EPISODE #028: Hackers! Yes, that's right, Tom & Manda delve into the deep dark web of hacker movies! There's no CTRL+ESC from this one!


Shall we say a vein to love to about their new nuclear. It's a good game chefs <music>. I'm it to you from an undisclosed location. Thousands of fathoms see this is the deep jive podcast. All i had one thirty station <music>. Hello divers welcome yet again to the deep dive podcast the only podcast they can save you up to fifteen percent on your car insurance no that let's car insurance yeah exactly. I'm tom feeney writer for wing shot movie magazine available liberal and amazon dot com and with me is manda highland hi. I'm the co host here. She is the co host dinosaur expert here the only only dinosaur expert here in the county yeah you know the <hes> the county they emailed me and said hey we need to know the specific dinosaur your gal and i replied with roar that was it. It was super mega. That's actually pretty good. I would have just replied with the work. You're dying a shower honest or oh. I get it they were. They were planted in the ground by the devil to confuse us. Whoa oh yeah well how people do believe that you know. There's no limit to what people believe. Even if we think that there is a limit like you know like a limit of logical <music> it goes beyond that no yeah. It's it's ridiculous. That's ridiculous sometimes oh well but in any event <hes> let's get to today's topic showing now computers have been part of our lives for at least oh last seven years so i'm not good at math <hes> now. I remember my first computer. Do you remember yours no. Yes i do what was it <hes> it was it was definitely a mac and it was one of the imax if you remember in the education occasion max and they had <hes> different colors so what my school district was that you could put a deposit on a mac and then it was kinda like yours. You rented in <hes> in at the end of the year. The people could buy it from you so my parents bought me a blue one. No turquoise turquoise. I did actually had one of the original max. What's the <hes> the blue ones. I think i still have in the garage. Summer doesn't work probably but yeah yeah. Probably i've also seen people turn them into aquariums which i have seen that too. I remember when i opened up apple loops. Though that was pretty cool yes in highschool nice. That's pretty cool so my first computer and this was back in nineteen eighty one so it took up the entirety of room. Yes it was it was one of the unix <hes> <hes> from ibm. Yeah i did a lot of punch cards. <hes> actually mine was a commodore vic twenty with a whopping four k. <hes> around so and i had an expansion module two and it had a cassette tape drive nice and actual audio cassette tape drive yeah. You know it's funny. I was at work and i had the pleasure of seeing an much older mac. It was a performance series hundred. Oh my goodness. I had the hard drive out to make sure that we could safely. Remove the data and let me tell you. It wasn't easy nor did it. Look we expected it to yeah <hes> <hes> my first mac was performed performa five fifty. Oh wow yeah back in the mid nineties. <hes> mysteriously back in the mid ninety might perform. I i loved that was my first. My i loved it. It was such an awesome kid. Be robust machine. It really was and it served me for good longtime so i had that for like five or six years. There's wow and it was a great machine. I loved it. <hes> i stuck with. I stuck with it too because everybody else that i knew was switch into windows ninety five and i was like nope. I am not doing that. I'm loyalist to be fair x. P. is probably the best o._s. Out there for windows <hes> and then when they got into ninety five. I was like it's okay but where's my rollercoaster tycoon yeah they. I think they released. The guy's name is chris. Columbus guy who makes rollercoaster tycoon i think he released the second version on ninety five in that's the expansion where you could have like different types of food stalls <hes> so not just like hamburgers and dogs but you could get like french fries and like ice cream one time and you can still draw people in the late that you made. Oh boy that that's my memory of childhood so nice man movies anyway okay so the reason that we're having this discussion you probably already there is a point podcast off by. Is that our topic today hackers offers. That's right those those fun. Loving rascals like to spend their free time disrupting our digital infrastructure and frightening the elderly as you know they do because everything that they own has been hacked been hacked. Get some stories for you boy. Don't we <hes> yeah. It seems like once you once you hit a certain you know certain age bracket. That's it for you. I think the irony there is that most people who do that or the people who do hit that bracket and start to you think oh. I'm being watched. Don't realize that you know what your age bracket where they don't really care anymore. <hes> might be true. Take your social security and we don't care at all about so. We're not looking. Let you through your phone or your t._v. Or but hackers are real thing and honestly so much has happened. I mean at least in my generation. That's been huge huge. I mean what about the whole wikileaks thing. Oh yeah i mean i think most kids in my journey. She would