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First public impeachment inquiry hearings next week; Transcript released of diplomat's testimony about quid pro quo; Sources: Jeff Sessions poised to announce Senate bid


Once you've made your big discovery next you have to prove it. Works in our second episode of Engineering. Big Ideas we had to Milan to talk prototyping with our Dino founder Mosima no bonds visit macy's dot com slash empowering innovation to watch the episode. Now happening now breaking news public hearings hearings off. Democrats in public testimony. Impeachment agree starting a week from today. Key witnesses telling what they know about President Trump's Ukraine controversy. You see on live television White House. Races sources say president trump's inner circle is increasingly concerned about the impeachment probe tonight details of new hires the impeachment team in which testimony. The White House fears the most after Twenty Twenty Democrats claim victory and closely watched the elections including one where the president. Trump's personal appeals apparently failed to save a sitting Republican governor in a strong red state one of the results. Say about the president's chances for re election next here and massacre manhunt an intense search for suspects in the brutal brutal slayings of nine American women and children in Mexico we have new details of the investigation and chilling new accounts of how some children survive. I'm Wolf Blitzer. You're in the situation room this is CNN breaking new or following breaking news. The new public phase of the impeachment teach for entry into president trump moving forward rapidly house intelligence committee chairman. Adam Schiff now says the first public hearings will take place next week. Witnesses including the current and former top US diplomats in Ukraine. Bill Taylor and Marie Ivanovich and a short time ago. The impeachment committees released. Taylor's closed closed door testimony. He also described a quid pro quo saying it was his clear understanding that. US Crane wouldn't come until the country's new president Senate publicly committed to investigating Joe Biden and his son. We'll talk about the breaking news with Congressman Jim Jefferies of the Judiciary Committee and our correspondents it analysts are also standing by first. Let's go to Capitol Hill our senior congressional correspondent Maharajas following all these late breaking developments for US monitor. This is about to enter a brand new phase for the first time the American people will hear directly from these key. Witnesses who are at the center of this impeachment inquiry yes significant development is Democrats trying to make the case to the American public. The president deserves to be impeached and removed from office because in their view he abused his office by seeking Ukraine to announce investigations into his political rivals including vice president. Joe Biden at the same time is vital military aid for that country to help combat Russian aggression. Nearly four hundred million dollars had been withheld. They're gonNA hear. Would witness testimony from people came behind closed doors current State Department employees royalties who raised concerns about what they saw is a shadow campaign. A campaign led by route. Guiliani the president's personal attorney at the direction of the president and concerns being raised about why that aid had not been approved then released to Ukraine. Now the next Wednesday the first to witness who appear we built Taylor. WHO's a top diplomat from from the US diplomat in Ukraine? As well as George Kent who was a senior State Department official afterwards they'll hear from Maria von who's testifying on Friday. She he is of course has been recalled from that post amid a campaign by Giuliani and his associates to target her. Go after her and push her out of the way after she had raised concerns the the highest levels of the State Department about Giuliani's efforts to pursue those investigations urge Ukrainians to announce those investigations now. Republicans today are pushing back. Pushing back at Taylor is upcoming testimony. That Democrats believe will help shape the narrative that the presence at the link Ukraine aid to these investigations but Republicans. Say Bill Taylor. In particular does not have any first-hand knowledge. Hiller testified that there could he was told that there was eight had been withheld in exchange for announcing this investigations publicly. He testified there was a quid. Pro Quo was no announcement about any investigations. Ever took place. The I didn't even know aid had been held up at the time of the phone. Call so the facts are the facts and I keep telling you all those things. Those facts will not change have not changed Despite what what some people may say and Ambassador Volker backed up those four fundamental facts in his in his testimony he was the first I witnessed called. Certainly not going to be based on what we've seen is not GONNA be the first guy called. Of course he's referring to Carve Volkov special envoy to Ukraine who did testify that he did not see a quip quid pro quo but the new revised testimony from separate witness yesterday Gordon Song of the Year of the European Union ambassador revised testimony to say that he later told a top Ukrainian officials that the aid was likely contingent on this announcement of investigations announcement had to be made by presence Linski of Ukraine. And then there's sign also also