fourth grade right so the only president to have been born on the fourth of july was a someone we don't talk about why should we can but most of the president's you know what i mean like me who lead you know we mean calvin coolidge alleged coolidge which he was president i don't know what number he was because why would i comical edge i know he would before the great depression i do know that yeah yeah i feel like he was probably part of the reason we went into the great depression don't quote me oh no it doesn't matter because calvin coolidge doesn't matter now no offense at calvin if you're listening look if he's a grandfather where a lot of then call me and tell me what he did but he was born on the fourth of july in eighteen seventy two sweet calvin coolidge he was president's honey news president from nineteen twentythree to nineteen twenty nine right oh yeah the great depression whether you're right i mm intellectual yes yes you're saying look i look i know i do fax i do know that especially if they're fun being the prisoner right for the great depression office on but calvin coolidge you know he is he is who he is best was born on the fourth of july eighteen seventy two very exciting another fun fact on july fourth seventeen seventy eight george washington heard double for his soldiers to celebrate independence this is so cute although i celebrating you know like the two shots shots independent everybody right but like this is like seventeen seventy eight round right like like like poison unlike schumer yeah and like look none of them but were independent shows like this guy this george washington was like look we we we were fighting a war without shoes like they just they just signed it some parchment right lane buying an excuse to drink it you know why it is it is very american defiant it's david ends in y my name let's ring to it let's drink that's drink and let a fight in history that are first first president's like were drinking like shots john john shut shut shut up shut up shots shots shots shots shot shot shasha i got a yes you forget forget you berg new fun fact the philippines declared their independence from the united states by signing the treaty of manila on july fourth nineteen fortysix listen were amazing i know where amazing also amazing that the philippines where like you know what we're actually gonna take independence from independence day i think how do you like me now how do you know what i mean you know a yes but then in nineteen sixty two the day was changed to be july twelve like their celebrate tori day which chain i they have like this moment of like nationalism and they were like well we don't wanna celebrate on the same day is american celebrate independence day but it's still like they still recognize july fourth as like the air july second right right right right right july twelfth is now they're july fourth got it fine yeah it's it's great i mean i i really loved the kind of like subtle 'em the subtle f u of like i declare it on your your day you know mike right and i kind of think of like a modern example of like like i dunno getting married on somebody you don't like birthday something unfortunately we are returning the cannon i just realized when i saw the why fireworks talking about next we re riverine cannons it okay right here we go okay so why do we use fireworks well well well well well well at the first celebration of our independence day in seventeen seventy seven cert teen cannons were fired off to represent each of the thirteen colonies end that seemed great that we kept doing it lets you see something exploding here you're like oh my god like i gotta go injury you're just seeing a fire while the world is full of possibility like this injury but but i mean not like this is me making an assumption that like we shot cannons and the for so long that somebody thought with colors like how how do you know what's by works if not from cannons that's what what else is like a fire away from this time what they were what is it what i know what did they were callers what if what if you could hold in your hand again i think it who's yeah yeah what if you could make cannons had shape what if we think system sack oh my god i love i love i like why we have fireworks based off of like don't you think we shut up thirteen cannons to celebrate thirteen colonies right now we shoot off fireworks i clear eight if you're not no no actual like this you and then today americans spend around a billion dollars in fireworks across the country a billion dollar everybody needs to relax and they're all going off in my mother's neighborhood in ohio on that you insane how like in areas where you're allowed to shoot off fireworks that people literally shoot them up in the backyard where the trees people having barbecues and i'm like i can't hear people around me let the city's fireworks are happening next in my house yeah i have a you've written down here and i'm gonna say this even though i gave it a fun personal fact for me some one in a fee for me in brooklyn how she thinks i'm like why you're like a daily occurrence ends there were literally one night like maybe a month ago where i came home this is gonna shock everyone super drunk and i got in bed and i there's a window but like you know they have the and then i saw like it was like a five minute fireworks show and through like so dry oh my god there's literally somebody in my neighborhood in brooklyn who shoots a fireworks all the time and i'm kind of glad that art in higher retreating upstate yet from fourth of july but i'm kinda glad because i feel like i'm gonna leave see our full line but you know people just like shooting in in new york i is a bad idea no thank you can shoot off fireworks people do yeah 'cause where i've literally pass i mean you're in the banana down it's just like they're doing it in the streets and i'm like my like i could touch it spiring over and we have a single tree on are blocked me do we have trees yeah yeah people people why filled with higher works people do you know what let i wanna take a brief