207-Monkey King: Girls Before Swine


The food is out there. I'm unwrapping a madonna steak egg and cheese bagel. Who look this steak and juice running down dumbest side. Go a little bit on rapper. here. And then a fluffy egg and cheese folded oversaw looking just so good grilled onions unabomber bagel. Two thumbs off donald steak egg and cheese bagel for breakfast love it more baba at participating mcdonald's this week by myths and legends. It's a return to the monkey king in a story about an ideal marriage. Life with your in laws unexpected friends and tricky costumes. Then on the creature of the week. It's the milk bird and you'll learn that. Finding the best milk might just require hugging a tree or catching the right foul. This is myths and legends episode two. Oh seven girls before swine. This is the podcast till stories from in folklore. some are incredibly popular stories. You might think you know. But with surprising origins others are stories that might be new to you but are definitely worth a listen previously on the podcast. We met the scripture poker schwann's on a buddhist monk in early china centre requests by the buddy sat for guang yet the mission retrieve from the thunderclap temple in india. Far to the west he was joined by a couple of beans. On various redemption. Arc's like some yukon. The monkey king who after being disrespected battled heaven barely lost and found himself imprisoned under a mountain for eight hundred years until he was released to escort the scripture pilgrim on his quest last time they stopped off at a monastery and fought off several greedy monks today. They're back on the road. You know i was a little skeptical when we left monastery a week ago. But you really do seem different. Swansong said turning the some kong the monkey king. The monkey king continued rooting through his pack. All they had left was yams here hugo boss yams trong froder brow. We didn't impact any yams kong laughed. Oh yeah i know. I was a gift from the monks before we left. They were super generous. I just hell out my bag. And they piled all the stuff in food. Money barely even had asked for it. So you rob them. The monk said taking the food from his mouth. No i just walked through the crowds with my staff out like this and an bag. It was purely voluntary. Aren't the other hands and knees begging you not to kill them for trying to kill us. The monk said returning his ration to the pack. These are details that i think are relevant to their voluntary donations. Some kong insisted and then not at all to change the subject. He pointed up ahead. Hey look there's a town at the head he would go check it out. Make sure it wasn't full of bloodthirsty monks who might want bosses shiny shirt. The monk rolled is is seen exactly what some yukon was doing and the monkey king was off but he didn't make it to town because the town came to him. That is a man dressed in traveling. Clothes met him halfway there. He wore a wrap around his head. A bundle across his back and in his hands was an umbrella. Naturally when the man spotted a tall armored monkey sprinting toward him he shrieked and tried to break left seconds. Some kong had immobilized held fast by the arm and pack. What are you doing. The man shouted let me go. How do i know you're not a villain coming to get my boss. Who kong demanded the main gasped. What no was just a traveller. The monkey king had rushed him. he was the attacker. I believe you mean. I politely asked for your aid. Then you looked suspicious and broke off in a run sungwoo kong said still gripping the man as though he was holding him with iron tongs all. I suddenly turned twitter. Rustling in the trees. They were swansong. The monk emerging from the forest. He took one look at the scene and pinch the bridge of his nose muggy. What was all this son who kong spoke first. All this was him saving his bosses life. You're welcome this. Man was clearly an assassin. Probably on q hostage countered that he was not an assassin. He was a messenger and his message. Was this the daughter of mr gal. A local noble and his uncle had been taken by monster. The monster was. I guess a traditional kind of guy because instead of taking her and you know the monster married her i still. Mr gates had been very upset that his daughter had been taken blah blah blah but he was now enraged that his son-in-law was an earlier he knew this could never last despite one of the parties literally having the other chains but it had been three years and now. None of his in-laws would talk to him. Because of his ogre son-in-law wanted was to have this marriage annulled and his daughter to home safely. The monkey said after a long pause. Oh sure like if it's convenient. The best singer continued. Mr gal had given him some tales of silver whole pouch of them. Actually to find an exorcist. Someone who could fight a demon ogre. But he'd only been able