know at least heard of wikileaks but <hes> <hes> i mean this kind of stuff like espionage goes back. Oh yeah lots. I mean we're talking like i couldn't even think of examples. I've read about in like where one history and stuff and one of the major problems identity for example yeah and as big a problem as that is for individuals imagine if you have multiple personality disorder. How many identities can you get stolen from you. That's such a worry. It's not right. It's not really at all. I mean that's a problem thought you were going to go with like imagine if you're a country but you know it makes makes sense that you went with like the the split movie just because i figure if you wanted more than one identity that's a real issue right so yeah but anyway hacker's hacker movies. I want to hear your first pigmented what he got for us. Well my first. One is a slasher film right. Had what no. I'm just kidding out my domain. I think it'd be surprised with some of my choices okay but no my first one <hes> oh i can't just i think i can describe it with the word tragic so that's where we're going right. It's called twenty-three came out in one thousand nine. Hundred eighty is a german <hes> film <hes> but i i find english dubbed version. <hes> director by hans christian schmid schmid <hes> starring august deal. He is <hes> pretty famously known for a couple of german women historical period drama type things but he's he's pretty famous. Who's always end well so okay basic premise here it's nine hundred eighty s cold war era a germany right <hes> by the way i should mention this is based on a true story. Okay <hes> there's a guy he's young. He's like nineteen twenty that something like that and he's part of like this like cool hacker group and he's not necessarily into like let's steal the government's secrets or whatever but you know he him and his friends <unk> are i would say they're more legitimate than someone who occasionally practices hacking into your email account so he called carl <hes> he also so has fascination with the number twenty three hence the title twenty-three <hes>. I don't know if you've ever heard of it but there's a thing called the twenty-three a 'nigma or the twenty-three phenomenon was there. Jim carey movie. The movie's called the number twenty three. Honestly whatever i'm researching this they get confused kind of frustrating because movie was silly <hes> but no it's basically the people find significance in the number twenty. Three <hes> like the world is made up of five to streak was five like some weird phenomenon at that but ah in real real talk here. I think you're always gonna find some valid truth. If you look hard enough for it yeah so like if i wanted to find significance in that number i probably would what almost you know. Conspiracy theories are based on two closely at something. You're gonna find patterns that you wanna find exactly so it's it's kind of manipulation reputation of the mind i guess a a self manipulation really but ultimately he he was fascinated by this number so it comes up several times in the movie which i think honestly might have been creative license from the director despite it being <hes> basically basically he <hes> his previous hacker group had gotten away with just basic minor things nothing too serious until eventually he found that guess what we can hack into these large servers these large <hes> protected servers and it turns out they were from the u._s. Military so now we have a young twenty something in germany during the cold war finding pieces of u._s. military information and then transmitting transmitting it to honestly not anybody importance yet but what would become like a pretty big deal so him and his friend group keep doing this and they they start to find like really important certain things like <hes> you know rations of soldiers but also like you don't timings and trainings at the military is doing and some some things it would have been really really helpful for the german army. I would imagine <hes> so. Eventually one of his cohorts gets caught and what happens then. You know you make a deal. Make a plea bargain well. I'll tell you this if you don't prosecute whatever <hes> there is actually such a thing called <hes> espionage amnesty. I think it is where you can be protected from being prosecuted if you come forward with the truth and say this is what i've done identify that i've done this and this and this is the formation of gotten from it <hes> so that's like a like can nationally or internationally recognized thing <hes> so he comes forward and says yes. This is what i've done. <hes> he verifies a lot of stuff but one of the funniest it's not funniest but kind of sad really truthful scenes in these put it in the movie to some degree passwords are easy to figure out yeah quite a few of his <hes> the files he found the password password. Oh kids do that or names pet's names that kind of thing nope and what it really comes down to is that he was one of the first people to at least <hes> internationally recognized as formulas idea that hacking and and identity theft is really based on a social engineering aspect yeah now so most folks. They live on one two three main street. So if i wanna make a password house word <hes> quickly i'm gonna with my with my titled my street in it and it's a it's