Dart Against Humanity Ep. 58: The Sequence Of Events


What does it start adams this fifty dollars against humanity. Today's episode is a topic near to my heart. As many of you know i don't really sleep. My brain is constantly working. It never shuts off. There's no off switch so you're probably wondering what type of things keep dart adams up at night. What are the type of things he ponders well. I gave everybody some insight into what one of those things are a couple of nights ago on twitter i do things is like i go through classic albums and then a separate them into two categories ones that are almost i perfectly or perfectly sequenced and then there's the second category ones that are sequenced in a way way where you could re sequence the album and make it either as good or possibly better which makes my head spin because if the album could be sequenced better how how come nobody involved with the album the creation process thought to do it themselves perfect example <hes> <hes> might to leading case studies were both released in early nineteen eighty five. I believe one album was released. February february fifteen thousand eighty five and the next one was at least a february twenty fifth nineteen eighty five and there are two of the biggest albums of the eighties of the first album being phil collins no jacket required for collins of genesis and the second album being tears for fears song from the big chair these song stick out in my memory for several reasons one they were toward the biggest albums of the eighties <hes> to these songs both head these albums. Both had songs did were big on black radio <hes> they also were. We're big on video channels now mind you. We didn't get m._t._v. almost nobody had cable but they were video shows that came on regular tv between nineteen eighty four eighty five and these albums contained many of those videos but another reason why i picked these two albums because this'll iconic and he's got my memory is because they both have the same flaw. It's not fatal but it's a big flaw and my eyes. They lead off off with the wrong song now typically. When you put album you wanna lead with a song that you know grabs people's attention. Some people will call this a banger that didn't necessarily exist in one thousand nine hundred five but the ideas still there so what does collins do he leaves office album with sutil which might arguably arguably be la- jam from this record so you probably think what's the big deal leadoff studios a studio desktop perfect song with no it isn't because the second mini album the follow it is only you and i know which doesn't make any fucking sense then it goes a long way to go then i don't wanna know and then ends with no one more night you take an on ride he abro. This is the first side you you you you fucking it up. You don't do this to us. I maintain that there's a better way to sequence this algal. Do not start off a studio. If anything you wanna have only you were nine. Oh and i don't wanna know back to back. One more night should be preceded by long long way to go. You can stick souto in between those so you can have only you and i know long way to go pseudo then. I don't want then then on long way to go then one more night. So you have the two slower songs at the end of side a and then you can rearrange side be how you want. That's how that should work now. When we look at songs from the big chair they make the same mistake where they sleet off with the banger shout. No no no no no no shout should not be the first one on this album now when you think about everybody wants to rule the world leading into mothers talk and then an opening. I believe the b. side opening with. I believe you're like so album. Close with listen which kind of makes sense but you could close the album mothers talk to so i'm saying is there eight songs on his album but you can actually re sequences album in several ways and it still be as good in album if not better. It's insane usually album disa- classic. There's usually really no space for mistakes if you could call them that you have to pretty much execute everything perfectly so in contrast. This with two albums always talk about almost perfect in terms of sequencing. That's janet jackson's control and anita baker's rapture. These albums are so perfectly sequenced. I did if you change the order of the songs on side airside b. It's a different album and you'd kind of fuck up the flow you you'd make somebody <hes> suspend belief that you shouldn't do it. It's a it's an insane thought. When you look at janet jackson's control rate the album has nine songs on it now of these nine songs. I believe almost all of them were singles. I think seven danda being seven singles six and in north america bleed there was another one internationally so that's bananas so we're looking at control nasty would have you done for me lately and you can be mine okay. What do you change on side. Do you move nasty. You know leading off the album control and this case make sense. The lead single is is what have you done for me lately. You put that it you slot that at three. Why does that work because you have. You can be mine after it now. The pleasure