to find worthless monks who take his money and bolted. Monkey whipped the stranger around in his arms until the man was staring him. Square in the face like three inches away was way too close. He announced that the messenger was in luck because for some mook kong his master and the dragon. Horseback there monster. Fighting was their business. Business was very good. There were a ton of monsters everywhere around here. The messenger grew suspicious. How did he know the monkey. King wasn't just going to come and rob his whole family or something. Monkey smiled and shook his head loosening his grip. I guarantee you won't be harmed in any way. Son will coke said and then glanced but the young man's extensive bruising where he had been gripping him like a vice harmed anymore he added let the messenger. Go lead the way So you said it was a monster that kidnapped her some will asks. The traveler is everyone stood before. Mr how he is and he did the traveller replied but you just said that you gave her in marriage to the guy sunwoo kong. Turn to mr gal. Two men mr gowan his nephew the messenger both not it. Also true sun will come to deep breath inside alright whole story out with it. He took a seat and waited. Mr gow apparently had three daughters in the third named green orchid had not yet been pledged to anyone. Mister gallo hope that whoever she married would consent to giving the children gow's last name on account of him not having any sons well along came zoo a stranger walking on the road and not a bad looking when either he was obviously intelligent and shared that he came from a good family. His parents were dead and he didn't have any siblings though so he was actually cool with taking gals last name. It seemed like a good match and for a while. Zoo was a great son-in-law he proved both industrious while behaved strong to he could plough the fields without a buffalo and harvested grain without a sickle. He left early in the morning and return late at night but over that time he had also been changing changing. How so sean. Song asked from the back mr gal that the guy. What's the best way to put. This started putting on some weight. Oh well that's normal right guys get married put on a few pounds. Maybe have an open mind. Sun wu kong said well gow explained further. He went from eating normal meals to eating. Four bushels of rice in one sitting a snack became one hundred rolls. Oh yeah okay. That's that's not normal. Wu kong it. He also grew massive ears in a pig. Snout at this sun will come nearly spit out his drink. So you're telling me. He turned into a hog. You do that. Zoo means hog right as in. He telegraphed he was from the beginning. What's telegraph gal asked some yukon. Waived him on gow had realized early on. How lucky bail were that. Zoo stuck to a vegetarian. Diet or else they would have gone bankrupt. Still he wrote around the wind and was always keen up stones and dirt when he came through. Some who kong told mr gowda relax with was the monsters layer. It was only like six eight thirty still. They could knock this out before bed. Mr gow pointed over his shoulder. Oh the hog man was just out back. Some kong blinked outback. Hadn't gal said that zoo kidnapped his daughter. The old man nodded yes. She's out back to the guest house though. Cow hadn't seen her in the last year and a half. Monkey grimaced and whispered does one song. This was like a true crime podcast. Now he hadn't seen his daughter in like eighteen months. Oh she was absolutely dead by now jobs. A job and redemption ark was redemption ark. Sungwoo kong the monkey king stood. Show me the way he called. The gal jonzon hung out inside the house. Fighting monsters was monkey business and he preferred relaxing with some of the elders in the house chatting about philosophy and eating a vegetarian. Feast while the massive monster fight took place in the backyard outside monkey. Mr gal crept toward the backyard. Structure all was dark and no lights glued inside monkey. Shuki said gonna be gross should have had a disclaimer on this one turned a gal the demand key for the lock. Gal shot back an angry glance. If he had a key wouldn't he have used it by now to rescue his daughter. I'm just messing with you. Monkey chuckled blocking a needle from behind his ear. Pick the lock or something. Mr gals squinted for a better look. Monkey chuckled again. Not exactly the needle as we know is some we'll kong's magical staff from one of the dragon kings. It could shrink to the size of a needle for easy transport yet expand to an enormous size on a moment's notice even now it had grown into a makeshift battering. Ram that quickly. And neither did the outer edge the door flinging splinters into the darkened room both sunwoo kong mr gow peered inside a green orchid are. Are you there gow called out hoping for a response but fearing the worst a moment passed and then they're a