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Hey It's Kelly welcome to the ringer podcast network up on our site. The ringer is breaking down the forty best singles and albums from one thousand nine hundred nine covering Britney rainy spears the backstreet boys may carry tons more and to accompany that piece we filmed our staffers discussing what they agreed and disagreed with from the article and debated what should've won you can read the piece on the Ring Dot Com and watch the video at youtube dot com slash the ringer. What's going on Jim Brownies? It's pitch Mr Perfect Perfect Schuyler asked him this richer gross battle season one champion. Mike King said Civilly Heartthrob Craig Kirby to make money to see relatively superstar the login Sasha Banks W._W._e.. Superstar Braun strowman coming on the more Zach blender. Dan Black Aka goof Har Hashem Tom A._J.. Sows the phenomenal one if you will and you're listening you're listening to this. You're listening to you. I listened bussiness. You're listening. You're listening. Mathematics show smash masked man show estimation mass man welcome to the masked man show. I'm your host. David Shoemaker joining me on the mask line is dear friend of the pod and <hes> hockey writer extraordinaire. I feel like I probably said that last time Greg Luzinski how you doing man I'm doing good. I find it ironic that I'm doing in the wrestling show in the same week that I published a a long story about the decline of fighting in the N._H._l.. So doing on the pro violence podcasts at the same time by sport is in a regression when it comes to violence listen. We're all about fake violence here on the mask man show in less <unk> in one of our many digressions about shoot fights in the ring. <hes> How's life post hockey I mean how are you going off season post walkie talkie <hes> yeah I mean I I the only the only post hockey <hes> situation is due to global warming in which which case I guess we'll bring back roller hockey international and the New Jersey Rock and rollers at some point as as far as the job goes <hes> I'll reiterate. I just published a long story on hockey fighting in the end of July. It is as if there is no off-season if there is an off season at hockey. We're probably actually in it. It's it's fans about six six weeks. It's all of the Canadian pundits go to their cottages and post pictures of their blenders unders with frozen drinks fi imagine it's when they all get their best Intel from general manager is because they're all Canadian to and they're all neighbors stuff so as an American writer who doesn't have a cottage <hes> I am doing a <hes> wrestling podcast <hes> in my all season. We'll keep plugging away. Keep doing these <unk> by gas and eventually a cottage will be yours. I'm sure glad I'm glad that that you mentioned all these Canadians because that's a neat segue into the biggest thing W._w.. has on the horizon which is Summer Slam live in a couple of weeks from <hes> from Toronto. Everybody I know <hes> in the wrestling adjacent Eh podcasting and writing world is very excited to be going to Toronto. Apparently it's a very nice place to visit but if you go ahead it's rata does your Toronto. I believe it's on either front street or bore. I forget which street it's it's a bar called Saywhat and it is spelled Komo see ostrich V._S._d.. Or what have you <hes>. It's my favorite place to sample many great craft routes and they have good food there too. It's a bargain basement. They have a pool table baller little little place. If you want to check it out say what for all the the wrestle headset the Toronto for recycling. It's a gray recommendation. That's awesome. <hes> listen. We're GONNA talk. WE'RE GONNA run to the whole summer slam card because man it is stacked and it is <hes>. It looks like it's getting pretty pretty well locked down. There's one match that we have have to talk about that. Does that has not been decided yet. The biggest mystery of the week and listen. I like nothing more than a pro wrestling mystery and it's a Roman reigns he he he was is coming out to announce his challenge for Summer Slam and was <hes> <hes> preempted by a bunch of falling <hes> the medal and <hes> and and storage boxes and assorted other things. I'm not exactly sure what I was supposed to see but it looked like he got smushed by a bunch of falling stuff get panicked ached and then and then recovered fairly quickly so we have what we have is. A <hes> is a good old fashioned. <hes> you know who hit stone goals Iverson with the car situation here <hes> but I'm guessing this isn't going to be ricky she this time. It looks like I don't I don't know if this counts as a spoiler. Not I mean if you're really really that worried about finding out who knocked all the stuff over and not following the trail of breadcrumbs <hes> I apologize but it twitter sleuths quickly figured out that they saw a man who appeared to be Buddy Murphy walking away from the scene of the crime and I gotTa tell you if Roman when reigns is in the stage of his career where he is making dudes like Buddy Murphy than I am excited for this stage Roman reigns as career. What what what is what was your take on the misery and on the potential for Buddy Murphy being the opponent the I agree with you that that's a pretty good use of Roman reigns? I think in two thousand nineteen <hes> I thought two things first as the big mystery science theater three thousand fan I think of the jingle he tried to kill him with a forklift. Just went from one of the earlier <hes> Joel episodes and then I also thought about if this had happened in nineteen ninety two <hes> we would have seen a deep doing Keith Lee as is a character named forklift on hundred next week the opponent by God it is like I'll far-left and that's maybe a little bit you know sad that we're not back in the naming wrestlers after objects and occupations era well. I wouldn't be sad about that for too long <hes> but if that would get keithly on Monday night television I probably I probably ended up endorsing that in the end. Listen <hes> there's not a lot of people left for Roman reigns to be challenging so I was actually very intrigued to see who's GonNa come out. I had about talk myself into came challenging the undertaker again or something something something that effect is. There's you know like I said dwindling number of options but you know I mean there's also there was also Braun strowman incident on Monday night raw where he sort would have had an a conversation with was it Alexa Bliss where we weren't quite sure where that was headed so I didn't know if that's where she challenged him to do something manly that that I didn't know if that's what this was and hey listen to might not it might not be who twitter and we all think it is it might not be buddy. Murphy is as far as we know they could change the plan at the last minute and have it be you you know John Cena or something like that right and and that wouldn't I don't think anybody would be too surprised. <unk> need a forklift at if the it was the undertaker he would've just used some sort of enchantment on the forklift would have required a driver <hes> it. They