moment to talk about fireworks safety guys i i i love fireworks much as the next guy outlook trust me i think if you wanna shoot off fireworks this fourth of july shoot off fireworks but smart only doing do you know about it like they're still too close to it if you're super drunk don't shoot off fireworks be safe people people urge to be that person who have either don't be that person who who you're not darter then fire you are smarter then fired yes they will hurt you they will hurt your and they are dangerous only watch out for them like it's great for kids but like you then you know like like give stuff these fireworks have the best time don't drink environment okay am i got now okay this is what i've got okay okay this i'm so excited so we have a broad fun fact and they're gonna they're gonna go micro first americans consume roughly one hundred and fifty million hotdogs on the fourth of july million of those were just us and a million literally i love a good hotdog don't get me wrong my favorite event of the national calendar is be nathan's hot dog eating contest that happens at coney island it is eight televised event i had no idea this existed in general you know it's so exciting i watch it every year and i'm gonna tell you some fun facts about even god does cause i love it so you're just not do isn't american hero has won the contest times why times this man has won this contest eleven eleven years he holds the male recordsetting twenty eighteen so last year eating seventy four hotdogs in ten minutes seven four hotdogs in ten ten minutes that's insane it's insane you literally you watch it and they they so they have like plays a hotdog you have like two big cups of water and apparently the like the the tactic is you take it you jumped the gun in the water and you're like if you eat the cleaners first and then you stumped the london there and then you just keep doing it and then you you drink and you kind of you know there's a lot of jumping in 'cause you shake it down you're body it's amazing seventy four hotdogs in ten minutes that is he that izzy recor so they're taking the hotdog out of the button yes you don't need them together but that's not great that's what makes it so good that you get like a grill hot darden they're not enough for pleasure it's a contest they're not like they're shopping hotdog into their body and like for their she get down there body this i love the shimmy moody down this off i'm gonna i'm gonna put my idea of this guy does on her instagram okay here's what we're gonna do state you're gonna video me watching the okay yes yes okay okay guys guys it's gonna be great guys keep out keep a lookout for a living artisans watch party of be a coney island a hotdog eating contest so yeah joey chestnut i assume he'll be there this year i would love to meet up i love i love his work begins at eleven time eleven times and it's been seventy range fern almost all eleven times this man is even so many hotdogs in ten minutes stone or at least eleven years but i wonder like how do they do they go hungry because that's the soviets he suffered three to four days prior to the contest who you are where you're gonna have a wreck they're gonna eggs i gotta i gotta go with i know you're gonna you're gonna empty out completely totally get this thinking wow he's i mean talk about a true patriot that the more marietta to hey die on the fourth of july be be born in for july or see eat seventy four hotdogs in ten minutes w seventy four hotdogs in ten minutes so that that's that's the male that's the guy al roker okay there's also a female contest because white men and women can't okay but no the woman who holds the record for the females is sonia thomas she has eaten forty five hotdogs in ten minutes this then i think two thousand twelve when i this they they actual legend 'cause she also holds the record for the most tater tots stirrers antar doc in what stir doctor looked it up it is they chicken stuffing stuffed rutgers leading the most turn ducking turned up multiple dock and i i didn't do it just to turn documents that is experts say look so she did yeah that's so much protein i know but yeah he turned up an hotdogs this and then okay wow she okay more owners though i know she is ninety pounds was i know this on i swear to god this is on the nathan's hot dog like coney island like official website this is this is like the the the constitution center dot org this is legit i like this is that it i trust with my life she has ninety eight pounds nine and she's eating forty five hotdogs in ten minutes i glass of water and i'm like oh my god and then her nicknames 'cause they have nicknames her nicknames are the black widow would you like how very you know whatever never ending in the horsemen of the guests or how oh my god i wanna meet this woman just for the name alone legend legend the four horsemen of the opposite of his own yes yeah i had softer whoever gave her that if she very good title very good very good title she heroes joey chestnut and sonia thomas we salute you hear it let's get let's get some of that paused with the actual yes wow i can't there's no possible wagon top that but we're gonna talk about americans on you don't do that like there's no possible americans are so we have a few like american song yeah but i just put i just feel like to like to have some fun facts about two of them there's a lot of american socks so many so many were good we were gonna get rid with john rivers so the star spangled banner did not become our national anthem until nineteen thirtyone humped longtime longtime although national disgrace and a villain of the show woodrow wilson declared in nineteen sixty that the song be played all official events you could see that pointers may earlier where like my opinion bleeds into the notes national disgrace we will send the glare zombie bladed all vigilant you know he is national disgrace that shows like if you love the song love this song come again put her on repeat on this one of my playlist god bless america that is not the star spangled banner minor okay