wolf. That Democrats are planning to move forward on this investigation. They've announced today that they are withdrawing a subpoena for that to push an individual to come and testify by Charles Compliment. Someone who served in the White House who had fought that subpoena in court. They announced today that they were withdrawing that subpoena in part because they're trying to make the case that they wanNA move quickly on this impeachment inquiry because the court itself is scheduled to delay that proceeding to later this year. The statement from an from an official working on the impeachment inquiry Corey said that they don't WanNa lead to as schedule that would delay resulting only delay. Which is why they're withdrawing subpoenas wolf? All these indications are signs that Democrats Democrats are moving quickly something that Khalil impeachment potentially by the end of the year. They clearly wanNA draft the articles of impeachment sooner rather than later Maharaja up on Capitol Hill. Thank you very much more on the newly released testimony of the current top diplomat in Ukraine. Bill Taylor our justice correspondent. Jessica Schneider is working the story for us. Jessica Taylor also describes a quid pro quo for. US aid going to Ukraine. That's right wolf. In Taylor was specific to say that he was told that Ukraine would get no military money early until the country's presidents Alinsky announced the political investigations that the president was requesting Taylor was incredibly detailed in his testimony. Even telling the committees that he took meticulous notes a little notebook complete with quotes so certain about the accuracy of his recollections. The top US diplomat in Ukraine crane. Bill Taylor told lawmakers it was his clear understanding security assistance. Money would not come until Ukraine Presidents Alinsky committed to pursue the investigation allegation into the two thousand sixteen election and the Ukrainian company were Joe. Biden's son served on the board. Barista Taylor recounted how top. NFC official. Tim Morrison told him. President trump did insist that presidents alinsky go to a microphone and say he is opening investigations of Biden and 2016. Taylor was alarmed art and sent a cable to Secretary of State Mike pompeo describing the folly I saw in withholding military h Ukraine at a time when hostilities were still active in in the east and when Russia was watching closely to gauge the level of American support for the Ukrainian government. Taylor's testimony points to a quid. Pro Quo something. The president has repeatedly denied there was no quid pro quo at all. I didn't do it. There was no quid pro. Quo Taylor was asked if the president ever ever told Taylor directly why the aid was being withheld Taylor responding. I didn't hear it from the president. I can't say what the president was thinking. And that is what Republicans gins are now seizing on as their latest defense. What they said was is any information that they had was from whom Ambassador Simon none of them talk to the president? I can assure you that there has been no direct link to the president. Taylor also repeatedly criticized the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani for his roque foreign policy on Ukraine. When Taylor was asked if e- You ambassador Gordon Sunland was responsible for withholding Ukraine in exchange for investigations? Something like former national security adviser. John Bolton had called a drug deal Taylor said it was actually Giuliani. Who was the proxy for trump? I think the origin of the idea to get president's Alinsky to say out loud he's going to investigate Barista and the two thousand sixteen election. I think the originator the person who came up with that was Mr Giuliani. Meanwhile depositions continued behind closed doors today on Capitol Hill before the public phase begins. Next Week David Hale is a high ranking official at the State Department and according to the Associated Press intended to testify that Secretary of State Pompeo was reluctant to defend ouston Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Ivanovich because it would hurt Kurt efforts to get the military aid to Ukraine released. Plus the reports there were concerns about how a public defense would play with Rudy Giuliani. And at the same time. This testimony keeps pointing. Fingers at Rudy. Giuliani Giuliani announcing on twitter. Tonight that he has hired a new team of lawyers Giuliani previously told us that he would not be seeking a new lawyer unless he felt one was needed but in the weak sense. Sources have told. CNN Giuliani has been approaching. Defense attorneys and of course. Giuliani isn't just being brought up in Congress. Wolf we've learned that federal prosecutors in New York are looking into his business dealings in Ukraine in addition to a counterintelligence eligible program. He's clearly hired a team of lawyers criminal defense attorneys to help him get through. What is clearly a very very serious investigation? Jessica Schneider. Thanks very much. There's growing concern inside the White House over all these really fast moving developments our chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta joining us without part of the story. Jim You're in Louisiana. The president will be holding another political rally later tonight. That's right well. President trump is on his way to Louisiana to campaign for the Republican candidate for governor later in this state The White House is obviously very concerned about these