would've been like a maximum overdrive type situation yeah well anyway. It was a it was an interesting episode ending to smackdown and I will say that if this is the beginning getting of the BISCHOFF era regardless of that I mean of where the time you know the time line for that actually starts it does feel like on a sort of zoom. It does feel like going to zoom that level that <hes> and I'll give them great credit for this. They both are on smackdown are making an attempt to have every show be mem- memorable memorable in a different way right or way on a state level if felt like it was Eric Bischoff booking so because a backstage attack using in some sort of Ford object yet okay angry as who the attacker was <hes> all fits the purview which of course will know. It's an it's Eric Bischoff back nation if the revelation of set attackers being extraordinarily underwhelming <hes>. It's going to be Garret Bischoff. I'm GonNa tell you right now. <hes> or oriented being drew McIntyre it ends up being like someone that's so completely on the knows that you're just really they went through a lot of work to a book yourself into Summer Slam Guy who's inevitably booking being booked in a summer slam <hes> yeah. I think that's right. <hes> listen. I mean but what I was Gonna I say is I. I do appreciate that like you know I mean we cover our. I cover this stuff from a week to week basis but you get a week or so removed and it's all just sort of a blur. It's nice. I'm guessing that like a couple of weeks from now. We'll be able to look back and just be like Oh yeah you mean. The smackdown were Roman reigns had that thing fall on him or that episode of the episode of raw where Brock Listener <hes> Yanked Seth Rollins semi comically out of a <hes> out of an ambulance and <hes> and demolish him for several minutes. It's on in several like awkward and painful minutes on live television so I mean there these high points that I if feels like they're sort of deliberately building around if that's the case if that's a deliberate liberated top down decision than I applaud it very it's very attitude era. I mean we're we're you look back in. It's like the raw with the fear truck the raw with the you know filling the blank. It's it does hearken back. I feel like they attempted that during a Becky's stone-cold run <hes> but in how many times can you get arrested really with without being not memorable anymore <hes> but yeah I agree like like the more stunt work the better <hes> <hes> yeah I mean I think we're on the same page there. I mean raw rod. It's share of of of other highlights. Maria Canals Mike Canales. I guess one of the twenty four seven championship and then relinquish its is wife Maria which is one kind of combining two of the most bizarrely entertaining storylines. We've seen oil. I mean listen you can obviously your mileage may vary on both of those things <hes> as with the ambulance attack as with the Roman reigns mystery attack but it's nice to see them doing different things I mean I it sounds sort of like you know obvious but you got three hours to fill in one night in two hours the next night you got to be working and more than one mode and I appreciate them sort of like keeping keeping things interesting ricochet running through the Ron smackdown real quick and then we'll just jump into folks both feed into the Summer Slam Card Ricochet is going to want a gauntlet match to take on A._J.. Styles for the U._S.. Title at Summer Slam. It's the second <hes> match on this card after after Seth rollins where there was a really entertaining <hes> contrivance to get the guy who was obviously going to be in the match into the match <hes> I'm not I guess with Ricochet. There is a little bit more of a question mark. Some of these other people could fit the bill but <hes> but you know it was he was the guy that you know they. I guess we have no automatic rematches anymore. We just have automatic multi automatic multi person matches in which the guy who <hes> the former champion always wins now but that was a really really refund match and it was a <hes> and it was a match that and it was a match that was oddly I believe not present on the Hulu edition of Raw I I was complaining about who Rahula the WHO last week so. I don't want to make this a recurring feature. Tell me about it it up all the matches on the WHO addition now on for on smackdown. It's in smacking. They we do on raw. It's a it's a weird setup where they have. They have a special ninety minute exclusive edition of Raw on Hulu every every Tuesday morning and usually it's a pretty refreshing quick doc way to watch the show and then everything and then you go to the the W._W._e.. Youtube page and they have clips of everything that wasn't the didn't make the cut or you go. You Go back to Your D._V._R.. And you watch all the stuff that didn't make the cut that way <hes> but yeah it's a it's a <hes> it's. It's pretty fun to watch it but it's also fun from a I mean usually really it's interesting from you know my seat to see what they decided wasn't worth putting on the show <hes> e- usually it's pretty obvious stuff. It's backstage segments. It's sort sort of the mid card matches you know whatever but you know in this case sometimes you just have to make hard choices and I think this was one that was just a really long elaborate match <hes> and with on a show with a whole lot of other stuff stuff going on it kind of reminds me of the thing that N._b._C. Sorta doing where they started showing old S. and L.'s <hes> on Saturday at like ten o'clock. You know they go <unk> old S._N._l.. For an hour at been like local news than the new S._N._l.. And if it's only an hour you have to cut a bunch of stuff out of the show and it was always interesting using the seat which sketches made the cut which ones didn't do they put in both musical performances or just one and so on and so forth yeah. I think that that's right that that that's that that's what it feels like but anyway that was a really cool match we saw there's a couple of interesting things but I think what stands out to me. Most is <hes> Andrade ripping the mask mask of Ramos Stereo. Now I know this is a fairly common occurrence in in the Mexican wrestling scene especially. It's a pretty standard Ruto move to rip rip off your rip off the baby faces mask but you know Ramos ears at this phase of his career where everything everything feels slightly momentous straight like we like the his retirement madge could be right around the corner any time and so all of every little scrappy gets into has a little bit of extra weight. <hes> you know I'm saying this AH at the same time you know out of one side of my mouth out of the other side. I'm saying Ramos Cheerios in the best entering shape of his career so I'm not really sure how far away are how close retirement is but but anyway the O. C. not the not the foxfire show detecting stand a chance there your new tag team champions Yes after defeating the champion revivals and the <hes> <hes> deem who's had another minor scrap with the law the USOZ <hes> for the for the belts and let's see what else happened what else having note <hes> yeah and then there