a case of just wouldn't dwindling things down <hes> so basically he tells them what he's found and and <hes> the tragic part really comes in towards the end where he ends up going missing ryan. They couldn't find him but they did find his car. In a forest. I burt to a chris yeah so <hes> because of the nature of his <hes> unfortunately timely end. It's weird right so the german government calls it a <hes> self inflicted death and everyone's like <hes> interesting. It's fishy because and you can go into some of the things but basically the evidence. They found suggests that he really couldn't have themself in. I mean he was young but if you have <hes> an enemy as it were her it and once you steal someone's stuff you're basically enemy as powerful as let's say the the united states they wanna get fast because they don't want any more that you've i told so instead of hiring which is actually attacked at the most countries due to higher on these people and have them look at <hes> the some people suggest that they just they often so it's really tragic in the in the the sense he was very young and he's one of the first internationally recognized hackers of our age <hes> very very smart yeah <hes> so to the scores i._m._d._b. Gives us seven point three <hes> and of the other three that we normally use. They didn't have any ratings on it. I'm not surprised it's a german women film right so it's kind of hard stateside to get these <hes> reviews because of course if it's not an english people again i wanna watch it <hes> but i give it an eight point. Five wow even with the subtitles it was gripping. I enjoyed the cinematography. It was very dark but it was also kind of like just it it pulls you in <hes> and as of this recording you can find out for free the entire length of the movie ice and it is english dubbed. You can also find it in german but really good film again twenty three nineteen ninety eight good film school yeah yeah. Yes good so i'm gonna. I'm gonna do little public service announcement by the way everybody listening when it comes to passwords no seriously if you wanna make a good password that you are not going to forget stay away from proper names james stay away from street name. Stay refner. Here's what you do you take a quote from a movie song poem. Whatever use the first letter of each word of that quote ooh. It's easier to remember a long string words than it is a bunch of random numbers and letters uh-huh so it was the best of times it was the worst of times take the first letter from each word and then just put a number on the end of it because you can get the password in your head by just reciting the quote and just remembering what the first letter of each word is if you do that it's much easier to remember and it's almost unbreakable because it just looks like to anyone else it just looks like aim random series of letters right and then remember don't go on social media in post about that particular move your poem it just as a drill yeah exactly. She's just be just be aware. I mean passwords are one of those things where they're so important but what i find most people do. We'll just do variations of the same password. Yes exactly. It's not good yeah and this is how celebrities get hacked. I know because it's not that people know their password but people can an answer security questions by doing research about the celebrity like oh. What was the name your first pet. I can find that out on the internet right right so stuff like that. You have to really really be careful about what is alec ball all right. That's enough of that alwyn really well stephen baldwin who never mind one of the ones yeah they're all interchangeable crazy right-wing one atom pick my first pick so way way way back in the mid one thousand nine hundred the whole internet thing was sort of in its consumer infancy yeah had been around for a couple of decades decades before that but then it was just used by the government and some universities to send illumine communicates back and forth to be wrong a._o._l. Who else cds. Oh those i i wanted to build a suit of armor out of them. Had the chance so once the concept of the world wide web and the the internet browser came along it was the beginning of a digital revolution. That pretty much changed the world. Anybody can doubt that and also changed the world of entertainment taint more and more movie studios started putting up websites. I think the oldest one that is still operational is space jam. That website still works. It's still active and it's still so very nineties. Oh it's so fun. It is the best thing thank space jam dot com. As far as i know <hes> you may have to google it how you may have to google being see see it yeah that's amazing and it just looked up and it is so cool geo cities <hes> <hes> i don't know but for some reason warner brothers has kept that that website alive. It's kept on life support for twenty years. Can you imagine how many hits they must actually get to this. It's ridiculous. It is ridiculous but it's so much fun. It's kind of a a nice look back. Of course you can always go onto the internet archive <hes> <hes> the way back machine. If you google the internet archive and go to the way back machine shane they have saved websites going back twenty years. It's pretty cool. It is pretty cool so that's a rabbit