Believe in your own greatness: Advice from Tim Cook, David Chang, Abby Wambach and more


I'm Bob Pittman and here IHEART. We know that if you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business. In fact, that's the problem that net suite by Oracle has set out the saw. It's time to quit flying blind and unlike growth for your business with net sweet. Schedule! Your Free Demo Right now and receive your free guide, seven key strategies to grow your profits. Go to net sweet dot com slash math. That's net sweet dot com slash math. You're listening to math and magic a production of iheartradio. I'm Bob Pittman welcomed the math and magic stories from the frontiers in marketing. There's no question. The Corona virus has disrupted our natural way of life. This weekend is high school and college. Graduates around the country missed their traditional end of your celebrations. We iheart wanted to do something to mark the occasion, so he gathered some friends. Important leaders, creators, athletes and thinkers, and we asked them to give a personalized graduation address, and we took those speeches, and put them out as pie gas called commencement, and we broadcast the speeches on the radio. Radio as well was a small gesture, but felt good as a company to unite behind him, hearing from people like Abby Wambach David Chang, Bill Gates Mary J. Blige Eli Manning and Katie couric well, it was inspiring. The words are meaningful not just to graduate, but to anyone taking on the world, so for today's episode thought I pick up you inspiring lessons. I heard and commencement life lessons that can be applied to marketing and business, starting some advice from X. Alphabets Moonshot factory, and it comes from the Captain Moon shots himself, Astro Teller. For as long as I can remember. I've wanted to create an invention machine. Not An actual physical machine, but a place where groups of passionate talented people can throw themselves unleashed an unfiltered at the problems they care about most and emerge with radical solutions that are ten times better than anything. That's been possible before. I've always imagined such a place at the love. Child of nineteen sixties, NASA and Willy. WONKA's chocolate factory. I've been trying various iterations of this since I was in my twenties and I'm now ten years into building a moonshot factory. A place where we bring the audacity and. Them embodied by the space race to inventing in launching technologies that could help the world's most pressing problems. Problems like food scarcity internet connectivity in clean energy. Born Google X. now, just ex. We've created things like self driving cars, delivery drones, and barely the healthcare arm of alphabet. What bothers me is? The X. shouldn't be the only moonshot factory. We need more many more, not just big formal moonshot factories. We need millions more people waking up day. More creative, more brave. Urgent to find tech solutions to the world's biggest problems, I know there's lots of intelligence desire in resources being invested already. No one gets up. Monday. Morning saying this week I'm going to make a grandma progress. And yet that is almost exclusively. What happens and it doesn't need to be that way. We are all superheroes. The ability and aspiration is hair, even if it's buried deep in some of us, what's holding us back? As individuals and organizations is the strong gravitational pull towards conventional ways of thinking and behaving. Most of us have been conditioned by the environment around us not to fail not to take risks not to make anyone uncomfortable especially, if that person is your boss, so most of US ended up being too cautious, too Afraid Rock, the status quo, or make something up, and the irony is, it works the other way around. The most powerful and painful epiphany of my life was to stop hiding my inner Weirdo you don't get joy power money a sense of purpose whatever you crave by protecting yourself. You get those things and you protect yourself best by unleashing yourself. Everyone thinks it's someone else's job to come up with the weird new ideas and take big risks. Being companies think radical thinking is for startups. Startup, say it's the big guys who have all the resources. Universities do great research, but aren't set up to build real world solutions. Governments get mired in short term problems and there you have it suddenly. It's no one's job even when it should be everyone's job to help solve the problems of our time. I'm forty nine I've had to create a special brand for myself is a useful crazy person, because I'm supposed to know better so I need air cover for saying things that aren't normal. Your ideas are unfettered. Your perspectives are fresh and you're being young. Gives you air cover for throwing out. Crazy ideas, so go for it. Let them rip. You have another big advantage. You don't already know the answers and unlike the experts, you know you don't know the answers. There are still lots of jobs in which experience says a ton of time and hassle, but when the answers to current problems are far over the horizon, and all the rules have suddenly changed like we've just seen the experts believe they know the solution and just have to implement. It is why they will fail. Experimenting iterating and learning. Is the only way forward and doing that is a lot easier with your advantage. You can admit ahead of time. You don't have the solution upfront. For. Extremely complex problems like the world is facing today. There are no answers. There is no playbook. I! Love the Astros. Says about embracing your inner Weirdo. It's advice. We've heard on this program a lot whether it was shaggy talking about tackling music in a new way for