is a the show ended with the Samoan summit between Roman reigns and some oh Joe <hes> I like a good. I like naming a segment like that. It's really that that's that's that's interesting but then you know the the big takeaway that I mentioned earlier earlier Raising the stakes and that's here is only a good thing in in my opinion as on the Little Leonard Out <hes> but <hes> <hes> but yeah no it was effective and using the word effective for an angle that includes the presence of Dolls Ziglar think is actually an outlier tiger so you know I don't know exactly how to put it into words so bear with me here please but they're doing a thing now with with their sort of uh you know the the the sort of crash dummy br on the roster and Ziglar and to a lesser extent I think Samoa Joe to they've been kind of feeling their way through with him. You Know Joe Disgust out the worst thing I mean the worst thing he has going for him is that he's bulletproof. I mean he he he can he can be he can be a legitimate opponent to any champion at any given time so they almost don't feel the need to do anything with them except just let them right Oh and let them lose ziglar. It's like if you're not going to ever do anything with it if you're if even even if you decided that he's never going to be a champion. He's never going to be a real main of inter but he has value in the mid card or he has value as a gatekeeper. He has value as a personality. Just put him on T._V.. All the time because we can complain about how if he keeps I mean people say oh if he keeps losing the no take him seriously but the way we take wrestler seriously if we see them all the time you know that's that's that's the that's the the imprimatur of grain that that shows that the office is is is behind him when he's just on T._v.. Running his mouth wrestling matches all the time I mean I kind of like I kind of like overabundance of Dolph Ziegler's hapless hapless journey. I mean it's it's <hes> it's it's sort of. It's sort of interesting. I think he's always been affected worker. <hes> you know the other stuff is negligible <hes> but <hes> but yeah I mean sure it's fine. Do you think Simone Joe Randy York narcotics that category that tier of <hes> constant guys you could put into title matches but like a threat but not really a threat like this an interesting category of developed there yeah I think so I think I think I think Oregon has a little bit more of a <hes>. I think I I I don't i. I think with Gordon my guess is that he he he is functionally in that category is probably seen as being in that category but at the same time him he's. I think that the people in the office assumed that he will have another run or to the belt you know yes because Joe Joe didn't really have that up much <unk> no and I think that's I think that's that's that's a problem I mean I think he would be an incredible champion. It'd be interesting to see what he can do. <hes> even if it's during some quiet months just let him get the Belton run his mouth but but <hes> you know I but I do think he's in that category. I think that I think it's you know a lot of this but a lot of the biggest success stories that we've had over the past several years or people who were maybe perceived to be in that category and they and they bust out busted out. You know I mean there's no no it would have been really easy for Kevin's to fall into that category. You know Kofi Category Yeah for sure coming. COVINA's cokie might have been a notch below that category gory but yeah I mean he he the it's a it's not a bad place to be you know as long as you're always like a couple of steps away from the main event picture <hes> like you know a Kofi Kingston journey can a moment can can happen to anybody as long as you keep the crowd going <hes> speaking of Kofi over on smackdown he he went one on one with J._J.. smackdown was a really interesting match really interesting. Show not just because Roman reigns <hes> had a bunch of stuff fall on them because there there are a lot of relatively clean winds. I remember when I watched before I watched raw. Read the results which you know I'm a big big spoiler guy and I was but it was just like a quick and dirty results and I was I was <hes>. I didn't really know how anything happened. I remember seeing that Seth defeated Dolph and I was just like okay well. I guess that was I mean that makes sense to clean thing and then later found out it it was a decree thing and and whatever else you know it was but smackdown there was I mean there were a lot of clean wins <hes> Kofi over A._J.. Styles Dell's Ali over shaky Nakimora. Kevin Owens opened the show by going over clean over drew McIntyre might have been the biggest surprise owing then Dolph got a win against Finn Valor but that there's another Sh- Mazi thing because of the semi interference of the fiend Bray Wyatt I mean Kevin Owens is is going into summer. Slam when on one against against <hes> you know probably the biggest he'll in the business right now love him or hate him and Shane McMahon and is just on fire. I mean he's the he's the anchor of smackdown now and seeing him go clean over drew McIntyre. I thought it was pretty stunning. Yeah agreed but and and as and as we go back to a previous conversation cleaned finishes also not exactly the Bischoff over yeah. That's that's definitely true. <hes> you know it'll it'll be interesting to see you know at some point we'll get interviews with with Hammond and Bischoff in their official capacities and it'll be interesting to see them talk. Maybe we'll have to wait for them to be done with this. You know it'd be wait a year or two to for them to get replaced but it is but it is sort of interesting to to to to one to think about whether how much how much to what extent or whether and to what extent their their philosophies have changed since they were previously an official positions of authority my guess is that there's I mean Bischoff seems like the sort of guy that might come in with a whole new set of ideas. You know a whole new a whole new kind of governing philosophy heyman is I mean Haymond is certainly evolved from his e c w days but Haymond hasn't been I I mean Hamen has been pretty active at say. This delicately aiming has been Haymond has been fairly regularly active in W._w.. Creative even when he hasn't had a title in W._B._Z. Yeah he he's he's been he's been an unofficial contributor even even without a steady contract for for for a long time and and I feel like he's you you know he he has his entree is going to be a little bit more seamless into this world right and we only we only know Bischoff for one St. really and he wasn't exactly the Mover Reverend Shaker in C._N._a.. That he was in W._W._e.. So I mean we're kind of stuck with that template until proven otherwise it's true it's true and it's you know it'll it'll be the <hes> it'll be interesting to see. All the stuff goes for sure <hes> so listen. Let's let's take a look at this summer slam card because I think that it's a you know it it it bears some a I mean it's it's already big. We're we're we were almost two weeks away a little bit less than two weeks away and it's <hes> you