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April 1 Special: Mister Information III: Beans & Rice


hello and welcome to you. Mr Information the podcast regents and ladies who love Cool Trivia. Were your hosts. I'm Josh. I'm Steve as Steve His josh. So we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA see how this recording turns out we're testing you know alot remote audio right now right. Yes has to work from home. Yeah we are Hashtag working from home. Hi how you doing on supplies over there Pretty well stocked. We've got a basement freezer. It's got a lot of food knit. got lots of toilet paper. You guys got until we're we're getting good getting too good. That's important a kind of all disappeared like the weekend. We're a Geek Bowl. That seems like a whole year ago. Yeah but in terms of in terms of time line right now. It's it's the night before April first so here we are recording I don't think we have to worry about dating ourselves too much misinformation as a lot in the in the can already sure they've banked a bunch so you know we'll see how they hold up now. It'll be fun. Yeah tomorrow should be seen similar to today. So but for them who can tell you can tell But I heard you got something else in your stockpile and you're gonNA tell us a little bit about it. Yeah well you know these these trying times One of the things that People like to stock up on and and use our Our favorite dried legume beans. Now nervous so today I would like to present Beans story in three parts. Part number one. That's not being partner to. That's being and part number three. That's a bean real quick before we get started. I would like to give a a very warm. Thank you to all of our listeners who've check-in since last episode Kris K. Eric S. Kathleen. Be Celeste A in germ- Shout to all you guys and Gals Whoever for For reaching out to US Since our last episodes very kind of you yeah. It's great. Alright so let's get into it part number one. That's not a bean coffee coffee. We talked about that last time. Yeah and being okay I was GONNA say frequently referred to as a coffee bean. Refrigerators Bean It's just the fruit tree. The Coffee Cherry It's it's the intercede of fruit so not a bean cocoa beans gotta be a bean beans algorithm sadness. Wow so again. That's A. That's a seed from theobroma cacao. It's a coquetry Finally in this category Vanilla. Okay no man I know you say getting it. It's it's kind of shaped like a like green bean or somethin' right. Yeah there's just sort of turned dark overtime but now it's not a bean it's a it's a CPAP of an orchid actually okay of Viney orchid so This concludes the section. That's not being a great a great segment. Yeah it's really important for me to get that cleared up before we start. Because there's a lot of you know fake news out there He's a beans Okay so all those people who stockpiled vanilla beans heading trait delicious. Yeah for cakes home ice cream. You can't just can't just whip those up with some rice you cannot now I mean I guess you shouldn't probably should very expensive rice okay. So we're talking about beans and This legumes as I mentioned. Or the F- obey family. I'm which we're GONNA be talking about Important in agriculture for different reasons but Also very specifically for The inaugurals in the root system That contain nitrogen fixing bacteria which helps Agriculture keeps soil productive through like a crop rotation things that that That's probably something that you've heard about in school. Giuliani actually. I'm trying to think of where we were. We just learned all about this. The Way I think it was native. Americans planted some of their crops was put down corn and beans. And there's one other and I'm not remind squash squash. Yeah plant them all together because they all sort of mutually help each other out with the first peoples in the US became the US. Yeah did that. And it was great So one of the things Just as we're on the topic There's a really interesting book called the Air by Thomas Hager Which is about the nitrogen fixing process not in plants but in The chemical world to use for fertilizers and also other things. It's a very interesting book in Agriculture in food dried beans are also called pulses And the United Nations International Year of the pulses was twenty sixteen. So that's something to know. Yeah I've never heard of that now. The genus now. So we're talking about the families to talk about the genus. These are things that are. These are these. Are the things that you know about a regular beans? So that's Faysal Ass- White beans navy beans red beans Black Beans Awesome clean wax beans. Kidney beans runner beans Lima Beans Pinto beans on those bodies that you know about your favorite buddies from the shelf and the and the grocery store char irregular beans Southern to be aware of there is a toxin in kidney beans called FIDO he may. Lieutenant which is Can Be moved by lung soaking and heating them to some temperature. That suggest look online so that we do not get sued for Giving False Food Advice Chore. Yeah I mean I just by him in the can yet. Those are fine. I assume yeah. They figured it out. People have had trouble using slow cooker because they don't get hot enough sometimes Okay all right. Peas also beans. Okay so genus pies. Am PM These your garden peas or sugar peas or snapping his So still in the bean family. Also this Zere broad beans fava beans beans that need peeling and this was actually part of the inspiration for this topic. Fava beans are used to make a dish in Egypt and really throughout the Middle Eastern Africa. that's been around for potentially thousands of years it's a stew with a major flavoring ingredient and it's called full adamas. This is August two now for those world cuisines It's yeah we're excited for that. Kicks Off Tomorrow? Hope you registered. Listen to this I I guess but yeah clear listened to it. I don't cheat don't cheat but maybe we'll help you also soybeans so he's in the scene Genus Lens. You WanNa guess what What type of bean is in there that Genus Lens Lands do not have? I guess it's the lentil it's okay I write you again. Doesn't have been in the name. No but being yeah they'll be territory wasn't this wasn't wasn't jumping around in my head like Mexican jumping. Bean is out of being exactly okay. Not being not being. That is a. I was looking that I've actually. It's a seed of a tree That is not in the bean family but it is in the rose order