hole that is you know that you will fall down for hours but it's a lot of fun. Nevertheless hollywood is we're back to will never pass up an opportunity to exploit a trend or something popular that is true that brings me to my first pick. I call it the nineteen ninety-five stinker from director irwin winkler the net. Oh no oh yes now. If you don't remember the net oh man it's probably for one of two reasons either you never saw or the trauma caused your brain to erase it from your or memory so forgive me if this review triggers you somehow i love the apologize. It's like i'm gonna play biebel. Not ma'am go the jack in what let me just dial in to our yeah. This is the the net pretty much covers almost every early internet cliche and trope from that time period from the mid nineties so what we've got is a young computer programmer played by sandra bullock back when she was still adorable and spunky so she's kind of this borderline agoraphobia she doesn't she hardly ever leaves her home and she works from her computer at an apartment and she does everything she oh she can order pizza. What a concept concepts. You can order pizza from her computer. Oh my god what a world we live my goodness being pizza. Oh hey wait a mino- eating okay <hes> <hes> so she gets in the position of this mysterious floppy disk and i'm doing air quotes for floppy-disk. Can we explain though for minute why it's called all foxy disc <hes> please. It was on asking you. I don't okay because they weren't exactly floppy. They were hard plastic. Well know that the original ones the original big ones ones. We're gonna uaba wobble wobble. I know i had a side business in high school selling them to kids. That's way instead of drugs which is what i sold year and continue cut that so she gets his floppy disk that basically places her in the middle of this vast conspiracy conspiracy as opposed to a minuscule conspiracy there ever small ones. I don't know i i'm sure there are like conspiracies like three people but it never really goes anywhere anywhere conspiracy three people so once she looks at this desk and basically all hell breaks loose for poor sandra bullock because her identity gets erased ooh and replaced with a different identity that has an arrest warrant attached to it so now now. She is a fugitive from justice. They knew everything about me. They must wash on the internet and staring during the personal files of the under secretary of defense thinking the power that they have commit reality won't be treated my information and then my fingerprints trying to go see why meet this summer. Sandra bullock carts in the done it to me. They're going to do it to you b._g. There dean gene at july twenty eight and you've got your typical shadowy cyber terrorists nefarious corporations and a <hes> dennis i miller before he was brainwashed by nine eleven. Oh yeah okay. You know what i'm talking about georgia to be funny. That's fair. That's just sad <hes> <hes> now this is kind of this is a paint-by-numbers kind of a movie but it's so nostalgically bad right so you you look at this and you're thinking oh my god. This is sort of a representation of the nineties. After someone read a computer manual just looked for look at the glossary and just all these terms that they had no idea what they meant and just was like putting oh. What can we do it. That what can we do with us. We can put in here and you know i. I can't really default sandra bullock for this. It's you know <hes> she was in the beginning of her career released around the time which wind speed and stuff like that yeah not doing movies. No no no no she had stopped doing actual speed long before then so you know that was a good rehab movie twenty eight days. Yeah lasted twenty eight days where it was remember that movie a yeah so it's i would watch it. If you're gonna watch should the net watch it as a double feature with one of those old internet safety videos on youtube the internet and you can your family benefit from the internet. What is the troll. No that hasn't happened yet. Is that now but yeah it will. What's that guy from dateline chrysanthemum he his job wasn't in place yet yeah. No he was <hes>. He was still just hanging out. You know say what am i going to do with my life. Internet writers all right but <hes> luckily for sandra bullock the herself. It did not hurt her career. Thankfully she went on to. I do some amazing work in films like speed two cruise control a all about steve and of course bird box. <hes> <music> burt fox. I really wanted that wanted to be good. Oh my god i wish i had a blindfold on when i was watching that movie and earplugs yes exactly so if you're gonna watch it watch it for the bad nostalgia and cannons dodger but the badge laughable kind of nostalgia if you if you you look at it through that kind of context it can be a fun kind of a trip down memory lane or a cautionary tale one or the other of the nineties basically screwed does all up as well <hes> now. Let's get to some numbers. Shall we all right so the net gets a oddly respectable the five point nine out of ten on the internet movie database thirty eight percent on rotten tomatoes. Here's the funny part. There was a t._v. Series is based on the net really ran for one season on the usa network back in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and