Lies We Believe About God, Part 4


Word of truth so we can worship God in spirit and truth deepening our knowledge of God thereby enabling us to deepen our love welcome to where we are studying to show ourselves approved rightly okay so there you have it right from the inspired authoritative word of God that governments exist because God put the for there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God number eleven is this God blesses my politics God blesses my politics well suited or originated by God in quote now that does not entirely true chapter thirteen does state very clearly says this quote every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities governments now as I said God is not a member of a political party but he has ordained in decreed that govern so Picking up where we left off yesterday I think we left off yesterday talking about how God wants to be a priority that was one own who I authored the shack his newest book is entitled Lies We believe about God and in this Book William that he outlines and will look and see why these lies are actually true or if they're not true why they are a distortion of the the tea party does not mean you are a Christian but on page one a one of his book he says this quote government is not instant Paul Young gives us twenty eight what he calls lies that we people have commonly believed about God and we are discussing this because his that is I would agree with him on the face of it that that that is true God does not bless our politics truth so a good opportunity for us to kind of flex some discernment and Theological Muscles here and be equipped to be able to engage our free while it is true that God is not a Democrat and God is not a Republican or God is not a wig or torey or something like that Romans the dead horse regarding the shack but this is a really good opportunity for us to exercise discernment in looking at some of these lies and family members and Co workers who probably are in enamored with the shack or maybe even reading this book okay there William Paul Young is wrong when he says that God does not create or institute makes valid points actually about confusing godliness with politics in those two are not to be confused because you're a republican or a conservative remember I have to say that God even decreed government the guy even degreed communism or ends you and yours doing well and I want to thank you for joining me we continue our study today into the newest book by William Paul Yet are Fidel Castro Barack Obama you know I don't think anybody listening to this radio program was a fan of Barack Obama I certainly was not but I have I spoke the shack was such an enormously popular book I sold well in excess of twenty million copies and so if this book even sales admits exist and governments that the governments that do exist are there by God and if you read Romans thirteen literally and I don't know how else to read it then one percent of what his other book did than it is something definitely worthy of our discussion worthy of our attention and as I said this is not just to kind of you know be ears I think that is I think he was part of God's judgment on us there's I would be hard pressed to tell you one single thing that Barack Obama did with which I would agree but it was God's will that he be there and he was the lies and he says that we believe about God and God is a magician we talked about that looking here at my notes so the next line he's line I just make an easy statement that government is not institute or originated by God and when you read through this chapter you see that he has a pacifist in case Oh it's it's playing very loose with the text in very disingenuous with the intent of the Scriptures I've been the knee and admit that it was God's will that Barack Obama be present in the United States for eight years had I know it was God's will because he was president of the United States deep threat it could be very well real threat I mean if somebody breaks into my home I have to assume they don't have my best intention at heart if somebody in fact he makes a statement he says quote is somewhere on page one a one one onto but he says quote a gun is an immediate response to a perceived host of things that God did not originate but submits to because we human beings have brought them to the table well moved threat so you sees he's very much anti-gun he doesn't like guns well a gun is an immediate response but it may not be just a six into my home they're not there to you know bring me a birthday cake or something they're there to to do me or my property or my you get the sense that William Paul Young's God little g God is this God who is kind of he's not decreeing things he's not family harm so it he's really disingenuous when he says a perceived threat now somebody breaks them your home I'm calling that a threat all right so I dispense with the whole notion that God's submits to anything got you say he has a very high view of man a very low view of God that is that is one another lie he says God created my religion this is line number twelve says that is a lie well ordering things he's not he's not certainly not sovereign he's not in control he's kind of responding to changing Changing circumstances on the Ground Legion in and of itself I mean most religions obviously are false but the Bible does say something about True Religion does not it does a distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world now this is not a work salvation obviously James as writing from the presupposition William Powell young you when you read this book you see he does not like religion he says quote own page one on one zero nine he says quote religion is among a whole I believe in Christ but you're not out there doing things you're not out there you don't have any works you don't have any fruit of your conversion then that's worthless religion here's a big one he says here's a lie you need to get saved according to William Paul Young that is a lie that is him and you keep yourself unstained by the world alright his next lie line number thirteen in James Chapter One verse Twenty Seven James Says Pure in undefined religion in the sight of our God and father is this to visit orphans and widows is a lie I want to read to you what he himself says out of his book lies we believe about God on page one fifteen eating our salvation after you sign your informed of the fine print in the contract there is a proliferation of expectations that no one he's at True Religion Though the point is that True Religion is at once you are in union with Christ then you do these things you visit the orphans and the widows you help drink manager in eventually reached the star level if you don't well we don't WanNa talk about that do we okay since you brought it up if you don't follow through told you about minimum performance standards time and money commitments and innumerable rules if you behave right and meet performance objectives you could become retail you again he says here down just a couple of paragraphs on the same page he says the good news is not that Jesus has opened up the possibility that is his understanding of the Gospel Oak I would be hard pressed to come up with a more skewed man centered understanding of the Gospel than that salvation and you have been invited to receive Jesus into Your Life The Gospel is that Jesus has already included you into his life in much of Christianity it is quote saying the sinner's prayer now we are in someone's down line in they get a reward for facility no he's it's like we make moves and God has to respond and he's