fast moving developments in the impeachment and Corey. the president may be campaigning. Down here but that didn't go so oh well for him last night as they were big losses for the Republican Party in contests across the country. Still the White House has its focus on impeachment hiring new officials to respond to the inquiry worry still. Republicans are getting jittery about impeachment and twenty twenty with one source close to the White House telling me that last night's elections and impeachment or sizing coming up to be a bad omen for the president. President trump is escaping to the campaign trail with the cloud of impeachment hanging over his every move. The White House is bracing for the upcoming public hearings in the inquiry and getting more nervous about the newly released testimony from senior officials like the top diplomat in Ukraine. Bill Taylor an Dan. European Union Ambassador Gordon Sunlen who revised his recollections to say there was a quid pro quo with Ukrainian president but aides to the president say they stood on c. a quid pro quo. That is the White House's position and I don't think that his latest revisions change that White House is bringing on new staffers to beef up the counter impeachment message. Human Despite Press Secretary Stephanie. Gresham's claimed last week that Mr trump can handle all that he is the war room the difference between Clinton Nixon which is what people constantly compare us to is that those two did something wrong. The president has done nothing wrong so at this time. He feels confident with the people that he has in place. President's loyalists are changing their tune on the inquiry now claiming the administration was too incoherent to engage in a quid pro quo. What I can tell you about the trump policy toward the Ukraine? It was incoherent. It depends on who you talk to do. They seem to be incapable of forming a quid pro quo. So no I find the whole process to be a sham. And I'm not gonNA legitimize tatras that with the excuse that the whistle blowers account was all hearsay. This seems to me like a political setup is all hearsay other trump oilers are saying they no longer believe what someone says. Let's preferring the account of former Ukraine. VOI- Kurt Volker. y'All WanNa make a big deal out of Mr Silence presumption that he had in his statement yesterday but Mr. Volcker's the one has in my mind that depended account but hold on president once said someone can be trusted the tax passage that I saw from ambassador decide. WHO's eilly respected was there's no quid? Pro Quo he said that the president is licking his wounds after campaigning. For Kentucky Governor Opener Matt Bevin who lost a close battle for re election. If you lose they say trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. This was the greatest you get and let that happen to me. One of a slew of contests swing through the Democrats from Kentucky to Pennsylvania to Virginia a source close to the White House told. CNN results were totally Bad Kentucky and Virginia signal to the gop they are underestimating voter intensity against trump and it could be terrible for them next year bad had omen for impeachment. The President is spinning at all. As a big win. Weeding are Big Kentucky Rally on Monday night had a massive impact on all of the races. The increase in governor's his race was at least fifteen points and maybe twenty will be in Louisiana. President is betting his most vocal supporters will remain oil. No matter what he does if if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue would you vote for to know why shot why did he shoot him now. The trump campaign released just a statement saying that the president had to draw drag the governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin across the Finish Line but at the President keeps losing some of these races in places like Kentucky Louisiana Pennsylvania. Virginia other candidates may pass up the opportunity be dragged by the president and just a few moments ago wolf knows. The president at dot stopped to talk to reporters who says he was leaving the White House for this rally. Down here Louisi- Louisiana something. He often does when he leaves the White House In the early evening hours that may mean Wolf that he's saving things up for tonight Wolf. Jim Acosta thank you very much Let's get some more on all of this democratic consciousness Jeffries of New York is joining us. He's a member of the Judiciary Committee. Also the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus Congressman. Thanks so much for joining us and as you know. The House has released the transcripts now from the deposition of the top diplomat Matt in Ukraine. Bill Taylor lawmakers will have the chance to question bill. Tanner once again next week during the first round of public televised impeachment hearings. How invaluable do you believe ambassador? Taylor is as a witness while it's good to be with you again. Wolf and ambassador Taylor is an important witness one because because of his inherent credibility This is somebody who served the country Incredibly well WHO's a Vietnam war veteran decorated hero a West Point graduate diplomat of impeccable credentials and his testimony will confirm the underlying narrative. which is that? The president betrayed his oath of office. that he abused his power by pressuring a foreign government to target an American citizen for political and Personal Gain by soliciting foreign interference. Difference in the two thousand twenty election