principle leads into when i think of you back to back. This is perfect. Now you have a song like he doesn't even know alive right. Where do you slot that well. If you have a son my let's wait awhile. You stick eight a new slot. He doesn't know he isn't even know him. Alive right before it and you end the album perfectly with funny how time flies i've said this a million times james. There's a reason it's not a coincidence. It's not by accident. There's a reason why so many people who just got adequate moment and started making beats flip janet jackson's scrawny how time flies almost is an exercise and i believe that is psychological. I believe this embedded in your brain. The reason why you do it is because the very last song you hear on siberia as funny how time flies and that's the perfect way to close out this album and people spent a lotta time listening to the song and falling deep into it and pondering wondering it thus it always comes up a desa song. I should flip everything about that. Song song sticks out in your memory in this album is sequenced perfectly. I wouldn't change change a damn thing about this record. Okay i would not now. Let's look at anita baker's rapture. Anita baker did something that boggles my mind to this day between nine hundred eighty six and nineteen eighty gate. Anita baker went sixteen for sixteen so janet jackson releases control in february. If you were reunites eighty-six anita baker's rapture is released right after it not the week after but like right after <hes> we look at her album it opens up with sweet love which was also i believe the the first single you bring me joy follows it caught up in the rapture been so long close aside cybio pez with mystery no one in the world same ole love and then the last song is watch your step. I wouldn't sequence side a or b differently given those eight songs. That's how you sequence the album one of the best albums of the eighty s janet jackson's control anita baker's wrap here. We used to joke back in the days during the crack era that every time you broke into a car you're you either saw janet jackson's control anita baker's rapture or both in the car that was a joke but it was also true now when you look at two albums as tightly sequenced as these are and need a baker's album of the eight songs before with singles half the album singles mind blowing this album sold like hot cakes made of crack better okay then begins origin the june jasmine control now the difference being is these two women made damn near flawlessly executed sequenced albums however ville and tears for fears like we could put anything thing anywhere and it's still hot how sway now this also brings up another another question i had on how many of you familiar with <hes> new shoes their third album which was their breakout poolside <hes> another classic album from nineteen eighty six now the thing about poolside is that it has eight songs on it and it's sequenced well but you could would sequence it differently. That's the thing this album could be sequenced differently and it's still work. It's still slapped just as hard lost. Your number opens the album. I don't mind that i can't wait being the second song and album totally that here's the thing in this particular secular instance you could start to album with. I can't wait you could open poolside. What i can't wait then you could go into lost your number. Don't let me be the one could still <hes> beathard going through. The motions can close outside. Now you put me in in a trance is one of the most slept on songs of the eighties. It doesn't necessarily have to lead off side b but it works because you're pointing overturn and you don't want to finish the album appoint in overtime and here's what you don't wanna do. You don't want a leadoff album what i can't wait and leadoff side be point overturn. You could and it would at work but you don't want to do it. That's why i can't wait to and pointing overturned six second song side a second song aside be secret message and don't you be afraid right you could swap secret message for pointing overturn you could actually probably switch and you can put pointing overturn to lead off side and you can put you put me in a trance last. You could finish the album with that. That's how insane it is. When i look at new shoes poolside you'll you could really switched off out because it's not necessarily about the flow of one two three four songs using his back the back and he disowned back the back need disowned back back to back and then you need to come down song because you're dealing with shorter albums with longer albums. You need to have a flow you. We need to get from here here here here to here and it just blows my mind how you can have a classic album and you sequences. She completely different of the modern the modern kings of this phenomenon on in my personal opinion show to see the show the after party the hotel. What have you that album could be sequenced differently a number of ways on number of ways. He's like i'll walk through it right now the short after party the hotel said that think next year next summer is going to be the twenty fifth anniversary this album. This album dropped