Scott Hagedorn talking about new ways looking at data or even David Solomon the CEO Goldman Sachs talking about embracing his hobby as a DJ in his free time speaking of David in his commencement speech, he shared a lesson about time a commodity. You can't make more off. Here's how he learned to make the most of it. I've worked on. Wall Street for over three decades. Our work involves at times array of valuable commodities stock spots gold silver oil. You name it. But even a beggar. We'll tell you the most precious commodity of all time. No matter how smart and creative you may be, you cannot create more time and once you've spended. There's no way to get back. One of the great lessons my father taught me was the value of time and more important how to be a good steward of this finite commodity. I was a teenager frustrated that I couldn't fit into my schedule. Everything that I needed wanted to get done. Academic sports friends rest of high school life. So my father had me go through an exercise I'll never forget. With simple printed calendar, he had me right in each days. What I needed to get done. Including eating and sleeping and how long I thought I needed to do it. I protested of course, but when I was done, I realized that I still hadn't filled my day. There was more time. If I spent it wisely. Gradually learn to be very intentional with my time how I spent it. What I wasn't willing to give up a budget my time a lot tighter in the process discovered more of it. We're time to get things done to explore new things to do. What really mattered to me? To this day I make sure that even with a jam packed schedule of a CEO I make time outside my day to day to be with people from different industries and with different backgrounds. Time spent fostering relationships with diverse people who enrich my thinking. And Challenge. My assumptions makes life a whole lot more interesting. It also makes me a better person and in turn a better, CEO. I, hope you'll be a good steward of the gift of time invested wisely and yourself and others. With people who think differently than you do people you love. People who love you? Some who challenge you? And more than a few believe in you. As, we looked on social media for themes to cover. Confidence is one thing that always comes up. How do you build it for yourself? But also how do you infuse it in your team's culture? Abby. Wambach has bought sombat as two time Olympic gold, medalist and fiba women's World Cup champion. She describes the moment she helped secure the World Cup Championship. And why believe in yourself is just as important as believing in the greatness of your team. I see my teammates running toward me from every direction on the field and from the bench they're screaming and laughing and hugging I five in chest, bumping, and as they rush towards me, each of their amazed faces asking. Did we just do this? Did we just save our World Cup life in the last second? What the Hell just happened! What happened? Is that we believed. What happened. Is that we never stopped believing. There's a chance that the national teams loyal Fan Club. The American outlaws cheer from the stands. It has become the life blood pumping through our national teams veins. It goes like this. I I believe. I believe that we. I believe that we will win I believe that we would win. I believe that we will win. Graduates as you step out into an uncertain world. I WanNa tell you why this chant should become the life blood pumping through your veins to. I, believe. You must believe in the I. You must believe in yourself that world. Cup played doesn't happen if each player doesn't step up and claimed her specific power and skill to deliver the impossible. Christie Krieger Carly Pino each had to believe she was good enough and ready to execute her part within the broader play. None of those women could alone control the ultimate outcome of the game, but each was hell bent on controlling what she could control her part her moment her belief. Collective success is determined by individual accountability. The, greatest teams are made up of individual players who each relentlessly believe in their own greatness. Graduates in this moment. As you step out into the world. You don't know what fields you'll be on how high the stakes may be, but you can know this for sure. There is a part out there that only you can play. When the ball come see you and it will. You will have to decide that you're good enough. No one else can decide that for you. Be Bold be audacious. Believe in yourself especially when no one else does. And when the ball does, come to you when it's your turn to make a difference show up like our collective future depends on you because it does. I. I believe. I believe that we. Must believe in the we. Speaking of Teams Chef David. Chang has been a star in the restaurant scene for a while. Now he cut his teeth with legendary Momofuku, and he's now an author and TV personalities well, but in speech to young graduates. He made it clear that one of the biggest lessons he learned along the way is it isn't always about you. Here's how he learned to take the focus off himself and think about his team's happiness. Because I'm a chef now you might think that things collect when I wound up in cooking school at twenty two, but that would be incorrect I did have a good feeling about cooking, but I was so mediocre in fact, I was just bad that one of my classmates actually quit the program because of my lack of talent. I'm not kidding. They told her that I was going to be a partner for one semester and that she couldn't switch. So, she decided to drop out than be my partner. I stayed at school mostly because I had exhausted all other options. It's crazy