Crime in Music 58: I'm Aaron Carter and I Did NOT Blow a Seal!


Low again and welcome to crime music. I'm your host. Brian g kinsley and with me today hoy. It's jason roy apron. Hey jason every other week as you know we'll bring you new podcast about people in and around the music industry and their misadventures into lawbreaking. If you like music history murder mystery people with eccentricity. You've come to the right place you're going to share with your friends and tell a relative right because that's what we need. We need to get some people around the map. We've got a decent amount of people so far following us. But if you know someone i think we're looking for hawaii again with hawaii some months and another month the drop off and they'll tell people and they'll tell people nobel two more so if you know somebody please send him your favorite episode reach out to us on the social media is if you'd like to talk to us and get shout out on the show boy what's What's up today. jason roy. Well bryan a lot. Sounds like ben's car that i purchased for three hundred dollars. Oh yes that's right. yeah Last week somebody clipped me on the expressway on my way to work friday. It just stopped running on the side of the road. Turns out at broke down seven minutes from your house so i had it towed and we did some pretty mainly things we did. We got superman league this afternoon. And then we worked on the car. Yeah it was really good. Yeah no ben's old car sitting in my driveway for a day and night so thanks. Ben laid back now. It's back in running. I believe the repairs. Did i think we got it anyway. boy today. We're gonna talk about some manley things also and there's some people there are some cars that are involved. Actually we both cracks beers. There's some beers involved in this today. Also you're listening to that. It's i gotta respect for the guy because he kinda got his popularity came from strictly standup. Not because of snl. Because of any sitcom deal. But brian regan. Oh yeah yeah absolutely. Do you ever hear this kit. This is just me and my father was a mechanic. My father-in-law's mechanic. Nothing is skipped over me. Skip this generation. But there's a part where he talks about how he knows nothing about cards and he has to win some broken on his car. He has to actually make the sound. The car makes you can't describe like he talked to the mechanic. Yeah it's going ringing in. That was makes. I'm talking to my father-in-law. And i'm just kind of like cuckoo cuckoo. And he didn't know what it was actually really for him to wear it. He's like fuel line. Was the fuel lie. I thought it was impressive. Like the old school the fact that you're out there working on the car but the new school your facetime and a mechanic while you're working on the is this look right to you later. Get your phone up underneath doing so. Yeah that's the one why you keep talking about all right on to the show. Let's talk about that. Are you ready for guessing who today's guest. I'm never ready for this. Stresses me out. That's what every time the music gets me that throws me like i always think of like like like grain elaborately johnny cash before you come out and playing like that music. And he's like he's like all right. Everybody thinks we're going like that's for some reason my mind goes there. You're on the before your performance around the stage. Yeah well let's kick it off coming to the stage right. This week's guest guest you ready to go here. We go right. They call him the little prince pop. Little princip hop tevin campbell. No no no no Big gay got a big a no just big as a thinking. That is the relevant to his name. His name like arnold call you big a for no reason. I mean maybe got a lotta as in school okay. Can i ask you questions. Sure all right Would you has he put out. Or she put out any type of material in the last fifteen years Yes okay Would you say rock and roll rb. Closer another one. Let's go here. They some people call him. Chucky chucky chuck period chuck variants correct About we got a minute lodged from the Public enemy no some big call him air boy air boy air boy now airbud now air dear boy okay. That's funny Do you have a dog in the studio today. little prints pop big h chucky. Air boy Ac slater yes. It's more taking with him. Yeah mario got a huge following in the musical industry. Mc abc acc. That's a big seconds left. I'm blinking just. She'd carter Eric harder So let me shack. That's how ide- shack exact loom man. All right let's get rid of that. We're going to give you your clap. Did the last question the last guest. Jeez well where's my brain. The last hint was brother of backstreet. Boy nick carter. You are correct. It's aaron carter. What do you know about aaron current. I know that's how i beat. That's how i check. I remember. I think i was too old wife disney channel but was nothing weird about it. That's now allows watching it. But i remember they would always have like well now. They used to do it with like they'd have like selena gomez with like the magic line during the mouse years. Oh yeah and then like at the end you'd like disney and they did that with like was it the sweet life. Zack and cody yup. Yeah but i remember they would always have like these little music videos in between the commercials you know. Just kind of their way of peddling their you know. I can act answering. Yeah but i remember. Yeah that's how i beat shaq and just remember shacks like line in that. He had a couple of nights. he was involved in the song. He's like he's rapping about how he was playing basketball and playing shaquille o'neal eventually killing. It's back ooh won't blew. It was just like the most lake. But yeah i actually. I like those gold bond commercials. Yeah actually. I bought the single for that on cd. And we were up at matt's place and it was like a rush day and we put it in and he immediately loved the song because it was just so absurd and be checked. Yeah he's not like it was just a gimmick and it was a wafer shaquille o'neal the get his name out. There was a way for disney. Make money he was it was just. Oh and we're going to cover saw we're going to cover all of that face tattoo you right. That's many act. We will get there everybody alright. Starting december seven nineteen shakeel. O looks back at that with the he's done a lie. I don't know you would remember something like that over. Sure your a music video. Yeah got a song on the radio. And i'm sure your charting on. Trl we're gonna start in seventh nineteen eighty-seven born aaron charles carter in tampa florida usa. Two parents jane elizabeth and her husband robert gene carter genius. Don't a bar called. The yankee rebel in jamestown new york city and several years later the family moves to ruskin florida to manage. Retirement home called the garden villa retirement home and looking it up. It seemed like a nice place to die. So i would with the retirement home. That's not too far from my house. The spotted palm. Oh yeah Let's see here is older brother. Nick carter as we mentioned is in the backstreet boys. We'll give you wanna give people quick idea the backstreet boys. It's boy band came out. Can't actually boys was new kids. Nick carter it was Who's in that nick. The one Aj they had to have a badge. Mclean there you go. He was like the donnie in. But the thing about those boy bands. They followed a template right. They did and they had you had to have like the heartthrob. You had to have the bad boy you had to have the mysterious one. They had the one that didn't really like belong there. Like was it howie. How how would there is how that was the bad boy how he be. I think it was. He was the one that had the tattoos. The goatee then. You had the other howie. I think he had the ponytail and he was he was latino. And then you had The guy that was like forty five in the ban taller old guy. Do you all do. But who was the Perlman was lou. Lou pearlman into loop early. Part of that whole deal was because there was the backstreet boys they were kind of that was like the whole. Trl way at backstreet boys. You had ninety eight degrees even though town liquid dreams baby. Yeah yeah so. I'm actually angel fan myself actually angel. I forgot about reality. Show on over that. I made it my songs on the rich angel. Hell yeah yeah there you go all right. So that's the backstreet boys he. He's the younger brother of nick. Carter of the backstreet boys. So he's what marky mark was. Oh you new-kids-on-the-block correct he. He's he's he's mark mark of the backstreet boys all right so they've got some sisters though he's got twin sister name angel she's a model we've got. Bj another sister. And then we have leslie. And we'll get back to leslie. She comes back around here. Okay so chuck is named after. His paternal grandfather aaron charles carter and his maternal grandfather. Douglas charles spalding. So the charles is deep with them. Looked basketball by