right after i graduated high school ghetto so when you jesus christ twenty tracks my brains explode 'cause there's so many <hes> interludes i understand. They put the interludes in to tell this narrative tale budweiser fucking begin with this. You got bring on the funk fun tonight. Some more get on up. Can we flow get on up and can we flow back to back works. Does it have to work at the end of side b aside citing not necessarily let's do it all could be any number of places freaking. You doesn't have to be halfway through side. Be it doesn't you you could quite literally. I'm looking record. You quite literally. Take love you for life. Move it move it up. You could take freaking you. Move it down. You could take pump it back and put it on saturday. You could move get on upside be you. You can move them refloat aside. You can put some more anywhere. This album has no fucking rhyme or reason the reason why people love this album's because they love the album. The sequencing on this record does not make sense. The only reason sequencing make sense thanks to you is because you heard it with the interludes. If you remove the fucking interludes a promise you if you remove the interludes and listen to the show oh the after party the hotel without the interludes and just listened to the album in sequence with the songs you like what think about this this. We're dealing with twenty two tracks. How many actually songs how many of these twenty two tracks are actually songs the only three singles from this album technically. We're looking at one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven maybe twelve as a refunder fokker fallen at a twenty two tracks. Maybe there's like twelve songs. Maybe thirteen if you stretch it you could that sequence this shit so many different ways you could put time and place anywhere on record. You can't lead wanna lead off the album with it. What would you lead off the album with bring on fox you wanna leader. Bring on the funk isn't necessarily the greatest choice to lead off this album. You just people just like it because they like it. They heard it. They're used to it. I had this discussion with jean grey before about how show to see just gave no fucks about album sequencing and it didn't matter and the thing is that when you find somebody who you can actually talk to about these things like your this. That bothers you to as almost like your fucking aliens. <hes> daria mad ban is another discussion entirely. We're not. We're not gonna go there. <hes> it's it's another story entirely but the the the the show the after party the hotel specially gets me like why why would you do this. Why do this now we. Let's talk about an album that if you were to re sequence it. Why would you do this. <hes> i think a perfect example of album woman sequencing. Why would you even mess with it and it's a long album is pete rock casino smooth mechanism brother eighteen songs long songs. The joke used to be that you could leave. You can listen the pete rock to seal smooths album album. Leave the car come back in and it's still on saturday so we got return of the mecca for pete's sake ghettos of the mine line lots of loving at like you know straighten it out so brother number one the without anger run a nation then we got the b. side a believer missile view on in on is like that now al al al can't for me the basement if it ain't roughly right and then finishes with skins skins perfect song to finish the album on what other song going in style mon. You're gonna finish the album with the basement. No you can't finish the album what it's like that they reminisce over used a perfect song to open the second side perfect perfect. Someone opens side b angry. Nation is the perfect song to end side a with and you and before you give us the wiggle gal so brother number one after straighten it out you wanna put lots of love in earth and the like right there in the middle oldest. I side or towards the end of it. You wanna get an a thing as you put it right. After ghettos of the mind you give us return to mecca for pete's sake ghettos rose of the mind and then you give us lots of love and then you finish it up at like you know and then straighten it out so brother number one to wig out in anger in the nation when you look at these eighteen songs. You're not like that doesn't need to be there. That doesn't end to your fucking mind it. Just doesn't you just appreciate what you heard and it's not like with jodi album where you only like these songs in order because you were presented zones in these order at no point. Were you like that doesn't make sense. They don't need to put in interludes in order to create a narrative to cover up the fact that this album sequencing doesn't makes sense it just works and then we have the main ingredient which i feel like is a more complete album. The meccan soul brother which is insane. This acres mechanism brothers damn near perfect album. The main ingredient opens with in the house. You'd be hard pressed to find an album fit opens more impressively than and then this one does dune. I hate when i do that is funny because it's like i kind of lose. Do it and i'm like wondering what the person's