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Path grade is here on the please radio network. Thank you so much for starting the week with us. It is pat. Gray unleashed triple eight. Nine hundred and thirty-three ninety-three also at pat unleashed on twitter. Brentwood you'll find a brand new bingo card pinned to the top of the page which starts out with in the upper left hand corner randomly shot at civilians not that razed villages and fashion reminiscent of genius con that part raised villages in a fashion reminiscent of ginger con. So john kerry sing that. Jeffy share some click bait pudding. We lost him lost Some sad music sappy music playing during a sad story to get you in the mood. I'm mostly vegetarian. Gang turn dot net whole thing. This from the preacher is from the preacher. He's out get out get. Don't get what you have this nazis down out then that's followed by no keith shares. Animal video oh wait why then justin trudeau talking about how. He's going to save the planet by eliminating his bottled water intake. Are we going to need to thank. You recently. Switched to drinking water bottles out of water bottles plastic. Sorry away from plastic to Paper drink box water bottles. Sorta three drp box water bottles sort of things. You know what. He's talking about the drink box. Water bottle you know thing. Does he know what he's talking. No clearly does not put that in your pipe. Perhaps although that's not part of the part of the square peg then we've got that's interesting ivan. That's interesting oh it's actually the it's actually the volume himself doing that. Saying that if i can find it by the way if you do play bingo and you do get you know the five in a row you call eight eight eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and if you're the first person through then you get the win. Thirty five bucks in the pat gray shop exactly we. Can we take some calls. I've had whenever we wanted to eat. We have calls that are on there now. Calls yet. What people call to get on the air i mean. Do we have that number. It's right there you know. Do i have the cool number in front of me. Oh i'm so sorry That's interesting interesting interesting. We've added the ivan part because you gotta know he's talking to ivan right. That's interesting so that's interesting. Alec baldwin says it you know that's the square. Hits you right where you live and we go to the next line jeffey talks about. Tv show clubbing. Baby seals Then just got this if you don't have at the ready I haven't i think should know i hang on. How dare you. How dare you from greta. Irregardless are we gonna do that. Somebody's going to have to fall on the sword there and use a word that is not a word. I don't care what webster manala nia our one of our squares and of course. Nancy pelosi's famous. I just love this. 'cause it's not even true if she would have said it right. You can scream. Mountain does not say that a person can shout we'll waffle theater. Of course the actual thing is fired that everyone you can't scream fire in a crowded movie theater. Actually no you can. You can't recommend it would you. It's not against the law. Gobble up or down. Douchebag key keith. Seeing country boy. That'd be inspired them and then of course this Crazy libs screaming in her car. Bond right so inconsiderate shoe so inconsiderate diana honest now but she did exactly what happened. She did exactly what this very sweet young woman Didn't want her to do and she did. It anyway. really sad isn't it really really sad. Keep in mind. There's probably a boyfriend while maybe not just boyfriend girlfriend has been wife whatever she rolls. I don't know not not suspend believe you're saying she probably couldn't Snag a significant significant other. That's what i'm saying. That is what you're saying Stop thank you thank you. That's that's good advice. Just gut checks. Stop right there keith. If you would please all right triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety three. This is very exciting. The global citizen concert for global cove awareness is coming right up. It's gonna happen and is it happening. Okay saturday may eighth on abc. Cbs fox youtube and i heart media radio stations and the iheart media app. Are they iheart radio app. Eight o'clock eastern Except for fox which will air it in eastern. So i guess they're going to. They're gonna tape it and played back now. The host is going to be Selena gomez also jennifer lopez will be there though foo fighters h. e. r. You know that band her. I don't know anybody. No no look eddie vedder of pearl jam all joining forces for this like. That's when was the last time you heard from eddie vedder for pearl jam. Co owner tune spoke in say to her. Hey eddie. Yes we keys Year nether sewers as owner much of a pro jam. Fan really big pearl jam. Obviously i love them and so they're doing a concert yes to make us aware of covert i mean. I don't know if you've been on the about it. The last fifteen months why. They haven't said something about this before now. Now we're going to be aware believe it. The concert to reunite the world. Okay we go. Selena gomez said. I'm honored to be hosting vacs. Live concert night the world there. We are yeah so it's a get your vaccine the vaccine thing. Yeah this is this historic moment to encourage people around the world to take the covid nineteen vaccine when it becomes available to them call on world leaders to share vaccine doses equitably and to bring people together for a night of music in a way that hasn't felt possible in the last year. I can't wait to be a part of it so exciting that's great. She's made me really excited about it as a global citizen. Yeah who's such a fan of of the vaccine that that concert will have the safety seal all the health other. So i'm not gonna watch not gonna watch it if they don't yeah. I know i'm not safe to watch it if they don't have it. Here's some of the goals of the concert. Ooh we have goals. Yes increase donations of vaccine doses too low income nations. Okay bill vaccine confidence and promote vaccine uptake. Helping to ensure access for everyone everywhere. That's very very thoughtful of them. Number two Column for therapists corporations to donate enough dollars for doses to help vaccinate the more than twenty seven million heroic health workers that are on the front lines. In the poorest countries that need access to the vaccine most call on governments corporations and philanthropists to invest in additional. So all this is about is twisting the arms of people to try to get them. I guess to vaccinate the the third world right and additional twenty two point one billion to get two billion vaccine doses and other medical tools to the poorest countries disseminate financial commitments to reach. It'll responders supporting health. Education hunger equity and climate efforts. Here we go the trojan horse. This encourage pharmaceutical companies to commit to selling covid nineteen vaccines at production price. Earning profits at the expense of human lives will impede progress and build vaccine confidence by educating and empowering audiences to get answers to the tough questions about the covid nineteen vaccines. You don't would help. People would stop dying from the vaccine injections just a little thought that i had over the weekend. I thought you know. How do we get more people to take this. Well if less people die from it yeah. I think that would help in. You know how we save at least one. Life is by not taking it. Because you can't die from it if you don't to ticket yeah. And and honestly they've seen that the big road block for the covert passport Worldwide is these third world nations. Because if if they can't get it then they're not going to be able to enforce it globally. So that's exactly what this concert is for us. It's to make sure that we can all get on board with the covert passport. Because we're gonna make sure that Third world nations are getting the vaccine. The vaccine couvert tuned pairs poor Covid nineteen to go way to go their in two. I mean how many times does you have to clearly put it to you before you finally get it. Yeah i think that was the hidden track on ten pearl jam. The might be. Do you actually have the pearl jam. Ten album versus. And oh so you are actually a pearl jam fan. Apparently you were at one time. I mean i like some of their stuff. Yeah i'm not a how could you not you know. Teenage angst hate. My parents have had a crappy. Life didn't hate their me hated. His parents hear me hated. Everybody were rare. Wasn't actor thing though that everybody's they were abused. Everybody's abused all their songs are about abuse. Hold on let me go. Ninety them all right. I mean there is a common thread in there. They've got they do a good job with more mellow songs like Old woman behind the counter in a small town is a good one. I love. I know you do love There's i wish they came out later. Wish or something like that and that's a good one. They've got