what's funny is is that the t._v. t._v. Series gets a better internet movie database score then the movie. The series gets a six point three wow out of ten as opposed to the five point nine probably and and this is just because i'd never seen the series probably because tim curry was in it. He makes everything better. Oh tim curry's awesome. He was like he was like one of the hackers really yeah he was like some like overlord that you love the he's in a guy can't can't think no of course it to guitar picture crap rocky horror picture. Show love the music movie. I'm sorry unless you're seeing it with an audience. It sucks prove me wrong. Ooh don't do so both the net and the net tv series are available right now for free. No one would pay. Hey for them on the crackle streaming service. I don't understand why there is a streaming service. That sounds like a candy bar right. There is so so it's crackle. I think that's owned by sony which is good job marketing that sony <hes> so off free on crackle and rental for three dollars and ninety nine cents on most other services but get it for free download crackle. Watch it on there if you would like might as well yes so. I'm going to log offer now and banded. What's your second pig. Oh man let me just reset my password real quick. Oh no i'm just getting so my second pick was a bit of an interesting one. It's actually more more for documentary. Okay it is from two thousand and one and it's called the secret history of hacking drafted by ralph lee starring john draper and the was himself. Steve was back <hes> so okay. This is a quick little synopsis here or or brief overview m. It's mixed with like pictures of of modern technology at the time talking about you know almost what was twenty years ago so <hes> and then we've got layovers and voiceovers from from was in <hes> john draper on john draper. If you don't know is really famous actually if hackers can be famous. He's a famous hacker but he's more famous as it were for the term freaking. Oh yeah that's p. H. r. e. a. k. i n. Glad you mentioned mentioned that she that's coming up. Is it really oh interesting. This is our go. I have good info for you. See i do this all for you. That's why i'm in kenya. <hes> basically freaking is a slaying kind of term coined to describe activity or the type of people people the underground culture of people who study experiment with telecommunication devices so when i was young we had one of those see-through eighty eighty style like bones the other wires and stuff in yeah and one of my brothers try to take it apart didn't work out so well yeah yeah yeah. He's in the military now so god be with him. <hes> so the the term freaking is really abundant in this movie and they kind of go over it so here's the premise right how does hacking and programming lead to today's <hes> tech inventions now if you don't know steve wozniak is a co founder under of apple he's a project founder of apple one and two <hes> and he is kind of a comfortable guy seems like a nice guy. Entrepreneur learns the loves crossword puzzles then. Do you ever see that that article. He was like top of the <hes> <hes> crossword puzzles scoreless on some application than he developed and he was like hey tweeting out play me whatever and he always wanted dinner also created breakout for atari. Oh wow recipes atari indicates <hes> so basically they're give examples of at that time again modern technology and of course we're looking at the flip phone in <hes> sort of a singular what do they call jose baloch phones before they had flip phones but they were smaller and they could fit in your pocket like a nokia but without a flip i mean at that point they're talking about how <hes> hacking telephone bases and cell towers led to the invention of having telephones. That kind of thing steve wozniak of course is talking about all. This stuff is a notable program. We can only assume that some of that maybe prowess and technology has gone into the current line of iphone or any iphone really because the iphone came out one seven seven seven nine roughly roughly the somewhere around there so i mean he had a long established history and then all of a sudden. We have this like revolutionary revolutionary device. I mean the iphone has changed the world yeah i think he left apple long before that he did he. Did i mean i think what was it like chosen the one thousand nine nine he left. I'm pretty sure there's a lot earlier than that because he's in a plane crash pretty much. He had a lot of time to recover from right seriously injured. He was like an advisory type. Gotcha you're right. You're right <hes> so i don't wanna spoil it too much but it's about fifty minutes. <hes> and i think you'll find it very surprising. Some of the commentary they also was really kinda cool to as you remember in matrix where they said fall the white rabbit or whatever i can't remember what it is split something like that right but they all have like names they all have like aliases and some guys some famous hackers is called like jubilee and it's like couldn't you think something cooler like dark night of the weber something like that but i mean ultimately it's a documentary and there are some really cool things in it <hes> in regards to that at that time modern technology so give it a go you can currently find it on youtube