or whatever it is. It's a little bit higher than that. So it's it's a little bit further up on the tree But not Not In the Family. You ever have one of those. I had once a kid yet. Run for a while and then A little hole up. It didn't jump anymore. Fun All right To more there's two more two more Genus Sicer. That's CHICKPEA. Okay just that spoke on also okay. Yeah that's true different and Victoria which is You're Mung Bean Your Zouqi bean cowpeas which was called black eyed peas and this genus And also spirits. Beans are also known as Chinese long beans. So those are all in Victoria. Where you're saying it's Barroga says being no it's it's very being eibnet. Okay okay. It's very different I did learn about at Zucchini beans. That those are called red beans. I think in their native In in the places where those Alomar common but if you go to the grocery store and you just buy some red beans different. Probably get an. I think that's the first one against the Feazel ass- Agnes which is the same as it's red beans in that sense. Navy beans black beans. Those are all there all just different cultivars of the same thing But yeah you're right that the the red beans which are used in If germ germ correct me. If I'M WRONG IN SHAVE ICE IN HAWAII You can get Red Bean paste in the bottom of your Your shave ice It's like a sweet thing. Japanese a lot in Japanese cuisine for for being type stuff and it's can be more of a sweet thing. Yeah and they are red and they look somewhere but they have a Did you have like a vertical line on there seem wait line on the same And the other red beans the American or whatever Around China think. I'm GONNA look up where that red beans from hold on. Get it okay. I looked up if you just click on. Descend big on Wikipedia Red Bean. I think he just get kidney. Bean interesting it's all the same family. Yeah genus sexually but yeah Indian North American cuisine such as Chili Con Carney and red beans and rice Rabin's waste my favorite. Yeah that's bedroom people though. No it's common when you say that though now because you think oh it's someone puts Bryson Rabin's together now now now there's more to it than that. They're sausage onions there's Were sure sauce. I think Probably good okay. So that takes us out of. That's a bean territory and moving into. That's a beam so hope you ready for this? This is really the heart of the episode. Okay me okay. Maybe I was trying. I was trying to trying to get ahead of this segment when you said like asparagus. Bean should that's that's all that normal stuff and this is what this is. GonNa blow your mind. Okay all right. These are things that are in the bean family. But you might not know about as being a bean family. Plant our number one peanuts. Okay yeah I think that's. That's the peanuts aren't really nuts. They're legumes. That's where your mind starts opening up when you find out. A peanut is not a nut shorten really been spoon. Yeah Sweet PEA which is a flowering plants young roadside sometimes. Okay possibly gardens. I think it's somewhat invasive possibly That's being right other. P. Is a bean charts in the names. Vp Okay Yeah Honey Locust And Black Locust which are some of those trees that you see that. Have the black pods hanging down from okay? Those are beans. Yeah all right Similar to that Tamarind which You may have seen tamarind paste in the Middle Eastern Indian cooking It can be sort of sour sweet depending on exactly how it's processed That's been yeah that's like a trying to think of it. Ever seen it or if I just see it as a yeah like gelatinous blah. It's it's an ingredient in worship to your sauce and HP SAUCE. Apparently so it's like one of the flavor components that you'd find in there. Yeah I've heard it's one of those. It's one of those things where like if you get a Tamarind candy or something. It's it's not for our palettes no heard to later. I don't think I've had it but I remember what I said about chocolate. Okay yeah there's been for that Carib okay yeah. That's the popular used to make bed. Chocolate substitutes. Yeah I think it is it even like his also even like less healthy than chocolate. Possibly that the secret. They're not telling. I feel like I picked up a pack. Cookies wants that. Were you know Vegan character? Yeah the whole whole nine and they were like you know. I'm just I'm just making this up. But like one hundred fifty calories per like little chips Ahoy sized cookie or something like that and that's Geez under the lengths. You gotta go to to replace some of these things. Tricky so also in the family is a locust bean gum you're heard of that Okay let's see in some some food. It's like a thickening agent. Yeah Yeah I can. I can picture see in that near the end of the ingredients list. That's been there's that MIMOSA SHRINK. Well it's a drink but there's also there's a couple of different things that it is the most Purdah which is a plant It's called the sensitive plant Every one of these The very cool. If you touch one the leaves are sort of they sort of fan out on if you touch it They'll full on each other really quickly and sort of droop down. Yeah I think maybe I have their Very cool There's also the most tenuous flora Which is a plant that produces Di Methyl trip bean or the EMT oh is a psychoactive drug Similar to what found in I Oscar. If you've ever heard of that you're listening to Joe Rogan lately here. No and yes and also most is also kind of tree It's also known as ACACIA All these are beans by the way. I'm not sure if I made that clear. Yeah no this is the bean. This is being the. I can't believe it Sabine. Yeah so Mosa is a is a tree it also Acacia It produces would but also gum Arabic which you may have heard of I'm from the sap that's another Sort of Thickening type of thing also Guatam Being that was the first thing that came to mind. When you were talking about that Locust Bean Gum. I said early. Aghuar can't be up to being to being baby. Wow Acacia is also known as the wattle or Wadel Tree Waddell. Waigel which sounds familiar to me for some reason. I can't put my finger on. It has something to do with weaving. Okay remember what I said about coffee. it's not being There is a bean for that though. And there is being for that okay. there's the Kentucky Coffee Tree Which similar to Chicory was used as a coffee substitute it's also Would useful in working at Sabine. Wow it's apparently not very good okay but you know you take what you can get sure. Hey honey