know there's no reason not to do this on every waking moment until the event happens we talked about Brazilian seth rollins. I mean it seems to me. We don't know what's going to happen in the go the home show next week but it seems to me that Seth Ron's getting destroyed this week. It feels like a setup for him to to to to pull off an underdog aww victory at Summer Slam. What are you what what you're what you're there? That's that's to me. The bill right now is is to set up the you know steph versus the monster her yet again and <hes> has come out victorious at at Summer Slam to what end I don't know but that does seem become to build yeah I mean when when brock listener one I wrote a little piece for the ringer just trying to figure out what it meant and it may come down to meaning <unk> as it may be something as simple as we needed brock listener Vince or whoever deciding we need brock listener holding the belt for this giant pay per view event that we have <hes> and and even though even though in retrospect looking back in a year it'll it'll just seem like a blip in a lengthy Seth Ron's championship Raynor's. I mean maybe even if that were the case. This might just be you know this might just be a seth rollins brook listener match and the title switching hands is just sort of incidental to the whole thing but I'm excited to see I'm excited. I'm I'm excited for this match. These two guys have fairly good chemistry and this is a you know if it goes right. I don't know that it's a straight up Mulligan but if it goes right it can it will I think further insinuates thrones as the face of the company is their money in an inter gender seth's Becky batch well. There's been a lot of talk about Inter gender matches lately. I'm not I mean there's <hes> obviously the the extreme rules main event would they got into a little bit of <hes> intergener- Inter Inter gender <hes> shenanigans that sounds wrong but anyway <hes> I mean listen listen becky match booked. I'm sure a lot of people would want to watch that. I just don't I find it really really hard to imagine that w w would ever go down. That road is in it. Yeah there's money. There's money in everything you have to everybody. If if they K- K fate broke up and then she decided take take the title there was a really interesting interview that Becky Lynch gave this week where she was just Sorta shitting on W._w.. Creative for their entire storyline that they were were they were an onscreen couple they apparently they pitched it to her and I was complaining about this the whole the whole way along just because I don't think there's any way that they can be an onscreen couple for any length of time and not and not end up as heels you know and if their value to the company is his baby faces. You've got to keep them apart. You can't do that you're going to you can acknowledge knowledge reality but you know every time a boxer football player basketball player POPs up on the screen during a game or hockey player. You don't mention who they're dating you. You know I mean you don't you don't necessarily have to talk about their love life in the middle of a game outside P._k.. Sue Badlands Yvonne Right now in hockey but I I wonder like if you're we're going to see this thing through how you could book it like you. Couldn't you could put back becky over sess in that situation could you I mean <music> double dig new. They hug it out. Yeah I mean these intergener- matches. I mean the ones that I've seen their each underground had a few <hes> obviously there's there's been a number of them. In on the indie scene <hes> Tessa Blanchard's out there working you know with some regularity these days as <hes>. They're they're interesting and fun matches to watch when they're well booked and I think that there are a lot of ways that you can you can kind of make both people look good good in the mirror not look good but but you know you don't have to the man doesn't necessarily have to look a week for for you know getting hurt by a woman and I think that I I mean. I definitely think that it's possible. I'd love to see her go over. I don't know if they would do it. Yeah I mean I mean she's she's. She's significantly smaller smaller than him so that I think that makes some difference it would be. It would be interesting to see you know we they messed around with China fighting men back in the day and I you know I it would be a totally different booking proposition. If we were talking about rousing Charlotte Versa Aiming Charlotte who's significantly bigger than Rowzee to Charlotte versus. I mean well if you WANNA take another couple of Charlotte versus Andrade or Charlotte versus somebody from five live that might be a real good battle of the sexes type situation. I don't no no maybe Summer Slam Summer Slam twenty twenty man the there it is it's wide open but yes speaking of Becky. She's taking on Natalia at Summer Slam match. They've done a pretty good job of building given that <hes>. I don't think anybody was clamoring for this match no they they weren't but I agree with you. I think they built it well which is a tricky thing <hes> but <hes> but they built it well yeah I mean I think someone it's the same with the tag division. The women's divisions that is as good as some of these matches are at times. They're not quite deep enough. They're not giving enough screen time on the women's side and and you know to have them spread out over two two shows. I mean part of what part of growing this division is W._B._Z.. Obviously giving them more time but part of it is going to be like I like with Roman reigns and whatever he's doing it at Summer Slam. It's incumbent coming upon the stars to lift the lesser stars up right to make right like Becky has to make Natalia into a legitimate contender for the women's division to ever reach the level needs to get I mean obviously Natalia's legit and until he's great and Natalia has it has INCR- has had an incredible career already and deserves this match from a smart marquis metric but but you know like I said no one is particularly clamoring for this and then we have another interesting one in the smackdown downside in Bailey defending in sort of frienemie ember moon when they've done a really <hes> I I mean I feel like a really they've done a really good job sort of teasing that out too because it's sort of a traditional story line but it does feel like I mean it does feel like the way that you would book the that the the the W._b.. Is booked you know men in the past and they've been a little bit reluctant to to book women where they're just like straight up wailing on each other matches over you know yeah and there's something beautiful about that right. They don't need some sort of like backstory of like you know of Friendship Gone Awry or anything right that it's just these are these are competitors who you know can can keep peace for the purposes of a match and then just want to punch each other exactly you have to be a face or heel the pull that off Kofi mentioned Randy Orton earlier in what is places with the the company I mean. I don't think that he's GonNa be Kofi Kingston Summer Slam but it wouldn't shock me. Yeah