thing, but by mid twenties I had worked so many jobs and tried so many things I a good chunk of the world to yet. I was convinced that was all the waste I looked at. My friends could not believe how far ahead of me they were. Maybe, some of you know that feeling and if you don't I'll tell you the same thing. Life Begins Rider about where you are right now. Conventional Wisdom says that college at the time to experiment. But now is when you can truly accumulate data to your advantage. This is the moment in your lives to be selfish, so use it and be smart about welcome. All the heartache disorientation enjoy that you can most of all lean into situations that might lead to mistakes. You have to taste failure so much. And so early, so you know how to deal with it later on when the stakes are higher. On Sundays may feel like. It's just too damn hard like it's not worth climbing back up that mountain again, but you have to keep going. It's as simple as this honor your time here, but just as I. Urge you to look inward to find yourself your voice and your purpose. I want to tell you that conviction can also be dangerous or at least it was for me. Five or so years into Momofuku. The company gone from being an army of one into employing over one hundred people. Now we have several hundred and they were all unhappy. The problem was me. I was miserable to work for in my fanatical quest. I was blind to those around me and their needs in my little world all matter what was good for me? This somehow had an immediately affected the quality of our work, but that luck didn't last forever not only did our magic spark dim I was more alone than when I graduated college. So, I want to leave you with greatest piece of knowledge. I've gained so far an idea. We should all remind ourselves in times like these. It's not about you. Going to be happiest in my opinion when you try to be selfless. Love how David evolved to think about his employees, but his theme of perseverance and grit struck a chord with me to, and it's a theme. I heard Chris Broussard's speeches. Well, we'll hear more from him Tim Cook and more after this break. I'm Bob Pittman, hero, math and magic. We understand that if you don't know your numbers, you don't Know Your Business and the question for any business owner out there the one that might keep you up at night second guessing your decisions is. Are you confident that you've got the right numbers at your fingertips? Every business decision ultimately turns to numbers. You can't make the right evaluations and the right decisions if you have the wrong numbers, or if it takes too long to get them. 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Customers grow three times faster than the S. and p. five hundred, and so can you. You so go right now to schedule. Your Free Demo and receive your Free Guide, seven key strategies to grow your profits at net sweet dot com slash math. It's time to quit flying blind, and unlike growth for your business with nets sweet. Remember you can set up your. Free Demo and get your free guide today at net sweet dot com slash map. That's net, sweet dot com slash math. IHEART radio and state farm know that the graduation stage is the first of many, and while grads may not be walking across one this year. They can get the send off. They've always dreamed of with our new podcast commencement, featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names like John Legend. I'm honored to have the chance to speak to to share in this special moment, Katie couric. You'll need some very important life skills to move forward. Perhaps the most important one is resilience Chelsea handler. Dare to do things that scare you if you can embrace. Embrace, the unknown and fully jump into what life has to offer you. There will be much to celebrate and much to enjoy, and Kenya reflect on the work you've done and celebrate moving into your new phase. These iconic names all coming together to celebrate you. The class of twenty twenty listened iheartradio's new podcast commencement brought to you by state farm speeches are now available on iheartradio, APP, or wherever you get your podcasts and remember state farm will be there for this stage and every stage after like a good neighbor. State farm is there. Welcome back to math and magic where we're highlighting some of the best and most inspiring speeches from this week's commencement by guest, Chris Broussard is a successful sports broadcaster Fox sports, one and Fox sports radio, but that wasn't always the case. He advanced career through sheer determination, grit and long hours. He attributes to success to never having a sense of entitlement. Even if that meant taking unpaid jobs take a listen. Do not have a sense of entitlement. This business doesn't. Oh, you anything I. don't care what school you went to i. don't care what your grade point average was i. don't care how highly you think of yourself. It doesn't owe you anything. Your mentality has got to be that. I've got to earn every single promotion or advancement that I get. I'll share with you. When I first started doing national television. Now I've been in the New York. Air's writer for the New York Times and done some local TV, but ESPN was starting a television show called cold pizza. Now it's called I take. And the show was as seven am eastern time and they were asking local riders into New York. To come into their studio early in the morning to do his for the show, they weren't paying a thing and they were putting you in a hotel overnight, so they would pick you up early in the morning, and then you would do do the show. I the went so far as to when I was on the west coast, covering Kobe Bryant in the against