really busy up there trying to catch up with all the things that we're in everything he does is just kind of in in response aunt won't make it any less or more true in these as saving faith is not our faith but the faith of Jesus an excuse me page one sixteen on page one sixteen empower young says he says perhaps you get an invitation from a friend you go a well why would I ever think this is great news unbelievable that is his view of Christianity difference on your commitment you will be in danger of being eternally tormented in a lake of fire and if you don't get the ones you love in your down line they will too it to his relationship with God the father in into his anointing in the Holy Spirit the good news is that Jesus did this without your vote in whether you believe it or not itself Christian with his worldview he could find a ton of other religions out there that would be far more accommodate ah described maybe it is Jesus or way to ease your loneliness or a promise of life after death then there is a transaction a signing on the dotted line it almost like a plan B. or C. or deer year F- or whatever in response to things that we're doing that is not the god of the Bible that is not the god of the Bible now such thing let me read to you John Chapter One verse three John Chapter One verse three says this all things came into being through him and apart from him nothing in his Gospel in fact on page one seventeen he says this quote every single human being is in Christ and he cites John Chapter one God doesn't have faith faith is something that we have and we place in God God doesn't have any faith that was such a disaster hi deep breaths okay one thing Jesus does not have faith God does not have faith okay there's there there there as who wrote verse twelve so don't you think context would dictate some meaning and understanding here not for William Paul Young no he he that the people to whom he is writing are in union with Christ he's writing to believers so basically what he's saying is this if you just profess Christ only those who have received him as many as received him to them to them not everyone to them he gave the right to gross gross it is amazing to me that this man is even re- I don't even know why bothers to call him his he has got a fundamentally flawed understanding of the Gospel he says it's like well you pray the centers prairie sign on the dotted line and then all the children of God even to those who believe in his name he says later he says Jesus is the savior of all humankind especially it sounds like basically that's what he is he's got a Buddhist philosophy really I mean it's it's it's so humanistic it's a it's an incredibly all things and nothing that has ever come into being ever came into being apart from him he's the creator but that does not mean you are in Christ or person is it might trip you up with if you don't rightly understand it first Timothy four ten says this quote we have fixed our hope on the living God who is to this concept of being in Christ and John is very clear in verse twelve that it is not everyone who is in to become children of God even to those who believe in his name now it's the same person John who wrote Verse Three Relievers I Timothy Four ten let's discuss this a little bit because this is tricky now if if somebody were to come to you and routine I three as his support for that that every single person is in Christ John One three and Christ is in them in crisis in the Father Oil Difference John Chapter One verse three says in came into being that has come into being kate this has nothing this is simply saying that crisis the Creator in he has created leading to him and would be a far better fit then Christianity I mean he he could be I would recommend to him Buddhism versus and he would have read John Chapter One verse twelve which says this but as many as received him to them he gave the right flat out says John One three says something that it does not say in then he ignores John One verse twelve that actually does speak we see that there's it's a distinction between all men in believers now if God brings all men to heaven how can the same be true only white man can be saved or only Asian men can be saved or only with being in union with him William Paul Young completely ignores for example John Chapter One verse twelve why didn't he just looked down a few verses nine Eskimos can be saved he is not he is not confined the offer of salvation to anyone class of man in Christ in a in a salve vic sense in a relational sense no not at all just means he created all things doesn't have anything to do find the offer of salvation to any one class of men in other words God has not said aw or gender or ethnicity anything like that God's people will come from every tongue tribe and it's ever ever been born every man woman child that's ever been born no all men without any distinction without any confinement in other words he's not just quote especially for believers so even reading this just just the verse itself even removed from its context is reading the verse in English a savior of all men especially of believers in quote day what if you don't know the meaning of that verse don't understand it it's Palming by this okay here's what he means point number two God it it means this first Timothy Fourteen four verstand means that God has not confer in John Chapter Twelve verse thirty two he said if I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto myself what does he mean by that every man saying saving people from Ukraine he's not just saving people from Trinidad Tobago he's not just saving people in New Zealand boarded view of the Gospel who say that is actually a lie that you need to get in he says he says the beautiful beautiful thing is is that God has already included you in nation right revelation chapter seven verse nine God's people will be will be coming from every tongue tribe and nation also Jesus stated addiction between the all men and the believers are something that is true about the believers that apparently is not true about the all men okay so that's first point you oh scripture revelation Chapter Seven John Chapter Twelve is clearly what it means in when you think about how many babies there is a distinction when when Paul says and First Timothy Four who is a savior of all men especially of believers so there's obviously some then you're gonNA burn in a fire and oh by the way all the people that you lead in sooners prayer if they don't do the same thing well they're going to burn that is a sudden it's like a bait and switch then all of a sudden you're told oh you've gotta meet performance standards and you gotta go to church and you gotTa do this you got to do that and you gotta give money and if you don't do that well it all men everywhere without any distinction of class or ethnicity that's what he means that is clear teaching tax if you caught flat-footed I timothy four ten cutting trip you up a little bit because it says that the living God is the savior of all men but the and notice it says especially of believers so what does this mean is is God the savior in a salvage of all men everywhere like everyone on who's ever been born or everyone who has ever been conceived let's two points to make about I fourteen even reading in English a seven minute video from Kosti Han who's been gracious to Record a video for me that's GonNa be on there that that's going to be worth the price miscarriages and abortions and and children who died and they go immediately to haven't straight to heaven and that is

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