betrayed the integrity of our elections in that process and violated the constitution. What would you like to hear from some of the lawmakers when these televised hearings begin next Wednesday and billions of people across the country will be watching while the focus I think is going to be on the witnesses? Mrs And communicating to the American people. Why trump's wrongdoing implicated and undermined our national security interests? Three hundred ninety one million dollars in military and economic aid was withheld from Ukraine that had been allocated in a bipartisan way. Ukraine is a friend Russia's a Faux Ukraine is a democracy Russia's dictatorship and the United States right now may be the only thing standing between Vladimir Putin and Ukraine being completely overrun by by Russia. As part of Putin's fantasy of recreating what he views as the glory days of the Soviet Union right now you have russian-backed separatists his at war in Ukraine. That is why Congress allocated this money in a bipartisan basis. Yet it was withheld as part of a pressure campaign to target in American citizen and try to compel this phony investigation into Joe Biden. Wants the hearings go public next week. Republicans at those hearings. They'll be able to across examined. Some of these witnesses even used staff attorneys to ask questions As well as you know the president is trying to paint witnesses like Bill Taylor as never trumpers. They've gone after them personally. Do Public hearings carry some level of risk potentially for Democrats not at all. I believe it was just as brandeis who once said that. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. And what you have right now is evidence of wrongdoing by Donald Trump. That's hiding hiding in plain sight. That Evans needs to be presented to the American people in a clear comprehensive and compelling fashion and that is exactly what is going to happen. We're GONNA continue due to follow. The facts apply to be guided by the Constitution. And make sure that the truth is presented to the American people. What's the time line? I understand it's not specific but give give me a sense. The timeline for holding a vote on articles of impeachment well Speaker Pelosi who continues to do a fantastic job in leading US forward in a real real serious solemn and sober fashion has made clear That we won't put specific timeline on our proceedings but that we will proceed in a fashion ashes that is expeditious that's comprehensive and that is fair We are going to be guided by the facts as they exist and as they unfold and are presented presented to the American people sooner rather than later. I think it's fair to say in terms of moving forward and ultimately coming to a decision That the Intel Committee will have to make yes to whether they're going to recommend articles of impeachment to the House. Judiciary Committee about the Intel Committee has been proceeding In a way that is consistent and with simply trying to uncover the entirety of the story. Present that wrongdoing engaged in by Donald Trump to the American people. Oh and then see where it leads. Congressman Jeffries. Thanks as usual for joining us. Thank you well. We're now a lot more ahead on. All the breaking news will next week start of public. Televised hearings brings in the trump impeachment inquiry sway public opinion about removing the president from office. Finding the right I prose for home. Projects can be tough and spark a lot of questions. Like how do I find a pro. Who can help? Will they do a good job. Will I get a fair price. That's where homeadvisor homeadvisor can help from. Leaky faucets to major remodels. homeadvisor connects you to the right over the job in seconds and even helps you get a fair price. Read reviews check project. Project Cost Guides and book appointments go to Homeadvisor DOT COM or download. The free homeadvisor APP to start your next project Randy News House Democrats public hearings in the trump impeachment inquiry. We'll start one week from today. The first day will include. US diplomat. Bill Taylor the transcript stripped of his closed door testimony came out earlier this afternoon joining us now former. FBI General Counsel Jim Baker is CNN. Legal analyst Jim thanks very much for coming in and let me read. Read a little excerpt from Bill Taylor distinguished American ambassador whose Dow serving in Ukraine. He's laying out his understanding of what a quid pro quo was was a bachelor Taylor. That was my clear understanding security assistance. Money would not come until the president being the president's Alinsky committed to pursue with the investigation the by referring to the chairman. So if they don't do this they are not going to get that with. That was your understanding ambassador. Taylor served the chairman. Are you aware that quid pro quo literally means this for that Ambassador Taylor I am. So what's your analysis of them. So it's it's very clear. Evidence that there was a quid pro quo. At least as understood by ambassador Taylor who is interacting directly with the Ukrainians and also amplifies. This is what we heard yesterday in the corrected testimony. From Ambassador Sunlen about there being a quid pro quo that he had communicated to the Ukrainians and so I think that Line Line of defense I think has really collapsed the significance. I guess I would say there's I've given to sort of perspectives on it. Number One thinking about it like a former prosecutor or thinking thinking about it like the members of the