you feeling lucky. White clover is a bean. Okay it's Oh okay like Damiani clover. Honey in the stores are being. That's a being. That's being well. The honey honey from beans. It's from being white clover and also alfalfa which are both used as cover crops. Crop rotation stuff Both beans ALFALFA. I mean you call him sprouts. That's short for Bean sprouts for bean sprouts. Kudzu also known as Japanese An invasive species of vine in the US which We don't really have around here but Certainly they have more in the south and West that's being. Wow also broom which is a flowering plant which also invasive which. I don't think we have around here either But that's a that's been Yeah Thou and I have not heard I've heard a Kudzu Yep Lupins flower okay. Sort of a tall flower with a toll stock with a bunch of flowers around it sort of a conical thing that's being wow You like Illich barbecue yeah mosquito. That's been wow. I thought that was a would well. It's a word but the the woods in the family okay. other woods Rosewood Guy Brazil would sure he's all beans If you're a red bud tree now well it's A. It's a sort of a mental type of tree that people putting the Gardens Guy That's been that's being remember what I said about Vanilla. Yeah not being remember that. That's not being sure Ruvo's which is herbal tea. Okay yeah heard of that. Uh-huh that's been speaking of Tasty sweet snacks. That are not for a pallet Licorice liquorice root More specifically the The sort of salted licorice that get Scandinavia. Okay care for that But liquors plant self China. Remember we are in the Reykjavik airport and we were you know thinking about whether we should dare ourselves to buy some of the liquorice that super salty or whatever you know. We did not. I've tried some once. I've tried a lot of foods but I know what I'm beat. I don't know I I got one more year for you. Yeah what are you What are you wearing okay? Well Pants you got on right now I got. I can't see his pants. You're right I. I am wearing the macworld and ace sweat. Pant doesn't work use offer code so if you were wearing blue jeans Indigo OK INDIGO. Faira territory is the name of the plant That's actually a bean That wild that's that's what makes them blue simple not these days. It's it's made Artificially made 'em blue. That's what made him blue baby. So that's that's my. That's my quick and dirty on beans. Yeah that was good. I mean I'm just were just rolling with these food topics you know. Yeah and I. I'll admit I was having some trouble coming up with you. Know what am I gonNA? What am I going to do my subject on? Nothing was really coming to mind But you said beans and I thought we'll have out rice about it. I don't really know that much about race This isn't supposed to this. Is supposed to be a podcast. It's easy to do So I thought well rice rice. What's related to Rice Well there's there's Edgar Rice burroughs. He wrote Tarzan Euro John Carter of Mars but At early know that much about him either but it turns out his great grandson. Is Wes Anderson? We are GonNA talk about Wes Anderson Movies yesterday's misinformation about movies. So just keep it. Keep it rolling. I get to do a movie podcast to you. So have you seen any WES ANDERSON MOVIES? I'm sure I've seen several. I don't think I've seen all know and you know what I'll admit. I am a fan of his but I was going through this list and there. There's a few Ammo fan but that's okay. I mean I don't I don't think I don't think Julius I every John Hughes movie before doing a topic about it. You know some shade though the happens to be the great grandson of Edgar Rice burroughs. So he's a he's a writer director. Someone call him an autour sure from Houston Texas and just to get this out of the way early for for any sort of movie. Trivia questions regarding the Oscars no Oscars. He's been around Ben in the game since nineteen ninety six but That's the kind of wild actual has a couple of nominations. But no no wins Some of trademarks Include you know having very Ornately framed shots often centred symmetrical square square angles. No no Dutch angles. He is now tilting the camera straight on he may start straight on a shot and pan the camera into another shot. That is nice and lined up as well but You know twists in that camera a lot earlier movies ended with a slow motion. Shot at the end of the camera pulling back. Sorta Nice sorta Nice Way to wrap it up a lot of his earlier. Movies also feature always featured a rolling stone song and probably the the biggest trademark Bill Murray is is in all of them. He's a staple except for except for its first movie. But yes since then He's got a he's got a bill. Murray in there somehow So yeah the movies. There are ten well their own. There will be ten counting one. That's coming out in July. Are you comfortable making that future prediction like that? I am comfortable saying that. It will be at the very least released on video on demand. I don't think this is not. This is not a franchise that we really need. The box office returns on like a fast and furious or whatever where they have to delay it in the next year. I think I think they'll be pretty happy to just put this one on. Vod And I'll pay. I'll pay the early access price for it. Whatever that is twenty. Yeah that'd be great So yeah so nine. Movies released currently with With a tenth one done just in the can as they say in the CAN But the first one thousand nine hundred sixty bottlerocket This was kind of a kind of a low budget indie film. It started all three of the Wilson. Brothers Got Owen. Luke and Andrew Wilson Yeah you don't you don't see the third one that much but but they were all there You know critically acclaimed for his first feature but only made five hundred thousand dollars In the theaters I think the important trivia takeaways at Owen Wilson plays a character named Digman any other characters name that in in cinema. So that's that's what I know Audio Cue I think we'll see Anderson. Yeah I I think I I. I think I watched this once in college or something but I remember hearing about it. I do not believe that now But I do remember that If I could reference a real deep cuts emo band day at the fair. Had A song called in my name stigma and so what Which is a line from the film? And incidentally that was Released on an offshoot of Dr Records called Rushmore Records. Nato and that's bringing us to fill number two rushmore from nineteen ninety eight. Have you seen this one? I