faint voice replied papa. I'm here. the old man leaned forward straining to see into the darkness. Did monkey see her. How did she look sun. Wu kung grimaced te. He'd expected to find her dead. So really any amount of not being dead was technically a win. Here let's that be our threshold Not great though. Monkey wasn't sugar coating it either. The daughter's eyes were sunken. Lips were nearly colorless her visage. Hale in weary. Her body was now crooked and bent. She was alive but not full of life. She limped to her father. Weeping and the two embraced as they hugged and wept. Some wou kong explored i into the house. Hey he called back. what about you. Know the evil pig monster. where is he. The daughter dried her eyes and explained that her husband left during the day and came back every night about this time. Actually monkey nodded cool. They should get inside. He would take care of everything from here. Just leave quickly. Mister gal pause. How did the monkey king plan. I'm beating the mon- stir they're standing next to gals daughter was gals daughter. Oh i have my ways. Said son wu kong with a wink in the form of gals daughter with ease. He set the front door back on. Its hinges mr. Gow grimace okay. He officially did not want to know not a half hour later. Sun wu kong settled into bed still in the form of green orchid. He didn't have to wait long until he heard the rush of wind dirt and rocks putting the outside of the house and the thought of something hitting the ground. Something big with each step came a new shake and then the door flew open. Framing the night sky. Around a massive hulking silhouette. The husband zoo knelt down and turned on a lantern. He was actually worse than sun. Wu kong expected his arms and belly covered in a fine hair speckled with dirt and true two gals account his look complete with floppy ears and a snout. Oh baby feeling sick zero asked. I'm sorry you're feeling bad. Any idea what it could be son. Liu cong once again in the form of green orchid. His wife shook his head. He wasn't a doctor or anything. But it could have been mound nutrition captivity or possibly lack of sunlight. Probably not zoo declared an approach the bed. He knelt down. Give your husband kiss. He said monkey had taken this about as far as he wanted to. So zoo knelt down with eyes closed. Monkey crab the ogre snout and twisted hard because of monkeys strength zoo flipped completely over and landed on his back rubbing his nose zoo. Rose baby. what's wrong you know. Besides the imprisonment no sunlight stuff. Monkey reply that he She was sick. she just wasn't feeling it tonight. Okay give her some space zoo. Who apparently respected her wishes enough to not push the issue but not enough to you. Know not keep her in captivity his sore nose to office shirt and jumped into bed. All he really wanted was to fall asleep the moment he closed his eyes. Green orchid aka monkey cleared her throat. Hey we need to talk with a sigh. Zoo opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. Yeah sure what's up monkey green orchid. So that her family had come by today. Yelling at her over the wall the zero is is. They have to talk about her family right now. He just nodded off. Hadn't done enough for them. He worked hard he provided. They say you're so ugly monstrous that you've ruined the family's reputation they don't even know what your name is. Where you're from soup groaned. Oh my gosh. How much more honest could he have been. He told mr g that is named wazoo which everyone knew meant hog and that his family name was gangly aka stiff bristles. His family hailed from the cloudy paths cave. Fuelling mountain monkey nodded. Bow offering up everything. Just like that honest guy defying yet strangely respectful captor to yeah well honesty aside. They've called an exorcist. Sun will come said see laughed another good luck they said it was someone called great sage equal the heaven sun wu khong. I think it was said some yukon. A long pause followed before zoo rose from bed and slipped on a shirt. Well i'm out monkey set up. What now in the dark zoonotic yeah. I'm leaving you. There's no way. I'm dealing with band horse plague. I don't need that type of trouble. Monkey sat up straight he. He was leaving her for real. So was over this way i was. He said he wasn't actually zeus's wife. He was sungwoo kong. Wait monkey called from bed scrambling to stand. He chased after zoo and in the moonlight. The ogre swept his wife into his big arms monkey slash. Green orchid insisted that he didn't need to go. He didn't need to worry about his father calling some kong at this zoo paused and why not it was then that the moonlight hit sunwoo kong's face revealing not green orchids but behalf transformed image tantamount to monkey in a wig zoo shrieked and shoved the imposture away. By the time monkey skidded to a halt. He was fully transformed back to himself