owning. Egg might have been honestly. I didn't look into that. Tam should have chuck attended franklin d miles elementary school and the ruskin school in florida so he's florida educated. He began performing the age of seven as the lead singer of dead end local band that was formed in a members of rock school that they attended in tampa so he went to those school iraq. Type of things. Those are cool found like these group kids wanna jam and they formed They have you ever seen jack black. Absolutely yeah all those kids like the kid that plays guitar in. That movie was classically trained. Oh i believe it. Yes all documentary. And i think the kid that plays piano on that was actually from kalamazoo. Really yeah not too far from here. That's pretty cool. Yeah well chucky did not think it was too cool to be in a band so after about two years because they were interested in alternative rock while he wanted to go into pop he moves on. He's like i'm no more quote here. This is a quote when i was six years old. I was in rock band. Horrible band has called dead end. And the name kinda described those people would go and perform at coffee houses and stuff like that people like us. The dead end dead. I'd never kind of self fulfilling prophecy in the writings on the wall. Do what's going to have those guys not looking well so okay. March one thousand. Nine seventy ditches dead end chucky made his first solo appearance. Singing the cover of the jets crush on you. When opening for the backstreet boys in berlin germany so his band opened for the battery. No just him. He went on a solo appearance. That you i'm always fascinated. With like these little factoid lake it blows my mind that hendrix for the monkees. Oh wow yeah. In the beastie boys open for madonna. You would think it would be like from what you know like when i was introduced to hendrix. No the monkeys for the monkey. I love the monkeys. I'm not gonna ask you. I would rather see the monkees first and then end with hendrix as oppose the other way around like. Oh the jams come in because mickie is going to sing dolan's anyway well the dude. Much like mickey dolan's chucky crushes it so hard that he gets a record contract. Wow so in the fall. Nineteen ninety-seven seven. He releases his first single crush on you. Do you remember that one. no. I don't mean either. I heard it but it sounded like bubblegum pop and i didn't remember it so it could have been that good so wait so he was his. He was in a band that opened for backstreet. Boys know again. He just did that solo by okay. Something when he left the band he's like i'm tired of the dead end has reached its end. Am out so i'm going to do. They want an alternative like you said and he wanted to pop so okay hey He got his crush on us out. In december first nineteen ninety-seven. He's got the studio albums. Same name It was an instant hit and european countries like spain norway denmark and germany. The album achieved gold status norway. Spain denmark canada in germany is. He's part of the whole lou pearlman like that umbrella of he like he was okay. He's under the dynasty of liu so june nineteen june sixteenth nineteen ninety eight. It's released in the united states People pretty much like it wasn't super big it so he tries another september twenty six two thousand releases. His second studio album called aaron's party come get it. I know that not you know that one is that the one you bought the yeah at the casino but it was with cd single. Well much like yourself. The album sold more than three million copies to people in the united states and it was certified triple platinum by the r. I a album included. Single hits like candy aaron's party come get it and that's how i beat czech awesome gets on something called bounce which i almost remember. Sounds a pound balance balancing. Yeah what was the first song on that you've named off. I want candy and that was a cover of the. The ad is the cover. Okay monkey because he's a little kids he's like. That's how i beat check. Yeah all songs received airplay on the disney and nickel disney and nickelodeon networks. He made several guest appearances on nickelodeon during that time as you talked. He was an opening. Act several concerts for britney spears and the backstreet boys and then within a few years. he's able to make place for himself as pop and hip hop singer amongst teenage and preteen audiences. He's like number one for a while so he did disney and nickelodeon right yes. That's pretty rare because they don't disney's notorious for like they own you. Don't they own nickelodeon. I don't know. I don't know i don't think so. Got me on that. I've i've read. And i've heard that if you like if you're on like the sweet life with zack and cody or but what's the weather there. Hannah montana there. You go down big like you. Don't dare go over to nickelodeon. It's so real. Yeah it'd be. It's the they owned you careers as you will end you sack brother cody. Those dudes are waiters. Now both of them. Yeah but one of them is yeah. A couple of years ago. I saw it was like us. Weekly like from brag tabloid magazine where they always have lake is his rumors and celebrity gossip. And then you have the best or they're just like us celebrities popping gas and it's just like you know it's just it was but they actually had one of the yeah. Zach or cody cody. Because yeah probably classic cody. But he was yeah. He was waiting tables ban. Sorry michelle but he made no apologies. He's like yeah. Like money ran out real quick. Well actually get into that man. There's some issues and some laws about when kids make money. What parents are supposed to do with it. So horses and i will tell you. Tell you about that march. Two thousand one. Chucky makes his acting debut guest stars in an episode of the disney channel series. Lizzie mcguire other lizzie. Mcguire movie too. That was a good one. That's what you were. Little animated versions of her inbetween. You got it. Yeah that was actually. My wife made me. She was a huge fan of that. And maybe watch like a thirty minute documentary on lizzie. Mcguire and i had no idea about how that was Really that was like a lot of covert feminism which is not a bad way i mean covert in the way like. Oh my god. They're trying know. The writers were writing this character. That was pretty rare for the the girls at the time and it was like it. Was you look at you. Look at it like wow. That's awesome lei. They really embrace that but it was kind of like. I said we if they find this out. You know they're gonna shit canas real quick. Yeah yeah and it was a really interesting documentary and it was like you know what. Yeah i think i mean. My daughter's watch a couple episodes after that actually ensure like real life. Mary tyler moore buffy the vampire slayer you know breaking the mold. Yeah yeah it's great anymore of that they really feel ball. Ceo balls that's coming desi arnez episodes. Yes you guys know heads up all right. That same month. We'll get back chucky. He stars in those things and disney. You're a and then he. And fellow teen star samantha. Mumba they perform a concert. I remember samantha mumba. She was the where she from. She was from england. I don't know i didn't. I thought she was american. Was she american. I could be wrong. But i thought she was. American yes she has some good good song she did. She performs a concert with him. Aaron oh god. I says name chucky at the mgm studios live disney channel. They called it. Aaron samantha mumba in concert. Chuck part of the concert was released to the dvd to a dvd. Later that same month they call it errands. Party live in concert so they cut he cut out. Smith mumba and it sold huge. How could it not. It's like bob marley. No woman cry live version of that better than the album version. I want you to want me. Cheap trick how. I beat shaq lives and the lives of how i handle that. Oh my gosh check. Yeah april two thousand one. He makes his broadway debut. Playing joe joe in the who sued goal by the musical by lynn. Anthony stephen flat flattery. Oh baal lord of the dance. Maybe well that was your passion ignition. August seventeen thousand. One at the age of thirteen chucky record his third studio album. Oh aaron it's featured his first duet recording with his brother. Nick the duet with the group at the time no secrets that does that ring. Any bells like it. All and i can dig deep into some skier. Reverence the relic with tia career. I didn't i've been to No secrets but relic hunter. Dude i do just a career fan as you were talking. We were talking about wayne's world before we started to. I i watched wayne's world wine in wayne's world two back-back we that's the only way to do it. Oh you gotta and then a mia brian. We're talking about Cassandra her character. And she's like this rock and roller. You know it's like really hard core like even before you really hear songs like her. I seen like they cut to her. And she's