House who have to bring the charges against the against the president if they decide to do so it's very compelling it's very clear evidence it supports articles articles of impeachment. If you look at it however from the framework of an impeachment which a different a unique type of activity under federal law. Then it's going to depend on. How in particularly the senators examined and think about this evidence and how the public does at the end of the day? Because they're the ones that the Senate is going to be focused on how they're reacting to this type of activity. You new two thirds majority in the Senate to convict remove exact President from office sixty seven senators Republicans are pointing out incorrectly. That Bill Bill Taylor never actually. You had a direct conversation a personal conversation with president trump about this but Taylor himself. It is testimony sworn testimony. He draws direct line to the the president. Let me read to you from his testimony. This is Taylor. I think the origin of the idea to get president's Alinsky to say out loud he's going to investigate Barista and the two thousand sixteen an election. I think the originator the person who came up with that was Mr Giuliani Representative Malinowski and he was representing. WHO's interested in? And then Taylor says president trump. So how significant is that. That's also very significant. I think everybody knows everybody John. Everybody knows that Rudy. Giuliani is was the president's residents attorney in Ukraine and he was acting on behalf of the president exactly what he was doing. It's been confusing throughout this whole series a series of events. And I think the actors like embassador Taylor and others were struggling to try to figure out. Exactly what Giuliani was doing and whether he was doing it at the president's at the president's behest I think common sense you applying common sense this type of situation you would think that of course the president was was acting through rudy. Giuliani and the president has talked about his knowledge about out the The events in Ukraine and what what was going on so if the use of Giuliani was intended to create some type of plausible deniability. Like in Iran-contra. I don't think it works works because it's just it doesn't make sense. Giuliani was his personal lawyer. The president kept saying talk to Guiliani Guiliani to all these people today. We learned that Giuliani is now lowering. Lawyering bring up. These hired a trio of criminal defense attorneys to help him. We're told that up. He's under potential investigation by prosecutors. Right now how much trouble turns liquidity be potentially significant and so it's a good thing and a wise move that he got himself attorneys he. He got himself attorneys. He needs them their potential look. We don't again. We don't know all the facts and exactly what happened is a very confusing set of a set of facts here but there's a variety of federal laws that might have been violated especially with the election. Laws conspiracy. Perhaps the violate those laws. I've also been wondering about exactly whose money was being spent to fund all these trips to Ukraine and whether any public funds were being used and whether that's somehow somehow he misappropriation of federal funds we just don't know the president could get Giuliani out of a jam if he would say yeah he did everything in my behest cast or he could throw him under the bus. We don't know yeah he was getting some money from love. Partners who himself was arrested not that long ago and charged by the US district the US attorneys attorneys for the Southern District of New York. Thanks very much. We're going to continue. Our Analysis Giuliani a hiring lawyers today. The White House. Meanwhile there's bringing in new staffers as racist for public hearings of the trump pizza. Enquiries messy could this fight actually turn out to be remember member to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash. CNN public breaking news. We're following public hearings. In the trump impeachment inquiry begin next Wednesday I will include a US. Diplomat Bill Taylor whose closed door testimony described the quid pro quo president trump wanted from Ukraine unblock. US security. Let's bring in our experts to discuss. Gloria how explosive will these public hearings beginning next Wednesday be well. I think the public is going to be go to judge the credibility of the of the testimony for themselves. And I think that's very important and when you look at somebody like Mr Taylor whom the Democrats think is is really a good witness for them. He's a career public servant. He is somebody who's a WHO's a military veteran and who firsthand observed served how foreign policy was overtaken by a rogue component led by Rudy Giuliani and watched it kind of fall apart and and here. He was trying to get this aid to Ukraine and he finally figured out that Rulli Giuliani was doing the president's bidding and trying to get The president of Ukraine to dig up political dirt on Joe Biden and I think as he tells his story and the others and the other say we agree with that. It's it's GonNa be it's GonNa be very affecting for the public via clearly. The White House is bracing this testimony. Who Do you think they're most worried about? You know probably Bill Taylor. He's the lead off witness. Here's sort of the lead batter and I think he sets a nice on narrative for it for Democrats on next week all along with George Cannon Marie von. Oh on on Friday. And I