and he'd already plucked the staff from behind his ear zoo however had wasted no time. He himself had turned shafts of light and taken off into the open sky. That was unexpected. Even for a monster monkey thought the edges of his mouth curling upward. He didn't have to follow the hog because he already knew exactly where the monster was headed. The cloudy paths cave that back. There was a fancy little trick. Monkey greeted as zoo resumed. His hawk form landing near the stone doors of his house. The hug staggered backwards and tear. How did you had. I know you were going to your cave. The cloudy pat cave on fuelling mountain. Monkey interrupted why it was because old zoo told him his home address when they were in bed together. Rule number seven can apply to anyone. He said grinning and referencing. The myths and legends t-shirt nelson will kong had a question for zoo. How did zoo know so much about the old monkey. How did he know the name. Band horse plague. That was the disrespectful name that heaven had given him in the torchlight of his ancestral home. Zoo grimaced glanced sideways off into the distance. That was from a long time ago. What what's that monkey gassed raising a hand. It's it's a flashback. I it will be more effective. I just showed you instead of just boring you with exposition. Zoo said monkey shrugged. Sure he'd allow it began in new. It was five hundred years ago. A celebration in the palace of the jade emperor and heaven because it was over we had won the war all the war the war. with whom monkey interjected. Oh with you. Zoo smiled and continued after the break. You'll see how you can avoid turning into a horrifying pig monster but that will be right after this in taking care of those around me. I sometimes forget to take care of myself. Deadlines lack of sleep stress. Even just forgetting the right foods. Keeping effective nutritional habits can be difficult but good nutrition is still important. That's were athletic. Greens can help their daily. All in one superfood powder makes for the most comprehensive nutritional beverage. I've seen starting my day with just a single tasty scoop of athletic. Greens contains seventy five vitamins minerals and whole food. 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He had been mostly a complete failure but the same can be said of in that room. It didn't matter that the martial hadn't planned ahead or woken up before noon for the entire campaign because it was only the buddhist power urine soaked hand that had finally subdued monkey in the end it was truly a celebration and everyone deserves to be there. Everyone that is except for the marshall of the navy. At least that's how he felt he was nervous to be in the presence of the jade emperor the queen mother the inspector general the moon queen. So many others he flagged down a waiter in short order could Could he get a drink. Well one turned into two and two turned into ten and soon soon. The marshall of the navy was feeling pretty. Great of chrissy deserve to be there. This wasn't a reason to fear. This was a reason to be excited. And this will be the first night of the rest of his life. He didn't know how things had gone so wrong. In fact he'd missed several chances to pull it from his nose dive into exile that night blind drunk. He'd staggered into the palace of the moon and confronted chung ho the immortal goddess of said moon. He explained that he knew she was attached but she had a long distance thing with that guy. After the whole immortality pills deal but he added tell her she was the most beautiful woman in the world and space didn't matter he hooked an arm around her. She smiled slipped free and suggested that maybe he should go lie down instead. The marshall had moved closer his breath reeking of liquid courage that chung read his mind. They should lie down together. Suggestive eyebrow wagle chung politely stated very clear. No in excused herself and had the marshall stopped there that would have been the end of it. Sure it was sleazy and embarrassing but nothing that would have led to exile. But of course it hadn't stopped there. The marshall left in down a few more drinks before returning to ask the moon goddess to bed three more times and on the fourth time it was no longer chung who stood there waiting. But the inspector general. They should have a talk immediately. The marshall was incensed. What was this guy's deal. Couldn't he see that the martial had something going on with the moon goddess was he jealous. Hello the inspector reiterated that. That wasn't what was happening here. But the marshall couldn't and wouldn't hear it he knew they done something with cheung and right when their love was beginning to blossom after several aggressive propositions so romantic staggering back and forth. He called out to chungu clearly. They'd hit her away from him now. You couldn't find her anywhere. He began