some mellow songs that aren't about killing people. Oh okay well good so. We named to off the bus. Those got the two of them. You got to a whopping two. That's pretty good. Their catalog is probably a hundred or more But you got to so nice job. We got there. Yeah all right speaking of vaccines vaccinations. Making people understand how important they are. I mean this has nothing to do with that. So wait wait. We could find something there. You actually get to go to maxine. I was thinking vaccine. Maxine can we get a vaccine to maxine vaccine where we don't listen to her crap can't take it so bad you know. Member which hammer trump. This is after she incited. Everybody telling me get inde- everybody's faces. What do you think is going to happen when they get into people's faces you think that's a way to promote peace and love. I don't think so anyway. She was doing it again. She went clear minnesota to rile up the crowds. That we're going to get friendly guilty guilty and if you don't we got we cannot go away and not just manslaughter right. I mean not natural. John mara unconcerned is what happens if we as i. She's people i didn't hear you. What what should protesters do. Well on the street at. We've got to get more active. You've got to get more confrontational more confrontational. A i see so we gotta get more people in there. Being more confrontational tell me. That's not inciting violence. Of course it is and when the violence breaks out. Is anybody in the media. The mainstream media again. It's gonna look back to this moment and say that member what Maxine waters did. She incited violence. I mean it's a fun little game if you thug in what these radicals are saying and you and you put into the mouth of donald trump. How would the press release. My gosh. that's all they'd be talking about. It is all they talk about. Cnn story every top of the hour would be that. Wow all right. Let me take a minute until you about rough. Greens been talking about this for quite a while now ref. Greens is a supplement. It's a powder that you sprinkle over your dog's food. It's really simple to do. My dog loves it. So does sorta glens and stews but with that simple act. You're just you're providing your dog with essential vitamins and minerals probiotics omega oils. All of that kind of stuff that makes them healthier. Most dogs love this stuff right out of the right out of the gate. mind certainly did but We have heard stories about some picky dogs. Who take a while to adjust to it. So the first thing we'd like to find out is will your dog like it enough to eat it. And that's why they want to send you a free of rough greens right now. All you have to do is pay for the shipping rough greens too rough greens dot com. That's are you f- f greens dot com or call. Eight three three rough dog pat ray. Okay the bill co founder patrisse cullors. We had a story last week. She's gonna re On a real estate buying spree buying five homes four homes. I guess all across the country seems like a lot of buying for somebody. Who's at the at the helm of what a nonprofit organization marxist marxist yeah anna marxist a are trained marxists are trained marxists excuse me are trained marxist trained marxist okay trained marxists who seemed to be taking full advantage of capitalism. Although i don't know what job she has that is really successful. I guess the blm co founding thing is enough since bill been donated to the tune of almost one hundred million dollars. Now you don't suppose she's taking a few of those dollars no do you know. Why would you suppose that. Maybe had a hefty salary along the way. Anyway she explains why owning multiple extravagant homes doesn't betray her marxist principle so a critique though from the love credit sheet say if you are trademarks if we're talking about a certain kind of radical politic that extravagant homes of any sort or multiple properties of any sort is itself contradictory to the ideology that you hold so it's not about having money per se but that it's about or about probably per se. But it's about there being a potential contradiction between your experience and your lived practice critique syria or freaking hippocratic is critique that is wanting and i say that because critiqued. It's the the the way that i live. My life isn't direct support to black people including my black family. I did for so many folks who are able to invest in themselves in their community. They choose best in their family. And all i've chosen to do. I have a child having brother that has severe mental illness that i take care of a moreover support. My mother mother and i support many other family members of mine. And so i see my money as i see it as my family's money as well as unlike every other capitalist on the face of the earth none of them even for their families. They don't Their money's all about them. She's got to do a better job of spinning. Yeah that's that's that's this isn't the government's supposed to take care of of those people in her life Seems like it. Yeah if you're a marxist yes yes. Wow that's pathetic. That was a week defense. Yeah i wonder how how long it took her to come up with that because she had to see the stuff online so she knew the question was coming eventually and in fact they probably worked it out before the interview and you thought for just a second she was going to say. I invest wait. What by myself into my community in. Yeah yeah or her family Okay all right. Yeah we should see for. Mom moves into one of those abodes and her brother. Let's just see if If he deavere family members sure those homes the california has that nice guest house in the backyard. No yeah it does show probably yeah hanging out there. A in the meantime brianna. Taylor's mother know brianna taylor or boyfriend shot at police when they when they came in in the middle of the night and police returned. Fire not striking the boyfriend. But but killing brianna taylor instead. Brianna taylor's mother. Now slamming black lives matter saying that the organization is a fraud and says they've never done a damn thing for us way. She's just sweet. Surprise patrisse cullors just said i invest in myself and my family in the black community. Yeah here's here's a prime example of someone who could use your help. The mom brianna taylor not gotten a penny according to her To me palmer slammed black lives matter movement Calling it A fraud in a facebook post. She gave credit to friends family and local members of the community for supporting her family. After briana was killed in the post she criticized black lives matter louisville chapter and called kentucky state representative attica scott. A fraud Scott is a democrat was pushed to promote no knock warrants. Don't we wants to prohibit them not not Not continue them. I've never personally dealt with. Blm louisville and personally have found them to be a fraud and in reach out to the mon- new p- brown. Taylor's mom didn't make contact with them. That's amazing she also attack. Blm louisville for raising money on behalf of bryan his family and yet they've never done a damn thing for us when we needed it or asked man how surprising that is. Aren't you stunned. I thought black lives matter was was just meant was set. Up was founded to do things like this to take care of brianna taylor her family but but no apparently not meanwhile in stillwater. Oklahoma police arrived on the scene as a homeowner tried to get into his house during a bill in march. What happened there trying to live here getting my driveway. What's the guy on the big guy show look starts it and then he backs up. I look at that matter guy is shoving out right this guy just saying i want to get to my house okay. Oh the cops are going to settle. They're gonna fix this here. We go on. Take him away. They're just gonna talk to while. I'm sure that's all they're doing is they're talking to watch. This is talking to him. Wait wait no now. They're handcuffing him. She literally the guy was trying to turn onto a robe to get to us. House got out of his car and then was assaulted. And now he's in the back of the paddy wagon would even say that. What do you even say. They roll up immediately grabbed the homeowner unbelievable. I mean what does it take. That's visi i mean. Did you notice that. The road was blocked by police officers. So it wasn't like an official roadblock. Yeah they were blocked by protesters. That's that's the road to his house was blocked by protesters and he's just trying to get home and he's like. Hey i lived there. Come on look out. let me through here. And then he starts getting shoved in cop show up and now you're off to jail on believable unbelievable. We have this video of how how maybe you. you handle. A thug Somebody who's a costing you see if this is a lesson. Oh no is that a knife is face. Or yeah yeah. It is can't do screen like a stuck pig. Wow so he wasn't so tough guy responded to him i just i live for hearing scream. Can we hear that one more time. Please