for free fifteen minutes believe it or not it's actually put on by the discovery channel so it's on their channel so it's legal and cool to watch <hes> scores i am to be gives us seven point six very very high up there. <hes> rotten tomatoes and metacritic didn't actually have a rating which i do for bone to pick about that but we'll get to that point. I'm giving it an eight point. You know we thought it was hilarious. When i was talking but i thought it was really interesting and then it was trying to remember myself who i was until eleven i mean one. I was a freshman in high school and i. I actually didn't even have a phone that i one tells the eighteen but anyway it's it's crazy to go back that far and i know that <hes> it's not necessarily that far away but time moves faster astor when you get older boys at true. It's so true anyways. I was thinking we should have an alias like can i have alias. What do you want your alias alias to be. Oh how about like breakfast source okay syllables. It's a lot yeah. Just just give me some time. Oh get there but in any case that's my second and final pick. I really really enjoyed it has steve wozniak and it was the walls. <hes> komo name be fried chicken sandwich. Yes one hundred percent. Yes ooh. I want to be pickles pickles. Yeah eh pickles like tommy pickles from the rats or they may like actual pickles now beaming food boy all right you go with your pick all right then well. Actually you're kind of dovetails into my pick which is kind of interesting. Oh so my second pick is what i consider to be. The ocean's eleven hacker movies this is without a doubt one of my all time favorite films and i'm talking about nineteen ninety two's sneakers sneakers yeah. This is so much never seen fine. It is a fun fun movie. It's one of the best casts ever assembled got robert redford sidney portier. Dan ackroyd mary mcdonnell river phoenix recipes and sir ben kingsley. Oh dan le let him now where this comes in where your pick comes in it starts basically in the late late sixties with these two friends martin in cosmo and they are kind of a sort of prototypical steve jobs steve wozniak type. They're buddies but they're they're freezers. Okay which means they take it they can phone lines and they do all this kind of stuff too and they they hack into student records and they trying to hack into government mid stuff because their social activists and things like that so unfortunately during one of these expeditions so they're doing this <hes> this sort of hacking working session and martin goes out for pizza but while he's out for pizza his friend gets busted by the feds all right they raid they raided their dorm and they and he gets busted right and he goes to jail so we fast forward twenty five years martin who is still officially officially a fugitive. He has a new identity. He is now leading. This sort of ragtag team of a computer experts who are hired to hack into security systems was to discover their flaws so his team breaks into high tech systems to find out how to break into them and then they let the company know. Here's here's where you're vulnerable which is pretty. That's an actual thing right so oneday agents from the n._s._a. Which is spies and everybody wants to you. Hire the team to retrieve this mysterious black box. There outlaws the government we don't we want to hire you on the right. Side of the long job is to find the little black box. You have the idol robert redford. Can you guarantee my safety. Dan ackroyd stations ben kingsley. Mary mary mcdonald an excellent marksman river phoenix sidney poitier direct almost coalescing versus niggers rated p._g. Thirteen number nine hundred select areas in september eleventh everywhere now this box. It's very nondescript looking the was built into an answer and old answering machine <hes> <hes> this box can apparently break into any computer system on the planet and control it. It's got some crazy <hes> fuzzy logic algorithm kind of thing being <hes> that can break into anything so of course anybody that possesses. This box is in danger from pretty much everybody. Everybody wants to get their hands on this thing because if you have the power to basically break into any computer system no matter how sophisticated you have a lot of power even in nineteen ninety five. You've got lots of power so the team has to first of all. They have to find this box. They have to acquire or this box from the person that has it and then once they acquired the box. What are they gonna do with it. They really wanna give it to the n._s._a. Do they i wanna keep it. Do they want to destroy it. What do they want to do. You don't want it to fall into the wrong hands. It could be useful in the future it could be used but but is it too dangerous to be kept intact right because something like this. You know you'd spend the rest of your life running from everyone everyone that wants this thing unless you destroy it so they've got a bit of a conundrum on their hands <hes> so now this plot is really cool. Cool and there are some very suspenseful scenes in it too. It's like <hes>. There's some nice cat and mouse game stuff going on sir. You know there's it's really really cool cool but what i really love about. This movie is the quirky personalities of the cast of characters here you got dan ackroyd paranoid