searching. And that's when things cranked up another notch. It was all kind of fuzzy to the marshall. At this point some celestial might have gotten punched in the face an arch of the jade emperor's policy might have been toppled. Who's to say who was in the wrong. Unfortunately the combined power of heaven said so in came down hard to incapacitate him really. He should have been executed but he still had friends in high places so he got away with a light punishment. A mere two thousand blows and literal full body skin peel before being exiled to an earthly womb to be born again and again and again reincarnating each time as the pig monster monkey now saw before him hunky nodded. Wow all right cool back story. if you don't mind i'm going to split your head open now. Zoo through his hands in the air after all that all the sad back story and monkeys still want to kill him. Unbelievable sad back story. Monkey blinked. i guess it was. Because all i heard was sad. Lazy general gets ticked. Because his sleazy behavior doesn't work and then takes down part of the jade emperor's palace repositioning his stance monkey lean forward and grew serious once more now seriously old still because monkey wanted to kill him and go home. He was tired from all that walking but zoo would not hold still unsurprisingly. The creature didn't wanna die an untimely death at the hands of a superpower monkey few. Do the pair fought on until monkey at the site of the sky turning purple. Turn to catch the sun. Peaking over the mountains behind him. It was morning as he turned zoo. Took his chance booked at home for a pig monster. He can really move. It was quite the sight in when monkey turned back. The doors to the cloudy paths cave or shut tight. Monkey rolled his eyes. He was so over this somehow lost to the actual purpose of this whole trip. You know protecting the monk currently chummy it up with mr g not moonlighting as a freelance monster fighter. If the monster went anywhere monkey had him but for now he needed to focus. Get back on track with a quick somersault onto a cloud. Monkey flew to mr gals So he's not coming back anytime soon. Monkey said finishing up some rice and then he waited studying the face of mr gow. It kind of sounds like colby the first moment a monkey demi god isn't here which is most days swansong noted yet. That's exactly what. I was thinking agreed. Mr gow monkey jammed more rice in his mouth. So you want me to go. Apprehend him so he doesn't come back here again. Yeah i figured that will be the outcome but had to try with that. He stood not to his boss. And the guy who owned the village in back flipped out the window. When monkey arrived at the cave once more he decided he knocked the time with his magical superstrong staff in two knocks. The door was gravel and monkey could see hog lane down behind. It still catching his breath. You know one of the indicators of fitness how quickly your heart rate returns to normal after workout. It's been like two hours. I mean sure. I broke down your door and i'm about to beat you with an iron rod but you should probably talk to a doctor or something. That's not normal zoo. Not carrying for monkeys threats or unsolicited. Medical advice took off his trademark weapon. A nine pronged rake one. He somehow had since his days as marshall and attacked. It wasn't a long fight. Despite zeus strength he was exhausted soon. Monkeys stood over him as he tried and failed to rise again. Monkey had one zoo looked out to the sky and cried. Body sat for going in. He failed us quest even before he began. Monkey raised his staff with all his might and then deflated with a long exile. Now how did zuno. That name zoo shared that she had stopped by years ago actually recruiting him for a dangerous journey to the west. When the scripture pilgrim came through he was to join the party and help the monk complete the mission that would save the world. Scripture pilgrim. Did you just say the scripture pilgrim monkey mumbled staring off into nowhere and lowering his weapon. Further zoo smirked proud to have explained something to monkey for a change. Yeah he's the guy who's blessed by the boot stop. Don't i know who he is. Monkey said get up. It was time to test. Zoos resolve dedication to the journey. Zoo would need to burn down his in sestri home. It wasn't easy but zoo complied and seeing the job. Complete monkey side plucked three of the hairs from his side and held them in his hand. He blew on them onto the win. They flew growing and turning into ropes wrapped around zoos hands as they walked back toward town. Monkey had to ask if if guangyin had put him on the sacred mission to join the journey to the west. What was up with all the sleaziness. Didn't that seem odd. Paired with anything sacred zoo smirked the only commandment that she gave him was to wait here. Keep a vegetarian diet. Not don't deceive young woman into