think if you think about how. The president consumes information. I think he must be worried. About televised event spectacle part of it right. The last go round with Muller imagine he came away sort of pleased with the way muller presented himself but in these witnesses you think about somebody like Bill Taylor meticulously taking notes meticulously really detailing. What he saw listen? You'll have Republicans. Try to make Hay with the fact that Bill Taylor never really talked to. The president will probably make the fact. A lot of these people didn't necessarily know the president and try to have some distance between other president in Giuliani in this sort of quid pro quo a scheme. That's going to be very difficult though a so. We'll see but I think if you're the White House you're nervous. They're hiring folks because four of they haven't really been able to amounted to mount an effective defence. Jeffrey how valuable is built. Basler Taylor as a witness. Well I think he's enormously valuable because he brings great credibility it's going to be very difficult to define him as some sort of Rabid Democrat because he simply not one and also he has knowledge of the whole policy. I mean he he was involved in this Fr- from beginning to end and the problem that the president has is the facts. I mean there. There is no evidence out there suggesting that there wasn't isn't a quid pro quo that that all the evidence that's come in and certainly the evidence that's come from from Taylor. Is that the entire American policy towards Ukraine was geared towards getting dirt on the president's opponents weather in two thousand sixteen or two thousand twenty. And you know they. They can argue you as they will that this is hearsay. They can argue that. It's not enough to impeach someone but in terms of what the actual facts are. There's almost no dispute at this point and it's interesting you know beyond that. The President keeps saying no quid pro quo no quid pro quo. But only in the past couple of days we've seen sworn testimony from two key. Witnesses Bill Taylor Taylor and Gordon Son Lindley. US Ambassador to the European Union explicitly describing a quid pro quo. Yes so you have the president saying no quid pro quo. Now you have some Republicans including Senator Kennedy saying well. There is such thing as an appropriate quid pro quo in an inappropriate quid pro quo. So this is just a red herring right now. And what we heard from Taylor today ambassador. Taylor was that there was specifically a quid pro quo with regards to investigating corruption on to circumstances not corruption as a whole in Ukraine which everybody every diplomat had been very impressed by Zelenskaja's attempt to get rid of corruption and really fight it. It was to specific cases. And that was the Biden's and that was the origins of the two thousand sixteen election so none of that was in pursuant of US foreign policy and US national security. That was all to help the president of the United States. So it's going to be very difficult to try to convince the American public that this was appropriate quid pro quo that was actually truly helping The US foreign policy with regards to Ukraine. Also I will just say one thing that Bill Taylor brings next week is that he doesn't have an agenda he he even says in this testimony that he wasn't necessarily against the two channels the regular you regular channel because he thought hey if somebody like someone has a direct connection to the president maybe this could actually be helpful. It was only when he realized that there were two different objectives with regards to the regular and irregular channels that he started worrying everybody everybody holders hold your thought or very quickly. Jeffrey go ahead. This is the one thing about the spectacle he is going to be able to be examined for forty five minutes by a a lawyer. Someone who can bring out a full story that he's telling as oppose to these five minute increments that we saw in the Meller testimony Corey Blue Industry Michael Cohen. That really make it very difficult to tell a story. This will be presumably better television. Yeah it'd be riveting I'm sure and of course wall-to-wall while president likes to watch television. We'll see we'll be watching it as all of us will be. We're following major breaking political news at the same time sources say a former attorney general. Jeff obsessions is now poised to jump into the race for his old Senate seat stand by for details. That's the the end of the morning. It's the dragon experiment. Are you going to play it. First off I always sleep at Queen secondly yes rican more five. All new episodes premiering Sunday November. Remember ten only on adult swim breaking news sources now say the former Attorney General Jeff sessions is now poised to announce it's a bid for his old. US Senate seat from Alabama. Let's bring in our political director. David Chelyabinsk David the deadline to enter the race. This week. That's already. Friday is the deadline and according to our colleague. Jeff Zeleny Jeff sessions is going to make it official tomorrow. He wants his old job back. He wants to run for the United States. Senate remember this is the job he had before he was Donald. Trump's attorney general and you know Wolf that was a relationship that soured soured quickly when he recused himself from the Russia investigation nation. Donald Trump never forgave him for that abused him verbally throughout until he finally got rid of them. But the question