have seen this one. Okay I mean this is my favorite one. It's probably a lot of people's favourite. I think stars Jason Schwartzman in his first movie. Seventeen years old when they shot it And of course Bill Murray. I think this is the one this is probably the one if you're if you're a GEEKS who drank or whatever. That's if any WES ANDERSON MOVIE COMES UP. I'd say this is the most likely this has had the biggest pop. Culture impact thankfully sure What are some things you'd know from this? I think there's a sort of one of the the pictures that gets stylized illustrated a lot. Is Our our hero Max Fisher sitting in a go kart with a red beret and some goggles on? That's that's the that's the criteria in addition DVD cover. If you actually watch the movie that is a that is that is a two second cut. It's a it's a montage of all the Max's big thing is that he starts a lot of extracurriculars at school and sort of gives off the appearance of being a very competent student. But it's actually a terrible student because he keeps founding clubs and bright you know he writes plays and things so it's just a quick shot of you know that he started to go karting club and it's become one of the iconic images of the film It has a the opening scene Which which turns out to be a dream features. His teacher has a problem on the blackboard. And says you know that's one of the hardest problems in mathematics. If anyone could solve this I'll see to it. You never have to take another math class again. And he gets up and solves so the equation but of course then then wakes up. But I've definitely seen some other shows. Do that show took it. I WANNA there's probably one other also bring it. Bring it back to our music references. One of Max's lines. His sort of motto introduces himself to a teacher with is sick transit. Gloria Glory Fades. They go which is the famous song by brand new Classic Mitt Mid-2000s. Well they had a longer run to thousands to tens sure. There's still going are they? I thought we saw I thought we saw their farewell tour. Who knows this came up a previous episode of misinformation by the way I should. I should note that Julia insisted on saying that. The film is set in Houston and knit. No it's it. It could be anywhere anytime you say I got a call that yes it was filmed in Houston yes. The Rushmore Academy was a private school in Houston that they shot put like in. Everett comes up. That it's Houston. It's yeah so it's ambiguous in any town. Usa It's like saying you know Star Trek to happen in San Francisco or whatever those I think star Trek Four. But it's fine. It's one for the on cinema heads out there but anyway yeah rushmore. It's great movie. Julia will also bring up. So here's here's one of the things about you know early technology your DVD's were non Anamar fic- like an like if you stayed in the Eagle to law you got up there like they. They were wide screen movie but the black bars on the top and bottom would be baked into the picture right like they were there. It was formatted for full screen. Tv But then when we all got wide screen TV's and tried to watch DVD's on them sometimes it would have the black then. It would have those black bars on the top. There were Indiana tiny little and then it would have them on the edges. Because it's actually showing square picture and the the resolution in the middle of the screen or the actual move. You would be shot That's how rushmore was released on DVD. And so early on Julian. I word we're dating I had purchased. Rushmore was just released on Criterion Collection blu-ray at it was like holy crap. I can watch one of my favorite movies like pristine quality now like it's such a leap from there from the terrible. Dvd to this blu-ray. I like excited. I am so excited to sit down and revisit this movie And she said Oh. Yeah I'll watch us. I like funny movies or whatever and I put it on. And She. She fell asleep specifically. She's fallen asleep during a lot of these movies. They were GONNA check it out but you know she always kind of hold. It holds it over my head that like. Oh Yeah Rushmore. It's such a fun. It's the funniest movie you've ever seen. It's like no it's but it's funny but I don't know I just I had to tell the story. It's a final she and see if she fell asleep. Yeah I don't know but Bill Bill Murray so good in it yet now I I love it but that was followed with two thousand and one of the Royal Tenenbaums this is. This is the first one of the movies. It's really Some you see from from Wes Anderson a lot the an Samba cast. Yeah yeah so we're talking. Gene Hackman Anjelica Huston Ben Stiller Owen Wilson. Luke Wilson Gwyneth. Paltrow Danny Glover and Bill Murray. I think I've watched it once. I should revisit it. I think I did also buy it on Criterion Blu Ray Program. For that day that I do revisit I think one of the SORTA enduring things about these is is some of the costumes. I think Ben Stiller and his To his two boys all wearing matching Oh Yeah Red. Adidas tracksuits If you're seeing that you're looking at the Royal Tenenbaums or I forget which Wilson brother it was but you know had banned with Blue and red stripes. Wait headband wrong hair. That's that's another one of the iconic costumes But Yeah I don't think this one was not the sort of averaged average movie score. Movie Review Scores are on the wikipedia page. And this either this one of these is the lowest one interested in anyway. But you know a all. These films are classics. I think looking back on them. They've all got their fans but maybe the worst reviewed one was two thousand. Four'S THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE. Zizou the lowest. I believe it was yeah Which starred in an Ensemble Cast Bill Murray Cate Blanchett will defoe. Jeff Goldblum Angelica. Houston Michael Gambon. Owen Wilson But Yeah I think this was my note on this mixed reviews not great box office but another another great. You know conic Outfit FOR EVERYBODY. You GotTa read this movie the Red Beanie Hat the light blue button up shirt And you got the Soundtrack full of David Bowie songs performed on Acoustic Guitar. Importa geeze forgot about that Which I don't know how to pronounce if it's sued Esi You J. O. R. G. E. IS THAT. I just say sued George in my head. It's that's our. Hey maybe say you her. Hey I I'm not sure someone should tell us. I think I remember again. Remember watching this one in College. I think I think it was Oscar screener season. He knows me