like kicking a guy like on remember then he beats. I won't beats at one dude up there she's aggressive. Yeah and then. She plays her music popstar. Adult contemporary at best dude. I what people think metal is or metal or rock or whatever you wanna call it is never what it is no it really is. It's always like a light version of what they think it is. It's it really is but she didn't even around anymore right no he was replaced. What i'm saying is that she's she's very vocal. One way or another things. that are not vocal. One way or another they're going to get get get you Play along toys. Created an aaron carter action figure in conjunction with the album. Release so errands so you bought the album. You got the and an action. Big sweet posible. Air went platinum that same year live in cotton concert at baton rouge louisiana was released on dvd. As oh aaron live in concert. So he's banging out to the live. Dvd's now point out real quick that this is the latest. I've ever done a podcast with you. That's true technically don't don't wreck the magic but yeah we're usually earlier in the day than this. I'm getting real ear. Seen pump up. Pump up the volume with this dance. No that's now. Pump up the volume with christian slater. He's got the pirate radio hard harry or whatever his name of course this kind of vibe. I'm getting right now. Yeah man underground radio right now yeah. It's what it is november. Twenty two thousand and one not radio but film Chuck he's featured in the soundtrack for the paramount and nickelodeon movie jimmy. Neutron bless you. Show you remember that. Oh the great show. While chucky does leave it up to me. Ac's alien nation. And go. jimmy jimmy. I don't remember any of those songs. No i don't you mean you actually was after my time. I tune you out real quick. Because i feel like immediately go back and there's some good episodes one kid. Hey like stocking overweight his best friend. He was hilarious. Every cartoon ever pugsley. Addams family oh my god dude. It's a it's a classic combination laurel and hardy great. Start rolling hardy you. What's weird did you see the new bill and ted. No don't no spoilers okay. We'll leave it at that moving on september third two thousand to chucky releases. The fourth studio album. Another earthquake is released during the rock rob released during the rat. Oh my god. I can't talk released during the iraq strapped inch retro here. You go the album featured patriotic theme america. Yo in the ballot do you remember. I don't remember that at all. He guest starred on three episodes of the nickelodeon tv. Show all that you remember that all that what was what was all that. Do you remember that slightly. They were counselors at dude ranch. Hey dude and doesn't nickelodeon. He sang the theme song to the. Pbs animated series liberty kids. The song was called to my own is no. Let's think about that. It's first a cartoon called the liberty kids so freedom in china that is through my through. Aaron confused me buddy. His catalog is all over the place. Well i think when you get into this kids songs man. You really have a large area to sing about. But it's not very controversial or anything provocative 'cause it's like a thing about judgment and make sure that you don't be harsh to people bully. That will smith did it. Parents just don't understand. Damn no you're right. I what about even my chemical romance teenagers. There's yeah no. I guess you're right. So i i feel like now chucky here took the easy way out. He's like i'm just gonna do the disney stuff and the nickelodeon stuff i like. I like earlier in car. You're more early stuff. That's true before he got into legs like lou pearlman and what neither liberty kids. That's a great name for a band. Liberty kids awesome neighbor a terrible terrible. Tv show name but a great. That's a great man named liberty kids especially now it is. Yeah like the shitty beatles a good name you think so yeah. I don't think so. Yeah you're right. I don't know don't cave so hard. Do you fight for your conviction. Well now she's awesome. I'm just trying to think it depends on the john right. I mean like if i was here metal or heavy metal. i'd be fireside. Oh yeah that's that's type first album when push comes to shove that's that's it like that you've thought about it though. Yeah hey we were talking about luke. Berlin earlier nat roman. No that's rondo peel. Who ron ron perlman. Hell boy beauty and the beast visit from russia's in pacific rim was in sons of anarchy. You could've just said. Ron perlman was mr mrs perlman's son. Oh ron rainy pearl little. This is his brother liu that his brother. We don't know that. Just start rumors that right. Now we're talking about lou pearlman right. He's a manager. He is now deceased and their sister is really was. Here's how this works dude. Everyone named perlman is always related. Eventually our family right. There's all grew up together all right. Well let's bring in lou. It's two thousand and two. I did not mean to do that during this time Chuck his parents filed a lawsuit against liu for being his former manager. The alleged failure to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties on the nineteen ninety eight album which was released through. Perlman's label and production company trans continental. Yeah he was snug with a buck. Oh dude you would pay. When even like backstreet boys in their per diem was like seventy five bucks a week. Oh my god yeah. It was a rough dude. We'll march thirteenth two thousand and three perlman's declared in contempt of court for ignoring a court order to produce documents relenting relating to the royalty payments. There's a quick quote about lou from shuki. I'll do it because he's a little kid here. We go certain things happen and almost destroyed our family. I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn mothers. I tried to expose them for what he was years ago. I hope you go expose him because financial scandal aside that's the least of his injustices lewis passed away. In two thousand sixteen. Chucky wrote on twitter hashtag lou pearlman. My old manager died in prison. R.i.p lou not the best business guy really at all but he did discover me. Karma is real. That's pretty self absorbed as like okay like real veil like now. Because dan this morning spaghetti them or not if somebody's kid couldn't have been that bad because he figured out me. Well it's like. It's like winning an oscar getting up there like first and foremost i'd like to bank myself for which this would never happen without me. We wouldn't be here. Well people win an oscars. Chucky starts dating lindsay lohan. Little lee low. It was her name. Well whenever leo leo. Alright so he's starting leila dayton lillo now and hillary duff at the same time out dude. I like hillary duff shoes in that show. I watched on. Tv land younger. Yes correct. Wow that's telling for both of us. Well what's telling resist napoleon dynamite. That's what was her name. I can't remember leadoff. Yeah they had they did a cover the bengals song and now the bengals was it was the bengals or what was he. Was it not a lot of hits here buddy. These these lips don't lie was What was that song. You're driving me nuts out i do. Dollar is yeah me. I don't think my lips are sealed now. I think that's right. I need orla to sealed. It might be it. Yeah well here's the problem His lips weren't sealed because day in leo. And andy's dating duff right and so now they got beef with each other. We be in well. He tries and the beefy in april two thousand three breaks up with lindsay lohan and he resumes dating hillary exclusively and her sister. No i'm kidding. He just goes out with hillary. But hillary and haley yemen. And they beefing. We low then lizzie low in it a sister to feel free to check out our lindsay lohan episode. That's a couple episodes back and we'll get you all the information on her that we we do so later that same year he in-depth and their relationship after two years. They like. you know what i'm out of it. So there's this whole era of the these child stars is like high school like breaking up with this person. They're going out with their sisters there now. They have some type of rivalry because it's just such high school politics man but they didn't go to high school so this is how they were things out in public now. Speaking of it's working out things in public november third two thousand and three carter's most requested hits a collection of hits including tracks from his last three albums as well as the new single one better is released greatest hits albums. Yeah they did the the how. I beat shaq. You hear the remix on that. I actually ruben. I'll see that's how progressive. That's when he goes face tattoo alma. God no we'll get there. No spoilers he does have a face to you though. And there's a whole bunch of stuff about internet porn and we'll get their trust me. Hang on hard left. doesn't it certainly