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The USS Indianapolis


Oh where are deep. Good Morning. Sleepy the hands finally. Where's the studio? Where is anything at all? I can't even see well. This week's episode is on the USS Indianapolis. So I I thought what better way for us to get in the spirit and to spend four days stranded at sea together as a calf. I hate you so much much. Come on guys we can. We can fight off sharks and don't worry someone will be by to pick up four days. This is our chance to get closer Have you read the essay. I try not to read ahead. I like to stay fresh. I don't want to drop my energy and the way he's does really want to perform at the top of my being. You know what I'm saying you'll being okay. Well spoiler two-thirds of the people in that story die. Eli they all die. Hi and he's what are you eating Oh not calm very clearly early Tom. It's very. It's very clearly see his face. Yeah he started eating him like as soon as he woke up. Aw and welcome to citation needed the podcast where we choose the subject. Read a single article about it on Wikipedia and pretend we're experts because this is the Internet in it and that's how it works now I'm Bosnich and I'll be navigating these waters but I'll need some chums as jaw doc. I no no no no no no. Nobody bought tickets to hear you. Ah I up to men who even sharks describes sport utility no and see so enjoy. Enjoy that mistake me and you don't get shit. I feel like I'm safe until sharks discover antacids. You'd think with all those teeth they wouldn't have the problem. It's third row eating. Oh we have shed signs audience while the open it and also joining us tonight. Shark food porn if ever there was one he and come on two girls one S- Cup. What's amazing project scope is a fish? Fuck everybody sidebar. Sharks watch a lot of porn because without hand just seems like causes more problems than it solves the Dutch runners now before we begin tonight our final live show for the evening. I'd like to take a moment to thank our patrons patron. What's your name Sarah? Thank you Sarah. And if you'd like to join Sarah's ranks be sure to stick around to the end of the show and with that the way tell us Tom. What person place thing concept phenomenon or event? We'll be ending our live show experience on today. Well since Noah road it's going to be something uplifting says the sinking of the USS Indianapolis and Noah. You finally decided on this subject after. Tom Threatened to bomb several important. Trust in archaeological finds are. Are you ready to set sail. Promise you trashcans are interesting though but yeah so tell us know what does the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. It was the deadliest shark attack in recorded history. And I WANNA be yeah and you guys cheered for it. That's fucking all right so I WANNA be super clear here. I WANNA push back against the pros shark propaganda. That infests the Internet. All right because you're going to constantly come. I'm across things like ten things more deadly than sharks or whatever and they'll have shit on the list like vending machines right and yes okay. Vending machines kill more more people than sharks is betting. She's like three people a year. Shark kill fewer than one that is not as a skull Tori as you might think when you consider how much much more time we spend around vending machines than fucking sharks. Imagine every couple of times a week you were in the habit of going up to a shark and shoving a dollar bill EH avenue for US SAG night. Yeah no that's not gonNA fuck it. They'd kill a lot more than three people year. Plus there is. There's no story of the worst bending machine attack history now. Don't let them fool you. Sharks are giant murder tubes. Yes Shark gets mad about losing its dollar tips over the vending machine on self. Okay this is Kinda funny the stat for both but the Japanese sharks so it's got the panties from the vending machine on its head with its nose through the leg hole and it's super disappointed. It's like oh it's just the rapper. I'm sorry. Sorry a little side note here no ahead to think of a relatable thing that humans fetch from vending machine and he landed on Zag cut. That's only because he didn't know after they discontinued cigarette. Vending machine was the funniest sound on. Okay so the bill in question in this story are twofold actually up criminally negligent incompetence and the oceanic. She antic white tip shark. This will actually be the only story where the white tip is bigger. Yeah all right so so white tips. Also known as Brown Hilbert Sandbar Shark Brown Sharks Lesser White Sharks. Big Gun knows. SHARKS ARCS setting like an Italian voice. It's a shark wait. There's more ocean. White tipped whalers and silver tip. Sharks are are among the most aggressive sharks in the world probably because humans couldn't decide on one fucking name forum. Milburn is not an aggressive sounding off it might also be pissed among the contenders for name is lesser white shark less lesser white shark is. Should we call the needs improvement white stripe in the King of e plus the satisfactory shirt. Nice well all right so white. Dip Sharks populations are in steep decline today. because Chinese people eat weird soup but back in the sixteen hundreds stroup. These were one of the most familiar sharks to mariners mariners because they were known to follow ships around licking their lips saying shit like no. I bet you