cry but I do remember that the the we had a big crew people really excited to watch it and then they kind of dispersed. Okay I the only one tonight. I fell asleep again probably own it on criterion collection. We'll revisit but in the In the before times in the long ago on Lord I went on our honeymoon On our way back I believe the the flight had just an infinite number of these movies on it. Okay so I definitely watch this movie on the flight. Back and Enjoyed it Nice so anyway next movie. Darjeeling Limited two thousand seven. This is not non SAMBA. Okay let's say let's say I mean plenty of irregulars are in it. But Owen Wilson. Adrien Brody is six people in that movie. Yeah Owen Wilson Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman. Are Your your principal actors? If you Google this movie. Every screen shot of it seems to have all three of them switched into every frame. Okay Yeah And the titular. Darjeeling limited is a train in India. It's about them taking a train and that's all I know. It seems like you might know more about it than me. I also watched this on the flight. Back Okay so yeah it. It's great it's on a train it starts off trying to catch a train and they spend a lot of time on the train the get off the train to go to lampl for awhile They try to save boy. It's a it's a romp. Yeah but given given his whole oeuvre I would say it's down to this one or bottle rocket for which one of these is least likely to come up in a Trivia Trivia context. I don't know I feel like it. Just doesn't doesn't quite have it. Compared that's very the oath but then there's two thousand nine his first. Stop Motion Animated Picture. Fantastic Mr Fox great movie. Yeah great movie based on role dolls Nine hundred seventy children's novel featuring George Clooney in the titular role absolutely great job. Meryl Streep and then you know some of your regulars Jason Schwartzman Bill. Murray Willem dafoe Michael Gambon. Owen Wilson I think one of the scenes that has helped me most in a trivia context is. There's a there's a bit near the end maybe near the middle where Fox's trying to get everybody pumped up by talking about like how they're gonNA they're gonNA bring all the animals together and they're all going to use their special talents right. Yeah and they all Say Their Latin names. It's really helpful if you you know you've got this Lupus Lupus voelpel Volpe's ones. Yeah the otherwise. I should've looked this up but it's it's helped me. It helped me poll some of these things before today. Definitely check it out. I think it's a great like the whole movie's got like the color. Palettes like a lot of like oranges. Browns. I think it makes it a great foll- movie sure But yeah and it's quick delightful et Cetera. It is delightful So getting back into the realm of Live action film. Twenty twelve was moon rise kingdom I enjoyed the song quite a bit. two kids so this is but I I do think this kinda denotes a certain period and Wes Anderson History where he started to move in this and all the movies after it. Where it's IT'S. He started making the world's now right like we talked about. How Rushmore was kind of in any town. Usa situation but it was still somewhere you know. This is getting into magical realism territory. Yes magical realism territory. This is set on the fictional New England island of new penzance So invented location It stars a kid who's in. It's not the boy scouts but it's something else. He's he's substituted an alternative reality for each thing And made it you know. Just a little bit more tweets in perfect But Yeah This is let's see. This is the first movie where I think. The only West Anderson movie with Bruce Willis Edward Norton Then goes on to appear in a bunch more but I believe this was also the first one or he appears Francis mcdormand as well has told the swing and of course Bill Murray Sir and the two the two kids who starred the movie. I think we're we're pretty much like completely unknown at that point. Never been in a movie before and have not done too much since there. I assume going to school in college which they should be and then they can figure out if they want to come back to acting. I don't know But tischler moves riding Moon. Rice Kingdom is a cove that our hero Sam Suzy Goto and then in the third act of the film. There is a big flood and mood. Rights Kingdom is essentially no more making it that perfect symbolic representation of their summer together. A thing that was nice. But you know can never come back Blah Blah Blah And I think another thing is we were talking about getting more into the world of magical realism. This is sort of where? He's kind of stopped using pop music on his soundtracks entirely like they're kind of just all like scored at this point right right right. This one does feature the music of Benjamin Britten composed a Lotta like. He does like classical music for kids. Sort of sit down things of they had the record player right Yeah so you know. I think he's come up in a trivia context for me before and grabbed the young people's guide door Costra But I think that was kind of it. Definitely gives your your twenty tens wes. Anderson movies had a different feel than the the ninety s ought to. Because those would you know there'd be like a lot like a lot of like classic rock and stuff and you know gives it a very different vibe. Sure so you've seen this one I believe I also watched that one on the on the plane. How how long does this plane ride as long way? Yeah no I like this one a lot. I think I read the ending as a lot. Sadder than everyone else. I know did. And that's an argument. We can get in on twitter. Whatever I think. The ending was very said so there but this was followed by two thousand fourteen. The Grand Budapest hotel which is by far wes. Anderson's most successful film We're talking like one hundred seventy four million dollars at the box right. Yeah as big. And this was his first nomination for Best Picture and Best Director. I believe Moon Rise Kingdom and royal tannenbaums had both been nominated for best original screenplay before. But these were. This was the first one to get the big awards They're the big award. Nominations didn't get the big awards This start ray fines Antoni revelatory and Syria Ronan in their first wes Anderson appearances as well as SABA. Cast all the regulars at such a bill. Murray shows two scenes yeah And Yeah I think I think refine Scott snubbed by not even not even getting