that is the greatest sound of the weekend right there. Just listen to this kid. Rush up a nine hundred and the guy goes. Are you serious boy. Then it gets body slammed into the basement. Wow gotta love that. That's cathartic video. Were they trying to rob him. Yeah i don't know what was going on there other than i love that we have to see that another fifteen or twenty times. I want to save that into was all we need to feel. Good file rob. Yeah like on dark days we come in here and we just start playing videos like that squealing. He does tourism video seriously. I mean that was an impromptu scene from deliverance. Apparently playing out there in the middle of the street. Yeah i love how yells is starts getting punched in the face. Okay okay okay okay okay. Sorry we're gonna finish this little encounter. And then he gets slammed to the pavement face. I ooh that had to hurt. L. had was pretty effective so so kids don't run up to people in A good take them because you never know Yeah it's going to be waiting for the other end there. Maybe a a big dude who is willing to defend himself that that might be. What's awaiting you ned. beatty sh- end up sounding like man triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Andy pat unleashed on twitter. Did you see that elon. Musk beat out. Jeff bezos for the nasa contract. They both wanted it. Space wanted it but so did blue origin because going back to the moon and who's rocket is going to take them there to be spacex. Oh wow i love it by the way. Breaking news just happened just now. They've successfully flown that helicopter on mars by the way. How cool is that all they have. Yeah oh that is very cool anyway. Back to the hopefully. We're gonna have some video of that. Yeah so But washington post acknowledge. The decision was a huge blow. Forbe's those who has long been and by the way he owns the wash. Wow who has long been fascinated by the moon and has for years wanted to be a part of the effort to return there and yet He he got beaten out by elon. Musk and the whole things in his own newspaper. Cool with other. Recent partnership contracts for space travel nasa has often selected multiple companies to encourage competition and to intentionally create redundancy. Just smart in case one falls behind or can't complete their work. The initial phase of this contract though was awarded to three companies spacex blue origin and dynamics which is a defense contractor. Selecting just spacex to continue alone is a vote of confidence from nasa which is kind of interesting. Because you've had several explosions of the rockets as they've tried to run them up into space and then bring them back down safely Almost all of them have blown up on landing which probably isn't ideal especially if you're going to be inside one of them and you want one of them to take you to the moon. I want to be fairly confident. It's not gonna blow up underneath me. I'm not sure they've inspired that kind of all. Maybe they have because they got the contract. They've also developed a variety of rockets that have carried satellites cargo astronauts into space even the first commercial space trip to the international space station last year. Meanwhile president biden nominated former. Senator bill nelson to head up nasa and he's expected to be easily confirmed At a hearing this week so we'll see but very cool elon. Musk wins again guys out. I've got a pretty good track record. Although on the other hand there is a problem. With letting your tesla drive you around places own and not controlling your own destiny ono. Who little incident with a tesla. That is just really tragic. We'll tell you about that coming up. In just a few minutes walk with tweets here ditch jones tweets You'd figure global citizen concert have brands bands from all over the world. Not just america. Yeah yeah. I mean if it's global right attack. Yuki based on eddie veterans lifelong stance supporting abortion and his performance on unplugged. I'll pass on his medical advice. Thanks but no thanks Jim eagle jim kurl. On steroids tweets gladly send my vaccine to a needy person in a third world country. That's very sweet very generous. Same here don't tell me. Americans aren't generous. Thank you of course. I'm assuming here that. Jim eagle is american. Which is maybe something. I shouldn't be doing Cith rhino tweets third world countries. Hey how about you do a concert to get rid of dysentery. Instead of a stupid vaccine banks Stranded alien sure those one point four million dollar homes are investing in her community. She's fighting for Patrisse cullors of course if you missed that discussion Had some really unfortunate. We were just talking about a on. Elon musk and spacex company Something else that that has happened a few times. I mean not that many think. It's fairly rare but when you turn over the the driving duties completely to your vehicle to your object. Ooh that's sometimes a really bad idea Down in the houston area. There was really bad crash. Two people know really yep Tesla a busted up in the two people died just sad. I don't know how you get comfortable enough. Yeah at this stage. They said nobody was in the driver's seat. No they had confidence enough that they weren't even in the driver's seat. Oh so. I don't know if that was you know i don't know shouldn't speculate. I suppose about what they were doing but Just to turn it over to the to the car like that. We're not there yet. we're not. We may be at some point. You know it might be that you're going to see the Minority report type cars. Just take you wherever you need to go. And travel up the sides of buildings and all that kind of stuff but we are not there yet. I mean it'll drive okay for you on a straightway on a freeway and probably break before it slams into the back of some other vehicle. You can count on it to pretty much do that. Maybe changed lanes a few times. But i would never count on that thing to do turn maneuver the way it needs to in the city you know. There's there's just certain things that it can't do extremely well right now that we've talked about before just getting into your car and going to sleep and let it drive you to work well. Maybe one day we'll be there but that's gonna be. That's a long way away from me. I'm to have to be pretty. Well convinced that it can handle that. Would you be comfortable with that. There is no way i would do that. I'm just thinking of. I don't know these these taxis right. These airborne taxis they're working on to There's really no form of transportation where i'm going to be comfortable at this point anyhow of just sailing along smoothly enough for me to take a nap. No if it's not a human behind the wheel right. I just no no but you know it would be interesting to to do the math on that. To see what. The percentages of crashes with automated vehicles and those that are controlled by humans. I'd love to see the percentage there. Yeah i would too My understanding was that four. G is not is not adequate to do the job completely. Five g is and that's why five g will be so important eventually once it really kicks in because it responds fast enough so that your car could actually do most of the things you wanted to do. And i'd like to preface this by saying. I absolutely do not know what i'm talking about. But if it's five g right Is it as simple as there was a bad cell signal where that car hit the tree tied saying yeah like oh you know like if you're talking to somebody on the phone and they drop off hell that could be your life right there again. Yeah i don't know what. I'm talking about other than i'm with you. I am not giving up control at this point. No i just become ever will be able to. It's scary enough. Just let go of the wheel if you're on a straight away you know if you're just you're driving for miles and you got a straight path and it's not crowded and there's very little traffic then i might turn it over but i'd be ready to grab the wheel. I'm not sleeping on my need to you. Know i'm not i'm not looking down. And we've we've seen reports didn't we did have a video of somebody who's it looked like the ass sleeping thinking. Somebody took a video of him as the drove by and look at their asleep in their cars driving. Wow you got a lot of confidence in that vehicle and that technology lot more than i have. Yeah good luck on that. There was another really Sad crash this one happened In a lowry hill tunnel in minneapolis. here's what happened there. I'm not sure if this is a self driving tesla situation on this one. Okay he's still. They're still preparing then Getting ready to go But we also have a bunch of other things to talk about bill. Maher bill marr. Once again stepping up and making a little bit of sense on his show over the weekend here he actually says liberals been wrong about covid. Get this but what about liberals you know. The high information by the science people ankara. In a recent gallup survey democrats did much worse than republicans in getting the right answer to the fundamental question. Thank you what are the chances that someone who gets cove. It will need to be hospitalized. The answer is between one and five percent. This is amazing. Forty one percent democrats thought it was over fifty percents another twenty eight percent but the chances at twenty to forty nine so almost seventy percent of democrats are wildly off on this key question and also have a greatly exaggerated view of the danger of covid to and the mortality rate among children All of which explains why. Today the states with the highest sheriff's schools that are still closed or all blue states so if the right wing media bubble has to own things like climate denial show. I shouldn't liberal media have to answer for. How does your audience wind up believing such a bunch of crap about yes. We're right on climate change to bill report. Look into it. Yeah says the media won't stop putting pictures of the beach on stories about cove and even though it's looking increasingly like the beach shoot. Is the best place to avoid it. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and vitamin d is again to a robust immune system texas lifted its covid restrictions recently and their infection rates. Went down in part because of people getting outside. Let the sun and wind do their thing. We've been talking about that. Yeah four year. Yeah sunlight outdoors. It's great i mean. He's he's clearly sick and tired of too and he's actually doing some actual research which is nice because he doesn't on every issue like i dunno climate change for instance But here he is talking about how republican governors have been right along too many liberals. That can't be right because texas and beach. Loving have republican governors But life is complicated. I've read that. The governor of florida reads but apparently the governor is also voracious consumer of the scientific literature. And maybe that's why. He protected his most vulnerable population. The elderly way better than did the governor of new york s thank you. Those are just facts. I know it's irresponsible of me to say the. Here's what i'm saying. I don't want politics mixed in with my medical decisions. That's great good stuff. I hope it penetrates that audience because They need to understand the truth. You look at those polls and you see why were up. Such were up against such incredible opposition to opening things up. They just think that if you get it you're going to die if you get it you're going to be in the hospital or dead and they. They really don't know what they're talking about. We take one minute. Tell you about score master. This should make you happy Getting your best credit score possible. The average american has ninety seven points. They can add to their credit score. Ninety seven points but of course they don't know how to do it score. Master does score. Master isn't credit repair. Its credit science and it helps you get your points really fast. In fact the average score master user adds sixty one points in twenty days or less and getting your plus points fast can save you a fortune if you're going to Apply for a loan or credit card. Refinance your house. Whatever it might be score masters also great for business owners who use their credit score to finance their businesses You can enroll in just a few minutes and they'll even show you how many plus points you can add your credit score and how fast you can add them. Visit score master dot com slash pat that score master dot com slash pat pat gray. All right so we had one liberal saying some actually Actually saying some common sense things over the weekend. Bill maher but of course that had to be balanced out by absolute but stupidity from joe biden. Joe biden has a message to a gun on gun owners over the weekend. It is a national embarrassment. What's going on and it's not only these mass shootings that our current every single day every single day. There's a mass shooting in the united states. If you count all those who were killed out on the streets of our cities and rural areas it's a national city s and one last thing. What the folks who own weapons. The folks who own guns they support universal background checks on of them think we should not be selling assault weapons. Absolutely name get out and he is a weapon that can hold one hundred rounds or forty route or decide what they need wrong when he and i'm not going to give up towards done. Wow so who. In god's name needs it's none of your business. Would i need or don't need. You have no idea who needs or why we've shown reasons to need. I mean first of all. Maybe you're not a very good shot and you're going to need these shoot multiple times to hit whatever target you're shooting. Yeah or or maybe you are out in the woods and you get surrounded by a bunch of wild boars. Remember that video we watched the many. Were there at least thirty. Just coming out of the woods spilling out surrounding these three guys. Oh and they needed multiple bullets To fend off these these wild pigs. here's a hypothetical. Let's just say you're going out to your car in the morning and a bobcat attacks you you you want access to yes. It's not just a hypothetical right. Watch this morning out for a jog. Their fitness coffee out their car. You sure do man now. The cat is in. The carriers attacked the bodycam tax. Looking at he comes around here. Hold me bob. Then draws his weapon all shirker. Jack is this lady giving the middle of it coming back there anyway. Did he ever shoot it do we do. We don't know the tape stops. Because he didn't want peter showing up. Yeah no kidding yeah. It doesn't matter that the bobcat was actually attacking people that wouldn't matter. All you had to do is go back in your house and call the authorities. Let them remove it only. It's all you need it to do. Might arrest me as we learned earlier in the program. The bobcat goes free. What a weird situation. But that shows humans who are invading that bob cats natural habitat of the story. That's a lesson that's the lesson that will take home. No it will take. Away is an arm yourself. Oh and be armed at all times because you never know when a bobcat jump out in the tech your wife right because you have encroached on it so again building. Homes is shouldn't lamb. No no no again. You wanna recall the lesson and lesson. I want to be prepared prepared and have have have a firearm right on you at all times. So that if a bob cat attacks you now. Why is a bob cat attacking me. Why isn't it in. its own habitat though. That's what i'm confused. Because they're dumb animals okay and he doesn't know this has just wanted way too far from home. Yeah go home honey. I mean you're going to take some hot. Lead would serve hundreds of miles away. What do you need. yeah all right. Yeah i it's a good lesson. He was telling me recently. Who was this. I don't even know my son actually like these bears right. They kick a bear out. And then that's how they wander into cities by themselves so because they're trying to find their own place in the world right and next thing you know. They're in your driveway. Your driveway attacking your wife and your picking him up and throwing them on the lawn. You've probably gonna get in trouble just for that. Oh yeah how dare you manhandled. Little tiny bobcat like that. How you exactly how. That's pretty intense. That actually picked the thing up. Yeah listen to me. Borough only room enough for one of us in this driveway and then it had the nerve to come back at them. That should have been enough for the bobcat to leave. But it wasn't wasn't what dumb animal dumb animal should have that thing checked. The turtles turtles are stupid. Who thinks more stupid turtle turtles finals words so stupid. Good strong and driveway years. When i see straw. I in my mile straws. Don't but determined country version lake desert the dying beautiful beautiful at least at least. The bob cat didn't have a straw. Its nose you had that going. Yeah probably got bullet up his nose though triple eight. Nine hundred and thirty-three ninety-three more pat gray unleashed coming up. This is bad gray unleashed unwelcome. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also pat unleashed on twitter. We're carl smith tweets. Does bill maher have a twin. How can one guy be so spot on at times in such an a hole at other times. It's a really good question. It's selective editing west's tweets. I could watch that video of that guy getting what he deserves all day we got uh squier and there is he's there is okay go. Oh hey wow okay okay. Sorry dude you deserve this. And then he's body slammed to the pavement The st forty two tweets. Why doesn't spacex space x. Just borrow some alien technology from the military and that's a good question. They're weighing be devoting. I don't feel safe sleeping with an actual driver behind the wheel. No way. I'm snoozing with no driver. Yeah if as you know. The only time i feel comfortable sleeping in the car is when i'm driving That's when i fall asleep. We'll wait no. Maybe that's not no. It's not the ideal time to go to sleep. You're asleep behind the wheel for you. Know a fraction of a second and then i pull over because i don't wanna crash into anybody. Remember now you are really close to be at home right because you know we work some weird hours I don't know if you know like i. I have not been fully rested in twenty years. This shift yes. Andrew but Now i used to work overnights. And then i would go from the radio station to the golf course in work And twice. I fell asleep driving home after a while. Shift whatever eighteen nineteen hours or something scary man crush. No no like you. It's just not worth it. You need to pull over at that point. Yeah i totally get alone. That been totally. Did that todd curtis tweets no self driving vehicles for me until they can create a truly hack free. Computer system were of the world views tweets with all the sensor failure dash lights on in my car. I think i'll pass on the sensors driving for me. Yeah that's the thing we're just not there. I don't think we're just. I mean we. We've come a long way technologically but we're not to the point where you just entrust your car to get you safely someplace without any input from you. I don't i don't think so Brian more tweets is a tesla ready to drive. Glenn's camel catalina tone got got a task catalan driving to town in this. We believe is also a tesla. This happened in minneapolis over the weekend. -nother little crash where the guy hits. No no no yeah fiery not good. Oh then there's an another look at this From the other direction and You see him go right into the wall. Oh in the tunnel fees. i don't wanna ask right. Yeah you don't wanna ask. And i don't i don't know if they headed on self drive there too but that was a tesla. Yeah colleague that she's not good. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Also we had biden over the weekend welcoming the The japanese prime minister. oh cool. And here's what he had to say. Okay i'll look at the virtue. Signaling their masks. Yeah you'll see that afternoon. Socially distanced the prime minister's brought out who you do anything something. Maybe go bomb proud. You are of the people of japan are in. You got a japanese boy coming over here and guess what he won. The master's all know japanese boy. Okay grown man to twin a twenty nine years. I know my gosh. Yeah you cute. Little japanese people here durable boy. What is he twenty nine. Not a girl. z. Y. yeah of course. He's a little japanese boy. It's good it's great. That's if that again here we go all the rule if it was trump What would be happening today. It would literally be the lead story on cnn. while they waited for minneapolis to burn. Yes yes which by the way. They're expecting the verdict in the show. Van trial this week. Sometime m- and That could go quite badly. Minneapolis public schools. Now that they're back in session and they're and they're you know they're they're in person learning. Yeah it's going to be remote learning beginning wednesday so wednesday through friday. They've already written off. They're like yep city's going to be burning to the ground. We're going to have school in home. Things they've got three thousand national guardsmen standing by to make sure that you know they can try to keep the peace in certain areas. You know business if you're a business and you're anywhere downtown or you know brooklyn center. Wherever these things are going on How nervous would you be right now. You're you're just about to lose everything you own. I sure hope not sure hope. Not but maxine waters was there over the weekend demanding justice demanding. The people get out in the streets and be more confrontational and saying that to her. It was first degree murder. We'll he can't be charged with first degree murder. He's not charged with that so he's not going to be convicted of that now. You just put that in people's heads. Well yeah if he's not convicted of first degree murder. Then we're going to go crazy seriously. I mean think about this if he's found not guilty minneapolis burns. Oh yeah he's found guilty. It's not guilty enough like you. Just send the different degrees. The minneapolis burns. If it's a hung jury oh my gosh look minneapolis burns. I don't know that there's a scenario. I don't either i don't either. It's about those businesses on lake street that you always hear about. That's where that cool. Bowling alley was remember that with the drone flew through and we had that video. Yeah i mean just that. That's now what. I think when i hear lake street so later this week when you hear about fires on lake street You can think about that. That owner of that bowling alley. Who opens up his doors. After the pandemic takes that awesome drone video to promote his business. And here we go. I just hope somehow they avoid doing stupid things there this week. me too me too. But you've got you've got politicians inflaming the situation maxine waters did all she could to make it as bad as possible. There's no way for first degree murder. You have to believe that. He planned that in advance that he set out that day to kill that black person. I mean that's asinine. It's ludicrous and again. Nobody's nobody's talking about her in the mainstream media like they would have Donald trump how she incited violence and riots. Yeah the only person in congress who is calling for her expulsion is marjorie taylor green. She's going to introduce a resolution today to get her kicked out of congress. Wonder how they'll go. Oh they will. They will make this races. Yeah exactly. I mean she's got shamed into dropping the idea of the america first cook caucus because America first. I guess is now racism. It's it's being racist. I'm not sure how that works. Okay but you're part of the clan if you believe it. Here's what Jim acosta had to say on. Cnn some gop leaders are discovering that apparently trying to launch a caucus around a racist rhetoric wasn't such a good idea after all spoke congressman. Marjorie taylor green says she slamming the brakes z. America first caucus the caucus was going to bring together a group of far-right lawmakers known for their controversial rhetoric. Punchbowl news obtained a flyer that said the new caucus would also have a called for a respect for uniquely anglo-saxon political traditions. Whatever that is more also peddling a series of debunked conspiracy theories about election integrity Cnn suzanne malveaux joins me now is on was we. We should all be grateful. There won't be a clan caucus in the united states congress there won't be a clan caucus in the united states congress. That is despicable. Okay so if you believe That americans american. Lawmakers should put america's interest i for all americans. They're not saying just white americans. Then you're a member of the ku klux klan. Since win is ari our country and putting it. I i mean that's part of the old that they take when they go into office. That's just amazing. You know what you just did there. You're gonna reference the oath of office or being in congress. Yeah that's code. That's racist call is you. Can't dog whistle that dog whistle darn it. Look i'm going to uphold my oath of office to the constitutionally dogs heard it then yes i was hoping for our audience to be able to hear them but they couldn't because they said it in such a frequency only dogs can right. Oh darn it wait a minute i don i heard i want. You heard it so wait a minute. Are you dog. i mean. I must be. You must be because humans hear dog whistles. Sweeps unexpectedly awkward rough rough. Wasn't it though. Yeah i mean even if okay the the white anglo-saxon thing traditions that they were mentioning. I i don't know what that's about or if it's even really in there but putting something like that so that we're not wiped off the face of the planet or whatever which has been some of the talk of late may so maybe that's why they included it but there is a black caucus in congress. Is jim acosta. Why can there be a black caucus. But there couldn't be this. America first cook and she call for a quote believe common respect for uniquely uniquely anglo-saxon political traditions. You should be proud of anglo-saxon political traditions. Let's go back the magna carta. I mean this is. You should be ashamed of that. Now if she had written pacific islander or concentric. Or whatever oh no that's cool perfectly fine but you try to give credit where credit is due on political tradition your clinton member. You're a freaking clan. Member pathetic really tired of it to really really done with it. Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three ninety-three three also. The white house has backtracked now on the refugees decision because they got a little bit of criticism for it. They were going to roll that. The number of refugees to trump era caps. They're going to cap it. At fifteen thousand of friday afternoon. It was a sight to behold to get the news updates on this story two hours later they cave and lifted the cap to sixty two thousand five hundred right right so they were effectively. Admitting that trump did it right with immigration right so we're going to emulate that and then they were admitting they don't have the gym blitz to do what they should have done because they got some tweets that were negative guy. Jake yeah it would be fun if it weren't so damaging to the country But that's the problem of these things where you know. They're eating their own and they're caving in like this to the left. The far left wing element in their in their party. The biden administration is proving that they suck it governing. You know why. Because i suck at governing. That's what's happening here. Precisely wilson just collapsing our government. I mean yeah inside yes yes we are all right aaa now go ahead. Let's s here it out. He's expressing what. I'm feeling right now. We're not triple eight. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three thousand three more. Gray unleashed coming up pat gray. What is that. So i welcome. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also pat unleashed on twitter. Here's something interesting hispanic. American approval for president biden's handling of the ongoing border crisis is even lower than the rest of americans according to a poll from quinnipiac university. Just twenty nine percent of americans approve of biden's handling of the border crisis. Twenty nine percent means a good number of democrats are not happy with what he's doing either told this. Breaking rates of illegal crossings is starting to affect americans and of course the apprehended miners. Who were in a in the facility of their own china yeah. I don't know why we discriminate so much against minors. They're just trying to you. Know bring us precious metals and you know things things of that nature. Upper new gold sometimes reminding for gold. I mean i. I don't know why They're so discriminated against. I mean there's a kind of minor That joe biden prefers really not not the apps. Metal ones okay. But you know border patrol agents are coming out and and they are talking to places like daily caller and more conservative outlets. Where just like we said man. You make their life miserable. They're gonna come out and tell you what it's like. There are horror stories that they are expressing publicly. Now so it's twenty nine percent of all americans that approve. Its twenty seven percent of hispanic americans. That approve of his handling. And here's why when you when you have migrated here when you have immigrated to the us and you've done legally how much would you resent when thousands and thousands are just allowed to come across the border illegally and they don't bother with anything that you went through with all the red tape you had to overcome to become A legal resident of this country. I'd be pissed too. And i wouldn't be happy about the way he's handling the situation and he actually referenced it as being a crisis over the weekend you know like he was yeah he was getting into car and he anyway he referred to it as a crisis so i mean for the first time they know they know. They know they've screwed this up. They're still trying to blame it on trump but they know they screwed it up. But that's the only thing they can do. Now is blamed trump. Yeah we inherited this problem. No you didn't know it was not at this level when you took over so we we all pretty much. No that's a stinking lie. And they're just so demoralized. How could you not be a part of one of these organizations on the border or ice or homeland security and not just be like what. What am i doing with my life because they. In fact i think over the weekend phoenix. They pulled over a van. There were seventeen illegal aliens inside and they called ice to come and pick them up. Ice was like nah they said no. And so i think like the phoenix police or whatever. We're like okay. I guess You're free to go. So seventeen illegals just poof into phoenix. And how often is that happening. it's happening a lot. Plus the word is that they are. They're loading people up and sending him across the country to places in the east and and just housing them at like refugee centers and having them watched over by certain members of of the military and they know that about fifteen to twenty percent of them already have covid nineteen and they're not separating them and they're not keeping the the rest of the immigrants safe. they're not keeping the military personnel safe. Although i think i think most of the military if not all of the military insisted that they get the vaccine before they go but here they are just bringing them into the country and housing them at places all over the nation. And we don't even hear about it. They don't ever talk about it. Yeah that's one of the things that the border patrol agents are saying at these facilities that they're in close quarters with illegals our covid nineteen positive on a daily basis And if you don't show symptoms as a guard you just keep coming to work. We don't care just keep coming as what else are they going to do to nightmare. It's a nightmare but remember though. Remember now if you are in a federal building for more than a nanosecond and you don't have a mask on you'll be arrested. Yeah you're out of here. Put your button jail. It's just unbelievable. How does a nation continue with hypocrisy and the double standard on all fronts. all fronts. I mean it continues. But it just goes. Continues to go downhill. If we don't put a stop to it at least a waukegan illinois middle school has decided not to rename their school barack and michelle obama middle school. That's because pro. Immigration activists complained that. The former president had dismal record on deportation. Thomas jefferson middle school renamed. No no. i'm the guy who told britain off in a letter. Come on now come on man. Yeah i mean yes. The guy wrote the declaration of independence. So what he was a racist white guy who's rich and had slaves and that's all that we need to know and There's there's no mitigating circumstances whatsoever. I'm glad that used a bad person. You made it clear. His his biggest sin was that he was white. Yes lead with that. Obviously white casper. Casper jefferson middle school. That's what they should've named it in the first place right but now they're going to rename it after the late. Georgia rep. john lewis civil rights legend. Who died last summer. So there you go yeah and has extensive ties to the state of illinois. He visited there. I think once they didn't think he's been to illinois over. Yes he was from. Georgia buddy visited illinois and i think he wants mentioned chicago. Some some context sure was the at o'hare long enough to grab a meal. No not that long. I think it was like a thirty minute. Layover thirty minutes. Yeah for thirty minutes. He was there for thirty minutes. Nah and so he ended up getting the school named eighteen minutes to put the eighteen minutes together along with the seventh together. Got twenty two minutes. You sell it with eight minutes ads. You got thirty minutes. John lewis was in the state of illinois. Yeah thirty minute. You got a problem with that. No i hope not no. We're good. it's a fun world. We live in it is. It's gonna get even more fun because we got some dr pfau chief funnel. Your doctor saint vouch. he doesn't understand. How long is this. Do we have time for it here. Team second okay. Let's let's see what he had to say about. The joe was paradoxical that on the one hand they want to be relieved of the restrictions but on the other hand they don't want to get vaccinated. I don't make any sense. It makes perfect sense. Somebody who has a freaking brain You know a lot of people. Don't trust the vaccines sorry about that. found that you can't noodle that out for yourself. They don't trust the vaccine. They don't trust you because you've been wrong every step of the way every step of the way if in wrong every step and not just on this he was wrong about aids back in the eighties. Hung on everything. He's taken both sides of everything so people don't trust what you have to say about the vaccine our freedom existed before there was a covert shot. I don't know if he knows this. You don't need one to have the other well. He doesn't look at look at it like that. He looks at it as a as a medical issue. Oh yeah don't worry about the constitution. He's looking at it medically. I wonder if they'll name a middle school after the clowns. Yes you know they will. It'll be it'll be called a buffoon middle school. I got some tweets. Here from dan to ninety-seven notorious. Why isn't the federal government using the opportunity to vaccinate the illegals before releasing them. Reagan it tweets. Where is dr fauci on these migration illegal centers not social distancing. I'd love deer that way docker. Yeah you've seen the photos of the people jammed into