marriage and kidnap them. Monkey shook his head. I'm literally a power crazed animal. And even i recognize that that might follow the letter of the law but it definitely doesn't track with the spirit of the law but whatever let's go talk to my. He looked up again. But the grinning stinking pig man trailing behind him and groaned our new master. You can him. We'll kong swansong announced after the monk finished his prayers. He's coming with us. Monkeys shoulders slumped as his hairs loosened from around sues hands and shrinking returned to his side mr gals fist pumped in the air as the monk informed both he and zoo that the marriage should have never happened and in the eyes of everyone. It didn't zoo. Maybe didn't know but when he was called by guangyin to be a monk he wasn't allowed to marry and so they would never mention it again. Zoonotic he understood. His only wish was to say goodbye to his family. And if they should fail in their quest he would return to resume honored member of the family. Mr gals face blanched. Swansong calmly patted the air. With both palm's it was obvious that zoo didn't understand but they work on it after mr gal provided them with a final meal that is bankrupt at him the trio in their horse. That was actually a dragon in disguise. Set off at last on the road to the west as they travelled. Monkey turned zoo. I'm gonna call you pigs like some versions do. It's a cute name for a giant pig. Man whose holy consumed by sloth gluttony and lust. Please don't i prefer to go by zoo. Winning or awake power or eight precepts pig. Lotta fun wants to choose from zoo. Said monkey nodded. Or i could just call you idiot as his actually common in many versions zoo faintest a smile. What pigs works fine. Let's go with pigs. Zoo said if we're here are now we like monkey will call him pigs now when it came to traveling interacting with people on their journey some move kong wasn't not frightening but he was mostly human looking especially in his clothes so by the time people realized that they were speaking with a talking monkey. It wasn't quite as shocking. Also he can eat air. The monk didn't eat much and also didn't complain so both of them fared pretty well pigs e however was not cut out for this journey lake. I absolutely would. He complained that he had to walk so much. He complained that he had to sleep on the ground and he constantly griped about how few all you can eat buffets. There were on dangerous. Quests like almost none was ridiculous he even made it difficult to accept hospitality because when people saw a giant pig monster lurking behind the monk in his disciple at the door they assume that everyone was under attack and slam the door in their faces when at last they found their way into a home. Pigs would devour ten bowls of rice rice and bowl before swansong had even finished sane his grace still. They continued on one of their hosts and amongst they have met along the way worn them of the mountains ahead of the demons that lurked in the shadows and how all the forces of darkness were mustering to keep them from completing their quest retrieving. The scriptures from the thunderclap temple seemed an impossible task. Monkey and sean song had fallen into a rhythm on their travels and now the head to add this guy who added nothing. That monkey himself didn't already possess strength. Power interesting smells but who also annoyed them. Constantly jonzon had the patience of a monk but even he had to move ahead of the pair on account of the constant bickering as they walked. It was as they were picking their way along a narrow mountain road that pigs z. Wind again they should turn back. The wind was scary and he barely fit on this road storm. Clouds grew up ahead but the pair couldn't stop here if they didn't make it over the crest before the storm came the would lose days. No they must press on. Besides i can catch and smell the wind. Monkey said we're fine crybaby pigs z. Wouldn't hear it. You can't catch the wind. Monkey you just airing. Your hand got well. What do you think the wind is made of. Dr monk telling me can't catch the wind. He's lying pigs yelled out his schwann's on called back for them to sort it out and from okay not to lie about stuff. Monkey opened his hand smelled That was oh no. His staff flew to his hand in grew as he leaped into the air. A similar blurred jumped from iraq just in front of swan song. Monkey was almost too slow in the sudden form notch lancome. His mount before monkey brought his staff down hard upon it. The monster was only a tiger tiger. That could take a blow from a staff that had fought the heavens and one the tiger now standing between him and his master raised himself up on his hind legs to inspect chest. The staff had broken the skin and the blood was starting to flow from a deep bruise. Can't have that tiger said and unsheathe claw sunk in deep in the wound cutting