nominated for this one. I think he's delightful. I'm surprised he wasn't in more things after it because I so I could you know I saw this movie and I was like. Oh Yeah we haven't seen refines and stuff in a while but this could be the start of a comeback. I don't think it was but he's great. Julian I actually did go back and revisit this one the other night she did fall asleep. But I I had a good time But yeah the the big takeaways for this He did get back to some of that. Sort of visual The costumes that are really distinct. the Grand Budapest hotel at a purple uniform. That's right And the The kid had the lobby boy. Cap Lobby L. Yellow Letters. Yeah and see your share. Ronin character has a birthmark the shape of Mexico on her face. Very distinctive thing And Yeah No. We're we're in the magical realism Realm where this is kind of in like a World War SORTA time period right but at night. Xactly this is in the fictional kingdom Zubrowka there in the city of Lutts a lot there. There's a war please where they've been invaded by the Zigzag Division just sorta like your assets you know right. It's just like the opening line of the film is such a like dense. Like giving you the settings of all this stuff that is all completely invented Just for the film but Yeah so twenty eighteen. Get back to the stop motion I love dogs which have not seen that. Okay Yeah could be interesting to revisit right now because the whole plot is that the dogs are banished to essentially a trash island Outside of a major city because they are spreading canine influenza to people The dog flu Yeah So a kid who's dogs takeaway pilots alot plane over to the island to try to find. Try to be reunited with his dog. And eventually you know. Bring back dogs to I think believe it's called Mega Sake. It is not Tokyo but everyone does speak Japanese which which does make for an interesting device in that. You can that the dogs in the movie. I'll speak English. And that's where you've got you know Bryan Cranston as you lead dog at Norton Bill. Murray Jeff Goldblum Scarlett Johansson. They're all dogs. Just speaking normal people English still dogs but all the actual hugh most of the actual humans outside of like Greta Gerwig and Frances mcdormand. I'll speak Japanese so it's a fun twist the can't stand. Most of the humans are saying the dogs accent. This also I think notably features Yoko Ono as a character named assistant scientist Yoko Ono so she's not ads herself but she is a fictional version of Yoko Ono. Who IS Instead an epidemiologist? Okay and one thing. That's kind of interesting about this movie. Is that in two thousand twelve. There was a New Yorker article called. Does Wes Anderson hate dogs. Okay because I believe a dog dies in the royal tenenbaums. A dog definitely dies in United Kingdom. Like a dog might die in the G. Limited to. Yeah Okay Yeah No. It's a common theme So literally this film is called. I Love Dogs. I mean yeah. Is that just a response to do you hate dogs no I look? I love dogs a lot. Actually let me show you about my love and then the tenth film This look forward on. Vod The summer. I'M GONNA go ahead and predict that Is called the French dispatch or full title this. The French dispatch of the liberty. Kansas Evening Sun boy Which is yeah. We'll be out this. Summer interestingly this is under the searchlight pictures label so if with that Disney acquisition of Fox. We don't have Fox searchlight anymore. It's Jesse like it. Looks like they just cut the Fox part off of the The logo like the thing with the you know the big goal yes. Fox's isn't there anymore the other part of Fox's now just called Twentieth Century Studios. Okay so it's kind of a weird thing but you know that that comes up. Sometimes when when things changed names this is this is going to be the most than Saba cast yet. The trailer is out. I'm still not sure how it holds the other as a picture like it. It looks like it's like a Lotta like short stories or something like that okay. It looks like Anthology. Maybe it's Another another director director is a big fan of the Coen brothers they had the Mosey called the ballad of Buster scruggs on Netflix. Yes yeah I think that was again? I'm also COEN BROTHERS. Fan with a bad cohen brothers fan that I just haven't watched that one yet. But I believe that's a bunch of you know stories sort of woven together with essential narrator and it would not surprise me if that is what. This movie It looks like because you watch the trailer and there are just so many people in it like enough. Probably you know everyone. I've mentioned in all the other movies plus so many more. There's literally point where like after showing you know one shot of each actor with their with name under him. You know going through a bunch of those real quick cuts to screen. That's just almost entirely taxed other people who are going to be in the movie yeah So yeah I believe it will be his first time working with Timothy Shalam and Maybe I been del Toro. And Yeah everyone else's there so you know I'm looking forward to it. I'll I'll watch that at home. Sure this but Yeah so that is a run through the films of Wes Anderson. Thanks Josh Yeah Great. Now I understand Before we get to the quiz we have a segment. Yeah Enemy segment For Twenty twenty my piece of paper here. So this is you know I sort of want to get back to a root Phillip Jauregui inspired by Your previous quiz okay. I think So new segment. It's called in the not too distant past perfect and This is a segment or I tell you about a video game. Easter egg that makes reference to beloved American Television Comedy Series Mystery Science Theater. Three thousand okay So this year Our first installment is the Lucas Arts nineteen ninety five sequel and full motion video real shooter. Classic Star Wars rebels salt to the hidden empire. Says game where you play as a rookie. One out on patrol when you get caught up in a rescue mission which reveals information on new weapon the empires developing the Thai v. Thirty Phantom which the typewriter with a cloaking device. So if you enter the Cheat Code O. V. E. R. E. S. It turns off the voice over and the the the voice sounds it turns on subtitles and a silhouette of chairs with Artie to Darth vader and C. Three Po Silhouettes appear in the bottom of the screen known as Shadow Rama in in the industry And the subtitles are changed tele. Very self-aware story focused on the sale of boots at the mall. Lupus and eating