the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals Two thousand four that I would be on cold pizza at four am Pacific Time so I'm getting up at two thirty in the morning to go do this show for free no money. And I had other writers in the New York area say I can't believe you doing that. How desperate are you to be on television? They're not paying you anything and you're going on it for you. I I say I told him you gotTA. Give me a hotel room or I'm not doing your show. You better. Pay Me some money, or I'm not doing. Well now I do national television and radio career, and some of these guys are as far as they like to be. In their careers I didn't have a sense of entitlement. I figured this could help advance my career I can do it. I will do it, and now I get paid amounts of money to do television and radio, whereas then I wasn't getting anything. Don't think that you're entitled to a darn thing in this business or any business for that matter whatever field of endeavor you choose to go into. Chris like so many of our other commencement speakers acknowledged importance of putting in the work, but there's another factor the CEO of Apple Tim Cook wanted us to consider as he's been reading about Lincoln. He's been thinking about how important it is to race into uncertainty here. He is talking about the courage. You'll need in this time and the success that can result from. Not being able to leave the house leaves you with a lot of odd gaps of time to fill. I've been trying to use them to read and I keep coming back to Abraham Lincoln. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to put these times into perspective. You'll be shocked at how clever and funny and a life is thinking still, Liz, how reserved in humble man managed in noisy times to call others to hope. It's also hard to imagine someone more defined by their circumstances. Lincoln found his country on fire and chose to run into the flames, and he gave everything he had to bring his people chaotic and squabbling fundamentally flawed yet fundamentally good along with him. The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present, he said. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew we must disin- thrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country. Graduates. Your case is new. For you, the old dogmas had never been an option. You don't have the luxury of being enthralled you enter a world of difficulty with open is tasked with writing story that is not necessarily of your choosing, but is still entirely yours. You promised this day. Many of you had to fight hard to earn it. Now, it's yours think a new. Act A new bill that better future than the one you thought was certain and in a fearful time. Call us once again to hope. Courage is also something I heard. In CNN Miller speech to Seattle, never went to college, but that didn't stop her. From becoming a successful actor, designer and producer and her speech, she talks about the importance of pushing away feelings of materiality. She also talks about standing up for what you believe in and creating a culture that advances your standards, not the world and her case that having the conviction to walk away from a role she was passionate about. My industry is an inspiring one, but it is not always been a place where women are respected equally with their male counterparts. This is a global issue. We still live in rampantly patriarchal society. It is essential that women. We cultivate the sense of worth we deserve to feel. I know it's hot and will though the world is beginning to shift their deep rooted prejudices that exist around gender. Women. Represent over half the population. It is essential that the places you work in resemble that statistic. Be Great leaders. Be The generation to really fight for equality. If you feel superior, get yourself in check. Respect the differences between men and women, people of Color the Lgbtq community and value the contribution of everyone to a workspace. If you start a company that company reflect the world as it is. We need leaders especially in moment. Who Do not marginalize who listen. WHO K Be Those leaders. A while ago, I turn down a project. That I was passionate about when I learned. The my male co star was going to be paid more than double. The salary I had been offered. I was forced to make a concession between my dignity and self worth and a role. I loved I was being pressured to accept a value of myself. Which I knew was wrong. And will be it with real difficulty, self judgment, and even shame I walked away from that pot. And that change something in me. It turned out to be a pivotal moment in my life, not because I took the pope because I didn't. And at that moment my worth was exactly the value I placed in myself. I, guess what I'm saying his. Stand up for yourself. Stand up, others. Stand up before you know deep down is fair. So much success comes down to a sense of southwest. Cultivate. That strength is best you can. Don't value yourself based upon the responses you get from other people some imagine perception of who you might be. And don't give yourself away to others. Hold on tight. This is your life and your experience. You might know Guy Rose's voice from how built this or the Ted Radio Hour? I liked the speech wasn't about blind optimism, but rather was about looking for opportunities in this time as difficult as things are right now, the world is full of opportunities. Things just waiting to be changed and after hearing his speech. Thank, you might agree. Not GonNa. Tell you something that may sound counterintuitive. Smile. Open your eyes look out and understand this. You are leaping into what might be the greatest moment of possibility in modern human history. Now