does. Let's get him to the top of the mountain though two thousand and three chuck his mom. Jeanne has removed more than one hundred thousand dollars from his bank account without his permission. Pillaged that so yeah see what happened is when she gets divorced from his dad bob. The following year. Jane's arrested she's charged with battery for beating up bob's new girlfriend in the future wife. Ginger elrod do his weight. According to florida monroe. County sheriff's office is. Jane used iraq to break into the window and enter their house for ex husbands house in the florida keys. Which you know well. She's a rat. She's not iraq. She's supposed to take a towel or your sleeve elbow. Hold on it gets better. She's in there. She makes the way to the bedroom. Where bobbin elrod or sleeve and there's a lady named elrod yeah back. My brother was living in key west when this happened. Yeah he yeah okay. So what happens. You're gonna fill in the blank settings so what reports say. Jane drags elrod out of bed by her hair. Hits her with remote control g. and then is quoted as saying that elrod was not going to press charges but restraining orders are in place go with a firsthand account. He says i can hang account. It was just so if you've been to key west key west it's awesome. It's great but yeah he was airing. Eric harley. Was the boat racing. No that's vanilla is no and we know is either aaron or nick. Carter's carter yeah had had a couple of boats down there and They would see them from time to time down there. Yeah key west is just no big deal right like it's they're pretty laid back on there and then then this came out and they're like would the fuck. This is why we us this youtube escape all of this speaking to key west. Because you brought it up and you know how. Much money's down there and chucky like those people has made an estimated two hundred million dollars before his eighteenth birthday but he never saw any of it. Two hundred million two hundred million dollars on his eighteenth birthday. He only made about two million dollars in adulthood because reportedly he owes that twice in taxes and new financial mishandling by his parents. We have it all this time. Dude mccolgan exactly. Gary coleman a while. Yeah that's it seems like they would have some type of. How do they get around that though right there. The thing called the coogan law. Oh and here's a quote from chucky about coogan law quote. That was planned by the way. Don't don't reveal magic. Show your a quote from shuki kugler quote under the coogan law. My parents were supposed to be putting fifteen percent of my money into the coogan account. I got like two million when i turned eighteen. I should have like twenty million in my account so yeah. His parents kinda screwed up not paying taxes not ignorant march twenty second. Two thousand and five saturday night is released in promotion with chucky during his two thousand and five summer tour and songs released by transcontinental label. Perlman was still there producer. You got the single. For the soundtrack. Popstar which chucky stars in and direct to video film. That was based heavily on his own life warmer. The movie pop star the movie. Pops adam sandberg. I believe that's correct. Don't stop stopping or something like that. Not the one. You're talking about those that the one. Yeah the tagline is like never start doorstop. Stop and don't keep stopping. What was he in that. I don't know it doesn't say it says it was heavily based on his own life as a performer. I can see that. Have you seen that movie. No video i slipped by me. Yeah wasn't really on the radar with aaron carter's seem to i have a copy of it. I'm not kidding you still in the cellophane away like a mint. Copy of pop. Stars starring aaron carter. And who did you say. It was. Adam adam sandberg sandberg or andy sandberg adam sandler. You know whatever that guy from us. This is why we don't do shows this late at night. Well okay if you like that. You're talking about. He was the boat. Raising was at the lonely island boys that they put out. I think you're right. Yeah honestly should have gone more into it. I didn't think you'd focus on this aspect. You caught me off guard so he must. I don't remember minute but the cards don't live ryan you'd mentioned vanilla is actually i. Did you talked about bull racing. And i said no. He's in a motor cross. And this card says chucky real-life motorcross razor appeared in two thousand five's supercross man. That movie i immediately thought of. I love that story of vanilla ice when he was yeah he had the jet skis and he was just fucked up and he's dragging his jetski. His pool during a party is being noxious. Like this whole these instructions. Like back when google first game out. How do you get from. Japan mainland china. They like get jet ski for four hours. Can you imagine being a jesse for four. Oh my god dude hold onto your bag going together. He's holding onto you. There was a pitcher on google earth. This would be my guy. He's like captured at the moment where he's falling down stairs lake outside a building and he's fully fallen and that's the pitcher from google earth from that location so don't do that or march twenty two thousand six transcontinental filed lawsuit against chucky with los angeles period court. They cited that he allegedly reneged on a recording deal signed a contract on december seventh. Two thousand four when he was seventeen. Underage can't do that. So attorney however stated that he had the right to cancel avoid various agreements that was signed when he was just a enter contracts into minors. Everybody unless it's columbia records will. You'll never get out of that. I still over to latin tapes. But every month i get new tape. It's awesome man. I just got the j. gyles band of you heard of them. No a centerfold really song yeah okay. Agencies center whole october november two thousand six chucky and his siblings star reality show called house of carters. I know that runs on e. television network the series features five carter siblings reuniting to live in the same house and you can only imagine how well that went. I think ryan seacrest. I'm not making a joke. He was the producer on that. Because he's already that's why got turned to punchbowl. Did you of carters. What's the next card. Say brand okay. Let's get back on task. Well it's something that you might know about to hear. September eighteen two thousand six. It's reported that chuckie is engaged to former beauty. Queen in playboy model carry-on panache tennessee tennessee. Penny pinch any. It's a long last name there. You go us weekly later. Reported that chucky broken off his engagement with her saying that he was impulsive in proposing to her leg. no good. that's gotta be embarrassing with that. You wanna get married. Do you like you know when i asked you to get married. I sometimes i say things. I don't mean we've been drinking. And i didn't really understand that you understood that i meant. That's not what. I said forever ever meant. So you hit a follow through your. It's not like see. Why vegas mayor like why that happens. You can find a place to get married real quick. Yeah there's drive-thrus yeah. He proposed to her. That was applebee's rate in september. Two thousand six thirty your time to think it over like you could have backed out like those used drunk og like like when we talk about like we're gonna get a place together so we always do this all the time and work. Now you sound like you know about this. Haussa is all the time we're bringing with her girlfriends and we're gonna raise chickens while that's the dream. Well speaking of dreams february twenty first two thousand and eight. The dream is destroyed because chuck. He's arrested in kimble county texas. He's pulled over for speeding. The authorities found less than two ounces of marijuana in his car and He's gotta do a little bit of jail time but he pays a fine and people don't know how to drive with drugs not on drugs with drugs. You don't speed you use your turn signals. Guess four-way stop going. Got this you go as was explained to me by your neighbor dude. Don't be don't swerve. don't get pulled over. Yeah you're fine. wise words. Well speaking of swerving two thousand nine chucky joins the season nine cast of dancing with the stars. He gets his on november tenth. He's eliminated from the show along with his partner. Karina smirnoff they finish fifth place. Thank you should've taken that you would think right with all the dancing and stuff. Corio that he would do. They built for you. He was he opened for a boy band. And you think boy van of course you think of that template that we talked about. But you know it's not just the music it's not about the music. It's a dance moves. I mean it's dancing is what boy. That's the second half of the formula man hell well. He's eliminated unfortunately but during this time on the show he releases some music