live shrimp. These pedals are close enough to the original script and places that if you've actually play the game through in the normal way It's even that much more funnier than Than just watching it by itself It's great You can look this up on Youtube in March the whole thing and you actually get the game Online on for ten bucks steam. So if you want to go play it while you're sitting home cool so that's my segment. Great segment yeah all right now of course time so Keeping with our our theme I did my quiz about rice. What's your quiz about? My Quiz is on Wes Anderson. Wes Anderson's now boy. I see what you did there. All right question. One named for a town in the Po Valley what Italian grain of rice is typically used to make risotto question to similar year rice and chicken stock for an hour to and you'll end up with what dish described as the ultimate Chinese comfort. Food question. Three one likes rice and chicken parodies. Jiro dreams of Sushi chefs table in an episode of what? Ifc series question four. What adjective often describes a variety of black rice once reserved only for ancient Chinese royalty question five spam a fried egg and Brown gravy traditionally top white rice in. What Rhyming Hawaiian ditch number six? It's okay that we're out of toilet. Paper Wesley Snipes rose from his ashes to teach us how to use the three seashells in what nineteen ninety-three movie number seven established in nineteen forty four. An Operational Nineteen forty-five Anderson Air Force. Base is an early riser. But Mail you sent to zip code nine. Six to nine takes longer than you'd probably expected we're in the world even as it number eight football right. Who was that wide receiver? He came out of Texas Tech but went undrafted in two thousand four. He wanted to play for the dolphins than for the Patriots for a while. Then the Broncos I think as a coach now the guy what does it again number nine by default nineties kids will remember this. Californian from CO founding one of the top eight spaces on the Internet in the mid thousands in number ten. While we know of Roberts Wesleyan nearby there are a number of learning institutions with Wesleyan in their name throughout the country and in fact the world. Don't keep it to yourself. What Christian denomination are these schools typically associated with? Give you a minute to think. And we'll be right back with your answers am took place and we're back is trying to stump the buff there. Because you're kind of your cooking guy you know your rice Denote although so let's go back through them. Questioned one named for a town in the Po Valley. What Italian grain of rice is typically used to make Rosado? I'm going with our Borio. That is correct. Yes our Borio. Just just trying to think about rices. I've seen at the grocery store you back in the days where we would go the grocery store and I remember those times think of What some of those crazy names are Question to semi rice and chicken stock for an hour or two and you'll end up with what dish described as the ultimate Chinese comfort food. I have absolutely no idea. Okay I just I. I knew this was a dish and I was trying to come up with some world cuisine oriented questions to try to try to get out ahead of that But this is Kanji. Okay Yohan G. E. I'm guessing I. I think it may have a few different pronunciations. But that is. It's like a rice porridge. And you really just make it by like like you. You just Zimmer that rice until it bursts ever turns into a porridge okay. Yeah I don't know if I've either but apparently you know depending on how you cook it it could be. It's apparently like it's A. It's a very easy to Digest Food. So it's kind of like sure they're saying like early like it could be a breakfast. It could be like an end of day kind of meal right. It's very easy. Yeah late night snack and I know Yeah that that is definitely an interesting thing about like American breakfast versus elsewhere in the world of you know how sweet a lot of our stuff is versus your. Yeah everybody's like just have some rights race every other time of Day. I don't know doesn't need to be full of sugar question. Three one likes rice and chicken parodies. Jiro dreams of Sushi and chefs table in an episode of what I see series. I believe that's documentary now as documentary now. Have you watched any of those? I know we've watched that one but we've watched that one. I think I've seen a few of the other one. I think Lauren learn likes this show. And we've we watched a few together. I believe Yeah when I saw some references to one from the most recent season because there was a learned. The question about a musical called company and there was a documentary made for that call original cast recording company where they chronicled like one super long day of getting the cast to to record the soundtrack album and they did a A similar thing on documentary now for original cast recording co OP. A bunch of people seeing about the the building. They live in the fun. Twist is that like at our into the record they find out. The show's been canceled at that. They have to spend the next twenty four hours like recording the album. Frankly irrelevant show. It's it's good all right question four. What adjective often describes a variety of black rice once reserved only for ancient Chinese royalty? I'm going with forbidden. Rice at is forbidden rice. That was Julia suggested that one as I was trying to think of like what are more fun. Rice related things. Since I you know three questions in resorted to a TV show question had forbidden rice. I I think I bought some one time. Actually I bought some in Pittsburgh of course from one of those Whatever that grocery store that is down there. We go to his I don't know I don't know either. This go right. I've never had any not allowed Question Five Spam. Fried Egg Brown gravy traditionally top white rice in what Rhyming Hawaiian dish? And I don't know I almost sure of this one's I think I've eaten this wants to but it wasn't with spam. I think it had like a hamburger. Patty year like hamburger meat on it or somethin' okay. I think there's some hamburger variants out there But you don't have guess is. It's like Tam Tam or No LOCO MOCO look Mogo. Now now that was an old noggin. Not In the old NOGGIN. But Hey if it comes up you'll have it it is Yeah Jenner. I think I got this once at a place. I don't think it's open anymore. But the former The Soup Spoon in college town a lot of a