listen. Maybe maybe all like this shit some cut that out but i know for the most part anyways carmel city you want to put carmel hormel city early in the album and the thing about carmelo did as follow but i get physical. Are you kidding amy. Are you kidding me. I'm pounding the table. I'd get physical easily. One of my favorite rap songs from nineteen ninety-four <unk> falls by sun won't come out and then it goes into the single. I gotta love so you got game carmel city and number two you give me i gotta love at five. Give me escape. Escapism wrote the house my house after i gotta love then. Can you give me the main ingredient right after worldwide all the places. Tell me how you phil. Take you there cheeses. See what you wanna do the new guy searching than check it out. Check it out. Check it out and the flesh. I'll be damned in the flesh then we got its own you right right after in the flesh. What are you doing to us and refinish the album or get on the mic. You're gonna give me in the flesh then it's on you and then get on the mic to finish the album dale dams hamsun so when i look at mechanisms brother and the main ingredient we get thirty thirty four tracks. Both these albums the damn near perfectly sequence. I can't tell you that i would swap out you could possibly sibley i want but why because i'm thinking of this flow of side a and the flow of side b what would you move seriously. What would you move. What would you move that would make a better album more better flow. These are the thoughts that i don't have in regards to these albums however their other albums. That doesn't even make sense why why do that. Why why don't you move this on here and then what you do is in your head you do it okay perfect example of a classic album album that i think that i have issue with the sequencing and this might surprise some of you not me we will surprise some y'all <hes> purple rain now. I believe i remembered that. I believe that i've mentioned this this before but yes. I consider purple rain a classic album but i a really associated thing. I did mention this foreign block. As i associate this film more i mean associated soundtrack more with the film. This is not a prince album that i listened to independently. I just don't i listened to it either <unk> after or an accompaniment of the film so we open with. Let's go crazy again mentioned. It makes perfect sense. Here's where this is my issue with fucking purple rain. The second song and album is taking me with you. Why why why we don't need take me with you here matter of fact. We don't take me with you cited at all. Listen listen listen. I say open out more. Let's go crazy. Go directly into the beautiful ones gimme computer blue darling nikki. You know what finishes off side when doves cry now if you can do a number of things side be you can put take me with view at the second psalm inside be or do could lead off siberia. Take me with you. Dingo straighten to when doves cry. I would die for you. Baby starring preparation or you could lead off of cry. Give me taking me with you and then go out with you baby. I'm a star appropriate when doves cry stays on inside a so take me with you. I would die for you. I would die for you. Take me with you. Baby stopped right and then i go the bonus round. I add eleven. I make an eleven songs things so i'm adding erotic city and seventeen days now if i have those two joints. Where am i putting roddick city where i'm putting seventeen eighteen days. These are the things that keep my ass up. I'll be like yo whole long. Wait a minute na bow yeah <music> so it's just something that always intrigued me as a kid that that and i believe i mentioned in the previous podcast when the things that my younger brother and i loved to do is we would go through forty fives and we will listen to them and we will be intrigued that they managed to fit entire songs under three minutes back in the sixties. You would have a bridge choruses. Sometimes you even have a fucking. <hes> instrumental break got to play the horn. You get you get the drummer your drama give you some and let your holiday do this. All in under three minutes it intrigued us and another thing didn't treat me of course was how do you make an album. That's great or considered a classic but you don't execute every facet of it almost flawlessly. How is that possible. It's still something that boggles the mind tuesday because all right. We're talking about proper rain right. We skipped around the world world in a day now. I can't say that i love around the world in the day like i do my favorite prints albums but i will say that it has raspberry beret in america and i'm raspberry brain pop life on which which are arguably two of my favorite all-time print songs <hes> for me. It's all about parade raid and sign of the times. It just is now. Parade is a longer album and is also a soundtrack soundtrack this album in particular. I don't know how familiar you are are with them prayed. It's up there with my my favorite. Prince albums is up there. You got nine hundred ninety nine. You got parade. You signed a times times and you know wreaking go into the top five. Whatever but side day of parade opens opens