here Wolf Wolf is how is Donald Trump going to react to this. How is his political operation? This is somebody who has been ousted from the trump orbit. He's GonNa now have to run into Republican. Primary in Alabama is Donald Trump going to get his supporters on board to say. Don't both just jeff sessions or is the president going to stay out of this. This is tricky terrain and for for Jeff Sessions. I will note. Also this is the seat held by Doug Jones Right. This is a form of debris Democrat the most vulnerable incumbent in the entire entire Senate Democrat in Seton Alabama. That's why Jeff sessions who is so eager to return to the Senate sees this as a prime opportunity to do so through that Republican primaries and be fascinating Eh. Just check the president over these months. Call the Attorney General. An idiot beleaguered. Very weak disgraceful. One point he said if we had a real attorney general besides at another point he never took control of the Justice Department. You basically just wrote his Republican primary opponents ads for him by using those words all those. Donald trump were Japan appear all over television ad an airwaves. When Jeff sessions gets into this Republican he was I think the first US senator to endorse Donald Trump when he was running for president of the United States? We're watching it closely. David thank you very much coming up. We have details on the manhunt for the killers of nine. American women children in Mexico On Saturday November. Ninth Jon Moxley frizzes. Kenny Omega Kobe versus Chris Jericho for the Awa w world championship wrestling presents. Full by now on the very disturbing new. No details are coming out tonight about the brutal slaying of nine American women and children in Mexico C. N. N.'s. Brian Todd is working the story for us. Brian you're learning new information about the investigation. We are wolf tonight. We have new information on who investigators could be looking for in this case and new distressing details of what happened with the wounded. The children in the aftermath of that massacre security forces descend on the grisly scene where three mothers and six children were murdered. A manhunt manhunt is underway tonight for the killers suspected to be affiliated with organized crime and Mexico's top officials are promising. They'll solve this. One suspect was arrested lasted then ruled out and relatives of the victims are frustrated. There needs to be justice here tonight. Dramatic accounts from the extended family of the victims news of how some of the surviving children carried wounded children to safety. And how one of the Mothers Donna. Ray Langford saved the babies in her car before or she died in a hail of bullets she turned around and yelled at all her children to duck down immediately and they started grabbing the babies and putting them under the DASH and trying to hide him and all of a sudden bullets just rained from from above. She had saved her baby by pulling it off the sea and and Tuck in it down on the floor and she covered her baby with a blanket and how her nursing infant stayed there for eight. A nine hours or something is a miracle A. US official tells C. N. N.. Some of the evidence may indicate that those members of an extended family of a fundamentalist medalist. Norman Group were deliberately targeted. The official points to the burning of evidence at the scene and accounts that the gunfire continued even after women and children got out of the cars. The message that is clearly received is no one is no one is safe really analysts. Say the Lebaron family has a history of tension and with local drug cartels actually about a decade ago formed a group called. Sos Chihuahua an activist organisation. Trying to draw government attention and pressure for the government to do more to fight criminal organizations in the region and they had received some pushback from the cartels pushback like the murders of two Lebaron family members who had led protests against the cartels after a relative was kidnapped. Still One relative says the only thing those mothers were activists for was their children tonight a stunning admission. And by Mexico's president that the family and other law abiding residents of that region of northern Mexico. We're left vulnerable by their own. Government is not enough policeman. Policeman completely abandoned everything related to public safety. We are working on that experts. Say The outmanned outgunned Mexican security forces versus are up against a Maelstrom of violence and chaos in that region of northern Mexico a brutal war between drug gangs. Some of which are splitters of the SINOLOA cartel which was run by now imprisoned kingpin Joaquin El Chapo Guzman and you have newer groups formerly related to those cartels who are trying trying to establish their own dominance through violence usually through hyper violence so this family was basically caught up in the middle of that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has ordered the formation of a new commission to investigate the murders. A commission consisting of Mexico's Foreign Minister and on top military officials. The police are not even mentioned as being part of that commission analysts. Say there are still a lack of complete trust in Mexico's national police and and especially in local police forces since they have been corrupted by those cartels for decades both very disturbing story indeed. Brian Todd thank you for that. 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