lot of different sort of rice and noodle and whatever I think yeah yeah I think the main focus was Cambodian food but they had some some stuff from all over. The place was very good. Yeah let's you don't get everywhere and I don't think it's open anymore. It's not but I definitely remember ordering locum Oko and enjoying it. Let's great all right my turn. Yes number six. It's okay that route of toilet paper. Wesley Snipes rose from his ashes to teach us how to use the three seashells. And what Nineteen ninety-three movie boy pre blade thing like. They're like to Wesley Snipes movies. From this time period I could name. I don't know much about either of them. I don't know what seashells would have to do with either of them so I'll just say new Jack City as incorrect okay. Is it demolition man? It is demolition man. It is demolition. Man Oh man. I snaps played a character called Simon Phoenix And not. He didn't actually teach us about the sea shells. But there's this Internet pictures going around two of the three seashells which is from that movie Which sly stallone wakes up to? He's he's a cryogenic freeze. Cop that Has Use the bathroom? And there's no toilet paper. There's just three seashells is no with them. Okay was that the hint with the rise from the ashes it was. Yeah okay you know what I had that as the original guests but then I was like no what would i? Don't see seashells I. I just couldn't play seashells in it so I went with the movie. I know nothing about. It's kind of weird. Have you to change your first gus? Yeah you're right. I didn't actually write it down millions. I kind of forgot it but some other guesses. I did write down so I number. Seven established in nineteen forty four and operational anti forty-five Anderson Air Force. Base is an early riser. Mail sent to zip code nine six nine two nine takes longer than you'd probably expect it would we're in the world even is it I have no idea but since You're doing a good job of context clues early riser. I'll say that's in the land of the rising Sun Japan not quite okay Japan not have. Us codes well died. Presumably the base. I guess my the military. It's a good point the military one military zip codes crazy. That's fair. Yeah it is on Guam Okay Neat. I could've narrowed that download better for US territory or something like that. Yeah I don't really know anything about Guam. I don't either vertical flag Okay number eight. Sure Hey you know football right. Who is that wide? Receiver came out of Texas Tech but went undrafted tells and four one to play for the dolphins and the Patriots for wild in the broncos. I think he's a coach. Now you know the guy what's the again. It's Wes welker yet is. Sorry Wes Welker sure. Yeah why you know. And he's playing Boston. I do not know who this man is now boy. His name came up as a West. So there you go They he's s right number. Nine by default nineties. Kids remember this Californian from co-funding one of the top eight spaces Internet in the mid to thousands. Yeah is this Tom. Anderson is time and space. Yeah all right you got it. Yeah no I figured out the theme. Yeah he turns fifty this year. Okay so that's fun. Yeah I mean if he was around to make my space he was definitely older than me. Yeah that's about it I you know what I WANNA get. I wish I could go back and find. I don't know if I can Stephen I like in high school. There was a website that we had as kind of a a place to post pictures and funny quotes and stuff and I remember like it was pretty high. School focused Eh. Remember posting to like. Rit there is a Rit live journal. Community that I joined because there seemed to be people talking about going to college in it and I was like hey this website like for my friends to share like posts and pictures and stuff but like it's pretty high school focused. Do you think you'd be like would people like it if I made it like college centric and like just a place to like. Keep up with your college friends online and post pictures and photos and things and everyone said now so it was like okay all right. I guess I won't make a place for Fred's to stay in touch and post pictures and status and things. That's a really sad story Josh. Oh well I guess if you're really talking about the time line facebook would have existed at that point like Blake only. I barely just like only for Harvard and stuff. But I'm you know I'm not. I'm not a psychopath. So it's true. Sure it wouldn't have worked out the same for me anyway. Post exists on the Internet. Pretty sure. Let's let's close out number ten. While we know Roberts Wesleyan nearby there are no learning institutions with Wesleyan in their named throughout the country and in fact the world. Don't keep it to yourself. What Christian denomination are these goals typically associated with all right? The hint is not to keep to myself. That's a hint just for you. It's a hint just for me and I don't know how to use it. That is not connecting to any verb. The spreaders the Nope it's not clicking. Sorry each Just for me I'll just say Presbyterian it is methodist Okay now I see outs for me Do you explain why it's for you It's a reference to song by Portland Maine. Rock band called six GIG. You can find their classic album which turns twenty years old this year. Tin Can experiment on Band camp for free And this is a reference to track one called method. It's it's absolutely great rock album. They should've blown up bigger than they did. Check it out. And that's all I'll say about that all of that off. The Dome just search breaks in the recording. He didn't look anything that's all just in his brain folks. I go there to listen to it because it's not on spotify so I go to camp when I feel like listening to that which yeah as as as the clocks turned over into twenty twenty I was thinking about what are some classic albums that are twenty years old now and that came up in my brain is hey this one could actually hold up good. We we went and saw them live together. I think with smart bomb boy and remember buying their album and loving it. And I'M GONNA listen to it tomorrow. Probably it's good. It was good great. Well anyway that's been Mr Information I am going to edit it right now and put it online. And Yeah this is. GonNa be your. This is going to be the shortest turnaround on a podcast. I've ever had so that'll be fun. It's great yeah I believe in you. Thank you so until next time bye.

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