christopher tracy's script aggressive tracy's parade goes into new position and then right to i want to you why does this work because christopher tracy parade <hes> new position and i wanted you all short songs these three songs clock in about six six minutes together then you hit us off halfway through with under the cherry moon a song under three minutes then we get get hit with girls and boys which is a song over five minutes girls and boys longer than the first three songs on the album by itself now think about how that psychologically affects the listener life can be so nice which is the second to last song song on side a when you listen to its tone and it sounded around the energy and the temple. It's already taken to another space new position kind of set you up. I wonder what under the cherry moon was. The comedown then it hits you girls and boys and went girls and boys hit you and it takes you on that rifle five minutes he takes you right into life can be so nice then he didn't come down with venus d'amato which close outside be but then he brings you back with mountains than do you li- and then you have kissed he buries the single then you get hit with another lover hole in in your head just like life can be so nice girls and boys. Has you another love a hole in your head hits you and then you close out which sometimes it snows in april. This is the only way to sequences <unk> album. If you give me those twelve songs and you're like i gotta make aside aside be. Do you say your we're gonna put six songs on the first day six sls second side. It is something entirely different. The reason prints made those songs short is so he can do seven and five so what if we do sixty six. What are we moving loving. You still want to open up side. Be with mountains. What do you do you take. Take venus d'amato and do you put it between mountains and do you li- do you put mountains. Do you li- kiss then venus d'amato than another. Ah holding <unk> does that work. Does venus the model work exactly what the fuck it is so you leave it alone and you. I you make it seven and five the answer is a leadership alone. Leave venus the model over the last song long aside a and then you openside be mountains go mountains. Do you like his in the level head. Sometimes it's those in april. That's damn answer now. We only have twelve songs to work with with parade before we jump to sign of the times <hes> um fam fam. Doug jones was four sides of vinyl. Yeah i know now sinu- times dow movements assigned times. What other song would you pick open sign of the times other than signed a times. Don't one answer that question because there is no answer to that question. Is you answer it any way other than signed the time you idiot now playing sunshine. Did they absolutely need to be the second song on the album right after sign the times did it but here's the conundrum if you don't put playing sunshine second what do you follow up sign. At times with forever in my life can't firmer my life has to close out the first or side of the cassette or the sec or or has the close out side to you. Don't want any song the other than the balata dorothy parker being the last song on that first piece of vinyl that first. I side a bella dorothy parker should be that first side on the vinyl. Don't necessarily cassette now. I'm talking about vinyl cassette. I'm not talking about c._d. Fam- <hes> i'm keeping a buck with you. I can't imagine imagine i hearing sinu- times on cd again. It came out nineteen. Eighty-seven how fucking rich do you think i was. Don't answer that. I don't answer that just like the question. About what song do you start. Sign of times with other decided time to answer is i wasn't just no. There's no answer you put plane sunshine second because what are you gonna put their slow love. You're going to go sign the time slow love you want to sign a time starfish and coffee. You want to go sign a times it that what you wanna do that. What you wanna do just won't make enemies early. You're going to open the other side with you. Got look so we go. You got look if i was your girlfriend strange relationship i could. I never take the place of your man now. Look at that sequence of four songs. You got to look the pharmacy girlfriends strange relationship. I can never take the place you man do you do you take strange relationship and put it right after you got the look and then go if i was your girlfriend i can never take the place you man. That's that's not going to flow like. You've got the look. If i was your girlfriend strange relationship. I can never take the place you can't go. You got the look. I can never take the place of your man strange relationship if i was girlfriend and i'm not saying that because i've heard this album a million times in this format and this is what i'm used to i'm saying it because as somebody who's an ard as someone who sequence beat tapes and albums. I'm going to turn forty four jesus christ in seventeen eighteen days <hes>. I know this works better. We close out with the cross is going to be a beautiful night in the door for your pose. Album is going to be beautiful night. You don't put a beautiful night before the cross. The cross