I think it's I think it's it's in everybody's I mean I i. I think that well on the smackdown side in particular. I feel like we gotta start looking at everything through the lens of WHO's going to be holding holding the bill to win. The Fox show starts because I'm guessing that there's a lot of <hes> negotiation. That's already ongoing on that front. Whether whether that mean whether it's something as extreme as you know brock listener ends up with the smackdown title for the beginning of that show or if it's just you know some some Fox exact has a really <unk> really specific opinion about Randy Orton or about Kofi Kingston or whatever else but it does feel like the move here is just giving Kofi via a nice long run with the belt and a bunch of you know really significant victories before they embark on whatever's going to be his downfall. How much do you think Fox has influenced there or do you think it's more along the lines of like Vince trying to <hes> <hes> create the best scenario to make the biggest impact? I mean when you say like negotiation right like what what do you what do you mean by that. What are your what's your insight on that <hes> well I A and A and maybe a looming problem because at some point I mean whoever it is whoever takes off next or even if we're just talking about the big stars and if you would you want to say like you know what if both networks desperately want Roman reigns to open and close every show then what do you do. I mean that that's not a net benefit for the product for that to be the case but if the networks are demanding it. I think that I think that honestly I think that that Vince we'll we'll both U._S._A.. And Fox will have requests and I think that Vince will be very open to them. I frankly think he'd be more open to what stars or appearing having them dictate what stars are appearing on each show then then you know then wanting to try out a new camera angle I think I think I think that he I think that as far as creative goes he's probably open if if not you know serve defined for the sake of being defiant and I think I think for the most part his views on who is a marketable champion proudly going to sync up without a network may not necessarily sync with that of the fans but I think it might sync up with that of network <unk> agree yeah yeah I I think that's I think that's right. I mean I think that he's that he's definitely got. I mean listen you know www always like to say that they have a test market. You know every time they do will ever four times a week whenever they do a show and they and and so and and I think that I've said I've talked a million times about how sometimes the disconnect between what fans that listen to this podcast fans that are out there chanting painting Siham Punk at at pay per view the that that's a very specific sort of fan and the people that go to house shows are over the moon for Roman reigns there over furthermore wound for the people that W._w.. Pushing and that's folding yeah the there is a disconnect there but but you know the foxing will be interesting too because Fox's is very deliberately <hes> using W._W._e.. As as a part of their sports weekend right I mean they're going to have football. They're going to N._F._l.. Thursdays and Sundays the book ends and there's going to be smackdown on Friday and college football on Saturday and and you know this is part of a programming block like this is half of week or over half of a week and it'll be interesting if they have specific I mean there's there's already been a lot of speculation but if they have specific asks for you know if they have an idea about what kind the town will appeal to that football crowd you know I mean there are a lot of people have been allowed. People speculate that like just based on nothing but his accent but that like A._J.. Styles is the kind of guy that they wanted to show you know it'll be. It'll be interesting to see what they do. I think that there's definitely going to be a premium on more of the real sports kind of vibe to it but that could be interpreted in a million different ways <hes> so anyway all that is a long way of saying my guess is that someone had foxe's already put in their vote for who was going to be holding the W._b.. Championship when on an episode wine and and it's it might be Kofi might be Randy Orton. It might be someone totally different so you know that that remains rising but I do think that if this I mean I don't think this is the end of the Kofi Championship reign rain at Summer Slam and if it is you know I think he's firmly insinuated himself at the top of the card. Kevin Owens we already discussed is just just incredible. I mean I can't it's amazing. I haven't seen I haven't seen like a face turn. That was not predicated on science on you. You know some really obvious old school faced turn trope that has gone over a seamlessly as his in the in in recent memory. I mean I'm sure there is one <hes> did see 'em punk hunk. Turn face with a pipe bomb. I don't even remember but like you know. It's just just to get that. was that was conventional yeah. Are you saying that you're saying unconventional. Yeah I mean Kevin Having Owens was working. He'll and then he just got a microphone inserted shitting on Shane McMahon for no reason and everybody's just like all right. Let's do this you know he's just like the <unk> pushing back against the bands or the the G._M.. Or the powers that the trope right no no no no. I think it's an existing trope. I'm just surprised is they didn't set it up with you. Know <hes> Kevin Owens being e Kevin Owens like functioning as Shane McMahon's <hes> lieutenant for one episode and then kind of getting disgruntled Jordan flipping on him or you know and then take the mic or you know they didn't there was no there wasn't the kind of conventional you know he'll axes a he'll until he's pushed to his brink sort of if <hes> set up that I would expect that's stands the Hor- exactly but yeah I mean I think that Shane Mcmahon if the goal of this whole shaming man arc was to make him the biggest on the company and to make us all hate him so that he could put somebody like Kevin Owens over then this has been a raging success and <hes> and it'll be I think this has the potential to be like the real kind of emotional high point of the night. There's other emotional highpoints as well fin Baylor. There will be <hes>. I don't know if this counts the spoiler but it feels like he's going to be losing to Bray Wyatt at Summer Slam in what will be this rule kiss batch of the car. We what's your take on Bray Wyatt the fiends over. I mean like the way that they've set it. Up Is Cadillac Junior League demon right or not even so much that I mean it's it's almost more like what like Willem Dafoe Green Goblin esque where the fiend I is ah is telling him to do things and I remember that correctly. Yeah Yeah exactly yeah yeah so it's it's it's he's he stormed Osborne. Basically is the fiend the fiend make subdued the horrible things not these happy-go-lucky children I like I like this. He looks he looks like the joker but but at the back but he has the green goblins back story this is this is a