these centers like next to each other. They're not inches apart. Let alone feet. What do you think of that. They're they look like a bunch of baked potatoes off. You know baking in an oven because they got the foil over the foil. Ridiculous small mouth bass. Kurt tweets the reason so many democrats disprove biden's handling of the borders because a good number of democrats want from thirty twenty. Two border states create their own state border patrol and state is department. Don't believe it's a federal issue to capture a deport illegals breaking into their sovereign states. There has to be a way if not yes. That's part of the problem. ontario's premier. Doug ford i guess. The premier is a governor but they also have a premier at the head of the federal government. So that's kind of weird. Maybe they should I don't know look to the south a little bit and see what these provincial leaders should be called. you can't call them. The same thing is your president or premier so call him governor but anyway here's what he had to say last week to protect a to all he wants to do is protect people. That's all we've implemented the strictest measures in all of north america and he's bragged for you in the difficult truth is yeah every public health measure. We have left comes with a massive cost to people in their lives. Oh well good. That's great but we've never shied away from doing. What's necessary really made the deliberate decision to temporarily enhance police officers authority for the duration of the stay at home order. Good going forward. Can we'll have the authority to require any individual. Who is not in a place of residence into. I provide their purpose for not being at home and provide their home address in other words. They're free to say that lake to seize the papers place. May i see you. People's that's what they're they're authorized to do precisely okay. What else also have the authority to stop a vehicle to inquire about an individual reason for leaving. Their residents inspectors will also be ensuring that those who absolutely must come to work are strictly following the public health measures for our employers and employees. Take note. okay. This is your last warning. All police powers to randomly stop someone walking down the street at polo are what happens if If a person refuses to answer the police questions so by issuing these new additional enforcement measures it allows police officers to ask the person why they are not at their place of residence and what their place of residence is and specifically to your question if you are not willing to comply then you are breaking the law if someone a their neighbors breaking these these new regulations And having a party in their yard that sort of thing should should people call police other neighbors in terms of people calling to switch to inform. Look we all have personal responsibility. It means saving lives. Think we have to think about what your social responsibilities are as an individual to make sure that you don't empower other people and invite a whole bunch of individuals to your home. Get out. I don't care what you have to say. Ouch ouch this out. Canada's yeah really is that was ontario so lease balked at doing that and the people kind of balked at having it done to them. They were actually last night or saturday night. Sending sos signals across niagara falls into to the national guard of new york. And they were flying the canadian flag upside-down first of all if you're reaching out for help from the state of new york. Yeah you're straight right so by now i mean they got so much flak for this fortunately They rescinded the orders. But you heard what they were planning to do. That is as ricco. Nghien as i think i've ever heard that is unbelievable. I made them unenforceable. That one woman was unapologetically fascist. She didn't care she was saying it was a good thing. Well if you're not going to do it we tell you and show you are your show us your papers Why then we'll have to drag outside and beach with club. We'll you into prison for just saves one life. Okay no not yours but mine okay. Because that's what i'm really concerned with is my health and safety. Don't really care about you. All righty popeye. Now that is. That was some chilling stuff. I mean that's kind of the feeling. We would have been stunned if we played that video. And those were chinese government officials. Oh yeah and we were reading the caption at the bottom. We would be like gosh. Can you imagine living under that tyranny. Yeah ted western world. Where have you been cheese. It's eh stood up against it though. Canadian citizens stood up against it and said absolutely not. We're not doing it. The key was there was it. the police refused least. We're going to do it. Enforce those laws yup those edicts. That's great that's the key. You gotta get your police to say. That's why i love didn't county so much during this lockdown situation here in texas right out of the gate. When abbot issued that stupid order on july second the didn't county sheriff was not enforcing it. It's great not happening. And by the way that edict that he issued what last year sometime a might be part of the reason that any in a poll done just recently here in texas matthew makaay ono in a a head to head head to head okay. Just a potential head to head. Because he hasn't obviously announced yet has talked about it. Talked about running for governor. He's twelve points ahead of abbott right now. No he's twelve points. I had no of greg. Abbott oh yeah and that's that's crazy. Oh my goodness crazy with came to freak would foot for matthew mcconaughey listener of texas. What kind of recall We came to freak. Here's here's texas is Cova numbers since we dropped. The stupid mandate right. Yup headed the right direction. Straight down straight down by the way washington post columnist says scientists are too afraid of doctor. Faustus influenced to freely criticizes research. That may have been connected to the covid nineteen outbreak. He josh rogin claims that scientists are unable to speak up about issues connected to foul cheese. Research at issue is the funding controlled by the nih. And the an aid which voucher she leads. Follow the money every time. Rogan claims fao cheese. The godfather of gain of function research gain function. Research was taking place at the wuhan laboratory. That's been named as the site of the corona virus outbreak. No official determination has been made of course about where it began but we actually do know where it didn't begin because we find that out on on sixty minutes a couple of weeks ago. Yeah i'm on the. Who team for a race. And if you're gonna work in china on corona viruses and try and understand their origins you should involve the people who know the most about that and for better or for worse i do. The team did look into the leak theory during a visit with lab scientists and deemed it extremely unlikely. Oh we met with them. We said do you all the lab and they said annually. Did you audited after the outbreak. Yes was anything found no. Do you trust your staff. Yes no just taking their word for it right. What else can we do can do. And we went right up to that limit. Them summit vetted in advance and the answers they gave. We found to be believable. I'm correct convincing gaijin. A cover-up destroyed evidence. They punished scientists who were trying to give evidence on this. Very question of the origin. Well that wasn't tasked to find out if china covered up. The i'm just saying doesn't that make you wonder. We didn't see any evidence of any false reporting or cover. How in the world that did in china there you go. I mean you. They asked you want him to do right. Look into it. i'll tell you something else. Lesley stahl asked one more follow up on a car. You a xenophobic right. Can and a racist in right and a racist and a bigot can asiana phob. Asian of open But the he said the. Who guy said we went right up to that line. Yeah what else do you want. Yeah we asked him. Hey did you guys release it from that laboratory no okay. We'll good no ri- well yeah we were just wondering can we look around. Maybe no all right. Well we're going to go home and we audit your lab. No no we don't want you to. Oh there's no reason to because we didn't We didn't start the fire. It was always burning since the world's been turning yes exactly and so since we didn't start the fire. You guys can just go ahead and leave. Well you audited your own lab right no way they just send yes. Yes yes yeah. We get enough for me. Let's get the car voice did that's right off the do it once a year i think and have you done it since the pandemic yeah what about your ploy is. We talked anything. You talked your employees. Yeah we talked to him. Yeah and they said no. They said that they didn't do anything wrong. And so i love how he goes. The weren't vetted beforehand. Yeah the chinese communist party paid them visit before you got there bro. I mean