guys can sail through. That looks way worse than it is because sharks are fucking evil and these guys were evil for sharks Jesus but despite their well known homicidal nature people build boats anyway anyway learn so much about each other somebody did off for white tip shark. Ah We're losing so far. The only thing that I know no it doesn't hate are his wife a handful of cats and loudly correcting in people. I don't expect to add anything to this. Okay okay. I love all cats and all volumes of correcting people personal me about But conversationally anyways. So they'll Mike among the post that people built was the USS Indianapolis a Portland class heavy cruiser Kapiti page feels the need to point out that it was named after the capital city of Indiana A.. And by the way I have no idea what Portland class means. But apparently that entire class consists of two ships this one and one called the Portland. The Indianapolis was GonNa Fuck since birth adopted right now by gays though. Oh it's from Indiana so all right so the Indianapolis launched in one thousand nine thirty one and it does budget navy ship for a dozen years but it doesn't really get to take any ass until World War Two to be fair. That would have been awkward without a war involved. Oh you're right now that I think about it or so in nineteen forty three and forty four the Indianapolis Indianapolis served as the flagship for the Fifth Fleet and then in July of nineteen forty five. It was tasked with a top secret mission to deliver the enriched uranium. That would be used for little boy. The deep I nuclear weapon ever used in combat. Wait what year was the boat made. the idea of why don't you out a new. Yes thank you. Could we not find a a new boat for that fucking mission. Uranium like we got a thirty one pinto with a sale. fucking hate to the top of refined. Get from that decade ace. Jeez this from a man who drove a car here that once literally caught on fire while we were all in. Ah that worship ten years old fuck. That fire was you and right out. Whatever ever that really did happen though? Okay so to be clear. I still have that card. Nuclear the uranium they were using for this bomb represented. It's something like half of the world's supply of uranium-235. This was dammed valuable cargo. There was no backup here. It was also some damn secret. Cargo cargo right because like nuclear bombs thing at that point but a lot of people knew that they could be a thing so if the Japanese found out. Americans were taking enriched uranium to such and such an island they basically committed every available bomb to that island so that means that almost no one in the navy knew where the Indianapolis was supposed to be pulled holdover for a broken tail light on the FDR. Hopefully it on a white captain well. They should've just called it the US Lacrosse. Just let it go with a stern talking to all the time. Earning right Eh. Boom this ship leaves San Francisco on July sixteenth of nineteen forty five within hours of the first successful well nuclear test by the way and she is hauling ass. Barely this ship set a record for the time from San Fernando Pearl Harbor and then kept hauling ass across the Pacific on July light twenty-sixth. The Indianapolis delivers precious cargo to Tinian Island and then sets off towards the Philippines and I had to be an awkward hand off though right okay. Okay they are all the world's uranium. Just sign right here through your bones glowing and all right so now. The mission is accomplished but they still have a lot of secrecy around this ship's movements because they can't afford for people to be going like where the fuck did this ship come from right so even after after the drop off. The movements of the Indianapolis are known to only a few higher ups in the Navy. Okay seriously what the mission is accomplished. They had a banner and everything. Everything's Okay Nice. That's right not so much okay. And that becomes a big problem. Pretty quick win at a quarter. After midnight on July thirtieth. The Indianapolis was hit was a Japanese torpedo and started to sink. Yeah they were all. They're gonNA take evasive maneuvers but the torpedo is pixelated. So they couldn't do it sure her room handle you know y'all watch Japanese porn so all all right so keep in mind that the Americans had basically broken all the Japanese codes at this point so when a Japanese submarine radio's home and says hey we just took ah big ASS. American heavy cruiser at the Americans decode the message and they go. There is no American heavy cruiser in that area. They must be trying to lure us into a trap and so they ignored Lord it plus we might literally vaporize all of Asian next week honestly we have no idea. It's like fifty fifty so that ships getting fucked fucked either way can focus on renting the fundamental building blocks of the universe in defiance of God. Not Worry about this ship. Both little boy and fat man are lining up for the Japanese gangs. I have video my phone. I know all right so oh despite all that I should point out it is not that easy to lose a heavy cruiser. Your fucking telling me. Let them blow you a couple of times. Suddenly they're texting you all day long. Ah All right he quit the show over that we both Cario right. How so? There's a command center on that tracks every US shipped in the sea but they're operating under the assumption that if a big ass shit like the Indianapolis had failed to show up where it's