he released a single called dance with me featuring flo rider in an attempt to sort of kick start that music career games like all right. My album did dancing with the stars. Please buy my album deal errands. Gotta e that's probably true August twenty second two thousand and ten. He's outperformed again making them money. He's at roca nkhoma. Noma new york lake row. No coma new york at the benefit concert. This is actually cool. So don't make fun of this girl named adriana bartolo. she's a three year stricken with stage. Four neuroblastoma cancer and chuck you out there and did a benefit concert for civil kind of a nice guy. So far he's only been pulled over for speeding and he's got weed so we're doing our eight january twenty third thousand eleven chuck manager johnny wright announces that he's entered a treatment facility to quote he'll some emotional and spiritual issues he was dealing with. Where does this stem from. Though we use a child star do that. That's kind of what i'm thinking too. That's also in the formula So after entering the facility chuck first message to his fans was quote the main thing in life. It's not to be afraid of being human february. Ten two thousand eleven announced that chucky has successfully completed a month rehab. At the betty ford center and rancho mirage california. So he's getting treatment on good for him exactly now he gets back on stage number. Seven two thousand. Eleven chucky begins starring in off broadway. Productions of the world's longest running musicals the fantastic's at the snapple theater. In new york city yes the snapple theater snapple earth was snapple lady. What was her deal. She was great. Yeah well chucky was great that snapple theater in his role cast as matt. The play's central character. So he's getting us off drugs getting himself back on front of the people were going stage presence doing good january two thousand twelve chucky eight celebrities participating in food network reality series rachel versus guy celebrity. Cook off wow. How do you think he did not so good. He was eliminated in the first episode. Mealy yeah this is my chilly with the vegan. Kidney beans and organic. Asparagus is thinking more. Like i'm gonna today making pocket and tater tots that's true. I don't know his culinary skills that you could have been the other end of the pool. I thought it'd been too far florida cuisine. I was trying to think of a florida cuisine option in my mind when completed. I wanted to the job probably alligator. I'm like well no. I've never had it though. I don't know florida cuisine would be if you know. Send us a message. I imagine regional if you go to again key west. Get like conquerors. That is that is true. Maybe if you go. I i got nothing. That's your homework. yeah exactly. What's florida gazillion. Everybody really has me stumped the chicken zoom chicken down there in florida. Oh yeah the gas chicken street i was going to say. That's a quality gestational. You won't regret it. No it's quite do it. Endorsed egg rolls are good too. They're not a sponsor. Tell him jason. January twelfth two thousand twelve. Chucky performance concert at showcase live in foxborough massachusetts. So he's up there at that clam chowder january nineteen thousand twelve. He performs a concert grammercy theater in new york city. Until you get yourself february second. Two thousand twelve is at new york city. Well while the minute late why were you can. I couldn't remember picante sauce can't or if it was it seltzer seltzer. What have you want to sell your zell. We're not doing it. My l. brings video february. Second here's the sad thing february second. There's no boys coming to the art for leslie carter Sister she overdosed and was under the influence of several drugs and she died three portless to three drugs. That were found in her while near her. They had alaska scene to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She had and then silo benzopyrene It's a muscle relaxant and then allows allowed al al presume lamb lamb. There's abandoning link. That sounds like techno band like clockwork us. A treat anxiety and panic disorders also known as zanex. She popped zanex and some other prescription drugs and she had a bad reaction and she died. And that's why i asked earlier like what. Where's this stemming from child star. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. But i was as. I'm listening to this. I'm thinking there's got to be might a family. Yeah because that stuff is you. Yeah yeah so fortunate. It is well something. That's less unfortunate may eleven two thousand twelve chuck. He's out he performs an acoustic show at the mohegan sun casino and on case ville connecticut. So he's trying to recover trying to get back to the music thing man dip with the drugs at the betty ford and at the sorry michelle at the other rehab center. Yeah always trying to come back to the stage man. He's doing a lot of these shows. He's doing kucic shows. I like l. support. I like a good comeback. I i give a lot of people in this situation. A pass if it's not because they're just an asshole because they feel like they deserve it. You know what. I mean like a binds like oh god his love into buying. Yeah i know she's done some pretty off the wall stuff in the way that they kind of like the media spun that was it. She's just just britney spears like shaved head umbrella crazy but no. It wasn't crazy. She i think she was diagnosed bipolar. Okay like i can give you. These are things that you cannot control. Yeah they go kicking somebody out of the dressing room because there's one brown eminem in there and you're just a dick. But that's excusable all right van halen. Yeah speaking of guitar. Players may thirty two thousand twelve. Chucky hosts With on the ryan cabrera show in twenty two new jersey member ankara. I remember. it's hairs obnoxious. All the wave start. Let's all the way down number. Fifteen hundred reminded me of that dude in high school when you go to like a field party or whatever. It was always a guy that ad the acoustic guitar by. You always had on the ready to play you know there. I know who you're telling you if anyone anyone's listen to the show i have people are nemesis of high school. Yeah we started the high school band and then like the next summer him and his nerd friend decided to be the two acoustic guys like. We'll guitar seeing. They sold their soul to the devil to make that happen and it worked though they are very popular for a while even though he talked to fringe of the show like lonnie or somebody they'll be like birds. Yeah rank of rare. That's who that guy reminded me of noxious hair the acoustic do the party. Six hundred dollar denim jacket. That's a strategically fringed in. Yeah i hate it. That guy awesome well. Speaking of playing outside for people. Two thousand thirteen chucky kicks off his first tour in eight years the after party to her. So the tour runs from february to december. Two thousand thirteen includes one hundred and fifty shows in the us and canada and he does quite well at does he really. He does people like him. He played at the capitol theatre in flint like six years ago. What how did. I miss this. I don't know yeah he was. Wow well much like flint november twenty second. Two thousand thirteen th birthday. What november twenty second. Oh i knew that actually. I'm sorry we talked about this. The worst ever was no one. Like i don't want to die the scared the most of like i don't wanna do. You don't want it to end but it's funny because like behaviors. And the things that i indulge expediate this process trying to productive but to me like do you want to know anyway. Yeah that would suck. But i would suck more is if november eighteen. You don't know the year like you know the day that you're going to die not the year every year your frigging. Yeah and then by staying home and avoiding it is. That's when the get you. Yeah it's on. The plane engine falls in your house. And kill you destination. Donnie darko boom alright. Much like the people. Who made donnie darko november twenty. Second two thousand thirteen chucky files for bankruptcy He's got one or three point five million dollars in debt mostly taxes on the money that he made when he was super popular and his parents pay cash. Meanwhile living in the hog dude so quote from chuck. He's publicist this guy steve. Hoenig be my lawyer voice. This is not a negative thing. It is actually very positive. It's him doing what he needs to do to move forward. He owes the internal revenue service. One point three million in back taxes from his income in two thousand three when he was just sixteen years old. I was trying to find an youtube. A like a typewriter sound the background. I'd sit. I'm trying to lawyer from the simpsons but it's hardly super nasal i know the lord lionel lionel. Well let's let's not doing lionel huts. I'm doing mr burns lawyer that. Yeah yeah yeah. That's exactly the