before I get too deep into this. I want to explain what I mean by possibility. Isn't wild-eyed optimism or a belief that history is an inevitable march towards progress. That's rubbish. Possibility allows for a whole range of outcomes, massive failure regression loss. But possibility also allows for growth and resilience and recovery, and most importantly the possibility to dream, and then to realize a better way. Possibility in May of two thousand twenty is an opportunity to re imagine, and then to remake the world. And to do this. You're going to have to take big swings swings for the fences swings that will occasionally be home runs, but most of the time we'll be strikeouts. But if you take those swings right now, not in five years or ten years, but right now you will start to remake are very very challenging world. Is Some of you may know of interviewed. Thousands of some of the most inspiring people on the planet, and some of them are swinging for the fences, but they need you to join them. Pat Brown. He was a bow chemistry Professor Stanford he understood that livestock production accounts for a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, so he started impossible foods with the goal of figuring out how to make meet real meat that bleeds in sizzles from plant proteins. He's already succeeding, and if he finishes the job, it could cut carbon emissions by twenty to twenty five percent. Pat Brown didn't wait for others to make a change he did. Jimmy Wales wanted everyone on earth have the same access to knowledge that he did, so he created wikipedia as an open source online encyclopedia that functions as a nonprofit available to anyone anywhere anytime. He never really made any money off Wikipedia, even though it's one of the most visited websites on the planet. Jimmy Wales didn't wait for others to make a change he did. Alice waters started a farm to table. Restaurant called Chez Panisse in the early nineteen seventies in Berkeley. But she soon started to see how industrial farming and agriculture were polluting rivers damaging the environment, so alice started a movement, called the edible schoolyard and today. Thousands of schools across America are growing their vegetables in harmony with nature. Now it's not gonNA change the entire world today, but it's start alice waters didn't wait for others to make a change. She did it herself. Alicia Garza. Opel Patrisse cullors. They lived and breathed injustice. They didn't wait for permission. They inspired black lives matter. Toronto Burke knew intimately about the silence of sexual assault victims. She didn't wait for permission. She wrote two words that changed the world. Me To. Gratitude and Vanessa. Still. Kids ignited a movement of thousands of young people demanding climate justice. They didn't wait. They didn't ask for permission. Now if you walk around San Francisco today. You'll see ads for startups that will deliver cannabis to your home through a sophisticated APP. You'll see ads for better work productivity software. One startup even raised almost four hundred million dollars to build robots to make pizzas. We now have another new media company. This one raised more than a billion dollars all with the goal of creating ten minute video clips to keep you glued to your iphone while you wait in line at the grocery store. And look people will make money off of these ideas, and that's fine, but if you really want to take advantage of this incredible moment in history, no this you can make it happen by deciding to be more like Pat, Brown or Alice waters or Toronto Burke or Gretchen Berg. Don't wait. Everything and anything is possible coming out of this crisis. Can you use your energy? Your youth, your boldness to take a big swing for the fences to answer these questions. I think you know the answer. So. We need you to spend the summer building a plan. You are the jet is we have been waiting for? We need you to take this mission. There may never be an opportunity like this one again in your lifetime, and it's okay to feel scared. This is a hard time. But I promise you. You have been given a gift. Now right now it's your time to run the world. Care The keys. In. Don't look back and one more thing. May the force be with you. That's it for this week's math and magic the speeches I drew from barely skim the surface from General Stanley McChrystal to Katie Corey Ryan seacrest to Hillary Clinton Halsey to bill, Melinda. We've got fifty plus inspiring commencement speeches waiting for you on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast. Go check him out. That's commencement speeches for the class of twenty twenty until next time I'm Bob Pittman and thanks for listening. That's it for today's episode. Thanks so much for listening to math and magic a production of IHEART radio. The show is hosted by Bob Pittman special. Thanks to sue Schillinger for booking. Wrangling are wonderful talent, which is no small feat Nikki tour for pulling research bill plaques and Michael as our for their recording. Help our editor at Ryan Murdoch and of course gale. Raoul, Eric Angel, Noel, mango and everyone who helped. Bring this show to your ears until next time. Are you confident? You've got the right numbers at your fingertips. I'm Bob Pittman I'm here to tell you that. Serious entrepreneurs and finance teams run that suite by Oracle the world's number one cloud business system. It's time to quit flying blind, and unlike growth for your business with sweet schedule Your Free Demo right now and receive your free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits go two net sweet dot com slash math. That's net, sweet dot com slash math.

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