supposed to be someone would tell. Oh them because someone other than the command center should be in charge of. That must have been what they thought. But there's a problem with that if nobody where the ship is supposed to be knows. It's supposed to be there that kind of Fox. The plan right so basically go when they hear the Indianapolis didn't show up the next day. They took it off the board and said that it was docked in the Philippines. Well that's yeah. Are we sure about this new system. I'm saying because according to our big risk board all of our ships are docked in the Philip right all right so back on the ship the fact that they're not docked in the Philippines is very hard to ignore so to her torpedoes. Hit The starboard side of the ship and some Japanese mariners. Just fist pumping like I told you guys hit ball battleship. We got Jason. Yeah all right so the first the first door pedo blows a chunk of the ship's bow over sixty feet across out of the water and ignites a tank containing something like thirty five hundred gallons of aviation fuel. This sends a pillar five hundred feet into the sky. The second one hits the the ship's fuel tanks and powder magazines really should store those in different places I feel and then that sets off a chain reaction that basically ripped it's the ship in half bright but the saddest part is that guy from the infomercial with the tape wasn't to be at. This would be a short if he had been battleship jokes. You like the most popular product in the United States for two thousand six. Fuck you all right so now all of this shit is happening just after midnight and among the things that go on in this chain reaction is is that they lose all their electrical generators. So you have to imagine. These sailors are basically woken by the sound of an explosion seconds. Later they're in the dark somewhere in the heart of half a ship. That's still Taryn Erin. As across the Pacific at seventeen knots and also a bunch of people also just exploded. So they're trying to get the fuck out of there and or rescue the wounded wounded but they're basically also stumbling around in the dark while they do it and as it happens they're gonNa have all of twelve minutes from the time the first torpedo hits but before the ship ship goes under. Well it's going to take like fourteen minutes for rose to go back below deck and get the jewel of the Nile or whatever fucked still higher rated than Carnival cruise. I ah yeah can confirm all right so you imagine this hectic scene you got injured people everywhere. They're desperately trying to get liferafts in emergency rashes into the water and and just get in the water before the ship sinks isn't enough. Of course you have to get some distance there because when the ship goes down it sucks everything nearby down with it. So basically they're trying to launch life rafts. Load 'em up and get a good ways away from this death trap before it sinks. Needless to say they don't get all the liferafts in the water and perhaps just as needless to say they they don't get all the people in the water either of the eleven hundred and ninety six men on board only about three quarters of a made it off the ship before it went down. Alright one in four people have to die on the ship right now. We often force. I feel like some people to be with their friends. They lied about their number. uh-huh we're going to try something different every look to your left. Now look to your right now. Kill third hurt math badly. So you're we are twelve minutes after the initial explosion you've got some nine hundred sales. Were just bobbing around the Pacific Ocean with way fewer rafts than assets. Okay leave it to the Navy to count by acid. It's always my assets. Yeah so now. A lot of these guys are wearing life preservers but many of them aren't so basically. These people are clinging to anything anything that can float allow more people to survive. But it's one person per door it's a rule. Now Yeah No. They said that rule way way long before arshile keep in mind too that when the ship went down it also left a pretty nasty oil slick on the surface of the water so this is getting resigned as in their mouths and they're open wounds and speaking of open wounds they're also putting a lot of blood in the water and there's like a shark sommelier and there and he's like I get the richness of the ten W thirty but I'm getting hints like Corn Fed to Braskin. Ah All right so at this point you gotta figure they're survivors. That aren't seriously injured. Figure that they've already made it through the worst of this. This right they gotta figure somebody in the Navy and the Naval Command chain is GonNa Notice Seventy foot long ten thousand tons ship missing and this is like thirty years pre jaws us as well so they didn't have a chance to hear Quin speech about this right but as it happens the ship sinks at about half past midnight on Monday morning are some guy with his face. All burned up Bob next. Monday's Murray it well. It turns out that this is actually going to be the best thing that happens to. These guys are fucking week all right. Well there's blood in the water and I'm about to chum so we'll take a quick break to think about baseball for a little ditty. We like to call apropos of nothing so we just got word from the Japanese. They sunk in international cruiser. Sir Do even have a cruiser in that space not not that I know of Sir Johnson. Yes Sir do we have a