one well. After a year. Two thousand fourteen. Chucky settles all of his tax debt. So he is free and clear from the government. he's making. I'm happy for him more right. He's he's going back away. He said some pornography charges. No no no no no no no. I didn't mention a thing about it's coming. There's no porno it's hearsay go. No here here's something exciting. June for june two thousand fourteen. He goes on an eleven city canadian tour during which he performed new songs from his upcoming album announces that he'll be embarking on a worldwide tour. After that called the wonderful world tour he does not do well naming tours the wonderful world tour the. I thought the after party was an odd name for a party if your destroy variety and you know what i mean like you don't wanna bring that. Temptation is what it means after party. My house while the wonderful world tour is named after the song titled the wonderful world of upcoming album. He sold tour dates. Maybe that was a callback to the wonderful world of disney. Wow here's layers in july. He appears on good day. La where he performed louis a single featuring solo. You familiar with pat solo. That's the song. But ooh i imagine it goes. Ooh week with rest of i pass solo part. I don't do that part. i just do. The current february two thousand fifteen. He releases an ep through soundcloud titled the music never stopped case. You wondered january thirty first song much better than it really does. Does the creativity former this guy's performer. He's now wordsmith right. That's how i beat checked january thirty first two thousand sixteen. He releases his music video curious under the name kid carter. That was one of our hands. In the opening was the member. Curious either do we're obscure arena late night. Aaron carter now and now you're like i don't know you are going in some deep tracks with aaron carter not on disney disney fan aaron. Would you sort of in there. So all right. How about the single fool's gold. He released april two thousand sixteen. No i don't january two thousand seventeen sooner or later no. I don't know that one already. Both songs appeared on the ep. Love released february two thousand seventeen. Don't with that. i'm not the biggest. I don't not. You had a lot of getting their game coil. The runner raveled much like myself early. Beatles fan i hate louie. Beatles started pepper and all that asia got some bull. why it's too is withered. Shit is that you don't like the beatles or you don't because those people we talked about that so there's no is because of them that they were like rocky raccoon. Wait album like i really don't. It's not my style. I'm not a second music. Apparently not. I'm not a psychedelic guy. Here's another controversial thing. I don't think the doors you go there. Basically here's my favorite guy more. It was more of a crooner than a singer. Check out our. Jim morrison episode. But right. now we're gonna head into break. Here's a song a high school band That was a short break. And i saw you typed a message pretty much what i did break to do anything else that i was. Actually googling kershaw discography they go. Be careful when you download things. You don't want full discography. No you want to greatest hits. Oh is that what it is wall. You'll get a lot of performances is blown up your nose that okay. Good well speaking of blowing up july fifteen. Two thousand seventeen chuck. He's arrested in georgia. He didn't blow anything up but he was a suspicion of driving under the influence and he's got some marijuana charges. Arresting officers witnessed chucky driving all over the road running into the media while operating a chevy suburban with no tags. Again things you can prevent. Well there's a reason though. See since september eleventh attacks. He opted to not fly anymore. He's like i don't really like flying. I'm just going to rent a car and that's fine but you can now be high when you do it. Well let's get there. He rents a car and he doing that for a while. But then he's like. I'm wasting money on his rental stuff. So what he does is instead. He purchases in inexpensive car for him and his girlfriend travel after the club appearance on friday north carolina. They're they're going to head out to not draw attention to is saving money. It's easier to buy a cheap car than i guess. Rent a car. Is it really. I don't know cheap ass car about north carolina. Reggie by dollar car. Well he's got a quote about he says. I made a decision by very cheap car so that it was a waste of money on rental cars. It was a lemon so the alternator was shot and then kept dying will sell you car. It'll last you. You do have a car as we fixed it this morning and my drive. Yeah but sure. Luckily look for us. Please approaches. But they approach chucky at the autozone parking lot where he stopped for repairs. He was pulled out of the store. He said he told officers yet. Marijuana in the car he denied under the influence of alcohol. He said he can't drink because of a medical condition and he said quote. I'll occasionally have a sip of beer or something like that. But i can't even drink i as i can't drink anything like that. Which tells me he knows what they taste like he probably does. It tastes like cough. Drop floating in a maple syrup mccarter about him what's up. He's just like us. Drive initiated car breaks down to autozone in the parking lot to get what he needs. Well much like yourself. He denies ever doing meth crack and cocaine or heroin. I says he's tried ecstasy a couple of times when he was a teen. You said that was a mistake. He also does take some medication for anxiety and high blood pressure. So there's some pain medicine for a guy injury and for smoking marijuana. You think seeing what happened to assist her. You mix drugs even the the combination of these things. Oh yeah yeah well as far as marijuana that night. He said he hadn't had marijuana nine hours before. The police arrested him so it was out of his system. He said quote. I smoked for anxiety i smoked. Eat wiping away. Tears chucky said that he hadn't slept in days and he wasn't able to stop crying. The authorities are like you've got a misdemeanor charge including a dui you got possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and possession of drug related objects now. Here's the problem with. That was second run in with the police in just a matter of hours because right after that he goes to the walmart and compare just like us. You're waiting for. You went to the walmart in commerce georgia after blowing out a tyre on that chevy suburban. He's riding on the rims. He leaves his chevy there for an hour. Where other fixing the tire right and so he comes back. Like here's the thing right. He drops the car off and he goes over the next door. And there's a ice cream store and so he gets himself an ice cream cone. And what's the most popular flavor is vanilla right and so aaron carter's going into town on his goes back to the auto mechanic. Nagy cars ready all right. Cool and aaron's got like just vanilla ice cream oliver's face he goes talk the mechanics and can't go. He's looking at his paper and he goes miss. Carter looks like he blew a seal errands like it's just been ice cream. Hey no that's not what happened yet a bad tire and so he comes back. He picks up his car. It's got a new tire on it. His credit cards are declined. Brian will be appearing at the funny bone. Fifth third tickets are available online crime. You've got a half extra. So they're like dude. You can't pay for this. I you telling me you can't pay for this. The employee's managed they call the manager up. They're figuring out solve problem somewhere in there. Somebody calls the cops on them like this guy's trying to stick the walmart so call the cops out of right. They thought he had a spare key. He was to jump in his car. Drive away so the police show up. Luckily as as it would turn out. Fan pays one hundred and ten dollar bill at walmart. And all you had to do. Chucky gave her an autograph and a photo took a picture with his lv. Wow like look. I bought aaron carter at walmart. Today i was hundred ten bucks to have that story i would just i would i would. That's two hours later cream all over his face. I got a selfie with two hours later. Arrested arrested for that swerve. Like we talked about before and so he has cancelled his concert in his appearance is called the parents north carolina and he puts out a tweet at says. Tweet do transportation issues. Aaron will not make appearance tonight. Promises his comeback soon and he apologized to the fans and mix ninety three point three. And you're all lucky that he's in your life. I don't think so. This is a club appearance. I don't know back the fame height of popularity at this point. Were you a fan in two thousand and sixteen were much more earlier on. No i wasn't right on. I was aware of them. I was aware. Because i saw it to me. Just one of those things