his own skin monkey and jonzon grimaced as he tore his skin free from his body revealing a white fanged and wild haired demon underneath monkey in the monk might have been surprised but pigs. e wasn't this was his time. To shine he rushed forward. Shoved monkey aside and brandished his break. While pigs fought the demon sungwoo kong flew to his master scooping them up off the ground tucking him behind a rock for safety. He told his master's stay there. He would fight alongside pixie and they did. They weren't used to battling alongside one another and unfortunately you can't turn off. Pb p in real life so while nearly as many hits found a friendly target as found the tiger demon nothing could stand before the combined wrath of pigs and the monkey king at the realization. The demon attempted to flee. He tried fighting against a tiger retrieving a damage skin and covering himself again. But he just couldn't take it soon. The companions of the scripture pilgrim had the creature shirking on the ground. We got a master son. Mccone cried out but there was no reply master. The monkey king called. He glanced back at the still trembling. Tiger and with a sneer brought his staff down. But it only rang out the shockwave reverting back through the rod and stinging his hands what the sun will kong inspected the demon but saw that it wasn't a demon at all. It was the demon skin that he'd thrown over iraq before slipping away Older brother sunwoo kong heard and turn the pigs who is pointing at the sky. The monkey about to say. Stop calling him older brother. They talked about this but then he looked up and watched in horror swansong. The scripture pilgrim. He was supposed to be protecting flew away the grips of a demon and disappeared into the storm. That's where we're going to leave at this week. Next time we catch up with the monkey king. It'll be the last of his episodes because they let the monk eaten by demons. I'm just getting but while they will attempt a daring rescue. Might need the help of new friend if you'd like to sport the show. There's a membership thing on the site for less than the price of rainbow poop emoji. Hide seek toy you can get bonus episodes at free versions of the show. That won't taunt you in the dark to find poop. We actually got this for our son. Eat thinks it's hilarious. Even more info at support dot myth podcast dot com looking for other ways sports. Show check out our t shirts stickers swag kits and more at shop dot arctic dot. Fm the creature this week is the milk bird from sub saharan africa specifically the casa bar along people in botswana and zimbabwe long before almond soy and oat milk joined the breakfast cereal fray. There was another game in town today. Meet the bird who gives milk that will make you much fatter and sleeker than drinking either cow or tree milk. The milk bird is a bit of a mixed bag. He's either helpful and loyal pet a trickster who will fill your garden with weeds with his magical singing or piper who will take revenge for being put in a jar by stealing all of the village children still ready to roll the dice. That's understandable because this creature is pretty much the whole bird package. His plumage is amazing. His songs have magical powers and he gives milk. That's not only better than milk from trees tree milk being thing. Apparently that you can get by squeezing treetrunks but it's also better than actual cow's milk because this milk makes your neighbors notice how good looking you are. How good looking you ask so good that they just might start planning your downfall pro tip for handling milk. Birds don't be greedy. This bird is smarter than you and while you might keep a- captive for a little while the only way this ends well is if you're making good choices. Bad choices like hoarding. The birds milk for your family may lead to disaster. But not for you. It's just that your children may be dangled from trees forced to marry crocodiles disappear forever or best case. Have to endure traumatic bird. Air taxi in order to get back home if bird. Milk still sounds like something. You've gotta try. Here's one final warning before you start your search milk isn't the only thing you might get some birds give water not ideal but okay however some. We'll give rivers of blood bottom line. If you find a musical milk giving bird messing with your garden you should ask yourself. How lucky and or virtuous you feel and then you should probably just walk away and find new garden. That's it for this week. Myths and legends is by jason. Chris a wiser today's creature the week was written by tricia harris evanson. Our theme music is by brooke for free and the creature. The music is by steve. Combs there are links even more music myth podcast dot com and our swag shop in the show notes. Thank you so much for listening and we'll see you next time.

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