is we're supposed to be u. S. beautiful nights where it's going to be an album closes with adore. You don't open side be with the door. You don't end album with your girlfriend. You don't take the ballot dorothy parker and put it on site and put it on side b or side. Be of the second record do don't do it. It just doesn't work the same way so when you look at it album exciting times we second sitter or everybody. She gets her classic but i consider a damn near perfect perfect i look at this body of work and i don't just look at all the songs on the album that i like i look at the whole body working the execution what that has to do with sequencing. I am fascinated by by the idea that sequencing can change an album when you watch a film. It's all about the editing what you cut to the reactions to coverage coverage all these things that evoke response from the viewer if you edit a scene differently or the acting is different. It's not going to have the same effect on the viewer is not i'm not going to get the same emotional response that you would like you want to engage the viewer or the listener and i feel that with classic albums just like classic films. The editing or the sequencing affects that there's i don't know there's anybody else who actually like really cares that much about things like this enough to be like oh. I'm going to study these albums and joe. If you move the song here you mean someone aside be moved us on inside a a you. Don't put this song here. Would that change this. Whole way to album is the way sounds. This is something that my brother and i did with albums like you know the white album by the beatles a yo. I gotta question what what if we move sexy sadie. What so this follow me okay. What if we don't put deer putin's directly after back in the u._s. What are you talking about. Think about it. What we move wild honey pie further down. Why the fuck would we do that because the al that side has to end this to me that side side has the end with walmart guitar. Gently weeps into happiness is a warm gun it has to to can you imagine if the first side of the white album didn't finish with while my guitar gently gently weeps into happiness is a warm gun. Can you imagine if dear putin's wasn't after back in a few lead off the white album dear prudence yes would you put back in u._s._s._r. Second glass onion third. Would you put glass onion second after the uprooted input black and us back in u._s. Has authored. Would you put back in usa saw before over the deel but the da would you switch route honey pie in the continuing story of bungalow bill. Why why would you do that. Do you put black do you you. You're going to open up side be e. I mean a lot of the white album with blackbird or ha ha. What are we doing. What are we doing sexy. Sadie go in a goal before mother nature's son. We're not gonna finish the album good night. We're gonna put revolution number nine before revolution number one fucking chaos. What's the matter with you. People so these type of things that my brother and i would discuss all the time you know go through david bowie albums do some of the things and the thing about my brother and i i loved his. We both didn't like the really early beatles albums. We like board on like this. It doesn't get good into like revolver. No zan like that's when like it's either sure no no no no no no no not not it doesn't get revolver isn't good to rubber sole but then it goes but then it really gets good after vulgar. That's that's what that's what. The discussion was because help no nest. That's not that's not it fam- helps not at fam- <hes> when you listen to help you like exactly that's what i want help nope but then you hear rubber sole you like wait. Hold on wait wait. There's something here but then when you get done wrong volver making a noise <hes> revolver revolver revolver opens with taxman eleanor remedium only sleeping. My brother would be like yo go. This is what we came here for that first side taxman eleanor rigby. I'm only sleeping this setup the aesthetic this is how you open an in album. This is how you engage the listener and now you've set a precedent you set a standard and now you you've gotta follow through on it shit. This is how i view music. This is how i view are. This is how i approach writing. Everything is everything. These are. The things that i feel passionately about jesus things that i think about lose weight at night early in the morning. These are the things that i pursue. These are the things that make make me want to be better in studied my craft so i never get complacent so i never fall off so i remember that i always have to be a student and i feel like that's the best way to leave this whole thing off. <hes> just been thinking about a lot of things in terms of my own legacy after the passing of ross g <hes> and my upcoming birthday and the fact that this fall my niece turns eighteen my nephew trans twenty and this month mouth marks the twentieth anniversary of me moving into the apartment. I live in now so you know everything comes full circle. I might be a good title for this podcast. Wash me not name it that off. 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