i like i mean there's you know the union i just like that's that's a great on amazon it's i don't like about that song okay now i just wanna sing the second song okay do you wanna say you're ready yankee doodle went through town riding on a pony suck a father had called macaroni yankee doodle when did you down you're gonna get it also yes it's how it's catchy arbiters again is holding her face because she's i she cannot believe that we committed to that they're a touch of harmony in there to which was pretty well i'm i'm keeping it please do my mother will be so happy girls that she says the board of earnings from japan yankee doodle the reason we think is on it is believed that the song actually originated from the british who used it as an insult song insinuating that americans were backwards in unintelligent yeah wow it's like oh i wanna know what i'm gonna make a really yeah yeah yeah it's like we were like improve them right because we claim it is a patriotic reclaiming of the moment they americans hurting their like it's great that you would weaken to a three part harmony now but yeah they they don't i don't know if they have like an actual person that they can link trace back who actually wrote it but they do believe that originated by the british i love that love that was my lizzy fun in fact about songs you know this this song proud to be an american by league regretted got to be in america where at least i know i'm free 'em i have seen him in concert you see him in concert anything that song and it was moving but i have i have seen him in concert he played the song it's in this market is so that's backed extremely greenwood great we're gonna gonna closes out on my girl the liberty bell as 'cause there's some funds on facts about the liberty bell she lives in philly so there's this legend the liberty bell what's wrong undulate eight seventy seventy six to announce that the declaration of independence is about three red publicly right however historians are like the bell house was like decrepit there's no way that's gonna possibly happen really yeah yeah so it's like very much associated with the declaration of independence and independence say but people were like action on issues like the bell house wouldn't have been able to hold the bell brian yeah yeah crazy right up on shit like that i know i know but if we have a liberty worthy of a declaration of independence ends potato demand they go together you know like they do on the liberty bell there is a disagreement about when the crack actually occurred but it was determined unreasonable a bowl for washington's birthday in eighteen forty six i dunno i should have put down when the bell has made but if you have a long life like who made this bell right like not be that person who's like are you good at making those are good at making bell you may want to crack it like six bit crack yeah right why can't you ring a bell it's cracked auto know oh i think they just wanna damaging further oh so i guess all right okay i mean i also send it sounds different maybe like a as opposed to it right you're not gonna join you and you're gonna join you on imitating the liberty bell the grand prix crack crack oh yeah i imagine it's to prevent further damage that that's like we can't have a liberty bell like split in half downgrade crazy no and then this is like my at my favorite's on night about the liberty bell is every year on the fourth of july the liberty bell if caps thirteen times might just be original owners of the declaration of independence it's just like probably like other officials but like they can't ringgit so they they fucking out the liberty bell that's so funny i know can you imagine like when they play nice to hear what do you do for but they may ten till noon do they all tap it thirteen times in this little run from yes history dot org wow i think i think it's thirteen times i don't think i don't think it's thirteen people giving one i mean one top is just like what you're just touch touch once it attached to the tap like it's attempted that well yeah that's so funny i know they're two times attempted so weird we are soldiers are were so bizarre we feel like we don't have a lot of like because worry young country in the grand scheme of things right like we don't have a lot of traditions and the ones we have solidified her like eating seventy four hotdogs in ten minutes like very important it out of our country that my health mental health whatever but yeah it's like in comparison to other countries who held like like deep roots in their heritage and their cultures like we don't really have that yeah but like we do have weird quirks right quirky were very quirky not to be confused with quakers which we were originally agreed were quick work of course quirky quicker but that is are that's all the fourth of july fun fact episode so excited happy birthday america has a birthday present to you you guys were dropping any mini episode see it's gonna be a final are first of many presidential cabinet update oregon refresher on who the new cabinet positions are them how long they've been there as america like an empty cap net so oregon oregon a date and we're gonna open up that cabinet cabinet and take a look at what's inside so stay tuned for that we obviously love you so so much if you like what you heard you could find us on twitter and instagram outlet skiff typical greatest view you could yes we will see what from from from from it's six oh six a i'm on an arm rags and we play roller derby together yeah we do but we also host this kick ass podcast called prop how podcast so frog out is a podcast that focuses on those really uncomfortable conversation like racism and sexism in mental health and physical health in basically anything that is gonna become a really interesting conversation and even the kind of like this is you're out all the one that voted for trump that's what we wanna talk about using find us on instagram at about how podcasts were also on facebook profile podcast but not twitter

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