like oh you know who he was. That house of carters. Yeah yeah and then the then he was just kind of like. I didn't really hear about them for a while there. And then i saw him when he was in the hospital and he looked rough. Like crypt keeper. Did it was. It was off on this guy. Let's go with that. Because july two thousand seventeen chucky discusses his health problems. He's got a high adl hernia. That's when some of your abdominal organ slip through your diaphragm in the middle of your chest compartment. Eat and then. He's lactose intolerant. Which is if you drink dariel. Far lot combination. Yeah there really is two thousand seventeen police or call his house. Another rough combination in saint petersburg florida in response to an anonymous suicide threat. He did he said he was gonna. Well it's anonymous. We don't know documents show. That saint petersburg police arrived at the house at ten zero one pm. After friend reported that chucky threatened to commit suicide so authorities arrive on scene. but it didn't find schalke. the hell authorities are called to his home three times in a twenty four hour period earlier that week. So he's having some issues yeah. He's struggling now. September two thousand seventeen. He is struggling but he's leaking help on the doctor is a syndicated. Health focused talk show to discuss public attention generated by his gaunt appearance. As you said and drug related arrest issues. Yeah he would the best way to describe it through a series of tests and examinations. It's revealed that he's not suffering from cancer and he sexually transmitted disease but he did have candia an infection which can be a sign of a weakened immune system basically thrush like tongue. Oh gosh and he tested negative for illegal drugs but tested positive for a mixture of benzodiazepines with opiates on benny's and potentially dangerous combination of prescription medication that he says he took for anxiety and sleep. So yeah you can't just be mixing shit together man. They can't be self prescribing. Know what that stuff does. He's malnourished one hundred and fifteen pounds man. yeah he was. He was never that big of a guy to begin with well. No but he had a body mass index of seventeen where most people around like twenty twenty-five new he's advised entered drug rehab program and remain under medical care. So dude like you said. He was looking rough. Yeah so admits himself to the ehlo house. It's a treatment center in malibu california and he gets treatment man so good for him moving on. Yeah what do you say about. Good problems You saw help. Their who advised them to get was at the court. Well yeah the court had totally advised him to rehab wink. Get your ass into rehab reiterate. Well speaking out of wink wink august. Two thousand seventeen. Chucky comes out as bisexual through his twitter. I didn't know that later that year december eighteenth he made a guest appearance on the podcast. Lgbtq and a to discuss both his career in sexuality now he reaffirmed his bi sexuality publicly at least one other occasion but he also said that he's only ever had relationships with women he's dated several high profile females as we've discovered before hillary duff lindsay lohan carryanne ponente nation news so february sixteen two thousand eighteen. He releases its fifth studio album. He gets back in there and making music february two thousand eighteen as reported improvements in his condition. He's got therapy for coping with the death of his father later that year l. Make up with his longtime growth friend. So he's dealing with triggers his weights a little better. He's up to about one hundred and sixty pounds or seventy five point five kilos for our european listeners. Two thousand nineteen. We're getting current chucky and his mom jane appear in the we tv reality series marriage bootcamp family edition. I am not aware that show. No what do they do. Basically family therapy in a reality tv format and a boot camp style. So it's like what thirty days or something like that. So as intense like interpersonal therapy on reality television so with your mom so what was the on. Vh one win with dr drew. Oh yeah and there was lab rehab celebrity rehab. We've had people on here before from celebrity rehab. Okay what's his name. The guy with the big clock flavor flav. We've talked about him and celebrity. Measure the bam from jack ass. Yes yeah he was him and his mom. Biller on and he's had problems really. There's relationships you don vito. The yeah he of course. Did you see the man. yeah nineties. The reaper was in the neighborhood looking for the door was lucky to make it as long as he did. It was seventy years old. That was thirty years ago. Yeah i mean that's one hundred. What do you want him to do well. No it wasn't that he was okay. Unhealthy lifestyle hell. Yeah i got it of all right. Speaking of what bama jurors family shoulda done august twelfth two thousand nineteen chuck granted a restraining order against his ex girlfriend. She's a russian model. Lena valentina and she reportedly threatened to stab him. And so he kinda was like. I should get some professional distancing. Yeah well he's not really good at relationships anyway. He has a tumultuous relationship with his siblings over the years. Many of their feuds of played out on social media for the public to read september nineteenth chucky manages some allegations of sexual abuse against his deceased sister. Leslie she the one who died of the drug over. Why the point. He's saying abuse last lasted three years beginning when he was ten ending when he was thirteen at occurred when lindsay. Leslie would fail to take prescription medication to treat her bipolar disorder. Okay so he's also accused brother nick of lifelong abuse though he did not go into details. Implied that nicotine abuse female family member. Jesus do he's just going to allow. Yeah he's just gloves are off. Did knicks legal team of course denies all allegations which came after nakedness. Sister angel they sought restraining order against him September eighteenth tweets that he surrendered two of his rifles to the authorities because the confession came a day. After nick. carter filed a restraining order against his younger brother. There chucky over alleged remarks. Chucky made about wanting to kill nick pregnant wife. Lauren kid unborn child but he made episode right to help his brother. Well here we go. So chucky originally tweets so today i decided voluntarily allowed the sheriff's department to hold onto my rifles. I'm doing a show of good faith in cooperation with law enforcement at doj. Hashtag gun safety hashtag gun control. And then nick tweets up to careful consideration. Must sister engine. Angel and i regret that we were required to seek restraining orders against our brother. Aaron today in light of errands increasingly alarming behavior. His recent confession that harbors thoughts and intentions of killing my pregnant wife and unborn child. We were left no choice but to take every measure possible to protect ourselves and our family. We love our brother and truly hope it gets proper treatment. He needs before any harm comes to himself or anyone else. Hashtag mental health. Hashtag gun control now. Hashtag gun control wait. We're not done man. Chunkys tweet my brother. Just got a restraining order against me. And that's just served. Ll take care. nick carter. We're done for life. I haven't seen him in four years and night own intent. Leave me alone for the rest of my life. I'm begging you please. I haven't seen you guys and nikki bullied me my whole life and torched me as a child and everyone knows it. It's been public. And now you're scared of the truth. Characters runs twit. This tweeter works for the two of them. Did the to goes speaking of characters january. Twenty twenty we're in. We're in the current air german artist. Johan yada yucky pointed out to chucky on twitter that chucky cheese make an unauthorized use of judea duckie's copyrighted artwork promote a clothing line. So check your responded to tweeting. You should've taken it as a compliment. Dick fan of mine sent this to me. All their goes again. The answer is no. This image has been made public. And i'm using it to promote my clothing line. Aaron carter dot com guess. I'll see you in small claims court fahkry. Did he win following the incident. Yoda key was interviewed saying he was absolutely amazed at chunkys response. No i still think it's being played out in the courts january. We're not there it now if you do want to see court chuck. He's doing right now and march twenty twenty. He opened a fans only account which is a popular adult. Entertainment industry will app website. I guess where you can start your own. Pay people to the page and people can look at you and do stuff. He announced public news of his performances via a shirtless instagram post. Post read quote. If my first time check me out live tonight at cam