that's crazy. As gets we asked him and they said no bizarre awarded you want us to do. I don't know investigate it investigate kind of implies more than just asking the supposed culprit if they if they're guilty of the crime maybe look into it because of course they're going to say no yes. They've said no the whole time. They tried to blame it on us. Blame the penguin pat or anything but us or blame the which wasn't it. The cia that supposedly planted it in wuhan i. It's madness. its own sure is so deal with it though but like you always ask. What more do you want. Obviously china has cooperated enough. Yeah now back off world. How many times do we have to be asked. And how many times do we have to tell you. We didn't do it. We didn't start. The fire was always burning. Says the world's been turning k. Song in my head all day. You're welcome thank you and your wealth seriously. No repercussions for china. Oh no your lifestyle. Change your income cratering your children missing out on athletics. Proper schooling right. That's debatable though. That's actually kind of blessing. Yes i'm torn on that But all of these things now blame your local and federal governments for what they've taken from you as don't let a crisis go to waste But china there's nothing going to happen to them internationally. No not a thing probably release another one just to see what your next by the way. Us intelligence has now labeled The confidence that they have in the story of russians putting bounties on american soldiers in syria. They have low to moderate confidence in that story. Yeah that didn't go to moderate confidence yet. Another trump narrative that we find out after the fact was a total stinking lie. Yup a total and complete lie which we knew at the time but man did they make a lot out of it and there's going up to the election on twitter drew holden who did an incredible job over the weekend with screen shots from different media outlets the time line and then ultimately the article lays it out beautifully. What ally amazing and this guy's a liar. They use several of these things against trump toward the end. You know that whole story about him. Disparaging troops were buried in france. Which was a provable. Lie because everybody who was around him at the time everybody was. actually there. Said it didn't happen. It's a lie it didn't happen. Well they just kept repeating it then the. Us intelligence comes out with this thing. That were bounties on american troops and trump didn't do anything about it because he's so in bed with vladimir putin really excited at the time that that didn't happen. That's why we're not doing anything about it because it's not credible and it turns out now. It's pretty much not credible fascinating that. I don't know three months after the election or three months after he takes office. We finally get the truth out of the biden administration. it just. it's really pathetic. A little late. I guess better late than never but still it just makes you because of the election results so many lies that got him elected neria peop- they don't care they're they're not covering it at all all of a sudden that russian bounty story has carries no interest to them. They don't have what the rush what now. I don't even know that story. we're not gonna look into Thanks for wondering though but we've got no interest in that. Yeah if you want to check out this the that just lays it out so perfectly Get to pat unleashed on twitter and we will post it there because it is it. It's gonna take a little while to go through it all but it's well worth your prepare to be pissed though because it's going to hack you're off a should it just really should triple eight. Nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also pat unleashed on twitter. This will pick up your spirits though following the news that the phoebe waller bridge had landed the female lead. Phoebe waller bridge is. I know one phoebe. And she's not even a real person really she's a call from. She's landed the lead the female lead in the next anna jones movie. I'm not familiar with her at all. I don't know who that is. But lucasfilm has found harrison ford's next co star in mads mikkelsen. I don't know her either. Ever heard of mads mads mikkelsen. She's set to join the next installment. There is going to be an indiana jones. Five i guess because indiana jones four was so good. I've heard good things about five about four and that's actually a lie. Nothing hood about a four was one of the worst movies ever made at big time movie like that. I mean where they spent a ton of money and it's done by a major film guy like george lucan. Maybe the worst film under those circumstances ever done terrible terrible is what now what were you saying. Wrong man's nicholson back doctor. Strange doctor strange. The bad guy guy doctor. Strange ways royale. Yeah see you know. Oh sure boop and that hannibal right sure. I can't believe. I forgot all of that so you can't believe i didn't know what to who with talking about. Yeah all right. James mangold is taking over directing range from steven spielberg. Who's still serving as a producer and is very much involved in various elements of the film. But he's not gonna produce it. Kathleen kennedy frank marshall and simon emmanuel will join spielberg as producers. John williams. My gosh is he still alive. Jon williams music. Yes wow he's worked on every score in the forty year old franchise including its iconic theme will also returned as composer. How about that. Wow what is he. Eighty eighty nine eighty nine. Wow good for him. The hope is to start production this summer. Man gold meeting with other talent for the roles in preparation for production pilot deep plot. Details are still vague. That indiana jones is now wheelchair-bound Do you have a ramp into this. Grammy most of the pyramids or or caves. He's going into awesome. Yeah it'll be good. It'll be fun. So the movie is set to debut. July twenty ninth twenty twenty two so almost a year and a half now. Another major franchise mickelson boarding after Coming onto the fantastic beasts movies. He replaces johnny depp. As grendel walled after depth parted ways with that whole crew because of his troubles with what's her face. I don't know the details on this but Apparently some police bodycam footage has come out. That proves his line. What really know again. There's there's the limits of my knowledge of the johnny depp. saga kit. Just throw that juicy piece out there and just let the wolves go after it. Okay well let me see if i could find something here. Yeah we'll have to look into that because he he was just found guilty or whatever. I use in britain right. Here's the headline from the daily mail. All right exclusive johnny depp. Says oh thank you pop up ad. That johnny depp says new police testimony and never before seen bodycam footage showing a tidy apartment proves amber heard is lying about blow out fight where she claimed the actor trash their penthouse in through a phone at her face. So the officer arrives in. It's beautiful green rice dean in beautiful Interesting so obviously He's fight for his life because he's getting cancelled everywhere and so yeah One of his last remaining allies was. Jk rolan rowling rolling. Whatever her name is on a river. She apparently supported him. She said look. He hasn't been convicted of anything. So keep him and she did for the last movie. 'cause these rumors were circulating then and she said no. I'm not dropping in from the movie. Well now they did now. They did so. That's interesting if he's got some new proof. Maybe that yeah some of what she said it really by reading this big headline yeah probably throws the rest of her story into doubt if the bodycam footage shows a pristine apartment and he said he trashed her apartment when he beat me up. Now if you visit like say my garage and any number of things could've just happened in there and obviously this wouldn't have applied if the cop shows up to my garage like what happened here. I mean i just everything. You can imagine vomited into my garage officer. Sorry wow yeah. So i mean. Good luck if he's innocent. I hope this helps. It's really sad. If he's innocent mean he got what he deserved if if he's not if he was really abusive to her but if she lied about it that'd be nice for that to be found out because he's i mean his career is over. I would think. And he's deeply deeply in debt guy. I mean he's but islands like forty homes. That's where the world. I was doing okay financial until i started buying a boss going down that rabbit hole a fire sale then turned into an obsession. And now i don't know what to do with these islands. I can't even get to because kovin have you tried to sell them to anybody or use gonna to it. I tried on ebay many bids. All right well you need an island. Not right now really. We'll talk at this cookie thing dot com. Catchy dot com. Kf downscale tomorrow

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