EH. You're going with this right. The East trying to do is a little TV show for kids but then he turns and sees the basket. It's like Bray Cater Parker for a I think that you know again for fear of being persistently met in this. I've probably said this before for if this is if the goal here if this if this ends up being a functional regular performer on the main roster then this is the no matter what happens here. This is a success right. I mean we yeah we gotta get him on T._V.. And even if he's not wrestling on raw smackdown weekend and week out if if you want to keep them a little bit special that's fine but <hes> but yeah I mean I'm just I think that as excited as I've been for the firefly funhouse stuff I think this is the first Bray Wyatt return where I'm just sort of like wait and see mode and <hes> you know the kind of prove it to me mode and I am and so I'm but I'm I'm cautiously excited to be to have that proven to me but yet but the problem is in because back to sense memory liquor talk radio. Do you know we picture rent your ness a champion champion 'cause we've seen red. You're as champion and you could picture there being a ring projections of spiders <hes> because we've seen that before and we know that we're like at all at all times with Bray Wyatt to pay per views away from that and there's always gonna be that fear that they they won't know where the Linas and they'll turn something. That's kind of moderately cooler this thing that's just stupid yeah <hes> yeah yeah I mean I. I hope that I mean I think there's obviously there's obviously a path for him to be spooky and to be successful people blooming comparing him to the undertaker for long enough that I think that you know we all know that that's the thing but at the same time you know the undertaker. The undertaker is spooky but at some point when he became you know the best striker in the history of pro wrestling you know you have to submit. He always like chokes emissions and stuff at some point you have to be as dominating uh-huh is dominating in the ring as you are spooky outside of it and embrace why I mean I think the real turn for Bray Wyatt is just you know if if he can be convincingly if if he can take the if he can take the horror movie stick and but turn his matches into frigging horror movies then that's that's great just having beat the crap crap had people in horrifying ways and then I'll be convinced <hes> if he if we could we could be the real issue is this the undertaker ager got to be the undertaker because you look like the undertaker and Bray Wyatt matter how spooky and scary he is always look like Husky Harris Harris but he doesn't have the undertaker's face or his build or his comportment. He will always that's why the children's uh-huh t._v.. Character is kind of a fun Lakers is sort of batches. The fact that is as scary and backwoods Charles Manson. Is You try to make this guy. He's always gonNA look like a Husky Harris so if you make Mitchell to television host will now you're kind of playing into his wheelhouse a little bit <hes> so that that's always like you can only push the super scary things so far with a guy who true nick as he does yeah. I can see where you're coming from with that. I mean I think he's he's. He's pretty scary. I mean I think that he you know he looks looks like the SORTA guy you don't WanNa mess with at a bar regardless of how broad his smile is or you know whatever but he's he's a I mean I but I but I but I agree with what you're saying. I think that that's why I mean listen. I would say about horror movies and obviously there's an undertaker connection there with the with the sit up and everything else but you know the great great horror movie creeps of our childhood didn't all I mean weren't all like you know. musclebound Royd heads you know they weren't they didn't look like super villains. They were just scary because they were violent and borderline indestructible and I think that if you can find a way to pull that off in the sort of realm of whatever passes for reality and wrestling than that's that that's probably probably the path forward but you know that's just me fantasy booking <hes> being a fantasy booking. We talked about ricochet winning the shot at the the U._S.. Championship Sagar A._J.. Styles again in what is going to be. I mean what is just a <hes>. You Know Smart Mark Fantasy match rematch. I guess yes at this point. <hes> those two guys just having them together on the car just feels like a treat and <hes> you know I'm not sure that and they need to be giving ricochet microphone to <hes> for his you know to to cut little plaintiff baby-faced promos every week but <hes> but aside from that had I am all in on this feud and excited for this match yeah. It's GONNA be awesome. I mean <hes> to great workers will heal actions wins on the style side dig it now like it love ricochet and the potential is there for a showstopper the author of a match the O._C.. We mentioned before the original club the only club the I think they're messing around with different iterations of it. We re to take this faction action seriously. Now we spent a long time with the with the Gaza Anderson being sort of goofy and and and you know we've been through this before. Do you think that the O._C.. <hes> name maybe maybe name aside. <hes> can could be like a real a real force in W._W._e.. Can this be could they be the bullet club that they're emulating to such an extent it could but you need you need other guy. I mean I think I think the issue right now. Is that <hes> that had Anderson gals are all only going to be seen as sort of the the muscle for for styles right like it's not it's not a real faction. <hes> <hes> <hes> it's like bodyguards. Dude is Kinda out feels right <hes> so <hes> if a the faction you need to kind of make it into more traditional bullet club setup and I don't think I don't know if they really have an appetite for it. I don't know if what we're we're factions are right now <hes> in in two thousand nine hundred and W._W._e.. Which I live in 'cause I I agree with the the Eric Bischoff? <hes> <hes> philosophy philosophy that that factions are fun. Infections are good and that you could. They're they're they're they draw. I completely agree with that mindset. I don't think we have enough of them. Yeah I I. I totally agree with that. I think that I I think you're right. I mean maybe a little bit bigger. Maybe they can have maybe maybe you you know a lot of people have our fantasy booking thin ballard his crew obviously because of his shared back story with them but <hes> you know wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't be mad if if this ended with you know with with the ricochet joining up I mean he obviously needs a little bit. I don't think he needs a straight reboot but but he needs a little bit of flavor and <hes>. I'm not sure they're going to do that. He's such beautiful baby face. I mean Franz purposes but but but yeah they there's there's definitely a lot of ways they can go with this and an aide with A._J.. I mean he's just such a a great performer that you can have him do anything but he's but but he's also going to be. You