conspiracy theorist. I <hes> david strengthens like sweet blind hacker guys. You're really nice guys blind but a hacker <hes> but he does everything by sound <hes> <hes> so all these people <hes> they give this film a frill family kind of feeling you actually feel like this group is a is a true family family of misfits and reliant each other and it really it really is nice <hes> <hes> and that more than anything else really gives this film. I think it's it's it's life and energy. Get some funny moments in it as well some really funny stuff. I recommend if you have never seen sneakers. Go find this film and watch it. It's so fun. It's it's nostalgic and a good way unlike the net but i think i think if you like those kinds of films you were really really enjoy it so i'm going to get to the scores scores internet movie database seven out of ten a seventy six percent on rotten tomatoes which is fresh fresh tomatoes at is available to rent for two dollars and ninety nine cents on most streaming services including voodoo amazon prime google play and i tunes right so any honorable mentions any shout you wanna give. I don't have any honorable mentions. Charlotte's are always a thing <hes> so couple of things <hes> i would lake to let everybody know that we're coming up on season two. Yes we are. It's it's going to be amazing guys. It's going to be so much fun. <hes> at the end of this month and we're in september <hes> our our host pumping will actually have us on their page for an entire week sustained to them. Give them a follow their platform <hes> they take care of us but they're going to be featuring some of our cool <hes> episode clips and it's going to be really great for us so check that out <hes> i'd like to give a shoutout to travis and jay jay and belligerent podcast <hes> that's about it. It was good you. I enjoyed the show. I enjoyed the show too. I thought it was a a great deal fund and i certainly hope to god that we are not <hes> that we're not hacked by anyone. Though you know what i say though is that you can hack me. Just pay my bills. That's all i mean you can take my denny. Just pay the bills. That's all i care about. I mean i mean i will also have a go fund me set up to then pay for all those things the so to recap our picks for this episode <hes> manda. What were your picks again. My first pick was twenty three three two german film <hes> and my second pick was the secret history of hacking from children one with steve wozniak both of which by the way are free on youtube as of this recording that very nice so once again my two picks were the <hes> sandra bullock crap fest the net but like i said if you're into nostalgia that's bad had you should watch it and one of my favorite films of all time sneakers with robert redford and sidney poitier around around that that was a good episode nice. Welcome back episode after a couple of weeks furlough. Yeah i think so i think so so it's going to be agreed soon soon coming up and we're gonna have a lot more content and we'll also. I think we're aiming to do <hes>. What is it one episode per week for the month over. Yes we're going to try to one episode of we. We're gonna blanket. Blanket october with the fun of horror films heck yeah so it's gonna be exciting yeah different genres for each yes. We're going to do different genres for each. We're gonna did you harder but different types as sort of subject to spectrum people. Oh my goodness yes. We could just get their podcast at just to horror films anyway. I listen into one that thought you could talk much park. You're not as hard as a horror film horror elements to it for sure but the context. It's like this is cool. It's apartment dinosaurs yeah yeah so we have one more episode. One more episode of season one left to go so we're gonna make like rodney dangerfield and go back to school. Oh yeah anything in that respect too. You know you're all right and no not because i never got my g._e._d. I never learned to read aide. University of phoenix would help out with that really probably for good reason anyway so we've got our fortnight themed backpacks from target and we are ready to fill them with our favorite school related movies. Oh man so for relief. Stay tuned for foul. How play the only podcast devoted entirely to poultry themed sports <hes> this week host stubby and mitch tackle the controversy over allowing cornish game ends to play in the same field as roosters feathers will fly right smaller. It's not nice. I know that's why there's a controversy fair enough. See i mean they tackle the issues that other people will not tear afraid to tackling the issue. That's right oh so don't be chicken house. Listen today and that is it for us for this episode for the man delorean he and all of us here in studio d. I'm tom feeney. Are you ready ready to end this. I'm ready. Let's do it three to one. We'll see you next time by special. Thanks to spirits of symphonic and echo craft for our amazing theme music links to both artists artists can be found on our website. The deep dive podcast dot pod bean dot com. If you like us you can subscribe an itunes pod being <music> overcast or wherever fine podcasts are the deep dive. Podcast is a production of automaton media strange game winning not to how about a nice game of chess.

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