cruiser at forty to fifty D forty four thirty two No okay you're saying that weird that's what you're saying. No I'd said no normal normal. No definitely definitely saying super. Are we learn weird. But let's just say I were saying it weird God and we did have cruiser in that space in that situation. I would not be able to tell you about it but I'm but listen if there is a secret secret ship there. It just got sunk by the Japanese so we should go help. That's not not not until you have other Info we can't no. I mean I mean. We have audio of their screams clear. How long career? Those could be dolphins in English speaking Dolphins english-speaking Dolphins Yup. Okay okay okay. The gentleman speaking and we're back when we left off off. We're about to lose a whole bunch of semen but then see so yelled at us for Juergen off in the dark during the interstitial skits so some something boat Noah go all right so let me reset the scene here the USS Indianapolis sank about nine hundred people are floating in the water in various stages as of dead and it's almost pitch black and this is when the sailors start to notice. They are not alone in the water. Oh they've got each other. Ah Yeah there's that now it's here that I'd like to return to that. Bending machines are more dangerous just then sharks bullshit right because okay imagine how this story would play out at this point. They discovered that they were surrounded by vending machines. Ah Like I mean. Don't get me wrong. It would be frustrating. Their money would be wet. The bill reader. Back out. They'd be robin it against the edge the wrinkles out and shed but it's still be a hell of a lot better than being surrounded by pocket. Sharp he's a bunch of dollar bills going up and down man just circle dollar bills. You can only put five dollars in the water their fins. Aw take mileage on that side tonight okay now up until this point this has been a pretty upbeat story. I know but this is where it gets bad. And it gets really fucking bad. Okay so at this point. There's a lot of injured people. In the water. They're bleeding their thrashing. They're basically screaming. All you can eat shark. Buffy this exit and it doesn't take long for the sharks to notice you know there was one like shark shark stat or refused to pull over because he made Baloney sandwiches for the average is great is all it. Is You know that little sharks relic like. Oh Chris off. My Dad beat them up all weird so he's dad like the fight. Sharks learn a lot about each other. Yeah all right. So there's an important thing you need to keep in mind wind here. Sharks are not universally recognized ocean monsters. Then they are now like like these will wear aware that sharks existed and that sharks could kill Gila motherfucker but they had nowhere near the fear of that people who grew up post jaws would have. We're at least they didn't at the start of this whole ordeal. Yes sharks are that just that super super introverted nerdy guy looking for the right time to strike up a conversation with humans so you come here often gnome actually trapped in the water and cool cool. I can smell your blood. What nothing I didn't you say something all right so now at first the shark extorting taking the corpses which is really just tidying up? But you know big deal but they were getting a taste for human meat and that's not good so by the time the sun comes up they can see like their sailors can dorsal fins intermingled amongst them. They started a group together as much as they can. The sharks like no no. This is perfect. It's perfect get get in groups. That's I start wrapping seaweed around. Let's get one bag of rice. The per group sprinkle a little row at close cluster together. It's a good strategy. I don't like when my food is touching either right exactly all all right so again that they were leaping off of this ship in a near panic right they are way more people than there are lifeboats. A lot of these people are just floating in the water with their life vests on or in a lot of cases without life vests just waiting for some do deny and hoping they can get to the life vest before the shark eats awesome and takes it with them. Is anybody else here. Picturing like the sharks trying on the life vest like it's fashion week doc. I did a bully. Mix Shark everyone at home. Did the late show went to bulimia shark those wondering all right so oh now sharks and drowning are not the only thing that these guys have to worry about. There's also Japanese people trying to kill him but they also they managed just to get some emergency rations into the water before the ship sunk but not enough so in addition to being food they're also running out of food and more importantly the running running out of water. Of course a lot of them had pretty severe injuries. To begin with you. Know what with all the torpedoes in the explosion. So basically they're all bobbing up and down wondering if the sharks the starvation vision dehydration the lack of buoyancy the gangrenous leg or the enemy ships are GONNA kill him I. I'm just picturing the reincarnated guys from that steamboat. And then the Syrup Europe explosion and then the radiation in South America being like okay you got to this point. It's a little funny. I love. There's dying due to become like a running guy in our show. He's like a constant under all right so now this would already be historically terrible story if the navy's showed up with rescue rescue