know he's not in that. He's not in that you know. Samoa Joe Doll Ziglar Ller camp that category that we were discussing before but he is he there is the risk that he's such a good worker and he was actually so oh six Oh surprisingly successful I think surprisingly from the office's point of view as champion that it did you know he he could have gotten complacent with him. You know when they Britain and they haven't and I think that's a that's that's a good thing exactly the Ms Wrestling Golf Ziglar and I don't even know what to make of it so we'll just put a pin that for now but the big announcement from smackdown sort of shocking thing that we have the shocking summer slam match that I was not expecting <hes> was was that Charlotte flare is going to be wrestling Canada's own Trish stratus in Strasbourg action sort of return of the legend Match Watch. I mean the with the last time we saw Trish. I think there was a lot of feeling that she had a little bit of gas left in the tank and it'd be interesting to see your comeback and this is you know there is a there's certainly a like a legends match vibe to this not just because she's The Canadian thing is interesting though because we have Trish let's see Kevin Owens and Natalia. I mean you know I. I don't think that's how he is an honorary Canadian on she's actually she's Canadian American okay so she yes she's. She was born in Calgary <hes> but she's she's. I mean they're so there is three potential. There's three potential homer wins there on the on the car and I'm not I'm not sure if I think natty is GonNa GonNa take the Bell L. But maybe and and you know I think that K._o.. Is is is going to be another big another big hometown favorite yeah yeah for sure absolutely absolutely well. I'm excited to see trestle. I'm excited that you know we have. We have a really really stacked guard. I don't I mean we're a couple of weeks out. I'm not sure I mean we're a week and a half two weeks out. <hes> this is Jim. It feels like it feels like a big event. <hes> and I'm excited to see where they go with it. <hes> what are what are those match is there is there any of those matches that you're looking forward to particularly yes aisles ricochet <hes> for one and just to see what they ended up doing booking wise with with seth and Brock even though I'm about to like jacked up to see the match itself <hes> <hes> but it's a really good Carter <unk> being my hesitation right now is that they look at this card. I see one two three four five six six seven eight nine singles matches so which one of those is a triple threat by the time we get summer slap. It's interesting. There's a couple of other things I mean. There's there's presumably going going to be a tag match or two added to the roster and the end of the card it all seems like wrangling towards a Nakimora versus Ali I see title match <hes> so that could that could easily obviously pre show fodder but <hes> you know we're this is this card is is expansive to say the least and if I I find it hard to imagine that the twenty four seven championship won't be involved in the show some extent even if it's a you know an interstitial sort of running around backstage situation Asian and there's a lot of big names. There's a lot of big names from T._v.. That that are not currently booked on the card and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing and I think thinking the in the cross branded pay per view era. It's fine to leave some of your big names off of a of a pay per view but it is interesting to see you know Alexa Bliss Samoa Joe. I mean there's there's a number of people who don't appear to have matches set up so <hes> you know who who are very present. <hes> <hes> drew McIntyre people who were very present on Ron smackdown weekend and week out <hes> so yeah. I I guess we'll we'll see how that goes. <hes> like I said like the what when when is the last time we had made for W._W._e.. Pay Per view that and I'm talking major not like Saudi Arabia major that that didn't have a triple threat match on it. That's a good question. I don't know the answer listen. That's why there's no way they're going go with ten singles matches. One of these things is going to involve SMO- Joe or drew McIntyre or even like what you know Rove Romans attacker occur is already booked in one of these matches and then he inserts himself into the narrative something like that's going to happen. Oh and also we got. We have <hes> we have. It's not even on here yet. I can't believe I missed it. We have Alastair black my dude versus one of my other dudes Sammy Zane Sammy's ENA challenge him on smackdown which is gonNA be. We really fun. I liked it there. I liked it there that the the <hes> the soup can or what's the what's the boxing term the potatoes for a guy for the tomato tomato can I was almost there potato and potato soup. Can I like to the tomato cans ends at they're lining up for asser blacker guys who can go and guys that we know are going to give him epic matches and not just cool excuses to to work as finisher that dude what is it is is just a million percent awesome. Speaking of ouster black now brings us to a very important time of the show thanks to I think it was last episode with the Brian Dipper seen we talked about the five guys that we would <hes> that we would employ that we would that we would sign if we had the the entire W._B._Z.. Roster included disposal and we're starting a new wrestling company. There's always wrestling companies out here. If you're starting your own and you can poach five people from W._W._e.. Who who who would be your pick now mine last week just to get it out of the way where I am not going to bother defending them too loudly right now or Kevin Owens wins Fin Baylor Alastair Black Andrade and Wildcard Keith Lee <hes> you Greg Luzinski? What is your top top five? Who would you pick if you were doing this <hes> well? I'm Gonna I say of going off the board. <hes> I bought a restricting this to W._W._e.. <music> okay whatever you want for for I there is now another major at cable television wrestling occasion your your your exercising the wildcard third rule. I will accept that that's fine while guard will <hes> the the reason why there is a major <hes> competitive competing wrestling promotion invite. I'd say it's because of you know the guy who owns Jaguars or because of the you know cody Rhodes reason exists this because Chris Tirico and so if I was starting out promotion <hes> obviously I want Chris Jericho there as draws heat as someone who has got ideas at somebody who knows how to get attention for my promotion by any means necessary might not always either to work for me necessarily as live by the richest going on cruises and bands and things of that nature but if I wanna get my my promotion ocean on the map few people the business better than Chris Jericho to sign up for it <hes> train my attention back to V._W.. Universe worse <hes> I would like you. Bring Kevin Owens incredible talker. <hes> I think works as both a Keel at face but I loved mezin is based <hes> speaking faces. I need a couple of I need. I need a couple of days here. I think it's I think it's really easy