soda nine pm hashtag cam soda hashtag cam model. So now. he's doing internet modeling. he's on fans old scrambling needs the money. Chucky was set for a live camera. Sex show the act included eating bananas. Td's teasingly and masturbating for a live audience for the first time. But please no dairy ladies and gentleman not not chucky. No he begins charging fifty to one hundred dollars per nude photo or twenty six dollars a month for membership at why it is not worth it. Pink burned brian. Pink news stated that quote the prices are steep and the content is bizarre while t said quote reviews of aaron carter's fans only page are in and they are not good. Seems like somebody would elite those even. Oh i didn't try to dive deep into air. Carter leads only while also being scared. He's in a relationship. Wait a minute. He was lactose intolerant. And he's eating an ice cream cone. No the banana outside the walmart. No that's just my joke about mechanics and seals the guy. He was in an ice cream cone. No he just had a blown out tire but if you ever have someone says they took the car the mechanic you say vanilla ice cream cone bluesy seal well. I don't know who to believe bryant right. it's not the worst thing it's fake news is what's real in my head. That was the story that i would probably tell somebody who's probably will no the only part of this. I remember about an ice cream cone. And we're gonna get rate. that's hilarious. Well okay let's try. Let's talk news. Chuck he's in a relationship with his now. Fiance melanie martin. She's she's like an online personality. I believe yeah but she gets arrested though Over domestic violence views involving chucky in a series of social media posts He posted his girlfriend. Melanie choked him. Punched him after he broke off their relationship and ask her to move out. There you go. there's somewhat of a cause and effect their way. I need you to. I'm breaking up with you and you need to get out. yeah just change the lack. Let's see here martin. Thirty two is being held in lieu of fifty thousand dollars. Bail following her arrest quote. Chucky said quote. I tried to defuse the situation. She choked trachea. He also displayed visible scratch on his arm. Oh so law enforcement determined that martin was the aggressor 'cause when they show up to those things we've noticed somebody's going to jail and so she's gone. He takes instagram with a photo of himself in the mirror with a cash. The red quote bachelor's life has no life for a single man. Hashtag single margaret thatcher's. Life is a single life. I don't think understood what you meant. I don't think he's just letting people know there's girlfriend got arrested. And he single now. Okay so hey ladies they hold their off. So i'm back in the market. He's a bachelor well until monday which she was released from jail after posting bond. So that is the most current things. I can tell you aaron carter. We're going to end the show with a quote from chuck himself says quote. That's how i beat. Check having a dream living that dream losing that dream dreaming again and then adding that dream dream dream. I could do it. It's like what's the artists of the stairs. They go up and never end. Yeah yeah no. That's a photographer. Notice herbert and see. Yeah here we go from chucky. Aaron carter a iran himself quote having a dream. I can't do it again. Having a dream living that dream losing that dream dreaming again and then having a dream come. True is one of the greatest feelings ever. Because i'm stronger. Aaron carter within the russian dolls like over them. There's a dream ended with aaron. Carter ladies and gentlemen oh. That was a lot. Do you think about aaron carter. You know i was hobbies. I rose colored glasses when it started out. I'm not gonna lie then. You had some early information. That's for sure he didn't touch on face tat first of all. Well he doesn't s you. Hey man whatever you want to look that's up to you know it's You mentioned the face that he did take some heat when he announced he was single on instagram. Everybody's like great your that face tag. Jimmy com high-profile instagram and stuff like that. Light them up. Yeah he i. It sounds like he's struggling with some stuff. And i wish them the best. I really do aaron. If you're out there get better man. Yeah he didn't really mess up too much. They're a hit. And there was a big story of redemption because he has to addictions and made some poor choices and driving in but overall sites. Oh well hey if he wants to do porn man. that's on him. I don't fault his ability to make a living. Do i get it but it just like. I'm surprised that that wasn't more like it was was it was one where the heck everybody's phones with lap gate or. What was it a whatever it was. They somebody hacked into every iphones releasing papers like i know if i had that level of if i was aware of people are aware of me would just be worried that somebody's gonna pay the thirty bucks. Whoever was screenshot it sent out. I don't know like it. Just i think all he's little endeavors. Were sad in by saying i mean. Obviously the guy struggling with some stuff and he's got some things to work out. I don't know. I think you've gone but always comes back to that. I think i think if it comes to the point where you've got a fans only site. I think everyone knows what you're in. Twenty eighty bucks on that twenty six bucks a month dude. I'm telling you know it's a waste of money ridiculous anyway. Speed instagram because he releases things on instagram. We royalties though from royalties from all his disney. Show we talked about this. His parents didn't put anything in that memory. Hundred million dollars you something. You just wanna see the win for aaron carter. I want him to win. Now i'm rooting for anchorage man. I am really come on just one league appearance. It's super bowl. Something dude. I'm gonna place a feedback. Revenge just keeps going feedback from bonnie on instagram. She put quote. I've been talking to all morning listening to the randy travis episode. Not that you heard a word of it. We did bonnie. I love bunko. Brown and to get up is my ringtone. 'cause i was singing blanco brown put in anyway. let's see. She's an old rocker but enjoys music. She's listed. We should listen to the song. Zero fox bhai second chance never heard of them. No don't right now. So i can give it to you. We're also talking about scott. Stapp she says scott staff leasing creed major issues. That's good future. Show idea and trivia. I there was a it was on youtube and it was. It was a half hour documentary marilyn manson and then they also did scott staff from crete. Ooh and it was really good. Nice do they do anything about danny bonnici. No i didn't really dig deep into it. But they should do she episode. We mentioned that He was at e. okay in seattle. Okay we'll talk to the morning show. Yeah yeah yeah when he was big on that. Apparently jimmy kimmel worked there also in eighty nine after graduated from. Unlv broadcasting school. 'cause bonding grew up with kimmel and went to school them really so hey thanks. Bonnie for really appreciate that school. We also got some other instagram feedback. We got a comment from terrible. God-like said my favorite podcast. Now is a put on our ti podcast. So hey thanks terrible. God-like appreciate that way and then. Finally we got speak pipe from skittles because he's colorful. Feel free to go to crime and music dot com and leave us a speak bite message and this is from skittles. She had dumps like a truck truck truck fis like what. What what. baby. Move your but-but-but. I think i'll say it again. She had dumps like a truck truck truck is like a what what what all night long. Let me see that bomb skittles. Everybody nice thank. That'd be good. that'd be man. His poetry comes in all shapes and sizes. I was gonna say but it's not it's always about butts. He always talks about but when we started talking about buds. You know that it's time to wrap up another episode of crime in music. Feel free to reach out to us on. All the social media does crime in music or go to crimea. Music dot com. You can leave us a speak plate message. They're like skittles. Did reduce some of your poetry about butts or anything else that you'd like to talk about. We'd love to hear it any parting messages from jason. Now always great to be here. Brian appreciate the invite i actually. It's a different five begin at night. The night the wordings. I like it. I really do try music after dark. I'm excited here. Who you have next. I really am man. You're gonna love it everybody else you're gonna love. It's a tune into another crime in music every other week. We'll bring you an amazing episode about somebody music and something they did wrong and like the song says you should give a clue at the end of the next podcast gonna be about. Never trust a big button. A smile you go.

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