boats like the next morning but they didn't in fact these hapless bastards would be floating in the South Pacific for four fucking days. He's before they were rescued. Or at least I'm sorry not all of them a right right. So uh-huh the navy spent four days walking around the docks of Manila Philippines. Being like fucking sure you haven't seen a six hundred. Ah We have a system and the captain never said he's not here all right so by the middle of the first day the sharks had run out of corpses to feast on and they started turning two injured sailors. Now there are a lot of really fucked up stories in this. Tell us many of them as I can like. Basically these guys are just GonNa like floating around board for hours at a stretch and then suddenly somebody's pushed up out of the water and drug along for a few. You doesn't yards screaming and then disappear below the waves or else they're just sitting around and suddenly somebody just disappears below the waves and all they see is a mangled life preserver floating back to the surface. This seems like a weird situation where people are bored. Ever right playing candy crush Socks pretty quickly. They realized the sharks are going. After the isolated sailors so the survivors started congregate in ever tighter groups. which is more or less safe provided vita you're in the middle of the group so you have to imagine like scores of people on the outside of these groups like desperately trying to push their way into the middle? We said yeah no swimming under and popping back up in the middle we Steve Swimming on the right now. He just went on alert. I'm not saying. Make this into a musical but I am saying if this were one. This would be a perfect time for that synchronized ernest swimming number and it would still have less deaths than Spiderman. Turn off the dark wind Graham running. Oh fewer deaths thank you. Of course that was quiet. See that one was quiet. Alright so through all this time. Of course they're also starving. Now they did have some rations but nowhere near enough and even what they did have they often couldn't use right like back. There's one One of the survivors recalls a story of him and his friend opening a can of spam and then seeing a bunch of Dorsal fins. Just zeroing in on that fucking spam. So they like to eat their starving to death and still. They're throwing food away from themselves. You know yeah that's what you need when you're dying thirst. Brian Salt Poor. Yeah yeah the only part of the story that makes any sense is throwing the spanaway now. I'd rather die from sharks right right so of course more important than the lack of food is the lack of water people are dropping from dehydration. Pretty quickly I mean. They're not dropping very far well. Visually slowly they drop a really long ways but yeah drew now of course as is so often the case when schick shipwrecks people start dying of thirst some of them start drinking saltwater which which of course kills them but also like drives a lot of them crazy. I so you have a lot of stories at this point of like people just like diving under the water themselves dragging people down with them. You know it just gets better from here and also Justa validate quint from jaws. There actually were a lot of stories of people like do you like the sharks would just eat the underwater. This is my mind for sharks eating way so there are a lot of stories of people swimming over and just like tapping somebody somebody on the back that they think is asleep and he just flips over and he's just happened. Dude yeah you know World War. II pretended to be dead so someone would shake communicate flashes. Dick Adam okay. In World War Two allies defense got him ohno. No no the sharks shoot my gum. What time is it so now the secrecy surrounding their their mission is often one is invoked as the ultimate reason why they weren't rescued wire right away but I wanna be clear that there were actually plenty of opportunities to know that this ship went down when their torpedo hid this ship Celena on a Goddamn distress signal and it was received by three different stations but at one the commander was too drunk to do anything about it and another the commander ordered that? Nobody disturb him no matter what and a third was paranoid and assumed it was Japanese Japanese trap now apparently none of the support and instead anything like okay but let's make sure we tell them about the thousand drowning guys in shark infested water after he sobers up or wakes up because they continue to do nothing about this for the next day and the day after that. Okay you guys laugh. But if Noah told us not to disturb him right now he and I would whisper the rest of this fucking. Do not disturb. The Guy runs with an urgent message was like a necktie on the commanders door. Yes but essentially that. Yeah so actually. When when the rescue finally came it was a complete coincidence at ten twenty five Am August second again four days after the fucking ship sank? Couple of guys are on a routine patrol flight when they spot this huge crowd of American sailors in the water. The immediately drop a liferaft rafting radio transmitter and presumably if he was thinking about it one of the survivors looked at the life. Raft and screamed. We're going to need a bigger boat. If not they all felt so fucking wrong about that for the rest of their lives. This is a call forward. TRUST IS GONNA kill once they make laws. Awesome the movie