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B&H Photography Podcast Facebook Group and SanDisk Sweepstakes Promo


Hey in case, you haven't heard the H photography podcast. Facebook group is live. It is real. It's actually happening. It's not just theory the past few weeks, we've had a lot of people. Join us a lot of people starting to submit photographs and submit comments and request episodes. If you have not joined yet, do so go over to Facebook and sign up, and if you need a little bit of an incentive until March thirteenth if you join out Facebook, repay GE you will be eligible to win one of two sixty four gigabytes sandisk memory cards, those SD cards oil do join two cards. We're going to be giving him out at random. If you need another incentive to join up. We have some great great shows coming up next few weeks. We have Mark man, and we have Mick rock and a lot of little surprises coming along the shows are getting better and better and the more feedback. We get from you, the better the shows will be on behalf of Jason John myself. Thank you. So so much joining us today.

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