to develop heels. It's very very hard to have faces that people care about <hes>. What am I although I agree with you? I don't WanNa buy the bite necessarily often but boy it can go <unk> of ricochet would be one of the people who build the motion routes the other face. I would build the promotion around. <hes> is someone that I wouldn't mind having on the bike decided to be a very entertaining but also has the absolute look of guide you WanNa poster that Matt Riddle with right someone I'd want to build a promotion round. My God like the potential that guy to be just the face that runs the place at some point. <hes> is is intriguing by space that runs the place in an incredible looking charismatic guy who at no point. Do you ever takes all that seriously yes Jon Seda. I think that's right. I think that's right. I think I'm a little bit apprehensive about riddle and I think it's just probably Bob goes goes. It goes to personal taste more than anything else but I do think that they're like. I do think that when I when I watch Matt Riddle I'm like I guess I guess I would say I'm not I'm not. I'm not entirely sure he could be the number one guy W._w._e.. But having said that if it were really I in in the most in the most vibrant periods of wrestling and like the attitude era of W._W._e.. He definitely would have been one of the top guys like he could have. He could have he could have broken through and we we have to sort of be imagining if your fantasy if you're fantasizing in the future wrestling you have to hope that it would get back to a point like that at some point the problem is I bring up seen as the proxy Roxie but the Real Proxies Probably Rob Van dam built point you ever believe that Rob Van dam is that all that gauge and and you know believing being the fantasy world that's being built around. You know it's like he's always that guy. He's always sort of you. Know Not really did the play acting of aw an N._F._l.. Like riddle is sort of been that that MoD <hes> Sita you know for for for disparaging a little bit as as you know I think later in his role for a guy that you didn't really take take all that seriously when he would you know try to get gauged do as rants and be all fiery stuff about feuds. There was a point which he sold it really well and I'm not quite sure it will <hes> but I think he's got an incredible look at these incredible athlete and really engaging engaging charismatic and at the very least connects with the audience in a very meaningful way <hes> Kevin Ellensburg Shea Matt Riddle as my AAC faces Chris Jericho's as my heel and then another upload here with by other pick. 'cause I find this to be interesting in a a number of ways I bring in Charlotte flare. ooh Brigands Charlotte flare now too late to be the lynchpin of by women's division but also as sort of like I feel like you can big Charlotte flare the number one on your company either gender and however be <unk> sort of like for lack of a better term the Rick Flair of course group that it that it sort of inter-gender yeah <unk> is sort of the scheming diabolical <hes> village behind the scenes of many of the healed academicians in your in your in your federation Asian while also being arguably your best worker so <hes> Charlotte would be you know a real a real big <hes> the pillar that I build around if I was building an organization so run through your five again so it'd be a Charlotte Kevin Owens Ricochet Chris Jericho geico metal. It's just because I think it's really really easy to to create fuels yeah and <hes> and he does a lot of work. It's much harder to develop faces and and and faces in many ways make the heels so having three guys on my roster that I think are effective <hes> faces at an wanted ricochet were were along lines of being a great word or anything else is where go very close to making velveteen dream one of my five but opted against it yeah though the teens are really good <hes> I think is a really good option and we we I think picked him and he was he was right on my on my also ran list <hes> as as was ricochet ricochet was basically I had to choose. I felt like I had to choose between him and Finn Ballard and I felt like fin as even though even the ricochets setting the world on fire I just I just picked fan just just by a hair <hes> yeah anyway hopefully thank you for doing that. Hopefully we're going to keep doing this every week. If my guests have have the guts have the guts to come forward Ford with their top five and face the music from from all the listeners out there. I think this could be the most successful bit to end the show since of on the inside the actors studio when you die and go to the gates of Heaven. What would you like Saint Peter to save? You was the question to ask again to bet in that show. Unfortunately the answer was always good job would be usually what people would say like always like to say good job <hes> with your life but yours is more gauging <unk>. I'd say overall well. Do you want to tell us what you want to say to you on the way out here. Oh good job Yup yeah. Absolutely you say good job. You wanted to say <hes> to to to to check you out on twitter to <hes> to listen to your podcast. What's the what's the what's the appropriate answer here by the way I mentioned something but that's real quick my daughter <hes> recently has been used has come up with a phrase for what went so one or something has the idea of Petra person in it is is <hes> they've bet Abraham Lincoln or their friends with Abraham Lincoln with street which is a rookie kit but it's got to be one of the the strangest things I've ever seen or ever heard and now it's like a Laflin? You know like Oh you know so those cat died and then she's like Abraham. Lincoln has a cat now uh-huh recurring bit <hes> fantastic a Oh were you asked me for my plugs because we're at the end of the show yeah. Do your do your plugs. You can find the on twitter Kosinski W. Y.. S. H. Y.. N. S. K.. I <hes> you can find my <hes> writing at E._S._P._N.. Dot Com on the N._H._l.. Side in the checkout the hockey fighting piece. I wrote this week if you're interested in such things to podcasts e._S._p._N.. It is on Hiatus Dole next season with emily. Kaplan puck soup which is a podcast about hockey but also about pop culture in general nonsense that is currently really available only on Patriot during the offseason at San Pedro dot com slash <unk> new episodes each week in two bonus episodes see so you get a six things by a month and then also if you are in a summer reading mode and want to pick up something to media lurk yet thing or two about the hockey. I've a book called <hes> take right off the puck how to watch hockey by knowing knowing where to look and that's available wherever books are sold primarily on Amazon and check it out of a chance all right man well. Thank you so much for doing this. We will check out all of those things thank you. Sir always pledged always daughter to step it wired circle with <hes> with David thank you it's always an honor to have you hope you're doing something fun between now in summer slam or at least between the in

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