about sharks. I know we're laughing about this but one liferaft is more aid than they sent Katrina. No that's true that's true all right so George Bush. Yeah so the pilot radios this immediately. All the air and surface units units that are capable of rescuing are dispatched to that area. And there's a standing order against landing amphibious planes in the open ocean because that's dangerous buck so I only do is drop a bunch of liferafts but but one of them's destroyed in the drop. The other of once bland way too far for these Exhausted crew members to swim out to especially since then they'd have to outswim sharks to get there in one of them. Indiana Jones short round slowly drift right into the openshaw now but the first I playing that arrived did take a vote. Among their crew in elected to ignore the standing order land on the ocean and pick up as many people as they could turns out by the way that if you're willing to strap survivors to your wings with parachute cord. You can get about fifty six people on a P. B. Y. Five eight Catalina patrol plane. Of course you can't Ben Take off but it still beats the hell out of being shark bait at least over the water at this point so they just chilled there. I guess until some rescue boats could arrive of the nine hundred men who survived the initial sinking. Only three hundred sixteen would be ultimately rescued and two of them would die shortly afterwards. You know at some point though. They're all floating there and terrified silence. And One guy's like Marco the other guys like Polo. They both get stabbed a bunch by everybody else. Those are the two guys is yes those are the two guys those guys who died shortly after they were chomps right. We're playing shark. Oh Polo this hour. All right all right now. This was an institutional failure it required several high ranking naval officers to bug up so naturally they tried to pin all the blame on the ship's commander. That's Charles B mcvay. He was court martialed for failing to issue an order to abandon ship and failing to zigzag to avoid detection both of which charges by the way we're complete bullshit. He did order. The the first one was just ally he did order a ratio of the order to commandship and he was ordered not to zigzag to avoid detection which would not have helped in this instance anyway but regardless of his innocent innocence he was made the fall guy for all all of it and he spent the rest of his life. Getting letters from families of the dead sailors was sentiments. Like this is an actual one quote. Merry Christmas our family's holiday would be a lot merrier mirror if you hadn't killed my son and quo. Our Fan mail is exactly like this without the merry. Ah America's would be nice. It's what I'm saying. Argh so he kept every one of those letters and at the age of seventy he killed himself with his navy issue revolver he was found with a gun in one hand and a toy sailor in the other which made him both the last person to abandon the ship and the last person to die from the disaster. All right Noah bummer sorry. I'm sorry. Fewer Soviet a summarize where you learned in one sentence. What would it be a Hawaiian? Your closing dozing off the live show doubleheader picking up top and. Are you ready for the quiz. I'm ready to fuck out of here. Yeah all right after the first course the sharks have for dessert. A hey give me a chance come on me a chance. A Hey Jeremy crew being be guy screamed float sea drown cake with life. Preserves or D. Oil slicker doodles was fun is slicker doodle is to say I can. I say say it without answering that. I'm GonNa you know what I like to think that. At least the sharks were punished with a guy screaming headache. So I'm with you. Okay all right well we were going to do our live. Show episodes all relating to New York. So how did Noah think this topic was New New York related now. There's possibilities here a a stinking pool of oil blood and fish. Breath would be at home on any of New York streets be running running out of palatable. Rations is par for the course. At any of your fine pizzerias okay all right nine eleven or C. Thanks for the rescue. Yeah thank you or see a bay full of bobbing Robin corpses is just part of the wonderful local scenery bear. I'M GONNA go with secret. Answer D. This makes a a lot of sense for most of the time. This episode is going to be in archives. This fucking said. It's GONNA be underwater. Soon is what I'm saying essentially doc more for you. So obviously. They're making this story into porn. Is that obvious. Is Israel number thirty four. Oh no you're right you're right yes okay. So which of the following is the best title a we're going to need a bigger throat chummy inside me see deep blue semen it all right. Well I am disturbed by how often I say this to you heath but I'll choose the semen. It is one hundred percent correct. Well done. No yes yes it is yes no wins the right. That means I get to choose choose next week's SAS then it won't be for live show rope made it through all of that. So I'm GonNa Choose see-saw something Eh. Oh right well for seasonal Tom. No and he's I'm allows Lick Bacon you for hanging out with us today. We'll be back next week and by then cease will be an expert it on something else between now and then seasonable refused to let me into his hotel Ramona. How Nice I ask teeth and Thomas out drink any of you? Mother fuckers just try. Aw No

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